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The Mockingbird’s Song

#1 ECPA Bestseller!

A widow with two children, Sylvia Beiler feels her mother is being too over-protective and meddlesome when she meets Dennis Weaver while bird watching. When the budding romance is squelched and troubling events start happening at the family-run greenhouse again, Sylvia must confront her reoccurring anxieties.

September 25, 2020

What Anger Can Do

In my novel, The Mockingbird’s Song, the main character, Sylvia, and her younger brother, Henry, were angry at God, even after a year, because of the accident that took three of their family members. This affected their faith. Why do you think Sylvia and Henry’s reactions were so different from their mother’s or other siblings? Some family members went to God for comfort, while others turned their backs on Him.

Is it a good idea to talk to someone about it when we feel angry. Or is it better to say nothing and hold our anger inside?

So let’s talk about what anger can do. From a health standpoint–mentally and physically, most doctors and counselors will tell you that anger held in and never dealt with in a healthy manner can be destructive to our well-being. Angry feelings towards others hurts us more than it does them. And what justification is there to be angry at God? After all, He created us with a will of our own, and it was man’s disobedience, not God’s, that brought sin and painful situations into our world. In addition to affecting our health, anger can weaken our faith. Some people who have chosen to be angry at God, slip further and further from Him as they cling to their anger and resentment.

When a tragedy occurs, like it did in The Mockingbird’s Song, it’s normal to feel some anger at first. However, in order to move on it’s necessary to give our angry feelings to God and allow Him to heal our hurting soul. Once we release our anger and resentment, our faith can grow and we can begin to see things from a new perspective. I have always believed that God can take, even a tragedy, and use it for His good if we allow Him to. Going through the trials we face here on earth can make us stronger. Having gone through difficulties and come through them with God’s help, we are then able to minister to someone else who is struggling in their faith after dealing with a tragedy, or because someone has said or done something hurtful to them. If you are dealing with unresolved anger towards someone right now, please send me an email at so I can pray for you.