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Wanda enjoys hearing from her many readers and tries to respond to everyone’s questions. As you can imagine, she’s a very busy author so before you email your question, check out the Frequently Asked Questions section below. The answer you are looking for could be there. If you don’t find the answer to your question, you can email Wanda using the form at the bottom of this page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Due to my busy writing schedule, I’m unable to read or offer advice on other books or do endorsements. For someone who wants to write about the Amish, the biggest challenge is getting to know the Amish personally, which is the only way to portray them correctly. Because each Amish community has different customs and ways of life, I would suggest that you pick a community and get to know their traditions before trying to write about them. Your readers, as well as the Amish, will appreciate your effort and research.

A. I travel to various Amish communities throughout the country and do signings for stores, libraries, and organizations. You can click on the Events link to see where I’ll be. All signing and speaking requests can be directed to

A. With the many requests I get from readers asking for Amish penpals, I’m simply not able to do so. You might try subscribing to an Amish newspaper such as The Budget, which has many articles written by Amish people. They can be a great source of information about their local Amish community.

A. Click here for a complete list of all my books.

A. Due to my busy writing schedule, I’m unable to read or evaluate manuscripts. You may want to contact a national writer’s group like American Christian Fiction Writers, or try a local writers’ group for help. Your local library can also help connect you with writing groups that match your interests.

A. We have many Amish friends and spend a lot of time with them throughout the year. Also, my husband was raised in a Mennonite church, which gives us close ties to the Plain People.

A. Click here for a complete list of all my books. If you’re a new reader, I would suggest beginning with one of my earlier series, such as The Daughters of Lancaster County or The Brides of Lancaster County.

A. I’ve had a lot of feedback about my novels from Amish people. Many Amish, including some of their bishops, are reading and telling others about my novels, because they feel that my stories accurately portray the Amish way of life. Some Amish families have even invited me into their homes for book signings.

A. Due to copyright laws, you will need to contact me for permission before using anything from my website.

A. Some Amish don’t mind having their pictures taken, but they won’t pose for a photograph. Most Amish don’t mind people taking pictures of their homes, farms, horses, and buggies. Some of the more conservative Amish don’t want tourists taking pictures of them or anything on their property. It’s always best to ask first before taking pictures, especially if the photos will include Amish people. For pictures of barns, homes, horses, and buggies, it’s usually fine to take pictures as long as you’re not invading anyone’s private property.

A. Visit the Coming Soon page, you’ll see a complete list of my upcoming books.