Photos by Richard Brunstetter

Richard has a full-color gift book entitled, The Amish Quilt, which contains numerous Amish quilt designs and inspirational sayings. He also has a gift book called A Portrait of Amish Life, containing several of his photographs. In addition to the gift books, Richard has two perpetual calendars, The Simple Life, and Amish Inspirations, filled with sayings, Scriptures, and quotes. They also include numerous photos he’s taken in Amish country.

Richard Brunstetter became interested in photography when he studied with his father-in-law, a professional photographer. After Richard’s wife, Wanda, began writing about the Amish, it was only natural that he would use his talent in photography to capture the Amish way of life.

He and Wanda often visit in Amish communities around the country. Richard’s love and respect for the Amish way of life is conveyed in his beautiful photographs.