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The Mockingbird’s Song

{August 2020}

A widow with two children, Sylvia Beiler feels her mother is being too over-protective and meddlesome when she meets Dennis Weaver while bird watching. When the budding romance is squelched and troubling events start happening at the family-run greenhouse again, Sylvia must confront her reoccurring anxieties.

July 27, 2020

A Question of Faith

In my upcoming novel, The Mockingbird’s Song, Sylvia and her family are faced with some difficult situations that involve threatening messages and vandalism to their property.

Like the King family in this Amish Greenhouse Mystery series, everyone is faced at some time or the other with hardships that often involve physical, emotional or spiritual battles.

What are some things we can do to strengthen our faith when it becomes weak because of a hardship or loss we have faced? How can we help someone who has suffered an ordeal and seems to be struggling with depression or a loss of their faith?