In my co-authored novel, The Blended Quilt, Sadie Kuhns witnessed an older woman’s purse being snatched in the parking lot outside of a bulk food store. Sadie came to the woman’s rescue and got the purse back from the girl who had taken it. She was then offered a reward for her good deed.

Have you ever been faced with something similar–either having something stolen from you or been on the scene to rescue and return an item for someone else? How did you feel about the situation? Would you have accepted or given a reward for the good deed?

What does the Bible say about good deeds?


  1. I have once found a cell phone at the place I worked. I knew it was important because it was a Jigger bug phone so I knew it belonged to a senior person. I took it home and charged it then looked for a person with an ice contact. I contacted them and she was very happy to get it back. The place I worked put it in to be given away after they had it for 30 days, When I call the contact she was so happy. I made arrangement to get it back to the rightful owner. She apologized that she could not give me a reward. I told her I could not accept it anyways. My reward was that I did the right thing in returning it to the correct owner.

    • Vicky Asher says

      Thank you for sharing your talent with us! Always a feel good time for me when reading your wonderful stores.

  2. Ive helped many people who have lost items. The response is usually a grateful spirit. Its always a blessing to receive a reward or recognition for doing right. The reward can be tangible or just the feeling of being a blessing to someone else. I think giving a verbal or tangible reward is a great idea because it encourages others to do the right thing by returning lost items. The Bible mentions many places in the New Testament about doing the right thing, and God rewarding us for it.

  3. Michelle Pelphrey says

    It was great meeting you again this week!! Thank you for signing my books!
    I have never been faced with anything like Sadie! I would not accept a reward for a good deed!! Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you!

    Oh forgot to tell you Saturday 10-31 I received a book I had ordered off Amazon that didn’t come in time for the signing…….SWEET SURPRISE. Cannot wait to read it!

    • Bethany Deecken says

      I always try to do good and pay it forward when i can. The do unto others rule still stands. Kindness prevails

  4. I love your books!

  5. Charla McFadden says

    The Bible tells us do unto others that they would do to you and to be kind one to another we can all do a good deed every day just by being kind to some one by opening the door letting some one go in front of you at the store returning things that you borrowed or just being kind in general we just need to treat others the way God would have us treat them

  6. sylvia Donley says

    Love your books

  7. Debbie Lynn Howell says

    I find it very fitting that your monthly letter talked of attending a wedding. As I’m sitting here reading this we are in Puerto Rico ( we live in Texas) attending good friends of ours wedding. The bride is from here but lives in Texas. Many of her family still live here. We have seen so much and tasted food that you only get here. I have fallen in love with this island and her people! Much like your feelings for your Amish friends I’m sure!!

  8. Susan F. Fletcher says

    No, I can’t think of of any personal experience I’ve been faced with like Sadie. The bible says the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in all that you undertake.

  9. Charla McFadden says

    We just need to do unto others the way God would have us treat others

  10. Bev Keffer says

    One day I had to pay my gas bill or my service would be turned off. This meant I had to pay in person and I had to go to a town about 30 miles away to do so. Arriving early, we went to a local fast food restaurant for coffee, and as soon as the time came for the gas company to open we left to go and take care of the bill. Arriving at the company, I go in to pay my bill, and to my dismay, my purse isn’t in the truck. I had left it in the crowded restaurant. We quickly went there, and of course it wasn’t where I had left it. I went to the counter and there it was! The next diner to sit in my booth had found it and turned it in. I want to add that in the purse was almost five hundred dollars in cash, the amount of the bill. I was so relieved and thankful, but the good Samaritan was no longer there. I have tried to pay this kind act forward many times.

    • Denise Thompson says

      I,look forward to reading this latest book. I have never been on either finding nor losing something and having it returned. But the Bible tells us we are to love our neighbors as ourselves and that to me would be to return something belonging to someone else if I found it.

  11. I was at a restraunt and a lady was getting up and ready to leave. I stopped Her and said “Excuse Me Ma’am I think You forgot Your purse”. She then thanked Me. And I wouldn’t want a reward because I know God will give Me My reward and the reward from Her I wouldn’t want cause it would draw attention to Me. Plus Her thanks would be enough for Me.

  12. Kelly Harris says

    I have had this happen to me many times. May not be the purse snatcher but things very similar. It is always nice to help or give. Something back to someone. Showing that their are good people in this world.

    I have almost all your books. I love reading them. They take me away from the stress of my everyday life.

  13. I have never found or lost something that was found. But I did throw a glass mug away once, it had a small break in the handle. We were camped near a friend with young grandsons and the boys like to check the trash for treasures and one day he found the “glass mug” that I had thrown away. He is was over joyed with his find and brought it to me as a gift. I thanked him and tried to reward him for such a find but he would take nothing for the joy was the find and the giving. And picked a far away trash dumpster to go rid of it again.

  14. Gladys Amburgey Holbrook says

    My motto is do unto others as you would have them do unto you and always be kind! You never know how much your kindness and a smile might mean to someone else.

  15. The closest experience I have had to Sadie’s would be when I receive too much change or am not charged a proper amount in a store. I’ve even had too much refund given for a returned item. I always bring it to the cashier’s attention to make it right. This action almost always meets with a very surprised reaction along with much gratitude.

  16. Kathleen Reed says

    I’ve not ever had someone attempt to take advantage of me in that manner. Many times I have found myself in situations where others were in need, not from theft, but just from hard times. Jesus had compassion on those in need and not only offered them sustenance but Living Water as well!

  17. Monica Forkes says

    I have never been in a position to recover something stolen from someone, however I’ve been in a situation of domestic violence where I was able to stop the man from hurting his girlfriend. No offer of reward though I can honestly say the only reward I need is to know that I made the right choice and help someone. I firmly believe that no good deed goes unnoticed whether it’s by people or God.

  18. Deborah Hromada says

    When I was working, I had an elderly lady walk into my office. I live in a small town in upstate New York and she was from Massachusetts. She pulled off the highway to get as bite at a local restraint. When she came out she was so distraught to see a flat tire. Not from the area she did not know what to do. I had her come in and sit down. I was able to get a local mechanic to come take a look. He was able to take and plug her tire and put it back on. We had her back on the road in an hour. She was so grateful she wanted to compensate me for my time and kindness. I refused saw her to her car and she was on her way. A week later I received a box of chocolates from her with a lovely note. It meant so much. Treating people with kindness and respect is so important.

  19. Julie Waldron says

    When I was a teen, we were on vacation and a woman left her sweater behind in a restaurant. I took it out to her husband. He was very grateful and that was enough of a reward.

  20. My husband and I were in a parking lot of a fast food place once and we saw a person ahead of us lose money out of their pocket. We picked up the money and called out to the person and brought it over to them and explained. They looked at us , snatched the money back and just walked away. I felt bad that they did not thank us, but I would certainly do the same thing again.

  21. Roberta Marie McMahan says

    I wants found a lady drop a $20 bill on the ground at the store and I picked it up and gave it to her and she was so happy that was her gas money. Made me feel good to help.

  22. Susan Campbell says

    I was taught to help others whenever I can if that means helping them when they are low on money or returning something I find. To treat others as I would like to be treated.

  23. Jane Keagy says

    Thank you for being the wonderful and gifted writer that you are. I always get so much from your books❤️

  24. Angela Smith says

    I think you’re a amazing author I try to read every book you write.
    You’re one of those authors that can really immerse the reader into the stories, I swear I can smell the cooking in the books. I would love to enter your giveaway. Even if I don’t win I will be reading that book. Thank you for all the wonderful stories.
    A Happy Reader

  25. Gail Adams says

    Doing a good deed for someone makes me think of what I might need at some point. You do it out of the kindness of your heart. This is done not for a personnel gain but sharing your kindness with a person in need. When a person has wanted to give a reward to me, I just ask that they keep it since God has already given me many rewards and Jesus gave his life for me already. How could anything be better than God’s saving grace? A thank you is all that is needed.

  26. Virginia Moore says

    I always look forward to your books. They’re always uplifting and encouraging. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  27. Katie Elliott says

    I would like to think that if I was faced with something like Sadie, I wouldn’t accept the reward. But I know of times where something that like was an answer to someone’s prayers. Certainly if I found something that belonged to someone else, I would make sure that they got it back. I know how upset I get when I loose something.

  28. Barbara Reed says

    I loved the pictures of the Amish wedding you attended. The Amish display the peace and love that I wish all people had. Gods Bless you and your family and I will keep reading the talent you have chosen to share with all of us

  29. Fran Miller says

    I’ve also given back change when I’m given too much. I would not take a reward for doing a good deed.

    I find such peace with your books.

    Thank you!
    Fran =^..^=

  30. Tina M Johnson Bradburn says

    I grew up in a family where you take care of your own. So when I graduated college with a degree in education my family did not understand why I gravitated to the the poorest school districts to teach. I always believed that one person can make a difference. During my 30 plus years of teaching I had so many students come stay at my house at night or over the weekend because these parents could not afford chidcare. I welcomed children and their families from different races and ethnic groups because I believe what Jesus preached “What you do ubto the least of my brothers, you do ubto me”. I still take in children now in my retired years because parents/families can not afford childcare and now a days both parents need to work.

  31. Joyce Nobbs- Buell says

    I have so very much enjoyed following you through all your journeys to the Amish towns, churches & homes that you visit! I have read many many of your wonderful books, & have shared them with several of my friends, but I do insist that they be not “bookkeepers” as I always want that one long shelf in my big bookcase to always have your books ready to reread or share again! Thankyou so much for your great wisdom of the Amish community, I love their ways of living & highly respect them! I live in Zillah , Wash. I’m not very far from your home & have our picture of you & I taken at a book sellers table in Yakima! Thankyou my friend, as you continue your journey in these great books!!

  32. Nancy Hart says

    I loved reading about your visit and attending the wedding. What a wonderful experience! I really enjoy all of your books. Thank you for providing insight into Amish life. I always come away feeling better after reading them. I have never had an experience like you described, but I believe God expects His children to do the right thing without expectation of personal reward.

  33. Nancy Barr says

    I so,can’t wait to read this book!
    Love your books!

    • Marlene Weed says

      My purse was stolen from my locked car a few years ago. When I called the police to report it they asked me what all was in my purse. As I began to think about my credit cards, drivers licenses and other things that would give the thief information about me, I felt fear, anger and vulnerable. The officers searched but never found my purse or anything that was in it. I would have definitely given a reward to anyone who could have found it.
      God provided friends that came along beside me to help me think about accounts that I needed to close and people I needed to notify. God provided HIS peace and took care of me and my family.

  34. There was a time I was on my way home from work and there was a lady stranded along the side of the road with car problems and couldn’t get a hold of her husband so I offered her a ride to her house she offered me money foe going out of the way to give her a ride but I refused I told her it was my way of helping her out a couple of days later she found out where I worked and left an angel in my department I knew in my heart that the good lord was with me

  35. I grew up in a family where you were taught to do the right thing, even without reward. It’s not the reward that matters but helping anyone in need. Being honest in your actions whether anyone is looking or not is pleasing to God. BTW, He’s always watching!!
    As for an experience such as Sadie’s, the closest I can come to that is a purchase of groceries at Walmart. The cashier forgot to charge me for my sodas. Before I left the store, I noticed the mistake & returned to the cashier to make it right.
    I’m really enjoying your books:)


  36. Nancy Bortner says

    What a blessing to be able to visit the Amish communit. I lived near the Amish in Belleville Pa. I love to read your novels about them.

  37. Kathy Rowe says

    Don’t remember being in any of those situations myself. But, if you truly live by the Golden Rule, you would do the right thing and not want anything in return. However, if someone offers you something, there are some folks that would be offended if you didn’t accept whatever they wanted to give you. You may have to assess each situation differently and do what is right for both parties. In these challenging times, we must remember to treat each other with kindness and respect no matter how hard it is to do that.

  38. Gladys Paradowski says

    Good deeds give both the doer and the receiver happiness. Both are blessed.

  39. Alberta Wells says

    I also, have given back money if to much change was given to me..Never could understand how someone could keep what did not belong to them..
    Wanda, so love the Amish stories, especially during this rough time the world is going thru..The stories slows us all down and makes us look at God’s givings..

  40. Linda Rabe says

    Some time back my husband and I were in Yellowstone National Park. We found a Camcorder. It was when the Camcorders first came out. We turned it in to the Park Headquarters. When we finally arrived home after 2 months, the owners called us and let us know they had been praying to have it returned. They did offer a reward, but we would not accept it.
    The Bible tells us to treat each other as we want to be treated. We have always tried to be helpful. My husband says, “if I can no longer help someone, please take me home.”

  41. Lisa Sabatini says

    I seem to have a knack for finding things, and finding the rightful owners can often be an adventure. My husband and I truly enjoy “rewarding” others. An example would be leaving a $10 tip for a $5 sandwich. The Biblical story about the camel at the gate serves as a guide in our lives. We find great joy in giving away our worldly possessions.

  42. Linda Auffhammer says

    I have never experienced anything like that. I would not accept a reward for returning the purse because if you receive your reward here on earth, you will not receive your reward for that good deed in heaven. You are already blessed beyond that good deed anyway!

  43. Jackie Cockrell says

    I have never experienced anything like that, but if I had, I would not have accepted a reward for doing something to help that individual. The blessing I’d have received would have been reward enough.

  44. Donna M Renye says

    I found a wallet in a mall parking lot. There was a name and phone number.
    I called and the woman didn’t even know she had dropped it.
    She had small children so I am sure she had her hands full.
    I was very glad to return it to her.

  45. Sylvia Gorton says

    Kindness should be one of the priorities ,treating another as Christ treats us, I fall short, so many times, it is not about me, but how I make others feel. Did I leave them discouraged or encouraged.

  46. Keren Herrera says

    I was once leaving the store and saw an older lady putting things in her purse and items fell down. She kept walking so I walked faster and picked them up and ran after her and gave them to her. It felt really nice seeing her happy expression as she thanked me. She asked me if she could give me something but I said No, having given to her before someone else might have gotten it was fine with me. She smiled and Thanked me again and off we both went our ways.
    I was happy I had helped someone that morning it felt good and puts such a happy beat to your walk for the whole day.

  47. Sharon Cory says

    Sharon Cory
    Thanks again for your wonderful stories. They are ever new and fresh.

  48. Ariane J. Crabtree says

    Happy November 1st to all. Now begins the busy holiday
    season filled with days of cleaning, baking, cooking etc.
    Don’t let all these jobs keep you from thanking the Lord
    for all your blessings.

    • Michelle Koeser says

      I have never had any thing happen to me like happened to Sadie. But always be considerate and respectful to other people. Just lending an ear and listening to someone in need. A smile goes a long way.

  49. Patricia Haslam says

    God tells us to live through Jesus. If we do this, good deeds would become commonplace. Wouldn’t that be a great world?


    I have never been in that type of situation. My motto in life is:
    Do No Harm
    Do All The Good You Can
    Stay In Love With God And Your Fellow Man
    No I would never take a reward if I were ever in that type of situation.

  51. Jean Thompson says

    I too left my purse in a Store and have gotten all the way home. and Turned around and drove back and the purse was there, nothing touched inside. Also dropped my credit card when pumping Gas, and someone turned it in… I was Blessed by Honest People..

  52. Robin Dill says

    Be kind to others. Now these days it might be hard to be good. But you can do little things. Invite someone to go to the food stores with you. Or when you are talking to them. Get items they need. Help others. A friend of mine went to a friends place and asked for a ride to the store so she could get something for her husband. (It was cream for his rash) The lady turned her down and did not take her. So she came home and got a couple bags to carry things home. She took off walking. She is 66 years old. She got half way there. Had to stop. After falling 2 times. Her legs would not carry her. So the last time she fell. She asked GOD to come and help her. In her mind she said Just get up and go home. So she came home without the medicine her husband needed. So she prayed all the way home. What will she do. She remember the book she had on her shelves. She got it out and found something that might help. Thru her talk with God she tried her best to take of her husband.

    Lesson here is Help your neighbor. Now to let you know this was me. Now that there was a good night sleep, My legs are hurting really bad. But I have things to do. I can not stop I will carry on.
    The friend that would not take me. She is a preacher.

  53. NancyB from Many LA says

    I believe in giving rewards, but not accepting them. I love the feeling of being able to return something that was lost!

  54. Reta Shepard says

    Our home was robbed while we were away at lunch one day in the month of December. I felt very violated, as though someone had been watching our comings and goings for some time. They took Personal jewelry and the quarters we were collecting from different states for our grandkids. They even took one of our small suitcases to carry everything in. The only thing I smiled about was the fact that they tore apart our laundry room to get to an agate covered jewelry box in a far corner on a shelf. Imagine their surprise when they discovered it only held my grandson and my rock collection from our little adventure hikes, they left it right there…. It was then I realized that memories are the richest gift of all.

  55. Anita Whatley says

    One time I found a person’s wallet and personal things forgotten in a grocery cart in the parking lot. Fortunately, I was able to find the owner’s phone number listed inside a Weight Watcher’s book and was able to call and let them know it was found. They met me and it was returned with many smiles….I was happy the rightful owner had it back, and they were grateful that everything was still intact. It’s a great feeling in being honest, it brings joy!

  56. Love is the foundation. thanks

  57. Carolyn Parsons says

    I have given back extra change, paid for meals anonymously and other things. I really don’t feel comfortable talking about it now. I have a couple friends that want the whole word to know what they have done. I do not like to be in the spotlight. God says for us to do our good deeds in secret. Wanda you are an inspiration to so many people. Thank you!

  58. Mary Leibengood says

    Fortunately I have never had anything stolen, but have heard of others who have. I am more thankful that there are some very honest people in this world. My friend left her purse in a cart at the store and didn’t realize it until we got home – one hour later. We returned to the store – again another hour back and found that it had been turned in to the office and all items were still there. God bless honest people.

  59. Sara Brockunier says

    I haven’t had the opportunity to do something like that

  60. Dorie Emmerich says

    I loved the pictures of the Amish wedding. I love all of your books that i have read.

  61. linda l schible says

    i loved allthepictures of the amish wedding. i have read allyour books and look forward to reading many many more

  62. James 4:17 says, “So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.” How often do we ignore the prompting of the Holy Spirit to do a good deed and we ignore it because we are embarrassed or think we are too much of a hurry? I wonder how many blessings I have missed out on because of excuses. I look forward to this book as I do for everyone. And by the way … I was just at my first amish wedding and was so blessed to see in action so much of what I have heard about them. Here in Lancaster everyone has the same dinner … Roast. Stuffing with pieces of chicken in it. Mashed potatoes. Cabbage slaw and cream of celery. Dessert is the choice of hostess.

  63. I think the young lady that got the ladies purse back should have been rewarded, but just a thank you should have been enough. God says one good deed deserves another. I attended Amish weddings frequently when I was young, as I was Amish until 11 years of age. My father left and took both of us girls with him, due to the loss of our Mother. I wish we had stayed, but my Dad though otherwise. I loved being Amish and even today I still practice many of their ways, I love your books as they really should the true way of Amish life. God Bless yo u and your family .

  64. Mary Roelke says

    I have turned in to the service desk billfolds several times. I just drop off & glad that whoever it belongs to is getting it intact as far as I know.

  65. Linda Critcher says

    I had a charm bracelet stolen from me in high school when we were in the locker room dressing for PE. Evidently the girl grabbed it at that time, and I was able to tell who was around me at the time. I immediately reported it and the school located it by the next day. The girl that stole it pulled the charms off (they had been soldered on so not an easy job) and she hid them under the crushed ice in the lunchroom that held individual milk cartons. It was amazing that they were even found. We didn’t offer a reward because school officials took care of the situation. But the girl did get some time off from school and had to apologize to me. It made me feel very vulnerable that people were watching me and my belongings. For a young girl, it was scary for me, but also hopefully a tough lesson for the other teen.

    I guess a reward is left up to the situation. At least in the book, the girl should receive a thank you.

  66. Donna l Greenrose says

    I had my wallet stolen years ago. Soon after I received a call saying it was found with all my ids. What a blessing and I did reward the person returning it. The Lord is so good, he always watches over us. I always enjoy reading your books; they are encouraging and very uplifting. Thanks you.

  67. Shelley Shollack says

    I have accidently left my purse behind at a restaurant before. I was so happy to find it had been turned into the hostess desk with all my belongings still there. I always enjoy reading your books and I hope someday it will be possible to meet you in person!.

  68. Cindi Hoppes says

    Hi, One time I came out of a CVS Store.
    I set my wallet on top of the newspaper
    vending machine. I retrieved my paper, had
    my CVS bag, left my wallet on the newspaper
    machine! It wasn’t long and I received a call from
    CVS telling me someone brought my wallet into
    them… I immediately went to pick it up; not a thing
    was missing. I asked the employees if any of them
    knew the person, so I could reward them for their
    honesty and integrity. They did not. What a blessing
    happened that that day, and I was very grateful!

  69. Debbie Benzi says

    Our house was broken into and all of my valuable jewelry was stolen. I was not mad at the person who broke in — I just felt so sad that the jewelry that my deceased mother gave me when I was both a child and an adult was stolen. I wondered if the person who stole my jewelry ever stopped to think how much that jewelry meant to the person he stole it from. If anyone had found the jewelry and returned it, I doubt if I would have thought to offer a reward. I would never have accepted a reward if anyone had offered one to me in the same circumstance.

  70. I have never thought of keeping items that I find. If I find items at work, such as cell phones, I always turn them in to the office so the owner can easily locate it. Also, I was sitting in a fast food line once to order food. As I get to the window to pay, the lady says no charge, it’s been taken care of. It stunned me, because that had never happened before. So I, in return, paid for the one behind me. It’s a good feeling when someone does something unexpected like that for me, and it’s good to be able to do it for someone else. It’s also a good feeling to have a pet in someone getting their belongings back. I would hope that other’s would do the same, but unfortunately I know they don’t.

  71. Marcia A Brown says

    I am looking forward to reading your new book. I always love your comments and attending an Amish wedding is very rewarding. Did that many times when I was a child. Honesty is the best policy. I found a cell phone lying in the grass after attending a garage sale. At the time I didn’t know much about cellphones but I managed to locate the address book and dialed the number that just said “Mom” and left a message. The Mother gave me a call and said her son didn’t know he lost his phone and she was very grateful. I delivered the phone to the Mother’s work place and all was well. I was just happy that this person was reconnected to his phone. According to the Mother, he was not to even be in that neighborhood and I’m sure he learned a good lesson. I fell God lead me to this meeting and I was grateful for a good outcome.

  72. I was at the store once when I saw a customer steal a large bottle of alcohol, I followed him through the store trying to find a clerk but couldn’t find one until we got to the front. I told the person what he had done and where he put the bottle but they told me unless they saw it themselves they couldn’t do anything about it so they just let him walk out of the store. Oh well at least I tried to do my duty and report it, their loss. I look forward to reading your book, I loved the other two in the series!

  73. Pam O'Donnell says

    My sister and I were on a road trip a few years ago driving the 425 miles back to our hometown to visit our parents. We stopped at a fast food place along the interstate. Of course the first place we needed to visit was the restroom. When I entered the stall, I saw a billfold laying on the toilet paper dispenser. I turned the billfold into the manager of the restaurant. The person that left the billfold was still in the restaurant and the manager returned it to her where she sat with her four small children. I heard her tell the manager that all of her money was in that wallet and how grateful she was that it was returned with everything intact. I would not have accepted a reward if it had been offered. What else would you do in that circumstance except turn it in?

  74. Kathy Christopher says

    At work they had a contest the person that recruited the most drivers in a month got a $100.00 visa gift card. after i was told I was the winner I didn’t feel right in taking the gift card I was only doing my job I mwas being paid to do . I always gave my all. So I didn’t feel right taking the reward. So I gave it to my church to use how they saw fit.

  75. Libby Price says

    My sons and I was at the State Fair when a lady had her purse taken..I helped my sons get it back for her..She was very grateful. Doing something like that or being in a store and being given the wrong change from the cashier, I have had that happen too.I returned the extra change to her. Being a waitress all of my working life and serving people was great work for me,, taking compliments from the customers was gratifying to me..I loved that kind of work..Thank you for your beautiful books, I love reading them..Looking forward to your next book..Have a beautiful week..God bless you and yours..

  76. Suzanne Beringer says

    I’ve gone thru an armed robbery twice in a retail store I used to work at. I’ve been able to give people money they had dropped numerous times but no major items. Wouldn’t ever expect a reward, it’s the right thing to do……the golden rule.
    I’m a quilter. Loved the Hawaiian Quilt and look forward to reading the Blended Quilt!

    Thank you for all your great books!

  77. Karen Tackett says

    Oh this brings back memories of times when I or my hubby and I were able to meet a need or help when something was missing. We have been charged too little on a meal ticket and when we notice it, we always call it to their attention. So often something was forgotten in totaling the bill. They are always so appreciative. Our heart is to bless people and often that means helping them with a problem. We stopped several times to help a single woman with a flat tire. They wanted to give us something for our help but we always say no, we are the hands and feet of Jesus and we do it in His name. Always divine appointments and the Lord is glorified.

  78. Paula stotts says

    Once I found bags of Christmas present sthat were for poor families. We were young and had 4 kids who would have loved to have kept the things in the bags but I reminded them of scripture we contacted the police and the local news paper and found they had been take from LL Beans toy drive and were for 20 families. The families got their presents my children were given a living example of what it means to be honest.
    And we had someone anonymously leave gifts for my family on our door step

  79. Jackie Wisherd says

    I have not been in a situation like that described but always admired those people who helped out.

  80. C, Louisa Blocher says

    I take walks each day and over the years have found three wallets, a checkbook, a cell phone, a debit card, a drivers license, car keys, and a motorcycle registration among other small items. I had a bit of searching to do, but all but one wallet was returned to owners. That one wallet was given to the police since it contained two drivers licenses for the same person which was a bit suspicious. I had to return the debit card to the local issuing bank, but hoped it was returned to the owner. It certainly makes one’s soul feel good returning these items. That is the best reward of all!!

  81. Lindy Anastis says

    Thank you for writing such wonderful books! I appreciate reading books that don’t have swear words in them. Love the Hawaiian Quilt series. Can’t wait for more new books from you.

  82. Karen Lacasse says

    I just finished reading A Mockingbird’s Song. I really enjoyed it, along with A Crow’s Call. I have been reading and enjoying your books for many years. You are right, when you said that holding in anger, hurts us both mentally and physically. I look forward to reading more of your books, as they come out.
    Karen Lacasse, 31263 Sherman Road, Menifee, Ca 92584

  83. The Bible teaches us to treat others as we would want them to treat us.
    Your book sounds really good.

  84. Connie Ruggles says

    A couple of months ago, I found some money on the floor of the grocery store I frequent. Since I had seen someone standing there with their wallet open I tried to search the store for the person. Not finding them, I gave the money to the customer service desk and tried to describe the person. I never heard whether they found the owner of the money or not.

  85. Cathy Green says

    I look forward to reading your new book. I’ve always enjoyed them and felt the Lord used the message in my life. While shopping with my 9 year old granddaughter a few years ago she found money on the floor under a clothing rack. I was so blessed when her initial response was she needed to find who it belonged to and give it to them.

  86. Karen Torrance says

    I was always taught the golden rule and I have tried to live that way. I will admit, sometimes it’s very hard

  87. Pamela Mersch says

    I have not really been in a situation like that but I went through a drive through for some food and I got my change and drove up to the next window. While I was wanting on my food I went to put my change in my purse, I noticed I got a dime in place of a penny. After I got my food I went around the building and drove up to the first window and explained that she had given me a dime instead of a penny and that I know if your drawer count is of you get in trouble. I told her that I am honest and would not want her or anyone to lose their job over a few cents. She could not believe that I came back to make sure her count was not off. She was so excited that there are still honest and caring people in the troubled world now days.

    Colossians 3:17 And whatsoever ye do in word or deed,(do) all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Farther by him.

  88. Karen Torrance says

    I was taught to follow the golden tule and I try but sometimes it’s very hard to do

  89. Karen Hoffman says

    A few months ago my husband and I were visiting with friends outside an ice cream shop and there were some gentlemen at the next table.

    They left before us and when we were leaving we noticed a cell phone on the table. We were able to find the rightful owners before they got too far away.

    The reward for the four of us was that we saved one gentleman a lot of stress of wondering where he left the phone and how he was going to get it back since they were on motorcycles and just about to drive off. He was grateful.

  90. Linda Machroli says

    I would not want to accept a reward for a good deed. Don’t need to be paid for being a Christian,

  91. I found a lady’s clutch purch in a grocery basket, out in the parking lot. She obviously forgot it after unloading the cart. I took it into the setvice desk & as I was leaving, the lady came rushing in crying that she’d lost her purse. I told her where it was & went on my merry way.

  92. I love to do things for people but do not like anyone doing nice things for me.Not sure why I have so much trouble accepting kind deeds from friends and family!My Mom always taught me to treat people the way you want to be treated.I always try to pay it forward!I love everyone’s comments!A lot of good people on this site!

  93. Melissa Morris says

    The Bible says it good to do a good dead. I have never been in a spot to do a good dead or help someone out.
    I have seen things happen and try to get there to help someone or help but a million other people get there before I do.
    I would help anyone and do anything for anyone I need to. I love to help older people and sit with older people.

  94. Judy Crook says

    While sitting in a restaurant we noticed an elderly handicapped couple struggling to walk. They were seated in the booth directly in front of us. They pondered and pondered over what to order and discussed ordering a salad instead of a veggie. The waitress told them there would be an extra charge for the salads and they declined to order. When their food arrived they held hands and prayed out loud to thank God for his bounty and blessings. When the waitress came to bring our bill we asked for their ticket and paid for their meal. Even though they didn’t know us or that we had paid for their meal the gentleman spoke and wished us a blessed day as we were leaving. We were indeed blessed to see them demonstrate their love for one another and for God and to be able to do something for someone who deserved some kindness..

  95. Andrea Leonard says


  96. Sally Roehr says

    I drove into a parking space one time and there was an empty cart with a purse still in it. I didn’t touch the purse I just wheeled the cart into the store to the service desk and told them that is the way I found it.

  97. Cherese Akhavein says

    I believe it’s important to treat others as we want to be treated but my important I believe it’s important to leave things just a little bit better than when we came into the situation.let others know they are special and wonderful in God eyes.

  98. I have done things like this but never for rewards. Even when they offer, I politely refuse, doing the right thing is all that matters. Your reward is knowing that you did something good or at least you tried.

  99. Karla Conn says

    One time I was leaving a restaurant when a lady was frantic in the parking lot because she could not find her purse. I remembered where she was sitting & went back in to look for it. She was so relieved & thankful to me for locating & returning it, & I felt blessed to have found it for her. I would never accept a reward.

  100. Suzanne Sellner says

    I don’t remember recovering a stolen item for anyone, but I do remember picking up something someone dropped and returning it to the person. While no one offered me a reward, I would be inclined NOT to take any money offered since it was a “good deed” done out of kindness for someone else. I’m always glad to do something nice for someone else.

  101. Susan Barton says

    I have never been in a situation like that, but if I was on the receiving end of being helped, I would offer some sort of reward as a sign of gratitude. If that reward was refused, I would graciously accept their wishes and pay their kindness forward to someone else.

  102. Emily Vandevander says

    I really enjoy reading Amish books. Especially yours. I enjoy seeing thd Amish and looking at their neat gardens and property.

  103. I believe in good deeds! I believe in giving than receiving! I tell myself everyday if i can do one good deed a day or through out the week, that is what is in my heart that God wants me to do! I like holding doors for people, let a person who doesnt have alot of stuff and i will let them go in front of me, telling a family, friend or even stranger something nice, even that can bring a smile to someone who might of a bad day or something! it doesnt matter if the deed is small or big because you are doing what God wants you to do! He wants you to bring laughter, joy, sunshine and even kindness to any person you come in path with! Like the saying throw kindess around like confetti! that should be an everyday life motto! even, in this crazy mixed up world we live in we do need a lot of confetti around us!

  104. Annette Whisman says

    I would love to win one of your books. I have always loved your books I read them all the time and really haven’t found another author like you. Also I hope I win.
    Today at Walmart I found a cell phone on a shelf and no employee wanted any part of it. So I decided to look for a mom or dad or friend and talked to her mother, and just as she was telling me she would find a way to get ahold of her the woman walked up to me and was so appreciative. I felt so amazing that I could help someone find her phone and that she could be located.

  105. “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. We are to do good to others, especially to those in the household of faith.”

  106. Elizabeth Crumling says

    I have never been in a situation like that but if I was. I would offer some kind of reward.

  107. Deborah Davis says

    I have found things. Been offered a reward but the iron is so grateful that they insist on your talking the reward. I usually try too get out of it. I wish more people would step up to help each other ❤️

  108. Brenda Murphree says

    Matthew 6:1 is the first verse of the sixth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament and is part of the Sermon on the Mount. This verse begins the discussion of how even good deeds can be done for the wrong reasons.
    My husband and I found a mans wallet on the floor at a store. We picked it up and looked inside and there was a number in it and we called it and he came back to the store to get it. I was just glad we could give it to him. I would not have taken any money for returning it.

  109. Rennie L. Dotson says

    Fortunately I have never been in a situation where I’ve almost had my purse stolen, however, I have almost had my truck stolen from the parking lot of a local restaurant as my family and I were having lunch to celebrate my birthday. The would-be thief ransacked everything in the console, glove compartment, and the things in the backseat. They broke the steering column in their attempt to start the truck. Thankfully they were not successful, however, it left me and my children feeling extremely uncomfortable and violated.
    I pray that no one will ever have to go through that situation!!

    I look forward to reading this new book, The Blended Quilt!!! Thank you so much for your beautiful stories and sharing your talents with us!!

  110. Rhonda Riley says

    I’ve always done my best to treat others the way I want them to treat me. Therefore if I help someone in need. I wouldn’t take or expect anything return. Just that when or if they ever can to pay it forward and do the same for someone else. There is no reward like the feeling of helping others. Always be kind.

  111. Just the other day my husband and I went out to eat at an Italian restaurant. We had a very talkative waitress. We had to pay for our meal at the front of the restaurant by the door. There were only two other tables occupied while we waited at the counter to pay. Our waitress was talking up a storm to someone at one of the other tables. She looked up and saw us waiting and ran over to ring up our food. She said we must be honest, because we could have ran right out the door without paying and she wouldn’t have known it. We told her that Jesus would have known and that is what matters. She seemed amazed that we said that.

  112. Trudi Kulynycz says

    I love helping others as much as I can. God wants us to be a blessing to others. I have paid for the person behind me in line and I feel such a joy. I would never expect anything in return. We had an incident in a restaurant in which our bill was $30 when we got the copy to sign it only charged us 9cents. We waited for the waitress and she was so appreciative that we let her know. Be kind and always think what would Jesus do!

  113. Vivian Furbay says

    I don’t remember ever being in a situation like that. When I find something, I try to see that it gets back to the person who lost it. A few years go I found a cell phone in a Walmart parking lot and turned it into the customer service desk. I prayed that the owner would come back and get it. I hope someone would do the same for me sometime.

  114. I love your books ❤️

  115. DeSalles Evans says

    I was given too much money one time at the grocery store and didn’t realize until I got home. I called the store and returned it the next day. I also found a class ring and tried to find the owner but ended up taking it to the police station. I would not take anything for doing a good deed.The bible says don’t do good deeds for the wrong reasons. Looking forward to reading the new books, always love your books.

  116. Lisa Roberts says


  117. Sondra Thatcher says

    I was on vacation in Gatlinburg years ago with my ex-husband. We went up the lift to the top of the mountain. While we were walking around in the gift shop I found a man’s wallet. I turned it in to the service desk. She asked me to stay while she looked for an ID. I hope they found the owner. I don’t know if they did but knowing I did the right thing was thanks enough.

  118. You are my favorite author.
    I always look forward to you next book release.
    I think that I have read most every book that you have written.
    Someday I am going to get a list of your book and check them off to make sure that I haven’t missed one.
    Thank you!

  119. Tracy Ann Hambleton says

    I once found a purse and was able to give it back to the owner. Who was very thankful.

  120. Karen Marie hoth says

    I always try to do good and pay it forward whenever possible. Do unto others rule stands. I am the Mission and Service Coordinator at my small church. I am always looking for new ideas to help others who are in need. However with the COVID-19 Pandemic, things certainly have changed. Our church is only doing zoom church services. I feel so bad we have not been able to help others as much as we have in the past. I have never had anything stolen. But if someone had found or retrieved it, I would have also offered something . If the roles were reversed, I would not have accepted something.
    If they had been persistent, I would have donated it to someone who was in need as in “The Blended Quilt.”

  121. I always try to do good and pay it forward when i can. The do unto others rule still stands. Kindness prevails Thank you, I love your books, God Bless, Amy

  122. As a former Receptionist I have found numerous cell phones in my former job & went through the
    Peoples contact lists when possible to find any contacts who I might recognize
    Or who were listed as “Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, etc… …one time shortly after Christmas
    I found a brand new Kindle reader once right after Christmas & could not find the
    owner to save my life, I even called Amazon & they could not help. 😢😢😢
    Here is the verse I found regarding good deeds. 🙃

    1 Tim 5:25b
    And the good deeds done in secret will someday come to light.”

  123. Anna Montanez says

    I try to always help others in need, even down when I am and out myself.
    I love your books, they are always showing love and caring people.
    Thank you for the work that you do!

  124. Krista Leisure says

    I believe as Christians, we shouldn’t expect a reward for our generosity. It is our duty to glorify God through our kindness and good deeds. That is what sets us apart from the world. “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven.” – Matthew 5:16.

  125. Mary J Wheatley says

    I’ve found things belonging to others before and it’s always rewarding to have it placed back in the proper possession. The reward comes in doing what you know to be right, not for the recognition or monetary compensation. Your new book sounds like a good read!

  126. Michelle Thomas says

    That can be a tough answer in some ways. I’ve always felt it is better to give than to receive however I know if I’ve lost something that was very dear to me, I would possibly offer a reward in hopes of it being returned. If I were able to help someone in a time of need, I would not want to accept the reward, if any, as I would hope that someone would do the same for me.

  127. SARAH TAYLOR says

    Hello Wanda I always try to pay it forward Helping my friends family and neighbor’s I have always enjoyed your books to read Thank you for the amazing books that you write! Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family!

  128. I once saw a man drop his coin and i called him and handed his coin.

  129. Once while exiting my bank, I found a ten dollar bill in the lobby. I went back and handed it to the teller.

  130. When i was in school. I put my lunchbox on the park bench to go and play. When I went back my lunchbox was gone. My mother and sister helped me look for the lunchbox to no avail.

  131. I would always give something back that someone lost and I would not expect a reward. Knowing that I helped someone is it’s own reward.

  132. Melissa Andres says

    The Bible tells us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us, so that’s what I’d do! I’d help as much as possible.

  133. My husband and I witnessed a purse being taken from a lady’s cart when we were about to leave Walmart a few years ago. He left our car and went running after the guy, who had a huge head start, and I crawled over to the drivers seat to try and block the guy in as he was parked in a side parking area. I didn’t even take the time to pull the seat up to my position. My hubby is well over a foot taller than me, so I was sitting at the very tip of the seat. Tried to use my car to block in the exit of the parking lot this guy was in, but he was able to drive his car in front of me and get away. We gave the car info to the lady, but unfortunately that awful man did get away with her purse.

  134. Sharon Brown says

    Doing good deeds in private and God rewards us openly .

  135. Linda K Robinson says

    Helping people who need you is satisfying and makes the person you are helping feel good.

  136. SARAH ARNOLD says

    The bible says that what we do for one we are doing for him. I try to help others. I have had my pursue stolen. It is not a good feeling. I would try to help someone if the situation arises.

  137. I once found money in the parking lot of a store. I returned inside and gave the money to the administrative staff. I was somewhat surprised when told/’you should keep this. There is no way to know who it is for and no one would know that you have it.” My immediate response was/” i would know and God would know.” Never was I to know what happened afterwards,but I know in my heart that I did as taught-never keep something that is not yours. Love your books!

  138. Anna Hesser says

    This has never happened to me, but I have loaned money several times not expecting to get it back just like the Bible tells us too. I love all your books.

  139. Brenda lee says

    I truly enjoyed your wedding photos and story of the bride and groom’s happy day celebrated by family and friends! I’ve always wanted to atttend one, if given the opportunity I’d go immediately! Thank you for sharing the Amish Wedding with us. Last week as I was leaving for Safeway, i saw a card on the ground and I picked it up and noticed it was someone’s EBT card, it looked like they just received it that day from the mail because the card was new! I immediately rushed to customer service and gave it to the cashier and she thanked me for it! I pray that the owner found his/her card. Felt good to do a good deed and knowing the card was safely at the desk waiting for them!

  140. Darlene Carroll says

    Over the years I have been in different situations where I was able to help others find lost items or let them know that they dropped money or something on the ground. It feels good to be able to help others and I do not like to be rewarded with anything but a thank you.

  141. When I do something for someone else, I like to do it anonymously.

  142. Ronda Caldwell says

    Recently my cousin and I were driving into the town we live in. Along the side of the road there was what appeared to look like a purse laying there. We turned around and went back to pick it up. It ended up being a Bible inside of a book cover along with some papers. We found a name along with a phone number, so I called the number and spoke to a lady that knew the guy whose name was in the Bible. I told her we would like to return the Bible to him. We then made the 20 mile trip to return it. We didn’t get to meet him, but that evening he called me personally to thank us for returning his items.. He had been in our town for a meeting and laid the book cover on top of his car forgot about it, and it had slid off. He is the preacher at the church we returned the Bible to. It was a wonderful feeling returning the Bible to him. It could have laid there and got ruined. I believe in, “Treating others as I would want them to treat me”.

  143. nancy watts says

    I left my purse in the grocery cart one time with money that had been donated for fruit baskets for our Church shut ins. Thank the Lord it was turned in with all the money still inside.I will always turn in anything I find

  144. I haven’t had this happen to me that I can remember.

  145. Sue Farrell says

    When I was working ,I went to Dunkin Donuts Drive thru for cofffee as I went to pay for it I was told bu the clerk the man in front of me Paid for my order. I definitely paid for the person behind me and hope the trend was continued. Sometimes God puts people in place to help others.
    As Jesus says “Do Unto Others As You Want Others To Do To You.
    I thank Jesus everyday for all he will do for me even when I don’t know I need it.

  146. Heidi Story says

    I have stepped in to help people, though I refuse any reward. I always ask people to please pay the kindness forward. I have experienced kindness and I also want to extend it whenever possible.
    We do not get to Heaven by our good deeds. I do think God is happy when we share His love with others.
    I’m greatly intrigued by a traditional Amish quilt combined with Hawaiian techniques.

  147. Stacy Myers says

    I absolutely love your books and this one sounds like another winner! The smile and thanks is plenty enough of a reward for me. It’s knowing that I’m doing what God would want me to do that is the most rewarding feeling. Have a blessed week and keep on writing please.

  148. Elizabeth Gaasenbeek says

    I’ve had several times in my life when I was able to help folks find lost items. One time in particular was at an ATM and I received more money than I requested and it must be been from the previous person at the ATM. I walked immediately into the bank to return the excess funds and saw a woman crying at a teller window so I approached and asked her what happened and how much money was involved in her transaction that took the funds from her account but had the money stuck in the machine. She gave the accurate amount of the excess I received so I relayed my side of the story and the money was given to the woman. She was so grateful and wanting to reward me but as I reminded her and the teller, doing the right thing always is reward enough.

  149. Paula Brown says

    When helping someone, I do not expect a reward, I do it out of the love of my heart, the love of the Lord. The smile and thanks from the person that I have assisted is plenty enough thanks for me. In the Bible some of my favorite verses about good deeds are:
    Luke Chapter 12:33 Sell that ye have, and give alms; provide yourselves bags which wax not old, a treasure in the heavens that faileth not, where no thief approacheth, neither moth corrupteth.

    34 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

  150. Naomi Raley says

    Naomi Raley
    I have always try to pay it forward when I can because when I was in need people helped me. You never know what struggles others are going through. I love reading your books.

  151. Marlene Thorne says

    I can’t think of any specific times but I pray that my deeds toward others help them in some way. The Bible says:

    But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

  152. Virginia Hall says

    I really enjoy reading your books. The Amish and their way of living is so wonderful. I have a hard time putting the book down once I start reading it. Thank you

  153. Beverly C Clites says

    I love your books! I have not had anything happen to me like Sadie did, but if I did, I would gladly do everything I could to return the item(s) to the rightful owner. That’s what I would like for someone to do for me if I had lost something. We are instructed to treat others as we would want to be treated. We should all be examples of Jesus teachings.

  154. Linda C Clymer says

    Linda C Clymer
    Nov. 12, 2020
    I once left my purse under my chair at the movie theater. Called back and my husband quickly drove back for it. I have about $35.00 cash in my wallet. It was not there. I knew whoever went back in to retrieve my purse before my husband could get it, took the money. I didn’t say anything because I was glad to just get everything else back and thought for sure whoever took it must have really needed it.
    I wouldn’t judge the person because the Bible says we are not to judge.

  155. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful stories about people finding items and returning them always remember God said to hope, love and faith. These are 3 great words an we should always follow the Lords works. Thank you for sharing and may GOD bless your magicial words. and making others happy. Thank you again Wanda.

  156. peggy Ann Knecht says

    I have returned many different items to their owners. I try not to accept rewards, but when they insist on giving me one I give it as an offering to the church. I also do random acts of kindness in hopes that the person will pay it foreward.

  157. Tracy Ann Hambleton says

    I love reading your books. They really keep me turning page after page. I am always looking for more of your books.

  158. SARAH TAYLOR says

    Love your books Wanda I have always tried to help others that were struggling because the Good Lord teaches us it is Better To give than Recieve! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Your Family! Blessings!

  159. Rebecca larson says

    You are a great author! I always enjoy your books and look forward to new obes when they come out.

  160. Karina Leisure says

    I believe we should strive to do all things through Christ. With the Christmas season approaching, we should especially glorify Christ through our Christian deeds.

  161. Julia Staffne says

    The Bible says that your good deeds will be awarded with a place beside him in heaven. But the things u do for others or even for yourself awards you with the feelings of happiness

  162. Roxanna Livermore says

    I feel so blessed to be working what’s the needy in Weslaco Texas. It gives us a big blessing to serve with MGS. We are with the RV group. This grounded us. we have so much and we need to give more. God has blessed us more and more Roxanna livermore

  163. Linda Fridlund says

    Yes, we did find money in a McDonald’s parking lot. We turned it in to the management. They called us to let us know that no one cl acclaimed it so we could have it. We felt that the Lord blessed us with finding it so we needed to bless someone else with it and gave it to missions. God is good.

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