Rachel Yoder – Always Trouble Somewhere

School’s Out! (Book 1)


School’s Out! And so is an energetic Amish girl with trouble following close on her barefooted heels! When nine-year-old Rachel Yoder isn’t bringing frogs to church or taking wild buggy rides, she’s setting fireflies free and trying out new skateboards in all the wrong places. Will Rachel’s friends and family survive the mischief she brings into their lives — and will Rachel learn any life lessons along the way?

Back to School (Book 2)

Back to School And that’s where trouble finds her once again! Except this time, trouble has a freckled face and an unruly cowlick. His name is Orlie, and he seems determined to humiliate this nine-year-old Amish girl at every turn. Can anything good come out of Rachel and Orlie’s endless antics? Join Rachel as she learns life lessons about love and forgiveness in the rolling hills of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Out of Control (Book 3)

Out of Control Rachel is driving her Amish friends and family buggy with her lack of patience, which brings her trouble at every turn. Will Rachel spend the entire winter getting into more trouble than her Lancaster County family and schoolmates can handle? Or will she finally discover that patience has its own rewards?

New Beginnings (Book 4)

New Beginnings Rachel has been out-of-sorts ever since her cousin Mary moved away. When a new girl, Audra, shows up at the Amish schoolhouse, Rachel soon finds herself with a stinky sandwich, a mud-spattered dress, a sore nose, and a rotten attitude. As things go from bad to worse, Rachel’s in danger of losing more than one friend. Will she ever learn the value of forgiveness?

A Happy Heart (Book 5)

A Happy Heart With the arrival of spring comes happiness and fun. Not for Rachel Yoder, though. She’s turned into a sour-faced grouch. Extra chores, a trip to the eye doctor’s for glasses, and a little white lie make things go from bad to worse for Rachel and her family. Will Rachel ever learn the secret to true happiness?

Just Plain Foolishness (Book 6)

Just Plain Foolishness As summer is coming to an end, Rachel’s troubles are just beginning. Not only does she have a new baby sister to deal with, but she has an ornery cat on the loose, too. Rachel begins to feel that life isn’t fair. When her jealousy leads her to take a trip to an amusement part without her parent’s permission, her problems only get worse. Will Rachel ever learn to be content?

Jumping to Conclusions (Book 7)

Jumping to Conclusions Rachel encounters trouble at every turn with her Amish friends and family when she spreads unintentional rumors as a result of her eavesdropping. From a little misunderstanding about Cousin Mary moving back to Pennsylvania, to a bigger and out-of-control rumor about her brother Jacob’s health, things go from bad to worse for Rachel. Will she ever learn that assumptions often have hurtful consequences?

Growing Up (Book 8)

Growing Up Rachel’s not enjoying school this year. There are so many other things she’d rather be doing than schoolwork. As she shirks her responsibilities, Rachel encounters everything from cows escaping the pasture to an overflowing sink, dirty sheets, and rotten eggs. Rachel wants to be all grown up, but she’s having a hard time accepting the responsibility that goes with it. Will she ever learn the value of growing up into a dependable adult?