How can we help?

In my newest novel, The Mockingbird’s Song, Sylvia and her family were faced with some difficult situations that could have weakened their faith if they had not continued to pray and sought God’s will.

Have you ever suffered a loss that could have weakened your faith? What are some things we can do to strengthen our faith when it becomes weak due to a hardship or loss we have faced? How can we help someone who has suffered a loss and seems to have lost their faith in God?

I truly believe that when we ask the Lord for help during difficult times, He sends someone to minister to us. Likewise, we should be ready to help others who might need ministering to when they are dealing with something painful that is out of their control. When we bless others, we too will feel blessed.


  1. Donna l Greenrose says

    You always have such uplifting journals

  2. Kristene Wilson says

    so true…the Lord sends someone to help us through difficult times

    • Karen Drennan says

      It shows no matter your religion, ethic group or etc we all have the same burdens to go through.

      • Julia Staffne says

        I pray for others that are struggling! I let them talk about what is going on and if they ask for you to say something about how they are feeling I ask if we can pray first if they say no I say one quietly to collect my thoughts and ask god to feel my mouth with the words he wants them to know or if they aren’t ready to talk I just continue praying for them till they are ready

  3. jennifer schmidt says

    I enjoy the books about people with tragedies because despite that they keep their faith and they SURVIVE!! It has helped me keep my faith and realize that I will survive.

  4. Janet South says

    I agree with your entry in your journal. The Lord has answered many of my prayers during difficult times. I had very bad marriage but met a wonderful man and we been married for 33 years. I prayed everyday that the Lord will bring my sister who was given up for adoption at birth. I didn’t find out about her until after my Mother’s death in 1998z. I know God has a plan for all of us. God be with you . I have read most all your books. They give me peace especially since I have Congestion Heart Failure.

    • Devon Taylor says

      You make a good point.I think we grow in the hard times and it makes us understand how blessed we are at the end of that time,and the sun shines brighter.

  5. When something bad happens, many people seem to turn away from their faith and blame God for allowing bad things to happen. So many are lacking faith and trying to fill that void with other things but at the end of the day, nothing will fill that void except God. There is so much anger and hate in our country and I truly believe it is that lack of faith and belief in Jesus that is at the root of this. We must continue to share our faith and help others fill that void.

  6. Susan Campbell says

    I have suffered a lot of losses but I know that God is always here for me. I might not understand why things happen but I believe that God is always here for me.

  7. paula hyden says

    I cant wait to read the new book

  8. Nancy Edgell says

    It is very true that there are many difficult times that happen in our lives . Just looking at what is happening in the world today is proof of that. But God is with us and will walk beside us through the difficult. He loves and cares for us.

  9. With all that is going on in this country with all the hatred and the rioting and burning going on then with the COVID virus and doing the best I can with caring for my disabled husband if I didn’t have God in my life to talk to I don’t know how I would go on. Plus having your books to read helps me get “away” for a few minutes. Thank you and God continue to bless you.

  10. Lucy George says

    I agree with your entry I your journal. God has answered my prayers! I prayer every day for this country to turn back to God. Also pray for my family and friends and my church family every day. I know God is here for me when I have the faith.

  11. Martha Ruth Rollings says

    Yes,God is present,no matter what our troubles.I have seen a lot of trouble and strife,yet I had a second chance at life,and much happiness.Thank you God for being with us in all walks of life..

  12. Deirdre M Metcalf says

    I like it when you and other Amish genre authors (Linda Byler comes to mind) mention difficult times an Amish person may have gone through. Too often, the Amish are represented as living a perfect, idyllic life, and THAT is what I find unrealistic. Life is hard, even for the Amish, and to believe that nothing bad ever happens to them or anyone else is putting them on a pedestal that they could never in reality achieve. I don’t like a story where the whole plot is boy meets girl and they live happily ever after. I enjoy a story more when there is a struggle to overcome.

  13. Laurie Bowers says

    Although we may not always agree with Gods plan, we must believe he is putting us through these trials to make us better people. He is there to guide us and all we have to do is believe he will lead us in the right direction. Sometimes its hard to know exactly what someone may be needing, all you can do is let them know you are there for them to listen or help in whatever way you can. Thank you Wanda for writing such wonderful books. I thoroughly enjoy reading them.

  14. Lorna Jappinga says

    I have had painful times, different ones, at all ages of my life, but the ones I have come through better were after I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Wanda, I am a new reader of your books. I just finished reading The Daughters of Lancaster County Trilogy. Wanda, one thing that blessed me the most is when you said that we do not have to let our mistakes or sins keep us feeling guilty. Thank you. I look forward to reading more of your books.

  15. Melody Bassett says

    I agree with you. I had three immediate family members pass away within months of each other. I was able to be with each one as they went home to be with Jesus. I actually saw one reaching for something before she slipped away. There were days when my grief almost overwhelmed me. All I could say was Jesus. Many prayers with me. Now whenever someone asks for prayer I stop then and do it because I know how prayer and God sustained me in one of my hardest seasons.

  16. Joyce Ellen Robbins says

    God is always in control and can make good out of a bad situation. When one door closes another can open. I love your stories, because they are true to life.

  17. nancy watts says

    I do daycare in my home. I had a baby pass away in my care. The parents seemed to handle it better then I did. They helped me through it with their faith. I didn’t understand how God could take the baby. It was through love and prayer that I was able to move on and back to my faith.

    • Donna M Renye says

      Your books bring me so much peace. I live in Pennsylvania and visit Lancaster county often. It is truly God’s country.

  18. Janna M Much says

    I have become closer to God in the past 6 1/2 years.. since I left a bad marriage…I met a wonderful man, who treats me and my boys like Gold…we are engaged to be married August 2021.. I’m so EXCITED!!!!
    I really opened up to God in my darkest days, and started praying for happiness.. He answered my prayers…..
    God is with us every step of the way!!

  19. Rachel Worley says

    I have been going thru a lot right not and possibly ending my marriage of 45 years. But has had me covered all the way, I got have not gotten thru is without him. He see the picture and I don’t but I know He has a plan.

  20. Rayetta K Tate says

    Loss is never easy but God is our source of strength. A daily relationship with God will help up through every season of our lives. He is worthy of all praise!

  21. Turrena Renay Moore says

    I love every book I have read of yours.
    Thank you for the down to earth and real life stories.

  22. Ariane J. Crabtree says

    I agree with what you wrote. Life is full of both happy and sad things
    and times, problems and successes. We have to have them both in order
    to grow and to turn to the Lord when we need him.
    I love your novels.

  23. Sonya Spoon says

    I have suffered loss. I lost my husband unexpectedly 5 years ago. If I had not had my faith and Jesus in my life I could not have made it. I knew that God was with me through it all and even though I asked “why” I knew God had His reason for taking him at only 48 years old. I think prayer especially from others is what gets you through it. I have always helped others through their tough times by simply praying for them. I think we all need someone who prays for us and when someone asks for prayer or I know they are having a hard time, I whisper a prayer for their needs even if I do not know the need. God knows. Thank you Wanda for all that you do with the wonderful gifts that God has given you.

    • We all go through different difficulties, hardships, trials & tragedies. I believe we’re put here to share the burdens of others & that helps us to quit moping about our troubles, as often its not as bad as we think. We should also not judge people, as we dont know what they’re facing & why they behave in a certain manner.

  24. I have suffered many hardships and loses in my life. I know if I did not have the Lord to lean on I would not be here today. I know he has put me through these hardships and loses so I can help others and be a witness for him. I love your books and the messages they share.

  25. Suzanne Sellner says

    Just thinking of the recent Hurricane Laura that hit the eastern coast of Texas and coastal Louisiana, I am saddened by the many homes and businesses that were severely damaged by the winds of the hurricane. Those folks are without electricity and a clean water supply during this hottest part of the summer. They must be discouraged. I think praying for them, sending funds to organizations providing help (The Red Cross, Samaritan’s Purse, The Salvation Army, etc.), sending supplies (building materials, food, water, cleaning materials, etc.), and going oneself to assist one or more families is a great encouragement that God cares by sending helpers. While working along side those needing help, one can discuss one’s faith, God’s provision, and many other topics.

  26. I recently went thru some major surgery & chose the Prayer Jars series to read. Although the stories themselves were great, it was the reference to the thoughts & Bible verses that helped me the most. Thank you for a most enjoyable series & I am doing well.

  27. I believe in the sovereignty of God. Losing my soulmate to cancer was so difficult but God gave me such peace.
    I don’t know how anyone can get through trials without Him.
    I am blessed.

  28. Karen Tackett says

    Oh yes, many years ago my brother lost his only son who was born with a heart defect, had surgery at 2 and his heart never picked back up working properly and he died. He and his wife were so devastated and the Lord gave me the privilege to wrap my arms around them and comfort them with hope and His Word. I had learned how to rest in the Lord years before when my dear grandmother died suddenly and I went through a tough time with her death. BUT GOD was there and gave me great love and hope so I could comfort my grandfather. Looking forward to reading this book.

  29. nicole duncan says

    I agree. Some years ago I lost my poppop and he was my rock and 2nd father. For a longtime I was angry that god took him but I kept praying and asking for godds help and a year after I met my future husband. I rember my poppop saying I want you to be happy. My husband is a wonderful man of god and through our time together we have overcome my tragdies and heart ach through gods love and amazing grace.

  30. Prayers help!

  31. Cindy schibler says

    Thank you so much. Your books are a blessing to read. Thank you for the scripture reference Isaiah 41:13. I just retired from teaching and it was a hard decision to make but believe it is what God intended for me. This scripture will be a comfort to me when I let my worries overcome me.

  32. Teresa Kerr says

    The loss of my parents could have weakened my faith, but it didn’t. I had my mom through the loss of my dad. When my mom passed, I relied heavily on my faith and my husband. My faith was never weakened, but I can see where it might weaken with some people. It really helps to talk over your grief with others, don’t keep it inside.

  33. Karen Marie Hoth says

    Please enter my name into the drawing for Heartwarming Romance Collection. Thank you.

  34. Michelle Pelphrey says

    Your books and writing brings so my hope and joy in my life! So many of the experiences you write about hit so close to home!

  35. Carla Faulk says

    I am so grateful for the faith which helps me through those times of loss and sorrow. I know God loves me and is there for me in good and bad times.

  36. Andrea Woodard says

    I have read most of your books and loved each and every one of them. I didn’t find any that I did not like. I hope you continue writing about the Amish, I changed some years ago to only reading Amish, I am slowing opening up to reading other books, but Amish always come first.

  37. BARBARA L EVANS says

    When my mother-in-law passed away it was a very low time for me. She was my best friend. We traveled together, shipped together, and had coffee together every day. I witnessed to her often, but when she passed I still did not have assurance she was a Christian. I miss her greatly and pray I will she get again in heaven. I trust God will answer my prayers. Without his comfort I would have been driven to deep depression.

  38. Jackie Cockrell says

    I have suffered loss of loved ones, but God has always been there to help me through my dispair. He has always given me strength and peace to get through my grief. I don’t know how anybody handles this kind of loss without God.

  39. Karen Marie Hoth says

    In times of trouble and life shattering events, we should always turn to the Bible and prayer. I lost a newborn daughter and the only way I could get through it was prayer and the strength of others guiding me to see it was not my fault. God just needed my precious Marren more than I did. She is an angel in heaven helping God on special projects. I still terribly miss her but know she is in God’s hands. Reading your books have given me to strength to pray much more and at all times of the day. So much can be learned from reading your books.

  40. Worshiping the Lord daily through prayer and reading and meditating on His word provides strength for the hard times. We should always be prepared and on the look out to serve or be kind to someone who has suffered a loss or is in a bad place – spiritually, emotionally, physically or relationships with others.
    Reading books, like yours plant new and creative ideas on how to handle situations in this troubled world we are living in.
    Thank you Wanda.

  41. Linda Martin says

    Life has given me many different turns and directions in my life! From divorce, bankruptcy and mental & physical abuse as well as sickness. God has never been far away and I went through a very long process after each of these times. He touched and healed me as well as giving me a compassion for others. As a Christian it wasn’t always easy to overcome these difficult obstacles. Those times have given me a compassion to help others and do the little things that I can to encourage others and that it is the little things that help others. From small giftings to a card or a word of encouragement to others has blessed me while blessing them. In Life it is the little things that you can do for others that gives them peace and encouragement.

  42. Sherry Matzko says

    Your journal entry was very meaningful to me. I lost a brother several years ago to sucide. I also have a son with multiple health problems who is a recovering addict and was laid off due to the covid crisis. Sometimes life is diffacult. I was raised as a Quaker and can appreciate the Amish with their silent prayers. I do alot of them myself. One thing that helps me is to reach out and help others and take the focus off myself and my family. My son is a Christian now and his faith is what has kept him going these last few months. My favorite place in the world is Lancaster co and I so wish I could get back there. Your books give me such peace even when there is tribulation.

  43. I have suffered a lot of loss in my family and don’t understand why such bad things happen but I still have faith and pray everyday!I love reading all of your books.They help get me thru the day.Thank you Wanda!

  44. Cathy Gerding says

    I recently started reading your books and I love them! They have reminded me how the power of prayer can help in many ways. Thank you!

  45. Gladys Amburgey Holbrook says

    I rely on God’s help everyday as a caregiver to my husband who is battling cancer. It is difficult to watch someone that you love go through this terrible disease. I love all your books and they give me a better understanding of what so many others go through. Love and prayers

  46. I can relate to your journal entry. Many years ago, I mistakenly married the wrong man. Didn’t know how abuse he was until the words, “ I do” were spoken. From that very day, he changed dramatically. I divorced him after he attempted to kill me. My life was always in turmoil until one day, I stopped, spoke to God for guidance and I said that I was turning my problems over the Him. I still had problems but they always seemed to work out and I know that God would se through anything that came my way. I am now 75, dealing with an upcoming back surgery which they say is a very serious surgery. I ask for your prayers, it I also know to turn my fears over to Him and I will be protected. Everyone has problems, but they can be conquered if you only believe and trust in God. Thank you for all your books, I have all of yours.💌

  47. Anna Freeman says

    I am writing this for my mother she is 99 years old and just loves reading your books she anxiously waits for your new books.

  48. Delilah England says

    With this Covet 19, I feel so alone have prayed healing, haven’t been in church, since all this is happening, have watched the sermons of my church on line, its not the same as being their, nest Sunday Sept 6th I will start going to church, your stories are and inspiration to me. Thanks Wanda

  49. Barbara Seay says

    Hello from Texas. I have just recently started reading your books. I have read the three book about the Healing jar etc. I must say I have enjoyed them so much. I look forward to reading some of your others books also. Your stories have been such an inspiration to me. I find the Lord speaking to me on many of the pages. May God Bless you and keep you and your family well. May HE direct your walk and the direction each book you write taken.

    Thank you, Barbara

  50. barbara obrien says

    When I lost my mom I thought I would never be able to go on. She was my every thing. I couldn’t go to work, didn’t want to see anyone or do anything. I had 3 small children that needed me. I didn’t know who to turn to. So I turned to God. I couldn’t believe the change in me. God has also helped me cope with two other deaths in my family, my son and my twin brother, both unexpected deaths. I now turn to God foe everything.He is always there for me.

  51. I honestly don’t know how people who don’t have a personal relationship with The Lord make it through difficult times. God has always been there for me. There have been times in my life that I’ve walked away for a time, but He’s a God of 2nd, 3rd, even 4th chances. HE never leaves us!

  52. When my older brother died unexpectedly on July 22nd of this year, my grief was overwhelming for a while, but then I asked for prayers from Christian friends, and prayers helped to ease the sorrow.
    A neighbor friend came by the day I had heard the news, and she let me scream and wail, and gave me hugs. She is so kind and compassionate.
    Now, when people ask me to pray for them, I pray as soon as I can, sometimes instantly. What helped me get out of my sorrow depths was God, prayers, friends, and time. I’m still grieving, but it’s not so intense.
    Romans 10:8-13

  53. Betty J Monda says

    There have been several times in my life where I have suffered tremendous loss and grief and I would not have made it through those times without all the prayers and the people who had gone through it before talking with me & being there for me. I believe that after we have gone through these times then we are to help others who are going through them. God uses us, as His hands and feet, to reach out and help others who are going through some of the same things we ourselves have been through.

  54. Keren H Lyles says

    When we were younger my mom got paralyzed from waist down for 6 months. She was told in those six months that she would not live. She had to basically start getting her things ready and enjoy the time she had with us. Me and my sister at the time were 6 and 5. We prayed and had Faith and Hope God would not take our mom. 6 months went by and mom was still with us. Now my sister 45 and me 46 and we are Blessed mom is still with us and from been told later she would not run she ran and still is active with some pain for her arthritis Osteo rhumeutoid. Later my dad got a heart attack and stroke at the same time, was laid in bed and even though the times looked darkened we kept praying and having Faith in God. He has always been there no matter what. I think you just need to focus on Prayer and seeing and taking all the bad things that you have overcome and come through to see that God is there. The Footprints in the Sand is a dear message I hold dear to me and help me through all along with Psalms 91.

  55. Your journal entry is so true. I also know people who have suffered tragedies. I love reading how your characters face and over come these tragedies with Gods help. God is good to us.

  56. Marlene Weed says

    I agree with your comments. The Lord provides the strength that we need and sends us Angels to walk with us through our difficult times. Sometimes HE sends HIS encouragement through songs. My husband was going for cancer surgery last year and as we were pulling into the hospital parking lot, the song “God’s not done with you” came on the radio. That gave us such peace.

  57. Lynne Harris says

    I lost my job of 40 years last June. This was very unexpected but my faith in my savior got me through. Now I can see that it was a blessing and God’s way of taking care of me. God never lets me down.

  58. Penny Knowlton says

    I have medical issues that have deeply impacted my life and I have friends and family who have as well. It makes me question why me? Why my friends and family? But I look to God and I claim verse Jeremiah 29:11 that the Lord has good plans for me.

    • Hi Wanda,
      I don’t understand why the reader didn’t like when you put in tragic things in your books. That is part of life. It is not always a bowl of cherries. We must take the good with the bad.

      I lOVE your books! Keep writing!

  59. Teresa Maddox says

    I have dealt with losses in my life and questioned why God allows this to happen. After reading his word, I then realized that some of the things I questioned were really out of his control. I have learned as I have gotten older that no matter what, our Heavenly Father is with us and does protect us. I just have to accept it. He hears my prayers but doesn’t always answer each one immediately. We just have to wait and trust in him.

  60. I truly agree with what you said. Another thing I might add is pray is a powerful thing. We have a prayer chain at our church and it has been great during this Covid-19 time. We can still all be connected and pray for one another in times of Triumph and in Times of trial.

    I have not read your Mockingbird Song, but that’s the next book on my list..

  61. Constance Williams says

    During these dark times with the Pandemic, I believe turning to God is helping so many people!!
    When I am having a particular rough, mental day, especially from staying quarantined, I lay in bed at night and hold out my hand.
    Jesus holds it tightly and I talk. I eventually fall asleep, but I can tell he is holding my hand and helping me to stay positive through these trying times.
    I have read so many of your books and they, too have assisted me, with my worries. I aleays know they will help me forget these particular rough days, the world is facing at this time.
    I pray you, too, find solice in the lord during these quarantined days!!
    Blessing to you and your family!

  62. Tina M Johnson Bradburn says

    I agree with your journal entry. Prayer is a powerful tool that was given to us with the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ. Prayer is a free gift paid by Jesus. When I am overwhelmed with the world around me I open my Bible and I read how Jesus prayed in the garden to God the night before he was crucified and his directions to the disciples and to us was to stay and watch. So when I am overwhelmed I read my Bible, especially the New Testament and I stay and watch what Jesus does.

  63. Pegi L Ackerman says

    Wanda…………….I love your Books, and our daughter, also loves them. We trade back and forth. I am privileged to know you and see you occasionally, and be Blessed by your stories. I learn something from what you write…………… is a privilege to live in the same town, as you………….when I see you at times, I am truly Blessed………………..currently, I am reading your Book, The Mockingbirds Song………I love the plot, etc. May Jesus Bless you and your husband, abundantly.

  64. stacy morris says

    I agree with you if it wasnt for God i dont know where i would be . God has brought me and my husband through alot .right now he has been off work due to surgeries and financially it has been hard and we could have lost our faith. every month God has seen us through every thing . thats what i love about your books you always show how God will see us through please keep writting i enjoy it so much

  65. I agree with you…praying is the most important thing to do especially in time of need. When my father passed away 3 years ago I felt myself angry and asking God why him, and just shutting back oink my faith BUT I ask The Lord to give me the strength and to take away all my anger. He said he would also be there to hold my hand and to never leave me and that is what got me back on track.
    Thank you for your interest in the Amish life and writing/publishing your books, I really enjoy them and I love the recipes.

  66. Beverly C Clites says

    Thank you for your writing. I enjoy the stories because they are realistic. I can often put myself in their shoes with various situations. Keep up the great writing. May God bless you richly.

    Without God to guide and direct us, I don’t know where we would be. He has kept us through all kinds of issues/problems in our lifetime.

  67. Roberta McMahan says

    When My daughter hung herself. My faith left me. I was so angry with God for letting that happen to such a sweet loving person. And taking her away from me. But as the days went by I got my faith back and started to share my stories with others and because of thaI can do all things through [a]Christ who strengthens me. it brought others closer to God. And this Bible verse I hold dear to my heart Philippians 4:13 . I have a picture on my wall with it.

  68. Krista Leisure says

    You are such an inspiration through your journal entries and novels! If we put our trust in God and study his word, it will make our trials in life and hardships much more bearable. We all face difficult times- God did not promise us a lifetime free of hardships- and we must always remember the power of prayer.

  69. Cynthia Seaholtz says

    This has been a rough year in our family. We had 3 deaths. So I enjoy reading about other people’s tragedies and how they get through it. I just finished Mockingbirds Song. It was so very good. We had a local amish family lose their home to fire. Within a few days new home up. They didn’t give up their faith got them through it. Praise the Lord for our many Blessings.

  70. Sadly, we all face difficult situations in life. Gladly, God is there to see us through!

  71. I love your writings and have found encouragement many times. I recently loss my husband, my faith and the caring and prayers of friends and family has helped.

    The Bible states we will have trials in this life, but In seeking God , He will help us through our trials.
    I find all of your books good clean writings and your thoughts on faith in Him to be a plus.

    Keep it up!
    I look forward to what you’re writing next. I love visiting the Amish area in PA and Ohio.
    And my husband did also— great memories there.
    Gods blessing on you and your family.

    • I am so sorry for your loss. May you find healing and strength in the days ahead by holding God’s hand and knowing He is comforting you with his loving arms.

  72. Aleesha M Kingsley says

    I absolutely love reading your books. They always give me a sense of God working in our lives to help us through anything.

  73. Mother is in assisted living and God’s hands of protection have been upon them. Despite the no visitor policy, her joy has been watching the birds outside her window and reading inspirational books – and of course phone calls and mail. God offers us gifts that we can choose to ignore or we can embrace. I see at age 89 my Mother is receiving wonderful care through many ways. Always our God is so kind to us.

  74. Nyla Wilhelm says

    God is so uplifting. I just lost my father and with a lot of praying I truly believe I can get through this. God sent me a good man in my life to minister to me. He has been my husband for 19 years. With god and him I can get through anything. God Bless you

  75. Susan Bowersock says

    I have gotten courage from many of your stories and I thank you. In two short years I lost three pivotal people in my life, one of them being my beloved mother. I think my faith was tested in this time but with a lot of prayer and reading my Bible I was able to find a greater faith in my Lord. I do try to encourage any one I think is in need or grief to read their Bible and meditate on what you read. I just open my Bible wherever it falls open and start reading. I find God will send you the message you need to hear.

  76. LucyReynolds says

    With God all things are possible and I keep telling myself this at this time. My dad passed in November then my mom was in the hospital twice recently and was no longer able to live alone so we moved her in with us under hospice care. It is a difficult adjustment for all. Add the Covid and all that’s going on in the world and it can be overwhelming. Thank you for sharing books that are realistic. Blessings

  77. Suzanne Shannon says

    I enjoy reading your journal entries and the comments, we are all so much alike in that we all face trials but as Christians we serve the same God. Praise! Thank you for the newsletters and books. I can always depend on your books being clean and enjoyable.

  78. Linda Rasmussen says

    I also have friends who are Amish so reading your books helps me feel closer to them when we haven’t been able to visit as often as i would like. My 89n year old aunt now lives with us and she just started reading all the books i have on the Amish and she loves them. We both put our faith in God and with all that is happening in the world right now our prayers go out to so many!!

  79. Hi Wanda,
    I don’t understand why the reader didn’t like when you put in tragic things in your books. That is part of life. It is not always a bowl of cherries. We must take the good with the bad.

    I lOVE your books! Keep writing!

  80. Lynn Vinegar says

    I personally have faced many difficulties during my lifetime, I thank God for seeing me through each and every one of them.

  81. Cathy Bales says

    I have had many losses and tragedies in my life. The Lord has helped through each and every one of them. I’m not certain what I would have done without the Lord by my side! It helps to surround yourself with people that will pray with and for you.

  82. I have faced many trials as a Christian. I enjoy reading about the Amish. My family was orginally Amish – broke off and becam Mennonites. Your novels show that even the Amish have many trials in their lifes.

  83. Mary Roelke says

    I lost two sons within 15 months of each other. One has to trust their faith that the lord will see us through hard times.

  84. Elizabeth Crumling says

    Love ur books n can’t wait to read this one.

  85. Roxanne Lou Von Ruden says

    God answers our prayers in ways we do not understand. Trust in the Lord.

  86. Jean Miller says

    I know God always had his own way and times, and I am praying that through my life and influence I may help guide my nephew and niece back to Him. It is in the Lord’s hands how he will use me for this. I know your books relay how others can deal with tragedies, and even if they might not all have happened to me, or at least not all during the same period of time, I have seen the wisdom of God in your writings. God bless you for your works

  87. Pamela Eade says

    I love your books and the message it reminds us of……to keep going and to keep trusting God. Life is not easy, no matter what life we lead. But we do serve a Risen Saviour who loves each of so very much. God bless.

  88. I lost My Grandma in 2007. She was a God-fearing Woman. My Faith was shaken and it took Me a long time to get back in My Faith. I am doing baby steps back to where I was before My Grandma passed away. You see My Grandma was My Best Friend and when She died My heart was broken in half. Today I thank God for Him been patient with Me and reassuring Me everyday.

  89. Carrol Petroske says

    I feel your books are a realistic look into life

  90. I have been so blessed to be able to enjoy your books, We have several Amish families that we are very close, with. Your books have helped me to learn many of their ways as well. It has been 4 years since I lost my Mom. She always loved and enjoyed your books so much. I work as a librarian in an early childhood building. I share with my kids the importance of reading which I try to do each night. I have throughly enjoyed your Greenhouse mysteries and can’t wait for the next one.

  91. Carolyn Strzyzykowski says

    The only way we can make it through this world with hope is to place our trust in Jesus. Thank you for wholesome stories that call us to faith!

  92. Rochelle Peffer says

    I love your books and I believe that they are true to life some people go through hard times and sometimes we go through many hardships at one time But with our faith in God he will see us through this

  93. Laura Niessen says

    As so many people have already commented. God is with us everyday though whatever comes our ways. Hold to His promises. God doesn’t say that His ways are always easy. He said in the Bible that His will never leave us or forsake us. He is there all we have to do is trust and obey

  94. Laura Niessen says

    I love your books. they speak of God’s word that our trials will not always be easy, but He is with us through them. He will never leave us. We just need to trust and obey.

  95. Becky Varin Goodman says

    I am currently reading the Sisters of Holmes County series and I understand why the characters have both trial and blessings, it is more like real life and I think that reading your books helps me to navigate my life too. As soon as I finish one book I want to start another – thank goodness for ebooks.

  96. Dawn Crawford says

    My son was stillborn 23 years ago and my faith was shaken a little bit but I chose to read the Bible and found the peace a comfort in the pages. I felt the love of God surround me and I am every so thankful for that because my husband was not there for me physically, emotionally or spiritually. Helping someone who is struggling with there faith by just being there to listen. By listening you show the person that you are there for them when they are ready and witness to them Gods love for them.

  97. Patricia Wheelis says

    Thank you for the verse Isaiah 41:13🌈 life is so hard to cling on at times it is hard to breathe.Thank God in the almighty

  98. Brenda Murphree says

    I believe everyone goes through hard times in their life no matter what religion or kind of person they are. It rains on the just and the unjust.

  99. linda l schible says

    your books NEVER disappoint!! i love them all. your stories take me awy from reality for a

  100. Wanda,
    Your books are great. I love reading them. Very meaningful,.
    The mockingbird’s Song was a GREAT book. I can’t wait for the next one.
    I had trouble putting it down.
    Everyone is faced with problems, from time to time.
    I believe god does come through for everyone.

  101. Teri L Dilts says

    Your books are an inspiration to a lot of people. I just shared my Amish Cooking Class books with my Mom and she fell in love with them. She had a hard time putting the books down. She never reads and she was captivated. Thank you for your beautiful writing! Keep the books coming!

  102. Vivian Furbay says

    I read your series about The Amish Cooking Class this summer and enjoyed them especially when you referred to the aunt from the Quilting Club series which I enjoyed also. God has been with me when I went through a divorce in 1981-82 and my son’s arrest and imprisonment. My church family and my own family were my help and comfort through the serious depression I went through during my son’s situation. God was faithful to me through it all. He is my Rock! One of my dear Christian friends was of great help. She has been with the Lord for several years now. It will be great to see her again!

  103. Yes I’ve faced some life changing and overwhelming events in my life. One was my daughter getting bacterial spinal meningitis at 7 weeks. The Dr didn’t give us much hope of survival, but we knelt in that hospital room along with our little 2 year old son & asked God to spare her life. After 6 long weeks He did just that! But that wasn’t to be the end! We later found out she would be mentally handicapped. That led to 17 tough years of crying, raging outbursts, and physical encounters with her. After continual prayer and much needed daily grace from our Lord, He opened the door for us to admit her to a facility for the handicapped! Such a hard decision but God turned what was hard and almost inconceivable for us as parents, into the best decision of our life and hers! It took years of waiting for God to answer our prayers, because often God says “wait” and that can be hard! But today she’s blossomed into a beautiful blessing who makes a special impact on so many lIves. She still lives in a special home but God has given her a great life and she calls us several times a week to chat! God can turn our hard circumstances into beautiful blessings in His time! Keep knocking at Hos door!

  104. Sarah Arnold says

    I have went through a hard time. People prayed for me. People ministered with me. I did not think I was going to make it. People sharing the love of God helped me too. I now have a story to tell to help others in their time of need.

  105. Diann Larry says

    Oh my…if it wasn’t for God carrying me through tough times I would not have made it. Having 2 daughters who have had major health issues and many, many surgeries. But God is good. I would love to win these books.

  106. I love your books.

  107. Eleanor Davis says

    When I read about people overcoming problems and their faith during the bad times, it strengthens my faith.

  108. It’s helpful to read Bible promises and pray. Also look for others to help and encourage.

  109. The best thing is to pray,pray and pray.

  110. I do the Rosary.

  111. I pray and do the Rosary.

  112. Sandra Miller says

    Have been Reading The MockingBird Song and almost half way thru it.. I Love the stories, trying to guess who is vandalizing the greenhouse… I have 3 to 4 people in mind, but can’t wait to see who it is,,leaning towards Monroe,, Love all your books, takes me back to when I lived in Ohio and we had Amish living near our town..God Bless You and your family. Sandee

  113. One phone call changed my life: my son had been found dead (33 years old) of a drug overdose… Psalm 23 says, “Yay, though I walk THROUGH the valley of death…” There were days when I wasn’t walking–I felt like my feet were stuck in mire…but GOD is faithful, and HE is my Comforter…My heart can safely trust HIM!

  114. Renee Williams says

    My husband and I had two miscarriages before having our precious daughter. At this time in our lives, it would have been easy to lose our faith in God. However, we were able to cling to the promises of God and used this to strengthen our faith. LOTS of praying and crying out and talking to God.

  115. Debbie Benzi says

    Yes, I was in a situation that threatened my faith. After my initial shock, I prayed and told God I put the situation in His hands, and whatever the result, I would accept His will. It was one of the most difficult things I ever did, but I am so glad I did it. Giving the problem over to God made it easier to handle, and I knew I wasn’t going through it alone — He was right there beside me all the way. When someone we know is struggling, we should empathize with them, and then remind them that God is in control and to trust in Him.

  116. MYRTLE Thorn says

    God only gives as much as he thinks we can handle. Praying and allowing God into your heart are important. When I’m troubled, I ask God to help me understand what his plan is for me.

  117. Jenny-Lynn Fricke says

    I had a time when things went so wrong or at least that is what I thought. I rejected god for a very long time. It took me many many years to know that everything happens for a reason and to trust in god. I now know he was with me all along and he will be through the good and bad. I encourage others that are going through a bad time that god is with them keep the faith and pray. Everything is in gods time not ours. We may never know how or why but god does. God bless you!

  118. Cheryl P PIGATE says

    I just lost my only child on Aug.1,2020.. This could have destroyed my faith in God but thank God it didn’t. Beth had stage 4 bone cancer. Watching her suffer from the pain broke my heart. I thank God she is with Him now and she was a Believer. I love your books Wanda.

  119. Emma Carpenter says

    I was VERY devestated when my grandson passed away!🙁. Without the Lord’s help & my faith in in knowing He was ALWAYS with me each day got me through it! I LOVE your books! I can’t put the book down till I finish it!

  120. Melissa Andres says

    So grateful that God will always help us through whatever we’re going through! Learning on Him everyday!

  121. The Crow’s Call & The Mockingbird’s Song were both such wonderful books. I could barely put them down.

  122. Claire L. LaBelle says

    Wanda, 5 years ago my son, who I treasured more than anything, stopped talking to me. I have made several attempts to talk with him to work things out. He is my only son. To this day he and his wife still will have nothing to do with me and I haven’t seen my grandchildren since then. I pray to the Lord each and every day for a solution and to help bring us together. My faith is tested every day because I feel like He is not listening and continues to let this be. I pray for guidance and acceptance and know that this is His plan for now. I pray for understanding and have forgiven him. I’m at such a loss and miss our closeness. I have a strong faith and read many Amish books which helps me to stay strong. However, I cannot understand why our Lord doesn’t seem to hear my pleas.

    • My thoughts and prayers are with you, Claire. Keeping looking to God in the days ahead. He has not forgotten you or your pleas.

  123. Susan Howard says

    I know from many experiences that God is always with me.

  124. Your books are so uplifting. Yes God is there in good times and bad times we only need to call out his name. Going through bad times a while back I got so frustrated and went to my knees and cried out to God, “Are you there, do you care”? I then felt arms going around me and when I looked around no one was in the room but me and God. I knew without a doublt it was there and he cares.

  125. DiAnne Cummings says

    I am a firm believer in prayer!! During the last two and a half years I have had six surgeries and now I am facing possibly having another surgery. While I was in the hospital, I read several of your books and thoroughly enjoyed them! I absolutely loved “The Half Stitched Amish Quilting Club” trilogy. I then read “The Hawaiian Quilt”. I read several others as well, lol. They kept my spirits lifted during my time in the hospital and my recovery time at home.
    I thoroughly believe that had it not been for prayer, I wouldn’t have come through these major surgeries as well as I did. We serve an awesome God and He shows His love for His children every day. There is truly no limit to the power of prayer!
    Thank you for writing such wonderful books . I continue to look forward to more, more, more lol.

  126. Barbara Moose Sharpe says

    God is ALWAYS faithful, even when we are not.

  127. Writing about losses or painful issues can connect with so many readers. As characters find their way back to faith (whatever faith that may be) it gives us the strength to move forward. Perhaps just a word from a character we connected with, or even a thought. I lost my husband to suicide when our son was just 3 years old. Then I lost my son to suicide when he was just 32 years old (same age and the same way as his dad – and he did not know the precise details of his dad’s death). The first time I struggled, I called out God, and trust me I cursed him. But back then a calmness came over me, my heart pain stopped, and I realized that my son was God’s blessing and reason to move forward. The God of my Heart was there to comfort me. When my son died, I did not curse God, I asked for his guidance, love, and comfort. I still cry for my son, but I know he is with the angels and I will see him when it is my time. So, yes, please keep writing from your heart – because it comes from a Higher place and touches so many.

    • I am sorry for your loss of both your husband and son. Thank you for sharing how God has helped you deal with the loss and pain. God’s blessings!

  128. Sondra Thatcher says

    My most difficult time was when my mother passed away. At 63 she was way too young but cancer took her from us. We had a very bad time with the minister as he hardly ever visited during her illness. It took 10 years of trying and praying to get to point of forgiving him but I finally did it with God’s help.

  129. My name is Ed Frank, My wife is Mary. She has already subscribed to your news letter. To give you an idea of our connection with The Amish in southern Iowa. I am a retired Tour Bus Driver and have taken several trips with folks from Drakesville area as well as Kalona. Normally to Family Reunions / Weddings / and Funerals. I have developed a great respect for the Amish life. I grew up in Corydon, Iowa area. Spent a lot of time working on various farms. Whenever I was “on the road” with a Amish family, I was always treated very well & invited to participate in some activities. This created a curiosity for me to learn more about your beliefs and ways that your religion survives in todays world. I find that the Amish women cook like my mother did & the food is always very good.

    • Thank you for your comments and insights about the Amish you have been in contact with. My husband and I visited an Amish community in Kalona, Iowa several years ago and met several nice Amish people.

  130. I was disabled in 2010 and had to give up my job, which I truly loved the people that I worked with. But through my disability I have learned that God never forsakes us. I can’t do a lot of the things I use to do but I am learning to be content in whatever God brings my way. Through the disability I have learned to slow down and that I don’t need so much in this life. My disability has given me time to read and study God’s Word and to step out in faith and teach a ladies Sunday School class. I am truly a blessed child of God. My husband and I will be celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary next year and we have had our ups an downs, but through my disability my husband has been my anchor in the storm. He has stood by me, helped me and even told me when I was in the wrong, but it has made our marriage so much stronger. So God is definitely with us when we go through hard times. I always love reading your journal entries. I too keep a journal, in fact, I have several journals going at one time. I love writing about how God has brought me through this disability and made me more secure in His love through this. God is so good.

  131. I have a problem!! The problem is I JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT BIRD BOOK to come out!
    Anxious in Wisconsin!!

  132. Jeanne McCarthy says

    I read this and I think of Linda Stultzfoos, the 18 year old Amish teen missing form Bird-in-Hand since Father’s Day. So sad they have not found her. Prayers for her family. An unbelievable loss I am sure.
    Oddly I picked up one of your books to read to soothe me, Wanda, and the places mentioned are the same name locations as in this THE PROVING. I love your books and they do soothe me when I’m grieving, hurting or worried. Thank you. Prayers for all.

  133. Linda Fridlund says

    When my father past away it was hard and then my mom’s health has gotten bad. The Lord has given me strength to make it through. I know without him I would be a basket case.

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