Remembering our Fathers

On June 20th we will celebrate Father’s Day. This is a special time when we can honor or reflect upon our fathers. Although my dad, who passed away several years ago, was far from perfect, he had many good qualities. I still think about him and some of the special trips he planned for our family when I was a girl. I remember one trip in particular when he took us to Disneyland in California. He stood in line with my sister and me for over an hour so we could meet three of the Mouseketeers and get their autographs. Dad also took us to the beach and showed us how to find agates and all kinds of seashells. Another thing he liked to do was plan camping trips for our family, where we often met my mother’s twin sister and her family who lived a few hours from us. I also remember my father’s enjoyment of cooking. When I was a teenager he taught me how to make many things, including a delicious savory stew, which I still make periodically for a supper meal.

Do you have some great memories of times spent with your father while you were growing up? Please share them here on my Journal.

“Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.” Proverbs 17:6 (KJV)


  1. Shirley Chapel says

    My father was far from perfect but he did work a steady job and was a decent provider. He and mother took us to church regularly. We always had food on the table and he did not drink.

    • My father came from parents that did not share hugs or say “I love you.” (I changed that with my son.) Does that account for lack of affection? I don’t know. Dad showed his love to us in different ways. We lived in Wisconsin. But our Dad always felt that it was important to give his children a fun and sometimes educational vacation. Living in the Midwest, we did not go to California (but Mom, Dad and my sister and brother went on a vacation to CA and AZ after I married and had moved out of state – serviceman – Vietnam time ), but we traveled in the Central USA, East Coast and Florida. It took awhile for Dad to make a decent income to give us the traveling that he so loved. We and another family would drive down to Florida in separate cars, stop in Gatlinburg to explore, not so touristy back at that time (one time a bear chased our friend’s son – who had teased him, not a wise thing to do to a bear, but he was a male teenager!), then drove onto Hollywood FL, north of Ft Lauderdale. I and my sister and our female friends would sit in the sand and put peroxide on our hair – which was light-colored anyway, but we wanted it lighter to go with our “stupid” sunburns, later to be tans hopefully. We stayed at a motel named Henri’s – which had a palm tree growing right in the middle of their reception area and growing up through a cut out in their roof. So much fun. We would actually walk down to No. Fort Lauderdale (parents would drive) and we stopped at an ice cream shop and got an ice cream dish called the Kitchen Sink (how we remember these little things). It was like a giant banana split. We were given long-handled spoons and we all dug into it. I remember the Moms both getting a cup of coffee and several refills, later to learn when the bill came that they were charged for each refill ! Dads not too happy about that. Again, what fun. By the time I was in high school, Dad wanted us to have more education thrown into our lives on our vacation. He drove us out to VA and Washington DC, and other locations around there (wish we could have made it to PA). If any of your children still have Civics classes in their school – or History classes – this was a very valuable vacation as we saw so much that we had studied, or were going to study, in school. Yes, Dad showed us his love. The last vacation was a combination vacation. He took us to NYC for the World’s Fair – don’t recall the year – very informative and fun for my age, whatever that might have been, but remember being impressed with the GE site and future model cars ! – and then into the City to see a couple of off-Broadway plays, see Rockefeller Center where the Rockets performed, and sometimes being a foodie, to the most impressive restaurant of our journey — Mama Luigi’s. I think someone who was in NYC before the pandemic, told me that they were still open. When you went there, at least at that time, you were to plan on spending at least 3 hours for your dinner. Appetizers, big dinner of several pastas, and then desert. Walked all around Broadway and Times Square. One other special memory: our Mom wouldn’t allow us to have cats or dogs. Dad grew up with dogs. One time he wouldn’t allow us into the basement. This was around an Easter time. He kept going down there and Mom would go down to do laundry. and we could tell that Mom wasn’t pleased when she came back upstairs. Finally, on Easter Sunday, Dad had us go down into the basement for something from the vegetable cellar (always liked that room; made out of cedar wood). Standing in front of the downstairs old refrigerator which had pink pains stains all over it, was a rabbit hutch Dad made with his own [accountant’s hands]. 🙂 Dad had come down with us and told us that we had to help carry it upstairs. He had already spread hay all over a portion of one of Mom’s gardens . (Mom wasn’t happy about the pink paint or losing one of her garden spots — actually for flowers – too bad Mom, if you had allowed us to have a cat or dog, this wouldn’t have happened – hee! hee! just kidding – actually found out when she was about 92, that she had been bitten by a dog as a child) – and this was where we put the hutch. Dad then drove up to the pet shop and picked up the two rabbits they were taking care of for us. One white and the other brownish in color. Even though it was Easter, the Garden, Feed and Pet Store had some commercial customers so stayed open – guess that kind of work on a Sunday wasn’t a sin. Later found out that as they grew a bit, that one of the bunnies was a females and the other a male. Oh well, that’s the way God planned it.. Think we kids performed a wedding ceremony for them then ! Yes, Dad loved us. (Dad also used to have times when we weren’t allowed downstairs because our long-desired for bicycle would be down there – Christmas time.) Then, when our brother was born in 1952, Christmas time and Mom was still in the hospital when they kept new Moms for a longer period of time, she had given Dad instructions on two special dolls to be given to me and my sister. She let him know the color hair we wanted. By the time she got home – later after Christmas – we met her coming up the snowy back sidewalk and carrying out new born brother crying – us, not our brother. Found out that Dad gave us the dolls alright, but the wrong ones. Yes, we were loved This email is bringing up more memories from a Dad who did not hug us or say “I Love You,” but as you can see, he showed us his love in other ways. They were special for him and for us kids. I’m sorry this is so long, but as one gets older, memories get longer. Isn’t that a good thing? Thank you Wanda for giving us this opportunity to share memories of our fathers and thank You God for giving us Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Karen

      • Karen, my parents weren’t the hugs and kisses types either.They didn’t say I love you all the time but the 4 of us kids knew that we were loved by them both.They’re both gone and my heart still longs so for them.God bless you

  2. Dee Carter says

    I lost my father at the age of 57. He had a heart attack and never came home from the hospital. He died on our anniversary. He was such a good Dad to all of us and even his stepsons. He was especially good to our Mom. They both worked hard together. I don’t ever remember him spanking me! Yeah! One memory I love to this day was I would sit up on the back of his chair and comb his auburn hair. I remember it was so thick. He taught my brothers how to work outside and to grow a garden for their families. The other memory of him was he took us to the Dairy Land or something like that and I had never had a banana split. I got one! I got back in the car, backseat and spilled it in the floor. I got another one and he picked up the ice cream and threw it away ad when we got home he cleaned the floor of the car! I never got yelled at that I remember. He also helped me plant my little garden. He looked up ad saw e there and yelled at me because I shouldn’t be there, I was going to have a baby, I loved him so much!

    • Sherry Matzko says

      My father was a wonderful man who was loved by all. My most special memory of him was when he accompanied me to a father daughter dance when I was in high school. He was a very special man who tried to help everyone. We lost him to soon at 54. Sure hope we can dance again someday in heaven. I know we will.

  3. Nyala Edwards says

    My Dad was a minister who lived the life. He taught me so many things like ” You are called to sit but to serve” Always aim to look at people through your Father’s eyes. When I was young I thought that meant my dad because he was such a wonderful Christion. But he told me later no, it wasn’t his eyes because he as human and imperfect but Our Heavenly Father’s Eyes who loves us all unconditionally and sent his beloved son to die for our sins. Although my dad has been dead almost 20 years, I know he is without pain and in Heaven and I will see him and my mom again. What a blessing!

  4. Debra Howell says

    My dad was the best. He didn’t come to know the Lord until his 80th birthday! He was a truck driver and the air would turn blue with some of the words he use to use. 🙂 My mom would clean house every Saturday, whether it needed it or not. Sometimes my dad would take me to the park so she could clean in peace, I guess. I remember those times. Also even tho both parents roller skated, (they first met in a skating rink!) it was my dad who would take me skating. I have so many great memories of my dad. He passed away almost 17 years ago.

  5. Karen S. says

    I did not have a good relationship with my father. He was a drinker and was mean when he was drinking. My mother and father divorced when I was 11. My mother remarried a couple years later and my step father was wonderful. He treated me just like his own. I was so blessed to have him for my father for 14 years before he passed away.

  6. My daddy had a “rolling store” at one time and I would go out with him sometimes. I was so shy that I would hide behind him every time he stopped for a customer. He was a good provider and loved us all dearly. He’s been gone over 30 years and I still miss him.

  7. Jackie Cockrell says

    My father was a hard worker and always did whatever necessary to take care of his family. He built the first house I lived in, and he always raised a beautiful garden. He did all of these things while holding a full time job. He taught me great work ethics. I miss my Dad, but I will see him again in Heaven.

  8. Sherrie Crim says

    My father was hard working and a terrific provider for his growing family. He proudly never missed a day of work. As a child I had a very bad speech impediment and he’d, week after week, take out his old reel to reel tape recorder and do exactly as the speech therapist recommended and tape me so I could hear my own voice. He was fully engaged with his children, whether it be us children helping him in his many small garden plots in the backyard, to showing us the proper way to hit a golf ball or, with me specifically, hour after hour perfecting my slow pictch for softball. He scrimped and saved money each year so we could vacation over the United States, on alternating years, heading to Florida to visit old friends of the family and Disney World and traveling to the mid-West and beyond (we live in Maryland) to see as many National Parks as he could fit into 2 or 3 weeks. I am blessed beyond belief, that at the ripe old age of 86 he’s still able to get around, and just on Saturday greeted me at the door of his retirement home along the beach. Well deserved, Daddy, well deserved. Love you always.

  9. My dad was a great dad, and went thru a lot- he had colon cancer twice, and all of us siblings (there are 9 of us) would help my mom take care of him during that time- getting him up at night when he needed to use the bathroom, or just wanting to talk about fun times we had. I can still remember the call I got from my mom, that our dad had passed away. I knew that he was in Heaven and would be watching over all of us until we meet with him again. Dad showed us how to play baseball, we had a swing set, and he had a garden that included vegetables. My dad always said if you see someone who needs help- help them in any way you could. I still miss my dad, and I have masses said in his name and have passed this onto my own kids.

  10. Roberta Marie McMahan says

    I have many memoires with my Dad. He always put his kids first. After a very long day of him working he would lay and bed with all of us kids and watch our black and white TV. But the one that remember the most of when a tornado was coming and we had a fall out shelter built since we lived in Okla. Dad and I loved storms so he would hold me up at the door just before we saw it coming then we would go in and shut the door.

  11. Karen Krzemien says

    I am blessed in that my father is still alive and for the most part well. He was and still is the silent type. I learned from him to figure things out and how to stand on my own two feet. Never wait for someone else to give a hand, just jump right in and do it yourself. Don’t expect anything and you won’t be disappointed. Wish we lived closer than a 12 hour drive.

  12. Barb Beechy says

    My dad passed away 18 years ago and there is not a day I don’t miss him. He was always gentle with all of us girls. I was a daddy’s girl. Would go with him to work and spend as.much time as I could with him. I remember a lot of wonderful times with him. Going to my aunts grandma’s, camping all summer.. lots of wonderful times.

    • It sounds like we share similar memories of our dads. My dad was gentle as well and I was my daddy’s girl too. I lost him 42 years ago and it still hurts. But the great memories override the loss. He was a hard worker in a job he grew to have which eventually was responsible for his medical problems that took his life. But I know he’s with Our Lord and that means everything to me. It sounds as if your dad shares Heaven’s honor as well.

  13. Suzanne Shannon says

    I’m blessed with a Christian dad. He’s a miracle this year….survived a terrible case of covid. We praise God for bringing him through when the drs prepared us for the worst. My dad traveled a lot when I was a child. We lived over the hill from the airport. Mom would always make sure my brother and I were on the deck so we could wave to dad. As a 9 year old I was sure he could see us waving! Dad was a good provider for his family. He is now retired and enjoying grandchildren.

  14. Kris Ross says

    I am so happy for all that had a “good Father”… “father” was not….he was a horrible man, alcoholic….beat my mother…. tried to kill her….and we were scared to death of him….but I guess you would say, I DID learn from him….the traits that I DID want in a husband and DAD for my children, and Thank God, I did get that man….we will celebrate 49 years this September….(Sorry to be a downer but this is my truth….) God Bless you all that had a wonderful DAD….Enjoy your day with your DAD and if he is in Heaven….enjoy those memories that you have…..

  15. Bonnie Fields says

    My father has been gone 9yrs. Now. Miss him everyday. He worked hard everyday for all of us. We did go on some trips like seeing the caves in Kentucky, going to Rock City, the Smoky Mountians. We always had fun with our parents. Miss them both always.

  16. Kelli McManis says

    I loved my dad. He was always there for me. Some of my greatest memories were the road trips we went on . My dad had a camper on the back of his truck. We loved camping . We went to Colorado and Utah. We tried to swim in the great salt lake, lol, . My sister and I slept in the camper and my Dad and brother slept in the truck. We cooked over a campfire and made s’mores. Lots of laughter and fun. My dad told some great jokes , that made us laugh so hard! Dad always took us fishing, we enjoyed sitting by him, as he taught us , how to , cast a line. My Dad always taught to learn by example. My other favorite memory , was win my Dad walked me down the Isle , when I got married. He smiled and squeezed my hand, and told me he loved us. I feel truly blessed , to have him , as my Dad,. My memories. Those memories, sustain me. God is watching over my Dad. My Dad is a great Grandfather, he loved all of his Grandkids and would enjoy and love his Great Grand kids. That was the type of Dad , my dad was.

  17. Sue Brandes says

    My dad would take me fishing in his boat on the lake we lived on. Mom would come too a lot of times which was nice. He would sometimes take me and mom on his TV service calls. And the sometimes the older ladies would give me something homemade.

  18. Penny Knowlton says

    My dad was an older father (50, when I was born) so he didnt play with us but he was a kind and gentleman. He loved my mother and all us kids in their blended family. He worked hard to support the family.

  19. Kellie Lynn Otterstedt says

    My Dad is a very caring, hands on dad. He has taught me many things that has helped me with life’s trials. Good morals and a caring heart is what he instilled in me.

  20. Lorraine Boyd says

    My father has been deceased for 19 years. I think of him every day. He did a lot of special things for me when I was growing up. I was the youngest of the three children and the only girl. I was Daddy’s girl.

  21. My dad grew up very poor, served in WWII He always had a lot of sage advice to me, his only daughter. I still follow them today (always have $50 dollars in your wallet to pay for a tow truck or a tip in an emergency — updated to today’s needs of course!) never trust strangers but treat them kindly, never trust boys 🙂 the list goes on. He raised me well from an Amish / Mennonite background. He was a hard worker doing multiple jobs, and would hang out with me at least 20 minutes a day to impart some wisdom, quietly spend time saying nothing, or giving me advice on my horses. He was a great dad and inspirational.

  22. My father was disabled with debilitating heart disease. He frequently sat quietly staring out the kitchen window, I would sit on the floor at his feet and ask questions. He would patiently answer until he would become too tired, then say to me ” time for you to run off and play. Time for me to nap. Always with a warm hug and pat on my head.

  23. Carolyn Hawkins says

    My Daddy went to heaven when I was twelve years old. I remember that he was a good Christian man who took my Mama and me to all church services. He enjoyed watching Mama and me make sand castles while he surf fished. He took good care of us and loved us.

  24. Karen Walker says

    My parents were divorced but I was allowed to see my dad anytime (other than school nights). Some of my fondest memories were going out to breakfast on Saturdays where he would let me eat a hamburger until I discovered how good his Danishes were to eat!!!! Then we spend the morning running errands for him and my grandmother. Most weekend, I spend Saturday night over and we went to church Sunday. My father died very suddenly when I was 12 years old. The Monday before I was allowed to go to his bowling game because his team had made it to the finals even though it was a school night and afterwards dad and I sat in the car and talked. He ask me why I did hug him much any more. I told him, I didn’t know but I would love him forever and gave him the biggest hug I could. He died the following Wednesday!!! I am so glad I told him I would love him forever and I do to thiss day.

  25. My Dad Was The Glue In My Family Even After My Mother Divorced Him. He Was A Good Man Even When My Mother Fooled Around. In My Eyes He Was Perfect. He Has Passed A Long Time Ago & I Think Of Him Daily & Miss Him Very Much. My Mother & One Sibling Didn’t Have Good Morals At All. They Both Loved To Fool Around. My Mother Has Passed & I Haven’t Seen Or Spoke To The Other Sibling In Over 9-10 Yrs. And Will Not. I Can’t Wait To The Store To Get Your Book & Read It. I Love All Your Books.

  26. Jane I. Staiger says

    I was extremely lucky to have had my Dad till he was 82. He was a hardworking man but also very loving. He worked in the shipyard all his life. He loved his 3 daughters and his wife. Dad enjoyed his grandkids tremendously. I would take my 4 children to church on Sundays and then to Mom and Dad’s for breakfast and every Sunday. Mom and Dad both enjoyed the visits as much as we did. I miss them both… I am the one being visited by grandkids… almost 80 years of age….the roles are switched. But I love being with them and I hope they enjoy being with me.

  27. Roberta Sue S Tolbert says

    I am so thankful for this author. I am not Amish but love reading about the simpler life and know my ethics will not be challenged. I just feel I have friends in the Amish community after reading these books.

  28. Tracy Hambleton says

    My Dad was hard working. I remember one time we had a blizzard he couldn’t get out to go to work. He was home three days before he could get out our street. In that time he my sisters and I an igloo. It lasted from December until the and of April. On the bus coming home from school we would be asked what that white thing in the yard was. Every night he would wet it down to freeze it again. Such fun we had. He was 86 when he past away.

  29. My Dad was a very hard worker and worked at a meat packing plant.When he wasn’t at work he was working in the large garden we had or working on the outside of the house.On weekends he would go to our elderly aunt and uncle’s and help them on their farm.It was a fun time doing that.We only went on vacation one time and that was to stay with our Aunt in Missouri and go to the St.Louis Zoo.That was a trip I’ll always remember.

    My Dad was a very hard worker who worked in a meat packing plant.When he wasn’t at work he was working in our large garden or working on the house or yard.He also went to our Aunt and Uncles farm and did chores for them on week-ends.


  30. Susan Campbell says

    My father was a Policeman. He had ten children and we never went hungry or without. He was a hard worker. I miss him everyday.

  31. Bonnie Muresan says

    My dad was a wonderfully kind man who could fix just about anything. He worked hard for the Lord and his family. He instilled in each of his children how important it is to serve others and care for them. I miss him every day and often hear his voice telling me how to do things.

  32. Linda Critcher says

    My daddy was a wise man who could give you excellent advice. He was talented in many areas. But my greatest memory of my Daddy was that he promised to pray for me and my family every day at noon when he had his lunch. We are the parents of a mentally handicapped daughter and to say the the least she had horrible behavioral outbursts, disrupting our entire lives. We were at our wits end as to what to do. We could get no help in the 80s for her. My Daddy was consistent to pray for us (as was my mom & ourselves). One morning I remember just crying out and asking God for help And relief. My daddy seldom made a phone call to me (my mom did that) by that particular morning the phone rang during my meltdown, it was Daddy! He said I want you to know I love you and I’m praying for you. That meant more than gold to me. It would be several years later but God did send relief for us in the way of a special home. This was not our preferred answer but it was the means God used and I think mainly through my Daddy’s prayers. I miss those prayers today and his sound advice but I’m glad because he knew Jesus , we’ll be together in Heaven. 19 years ago we had to say goodbye on the earth to him, but Heaven will be a forever reunion for us.

  33. Jean Thompson says

    My Dad always wore Bib Overhauls around the Farm when he was milking Cows or putting up hay. He passed in 2002 at the age of 76. He expected us kids( 4 of us and I am the oldest) to work at the Barn, help bale hay, feed the animals and pitch manure… Our treat from Him was a Half stick of Juicy Fruit Gum or an Ice Cream cone before bedtime.. He and my Mom would have been married 68 years couple days ago… Us kids called him “Pops”. He taught us to work hard and be Honest.

  34. Miriam Leman says

    My father was a wonderful, kind and caring Christian man. He loved or Lord with all his heart and lived for Him his entire life. We attended a wonderful Bible believing church and my parents always took us to services. My Dad was a conductor on the Pennsylvania Railroad his entire career and he was a great witness to the people who rode his train. Every summer he planted a huge garden and my brother and I spent our summers weeding, then picking the vegetables, then helped our Mom can and freeze them. Sometimes for fun my brother and I would go with him in the train for the day. We got to go up with the engineer and blow the whistle. My Dad went home to be with our Lord 14 years but I miss him every day. He always had wise advice whenever I had a problem.

  35. Andrea Leonard says

    My Dad was a wonderful man and passed away in April of 1996 on my husband’s birthday. He
    had Pulmonary Fibrosis of the Lungs and was a great patient. My Mom wanted to care for him and he appreciated having her do that for a full two years until he passed. They had been married for
    54 years. He had been in World War II and came home a couple of times to see me, when I was born
    and one other time before he was home for good. He was gone for four years and I was nine months old when he saw me the third time. He was a great trumpet player, gave lessons, and played in all of the Holiday Patriotic Marching Bands in our Central Maine town. He loved the music and also could play the piano well. I loved watching him play in the Memorial Day parades as well as the Fourth of July parades and also many band concerts throughout the summers. He played Taps for Veteran’s Funerals as well. He and Mom would take us to the Maine coast which
    was beautiful. My aunt and uncle had a nice cottage at Bayside in Belfast, Maine and it was so much fun to go and my parents would leave us two girls for a week with our Aunt and Uncle. We loved collecting nice sea shells and meeting new friends who were there from many different places. My Mom’s Dad, my grandfather was another wonderful man in my life. He was in
    World War I so he was in the Legion and always marched in the Patriotic Parades when my Dad did.
    I was so proud as a little girl to go with my Mom and sister to see them both in the parades. I have so many memories of each one. I was always very close to my Grampy as I was his first grandchild. He went to Heaven when he was 64 and I was a freshman in high school that year.
    I still miss them both. I had my Mom till 2011 and she had an our home so I could
    easily care for her. We became closer at that time but I always loved her a lot. We were different as I was more serious like Dad but she was always very positive and had many nice friends. She was a great Mom. She lived to be 89 and was always calm and very good natured. God had really
    blessed me with wonderful parents and grandparents.
    I am thinking of you Wanda and want to wish your nice husband a Wonderful Father’s Day!
    You both are very precious and I love you and am praying for you and that dear little girl who
    is on oxygen and is your little Amish friend. Bless your hearts.

  36. Kimberly Kiesey says

    My dad passed away 2 yrs ago this last May! He always loved having his 4 girls around him- whenever my husband and I would leave to go home he always asked when we were coming again! I would tell him in a few weeks we would come back- he told us that was too long to wait! He especially after my mom died he really love having his family with him!

  37. My father is gone 31 years this past April. My father loved to bowl and he taught me to bowl. I became pretty good at it. He would go and keep score for me. He would get up early on a Saturday morning to take me to the Junior Bowling League. I was the only girl in the league.

  38. My father loved to learn new things. he would sit with me early in the morning at the breakfast table and ask me all about things at my place of work and how the new technical objects worked. I always will cherish these mornings with my late father.

  39. Karen J Szafarek says

    My dad and 2 of my favorite uncle’s were good people with a ton of fun in them. My fondest memories of dad were our weekly trips where everyone had to go and sing in 3 part harmony while in the car. I can’t say we were any good at that but it was sure fun. One example of what dad was like was the time they finally connected the turnpike (I-80) and we had my grandparents, we 3 kids and mom, with dad driving all the way from Toledo,OH, where we lived, all the way to Pennsylvania to have Sunday dinner at Howard Johnson’s. Or he’d take us to Windsor, Ontario, to have dinner and see a show. I inherited his sense of humor which is sort of Bob Newhart like. He died at age 59 when I was 31 and I still miss him at 73. Same goes for my uncles. Family occasions were full of song and fun and completely over the top!

  40. My late father loved to go out on a trip during his vacation. Every year we all would go to Gingerbread Castle in New Jersey. Unfortunately, it is no longer there. Ii love the memories I have of that time in my life with my father.

  41. Tami Kearney says

    My father passed away 2 1/2 years ago at the age of 91. He was a great man, he worked three jobs when I was a kid just so my mother could stay home and take care of us. I will always remember how hard he worked so we would have everything we needed. I remember those great times when he would take my sister and I fishing for Catfish we had such a great time. I am thankful for all the time we spent together.

  42. Katie portet says

    When I was younger we went to mailbag island and we also went to Cedar point . After growing a bit my dad started racing standard bred horses and it was great fun to go to all the different county fairs with him . I also learned to hunt from my dad and took up deer hunting as did my brother. He is now taking my daughter and soon enough my son

  43. Melinda M says

    My dad took me salt water fishing when I was a teenager, He taught me to bowel. He still has a garden that he gives us fresh vegetables

  44. Karla Conn says

    My dad always took time out of his day to play with us. He also made sure to take us on some kind of fun vacation every year.

  45. Linda Geertsma says

    My father passed away 6 years ago and ithink of him every day still. He was my rock and he spent a lot of time with me and my sisters . He had a sweet tooth and was always hinting for pie or cake or something sweet that my sisters and would gladly make for him. But he never put weight on, he worked so hard he wore the calories Off! He loved his family and when the grandkids Started coming, he was in his glory! He always would sit and do crafts or play games with them.. He is missed but I thank God for the time We had together!

  46. Jennifer Durham says

    I’ve been blessed with a Christian dad, who has always put The Lord first. He’s a hard working man and is an awesome role model, not only for myself, but for my husband and our son, as well. A lot of our time together is just around our homes, fishing, is clean his and my uncle’s .’man camper’ before their hunting trip each November.

  47. Amy Wahl says

    When I was a child my Dad and I went fishing. It was a great experience. Thank you!

  48. Vivian Furbay says

    My Dad was there at my High school choral performances. He helped me learn to sew as he sewed his own down sleeping bag and jacket.

  49. Mary Roelke says

    My step dad was the best ever. There were 4 of us & he took care of us like we were his biological daughters. He was Jewish, we were Catholic & he raised us in our religion. Saw to it that we went to religion classes & to mass on Sunday. When I got married he walked me down the aisle. He & m mom had 3 boys & we were all raised the same. I was 25 when he died & once again my mom was alone raising her kids. My youngest brother was 4. He’s the one who taught me how to fish. Fond memories.

  50. Connie Ruggles says

    My dad wasn’t perfect. He preferred having a son to do the things he loved with like hunting and fishing. He didn’t think a girl would do these things. To be fair, they weren’t my favorite activities. Mostly I helped him with chores and taking care of animals he couldn’t seem to help acquiring!! Like hundreds of chickens, and a flock of sheep. I loved the sheep and can’t stand chickens to this day!!! One of my favorite memories linked to my dad are the mornings I would wake up to a little bleating sound from downstairs and realize he had had to bring in a newborn lamb. I still don’t know how he talked my mom into that!!

  51. One memory I will never forget is my dad making me doll furniture for my Ginny doll. It was too expensive to buy in the store. We painted it and I put the flowers on it. And exploring Old Man’s Cave in Southern Ohio together. Sweet sweet memories that will stay with me forever. I loved my dad so very much.

  52. I remember my father I lost him 12/30/01 my younger years were sad ones as my dad was a alcoholic but when I became pregnant with my first child the dr came straight out snd said you will never live to see uouf grandchild if uou stay drinking. Well my father gave up drinking that very day he kept hoping I’d gave a boy. But my beautiful daughter was born premature with a bad heart as he had four days with me. After a couple months I was pregnant again my father was do happy when dr said your having a boy. When I was in as or my father tried everything to get into my delivery room even taking a dr jacket from the closet snd gett I ng a can if 7 up got me. Then my son was born my father cried his eyes out said uour mother couldn’t give me a boy but you d I’d. He was the best grandpa a child could ask for.

  53. Karen Westendorf says

    My dad was a dairy farmer so he was usually always busy, except for Sundays. After milking, going to church and eating breakfast we dug our fishing worms then he would take us fishing. Then we went home and we all cleaned our fish! Something I will always remember – still love to fish!

  54. peggy Knecht says

    I lost my dad my senior year in High school. I have many wonderful memories with him. We went camping weekend in the summer, But, the most special memory is the time I gave him tickets to the Pocono 500. I had won them in a radio contest. This was on Father’s day weekend. He asked me if I wanted to go to the time trials for the race, and I said that I wanted to go to the race, too. He said that he didn’t have tickets to the race. I said, “I do.” we ended up having the best time spending the whole weekend together, just him and I. We were only home to eat breakfast and sleep. He said that it was the best gift that I could have ever given him. I will always remember the great times that we had.

  55. Perri Garber says

    My dad just turned 85. With six of us he tried always to be there when he wasn’t working. We went on camping trips every year while growing up and he was on the school board and handed each of our diplomas. Now it is my turn to take care of him.

  56. Jean Dixob says

    My dad was always working he drove 3 hrs each way and worked alot so we could have the basics!

  57. Robin L Wyatt says

    HI, My dad pasted away Sept 4 1984, at the age of 51. But when I was young kid we went hunting, camping, fishing, and he taught me how to work on vehicles. Which came in handy. I learned that I can survive in the wilderness. I Love my dad and miss him and think of him every day.

  58. Diann Larry says

    I had a wonderful godly father. He passed away in Jan of this year. So this will be my first fathers day with out him. I miss him so much.

  59. My Dad was not perfect, but none of us are. He worked a full time job and sometimes even added a part time job to make sure that I could attend a private school. There was always food on the table, clothes to wear, and he ALWAYS made sure that I had lots of books to read. He passed away on June 22, 2007.

  60. Donna Tanner says

    My father passed away Feb.23,1984 he got to enjoy being a grandfather to his twin grandchildren only a short while our son and daughter were born Jan.26,1984. My father got to hold them one time for which I’m very thankful .But sadly no picture to have as a treasure. My fondest childhood memories were taking Saturday or Sunday car rides as a family outing( Mom ,Dad,my brother,& I ) and Dad stopping at a market to go inside and surprise us with pop and the long pretzels and some Penny candy .What I wouldn’t give for another country ride with my Dad .Happy Fathers Day in heaven I love you .

  61. I look like my Daddy and was so happy when he’d introduce me “as his daughter!” I remember special times with him, trips, advice, private school education he provided, his kindness….

  62. I look like my Daddy and was so happy when he’d introduce me as his “daughter.” I remember special times with him, trips, advice, private school education he provided, and many other wonderful things.

  63. Sue Farrell says

    My dad was a very hard worker. We didn’t have a lot of money but we never knew it.My dad loved camping and one year he planned for us to go camping neat the Baseball Hall of Fame ( he was a huge Red Sox fan).He passed away unexpectedly just before the Red Sox won the World Series. 2013.I know he was cheering from Heaven.A day doesn’t go by that I don’t miss my dad.
    So Happy Fathers Day in heaven dad.
    PS my dads name was Charlie Brown and my mom’s name was Lucy.
    I kid you not. Needless to say we had a lot of laughs growing up with Charlie Brown and Lucy.

  64. Deborah Benzi says

    My father lives in Florida, and I live in New York. My father would come up to visit several times a year. Sometimes he would not tell me the exact day he was arriving, and he would just show up and sit down next to me in the pew at church. It was a wonderful surprise!

  65. Robin Snell says

    My Father went to be with Jesus at age 87 but I have many fond memories of him. The one that is always in the fore front of my mind is he was a gardener. He loved growing vegetables and was gifted with a green thumb. I can remember as a child watching him till and plant the family garden. Now when spring comes and the dirt is over turned I pick up a clump and feel like I’m touching my Dad’s hand. He was a wonderful Father the best a girl could ever wish for. What a blessing from my Lord!

  66. Debbie Jenkins says

    Unfortunately I do not have much of a relationship with my father. As a young girl I was such a daddy’s girl. But he made some poor choices and because of those we are no longer close. I will always love my daddy. Love reading your books and seeing a Godly Father teaching his children about God. Thanks for sharing your talented writings.

  67. MARY C SETHALER says


  68. Darlene Carroll says

    I have so many good memories of my dad. He did so much for us when we were growing up, and after growing up he always was so helpful and had great advice. Great memories of camping every year in July for 2 weeks, loading up the station wagon and heading for adventures. He had so much patience for having to deal with 5 daughters. I loved to help him work on cars, chop wood etc… I was a daddy’s girl and still am!!!

  69. Julie Russell says

    I love my dad. I didn’t spend much time with him as a child and not as close I would like to be but I have learned a lot from him and I love him for that.

  70. Jeanne McCarthy says

    I have happy memories of my grandfather growing up. I thought the world of him and we had so much fun together! Summer nights in the yarn laying in the lawn and catching fireflies. Swimming in the pool. The garden. The workbench where I had my own set of child tools. My bike. Sledding. And so so much more. All fond memories now of a time that seems so so long ago! I love reading of the Amish but had the impression that the Amish father was more hands-off and distant like the fathers of pre-boomers. Love your stories.

  71. Shelley Ferrell says

    I have great memories of my Dad. Every summer we would go to Minnesota as a family and spend two weeks camping and fishing. I remember him taking the fish off my fish hook and baiting my hook. I also remember a time when I was 5 and sitting on the dock with my fishing pole in the water. I started screaming because I caught a fish. Everyone came running because they thought I had fallen in the lake.

  72. Hi Wanda I remember my father working at the local steel mill and also working the farm. I remember riding to the fields on the spring wagon to husk corn by hand. He took water along in a ball jar and put it under the tree to stay cool. Then i would ride home on top of the corn and help unload. I remember him threshing the wheat. He was very allergic. When we would get snowed in he would walk in to town for groceries. Those where the good old days. Bonnie

  73. Cynthia blackwell says

    My dad was a hard working dad. He worked daily to take care of my mom and us 4 children, he never wanted my mom to work. He wanted her to stay with us kids and stay at home. He was 10 when his dad passed away and his family was hard working people but they didn’t show a lot of affection to one another, so my dad was a loving dad and he was Kinda backwards, he didn’t like alot of company and he like quietness when he was home. He loved us but we had to do the hugging and kissing him before he would hugs us and tell us he loved us, but he would grin ear to ear when you hugged him. We didn’t take alot of family vacations because my dad was an over the road truck driver for a long time. We went to family gathering’s alot. My dad had a stroke was on he was 57years old and after that he couldn’t walk,eat,drink, and could barely talk. That’s true me to pieces because u was a daddy’s girl. In December 27,2006 my dad passed away, my like a I knew it was destroyed. I had 3 children and a husband and my father in law lived with us but he was disabled, that I had to take care of, I could barely wake up in the morning and not cry my self back to sleep. Finally I prayed to GOD to help me out of my slump. He relieved and my life got a little better. So please cherish your dad if you still have him

  74. Michelle L Grimes says

    I remember my Dad swimming with us in our swimming pool. He would also take us to the community college he worked at and let us jump on the trampolines. What fun!

  75. I remember the times that I would go to my parents bedroom at night and take Daddys big Bible and read to him from it. We talked about some of the verses.He enjoyed my reading to him and I loved doing.He passed away when I was 15 and for a long time after I felt lost at night when it was my reading time with daddy.I loved and still love and miss him so very much!

  76. My father has also passed a couple of years ago, and he was in my heart all the time. Father’s day is just around the corner and my heart will be saddened once again because I miss so much. But I know there are so many wonderful fathers in this world that are so special like mine was, my husband’s father is also passed many years ago he was killed in a car accident when my husband was only 5 years old so he really did not know his dad. But to all the great fathers out there I wish you a wonderful day because you do truly deserve it. My fathers name was Alan

  77. My Daddy was a “gentle man”. He loved my
    brother and me and our Momma. He loved God. He
    Was a master carpenter, built a house for him and
    Momma with no blue print on paper. My husband
    and I live in it today. I was his “Baby” to his
    dying day. Since we eloped, he had no problem
    reminding my husband he didn’t give me away.
    I miss him so much even after almost 30 years.

  78. Millie Ellis-Deal says

    This news letter ins interesting, I have never seen a yellow amish buggy, is this something new ??

    • Yellow top buggies are used in an Amish community in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. There are also white top and black top buggies in the nearby areas.

  79. Sylvia Gorton says

    My Dad has been gone 61 years, I miss our fishing time together, planting our big garden, helping to drag the freshly plowed ground, on a little red tractor. playing board games. keeping me safe during thunder storms, teaching me to drive, now all these years later, I miss Him. I was Daddy’s girl!!

  80. Janna M Much says

    I didn’t have the perfect family life.. There was 8 of us kids. So it was slim pickings at times. My parents both worked outside the home. Us older kids looked after the younger ones.
    My dad always supplied the family with a house to call home. And food on the table. I lost my older brother due to a car accident, after that my dad was heavy into drinking. He almost died also. He was hospitalized, came to live with me & my family for awhile. Eventually he had his own apartment. He always enjoyed seeing my boys and playing with them. He has been gone for 7 years now…. I miss him everyday, especially now since I’m getting remarried in August….

  81. Elaine Carol Gerhart says

    My dad was always a friend I could talk to, When I was in elementary school. he would take me shopping for dresses to wear at school. I love him and miss him dearly. My Dad passed away, after open-heart surgery and 5 days later, my Mom passed. I miss them both.

  82. Jodee Paxton says

    I lost my dad 43 years ago. Though as a teenager I didn’t realize how special it was, we spent many hours together at our family bakery, mostly decorating cakes and cookies. I would give about anything for one of those times now. I so regret not learning the business, all I wanted was horses!

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