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Ways We Can Help

In my August 2021 published novel, The Walnut Creek Wish, Orley and Lois Troyer, an Amish couple who own an antique store, enjoy selling and refurbishing vintage items. However, their main focus is on mentoring and praying for any people who come into their store and seem to be burdened with some kind of a problem.

Have you ever found help or been counseled by someone you didn’t know well, because of a chance encounter?

What are some ways we can help others who are troubled and need a touch from God?

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  1. I am so thankful for aurthors like Wanda. I know I will get warm fuzzies from reading without compromising any of my ethics.

    1. Over the years I’ve come to realize that people just want someone to listen. I pray for people and often times try to meet their physical needs. However, what people crave the most is companionship and a listening ear. Someone to emphasize with them and comfort them.

  2. Sometimes just to listen and be close is all others need. A gentle hand for support and prayers always

  3. A little kindness goes a long way. We never know how
    What someone else is going through. So many people forget to treat people as they want to be treated.

    1. I was recently able to help my neighbor who’s brother has just passed away. I was able to attend the funeral with her and give her love and support when she needed it and I was so greatful to God for me being able to be there for her. She’s not married and my husband and I try to help her anyway we can. Thank you again for your talent of writing these books.

  4. My husband and I are going to a funeral today for a guy who passed away from Brain cancer. He leaves behind his wife, and siblings, and grandkids. I cannot imagine how his wife will hold up- though we will be surrounding them with our love, and telling stories about Big Jim.
    It makes me feel thankful that I and my family are in good health, and we are their for each other no matter what. My sister, lost her husband to a heart attack 4 weeks ago- and that was a funeral that I did not want to attend but we did. We have to me their for each other no matter what!!

  5. To be kind and listen to others takes so little effort and gains such big rewards! Every morning I pray I can be a good friend, wife and mother, and be a blessing to whomever I connect with.

  6. I’m so grateful there’s still wonderful authors and good wholesome reads that I can share with my daughter, when she is old enough to read. So thank you so much. Keep up the great work.

    Your Loyal Reader,

    1. I like to send cards to people to encourage them,especially to shut ins from my Church and Friends and Neighbors.My Husband and I also visit shut ins, although with Covid haven’t been able to but hope to get back to it when it’s safe.Also they appriciate a call to see how they are doing.

  7. I have learn from other women to listen and pray , so now i am teaching my daughter to pray and not to give up, she had some hard times when her fiance came down with covid, with prayer he got better in time. Thank you

  8. Good morning Wanda,

    Your books bring such joy, comfort, and simplicity to this world that is changing so quickly. Thank you for your heartfelt inspirational books, I look forward to reading each new book and going back and reading the books that I have already read. I feel like I can actually put myself in the shoes of each of the characters. Thank you for your writings.

  9. May God bless you and your family, Wanda. I am finding that in your stories, it seems there is
    always someone who needs help and in wonderful ways, there is always someone there to help
    them out. We can learn a lot from your stories with you being the wonderful author that you always
    are. I have enjoyed so many of your books and have gained some neat ideas from you through them.
    I was in an interesting situation some years ago and a teenage girl in England called my number by
    mistake and was very troubled. I did lead her to the Lord that night and she called me again. She
    was so happy about being saved and she wanted me to talk to her sister which I did. I called her back different times and then we began to write letters. I enjoyed it so much and she had a friend
    who wanted to write to me so for many years I corresponded with those girls from England. We exchanged pictures and it made me cry to see how much they loved the Lord. God has been so good to me and I am so glad I listened to Tina, Andrea, and another friend. This day, I do still pray
    for them. We helped each other!!!!
    God Bless you Wanda, and I have been praying for Zoie a lot. She is precious and I pray she will
    get better and better. Love with prayers, Andria

  10. I love ready your books that is my me time. I clear my mind and can sleep much better. God Bless you.

  11. To really listen and take time to pray with them. And share some how God has helped you. I love your books.

  12. Try to remember that you don’t know what’s going on in the other person’s life and a word of kindness may be just what they need that day.

  13. I so agree with you want to others as you would have those do you want to you. It’s so sad in this world a lot of people do not believe that. But we need more of that people being kind to each other offering a kind word or just a smile. That is one reason I love the Amish way because they seem to always have a smile ready no matter if you’re different from them I see them all the time at my local Walmart and they always have a smile for me and the men will tip their hat like a gentleman. Keep up the good work Wanda I love reading your books.

  14. We can share our testimonies with others to help them. Hearing someone’s testimony can bring such joy to your heart. Just like my testimony of how I prayed for 5 years for a little one. I felt every emotion there was. One day my husband made the joke if we would take classes for adoption, then we would end up pregnant. He said I could look into it just to see what we would need to do. I ended up signing us up for classes the following week. Six weeks after being certified we got the call for our precious daughter. We went to the hospital with two names and came back with a different one. Hannah (from the Bible since our journeys were so similar) Mae (from her 4 grandmothers) has been a blessing ever since. Once we told people about our miracle baby, we were amazed with how much support we had. So many people had been praying for us and we had no clue. God has blessed us in so many ways. Just knowing so many people were praying for us meant so much to us. We’re praying that one day God may add to our family. Until then, we will soak up every minute with Miss Hannah.

  15. Oftentimes I find myself in prayer for those I meet who share a struggle they are going through. I find praying for others increases my faith and sharing my own struggles and prayer requests lessons my own burden.

    1. Wanda I was very touched by your journal entry about the peace you received from writing your books. I have received great peace from reading your books.

      I worked in medical facilities for many years and felt very honored to pray for those I encountered. Most of the time it was in secret with my savior.

      I would like to thank you for all you have done for us your readers. Hope your ministry will continue for many years to come.

  16. We are praying for Zoie
    I do not know how people live without prayers.
    This word and it’s people need all the prayers they can get. We are all Gods people. We all need him.

  17. Years ago when I was getting ready to have my heart surgery. One of my employees laid hands on me and prayed. I now return that same to those who I see who are in need. I strive to be a Godly light.

  18. I have been encouraged when other people tell me they pray for me. To help others: When I hear of a need, I helpin in any way I can, whether it’s prayer or something like food or anything else. I have compiled a daily prayer list: I different catagories: family, cancer, country, Isreal, deceased spouses and salavation. I leave the deceased spouse on my list for one year and pray for them daily.

  19. I have a friend who has an autistic adult daughter. She lost her husband 6 years ago. She has no family nearby who can help with her daughter. Lately my friend has been having aot of health issues and need to have several tests done. As you can imagine, she cannot take her daughter with her. I have been watching her daughter and she is beyond thankful that I will do that for her. I am grateful I am here for her.

  20. Speak kindness, truth and love into the lives of others mostly by our actions and if necessary, using words. Praying daily for ourselves and others.

  21. God is so good. Even thou things may be challenging all around the world, & sometimes seems to get harder, we have God to protect us, heal us, love us & just be there for us no matter what is happening. I have hope that when I have surgery next week, my team will do their work & my family know I am in safe hands.

  22. Listening to people, listen to their fears, their hopes and dreams. Encourage them. My best friends have master these traits and I’m so thankful they’re in my life. Praying that I can be the friend they are to me.

  23. I believe the best we can help is to just listen
    To a person who just needs someone to listen.
    Whether you listen for 10 minutes or a hour.
    It helps to just listen.

  24. So very happy to hear the prayers for Zoie where answered. I agree with the others that say I don’t know how people live without prayers. Will continue to pray for her and her family. Your books are all an inspiration for me. God Bless!

  25. I had the honor of being able to take care of parents until both of the deaths. After their deaths about a year ago, I moved into a independent living apartment building with about 40 other residents. Although, I am one of the youngest ones here, I feel as though God has lead me hear to also help with all my new friends as they have already helped me navigate thru my changes in my life. Some of these folks are just starving for kindness and love. Some on them have no one, but most of them have grown children that honestly could care less about them and just go through the motions of doing what they think is just enough. That enough is not what their parents are needing. So everyday, I pray that I God will provide me with the kindness, love and understanding I need to help everyone I come into contact with to feel like that they are still a person of God’s favor.

  26. So Happy to Hear Zoie has returned home. Continue prayers for healing. Looking forward to reading your new book. God bless you and your family.

  27. The way I try to help is listen and praying for them as well as get ahold of friends and putting there name on a prayer chain i have found a lot of them the more the better. I try to help any qay i can sometimes its the little things that helps the most.

  28. Who knows when a smile will brighten someone’s day? What if a simple comment is just what a person needs to hear at that very moment? Masks may hide our smiles but I believe that our eyes can convey a kind spirit, and our words can either lift someone up or make them sink further into loneliness or depression!

  29. Devine Appointments are God’s way of showing us the love He has for us. Whether we are on the receiving or the giving end of a Devine Appointment we are both blessed. I have been blessed both as a giver and a receiver for counseling when I didn’t realize I either needed it or I was called to provide it. Just speaking with strangers is our calling to preach the gospel to all mankind. Whether we quote scripture or just speak in truth and love, we can lead others to a relationship with our most loving Lord and Savior.

    Less than a month ago my cousin lost his 39 year old wife to Covid, leaving him to raise their little 2 year old daughter alone. My heart & mind struggled with whether I should go half-way across the country to support my extended family. God heard my struggles and I listened to God when, while I was researching flights, my aunt told me my counsin needed to find somebody for her to sit with at the memorial service. Needless to say, I listened to God’s audible answer to my struggles and booked my flight right away. Spending time with my aunt & cousin during this terrible time was a blessing to all of us. It was a blessing for me to see so many of your books in living room and bedroom of my aunt’s house!

    Please keep in prayer everybody who has suffered a loss due to Covid. These losses are real. Keep praying for Zoie … the struggles of health problems are real. The losses and struggles affect all of us and we all need to be open to seeing those “devine appointments” as during any of these losses or struggles these devine appointment might be just what was needed.

  30. It’s not always a person that we lose, but a pet. We had to put our
    beloved poodle Pierre to sleep. He was 12 years old and a great and
    sweet dog. We have received 3 sympathy cards in the mail , several
    remarks on facebook, and a vase of beautiful flowers from the vet
    hospital. We will miss our boy forever.

  31. I was recently able to help my neighbor who’s brother has just passed away. I was able to attend the funeral with her and give her love and support when she needed it and I was so greatful to God for me being able to be there for her. She’s not married and my husband and I try to help her anyway we can. Thank you again for your talent of writing these books.

  32. Yes, when my dad was in Iowa on vacation with my mom, he had a heart attack. We didn’t think he would make it, made an emergency trip to Iowa with siblings, he fine when we got there. Took my mom to dinner and he took a turn for the worse and rushed back. A stranger saw me crying in the hallway and gave me a hug and said a prayer. My dad recovered.

  33. Sometimes just sharing how you handle a situation helps the next person that you talk to. Also listening to other peoples stories may help you handle one of your own situations. Being kind to other in your walk of life will get you the farthest in this life today.

  34. With everything that is going on in the world, if everyone could just be kind to one another. Be kind to that waitress who was just asked to work another shift because they are short staffed. Be kind to that barrista is really trying to fill your order with the short supplies they have. Be kind to that store clerk who asked you to wear your mask because it is their job. Just Be Kind. As Jesus said, ‘I assure you and most solemnly say to you, to the extent that you did it for one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it for Me.’

  35. Paying it forward is one way I try to live my life!
    And if I can’t say anything kindly, I stay quiet…
    Thank you, Cindi

  36. My Mom always taught us kids to treat everyone the way we wanted to be treated and if you can’t say something good about someone don’t say anything at all.I have a lot of people I pray for and there is a lot of people who pray for me and my husband who suffers from PD.I will pray for little Zoie.

  37. I recently lost my Mom, I was trying to get her to the Doctor and she just all of a sudden fell in my car floor board and was gone before I really knew what happened!! I have been struggling with that day but my family and friends have been praying, hugging and being there for me and my family!!! The prayers from all these people, some I haven’t seen or talked too in a while have began to heal my heart from that day and I can remember my Mom for all the Good she was and memories I will forever cherish!! And I have her Live of God to keep me going!!

  38. Working in the church nursery every Sunday I find I am able to see the older members of the church like to stop in the nursery and interact with the children. I try to treat everyone the way that I would like to be treated.

  39. No, I have not gotten counseling by chance encounters, it always was planned, or with someone I knew.
    Ways we can help others who are troubled is to call them, let them talk about whatever they wish, tell them about Jesus, or tell people on Facebook that you’re praying for them, and then ASK later, “how are you doing now?”
    It makes a difference when someone takes time to tell you they care.

  40. A simple hug sometimes is better than words. Or even just a smile goes a long ways. If u see an elderly person off er to help them. We were shopping this week and had two big propane bottles to load. This nice young gentleman stopped and got out of his pickup and offered to help. We could have done it but the fact somebody cared met so much

  41. God definitely uses other people as His voice to us, in His timing, when we need to hear Him. I don’t have a specific instance where this has happened to me, but God does shine His Light through us and others, if we allow Him to lead our lives and heart.

    We can always pray for others who are troubled, that God may comfort them, and that they seek Him.

  42. Many times people need someone to just listen to them. Often they will come up with the solution “on their own” once they are allowed to talk thru the situation. Then pray with them asking God to give them guidance and search the scriptures together for further assistance / instruction. I pray for God to give me wisdom to know when to speak and when to just listen.

    Many times people have told us they are / were praying for us. It is amazing how many times it is when we needed it most. God is so good!

  43. I think prayer is the most important thing we can do for others. Even if we don’t know them. Sometimes I’ll see someone and they may look troubled or sad and I’ll just lift them up right then to The Lord.

  44. Prayer and Kindness seem to be the theme here. Yes I like to make meals for the ill or grieving. It’s a way that I can be of help to someone in need.

  45. I have been Consoled by people I didn’t know sitting in the hospital with my mother having cemo. Their heart felt thoughts and well wishes and their story help strengthen you. Cancer is a bad word and a bad name. People freeze up and don’t know what to say or how to finish a conversation with you when you say the word. Some people want to show you support but if they haven’t been where you are they don’t know what type of support to give you.
    I try to be supported to everyone and console people the best way I can. I don’t want to be fake to someone in need. GOD put us here to help others. I love to help anyone and everyone. We all have a purpose on this earth and GOD wants us to be good servants.

  46. I love to encourage people as much as I possibly can. I had a wonderful experience some years
    ago as I had received a phone call quite late one night and it was a young girl who had a British
    accent. She said she had rung some numbers not knowing who would answer but she wanted to
    talk to someone who could help her. I listened and she began to cry and seemed very sad. I
    comforted her as much as I could and she seemed to be grateful to get me and thanked me for
    listening. She was a sweet young girl about age 16 she told me. I shared the Love of Jesus with
    her and she was very happy to hear about Him. She called me back the next evening and I was
    working in my Beauty Salon that was in my home for thirty years. So after I finished in there, I
    called her back. She was very happy to hear from me and we talked more. She wanted to accept
    the Lord that night and did. I was so happy and thanked God for allowing me to tell her all about
    His Son, Jesus. We exchanged addresses and corresponded for many years. She wanted me to
    talk to her younger sister so I did and then her best friend, another Andrea. I was just so happy to
    have these precious friends. It was truly a gift from the Lord. Her sister and best friend also
    accepted Jesus into their hearts so that was very special. I do love to help anyone I can but most of all to share Jesus and His unconditional love with anyone who wants to know. The girls all lived
    in England. So many miles away but the Lord brought us all together. Praise be unto Him!!!
    That is one of my experiences that I will not ever forget.
    May God bless all of you readers and friends of Wanda’s. I love her books as you all do, too.
    Andria Leonard

  47. Nancy Clark
    I amso thankful for the friendships that I have, it is nice to know that when you are not doing well there is someone on your side. Prayer is what you and others should do daily, Jehovah is always there to help, just ask!6

  48. I work at a church as the Office Admin. We miss many of our older members at our services. I have begun reaching out with a phone call, just to touch base making sure they are doing ok and offering a visit from our pastor. They welcome the call.

  49. My brother was very sickly so the prayers really helped him and are family get through it.Then he was down in California for a surgery and people prayed for his fast recovery.I love your books

  50. I so enjoy all of the books I have read you authored. I enjoy reading about the Amish people and their ways. I have visited the area around Washington, IN where many families live. It is always a joy.

  51. Just the presence of another woman, who just sat quietly and listened to me, meant so much during a time when I was going through a situation. Sometimes an act of kindness can be a turning point.

  52. I am grateful for the friends I have. They have helped me many times with food when we were low and other things too. I try to help them back when I can. They are wonderful friends that I treasure them. Thank you for all of your books I love reading them. God bless you and your family. Sending prayers for you and your family.
    Thank You,

  53. Those that I have encountered often just need someone to listen. Listening is a lost art. It is all about me, me…………. Getting quiet and chatting along with listening.

  54. When I am troubled, I wish someone would just listen, not offer advice or tell me they are/were is a similar situation, and just offer a hug and tell me they will keep me in their prayers. Then, check up on me and ask me how I’m doing.

  55. I was visiting a friend while she was having a yardage and a old classmate of our came to look. When she got there she was so happy to see us that she just started talking about her little one Miracle. She had gotten her taken from her by someone that she thought was a friend because the little girls was put in foster care and that friend was give the little one. That person was saying lies because our classmates has some learning disabilities. Our classmates just needed someone to talked to and we prayed for her to get her baby back. So just listening and praying can help someone in so many ways. Do be afraid to go do either.

  56. When I had a house fire neighbors I had never met offered to take us in for awhile while we got our new house. Also a lot of people just need someone who will just listen to them. It makes them feel better.

  57. I work in a nursing home and some of my residents just need someone to listen to them. Others just need to be reminded of gods love for everyone. I know my family at work is a very tight group and we all prey for each other in times of need. Sometimes all you need is a hug and a prayer and someone to ask how you are doing.

  58. Its good to be a good listener, wether you know the person you are listening to or not. You never know who needs that extra attention. I have a friend. I talk to all the time (my friend does most of the talking). My friend always says thanks for listening and my friend is always glad I’m there. I usually don’t feel like I do much but listen to my friend it’s everything.

  59. Keep your Faith in good times and bad. God knows when we need him and he’s always there. I let everyone I know that I’m aways there to lend a helping hand, a listening ear or a shoulder. Always a friend.

  60. Always listen with your ears and your heart ❤ and you will always be kind and do the right thing for ever

  61. My mother passed away 30 years ago. One day, when I was missing her terribly, I ran into someone my mother was friends with when she was alive. I was so embarrassed when I burst into tears upon seeing this person, because I barely knew her, but knew she was my mom’s friend. The woman instantly invited me to join a women’s group she belonged to, and that my mom used to belong to. It’s so nice of these women to adopt me. We can help people we barely know by asking questions and really listening to the answers they give.

  62. God has provided many opportunities for me to receive help. One day while in a grocery store I wasn’t feeling that great. It had been a long day and a stranger smiled at me and it blessed me. It warmed my heart and blessed me. I began to feel better, it was as if God was smiling at me. Reminding me not to give up and keep pressing, so I did.

  63. I work at a Middle School in the kitchen and We always take the time to speak to them as they come through the serving line, it really makes them feel special because we listen to them. We also have a monthly meet at the flag pole for prayer for any students or staff that wants to go to it. I pray for everyone when I say my nightly prayers, I guess that’s just the way my Momma taught me. I love reading your books, I hope I don’t ever have to pick a favorite series from you because I couldn’t do it, I love them all.

  64. My mom passed away 18 years ago. A lady from my church “adopted” me. She has been my second mom since then. She always knew how to make me feel better even when I didn’t realize I needed it. At age 90 she is still helping me feel better. I know God sent her to me knowing what a wonderful person she is and I thank Him for putting her in my life. Have a wonderful month.

  65. I just have grown to love reading you books ever since my lovely mother told me about a series that she was reading while she was staying in Florida. That is how I was introduced to Wanda’s books!
    I have been addicted ever since the first book that I read.

  66. we can always be kind, listen and be encouragement. Also say a prayer. if you know the person remember to follow back up and make sure they are doing ok. if you dont know them just keep them on your prayer list.

  67. Send cards with words of love and prayers.when my brother was really sick and was in the hospital he got cards gifts and prayers.then when he was in California for a surgery with my mom and dad and the rest of the family was at home people would bring us meals and help watch my siblings.i come from a family of 13

  68. A card or a phone call is a very simple act of kindness that goes a long way.. You never know how you may have changed someone’s mood, day, or even life. Most importantly pray for that person.

  69. Sometimes people who are “troubled” don’t need advice, they just need to be able to talk, and to have someone there to listen to. That can work wonders for them!

  70. I think that sometimes people just need contact with another person to feel needed and cared about. Even during the pandemic, I have tried to visit those that I could , have taken meals to
    Others and cards or phone calls. I think they have appreciated and it also helps me.

  71. Praying is so powerful and God’s answer is not always what we expect to hear. I know he is amazing and I love him with my whole heart. Thanks for the love you share and it comes out in your books also…. God Bless you

  72. I think that sometimes a person just needs someone to listen. Sometimes when you talk things out, things become clear. Being a good listener and just being kind goes a long way.

  73. As I sit here looking out my big picture window I see how the fall has really begun around us- the beautiful colorful leaves, and it just gives me a little spring to my step. When I go out and about ,I always say hello to others- as you just never know that someone might need to be uplifted. I feel I am blessed to have my wonderful grandboys, and of course my siblings too and husband.
    I feel it is important to acknowledge others and to maybe see what they might need. In our area, we collect can goods, paper products, etc. and we volunteer at a food pantry. Giving to others brings joy to my heart.

  74. People say oh how can you believe in something that’s invisible but I always say prayers freely given to anyone I will sit with anyone and offer a listening ear or a prayer I say yes it’s TRUE you cant see God nor feel him or touch him but hiw can you not believe you woke up this morning you saw your grandchildren or children that mark you had thinking it’s something bad but it turns out to be nothing.

  75. I think that making yourself available to them, maybe just to listen to their heart through their words they are speaking. Asking God to grant you His wisdom before you meet so that you will have the right words to say to help. And just letting them know that you will be there for them every step of the way and that you will always listen to them.

  76. I have developed a card ministry, it started with a friend who had breast cancer. I sent her a card every week, some serious, some funny, some musical. She kept most of them and constantly told me how much they meant to her. Since then I have continued over the years for many people for many reasons. God lays on my heart when to send them and usually what card to send, I have so many tell me it was just what I needed to hear at just the right time. I think what meant the most to me was when my 18 year old nephew sent me a note thanking me for sending him all the cards when he was going through testicular cancer, it warmed my heart. If nothing else I’m helping keep the post office in business!

  77. Last year our Book Club read Tuesday with Moorie. I normally don’t underline in books but that one has lots of underlining. When God lays someone on my heart I am now more aware and stop and call or send a card. I love Wanda’s Amish books. There is a large Amish settlement in Northern Indiana and we visit 2 or 3 times a year. I love driving the back roads, all the farms look so neat and tidy. Last spring the weekend we were there a couple areas had yard sales and several Amish families participated. We got to visit with several of them. Middlebury has a place called Rise-N-Roll, started by an Amish couple a few years ago, it has now grown into a large bakery. Best maple cinnamon donuts ever – always a great stop.