Wanda’s Journal

The Power of Prayer

On February 22, 2023, our daughter, Lorine, had a massive stroke. I immediately reached out to our church prayer chain, several friends, all our relatives, and my dear reader fans. Our family could feel the power of prayer going up for our daughter, and a sense of peace filled our hearts as she continued to improve. Today, a little over a year from the date she had stroke, our daughter is back teaching fulltime. Although Lorine is still doing some therapy and needs continued prayer, we are thankful for the amazing progress she’s made.

More recently, our granddaughter, Jinell, due to pregnancy complications, gave birth to her baby 6 weeks early. This took place just one year after Lorine’s (her mother) stroke. Jinell was very sick, and her baby girl, Kira, weighed only 3 ½ lbs. Once again, I reached out to others for prayer. I’m happy to say that Jinell is doing better and both she and the baby have been discharged from the hospital and are now at home with Jinell’s husband (the baby’s grateful father.)

Most definitely, I believe in the power of prayer. How about you? Have you recently received an answer to prayer that made you realize just how powerful a prayer request can be? Or maybe you are in need of prayer right now. If so, would you please share that request with me so that I, and others who read this post, can pray for you?

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Blessing Others

Have you ever wondered why it’s easier to give a gift or help someone than it is to receive a gift or accept help from another person?

I think sometimes we believe that when someone gives us a gift or does something nice for us, we owe them something and must respond by giving in return. The truth is, we may not always be able to give something back to someone who has blessed us with a gift of some kind.

The things we do for other people will bring us a blessing too. We can look for opportunities to bless a friend, relative, or someone we don’t know personally. I believe that through giving, even during our greatest need, we will receive back in blessings whatever we have given.

Have you blessed someone recently? Has someone blessed you?

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In February of this year, my husband and I will celebrate our 61st wedding anniversary, but as strange as it sounds, we’ve only been living together as husband and wife for 59 years. You might be wondering how that could be possible. Well, let me explain.

Just one and a half months after Richard and I were married, he was sent to Germany, where he would be for two years on an army military base. Due to the fact that we did not have the funds for me to join him, I stayed with my parents until Richard returned home two years later, when his tour of duty was over. The years we were apart were difficult, but we kept in touch via letters and a few phone calls. I also sent Richard photos, along with a recorded message that he could play on his tape recorder, and he did the same.

You might be wondering what kept us together during those two years apart, followed by 59 more years of living together and raising two children. I can sum it up in just one word—Commitment. Our first commitment has always been to God and then to each other.

To be fully committed, one must have an unreserved devotion to stand fast or hold in place. A lack of commitment in marriage will break down everything else that is important. If we’re committed to our spouse, we will almost certainly be committed to our children and grandchildren, as we grow older.

There are many other things we should be committed to, such as our job, relationships to friends and family, and any goals we might have. Our first and most important commitment, however, should always be to God. To serve Him, we must be committed to seeking His will for our lives. If we want to fulfill our purpose on earth, then as Christians, we must choose who we will serve and make an effort to remain faithful to the Lord.

My goal as a Christian wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, is to follow Christ and stay committed to doing His will. What commitments have you made this year?

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