Brides of Lancaster County

The Brides of Lancaster County

Four Amish romances! In A Merry Heart, Miriam is forced to choose between two men. After a paralyzing accident, Rebecca is wheelchair-bound and Looking for a Miracle. When interior designer Laura falls for simple Eli, she must learn to become both Plain and Fancy. And Rachel finds love unexpectedly rekindled in The Hope Chest.

A Merry Heart

ECPA Bestseller

A Bitter Heart Is a Lonely Companion

Miriam Stoltzfus is a young Pennsylvania Amish woman once filled with dreams for a future with a man. . .who jilted her. Now she is known as the old maid schoolteacher with a heart of stone. Could a forbidden romantic friendship with an English newspaper reporter stir the embers of her heart? Or, will she follow the traditional path and settle for a marriage of convenience born out of the sake of a child? Either way, she must find the key to letting go of the bitterness that binds her ability to love.

A Merry Heart is book 1 in the Brides of Lancaster County series and is a re-release from an older, out-of-print book.

Looking for a Miracle

ECPA Bestseller

Rebekah Stoltzfus asks God for a miracle — a way to become self-supporting

As a child, Rebekah Stoltzfus suffered a freak accident that left her legs paralyzed. Now, confined to a wheelchair, she feels she’ll never measure up to the expectations of her Pennsylvania Amish community that a woman should marry and raise a family. She longs to be loved, yet she prays for a way to be self-supporting. Daniel Beachy wants to court Rebekah, but she believes that she is a burden and has convinced herself that love is not for her. Will Rebekah’s search for a miracle come true? Or, will she miss God’s gift in her battle between self-pity and the determination to be independent?

Looking for a Miracle is book 2 in the re-released Brides of Lancaster County series.

Plain and Fancy

When Love Is an Unwelcomed Complication

Is it good for two people–one plain, the other fancy–to fall in love? Laura Meade loves her modern life, yet she fascinated by the Amish culture in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where she is studying interior design. Upon their first meeting, she is immediately attracted to Eli Yoder, one of the Plain People, but Laura has no real concept about faith, God’s love, and forgiveness of sins. Eli is also enamored with Laura, but to marry outside his faith would be forbidden. What then is the hope for love?

Plain and Fancy is book 3 in the re-released Brides of Lancaster County series.

The Hope Chest

ECPA Bestseller

Is It Wrong to Hope for the Impossible?

Rachel Beachy wants something she can’t have-her sister Anna’s boyfriend. Silas Swartley has been in love with Anna since they were children, and Rachel has loved Silas nearly as long. Rachel feels that her swiftly moving days are spent without hope, but when Anna unexpectedly leaves the Amish faith, Rachel’s hope is rekindled. She begins filling her hope chest as she initiates a campaign to win Silas’s heart. Can Silas set the pain of Anna’s rejection aside and see Rachel as anything more than a child? Will Rachel be disappointed in Silas and in God, or will she learn the true meaning of hope?

The Hope Chest is book 4 in the re-released Brides of Lancaster County series.