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One thing I’ve noticed about most of my Amish friends is that they like to read. Many have often said that they enjoy reading because it takes them to places they’ve never been able to visit. Reading is also a good way to relax, and it allows us to be drawn into the lives of the characters in the book. Taking time out from our busy days for a bit of relaxation is good for our health.

In addition to reading and writing books, there are some other things I like to do that helps me to relax. Here’s a short list: Walking on the beach and looking for shells; getting a massage; walking or sitting in our yard, while listening to the birds; sitting in a quiet room with candlelight and pleasant music playing.

What are some things you do to relax?

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  1. I read mostly but I also enjoy sitting outside amongst my plants and listening to my wind chimes. I enjoy going for drives out into the country especially in the fall.

    1. I love to read while I use my recumbent bike and at bedtime. Baking is another favorite thing to do. Makes me think of my Mom and grandmother. I’ve made alot of the recipes from your baking cookbook. The Apple Butter bars were a hit at church. Cross stitch and knitting keeps me busy too. I’m retired and have so many projects that I want to do.

  2. I enjoy reading all your books and have found throughtout the years it is not taking me as long to read them. I have found I have better comprehendion now and stay interested and cannot put your books down till I finish them. I am going to the library as a get away and reading older books of yours.
    I also enjoy doing my sewing of Quilts. Although I have more then I need for myself, I am starting to make them for my nephew and nieces.

  3. I read quite a bit. I also like walking on a beach, I love to sit on the porch and watch and listen to birds, and I like to see quilt tops. Haven’t quite gotten the hang of quilting yet. But live to look at others quilts. I live driving in the mountains most East Tennessee. In August I was in Shipshewana Indiana and also attended “Stolen “. Loved your books and loved the play. That was the second play I have seen at Blue Gate Theater. ❤️

  4. I love to read, I also have other hobbies that I enjoy. I quilt, I do woodwork, I crochet and I love being outdoors. And I love seeing my grand children.

  5. I love to read to relax while sitting outside watching the birds & squirrels. I enjoy looking at the pictures of my children & grandchildren & my first greatgrandaughter as they all live in Japan now & I only have pictures. I also love to read God’s Word & meditate on what it is saying to me & how I can use the Word in everyday living. Thank you for your inspiring books on Amish life.

    1. I love to read. I also love to work on my other hobbies. I knit, work on my dollhouses, play the djembe drum, sing, bird watching and gardening. I also love to read God’s word, and love learning new things. Right now, I am refreshing my German.

  6. Reading Amish books anywhere and then passing them on to friends that can’t afford and they pass them on to others.

  7. I love to read and can be so absorbed that I feel I’m right there with the characters. I also like to paint by numbers and when I finish a piece I gift it to a friend or family, two blessings in one!

    1. I love to read, sitting outside watch the birds and clouds go by just listening to nature to relax. Sometimes I will just lay down and listen to music. Im a quiet natured person and just in joy the quiet. I’m a mom to 3 kids I was the only parent and they were always loud and I would have to yell over them which is not me and the goes now as a Nana for 5 almost 6 grandbabies. That’s what I love about read your book and a few other authors that write about the Amish they are a quiet natured people and it just relaxes me to read about the it’s alway clean reading and you don’t have to read anything that will make u red face to read. Thank u

      1. I like to sit outside at night and watch the lightening bugs in the trees. Also I like sitting on my porch swing while reading a book.

  8. Dear Wanda
    It has been some time since I had a chance to write to you a little about
    Myself is I’m recuperating after a broken hip and haven’t
    Been able to get on your web site I’m just reading Walnut Creek Wish and hope I can order
    The next two series from you do I don’t miss out I love all
    Your books

  9. I love to read and your books take me to Amish communities that I may never visit but I do love visiting an Amish community in Ethridge,Tn and have made friends with the Gingerich family where I buy what she calls stickles which is a pickle without the peeling. I also love the Smokey Mountains in Tn. and visiting the ocean in Fl. I hope to meet you one day in Sarasota which is a dream of mine.

  10. I love to read. Your books are always one of my go tos when I need a new one to read. I lived near the Amish Country area in Ohio for 31 years. I now live back in the West Virginia town where I grew up.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and the hearts of the Amish in your books. I have moved to the city and the life there is so much hustle bustle. It does my heart good to be able to run away to Amish country, to a slower paced life, and just be able to breathe and escape into a world where God is everything, and He is loved and reverenced. Thank you for how you reach out to all of us and educate us all. Katie

  12. I do enjoy reading, especially at night before going to sleep, and anytime throughout the day when I need a break from reality. I also enjoy a good Hallmark movie, especially the mystery ones! Another thing that helps me to relax, and put life in perspective, is to journal passages of the Bible. I usually just download a monthly list and follow it. There is something about the writing process that brings the scripture to life and helps me to see how it pertains to my daily situations at the time.

  13. Some things I enjoy doing to relax are reading, taking a walk, watching the sunset, and putting puzzles together. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. I read, watch some TV, listen to music and colo. I use gel pens and it’s so much easier than crayons. As I live alone, I can do what I want when I want. I am retired so I have no time restraints. I am free to visit my daughter and my brands which I do fairly often. I hope you and all the other readers have a Blessed holiday season. I plan to. Hugs.

  15. I too, love to sit and read but mostly Amish books. I agree with you about getting into the characters and daydreaming you are one of them or maybe the books can have an influence on your daily life. I also enjoyed relaxing by watching the birds especially cardinals, Virginia state bird. Reading not only relaxes me but it helps my depression and loneliness since I lived so far away from family. I God is watching over me and will guide me to correct sources of relaxation during the day.

  16. I love to read and listen to music especially Christmas music I listen to it all year round . I love long car rides to see what i could see in other parts of the world .

  17. I enjoy the stories about the Amish, especially of an evening as I bring a close to my day. The size of your books are easy to handle as I read. I have chosen this size for my first book that is coming out soon; “”Blessed Journey, A Spiritual Life.” Blessings to you and your family for the special holidays coming.

  18. I do several things to relax. I read, work on craft projects, and color in my coloring books. I like to relax before I go to bed so I sleep better. I love reading your books. This month I will be busy. Our church has a Thanksgiving Dinner, which my sister and I are in charge of. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

  19. I actually just Bought your new book on Saturday afternoon and like a child on Christmas morning couldn’t wait to open the cover and immerse myself in my favorite place on earth. Our very own Walnut creek, oddly enough I was in Amish country (Berlin) when I bought it.

  20. Wanted to let you know I love your books. They are a huge blessing. I wish I could sew as I would love to learn to quilt. Prayers God will lead me to someone who has the patience to teach me as I am very uncordinated and learn very slow. I enjoy this time of year as there is so much to celebrate and the winter months grant more time for reading. May God bless you and your family as you come together to celebrate our Lord’s birth

  21. Reading is my go to form of relaxation. I especially like to soak in the tub with a good book. Your books are my favorite.

  22. I do lots of reading and even volunteer at our school library one day a week. I like passing on my love of reading to the children. I also spend lots of time on my computer.

  23. One of my favorite ways to relax is to get in my jacuzzi tub with the jets on and read a book. This is my nightly routine to unwind. I love reading your books because the Amish way of life is a breath of fresh air in this crazy world. Their faith really inspires me. I love visiting Amish Country when I visit my parents in Ohio. I also love to scrapbook. Thanks for letting me be a part of your stories. I feel like a part of their family as I read.

  24. To relax, I sew. I make memory items and do some quilting. I am in the process of moving to Iowa to be closer to my daughter. Love your books !!

  25. My way to relax is reading. We love going to Holmes County and just relaxing in the place we are staying and also driving the back roads. Never know what goodies you will see.

  26. I love to sit outside on the swing & read…so relaxing…I also get to watch the birds & the squirrels in the yard while outside…

  27. I have seasonal relaxation moments.
    Summer: Sitting on our front porch and birds splash in their bird bath. Being thankful for these surroundings.

    Fall: Thinking about fall colors and flavors can make my mind go into relaxation mood.

    Winter: Oh, the feeling of sitting in my favorite space in a room that is heated by a wood burning stove.

    Spring: The moments of looking out the windows and seeing day by day ( coming to life).

  28. November is definitely a busy month for our family too! Baking pumpkin pies, and enjoying Thanksgiving with the ones we love, and also remembering those that have passed. My one grandson, Isaiah will be have his birthday at our house on Nov. 15th. He is such a very kind, giving boy. I actually have 5 grandsons- and I love them dearly, as does my husband.
    Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy with each other and I hope like you Wanda, that you enjoy your
    Thanksgiving too.

  29. Morning Wanda,
    I want to Thank You for all your beautiful writings. I’ve been watching my grandson which is 18 months old. He was a born 5 weeks early so he spent 2 weeks in the Nicu. So I haven’t been reading to many books the last year. But hope to get back to reading when he take a nap.

    Take care Happy Early Birthday to you and your son. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas,.


  30. Relaxing is refreshing: going for a ride in the country and enjoying God’s creations, fall colors, animals and birds. Reading takes me to the Amish country and also reading my Bible. I hope to finish reading the Bible all the way through this year. Camping in Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks and viewing the numerous wildlife and visiting with the numerous friends we’ve met there over the 56 years we’ve been vacationing there.

  31. Thank you Wanda for all the wonderful books you have written over the years! I always look forward to reading what’s next! Keep doing what you are doing, best books ever!

  32. At the end of a very busy, hectic, or stressful day I like to sit in a darkened room (preferably the living room) at dusk, with the blinds open. Light from the streetlamps, a full moon, and stars light the room. I relax and reflect on the bountiful blessings bestowed upon me. I remember my happy places when I was a child, playing in my great-grandmother’s hair, listening to my mother sing, and many other fond memories.
    I am rejuvenated, and then God for a beautiful day and a beautiful life that troubles, problems, and anxieties cannot take away. The peace of God prevails, I rest in Him.

  33. I love reading about the Amish so relaxing. It’s like I’m right there. Sitting on my swing as the birds sing and the smell of flowers. That’s all I need. Thank you.

  34. First of all I must say you are fantastic!! You take me to places I thought I would never see. However, last month I took my first trip to Amish Country. My boyfriend took me to charm, Walnut Creek, and Sugar Creek! I’m fixing to start Walnut Creek Wish! Love you Wanda!!!

  35. I love to read and enjoy crocheting. I’m thankful for God’s Love and Grace. My family and church is such a blessing.

  36. To relax I read your books, jigsaw puzzles, knitting. Started to try a few wood crafts.
    Thank you for all your writing and awesome stories.

  37. To relax I love to be on the beach. I see the seashells in all different sizes and colors and it reminds me God made us all different. When I see the broken shells it reminds me of all the broken people in the world. When I see the ocean it reminds me that God’s love is even deeper still. It looks like the ocean goes on forever and so does God’s love for me. I feel such peace at the beach. I love to also take a good book and relax on the beach reading that book.

    1. I love reading about people and their lives, especially the Amish. I also love sitting in my lanai and listening to the birds and squirrels running after each other. I also love walking and visiting with my neighbors.I also love taking my time talking to God every morning.

  38. A new month and a birthday coming for you and I. Iam on the 9th. I really enjoyed reading the Walnut Wish. Of course I love all your stories. I love to read, shop, have tea and goodies with girlfriends, travel and spend time with family.

  39. I love to read,crochet,knit and ride my bike. Also like to bake. I have read alot of your books but still have alot to go. Please keep up the good work

  40. What I love to do to relax is read and walk on the beach. Since COVID I have not made it to the beach yet. It was a hard transition since I would go to the beach 3 to 4 times a year. So now I do a lot of reading and reading books that I have already read. I also got into Pilates which I doabout 10 minutes everyday it helps me transition from the morning to the afternoon.

  41. I love to read and in the cooler months I like to sit by the fire pit with hot apple cider and read or just relx with my husband. I also like to take walks at the park to enjoy the cooler weather and fall colors. Maybe if its warm enough have a picnic.

  42. My relax time consist o reading card making and crafting.I love to collecting leaves acornsetc.Watching the leaves turn here in Vermont is spectacular.I also like to reflect on the days activities.This time also allows me to think of verses for my cards,each card different suited for the individual and so the verse.

  43. I love to read, but also do a lot of sewing with the church sewing group plus sre quilts runners Christmas stockings for charity

  44. I love to read. I enjoy Bluegrass Festivals just sitting in the shade listening to the music. I also enjoy sitting outside at night looking at the stars.

  45. I love to relax by getting my nails done and having a pedicure. Also doing/making things with plastic canvas. And I REALLY like to relax by taking a nap!! ? or at least laying down.

  46. I am disabled, so walks of any kind are not in the equation. I love to read and go through 2-3 books a week. But when I need to empty my mind and body of agitation and anxiety, doing jig-saw puzzles allow me to focus on the pieces and bloc everything out of my mind.

    1. I have anxiety, too. One thing that really helps me is knitting or anything creative. It helps me to focus and be present in the moment. I also pray, or meditate.

  47. I am always blessed with your books, I look forward to finding out what you have written next. I like to sew and quilt, flower garden, and paint on vintage milk cans, old hand saws, vases, all to give as gifts.

  48. I love to read when I have time to relax. I also enjoy camping and just returned home from a 2 week camping trip. Was so much time spending time sitting by fire enjoying friends and family’s company. Happy Thanksgiving and happy Birthday enjoy your time with your family

  49. I like to walk to look around at everything it’s so calming. I enjoy working in the yard, or listening to music. And always reading, I get caught up in the story and feel like I’m there almost.

  50. During the summer I like to sit outside and read, weed m6 flowerbed and chat with m6 neighbors over the fence. During the winter time I l8k3 to curl up with a blanket, something hot to drink and read.

  51. Besides reading books, my other ways to relax are: listening to music, baking, taking a walk in the park, doing yoga, playing a game, doing devotionals and praying, and spending time with my family.

  52. Reading is my absolute favorite way to relax. However, I also find it very relaxing to clean. I know that’s weird to some. I actually enjoy cleaning. After putting kids to bed I sometimes watch a movie with my husband and that’s is also relaxing. Going shopping with my girls or out to eat is relaxing as well.

  53. Gardening is one of my ways to relax, love being outside & hands in the dirt & watching all the blooms appear. Also love to read, wishing stories would not end. Walking my dog & being in nature is also relaxing to me.

  54. I enjoy reading or visiting with family and friends. Another thing that relaxes me is driving my school bus (I know that is hard to believe.) It is especially relaxing in the morning because I leave early enough that I get to enjoy the sunrise while driving. God does his greatest work with the sunrises.

  55. Reading Amish books, loom knitting, and Canvas painting are all relaxing for me!!
    I also love to watch movies with my husband too. I also enjoy walking outside when weather is
    good. Love the fall leaves this time of year too.

  56. I live in the country, here in Western Canada, with a Creek on three sides of our home in a horseshoe shape. I love sitting listening to the soothing sound of the water and reading your books, working on Crossword Puzzles and in general enjoying nature all around me. (a great place to pray and thank God for all I am blesses with, also). Thank you for your amazing writings, however I must confess when I choose to “read in bed” I tend to lose sleep because I find myself saying “One more Chapter, one more page”. THANK YOU, it is so refreshing to read books that are full of good, and nice to know I can always trust the content of your books. You are appreciated.

  57. I love reading! I will light a candle and drink tea or coffee. It is so peaceful for me. I also like to sit outside and read too. I enjoy God’s beauty. Thank you for writing such fabulous books. ??

  58. To relax….? Wow….I have started reading again…while I love to read…I dont always take that ME time to read….sit and read….am enjoying a series of 6 small books of yours Jean now, I also really enjoy sitting on our deck, either in a rocking chair or the swing…looking over our property, the birds feeding, when Im lucky seeing the deer go thru the yard….and just appreciating all that we are blessed with, from God….I also enjoy HGTV….love anything to do with homes and making a good home…not just brick and mortar…but Love and family

  59. I definitely love Amish stories. This one seems to be a great read. I have read lots of Wanda’s books and yours.

  60. Sorry I put the wrong message up above. I would love to win this book! I have read lots of your books and enjoy them. Thanks!

  61. I relax by reading a good book, another way for me to relax is to sit outside on the back patio sitting in the sunshine or chatting with a neighbor.

  62. I have always been a reader. I love to read and I love to read romances but ones that are sweet and not explicit. I love the Amish books because they are that way and also they are full of scripture!

  63. I like to curl up on the couch with my cat Sophie. we watch our soap opera and I read to her from your book and she seems to enjoy my company and I do like hers.

  64. I always like to read about the Amish and their simple way of life. It’s so nice to read about them and yet they don’t let it interfer with their way of life.
    Thank you for writing.

  65. I love to read. I try to read 50 pages at night before I go to sleep. I have read 43 books so far this year. I also love to quilt. It is do much fun to see the quilt come together.

  66. I always enjoy reading about the Amish and yet they don’t let it interfer with their ways and beliefs. Thank you for giving us an insight about their way of life. n

  67. I enjoy reading mostly as I am confined to my home due to being oxygen dependent so it’s hard to go out. I do enjoy sitting outside when it’s cool outside enjoying the sounds of the peeps in the spring. I have to admit reading is my lifeline to other lifestyles and I do enjoy living healthy through others in my books.

  68. Hello Wanda! For relaxation I go sit under the gazebo and I read. I love to visit Shipshewana and attend the plays at the Blue Gate. I also love to watch movies, talk with my neighbors , color in my books, and attend the various sports my 5 grandkids play. I just finished reading Walnut Creek and I loved it. I was so glad to hear Zoe is doing a lot better. Continued prayers for her and her family.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  69. what better way to relax and appreciate life then by reading amish books especially wandas books. so nice to read inspiring stories with the word of faith interwoven in it god bless you wanda

  70. I love to read to unwind. Or I will play games on my tablet. Word games daily to keep my aging brain young.

  71. I love to read your books. I give a lot of them to my neighbor (we drink coffee together) who also enjoys your books. After reading she will take to the camp site they are going to and place in the reading library they have available. So your books are going around.

  72. I am thankful for many of the same things as you, Wanda, but especially for the family members that are still with us after these very difficult months over the last year ad a half.

  73. Walking in the beach and feeling the breeze in my face is the most beautiful relaxation thing I love. Then baking. Yes baking relaxes me, even though is a tired thing sometimes when you over do it but baking is my second relaxation thing.

  74. I relax by reading a good book. I also like gardening and find it very satisfying to use the end product. I’m happy and relaxed when I’m baking for my family when they come to visit. Crocheting is another craft I enjoy. I have read a few of your books which I enjoyed very much and passed them on to a friend who also passed them on…Keep up the good work. I would love to win one of your books….I am almost 83 years old and still going strong…. Have a great week..

  75. I love to bake and cook to relax. I have enjoyed using the recipes from your cookbooks. I have really ENJOYED the healthier options, as I am a diabetic.

  76. I love to read and can read a book in a day. I especially love to read books about the Amish. I live in an area with a lot of Amish families. Wedding season is starting in full swing. I also love gardening and cooking and baking. I am thankful for my family, faith and health.

  77. I love to read, but I also enjoying playing piano when I can find one to use. We sadly had to sell ours in one of our moves, and I feel like my heart has been broken. I love to just open a hymnal and play to the Lord. I can get lost in the book, and play for hours, just reading music like a book, page after page after page!

  78. Hi Wanda, I have a very busy life, I have 4 daughters, a husband, 2 grandchildren, and both our moms and lots of extended family. Relaxing for me is cooking , maintaining my home and property, artistic projects that are self rewarding.. helping friends and family in need as well. And each nite being able to sit and read your books. I’m so relaxed when I read them , I visit the Amish country three times a year, we love bird and hand Pennsylvania and when I’m not there and I’m reading your books it brings me right back to the places I love so much… Thankyou for writing wonderful inspirational books, and also for this news letter each month you share with your readers! God bless you and your family.

  79. To relax, I get in as quiet a room as I can, and just listen to the peace. I also read the bible to relax, and be inspired. I also sit in my yard with my little dog, on nice days.

    Thank you for writing clean, Christian books.

  80. The best way for me to relax is to read. My favorite books are Amish fiction because there is usually a mystery involved, but it is nothing that is disturbing, and the main theme of the book is always peaceful, because it involves Amish families. Other ways I relax are going for a walk in our woods and lighting a candle and listening to peaceful praise music.

  81. To relax I read, watch tv while playing on the internet, sew and craft. Spring-Summer garden, canning, yard saleing.

  82. Thank you Wanda for the latest book, in the Walnut creek series. A different story line but another great book. I am an avid reader and come from a family whose Mother and Father set an example by reading themselves. Thanks for providing good stories for us avid readers! Sandy

  83. I love reading your books. I grew up in northern Indiana around the Amish. Even went to grade school with some. It is wonderful to read Christian books.

  84. I have enjoyed all of your books! I love to relax by reading, playing agility with my dogs, spending time with family and getting a massage.

  85. I Read Books Plus I love to Craft small items like Bookmarks, I crochet dishcloths, go to Yard Sales, shop at Thrift stores and Love to Bake bread, Muffins, Cookies and Pies ! ! ! would love to take walks when its not Raining…! ! !

  86. Reading takes me away from the stresses of the real world. Even on busy days when I can only spare 15 minutes to eat lunch, if I can pull out a book or my Kindle and read while I scarf down my food, it allows my mind to re-set.

  87. I also enjoy reading to relax. My favorite are your books. I really enjoy reading outside on our rocker bench in the summer surrounded by my flower garden. I also enjoy reading on a long trip. Another thing that relaxes me is watching Hallmark movies. Number one relaxer is spending time with my family.

  88. To relax, I love to read and play in my yard. Enjoying Gods beauty and peace. I also love listening to old Christmas music or Christian music. In the winter, I am also a fan of the Hallmark Christmas movies. Also so happy and full of love.

  89. I enjoy all your books. Love learning all about the Amish. My husband and myself decided to retire to Florida. Sold our home in WV and are now living our dream.

  90. I relax by reading, preferably in my yard swing looking over the grassy hills. I also enjoy quilting, cooking and embroidery.

  91. I love listening to the rain, taking a walk while listening to nature, reading a good book, and working on a cross stitch project. Those are a few of the things I do to relax. ?

  92. I love to read, time with nature, & creating Art, being with friends and family. Reading your books relax me a ton. I love reading all your books. Thank you. I am grateful for God, my talents, scriptures, and a free country.

  93. I like to sit on my porch and watch my humming birds or read one of your books which are so good, sometimes just taking a mourning walk by byself

  94. Hello again, Ms Wanda,
    I love to read and frequently write reviews on Amazon and other book websites.
    I enjoy reading your newsletters twice monthly, Wanda.
    To relax, I read many books, do crossword puzzles and Sudoku, and knit baby blankets for gifts.
    If we were not already having our daughter visiting from Texas this weekend for my husband’s birthday, we would drive across the state to see you again.

  95. Reading is my very favorite thing to do .Your books are among my favorite.I am disabled and not able to get out anymore,so I just lose myself in books.They can take me anywhere I want to go and I MEET THE NICEST PEOPLE!Happy Thanksgiving,Wanda.

  96. Reading, watching TV/movies & spending time with my ‘ohana (family) I enjoy doing to relax. From when I was a young girl I have been fascinated with exploring the Amish people & their way of life. I was blessed in 2014 to actually experience an Amish attraction restaurant & meet some people of Lancaster. I always look forward to my time reading your books. Mahalo for sharing your gift of creative writing of the Amish lifestyle where faith, hope & love always prevails.

  97. I, like most others here like to read but I can’t seem to read much more than your books! Love them. Every now and then, I’ll read a non Amish book but not often. I love to spend time with my family, hubby and 2 daughters and families. I also enjoy sewing and making quilts. Can’t forget to say I love to visit our Amish friends in Kidron, Ohio!
    Thanks for your wonderful stories!

  98. My favorite form of relaxation is sitting on my porch, in the early morning or later afternoon, watching the birds. I also love to read, make quilts, and crochet. All of these things are relaxing to me. Each of them get my mind on something other than the sad state our world is in and remind me that God is still in control.

  99. I have been a fan of the Amish ever since I was a little girl and so I like nothing more than to curl up with a good Amish novel and a cup of tea to relax. Sometimes on a Sunday afternoon I love to lie down on my bed and read where I can hear birds chirping outside my window. I also love to go for bush walks, we have lots of beautiful native birds here in New Zealand. Walks along the beach are also relaxing. When I have the time, an old fashioned movie while doing cross stitch is quite relaxing for me.

  100. I relax in the bath. I enjoy massages but don’t get them as often as I would like. I like reading but hate that I have reached the age where I fall asleep on my book and read the same parts over and over. Quiet is great for relaxation but often hard to find/make

  101. My favorite way to relax is fishing. I am in my element when I have a fishing pole in my hand. Last year I started ice fishing and I love it!

  102. Some of my favorite ways to relax are cooking, reading, walking, and gardening. Each of these things offer its own peaceful elements. Gardening and cooking go hand in hand in many ways-to create something from the soil and then further create dishes is truly relaxing and rewarding to me. Both reflect the powerful gift of nature that God provides. an added benefit to gardening and cooking is the beautiful joy of sharing bounty. A few seeds, a little sun and water produces a multitude of gifts. With walking I love to pray and reflect on all of my blessings. During these tumultous times my family, friends, and myself have stayed healthy and happy. What more could anyone possibly want? Early in the morning and into the evening I enjoy reading. It sets the tone for the day and is a beautiful way to wind down at the end of the day. I truly wish everyone to have hobbies. In my view it is a testament to things that bring us joy, peace, and sense of self.

  103. I read books for relaxation. I keep track of the books & author every year to see how many books I read in a year.

  104. I love to read for relaxation… also just be outside, walking, doing chores, and being with my farm boys!! <3

  105. I love reading and I enjoy your boos the most. I love cross stitching and looking at my fish pond out my front window. I love spending time with my precious grandchildren and family. Reading my devotional and attending my church.

  106. I enjoy relaxing in a warm bath, sitting on my
    deck and watching the world go by. During the
    colder months; sitting in front of my fireplace, with
    a cop of hot cocoa!
    Thanks, Cindi

  107. I enjoy relaxing by reading, crocheting and spending time with family and friends. In the cooler months, I enjoy baking a new recipe I haven’t tried before and during the warmer weather months, spending time on my back porch enjoying the birds and squirrels that roam our property!

  108. In the summertime, I like to sit in the sun in the afternoon and read. Recently, I’ve started cross stitching again which is relaxing.

  109. This Thanksgiving I am grateful for the Lord giving me 87 years, with a loving husband for 65 years and who is 88 and able to help take care of me.

  110. I have gone to our library in Crystal Lake, to check out some of your Amish books. With Thanksgiving not to far away- we will be having about 10 or people over to celebrate Thanksgiving, and we will each say something that we are grateful for – which we have a lot to be thankful for. Being alive, and also at this Thanksgiving, we will be keeping those who have passed on in our prayers, and we know that they are watching over us.

  111. Hi Wanda, I have shared my books with a friend from my Quilt group and she has told me she can’t put your books down. so I continue to share your excellant writings with others. Now that our Quilt group has returned this is how I relax. I get to share topics with friends I did not get to see too often durning the beginning of Covid.
    I am looking forward to this Thanksgiving as I will be sharing it withg my husbands side of the family.

  112. I love to sit outside when the wind softly blows and watch whatever comes into view. Mostly it is animals in nature. Whether a big meadow with cows grazing as the babies frolic and jump around their mothers, or watching ants and squirrels working feverishly about their daily tasks, it is a blessing to see how God works around us and remember the stories of each animal; the ant carries more than it’s weight, squirrels who prepare all spring for winter, and more.

  113. I love reading! I love to lite candles turn on the fireplace and read! I’m in Minnesota so the winters are long cold & full of snow!! Reading is so relaxing!!

  114. I love to relax by reading also. On the third book of the greenhouse series. We go to Wisconsin every year to the Amish communities and enjoy their relaxed lifestyle and the great products they make.

  115. I enjoy relaxation by reading books, as well. Books can make you get away from what is currentl going on in this crazy world, and become a part of the story by imagining what it was like to live the ways the book is telling a story about. I can truly get lost in my Amish Reading Books and not be able to put them down until I have thoroughly read them.
    Also, it is relaxing for me to attend Bible Study @ my Church. It’s interesting for all of to gather and share different opinions about the different Books of the Bible.
    One truly special thing that touches my heart in such a huge way, is spending time with my 1st great-niece on my side of the family & my mom’s 1st great-granddaughter. Sadly, I just wish my dad was still alive to see her?♥️. He would’ve been so excited & happy to spoil her greatly. Family can, sometimes, be very relaxing, lol.

  116. Reading helps me to relax in the evening. I use a sleep machine app that plays ocean sounds and that helps me to sleep at night. My husband and I love to go over to the ocean and just sit and watch all of God’s beauty all around us. Definitely speaks to the heart. I have visited Ohio and their beautiful Amish county a few times now and now that I have retired hopefully will get to visit one more time. I love seeing the horse and buggy’s:)
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving !

  117. I also like to relax by reading and agree it can take your mind to many places. In addition, I like to listen to soft music, meditate, crochet or knit. All help me to relax.