The Walnut Creek Wish by Wanda Brunstetter

The Walnut Creek Wish

Publisher’s Weekly and ECPA bestseller!

Book 1 in the new Creektown Discoveries series.

An Antique Store Becomes a Place of Healing for Broken Hearts

Welcome to Walnut Creek, Ohio, where Orley and Lois Troyer own an antique store they call “Memory Keepers.” Though knowledgeable in antiques and their repair, their real talent is in mentoring folks who are hurting and don’t even know it. Enter Jeff, a restaurateur, and Rhonda, a hotel manager, who recently moved to Amish country for the slow pace, but the change of scenery puts even more stress on their already strained marriage. Will an antique sled be the last straw, or will it lead to unexpected revelations and the fulfillment of dreams?

October 16, 2021


One thing I’ve noticed about most of my Amish friends is that they like to read. Many have often said that they enjoy reading because it takes them to places they’ve never been able to visit. Reading is also a good way to relax, and it allows us to be drawn into the lives of the characters in the book. Taking time out from our busy days for a bit of relaxation is good for our health.

In addition to reading and writing books, there are some other things I like to do that helps me to relax. Here’s a short list: Walking on the beach and looking for shells; getting a massage; walking or sitting in our yard, while listening to the birds; sitting in a quiet room with candlelight and pleasant music playing.

What are some things you do to relax?