The Blended Quilt

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The Blended Quilt

{November 2020}

Sadie and her boyfriend, Wyman, have been courting for several months, but their relationship is dangling because Wyman can’t commit to any one profession. Then, when Sadie begins working on a blended quilt, using a traditional Amish pattern, combined with a Hawaiian quilt pattern, the tension between them increases. The time she spends on the quilt, and then a self-published book gives her little time for courting. Wyman is convinced that Sadie cares more about promoting her new book than being with him. When it appears that Sadie’s life may be in danger, Wyman takes action to try and save her. Will their love for each other be enough, or is it too late for Sadie and Wyman?

October 26, 2020


In my co-authored novel, The Blended Quilt, Sadie Kuhns witnessed an older woman’s purse being snatched in the parking lot outside of a bulk food store. Sadie came to the woman’s rescue and got the purse back from the girl who had taken it. She was then offered a reward for her good deed.

Have you ever been faced with something similar–either having something stolen from you or been on the scene to rescue and return an item for someone else? How did you feel about the situation? Would you have accepted or given a reward for the good deed?

What does the Bible say about good deeds?