What Anger Can Do

In my novel, The Mockingbird’s Song, the main character, Sylvia, and her younger brother, Henry, were angry at God, even after a year, because of the accident that took three of their family members. This affected their faith. Why do you think Sylvia and Henry’s reactions were so different from their mother’s or other siblings? Some family members went to God for comfort, while others turned their backs on Him.

Is it a good idea to talk to someone about it when we feel angry. Or is it better to say nothing and hold our anger inside?

So let’s talk about what anger can do. From a health standpoint–mentally and physically, most doctors and counselors will tell you that anger held in and never dealt with in a healthy manner can be destructive to our well-being. Angry feelings towards others hurts us more than it does them. And what justification is there to be angry at God? After all, He created us with a will of our own, and it was man’s disobedience, not God’s, that brought sin and painful situations into our world. In addition to affecting our health, anger can weaken our faith. Some people who have chosen to be angry at God, slip further and further from Him as they cling to their anger and resentment.

When a tragedy occurs, like it did in The Mockingbird’s Song, it’s normal to feel some anger at first. However, in order to move on it’s necessary to give our angry feelings to God and allow Him to heal our hurting soul. Once we release our anger and resentment, our faith can grow and we can begin to see things from a new perspective. I have always believed that God can take, even a tragedy, and use it for His good if we allow Him to. Going through the trials we face here on earth can make us stronger. Having gone through difficulties and come through them with God’s help, we are then able to minister to someone else who is struggling in their faith after dealing with a tragedy, or because someone has said or done something hurtful to them. If you are dealing with unresolved anger towards someone right now, please send me an email at wanda@wandabrunstetter.com so I can pray for you.


  1. Eunice miles says

    I love stories about the Amish. I love to read descriptions of the country. Landscape and beauty of. Gods creation. I enjoyed the first book about the Greenhouse, but was very disappointed to find I had to buy the second book to finish the mystery. I bought it and am enjoying it but am really disappointed to learn I have to buy the 3rd one to finish the story. Or I may even have to buy a 4 th. I’ve already decided not to do that. It will just remain a mystery I guess. I ll have to go to another author.. I don’t like to be in this predicament.

    • I’m sorry you are disappointed in the Amish Greenhouse Mystery series. Since it is a 3-book series, and also a mystery, there was no way the mystery could be solved after the first or second book. The mystery will be solved in Book 3, The Robin’s Greeting.

  2. Susan Campbell says

    Thank you for talking about anger. I love reading your books.

  3. lila Dunham says

    Love your writings !
    Can’t wait read upcoming book!
    Really nice meeting you at Der Dutchman in Sarasota Florida last winter!

    • lila Dunham says

      So happy read you have written book on quilts again!
      One of my favorite reads!
      My Mother gave each of us 9 children a quilt and all grandchildren a quilt before passing away at 93
      She also taught me how quilt and spent many summers staying with us in summers Indiana!!

  4. Tammy Layton says

    I try not to hold anger within myself. It only hurts me in the long run and I have figured out life is just way to short to hold it in. I would rather put it aside and choose to be happy. Your books always make me happy and I love them all. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us

  5. jennifer schmidt says

    You’re books are so uplifting!! I enjoyed them all!

  6. Nadine Rush says

    Hi Wanda, I am happy that you got to spend time with your Amish friends. Was good to hear y’all had a wonderful time. So interesting reading your books to get a feel of what their life is like, their feelings and etc. I want to thank you for using your writing talent that God gave you for our pleasure!

    I have a sister-in-law that has had surgery after surgery and is actually having surgery as we speak. I know I’m not to question God because he knows and does things as he sees fit, but I can’t help but question why is this happening to such a wonderful Christian person!! Please help me pray that all goes well with this very serious and risky surgery and for a speedy recovery.

    Thank you again and have a blessed day!

    • I am praying for your sister-in-law and her family. May you feel God’s presence during this difficult time.

  7. Marla Tripp says

    I still have an ”iffy” relationship with God. My brother was in an accident 31 years ago, that left him severely injured, and he passed away 17 years ago. I am still angry that he had to suffer like that, for 14 years, but grateful that my sisters and I got to take care of him, and build a better relationship with him.

  8. Nancy Caril says

    Oh boy talk about anger just listen to everyone talk about the Virus or politics or who matters.
    We are so blessed just open your eyes people.
    Thank you Wanda.

  9. Susan Furgason says

    I loved your new series as I do all of them. They are so inspiring to me and I have a better day just reading a bit of them . I visit Amish country in Ohio regularly and just love the peace and tranquility. May God bless. Susan Furgason

  10. Thank you so much for writing about anger. In these difficult days we need to stay strong in our faith in God, but it is sometimes difficult to do. I just need to keep trusting that God is in control of every part of my life. I love your books. Thank you for your inspiration.

  11. Evelyn Acker says

    Every book I have read of Wanda Brunstetter has filled my heart with joy. I learn a lesson. From each book. A terrific writer.

  12. Jackie Cockrell says

    I’ve read The Crow’s Call and The Mockingbird’s Song. I’m anxious to read The Robin’s Greeting. I’ll be glad when it becomes available. I’m glad you got to visit some of your Amish friends. I’ll be glad when I can return to some of the Amish settlements that I’ve visited before, after this Covid pandemic is over. How have the Amish handled this pandemic?

  13. Alicia gumke says

    Love your book. They always have me hooked with in the first two chapters

    And I can’t put them down.

  14. Sarah Arnold says

    It is not good to keep your anger on the inside. Let go and give it to God. Thanks for your wonderful books.

  15. Jane Keagy says

    Thank you, Wanda, for everything you do. Your books inspire me, relax me, and bring me closer to God. I love your website!
    I love serial books. Often I feel there’s more to discover when there’s only one book!
    Anger, from firsthand experience, is one of the worst emotions. It can destroy relationships and one’s health.

  16. Kathleen Baker says

    Glad you had a nice time with your Amish friends. We went to an Amish auction where they sold quilts. They are so beautiful. My husband and I came home and worked for a long time and made our own Amish quilt.We realized how much work goes into it.

  17. Wanda, I love to read your books. I have several of them. I got laid off from my job due to the covid so now I have plenty of time to read your books.

  18. Sharon Miller says

    My late mother taught me by example to look for the positive things in any situation. That helps keep anger at bay. Seeing God’s hand in my life has made me so grateful for what I have. In 2 1/2 years, I was hospitalized 10 times and had a total of 21 blood units transfused to me. I should have died a few times but the Lord answered many prayers in my behalf. I just turned 77 two days ago. I could have been angry with God but that never crossed my mind, thanks to my dear Mother’s teachings and example.

  19. Jonda Whitt says

    I am so thankful to know Jesus Christ as my personal Savior who know everything we go through and is able to give us the grace we need to forgive others. Because He forgives us, we can forgive others. I love reading all of your books. I look forward to your next novel. God Bless!

  20. Judy Schweitzer says

    Thank you for all of your wonderful books about the Amish. I also enjoy your newsletters and recipes . God Bless Judy

  21. Sue Tolbert says

    In this current environment it is so nice to read a relaxing book that keeps my attention.

  22. Lj peterson says

    It can be hard not to let emotions and circumstances rule our lives. Having a gratitude journal and focusing on contentment during your daily talks with God can help. Only God!!
    Besides reading I also enjoy quilting.
    Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

  23. Elaine Rady says

    I love your books – can’t wait for the third one in the Greenhouse Mystery. I would like to suggest that Eunice Miles obtain the third book (she doesn’t want to buy another book in the series) from her local library – if available. I have so many books that I have had to start obtaining some from my library.

  24. Sally Davison says

    Reading about anger today has been helpful since we lost our grandson a few months ago tragically. His sister is angry with God and she has turned to me at times wanting answers even though she rejects anything said to her. Her faith wasn’t strong to begin with either.

  25. Sylvia Gorton says

    Thank you dear one for the wholesome writings in each and every book. You are a blessing for sure. Trying many of the recipes that are included at the end of the book, as well as from your wonderful cookbooks. May God continue to bless you as you use your talents to bring Glory to Him.

  26. Rebecca Jackson says

    I love this post, mostly because of how you explain why God should never be to blame. I have lost my fair share of family members and friends in the past five years, and I’m ready for it to end, but that doesn’t mean that I should blame God for everything bad that happens, but rather praise him for getting me through and putting up with me when I’m at my worst. Hopefully others will read this and realize just how much God has done for us.

  27. I hope that people will take this to heart. It is a very meaningful and heartfelt journal entry. I really enjoyed it and this book as well.

  28. Martha Ruth Rollings says

    Anger can be such a burden to carry. Can not wait to read the Mockingbird’s Song .It makes me angry to see friends my age enjoying life and going about everything as they have always done But I DO NOT WISH my situation on any of them .How insensitive of me.

  29. As a family…
    We have enjoyed your books! We listen to audiobooks while we take trips! One year I surprised our family and my husband and I took two of our girls to a book signing of yours in Ohio. It was such a fun experience!

    Thank you so much for fun memories,

  30. Debbie Benzi says

    It is not good to hold anger in for an extended time. At times, I have become angry with people, but after thinking on it for a few days, I found there really wasn’t any reason to be upset with them, so I said nothing. I’m glad of those times of reflection, because I feel it may have harmed our relationship if I had said something. If I am still angry after a period of time, however, it’s best to air it out and talk to the person.

  31. Fannie Wiggins says

    I was angry at God for many years. I lost my 1st son to SIDS when I was 20. At 21 I lost my 2nd son because he was to premature to survive. I turned away from God because I blamed Him. Many years later, I realized that had these events had not happened tragic as they were, I would not have met my second husband (the love of my life) and would not have had my son Rusty and my daughter Margaret. I would have missed being a Mama’s to Alex, Nathan, Lucas, Jackson, Kali and Amelia. I have so much because I got past my anger.
    So glad you got to spend time with your friends. Have a Blessed day and stay safe.

  32. Cathy Bales says

    I’m praying to release some anger toward someone. I know it’s not good mentally, spiritually or physically to carry anger around. With Gods help I am slowly letting go. Im normally a very happy person and this anger is eating me up. After prayer I feel lighter so I know God is working on me!

  33. Barbara Seay says

    What a wonderful book. The Mockingbirds Song. Angry can be so bad for all that we are around. Thank you for not only writing about everyday living but also you always bring into each book the way one turns back to the Lord and then how the Lord blesses each circumstances. I am new reading your books and they are so good! Can’t wait till the book comes out in this series. Bless you Wanda and may you continue to write such great books.

  34. Michelle Thomas says

    I have not read this book yet but it sounds like something I would like to read. I can relate with your journal posting as it has been 11 years (Sept. 18, 2009) that we had a house fire and our 17 month old baby girl died in that fire. My husband feels to blame as he could not rescue her and he has never dealt with her death. My father in law, a christian man, turned away from God and blamed God for our tragedy. I tend to be the strong one for everyone but I know everything happens for a reason, even when I cannot understand the meaning behind it. I will be a book I fell I would learn from and also enjoy.

  35. I love all your books. I just got The Mockingbird Bird’s Song.and can’t wait to start it after I finish my present book.

    Angry is never good to hold in. Of course I think prayer and talk to other people help channel the anger. When I am upset I hold it in because I don’t want to say something that will hurt A particular person. At this time, I take it to the Lord in prayer..

  36. Tammy clark says

    I love getting lost in your books. We stress hits me I can calm myself by sitting and reading a chapter or 2 of a book.

  37. Elaine Jordan says

    Always good to spend time with friends! We try to travel to some of the mudsales in PA every other year – this was our year that we had planned to go, but sadly they had to cancel because of the pandemic. Praying that all this craziness goes away.

  38. Roberta McMahan says

    Wanda I love your books. And I am like Virginia I moved to Ohio no friends and for me hard to meet friends. I love how Sylvia is finally getting out of the house. and met someone that loves to do what she does. The only thing I hate waiting until Dec for next book lol. Thank you for your wonderful writings

  39. Sherri Miller says

    I have just started reading your books.
    I must say I really enjoy them.
    I’m learning alot about the Amish. I have visited our Amish country here in Ohio.
    Glad you had a nice visit with your friends.

  40. Jackie Leonard says

    Wanda, I came across your book quite awhile ago and I have always enjoyed how you bring to light things that we deal with on a regular basis. You show us how to come back and allow the Lord to deal with things and this helps to build our trust in the Lord.

  41. Linda Martin says

    Wanda I have loved every single one of the books you have written and I have read most of them. I own a few of the series! They touch my heart and are easy reading especially after I have had a hard day whether working or with situations as they calm me and bring peace! You are my favorite Amish writer although I love many! Keep writing and I also share some on loan to my friends!

  42. Debra Howell says

    Anger and holding a grudge is so destructive to the one doing it. It’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Think of how much Jesus has forgiven us!

  43. Wanda would like to enter “Brides of Lehigh Canal Trilogy” give away! Have been waiting to get this book from the library! Love everyone of your books!
    Patty Beitzel

  44. Darlene Carroll says

    I have learned that anger will only make you a very unhappy person, you have to let go of the anger and have forgiveness in your heart to be happy with yourself.

  45. Kellena Chappell says

    I love your books.

  46. I love reading your books. I feel like I am part of them and hate when the story ends. It is so nice to read books that are clean and Faith based. Thanks for sharing your talented writings with us all.

  47. We had a personal attack against my husband (pastor of a church for 35 yrs) that most of the leaders and even close friends blew out of proportion which caused my husband to resign. It was a misunderstanding that should have been settled like adults and forgiveness shown, instead it caused the deepest hurt of our lives and caused us both to go into deep depression. We had to move from our home and the friends and church we dearly loved, which thankfully to family and friends a home was provided. Even after almost 12 years it still hurts. We would have preferred to have shouted from the roof tops and announced in front of the church where the real problems were, but after much prayer, we decided to not say anything to prevent innocent people from being hurt. Often times in the crossfire, it’s the innocent that are hurt! We have to be very careful. Sometimes the anger does need to be spoken and we did among personal family, but in this case we felt the less said, the better. When you have your best friends turn against you it is deep hurt! You feel so let down. But we’ve prayed for God to speak to their hearts in time. I think if they really know the Lord, He will show them the truth. If they’re not saved, we pray they come to know the Lord. Some of the pain has healed over time. We patiently wait on God.

  48. Jane I Staiger says

    Good Morning Wanda….love love love all of your books and appreciate the ongoing stories. I do so get myself involved in the stories and wish I was living the Amish life. It is quiet (which I love), it is uplifting and it is inspiring Thank YOU for that!! You bring comfort to my reading. I mostly read on my Kindle but do enjoy holding a book in my hands. Bless you Wanda for your gift of story telling!!

  49. Leona L Bradehoft says

    I feel that holding in the death will and can make a person depressed when my cousin passed away I held it in for along time recalling our last words we had I went into depression bad.talking helps to speak to someone God is always listening.

  50. I too believe God has a plan for each and every one of us.
    We all have trails we go thru in life.
    We just have to remember to go to him in our time of need.
    He will be there for us, always.

  51. Ariane Crabtree says

    Good Morning Wanda… I love your Amish books so very
    much. I have a great respect and admiration for the Amish.
    It makes me think of my birthplace, Switzerland, where
    the Amish were too. This morning I got an email from a
    cousin there telling me her only brother died last night
    from lung cancer. So my heart is full and sad. God bless
    us all.

  52. Rachel Worley says

    I am struggling with angry toward my soon to be ex-husband. I am very grateful that God has me covered and is working on me. Thank you so much for your insight on this.

  53. Carolyn Thompson says

    Anger is like a nasty sore that will only get worse unless it’s addressed. Because of anger, many families have been torn apart. We need listen more and not let our mouths say things that will hurt and sometimes hurt lasts a lifetime.

  54. Cindi Hoppes says

    To get through this life, my spiritual relationship
    with God has saved me many times. It sustained me when
    my brother and mom passed on 4 months apart. Also,
    when I lost my 96 year old dad, and lastly my sister.
    Then, a divorce after 37 years with my husband! What
    could I accomplish turning away from God?
    Nothing. Being human is being fragile at different times
    throughout life…
    Blessings, Cindi

  55. Elaine Sykes says

    I have to share a little testimony with you. In 2016, I almost lost all three of my daughters. The oldest due to a brain aneurysm on July 4th, the youngest on October 18th due to a horrible car accident, and the middle daughter to a heart attack on Christmas Eve. Thanks to God and the power of prayer, all three are doing well. The oldest and youngest are back teaching school and the middle is now the mother of twins, boy and girl, after also suffering five miscarriages. Your books reinforce my faith in God every time I read one.

  56. Ann Jackson says

    Thank you for bringing us wholesome, fun loving, and well written books. I pray that I will be able to read your books because I have macular degeneration. I would cherish your prayers.

    • I’ve said a prayer for you, Ann. Also wanted you to know that many of my books are available as audio books. Blessings, Wanda

  57. Diane Foster says

    I was very angry with my oldest sister for five years . She didn’t come to our mothers funeral . I couldn’t begin to imagine why she didn’t come but God knows . I’ve chosen to forgive her and I will be seeing her for the first time in 5 years next weekend . I’m praying for a good time and an understanding heart

  58. Susan Jenkins says

    I love reading your Amish books. They’re peaceful. When my dogs go outside, I sit on the steps to protect them from hawks (they’re little dogs). As I keep and eye on them, I read.

  59. shelli g dougherty says

    I so agree about anger that is not dealt with or turned toward God. I work in mental health setting and see this so often among those who may be struggling with depression or anxiety to name a couple . Thank you for addressing these issues through your writing. God Bless.

  60. Kay E York says

    I have been reading so many books lately, but forgot which series the Greenhouse series was and this answers that Question.
    I always like series and look forward to the solution in book 33.
    Your comments on anger are insightful and helpful!

  61. Sandra Hughes says

    I love reading your books and always look forward to your next series. They always grab my interest on the first page and pull me into the simpler way of life. I have visited Pennsylvania several times but find they are getting too commercialized. Looking forward to going to Ohio in the spring. Thank you for your books.

  62. I Love reading about the Amish! I have been on a trip to Lancaster Pennsylvania! I really enjoyed visiting there. So many lovely things!! I really find their culture fascinating!! Something we can all learn from!!

  63. NancyB from Many LA says

    I trust in God. We lost everything material in Hurricane Katrina, but looking back, we see how God prepared us for going on past that – and how we came out of it so blessed.
    He is ALWAYS WITH US – and a little “Story” about our relationship with Him:
    A husband and wife loved to take “Sunday drive’s” together.
    One day while they were driving, she said “Honey, how come we don’t snuggle up any more
    while you are driving?”
    He said “Darling, you moved, not me!”

    That pretty much sums up our relationship with HIM…

  64. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and admonitions on anger. I am reminded of God’s word in Is. 45:9 when people say they are angry at God. He gives and takes away, but He also consoles and comforts when we call on Him. I love reading your books about the Amish people and have learned to find the wonder in a seemingly simple lifestyle. God bless!!!

  65. Beverly C Clites says

    I am currently reading The Mockingbird’s Song. I can understand the anger for a short time. I know that the longer one hangs on to anger, the more hurt we become. Thankfully I have not had to deal with the death of a loved one for quite some time, but yesterday while listening to one of my favorite singers, she sang Come Spring. For some reason the tears flowed as I thought about my Mom dealing with Alzheimer’s and praying she has many more years as she is in the early stages. She and I talk weekly and I enjoy talking with her, but have seen the decline in her remembering what we have talked about recently. Thankfully both my parents are Christians. I know I will see them again once they leave this earth.

    Thank you so much for your books. I thoroughly enjoy reading about the Amish and their way of life. Hopefully I can learn to have the spirit Belinda has exhibited to this point in the story.

  66. Jeanette Fallon says

    Thank you for your books. I love each and everyone. I pass them on to my 83 yr. old Mom so she can enjoy them,too!
    Anger can eat you up. It takes away any joy you might have. I learned very early to let it go. It gives whatever you have anger about control.

  67. Yes I have been angry at God for taking my son Aaron when he was only 21.It took me a year to get over it and understand it wasn’t God that did it.It is still very hard to get thru everyday and it has been 22 years ago that he died.I do not hold on to anger any longer as it was just hurting me and not the person I was angry at.Life is to short to hold on to grudges and not forgive people who hurt you!Let it go and find peace!Love your books!

  68. Oh yes guess we all have anger at some time or another….most of us anyhow….and dealing with it…letting it go, can be hard to do many times….espically when the person(s) keep doing it … something I struggle with … but have learned to let it go more and more….One thing I did want to ask…when someone of the Amish faith comes to “your” home…do you have to “forgo” your modern conveinces while they are there? Just wondering when you said they came to visit your home…..Curious I am….Love your books…

  69. Yes, release angry feelings to God and ask Him to heal you.

  70. Thank you for discussing this topic. It does help to talk about it.

  71. Barb Beechy says

    I have read the Crows Call and the Mockingbird song, loved them both and looking forwards to the next book in the series. Thank you for such wonderful stories that come from the ❤..

  72. I appreciate your words on anger. I tend to hold in my anger because I’m an overly emotional person. I don’t always come back to discuss with the person that’s made me angry, which I know is wrong. I’ll continue to work on it 🙂

    Thank you for your books which don’t just entertain but also teach us!

  73. Kathleen Goddard says

    Thank you for sharing about anger. It is something I struggle with. I have been having back problems and the pain can make me snappy. My husband and I are participating in a Bible study about the book of John and it’s helping me focus on the message Christ has for us.
    I enjoyed reading about your friends visit. It reminded me of visiting our Mennonite friends while we visit Lancaster Pennsylvania. Friendships are so important especially during these difficult times.
    God bless you and your family.


  74. Thank you for all the very interesting books! Love reading all your books and look forward to many more!

  75. Mary Roelke says

    Anger is such a waste of energy. Like reading your books.

  76. Susan Cline says

    Love your books , I pass them to my Sister In Law, she loves to read about the Amish, they are heart warming stories, I think I have read just about everyone of your books, just bought the book, The Mocking Bird! Sure it will be a very good book.!!

  77. Judy S Crook says

    I enjoyed the pictures you shared of your visit with your Amish friends. Was one of them taken at Leavenworth, Washington? My husband and I have been visiting Lancaster, Berlin and Shipshewana for many years and the places named in your books brings back pleasant memories of our visits. We love traveling in our motorhome and I always take one of your books to relax with at the end of the day.

  78. Lisa Redecop says

    I love all your books, I haven’t read this series yet but now I will definitely have to read them. Anger is an extremely difficult subject to talk about that’s for sure,would love to see how you write about it in this series.

  79. Janie fater says

    I know how one can be disappointed at god when my parents died just 8 months apart to each other. I was angry when it happened but I’m not angry any more,

  80. I try very hard to release my anger as soon as possible! I have seen so many people hold grudges against others and I always ask them why! They don’t hurt that person and they don’t even know about your hurt and anger! The only person that anger and grudges is the one holding them! They need to learn to forgive them and move on! Love all of your books Wanda!

  81. Linda Robinson says

    Sometimes when bad things happen, we turn from God,but we should turn more to him. I love your books. It shows no matter what we are going through, God is there for us and it doesn’t matter what religion,race or any of our other differences are.

  82. Helene mcgee says

    I understand about being angry when something terrible happens. Both my parents died by suicide. I’ve prayed to the lord,and always tell people who speak of suicide. That nothing in this world is worth during for.

  83. Sondra Thatcher says

    I’m dealing with an anger issue right now. My dad was just diagnosed with covid. My two older sisters are taking over everything and making decisions without checking with my 2 brothers and me. I have been yelled at and spoken too very disrespectfully by both of them. I’m really trying to not be angry and maybe with time I can get over it. It’s just been happening since Tuesday. Actually typing this out is starting to help. Have a wonderful month.

  84. Suzanne Beringer says

    I really enjoy your books, including the cookbooks. Besides being entertaining, your books have strengthened my faith. Keep writing!

  85. Diane Housel says

    Love reading your books and happy you including a mystery in this series. I am hoping I can get down to see you and Jean in Shipshewana the end of October, since your event had to be cancelled at Baker Book House in Grand Rapids this Spring.

  86. Marietta R. Orton says

    In July of 2012 we found our only son semi-conscious and soon after arriving at the hospital he was placed on life-support. Told he had no chance of surviving. Came off support in 8 days. Three days later suffered 3 strokes so back on support. Came off support in 10 days but now blind. Transferred to nursing home to recover and learn how to feed himself, etc. Two weeks later he suffered a massive stroke and now was blind with severe brain damage. His father and I sat at the nursing home with him daily from 6am to 6:30-7pm for 6 years as he was unable to do anything for himself or even tell anyone what he needed.
    We believed for his healing but in Sept 2018 he passed away. We could have chosen to be angry with God or to be grateful for the many souls that came into the Kingdom from those we came in contact with at the nursing home. We chose to rejoice in those who received Jesus as a result of his illness. Sorry this is so long

  87. Lisa Sabatini says

    I have found that those friends who do not dress like me, and do not share my culture nor my religion, have been dearest friends to have. It is wonderful that you have a wonderful friendship with the Amish.
    I have never been angry with God, not very angry with others. I guess it is either my upbringing or my nature to accept life as it comes.

  88. Becky Walker says

    Hi Wanda, I am a big fan of yours and love reading and learning about the Amish, I love their devotion to God, family and community. Thank you so much for the books you write.

  89. I think it is great how you remind us within your books that God is always there for us. Anger is especially hard to deal with and hard to let go of sometimes. I love how you say to let God guide us and you are right, he does.

  90. Cheryl Goss says

    I have loved this series and many others of your. Can’t wait till the 3rd book is released in March already on pre order! I think everyone deals with loss in different ways. Actually I was surprised that Belinda just never seams real rattled by everything that’s happened to the greenhouse. Is it because of the way they are brought up to be strong and don’t show/share your emotions? I know they rely on the Good Book and memorize scriptures something everyone needs to do. God won’t let us down.

  91. Jo E Smith says

    Love reading your books about the Amish.

  92. I throughly enjoy reading your books! They are encouraging and a joy to read. I am very excited to read your new one coming in November! I hope to visit an Amish community someday! Keep writing these amazing stories!! Blessings❣️

  93. Vivian Furbay says

    I like your message about anger. It can either destroy us if we let it or draw us closer to God.

  94. I love your books and the message they give us.
    Sometimes things happen, but through it all, God is there!
    I’ve loved the first two books in this series and look forward to the third!

  95. I love reading your books, I think I have all of them or at least most. Thank you for your great books.

  96. Krista Leisure says

    Your entry about anger is so true. I believe that holding on to anger can really hurt your relationship with God. It also destroys relationships with the people you love as well as causing mental and physical health issues within yourself. I am looking forward to reading the “Amish Greenhouse Mystery series. (I’m just waiting closer to time for the 3rd book to come out- when I start reading a Wanda Brunstetter series I just can’t stop until I finish that last page) My mom has read the first two books and she is counting down for the next one. Since I have been reading the Amish books, my faith has gotten stronger and I find myself spending more time reading scripture.

  97. Diann Larry says

    Oh I want to win this one so bad. I saw them but just couldn’t buy so I hope I win.

  98. Sheila Raley says

    First, I just want to say Great job Wanda on your Amish Greenhouse Mystery series! It has been one of my all time favorites. I can just picture myself there within the Amish community. Your message about anger is very true. As humans, sometimes it is hard to let go of the anger. We have to remember, though, that it is not God to blame. Instead of turning our backs on him when we are in trying situations, we need to turn our hearts to him. He is the Great Physician!

  99. Robyn J Curtis says

    Anger is such a devastating and destructive emotion. There are those that are quick to anger, speak it to the one they are angry with, then let it go. Then there are those of us that tend to let it stew awhile and it just keeps swelling up until we explode or even worse we keep it within and it eventually makes us sick literally. Sadly, I can say that I have experienced both more the second. I had a husband, whom I loved from the first time I met him. He of course did not show his ugly and angry side until after we were married. He was bipoler and I was not told of his terrible condition until he would not take his medicines and would start acting up. The anger that he projected was mostly verbal. I can remember him telling me over and over that “It’s Only Words”. Those angry words hurt to the core of my being. Sadly, my marriage did not end well! There was the one night, that he tried to kill me and that was the only time. Through God’s grace, he took me by the hand and lead me out of that terrible situation. It has taken me many years to forgive and I have, but he took away from me a trust that I don’t know if I will ever be able to have again.

  100. nancy watts says

    Love your books. I do daycare and a few years ago one of the babies passed away at my home. It had a medical condition that was undiagnosed. I was angry for a long time. I still sometimes question God as to why.

  101. DeVota H Weberding says

    Oh so much anger in our nation these days! It’s good to turn off everything and sit down with a good book. Thank you so much for all the relaxation you provide us.

  102. lisa emerson says

    i love reading about the amish thank you . and anger is a very powerful thing emtion i should say and depending on the person anger can be scary. best to just openly discuss things

  103. Lory Thornton says

    Hi Wanda. I love this series and can’t wait to read the next book. I’ve held onto anger quite a few times in my life. The worst time was when I suddenly lost my Mother. It was very hard but I’ve let the anger go and I feel more at peace. As far as other circumstances I still have trust issues.

  104. julia staffne says

    I learned that you need to forgive if someone has hurt you. It’s not healthy nor is it what God wants us to do. If you hold it end it can destroy your life here on earth and in heaven because God will ask you why you didnt go to that person and forgive them so they can have that taken care of too when it time for judgment and only God is allow you judge because we are not perfect and make mistakes too. I love your books the bible verses you put in your books help me understand what God is saying in the bible. It is hard for me to read and understand the bible because they way its worded so thank you. Hope you have a great day.

  105. I always try to stay calm and not get angry. Anger is not good for anyone.

  106. I consider myself a calm person never getting angry.

  107. Anger never solves anything. It just makes the situation worse.

  108. Juanita Sage says

    We all can learn from The Mocking bird’s Song books. How we can be blessed even when tragic comes our way. That God is always with us and know what we need even before we ask him. We just need to obey him and trust him. I love how the book teaches us how to slow to get anger about things. Anger might cause you to miss out on a blessing for you or other. I am so read for book 3 . These are a must read book. Juanita

  109. Dolores Byrd says

    I have read your books for a long time & always look forward to your new series. They are always uplifting & make you feel good when you’re done reading. God bless you. I was also wondering when your Amish friends visit, do you have to do anything different to accommodate them?

  110. Cindy Hunt says

    I understand anger!! My father passed away of cancer in 2015, my mother from cancer in 2016, my husband from cancer in 2017 and my 3 month old great-great nephew passed away in 2018. Earlier this year my only sister-in-law passed away of cancer. I was mad at God for a while, but I realized that it wasn’t His fault. Heaven is our real home and it is a beautiful one. My family is there and they aren’t hurting any more and are so loved by God. They will be waiting when it is my time to enter the Heavenly gates. God is love!! ❤

  111. Michelle Koeser says

    I enjoy reading all your books. They are always uplifting and make you feel like your living in a whole different world. ❤️

  112. Virginia Hall says

    The pictures were beautiful. I love the country.

  113. Thank you very much! Love reading your books. God bless, Amy

  114. Barbara Hall says

    I love your books. I love reading them.

  115. Heidi Edwards says

    I lost my father in law a few years back. The hardest death I’ve had to deal with. I was so angry at God for taking him. My son was so hurt that he lost his Papa. They were pretty close.My son told me mom maybe we can get in a spaceship to go see him. I told him it didn’t work like that. I know he is in a better place. I realized I had to stop being angry because it was just making it worst. I enjoy your books. They are so uplifting.

  116. Molly Loggins says

    Thank you for bringing up the topic of anger. I personally feel that it takes more energy to stay angry than to try to forgive or heal and move on. I don’t like feeling angry—I don’t think that anyone does though. I try to stay positive!

  117. Years ago I found a quote that touched me deeply . Sorrily, I never found the author, but I will always remember and use it often.. It goes as such: Forgiveness does not excuse one’s behavior…rather forgiveness prevents that behavior from crushing one’s soul. I find this statement very powerful and when I recite it(usually out loud!) I am able to refocus and reflect on the goodness that most people exhibit each day. I truly enjoy reading your works. Thanks for bringing positive stories to the public to be enjoyed.

  118. Monica Forkes says

    When I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer at 1st I was very angry but with in A-day I just prayed that God would give me everything I need to fight and beat the disease. I felt very strongly that I would win and with faith and guidance I did just that. I think if I would have remained angry they result could have been very different.

  119. Marnie Coene says

    I love reading your books. I find them so interesting. Thank you.

  120. linda schible says

    anger is such a bad thing,but sometimes cannot be helped. but i do know that you have to forgive, to have peace in your life!! i love all your books!! i am such a huge fan of yours!! keep on writing!!

  121. Carol Reid says

    I love reading so much. Reading a series is one of my favorite things to do. I have collected a few of your series and have read them more than once. Brides of Lancaster County and Brides of Webster County are two that I have. I didn’t get to read them in order the first time but the second time I did. Guess it’s the OCD in me. lol I thank God for the authors He has brought to my attention. Please keep writing on. Carol Reid.

  122. I can relate to Sylvia and Henry’s anger over loosing their loved ones. When my dad died very unexpectedly and in the way he died, I became angry with God and I went into a deep depression. I kept asking God, ” Why did you let it happen this way and cause doubts in people’s mind about my dad’s salvation?” I don’t understand. Then one day when I was crying out to God about the why I heard a voice say, “You don’t need to understand, you just need to trust Me.” I had never heard a voice like that before this and haven’t heard one since. But I knew it was God telling me to just trust Him. He knew what He was doing. People had tried to talk to me but I wouldn’t listen. I would have to say that talking with someone you trust can help. My husband was someone I trusted and he talked with me and I think I had a little bit of an open mind when he talked and maybe that is why I heard God’s voice so plain. You can’t keep anger in, it will make you into a bitter person. I am so glad you brought this out in your book. I am almost finished reading the Mockingbird’s Song. It has been a good second book. Can’t wait to read the ending of this story in the next book.

  123. Martha Stover says

    Our loving God is patient with us, even as our human emotions of anger or fear sometimes seem to overtake everything else in our lives. Often I find that if I keep my mind on scripture, remembering God’s love, that my emotions “catch up” to the truths my mind knows.

  124. Theresa Norris says

    A good subject for present day.

  125. Linda Fridlund says

    Even though we are believers sometimes our faith can be tested. We need to continue to look to the Lord for his guidance. Henry and Sylvia were trying to get through on their own and not trusting that God will get them through it. God has us go through trails for a reason. We don’t always understand but we need to wait on him.

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