Brides of Lancaster County

A Merry Heart

ECPA Bestseller

Miriam Stoltzfus, an Amish schoolteacher, is bitter because her old boyfriend jilted her. Amos Hilty wants to court Miriam, but she’s certain that he only wants a mother for his daughter. Miriam forms a friendship with Nick McCormick, a newspaper reporter, outside her Amish faith. Will Miriam ever let go of her bitter spirit and surrender her will to God, or will she leave the Amish faith and find what she longs for in the outside world.

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Looking for a Miracle

ECPA Bestseller

Rebekah Stoltzfus, confined to a wheelchair, longs for a miracle — a way to be self-supporting. When Daniel Beachy spends time with Rebekah she believes he feels sorry for her and is interested in obtaining her new business. Will Rebekah ever find the miracle she’s looking for?

The Hope Chest

ECPA Bestseller

Rachel Beachy wants something she can’t have — her sister Anna’s boyfriend. When Anna unexpectedly leaves the Amish faith, Rachel’s hope is rekindled. Can Silas set the pain of Anna’s rejection aside and see Rachel as anything more than a child? Will Rachel be disappointed, or will she learn the true meaning of hope.

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The Brides of Lancaster County

Four Amish romances! In A Merry Heart, Miriam is forced to choose between two men. After a paralyzing accident, Rebecca is wheelchair-bound and Looking for a Miracle. When interior designer Laura falls for simple Eli, she must learn to become both Plain and Fancy. And Rachel finds love unexpectedly rekindled in The Hope Chest.