In my novel, The Gift, which is the second book in my Prairie State Friends series, Leah felt that her ability to help people with reflexology was a gift from God. However, some people, like Adam, didn’t see it that way. He did not believe in reflexology and thought it was bunch of superstitious hogwash.

Have you ever had an ability that you felt was God’s gift, but others did not? How did you deal with their negative comments? How can a person tell if some ability they have is truly a gift from God?


  1. Suzanne Shannon says

    Sometimes I think it can be hard to know what our gifts are either because we don’t feel capable or afraid it will be too big of a commitment. If we trust the Lord since we can do nothing without Him, He will guide us and show us what He has for us to do and give us the ability to do it. Focus on pleasing Him and all other comments from those who seem skeptical will not be important.

    • Mieke Bakker says

      Mijn gaven……moeilijk en lastig om daarover iets te zeggen omdat een gave iets is wat je krijgt. Je weet niet altijd wat je gave is, anderen kunnen daarover makkelijker iets zeggen . Ze zien waar je goed in bent en zelf kun je daar anders tegenaan kijken. Ik probeer me niets aan te trekken van het oordeel van anderen en probeer , met God op mijn pad ,door het leven te gaan.

    • I believe I have the gift of compassion.

  2. Yvonne M Korstange says

    My gift is to be able to talk to people. Always lending a helping hand. I take my extra mom( mom in law) to all appointments, shopping, where ever she needs to go.

  3. Susan Campbell says

    When I joined the Navy in 1972. I knew that it was the best thing for me at the time. I have never regretted it.

  4. R. Lerner says

    If I had such a gift, I do not think it should matter what others thought. It should not matter what others think, only how I would think and use it for good. If the gift was from above, one would have to look at genetics and a person’s knowledge base before making such a decision.

  5. I feel that God has given me the strength to accomplish certain things. I recently just helped my daughter-in-law paint two bedrooms- and she had never painted before. I do believe that the Amish, just like common people do believe that God watches over all of us, and that is why my faith is so strong.

  6. LINDA Lundquist says

    There have been times when I’ve been asked to do something that I felt I was not qualified to do. However, like a nudge in the back, the Holy Spirit has prodded me into saying yes. After I have gotten started, I realized the nudge was correct. I could do the activity & the people I was teaching/helping/leading appreciated my efforts. Oh, to listen to the Holy Spirit more often.

  7. Fonda Schooler says

    God’s grace and mercy is unconditional. I have many of your books and they have helped me when I’ve been down and feeling discouraged. I have many of your books and would love to eventually have all your books. Thank you for being you and writing such amazing books.

  8. rachel ferrey says

    God had blessed me through hard times there your books and God I am truly blessed

  9. Verdia Kunzer says


    • Peggy Knecht says

      I have the gifts of empathy, nurturing, and this leads me to help others in need. I also teach the preschoolers in my church. I enjoy.helping the children learn about God’s Love for all of us. I also really enjoy reading your books. They give me encouragement when I need it.

  10. Anna Montanez says

    There was a time when I thought God was punishing me for what ever reason, things were falling apart- I am slowing realizing that he is giving me strength to move forward. Its been hard but I pray everyday for his guidance.

  11. Cheryl Pigate says

    I’m sharing your books with our local library and a family friend. Love reading your books.
    Wishing a very Happy Mother’s Day to all.

  12. Janna M Much says

    My gift is to help people and care for them. I have been a CNA for 30+ years.. although I took some time off in that field of work. I never stopped helping people especially the elderly. I have been back in the nursing field for 7 years now, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have some wonderful appreciative clients…

  13. stacy morris says

    im still learning alot about God and the things he can do in my life . I know i cant live without him . my gift is the ability to care for people . i love how i can make them happy when then they are sad i thank God for everything

  14. BARBARA L EVANS says

    Wish I knew what my gift was. I am almost 60;and am still wondering.

  15. Lila Dunham says

    I love visiting and making meals for those who are experiencing a hardship in life, sick or other needs

  16. Mary Roelke says

    My gift may be remembering names & faces (even with the mask). As a crossing guard & lunch lady I so enjoy seeing the kids, parents, & grandparents & am able to greet them by name in the a.m. As an 80 yr. old I love what I do in retirement.

  17. I do believe God grants us special skills in addition to our spiritual gifts. I have been blessed with a gift for writing and have had many friends request that I write a variety of things for them- from recommendation letters to biographies to obituaries. I have also been fortunate to have had a lot of encouragement to use and grow in this gift. I believe someone can know that they have a particular gift from God if they have a natural inclination and interest for the gift and desire to exercise their gift to be a blessing to others and to bring honor and glory to God in what they are doing.

    God Bless!

  18. carol freese says

    After I became a widow I began having ‘Afternoon Tea’ for other widows. I felt it was a good way to show that I cared, and a way that we could share our memories. Then one of the women remarked that I was doing it to show off my culinary skills. It hurt, but I just let it go. As long as I know in my heart what is right, I can’t let opinions influence me.

    • I believe I have the gift of discernment. It can be a situation or a person, and I just get this feeling that something is off. People can be gushing about them and I feel like there is a hand or wall there stopping me from getting involved. Now, I certainly have made my share of mistakes in my time, but I feel like God is using this to protect me and others from certain situations. I don’t usually share this with anyone, except other close Christians, so I haven’t had any criticisms. I have to say, it is the strangest feeling, like I can’t get away fast enough. I feel like it is God’s hand of protection over me.

      • I’m sorry I posted my comment in the wrong place. I do want to say to Carol, sometimes other people are feeling bitter about their own situation and they take it out on others. I would continue to do what you feel led to do, especially if others are attending and showing they appreciate your efforts. I would certainly think ladies would feel good to be pampered in this way!

  19. penny huddleston says

    When I was a small child, I always wanted to be a nurse, but I was told by my mama that my purpose and job was to marry and raise a family. So at 15 I dropped out of school and married a much older man who started abusing me, I stayed in that relationship for 9 yrs, when he turned on my son I left.I then went back to school got my GED, got my nursing assistance diploma a few yrs later went to Southwest Medical and made my dream come true. Had God not been with me, I would never have made this.

    • Kimberly Westervelt says

      Hi Wanda I just want to thank you for your gift of writing your beautiful stories. I took a class once of spiritual gifts and it was very interesting to see what your gifts are that God has given me such as the gift of giving Percy Faith intercessory prayer and service. I also have the gift of creativity and what I’ve been doing is crocheting hats for our hat and mitten tree at my church. So far I’ve made over 50 hats plus my mother-in-law made some hats for me too. Anyway I wanted to share that with you. May God continue to bless you with the gift of writing. God bless

  20. Nancy Bird says

    I don’t remember ever having that problem. I’m not sure I have any special gifts anyway! LOL!

  21. sharon Summers says

    not sure what i have so special except to listen to people when they need someone to talk to

  22. Kimberly Westervelt says

    Hi Wanda I just want to thank you for your gift of writing your beautiful stories. I took a class once of spiritual gifts and it was very interesting to see what your gifts are that God has given me such as the gift of giving Mercy, Faith, intercessory prayer and service. I also have the gift of creativity and what I’ve been doing is crocheting hats for our hat and mitten tree at my church. So far I’ve made over 50 hats plus my mother-in-law made some hats for me too. Anyway I wanted to share that with you. May God continue to bless you with the gift of writing. God bless

  23. I have the gift to know some things before they happen but do not act on it as people would think I’m strange.I have dreams about that person a lot or can’t seem to get them off my mind!

  24. Andrea Woodard says

    I really don’t know what my gift is, but I feel drawn to people who have problems and need to talk to someone about them. I listen and try to help them make the right decision. It doesn’t always work, but there were times when it did.

    • Kris Ross says

      to ME that is a tremendous gift….espically now…so many bad things happening, bad times…people need someone to talk to …and more important … someone who will listen….I would say you have the gift of love and compassion….a wonderful gift to give! (Hope I am answering/ talking to Andrea….)

  25. Cheris Whitford says

    Only God can help us and lead us through the troubled times. Hold on tightly to your faith and convictions

  26. I believe that if God has given you a specific gift, He will provide a way for you to use it in a way that no one will doubt it was a gift from God. Sometimes I think we are afraid to take that first step to use a gift because we are afraid it might not be from God. But if you have prayed and felt that God is using you in a specific area for a specific purpose then you need to take that first step and God will give the increase. I know that God has given me the gift of hospitality because I love having people in my home to fellowship, to share a meal or just to sit and get to know each other better. My house is not always the cleanest around but it is clean. If people are coming to see my home and judge me then I would rather they stay home. I want people to enjoy being in my home and having fellowship together. When I see new people at church I go up and introduce myelf and tell them that we are glad to have them with us. Then I make sure our pastor and a few other ladies know and go talk with t hem too.

  27. I believe I have the gift of discernment. It can be a situation or a person, and I just get this feeling that something is off. People can be gushing about them and I feel like there is a hand or wall there stopping me from getting involved. Now, I certainly have made my share of mistakes in my time, but I feel like God is using this to protect me and others from certain situations. I don’t usually share this with anyone, except other close Christians, so I haven’t had any criticisms. I have to say, it is the strangest feeling, like I can’t get away fast enough. I feel like it is God’s hand of protection over me.

  28. Gail Hollingsworth says

    I am more of a seed planter rather than a harvester. God’s timing is always perfect!

    • Ann Marie Kelly says

      Afternoon Wanda I hope you had a very Happy Mother’s Day I really do not think I have any special giving accept I try to be good to people and want to keep peace may God bless each and everyone of us Amen

  29. Sylvia Gorton says

    When you have been gifted by God, You have to use it, it is as if you cannot help using it, all for God’s glory, no matter how large or small, it is a honor to be used of the Lord.

  30. Sheila Hill says

    God has really helped me to reach out to the hurting women in our church. We will try to meet for lunch once a week. This week we painted ceramic pieces. One of the women loves to read, so we have been exchanging Christian books.
    Have wonderful Mother’s Day!

  31. Kristene K Wilson says

    anxious to read this book

  32. Sheryl Walker says

    We all have a gift or many gifts given to us. It is up to us to use them. Some need practice, like playing the piano, I’m still working on this one, or the ability to just listen to someone. Sometimes you have a gift(s) that you don’t think is one but surely it is when you help someone without realizing it.

  33. Patty Carr says

    Love your books, they all are so heartfelt and I have learned so much. Sometimes God gives us little pushes to be the best we can be and believe me all need that push at some point. I know this isn’t what you asked but it’s what I had to offer. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  34. Catina Heathman says

    As a foster parent I felt led to help children. Most just didn’t understand why I would pour so much into a child that wasn’t going to stay. Our how I could “give them up” in the end. None of those things were easy but with God I got through it with the knowledge of how much love and family that child had while with us.

  35. Lisa Sizemore says

    I love all your books. I have learned a lot from reading these books. I love reading about the Amish and can’t wait to get a Amish cookbook. Thank you for writing theses stories and hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  36. Jean S. Kessler says

    Many people still do not understand why I attebded a Bible college. The Lord has gifted me in languages, as I also know French and some Koine Greek. I am now using my French skills with Wycliffe, providing French translations from English as a bridge to those who speak African languages. I am very happy to be using this gift to spread the Gospel, and my Greek studies to better understand the New Testament. Praise the Lord!

  37. Angela Smith says

    Your books will always have a place on my shelf and in my heart ?

    Thank You

    Angela Smith

  38. I think my gift is the gift of helping others. I also enjoy volunteering.

    I really enjoy reading all you book.

  39. Sharon Bader says

    I always wondered what my gifts were as I was a “late bloomer”. I have always tried to let the Lord guide me where He wanted me to go and in what He wanted me to do and in doing so, I have had a full life is so many different ways. I was a CNA, raised a wonderful son, have a wonderful hubby, and have learned and taught so many crafts; counted cross-stitch, crochet, macrame, needlepoint, scrapbooking, cardmaking and lots of others. I feel the Lord let me learn all these crafts so that I in turn could teach others and in doing so I have met so many great people who might not have entered my life in other ways. Also I love all your books, especially the one about Big Valley, as I live near there and can relate! God Bless!

  40. Carol Umbel says

    Love getting lost in your books.

  41. Dee Carter says

    I think my gift to help others is to make friends and get them to talk about themselves. Ask how they are doing etc. just get to know them and you will or may have a dear friend. I try to be friendly or just give it a little time and they will come around!
    I had a friend on Facebook but really didn’t have any connection that I could figure out. Today on FB she had a picture of herself and her Mom. Her Mom is a dear friend who is getting to be in the elderly “age” and the daughter ask for friends to send her a card, so I did! Only costs me a stamp. God was talking to me to help brighten someone’s day!
    Enjoy all your books Wanda!

  42. Carla Faulk says

    I was never blessed with biological children but through out my years I have had nieces and nephews with whom I was very close. I also worked with children through my Church’s children’s church. I believe one of my gifts was the ability to relate to children and hopefully influence their lives in a positive way.

  43. deborah okes says

    I love amish country all seasons!

  44. Bevie McLean says

    If God brings you to something He thinks is right for you, He will bring you through it.

  45. Rosario juarez says

    I have not felt that yet, but to me it dose not matter what others think, a gift from god is a wonderful gift, and as long as you have your faith that is all that matters..

  46. Delilah England says

    Everyone has a special gift, maybe it’s just being a good listener, doing things for your family and neighbors. Baking and sharing with your friends

  47. jeri dickinson says

    Growing up from age 7 I was taught that I was second or third or last best. It is still hard to believe in me. and I am 79 years old. I still feel like i am nothing most of the time

  48. I believe God has blessed me with a gift of cookie and candy making. I love to bake and make soups so when I get a chance I will visit someone and share. I am 83 , lost my husband in Sept. 2020 and I had to have a pace maker put in a month after my loss. I have other health issues but, I am asking Jesus to help me as I walk this new walk. He was a wonderful Christian and I know that he is with Jesus but we were married 65 years and I miss him so much. Pray for me please that I can stop the tears and continue to be a blessing to others.

  49. Cindi Hoppes says

    Happy May! Just this week my oldest son had
    two new job offers. He has a good job, but the
    other two were sounding good to him, also! He
    signed the papers for one of the other jobs, then
    went in to talk with his boss about the new job…
    He said he didn’t want to lose my son, and ended
    up with a great salary boost and a bonus! One of my
    son’s children is special needs; and currently needs
    a special chair to eat in, and a wheelchair van. My son told
    his wife that there is definitely a Guardian Angel looking
    out for them! He was awestruck.
    Thank you,

  50. Anna Hesser says

    Have a blessed and safe May. I enjoy all your books and I think The Brides of Lancaster County would be a nice birthday present for me this May since I am from PA. Looking forward to the new ones from Big Valley since this is close to my home.
    God Bless,

  51. Deirdre Metcalf says

    I really enjoyed The Gift. I live in a suburb of Chicago, which is about two hours north of Arthur. Its a beautiful area and I wish I lived closer to Illinois Amish country! God gave me the gift of being crafty. I’ve always loved homemade things. I’m in the middle of a cross stitch project of an Amish-looking floral shop right now!

  52. Kathleen Reed says

    Seems like it is much easier to see where others are gifted, than to always know for sure where my gifts might be. I’ve always felt that when God gave me something to do, that He would also give me what I needed to accomplish it. And over the years, those tasks have changed. If God directs you, don’t let men discourage you

  53. Marilyn says

    I think if a gift is given in good faith it should be appreciated.

  54. A gift is given in love and should be accepted.

  55. Every gift should be enjoyed and loved.

  56. Nancy Brown says

    After I was born again, God gave me a gift of wanting to teach others about the bible. I have not been able to get a position as a Sunday School teacher for adults yet, but maybe some day.
    It’s hard to tell SOME people that God gave a gift to a certain person, there are enough naysayers.

  57. Listening to others.

  58. Darlene Carroll says

    I think that God has given me the gift of understanding and forgiveness, nothing extra special. I feel that everyone has some form of a gift from God to share with others that they may not even realize they have.

  59. Debra Howell says

    I think if someone has a gift from God, it will come naturally. I was wondering awhile ago, what my gift could be. Then one day, my pastor’s wife told me I was such an encourager. That that is my gift. It comes easy for me to encourage someone. I love giving gifts.

  60. Lynda S Beaver says

    I haven’t discovered my gift yet, but I try to live my life like our Lord would want me to and study the Bible to learn what he wants me to do. I try to help others any way I can.

    Wanda, I have enjoyed your books so very much and also those you have written with your daughter-in-law, Jean, and granddaughter, Richelle.

  61. Angela Wilkinson says

    Your last series Crows call, mockingbird song and robins greeting was absolutely amazing. Loved the suspense.

  62. JoAllen Winter says

    I haven’t read the Gift yet but I do already have it .It’s next on my list.I feel God gave me the ability to crochet so that I could share with others .I’ve crocheted baby blankets that are given mothers for their newborn ,booties that have gone to parts of Africa,where some [nearly all] have never had a pair on.They went on the Mercy Ship there.Also i have donated close to 2,000 plus to Alpha Pregancy Center.I love that God blessed me this way,to use my hands to brighten anothers day I sure hope this 71 year old follower wins.

  63. Rose Ward says

    I haven’t had any abilities like that

  64. Kelli McManis says

    I loved reading your thoughts on these important topics. Faith is something you carry with you , in the good times and the bad. God loves his children. Being kind, love thy neighbor , as thy self. And tell your family you love them, daily. Your books are so inspirational, Wanda. How the Amish deal with loss and having a deep abiding faith and trust in God and Jesus. Pray daily and trust that the Lord hears you and guides you. God, Good, Guide , Guard, Govern.

  65. Pamela Hammersmith says

    My gifts God gave me are in area of mercy and perseverance. Growing up in non believing home, alcoholic parents, poverty, suicides was very painful experiences. As I grew up and talked to others about my life it opened the door to encourage others to share their hearts. The more I understood scripture, closer I grew my relationship with Jesus. When persecuted by my family, in-laws, schools siblings I pressed on to follow Jesus. It gave me the opportunity to tell them no matter what experiences I’ve went through God has always been with me.
    I learned to live above my circumstances no matter what the cost and for Gods glory.
    As I end I would say it is “hope” that is my greatest gift I have received and share.

  66. Tracy M Hall says

    I’ve always thought of my gift as helping others, not just my family, but also in my work. I work as an companion for the elderly (light housekeeping, companionship, errands) and also do a lot of volunteering (well, exception for the pandemic since most things are still closed).

  67. Andrea Leonard says

    First of all, Wanda, I want to wish you a VERY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!! It is a very special day
    of mine as I always look forward to hearing from my two children and six Grandchildren. Our first
    Great Grandchild will be born around June 9th. Her Mom is an Osteopathic Dr.. They are very
    excited about the arrival of their new baby girl, their first one!!!! We are excited, as well.
    I know that God gave me the gift of teaching Sun.School as I have done it successfully for over 31 years. I loved it and how I miss them now but still have contact with a lot of the former students.
    What a blessing! Two more gifts God has given me are the gifts of Encouragement and the gift
    of prayer which I take both very seriously. I love Jesus with all my heart and it is a great blessing for me to be praying for those He burdens me with. He is helping me to grow in Him and I surely need to grow ever so much more. May God bless you, Wanda with all good things and may you
    feel the closeness of His Presence like never before. We all need Jesus now more than ever.
    Prayerfully in His Unconditional Love,

  68. I’ve never felt like I was good enough at anything to consider it a gift from God, but I do think that my parents and my husband are special gifts bestowed upon me.

  69. Patricia C. says

    I can’t say that there has been anyone putting down what I thought of as a gift.

    I have rather been dismissive of anyone complementing me on anything that they would point out as a gift, not to appear to be humble, but more of, not feeling that what I did was so special or I would feel that I could have done a better job of it.

    But, now days, I simply say thank you and try to store this in my head and give a silent prayer of thanks to God for this gift and and that He sent someone to point out this gift to me and ask a blessing on that person.

  70. Vicky Lewis says

    The only gift i have is being strong. When i worked in a nursing home taking care of the patients. Being there for them. Some didnt have family So i considered them my family. I guess God gave me the gift to be there for others helping them out when they need it

  71. Vivian Furbay says

    You need to pray about it and ask God to lead you. Ask mature Christians to pray for you and to give you insight. Ask God for wisdom and search his word also.

  72. Diann Larry says

    My biggest gift is being a caregiver…if you want to call it a gift. But I know that is who I am.

  73. SARAH TAYLOR says

    Hello Wanda and Happy Mother’s Day to you and everyone here I Love reading your books! And this would be a wonderful Birthday gift Thank you for this amazing newsletter giveaway! Blessings to You!

  74. Karen Marie Hoth says

    I love volunteering in areas that I can help others. With the ARC, I was deployed twice to help others who had been affected by hurricanes. I now volunteer with the Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services. I enjoy helping others and with the Salvation Army, you can also use prayer with the clients if they ask. I am the Mission and Service Coordinator for my church and have always found different activities to help others. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been put on hold. These are gifts God has given me and I look forward to helping others.

  75. Susan Bowersock says

    I do have a gift from God. I know things that sometimes is a secret someone has or sometimes I know what is going to happen next in someones life. People laugh at me when I say something but I don’t care I just laugh with them!

  76. Kris Ross says

    Gifts? I feel my “mission” in life is to help take care of my grandchildren….my greatest “thing” in life was to be a Mom and Grandma…aka they call me Gah….I watched my grands since the first one was born, and is now 18….it gave assurance to my kids, that my kids were being taken care of and loving, no problems and financially too…helped them….I also like to help others as I can….

  77. gwynn shelton says

    Hello Wanda, Who doesn”t love Gifts. I got you The Robin’s Greeting for my Birthday, Just finished it, Can’t wait until you get another book out. I love reading your books. I hope you have a good and blest Mother’s Day.

  78. nicole duncan says

    I think that god gives us all special gifts if we believe and accept him. I have always been a care giver and it warms my heart to help others, but you have to be careful and not let yourself get hurt or overwhelmed in the proccess. God is an amazing teacher, helper and deliverer. May you be blessed and wrapped in Gods love.

  79. Diane Krug says

    I truly believe that it takes a special person to have a gift to be able to see things that no one else can, I personally was connected to a person like this after my son passed away, She told me things that no one else could have possibly knew. She brought me comfort at my lowest time of my life.

  80. Ask God for wisdom to discern if the gift is from Him.

  81. Sherrie Crim says

    I truly believe God has given us all gifts. We need to listen carefully to hear that still small voice of God prodding us to act. We just never know when we will feel the nudge to act. Whether it is taking on a class for Sunday School, joining the church choir, preparing meals, spending time with those less fortunate, or even just in our every day life, our gifts can be heard and seen. We may not even realize that our actions are actually a gift, but those who benefit certainly know a gift when they see or hear!
    gift of compassion is what I feel I have. I currently sponsor a young girl in the Philippines through Compassion International.

  82. Teresa Sprouse says

    I love your books! You are a very talented lady and I so much enjoy reading your books

  83. Pam Mavrelion says

    I have received many gifts from God, I may not recognized them at the moment, but whenever those gifts kick it, I look up and say thank you,…I know that was all Him….

  84. I have spent many hours Making iced tea for several family/friend dinners, potlucks and carry ins, but when my niece got married and wanted me to make the iced tea for her wedding reception. I was elated to make the iced tea. She said that was a GOD given talent, that I could make the best iced tea. Made me proud.

  85. Love what you say

  86. Jacqueline says

    I think to know if your gift is from god it should bring joy to you and joy to others. If you are felt compelled to help people a special way pray about it and he will lead you. It’s amazing how many doors can open to you and answers to questions you will receive. I find it personally amazing how many times I’ve asked a question out loud not to any in particular but get an answer quite quickly. I know it’s Jesus. Ask and you shall receive. Do all things for his good. God bless

  87. Rose Geer says

    I would like to think my life is a gift from God..

  88. For me, I would say that their are many gifts that I have received from God. When we moved into our house a few years ago, we did not know the neighbors. I had to step out of my comfort zone and introduce my self and my husband to our neighbors that lived on both side of us, and we have become good friends, and it is nice to be able to know their names, and what they do for a living. God has been able to stir something inside me to just know that it is okay to talk to neighbors, it is a great way to make new friends and then pass it on.

  89. SARAH M ARNOLD says

    My husband sometimes claims when I reach out to someone is not necessary. I feel it is a gift from God and he is telling me to do it. I do what I feel called to do and pray for the person and my husband also.

  90. Karen Marie Hoth says

    I feel God has given me the gift of compassion and helping others. I enjoy volunteering that puts me in a position of helping others in need. I am the Mission & Service Coordinator at my church. I am always looking for opportunities to help others but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our activities basically have been put on hold. In the past, we have helped families in need with Christmas dinner and gifts for the family. We have collected clothing, winter jackets, mittens, gloves, hats and scarves for schools that are in need of theses items. School supplies was another project we did. Also, we have served lunch to those less fortunate on Saturdays. As we start to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, I will continue to look for new opportunities to help others.

  91. Hi Wanda,
    I try to listen to my Friends when they come to me with a situation and need a listening ear.
    Sometimes a hug ? will work! A few people have judged me in the past but my friends tell me to ignore them! I like the Amish ways Forgiveness and don’t judge! The Amish have great morals that we can all live simply! Don’t rush and tune out the outside world that you can’t control!!! Amy

  92. I don’t know if you call it a gift but I can be stand in line or looking for something and people will just come up to me and start talking to me. Some time it about problems or it might be their family. I have stood there and let them talk, cry and I just listen, give them a hud. My family hates it they don’t like it they say I should walk away but I can not because I feel like these people need to talk. So I don’t know if that is a gift or not.

  93. Donna Williams says

    Sometimes someone will say something to me like years ago my mother-in-law told me that someone in the family was pregnant again after numerous miscarriages and I immediately blurted out that this baby will be fine. My mother-in-law got angry with me and asked how I could know something like that. I just said “God told me.” My husband would get angry as well when I would blurt things out as such and now after over 35 years of marriage he just looks at me and just kind of shrugs because he knows what I will tell him snd he knows I will have spoken the answer or the result, etc. I don’t know if this is true but I feel like one of God’s messengers when this happens.

  94. Janna Bartel says

    Well it 4 weeks after my wedding day. And I’m still as busy as I was before. For the past year I was planning my wedding juggling a fulltime+ job, taking care of my family of young men. Trying to help everyone as much as I could. Today I am still giving it my all… being the best wife possible, being the best mom of 3 boys & stepmom to 3 boys ( they are grown men). I’m still here for them.. plus being a grandma to 3 grandsons.. I still found time to give it my all . 9-15-21 I volunteered to be a guardianfor our Veterans, on THE OLD GLORY HONOR FLIGHT. It a program that takes 100 Veterans to Washington D.C. so they can see all the memorials that are in their honor.
    It is such an AMAZING DAY, to give day to OUR VETERANS. This day means such for them.. and they get the welcome home, they well deserve.

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