A Question of Faith

In my upcoming novel, The Mockingbird’s Song, Sylvia and her family are faced with some difficult situations that involve threatening messages and vandalism to their property.

Like the King family in this Amish Greenhouse Mystery series, everyone is faced at some time or the other with hardships that often involve physical, emotional or spiritual battles.

What are some things we can do to strengthen our faith when it becomes weak because of a hardship or loss we have faced? How can we help someone who has suffered an ordeal and seems to be struggling with depression or a loss of their faith?


  1. Alyce Taylor says

    Dear Wanda, thank you for your encouragement during this stressful time. There are many things for which we can be grateful. It is comforting to know that God is in control.

  2. Jane fater says

    I think to get stronger with the lord you should pray more , then it makes you stronger with the lord.

    • Kammie Schiszler says

      Wanda. I just love your books and the way that you share your journal with others. You truly are a special person. Thank you for everything
      Kammie Schiszler

    • Teri Dilts says

      I feel that we need to unite together in prayer for our country and our churches. Christians need to step up and make their voice be heard for Christ!

  3. J'Anna Markin says

    This past year my family has been faced with lots of hardship. My mom was in a horrible car accident, my father in law had major surgery for cancer, and we were all seperated for several weeks due to covid concerns. My mom says to me that god will get you through it so get it together and lean on him. So I hope that I have been. Everyone is now doing better but still scared of getting or giving someone the virus . Please pray for our family as we will do the same for yours. With love and thanks for so many great books.

  4. Sondra Thatcher says

    When I’m going through a hardship I like to read one of your books. It brings me closer to God when I read about the faith of your characters. I also read my Daily Guideposts. It seems like whenever I’m going through a tough time the Devotion for the day is about the someone going through the same trials as I am. It helps bring my faith back.

  5. Tammy Lowe says

    The Bible says to pray without ceasing. I try to continuously stay in prayer or even just talk to The Lord throughout the day. Jesus is my best friend.

  6. Jackie D Cockrell says

    I enjoy your newsletters so much. During this most difficult time that we’re facing, we need God’s love and support more than ever. I just can’t imagine how folks handle this pandemic without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

  7. Cindy Flynn says

    I have been feeling depressed at my job. It seems we have this one person, that is no longer there, that had huge anger issues. I was the only one that could work with him and I expressed to my boss that things were getting out of hand. He would break thing, clearly didn’t care what he said, and when I would ask him to do something he would say “no”. I would go to the bathroom have a good cry then return to work. This went on for weeks. I was getting to the point where I was getting to be afraid of him not knowing what he might do. Then I found out he had stolen something. I had gone to my boss and told him I could not do this anymore. I loved my job but it got to the point I hated going anymore. He finally watched the camera’s and seen for himself what was going on and the young man lost his job. I feel sorry for him but now I am trying to work on myself and get back to loving my job again.

    • To me strengthening my faith means to spend more time praying & reading the Bible.
      Memorizing Bible verses that stand out to you helps. Going thru a divorce, I copied special Bible verses & placed them on the bathroom mirror, refrigerator, places I’d see them daily.

      To help someone experiencing depression, loss, or loss of faith, I think you just need to be there & listen! You can always pray for them & let them know you are praying. Gradually
      get them out & maybe do some little volunteer things for others. But just be there, pray, &
      love them thru it.

  8. Vickey Cordoba says

    I love reading your books and sharing them with others. Thank you for all you writing talents .

  9. Vicki Hawkins says

    I believe that praying is what helps me during difficult times and I have been reading Angels on Earth and books by amish authors because they’re always full of inspiring stories.

  10. Linda Auffhammer says

    TAWG – Time Alone With God. Don’t forget to spend time with God each day reading his word and praying. Encourage others to do the same. Maybe get a prayer partner that you can share with each day, someone who will keep things to themselves and pray for your requests. I love reading your books. I do not have the two you are giving away! Keep on writing!

  11. Mary Roelke says

    My niece recently posted something on a fb page about her son who was killed in a car accident a

    year ago in April. Another sign that there is something after this world. The power of positive of

    positive thinking & having faith.

  12. Suzanne Sellner says

    When a friend is going through hard times, I pray for her, try to do and say thoughtful, supportive, and encouraging things, take over a meal or take the person out for a meal, and/or help with her children or whatever other way she may need. When I’m going through a difficult time, I pray, read an inspiring book, ask for help, exercise and eat well as well as get enough sleep, and a myriad of other ways to stay connected without getting depressed or bitter.

  13. Connie Lynch says

    I think you must always be there for one another. Sometimes it is easier to connect with a stranger than an acquaintance. Prayer and faith.

  14. Susan Campbell says

    Spending time with God and reading Amish books. I have a friend that I share my Amish books with as she can’t afford to buy them.

  15. Susan F. Fletcher says

    I think to strengthen our faith when things go downhill is to “pray without ceasing,” which means to keep praying, even when you don’t want to.

  16. Mary Ritchie says

    There is so much craziness in today’s world
    Hatred, addiction,heartbreak and so much more.
    I know my faith needs to be stronger and I know I need my Lord
    I believe all we can do is pray that God will open our eyes and make all the world see!
    My life has a lot going on also, I guess nobody is free of the stress of today’s situations
    In the morning while getting got work I alway turn on contemporary Christian music to start my
    Day good😍

  17. Debbi Shaw says

    praying for better days ahead

  18. Bev Keffer says

    Prayer is the first thing you should do when you are faced with tough times. Then make sure you are listening for that still, small voice. It helps to have someone you trust to confide in and help you to be objective. Remember to put Him first in your decisions.

  19. Jane Benham says

    Thank you for all the good books and photos you and your husband do of the Amish people ,i enjoy reading your books ,I just pre-order The Mockingbirds Song but i missed getting( The Crow’s Call ) i need to find it and read it first.Just love reading about the Amish people and buying there goods..Prayers for you and your family stay safe..

  20. Nadine Rush says

    I love reading your books then padding on to my daughters and granddaughter to read and enjoy as well. So interesting to also read your postings of the Amish life, their rules and beliefs. Thank you so much and have a blessed August month❤️

  21. Brenda A. says

    The only way to get through a difficult situation is to read God’s word and pray. We don’t always get immediate peace because God does things in His own time. However we can be secure in the knowledge that He loves us and will never forsake us.

  22. Ronda Tari says

    When hard/difficult times come, one needs to depend on God all the more. He is always there for us even when we think we are all alone. Hold tightly to His Promises and know that He will see us through to the other side.

    Thank you Wanda I love your books 🙂

  23. Jim Miller says

    I really enjoy reading your books. They certainly are a blessing. May God bless you in all you do.

  24. Wilma Blevins says

    Love reading your new letter !!!

  25. Wilma Blevins says

    Love reading your news letter !!!

  26. Audrey Pratt says

    When Someone you know is struggling with a problem and their faith is weak I try to be a good listener rather than make suggestions as to what they can do. Life sometimes for all of us is hard but having a person listen as we vent helps release our doubts and give us time to reflect on all the love The Lord has for us and all He has done for us in willingly giving up His life for us without asking anything in return.

  27. cindy bassett says

    When I’m faced with hardship,I dig into God’s word….the Holy Bible. I also love reading yourbooks, your books are comforting. I wish I lived in the Amish world

  28. My first thought is Take It to the Lord in Prayer.

    I just finished your Amish Cooking Class book. Took me less then a month to read it, which for me is really good. Oh my goodness this was a wonderful book. I so enjoyed reading it.

  29. Jenny-Lynn Fricke says

    I pray a lot that helps me and my mindset. I work in a nursing home and due to this pandemic residents can’t see family members and are getting more depressed. I will listen to their fears and I will pray with them or just pray for them. It helps to know someone is there and they care for you.

  30. Suzanne Shannon says

    We all face hardships. My husband and children have found through the most difficult time in our lives, but knowing God was in control and gave peace and strength, God put people in our path to share similar heartaches and let us know they would be praying with us and for us. Because of the trials we go through, we are then able to help others. Other than telling others about Jesus, I believe praying for each other is one of the most important things we can do.

  31. Linda Critcher says

    Although it’s not always easy, I think in difficult times if we accept the fact that God knows all about it, even before the trial occurs. He already has the answer and will give us grace and strength to face whatever it is! It’s not always easy to totally depend upon Him, we tend to try to FIX it ourselves. And maybe the answer won’t come immediately and perhaps not even in the life. But we can rest assured as His child, things will work out for our good according to His will, not ours!

  32. sandy wade says

    more time in prayer, more time listening for God’s guidance. Do something to help others.


  33. Rebecca Haxton says

    When things get rough, I read my Bible and pray for guidance. I may be frustrated because something is not going they way I feel it should and reading God’s word and listening to his voice helps. I have gotten to know my coworkers more because all of us get together and pray so I think us going our hearts together makes everybetter

  34. Georgia Moore says

    I praise my God every day He gives me here on earth. For all the Blessings He has given me. My family,church and friends. May God bless you today and always.

  35. marilyn hughes says

    I do alot of praying to god. Also help to listen to the person that is having problems. Reading your books sure do help being kind to every one.

  36. Ariane J. Crabtree says

    It is difficult to stay positive with all the negativity and
    evil things that are going on in our world today. I find
    myself quite depressed at times, but then I see your newsletter
    or get one of your books, and I come out of my mood and
    enjoy reading, and thinking of wonderful friends and our
    get togethers. I miss them so much. God bless us all and
    keep us safe and healthy. Amen

  37. NancyB from Many LA says

    When we go through hardships, we just have to remember that GOD is always with us, even if we can’t “feel” it. He already knows what we’re going through, what we will be going through, and what we’ve already gone through. When we can’t “feel” HIS presence, remember this story –
    A husband and wife are taking a drive through the countryside. The wife asks her husband, “Honey, how come we don’t sit close to each other anymore?” He answers “You moved, not me”.. It’s like that with God – He is ALWAYS with us, it’s us that “moves” away…

  38. With so much going on in the world, I find depression and sadness try to overtake me. Then I ask a God to help me. I try so hard to give Him my troubles. I feel guilty that I give him so many… every day I try to remember how good God is and thank Him,over and over.

  39. Gladys Amburgey Holbrook says

    I so look forward to your newsletters and your uplifting words. I love all your books and can’t wait until the next one! Love and blessings to you your friend,Gladys

  40. Pat Matteo says

    Love Amish stories of all kinds.

  41. Cindi Hoppes says

    I am a person who has struggled with anxiety
    and depression, since childhood. I have sought
    the help of psychologists, psychiatrists, family
    doctor, family and friends… I read daily devotionals,
    and some of my favorite Bible verses like, Psalms 46:10.
    Be Still and Know That I am God. Also, I have joined
    a few groups that deal with issues like mine. I am
    trying to live in the present, not the past or future!
    Thank you, Cindi

  42. Jan Johnson says

    Thank you for your books they are so much fun to read they take me away from my life and give me a break. After I read them I share them with a friend and give her a blessing. When I am going through hardships and need up lifting I always pray and read my bible and listen to christian music, God always puts a song on that speaks to me and will help me through when I need it. To help others I am known as the card lady, I send cars to people going through things. They could be funny cards or caring cards what ever God puts in my heart to send them, I send out 6 to 7 cards ever other week or so. Some of my friends have kept my cards for over 10 years and still look at them often and my nephew who went through testicular cancer at 18 sent me a thank you card telling me how much it meant to him. I am just glad to be God’s hands and feet.

  43. karen marie hoth says

    When we go through a hardship, the first thing we need to do is pray and remember that God is always with us. We must remember that God will get us through all things and we need to have faith in him. We have to stay positive even though it may be hard. In reading your books, you teach us these things and always to pray more. We have to have faith in God that he will get us all through the COVID-19 pandemic.

  44. Barbara A Schrawder says

    We need God in all our lives Stop the Hate and Fighting with each other. ALL LIVES MATTER.Times are hard enough. LOVE EACH OTHER!

  45. Yvonne Karr says

    Your books are such a blessing. Days are lonely for us widows, but your books are encouragement!

  46. Karen Tackett says

    Each day we are faced with choices to trust God or be fearful for each day the enemy tries to take our heart and focus off Jesus. I spend a lot of time talking either on Facebook, email or phone to women who are struggling either with our world situation or with life issues that are overwhelming. I encourage them and myself with the Word of God, His promises and His love and forgiveness. I suggest they listen to worship music either very quietly playing in the house or spending some quality time reading the Word of God and then listening and singing with worship music. We must keep our focus on truth for there is so much deception in our world. Thank you for continuing to write truthful and encouraging books that always point to the Hope we have in the Lord.

  47. Karen Hendry says

    I find comfort in a good book and a smile from my 2 year old grandson Lincoln always cheers me up ☺️ To help someone else, I take the time to pray with them and to be a good listener.

  48. Eleanor Davis says

    I Really did not want my golden years to be lived in the manner we are living. I am trusting in God to get me through all of this fear, upset and violence. I do not know how many years God has planned for me but I am praying that there will be some peaceful years included.

  49. Barbara Wolford says

    Escaping into your books is such a nice getaway for me, every time.
    Having to give up 2 trips to Lancaster County this Spring and Summer, I rely on books and your sweet newsletters to “take me there.”
    Thank you

  50. Teresa Maddox says

    I will pray wherever I am. I seem to feel better when I am driving and talking to God. That seems to strengthen my faith and clear my head.

  51. I turn to the Bible in times of trouble. I always find the Word of God to be a balm for the many tribulations we must experience during this life.

  52. Pray, listen and give suggestions.

  53. Tammy Clark says

    It seems like I am praying more and more everyday. My mom is a huge part of my life. My parents my husband and our children, are together almost daily. Mom found out on Tuesday that she has some type of tumor growing in her lung. She has lost a father and all 4 of her sisters to cancer. As she starts a journey to find out what she is facing, I find myself praying while doing simple house chores or driving to grocery. Please include my mom in your prayers.

  54. nancy watts says

    Prayer and time in scripture seem to go a long way. And coffee with a friend.

  55. Jean Thompson says

    To Feel Better Call or Visit a Friend who I can share my Thoughts with.. I also love to read the Words of Hymns or listen to Hymn music.. I also have Devotional booklets and love your books too.

  56. Lunda Lee says

    Enjoy your newsletters and of course I can’t wait to read your new book.

  57. The way to get through difficult issues! Think of the good things in life, dogs and Family
    And good Friends 👫! Focus on things that make you Happy! Doing a jigsaw puzzle, reading 📖 and colouring! Praying as well!!

  58. Jo E Smith says

    Enjoy reading Amish books. Love to read when you have a series,

  59. Karen Kerney says

    Send cards of encouragement and include scriptures. Handmade cards are thoughtful and special. Studying Gods word and praying often is always helpful and uplifting. Wanda, I love how you include scriptures and prayers of the characters in your books!

  60. Renee Clancey says

    IRenee C

    I get through hard times by praying to God and asking for his help. God is always there for me.
    When you have depression talk to your family or friends.

    • Nancy Barr says

      Love your books! We need to come together as 1 in this trying time, we need to pray for our country & everyone affected by Covid 19 & remember all lives matter!

  61. Laura Fedorenko says

    Love all your Amish books.

  62. Laura Fedorenko says

    Can’t wait to read your new book

  63. Deb Hoffman says

    You are my favorite author. Would love to win your books!! Please stay safe and much love

  64. Prayer is the answer.

  65. There is so much going on in this world today and there are so many out there that are suffering. When I have known someone that is going through something I just try to be there for them no matter what, and also just pray for them.

  66. Comfort and understanding along with prayers.can help.

  67. Just being there with prayers is always helpful.

  68. Prayers are the best in helping someone.

  69. Barb Meldrum says

    Wanda I so enjoy your newsletter. Such great stuff in it. Also love reading all your books.

  70. Your Amish books are so uplifting and encouraging, filled with Hope of God’s Word and His Love. Thank you for continuing to write more books about the Amish way of life that continue to spread God’s Peace and Love to us all that are positive and encouraging and uplifting.

  71. Betty Monda says

    When my faith is feeling weak because of hardships it helps me to immerse myself in God’s Word and spending time on my knees. God’s Word always lifts my spirits when I read His promises and of His unconditional love for me.

  72. I think it’s important to watch what we read or speak out loud about our situations. I try real hard not to speak negatively about things. Philippians 4:8 says whatever is excellent or trustworthy, or of good report, think of these things. And if all else fails, just start singing praise songs. Or just say HELP ME JESUS.

  73. Suzanne Shannon says

    Our family has found that the trials we’ve been through have enabled us to help and encourage someone who has been through something similar. God’s grace is sufficient.

  74. Suzanne Shannon says

    I am thankful for God’s grace when trials come.

  75. Denise Thompson says

    I take my troubles to the Lord. He has always been faithful. I think it is important to uphold one another in prayer.
    I enjoy your books. I believe you were the first author I read on the Amish. I enjoyed the Crow’s Call and look forward to reading The Mockingbirds Song.
    I just finished The Prayer Jar and have started The Forgiving Jar.
    You write such wonderful stories. Thank you.

  76. I enjoy reading your books. Looking forward to reading the whole story in your new book.

  77. Michelle Koeser says

    I Love reading all your books! With what is going on in the world, I find comfort and peace reading all your amazing stories. I can’t get enough of them and would absolutely love to add this book to my collection. You are an amazing author! Peace and Love! Stay Healthy! ❤️

  78. Cindy Kavanaugh says

    What helps me when going through difficult times is to remind myself of God’s goodness and the things He has done for me. To count my blessings.

  79. Melanie Mosley says

    Praying for everyone in this turbulent time. Everything is so unsure. One thing, that is not unsure…. is our God. He IS in control and He IS on the Throne. Wanda, I love your books and I love your website, where we can all unite in Christ Jesus.

  80. Absolutely love reading your books

  81. Reading God word and praying. I love reading all your books.

  82. Pray with and for them and offer words of encouragement (usually they come from scripture).

  83. So enjoyed The Crow’s Call and looking forward to the next book in the series. Our family has experienced a lot of grief and loss this year so this book was very timely with it’s theme of grief and renewal.

  84. I love reading your books. You are my favorite Amish author.

  85. Ann Barton says

    Sorry to see you have to cancel so many live events during this time.

  86. Keren H Lyles says

    In my personal thought is hold the person’s hand and lead them back to God with Patience, Love and Prayer. Being a great listener and sharing Bible verses that will capture their heart again.

  87. Ola Daniel says

    Sometimes the best thing you can do is just sit with them. Be present for them. Listen.

  88. Being there for the person and listening to them is what helps.Also praying with them.When I read your books it takes my mind off my problems.

  89. Marcia Nickell says

    I love your books and have read all of them except the new series and short stories. They help get my mind off of my pain! I will be having my 9th back surgery soon so I am saving the new series to read during my recovery! I thank God each day that I have so many prayer warriors praying for my recovery!

  90. We can help each other with our burdens by talking with each other and offering comfort.

  91. Darlene Carroll says

    Offering support and understanding and lots of prayers.

  92. Denise Manges says

    When my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer I found a support group on FB and it helped me to realize I wasn’t alone. And they gave me things to watch for and places to look for more support and supplies. Now that my husband has passed I now belong to a FB site for widows and we are there for each other and we help give advice to each other at all hours of the day. We can feel each others hurt and joy we cry with each other and give hugs.
    As I read your book I just want to seat down with Sylvia and talk with her as losing a husband and a dad are very hard I lost my dad 2 months after my husband. I feel I can connect with Sylvia this will be a book that will be very hard to put down to see how her journey works out for her.
    We need to be there for each other and support each other as we all deal with things differently.

  93. Evelyn M Weese says

    Wanda, I lost my late husband at an early age., at the time, I didn’t know Christ. I had no one to turn to that understood. I thought I was alone. recently I lost my Mama. Two kinds of hurts, different feelings, I would to be able to share with Sylvia, The Lord and His ways. They are a mystery, and by the way, I love Psalms 104:33-34. Jesus is my Solid Rock, I pray my light shines like yours does~! Much love in Christ….

  94. Amy Corkell says

    Wanda I just love your books.. I was never a reader until I picked up one of your books.. Since then I have read book after book of yours.. I enjoy each and every one.. Once I start a book it is hard to put down until it is finished.. I even love ur cookbooks and have several of them also and love the pics of ur adventures.. Keep up the good work..

  95. Beth Frantz says

    Thank you for all your encouraging words

  96. I love your books. When I get into one it is hard to lay it down. Wanda, you are a awesome author.

  97. Recently this year I had lost a niece to colon Cancer. When talking with her siblings they expressed how they all went to church and Catechism classes as children and when they reached adulthood all of them lost their faith. So they turned to me as as a person who continued on with the faith we were all brought up in. They told me how when their sister died how they had a rebirth after talking to a priest who explained the faith of loosing a member of the family. I thought Yes God does hear all and sends the people we need to help all heal.
    The part I couldn’t understand was they lost their mother in 2010 and their father never lost his faith and why didn’t they turn to him at this time.

  98. Colleen Bradley says

    No mater what you don’t have or have control over you always have the power of prayer. I had not read any of your books till a friend had given me the Discovery series about Meredith and Luke. Such a great series and things to make you think how would you handle that situation. Your an amazing writer. I want to read more of your wonderful books. Thank you for such heartfelt and wholesome writings it makes things going on in the world leave my mind for a bit as I go on the journey of your stories and the faith,hope love it brings to my heart.

  99. Vivian Furbay says

    When we are going through a hard time, we can ask others to pray for us, read God’s word and talk with him. My church has been very supportive, especially when our family went through a terrible time about 25 years ago. God is faithful!

  100. When I am with a friend who has been through a difficult time. I just get them to talking and I just sit and listen because sometimes they just need to talk. Sometimes I pray with them and others I go home and pray for them.

  101. Larissa VanDuzer says

    I think that you should pray and read your scriptures of course. But I think something that is important as well is service. If you are going through something hard serving others is a great way to be able to step away from your problems and help someone out which will only help you more.

    It’s hard to help someone who has lost their way but being there for them is important. Showing them that you love them and that they are loved by God and others can be helpful. Sometimes they need more than that and if you can help them get the right help that they need even if it’s talking with someone else that’s not you.

  102. Diann Larry says

    Praying and encouraging each other when we know someone is going thru a hard time.

  103. Jennifer Decker says

    Being consistent with studying God’s word and weekly church attendance. That fellowship and face to face interaction is so important, especially in the times we are living right now. Love reading your newsletters and your books!!

  104. Liz Bierfelt says

    Growing up near Lancaster, PA I have had many opportunities to see the Amish way of life. I have always enjoyed your books and look forward to enjoying many more. Your newsletters are a breath of fresh air in these troubling times.

  105. Brandy Peden says

    Some things we can do to strengthen our faith when it becomes weak because of a hardship or loss we have faced is have a prayer friend. We can help someone who has suffered an ordeal and seems to be struggling with depression or a loss of their faith by encouraging them to spend time with loved ones.

  106. Debbie Porter says

    ‘When going through a hardship, I always seem to find myself going back to the Psalms. It seems to help me realize that I’m not alone in my struggles. Knowing what David did, yet God still thought so much of him, helps me realize that no matter what I’ve done, or am going through, God is still with me and still loves me. As for how to help people who are struggling, I think the main thing we can do is pray for them, and let them know we are there. Just be a listening ear can help more than we realize.

  107. Paula Brown says

    One of my favorite verses in the Bible is 2 Cor. 5:7 which says: FOR WE WALK BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT. If it wasn’t for the Lord and being able to pray when things get hard for me, I simply do not know what I would do. The Lord is my rock and my foundation and without Him I would surely fail in life. I am thankful for my salvation and for the fact that God is there for us no matter when, where, or for what reason.

  108. Debbie Benzi says

    When we feel weak, we can strengthen our faith by remembering God is always with us and He is always on our side. This is especially important when we feel that the whole world is against us! When someone we know is struggling with these issues, it’s good to remind them that both we and God are always there for them.

  109. Adrienne Davis says

    I always find that my faith is most strengthened when I open my Bible and read. I love reading the Psalms for this very reason. I also talk with Godly mentors who are a bit further in their faith and can give me pointers. To help others, I pray for them, send them encouraging texts, and encourage them to read their Bible daily. I also offer my time to listen if they want to cry, vent, or whatever.

  110. Linda Zimmerman says

    I have read most of your books. I’ll never forget the book signing you did in Mt Vernon, Ohio. I met you there and we went to Bob Evans restaurant for lunch after the signing with your husband and 2 other reader friends. You told us all about how you came to write one of your first Amish books. It was a wonderful day that I will treasure!

  111. Linda Ford says

    It Helps Me To Be With Other Believers.To Talk About The Bible And Pray Together. And To Talk About What Is Going On . And To Know That They Will Be Praying For Me.And I Praying For Them

  112. When I feel downtrodden, I do the 2 things I enjoy most-walking and praying..I find it so peaceful to walk as I am saying my prayers and thanking God for my many blessings. If I can,I enjoy early morning walks just as dawn is breaking. What a glorious site! What a wonderful start to set the tone for the rest of my day. We must all gather in prayer in these uncertain times-we do not know the outcome but God has it all under control. Thank you for such wonderful books. It is such a blessing to all of your readers that you share your wonderful gift of writing

  113. Linda Rasmussen says

    Hi Wanda…I have been reading your books for years and have enjoyed them all. I also have some Amish friends in Indiana(my home state) and i just love going to their homes visiting. We camp and while camping they would come over with their horse and buggy and visit us around the campfire. So many of their children are now grown with children of their own. They live such a peaceful life, I tell my husband and know i could live like that(course he doesn’t believe me, lol). We have my 89 year old aunt living with us and she now reads all my books about the Amish. She was such a blessing to me after my Mom(her sister) passed away 3yrs ago…she’s been like a second mom to me…

  114. Laura Niessen says

    I don’t any of your books,but I have read most of them. I love that they positive and speak of God’s Love no matter the situation.

  115. Laura Niessen says

    I am sorry I made a mistake. I don’t own any of your books. I borrow them from the library and friends. I would love to own one someday. Thank you for all the time you spend writing your books. I look forward to reading another as soon as my library gets another one.

  116. Amanda Atherton says

    I love your books. And when you visited Burnham/ Lewistown Friendship bookstore a little more than a year ago I finally had the privilege of meeting you. I believe God has all things of this world in his hand. We must trust him.

  117. Get into the Word more. Reading the Bible, verses seem to jump out to me to give me some sense that God is trying to show me the way. Sometimes it takes a lot for me to notice.
    My son went through depression & I felt so helpless as a mother. Being a sounding board was all I could do for him so he could get things off his chest. No judgement.
    Your books help me on my dark days. Thank you.

  118. Debra Patton says

    Spending time reading God’s word and focusing on His promises is what I do when faced with hardships. I pray for others that are facing difficulties and I love to send encouraging cards to them.

  119. Spending time in your quiet place can do wonders. Just being there for someone is great even if you don’t say anything at all.

  120. Prayer, thank God for past help, claim God’s promises

  121. susan furgason says

    I enjoy your books so much! I read them often, over and over, don’t have a favorite, but they give me encouragement and are uplifting in my times of trials. They give me a peace and offer a blessing to me. Thank you so much!

  122. I just love your books and the way that you share your journal with others. Thank you for everything

  123. Lynda Beaver says

    Our whole nation needs to turn back to God and try to do his will instead of our own. Prayer is a wonderful avenue to communicate with our Lord. I really enjoy your books and have just read “The Crow’s Call” and found it to be quite good. I am looking forward to reading “The Mockingbird’s Song”.

  124. Sarah Arnold says

    We can read the Bible and pray. We need to keep praying. We can share our stories to help others in their time of need.

  125. Paulette Dorland says

    I just keep praying and reading his word. Then try hard to hear his voice when he speaks to me. Very important especially in today’s world.

  126. Susan Bowersock says

    When my mother passed I had a hard time sleeping through the night. I would eventually get up and go to her bible and read from it. I just opened the bible where ever and read. Most times it had a message for me, and I could go back to bed and sleep.
    If any of my close friends have a loss I share my breakthrough with them about my mothers bible. Now that texting is popular, I would send bible passages or poems, or words of encouragement maybe once a week, or when the Spirit spoke to me about them.

  127. Loretta Moore says

    In these difficult, difficult times, I think pray, pray and then pray some more along with a lot of kindness. This too, shall pass.

  128. Teresa Henson says

    We can pray more, alone and with others, Read your Bible, and turn to your family for support.

  129. Mrs. Patty Smith says

    August 11, 2020
    Speaking from personal experience, my mother and I made it through our hardship by believing Romans 8:28 which states that “all things work together for the good to those who love the Lord and who have been called according to his purpose”. My father had a major stroke and was paralyzed on his right side and could not speak. His mind could take conversation and knew what was happening around him, but could not respond. It was terribly frustrating for all of us especially since I was to be married in 3 months! We did much praying alone and with him and remembering this verse! My mom and I finally felt peace as did my dad and with God’s grace, I got married with him in a wheelchair and I walked down the aisle alone just feeling grateful daddy was there and experiencing our special day. We learned that God is definitely in control and we can always find a blessing in the midst of a hard time if we have a strong faith!
    Thank you, Patty Smith

  130. Amanda Peters says

    Your novels are my favourite to read.

  131. Patti Bond says

    When going through a difficult time spending time in prayer and talking with someone you trust and value their opinion usually helps gets people through the situation. You just have to TRUST IN THE LORD as he knows what is best

  132. Realize when it gets overwhelming that it is when GOD is carrying. talk to him and pray and read the Bible. I always think Job kept the faith God knows but you have to decide to lean on him

  133. Janna M Much says

    Hi Wanda, I know I keep saying this. I love reading your books, and love your cookbooks…
    I am so excited to share with everyone. I got engaged on my birthday, July 5th… we have been together for 6 years…. we are planning an August 2021 wedding…. I’m EXCITED!!!
    My youngest son with be confirmed in a week. I have been looking for recipes from my Amish cookbook collection.( I have all of yours.)
    I still find a few little time to read.. please keep writing your wonderful stories for us… Thank You!

  134. Barbara Kesselring Sebring Fl says

    I just finished reading Hawaii Discovery I was on vacation at the beach. I enjoy your books when I read. Have several to read. Thank you for your Christian writing.

  135. Janna M Much says

    Hi Wanda, I know I keep saying this. I love reading your books, and love your cookbooks…
    I am so excited to share with everyone. I got engaged on my birthday, July 5th… we have been together for 6 years…. we are planning an August 2021 wedding…. I’m EXCITED!!!
    Today is a rough one for me. 23 years ago my brother was killed in a car accident….2 days before his oldest daughters 10th birthday…….
    My youngest son with be confirmed in a week. I have been looking for recipes from my Amish cookbook collection.( I have all of yours.)
    I still find a few little time to read.. please keep writing your wonderful stories for us… Thank You!

  136. I think that to strengthen our faith we need to turn to God’ Word and really dig deep into it to learn who God is and to know His Word You have to know Him. Whenever I am faced with doubts about things I turn to the Word. The Word is what will get you through the hard times and strengthen you when you read all the promises contained in His Word. As we all know that this year has been something very unusual and we have all gone through grief at one time or another. When you go through times like this get into God’s Word it is like healing waters flowing through you. Like a healing balm for your heart and mind.

  137. Jennifer Short says

    I find that when I find myself falling into depression, I find someone that needs my heart… my prayers, and my intentions… the farther I get away from my own problems, and worries, and closer to others, and their needs. My heart becomes lighter, and my mind shifts focus! God is so good, and we need to trust him with our needs, and cares. <3

  138. Linda Weatherbee says

    I have found that during the dark days of my life the things that helped me the most was knowing that people were praying for me and friends and family just being there for me. I had family members and friends who stopped by just to sit with me and listen to me or just to give a hug and say “I care”.

  139. Carolyn R Kelly says

    Being a widow and living alone has at times recently with the Covid epidemic been very isolating. I have my sons and family who look out for me and i pray daily for everyone to be safe. Reading scriptures help to keep anxiety at bay. Checking in on family and friends keep me in touch with others. We all seem to enjoy talking to each other about anything bothering is. Have faith we Will get through this.

  140. Joyce Ellen Robbins says

    I have enjoyed reading of the Amish way of life. As a first time published author this year, I chose for my book to be the approximate size, as yours, that I read. I think it is a good size to handle when reading. Thank you for the book “Twice as Nice Amish” that I won.

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