Antidote for Depression

In my co-authored novel, The Blended Quilt, Sadie’s friend, Mandy, suffered a miscarriage and sank into depression. There are many things in life that can cause us to feel depressed–ill health, loss of a job, family issues, financial struggles–to name a few. For some people depression might be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, and some people, due to their circumstances, are just more prone to feelings of depression. If the depression is caused from a chemical imbalance or other physical problem, sometimes medication or supplements may be needed.

Have you or someone you know ever felt so depressed that you could barely function? In addition to medication or supplements, when needed, what are some other things a person can do when depression due to circumstances takes hold?

Here is what the Bible says about feeling sad, disappointed or depressed: “Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope in God for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.” Psalm 43:5.

During the uncertain days each of us is living in now, it would be easy to become depressed and allow our minds to become filled with negative thoughts that can tear us down. I’m reminded that in John 16:33, Jesus said, “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.'”


  1. Gail Hollingsworth says

    I am not ashamed to say that I take an antidepressant daily. With taking care of my mom, losing my mom and then this year overcoming injuries from an auto accident, and the election, I needed some pharmaceutical help. This year has had added stress with Covid. Prayer, lots of it, and knowing God is in ultimate control has pulled me through. I’m looking for the Rapture any day now. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

    • Bonnie Dills says

      I enjoy the peace I get from reading the different series. Just finished The Healing Quilt.

    • Janie Fater says

      I have bipolar depression . I suffer from depression A lot . I take medicine for depression and for my bipolar disorder. Sometimes I’m ashamed of having bipolar because of the way people feel about mental illness. I am glad there is medicine to help me so that way I feel good at times.

  2. May God bless you and keep you safe

  3. Teresa Grigsby says

    My family member turned to the Lord as he is the answer to all problemd

  4. Patricia E Grattino says

    Love your words for people that have depression. I thank God I do not have this affection. Continue your work and words for others that do.

  5. Gina Jozwick says

    I would love to read your books .

  6. During the years my mother was ill and in assisted living, I received books through the New Jersey Library for the Blind so that she could hear stories that she was unable to read herself. We listened to these everyday when I visited her. Our most liked stories were yours, Wanda. Up to 2018 we had listened to all of your books. It was such a pleasure.

  7. Roberta Marie McMahan says

    Right now it is so hard not to get depressed with so many people getting the covid. I just thank God that he is still there even in the dark of days.

  8. Charla McFadden says

    Knowing God is in control of everything is great. With all that has been happening this year with the COVID 19 virus and the election things have been a little strange in all of our lives thank you God for being in control and for your mercies great and small we praise you daily thank you for all you do God amen

  9. Betty Ethridge says

    I am fortunate that I have never suffered from depression. I have known people who have and know it’s very debilitating. Love your books

  10. Trying to relax with yoga or meditation helps.

    • Peggy Knecht says

      I am not ashamed to admit that I have mental illness. I have Generalized Anxiety disorder, and was treated for depression in my teens. I rely on my faith in God, my family,and my support system. I thank God that I was referred to a therapist, and got help. Another thing that helps me is doing anything creative. I pray,and meditate daily.

  11. 2020 has been such a trying year for everyone, but I have had to deal with so much more this year. My husband owns his own business and the year started out with him needing some repairs on a trailer, then he needed an engine rebuild ($17,000), then another incident happened and now he is dealing with very high blood sugar levels. His doctor changed his prescription in October and I have had him in the ER twice in November. I hope December is better! I, too, take a daily antidepressant to deal with all of my stress. I have pulmonary hypertension and dealing with this and all of the extra stuff is too much sometimes. I find an escape in your books Wanda. Thank you for such beautiful writing! May you and your family have a blessed Holiday season.

  12. Amanda Rosser says

    Wanda, I’ve been dealing with terrible depression since this covid and losing my job. Your books have really brought joy to me.

  13. My husband’s father passed away in July and his mom passed in September. He has been depressed about losing them so close together. Thanksgiving was especially hard for him. I try to encourage him and remind him that his parents are in Heaven and we’ll see them again! We serve a God who cares for us no matter what we are going through. Cast your cares on Him!

  14. Vicke Feher says

    I take an anti depressant every day. I worry about every thing. This year I have turned to God. I didn’t want to get my mammogram this year because of the Ovid but my family doctor-said the hospital was safer. I went and glad I did. They found a lump. It was cancerous . Within days I had a biopsy and than he surgery. I had radiation. I’m on the cancer pill now. I had so many good people and the best was God. This world is si unsettled right now that we need God in our lives.

  15. Debra Cotton says

    My mother suffered from bipolar depression, I know all too well the darkness of that disease. She suffered tremendously for many many years. God is great God will get us through our difficult times, just believe and have faith in him.

  16. I don’t suffer from depression but I know someone that does and I pray for them all the time.

  17. Cindy Pollard says

    I lost my younger brother in 2018 to a sudden heart attack. Although it has been easier for me as time goes by, I still find myself hurting very much. My mother died this past September and that is bothering me as we were not close. With the virus, and the riots and such have been disheartening. I have gotten my Bible out and started to reread it starting with the Old Testament. I started talking to God just sitting and talking to him silently. I have a lot to be thankful for – a loving husband , a young man (Eric) who is DD and in a wheel chair that we have been caring for in our home for 30 years, a house that is paid for and full of wonderful things, 7 cats and 2 dogs. I find myself still getting angry . I talked about my feelings to my husband and several times a day I talk to god about it and try to turn it over. Why is it so hard? I don’t want to be selfish or ungrateful but honestly, it keeps coming back.

  18. Marnie Coene says

    I look forward to reading The Blended Quilt. I know someone who suffered from depression and anxiety. With the help of medication and therapy she was able to overcome her depression. Also, lots and lots of prayers.

    • Debbie Murray says

      I suffer depression and at times it can consume your life last around this time I was in a very dark place, but after sharing my feelings with my husband who encouraged me to reach out and get help it helped alot. Holding it all in and thinking people will look at you differently is not the answer, letting people know what your going though was what helped me see beyond the darkness I was in. I’m so looking forward to reading this book. God Bless.

  19. Mary Roelke says

    I suffered from depression during menopause. Saw a psychologist for 1 & 1/2 years. My marriage suffered & after 27 yrs. we parted. I am divorced more years than I was married. I am friends with my ex & his wife. So glad for the help I got, that i did not end things because I thought he & the kids would be better off without me. I’m content with my life.

  20. I love your books. I look forward to relaxing on my porch or in my favorite chair with one.

  21. I have not had to walk through a road of severe depression but I know from people I have known that it is a VERY real and difficult thing to deal with. When I do have blue times I lean on praise music to get my focus off of me and on to my precious Lord and what He has done for me!

  22. My son needs these and even with antidepressants, there is still a struggle to overcome. I am blessed to have family support and that and God’s hand are the best medicine.

  23. Darlene Truax says

    I’m sure in these days of Covid 19 and social distancing more people feel the tug of depression. It is even more important to be closer to God and in His Word. Doing something for others is a good way to feel better. When those depressive feelings begin to take over, reach out to God, reach out to others, reach for your Bible. Also, taking the medication that a doctor has prescribed, as prescribed is very important.

  24. Just ordered my copy Of Blended Quilt. Can’t wait to read it.

  25. Sharon Koepper says

    I have been traveling and made an unplanned stop at a Walmart. As I wandered the store and discovered their book section, I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice selection of your books. I picked up The Blended Quilt and plan to purchase more soon. Thank you for continuing to write.
    Blessed Christmas

  26. Linda Rabe says

    I have never suffered depression, but I know some folks who have suffered from it. It is a terrible ordeal to overcome. Ways to overcome the depression is with much prayer and focus on something else like learning to play an instrument or art. If the depression was caused on the loss of a premature child, have a going away tribute for the child. Anything to take your mind off the depression. With everything going on around us these days, it is easy to be overcome. The way our government is headed, the virus sweeping the world and just everyday concerns. We know and believe God is in control and has everything in His Hands. He cares so much for us.

  27. Tracy Ann Hambleton says

    I love your books. I am always awaiting the next book. Praying for Zoie.

  28. I don’t think there should be a shame or stigma for those needing medication due to depression. One doctor I saw tried 3 different medications because he felt my mind needed calming down (it turned out that I was allergic to them all). I meditate, journal, go for a walk, read Scriptures and praise God. If I have a hard day, I tell God- He knows it all anyways. Reach out to friends.

  29. Vickie Bartosh says

    Hello Wanda and Happy December to you and your family. I have fought depression all of my entire adult life. I have been on and off medication many times and have sought professional help as well. I no longer take medication and have found healing through GOD’S grace and his words. I know nothing is ever perfect and our life is according to God’s will. We control our own happiness and everything happens for a reason. I find that serving others, praying and staying positive works best for me. Proverbs 3:5 is my favorite scripture and something I live by every day. I wish you and your family a safe and Merry Christmas 🎄. Your fan, Vickie

  30. Yvonne Karr says

    I have this book on my Christmas list! Can’t wait to read it.

  31. nancy watts says

    I have suffered depression and felt even worse thinking it was due to lack of faith in God. My Dr who is a Christian convinced me its nothing to do with that. It took some medicine to get me back on track. But I do believe prayers helped more than the medicine because after all God is the greatest physician

  32. Sally Davison says

    During the Covid pandemic this year, my grandson passed away at the young age of 32. Since his death was not natural (not the virus either) it was a shock. Seven months later it still hurts but God has lifted me. I am active again in church so being around people helps me to not think about the negative areas in my life. With Jesus’ love for me I feel His strength.

  33. Glenda Gentry says

    I have many friends who deal with depression. Taking medication is ok.

  34. TAmmy Layton says

    I have had issues over the years with depression. I lost my mom at 16 and I couldn’t stay with my father any longer as he was an alcoholic I took to the first man that would have me just to get away. He gave me 4 beautiful children but he was very sbusive so I left him. It was hard being a single parent of 4 but with the Lords guidance and love we made out well. It took me : tried to find the man God made fir me and we’ve been married 20 years now wouldn’t trade a thing

  35. Sherrie Gil says

    Blessings this holiday season.

  36. Lark Higginbotham says

    I had never suffered depression until I lost my brother to cancer. His death was very hard on me. We were best friends and did many things together. He was only ill for about 7 weeks. I have done many things to keep me busy and reading has been one of them. This year with Covid 19 has made things worse. I am a teacher and have been teaching remotely since the end of October. Hopefully, we will be back in school on Thursday. Being with the students does help with my depression. I love your books and am reading one now.

  37. Deborah Reed says

    I suffer from depression but I’m one of the lucky ones. Medicine has helped me. People have to remember that just because you look fine on the outside doesn’t me you aren’t hurting on the inside. With lots of prayers and support from family I’m able to function.

  38. Kathleen Reed says

    I’ve struggled with depression off and on my entire life. About 20 years ago, I found myself in a place so dark that it was smothering me. My dear husband, was patient and caring. He brought me a Christian music CD and one song on there gave me hope. The song is Immanuel, entire song is wonderful, but the short chorus is what touched me.
    Immanuel our God is with us
    And if God is with us who could stand against us
    Our God is with us

    God is faithful and brought me through.
    Thank you for your ministry through your writing.

  39. Debbie Daniel says

    Trials of a recent illness brought on depression for me. I prayed and prayed for strength to get this situation. Then I remembered Jesus praying in the garden Mark 14:36. My prayer changed that day to not my will but to your will be done in my life. Peace came. I’m so thankful to my Lord and Savior for all He has done for me. Always remember God is in control of every situation in our lives and the world. He sees the whole picture, we don’t. He will see us through to the end of our life on this earth or we will me Him in the sky on the day of the rapture. Let His will be done in your life today and find His loving peace. John 3:16-17 For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

  40. marcia H bowers says

    I love all your books that I have read, always waiting for the next one to come out. I love the pictures of little Zoie she is a beautiful child. will be praying for continued health.

  41. Geralyn Willer says

    Mental health is so difficult for the whole family. I know this first hand and my prayers go out to all of us who are dealing with this illness.

  42. I am looking forward to reading more books by you.
    The Robin’s Greeting (Book 3) and The Return to the Big Valley.
    I love your books.
    I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

  43. Marla Tripp says

    After taking care of my brother for 14 years, I was very depressed when he died. I got up every morning, put one foot in front of the other, and prayed to God for the strength to get through the day. Eventually, things seemed to come together, but I will always miss him.

  44. You are my favorite author and I have read the majority of your books. I hope to read all of them at some future time, I have five o you r books on my Christmas list. I will continue to pray for Zoie. The pictures were great. I wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

  45. Deborah Fish says

    I lost my mom and my dad in the past few years I had taken care of my parents for over 20 years. My husband had added a mother-in-law suite onto our home to allow us to take better care of them and also to allow them to keep their sense of self-worth I have been very depressed since losing them just not knowing what to do with myself and I have taken to reading your books and they have helped me immensely please keep. Please keep your books coming as I so look forward to them

  46. Teresa Kerr says

    My sister struggles with severe depression and she is bi-polar. She takes medication for both but sometimes she struggles something awful with it. At times, she finds it hard to even get out of bed, and sometimes she doesn’t.

    When I find that I am feeling a bit depressed, I talk with God. It seems most times my prayers get me through. If I am struggling a bit more than usual, it’s funny, but I talk with my sister and she helps me through.

  47. Cheryl P PIGATE says

    My daughter gained her angle wings on Aug 11, 2020. She had stage 4 bone cancer. We saw her suffer for many months. When she passed my depression hit me like a ton of bricks. With my faith in Jesus Christ I’m doing fine now. I know there will be days that I will feel sad but that is to be expected. I love reading your books and they to bring comfort.

  48. I also have suffered from depression I turned to my Bible and I have learned to journal a lot. I also turn to praise and worship music and it never hurts anyone to seek a professional to talk to.

  49. LuCinda LaMay says

    Wanda, I am one of the many that suffer from depression. My Boyfriend of 18 years passed away after suffering for about 60 days. The stress of his death and the only contact with his family was with them “Wanting” his “stuff” items that the 2 of us saved and purchased or things that I had bought. (One even wanted the couch his sister had given us that was 30 years old!) I finally told my Doctor the stress and depression that I was going through. After a few simple questions and my honest answers, I was prescribed an antidepressant. After 5 years, I still take the medication and most likely will continue the rest of my life. It took me 3 long and lonely years of dragging myself out of bed each morning before I finally was able to consider dating. I met a gentleman at a friend’s funeral and we talked. You might say things “clicked” After many long phone calls we finally met for supper at a local restaurant. I am very happy to say we now share his home and I now have found a good reason to get out of bed. Yes, I still have nightmares and some days it is hard to funcgion,but I look up to Heaven and Thank Ron for all the wonderful days he gave me!

  50. Nancy L Christian says

    I have had some strong bouts of depression in my 68 years of life. The worst being when I lost both of my sons to addiction within a two year period. God and his amazing grace brought me through many rough times but out of these deaths I gained my son’s baby to raise. She is the apple of my eye and now at seven years old she is a real little character! (I got her at birth!) Yes it is hard at my age, but worth every minute. When I start feeling frustrated or depression tries to visit, I just remember how God has been with me and pulled me though time and again. God bless and help all those out there that are struggling with this illness. I have never taken pills, but I know a lot of people that have and there is no shame in getting help from Doctors or anyone that can help you!

  51. Karen Lacasse says

    It is so true about depression. It can sneak up on you; especially in our current times. Thank you, Wanda, for including the verse from Psalms that helps to o uplift us. God Bless you as you continue to bless us with your work.

  52. I have depression and I’m already taking an antidepressant. I’m going to talk to my psychiatrist about it when I see her next week. I do pray daily but am having difficulties functioning daily. Thank you for your books. I absolutely fell in love reading them.

  53. Linda Martin says

    I just love every single one of your books. You are so real in your books. You write about issues that many people endure. I believe it helps ALL who read your books. Maybe they know someone who is facing a similar battle. Your capture my interest and I have no doubt that you do others also. Keep on writing. I think I have read almost all of your books.

  54. Jola Carico says

    The holidays and beginning of a new year are dangerous for those who are struggling. If you see signs that someone is struggling, tell someone that can help. I am not a clinical psychologist. I am merely a retired school counselor and do not claim to be more qualified than anyone else. But, I have worked with thousands of students. One thing I have learned is that isolation and hiding emotional hurt is not good for anyone. Always take it seriously when someone talks about suicide. Don’t assume that you can keep them from hurting themselves . Tell someone that can help them get the help they need.

  55. Marlene Weed says

    I have family members that deal with depression. With everything that is/has gone on in 2020, I think almost everyone I know has suffered depression to different degrees. My prayer is that God will help us all stay positive and keep our eyes on HIM.

  56. Barbara Meldrum says

    Wanda I so enjoy reading your books. I have many of them and enjoy each and every one of them
    Would love to read this book that you are offering. Thank you for being such a great author. Barb

  57. Rosabella Gingrich-Specht says

    Sending prayers to Zoie. Such a beautiful little girl. With everything going on in this world right now, that smiling face made my day. God bless.

  58. Anita Smith says

    I deal with depression on the daily and take medication to help the imbalance. God is the great healer and places what we need in our life when we need it. Your books always give me hope and are so uplifting. You and your words are a gift from God. Thank You

  59. I enjoy reading about the Amish life.I look for the books when I go to bookstores.

  60. I have had bouts with depression, “situational depression” its called. Other than watching diet, getting rest, exercise & Bible reading, using a salt lamp, really helps to boost mood.

  61. I am suffering from anxiety. I babysit for my 21 month old granddaughter which brings joy and stress and also care for my 91 year old father-in-law. COVID fear has put a lot of stress on us. Now my husband 61 yrs. old is losing his job in January due to big corporate restructuring. Reading books help me to relax.

    • Peggy Knecht says

      I suffer from anxiety, too. Reading does help. I also try to get outside everyday.If you need to talk to someone, please friend me on Facebook.

  62. Joyce Robbins says

    Psalm 91:5-6 You will not fear the terror of night. . . . . .nor the plague that destroys at midday.

    II Timothy 1:7 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline.

    This has not been an easy year, but I hope this is encouraging to you; God is in control and with us always.

  63. Nancy Edgell says

    So thankful for my Lord and Savior during this time. Know that no matter what He is in Control

  64. ellen steinberg says

    I have some cousins who experience depression. Each day is a chore to function. One in particular is a wife, mother, grandmother, nurse and funny encourager to the rest of the family. Medications help her function but it’s a battle with the monster within every day.
    My one son experienced depression after divorce. He was suicidal. Fortunately with doctors and medications he is pretty stable now. If his meds run out, he notices changes within a few days. The national medical/prescription programs often leave him adrift.

  65. Nancy Barr says

    I love reading your books!
    Can’t wait to read this book!

  66. BARBARA L EVANS says

    Am excited to read this book. I am so happy you are touching on the subject of depression. I am suffered wit bi-polar II depression since my teen years. I am now 59 and thanks to medication and some great therapists am doing much better. It was not until I was 52 years old that I was finally properly diagnosed and put on the right medication. It was many months of trial and error until my medications were working. I praise God for a wonderful husband and great family support. Without God’s intervention I would not be here today. Thank you Wanda for writing about this often misunderstood condition.

  67. Patti trickett says

    Can’t wait to read blended quilt. Had eye surgery waiting for my glasses. Love your books they are so inspiring.

  68. Vicki Bowers says

    Depression is very hard to deal with. I have been on meds for a few years now and it is so hard. I am getting better daily. Thanks to prayers

  69. Vicki Bowers says

    I try daily to get better. Tje good lord above is always there for me.

  70. Natalie Carwile says

    I feel sad and depressed this year because I see all the adds for Christmas and gift buying and giving. I think of all the people I see in the food lines this year. So many people have lost their jobs due to Covid and I know because of that so many children will not get anything this year. I can only give so much. My heart just feels so sad for these families. I pray for for my country everyday. So many people have lost love ones too during all of this so they will be having a sad Christmas. So let’s continue to pray for all who are hurting this year.

  71. Donna Garrett says

    Thank you for talking about depression! Sometimes it feels like a taboo subject for Christians.

  72. Christal Dueck says

    Looking forward to reading this book. Our DIL suffers with depression and anxiety and was diagnosed with MS in the last couple of years. She has had a lot to deal with and is not a Christian. We continue to pray for her and our son.

  73. Linda Machroli says

    I have days when I am very sad due to Covid. Miss seeing family especially. I only get to see my side of family on Easter and Thanksgiving and this year not at all. 3 drs. have told me to stay in so I only go to dr. appts and rides to pick up groceries and drive in church. My faith helps me get thru it and reading books to relax and escape help too. Miss hugs from grandsons.

  74. Andrea Long says

    Just finishing up the Healing Jar of the 3 Prayer Jars series. With needing to stay home more, and more waiting at things when I am out, I’ve been able to rekindle my love of reading for pleasure. I’ve enjoyed your books for many, many years. Still love making your recipe for Oven Fried Chicken.
    Thank You Wanda, for giving of your talents to provide entertaining, thought provoking, clean engagement.

  75. Jackie Cockrell says

    I am praying for sweet Zoie. That’s such a sweet picture of you with her.
    This time of year is usually my favorite time of the year, but 2020 has been so stressful, with the Covid pandemic, the extra active hurricane season, with 4 storms hitting Louisiana, and all of the protests and demonstrations going on. The Presidential election was like none that we ever seen. I spite of all of the negative happenings this year, we know that our God is still in control. We still have so much to be thankful for, not only on Thanksgiving day, but all year through. Thank you, Wanda, for the beautiful books that you’ve written. I’ve read all of them, and I’m looking forward to reading your upcoming ones.

  76. Linda K Robinson says

    I take a antidepressant pill every day but I have the Lord to help through also. I count all of my blessings every day even with all this covid going on. You just have to remember the Lord is in control and whatever his will is, will be it. Praying for Zoie.

  77. Mary Elisabeth Tierney says

    Thank you, Wanda, for highlighting depression. It is debilitating and controlling of a life, and it snuffs out even the smallest joy.

    It is always a pleasure to read one of your books. Your talent not only provides entertainment, it also provides a calming effect that, at least temporarily, allows me to get lost in your words. For that, I thank you!

  78. Mary Martin says

    Great story, it hit the nail on the head Loved it.

  79. Andrea Woodard says

    I am not ashamed to state, I sometimes suffer with depression, most of the time I suffer with anxiety. I have medication that I take when i really need it. Other times, I just deal with it. This year has been very hard. Besides the Covid 19, I had to have emergency stomach surgery last January, found out months later that I almost died after that surgery, I was in rehab afterwards for 3 weeks, went home, the next day had my staples removed and the day after that, back in the hospital for a week. I have been battling illnesses every since. Back in October, I had a stroke, still suffering with numbness and migraines. then I received a call my sister passed away. This year, I wish was over already. I am done with it. Had to retire 2 years earlier than I wanted to due to illness. Take care and God Bless you and all your loved ones.

  80. Romans 8:28 – And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. That and Phillipians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, are main parts of my saving Grace from God. I do my best to cling to those and many other scriptures day and night, but sometimes in the depths of depression I can’t even remember those verses, but thankfully I always remember the God who created each of us and I turn to Him. Constant prayer is my greatest hope in times of depression – that and allowing myself to cry as I reach out to God for help. He gave us those tears when he created us with emotions, so I am thankful. I come from a long line of family members on my mother’s side of the family who have struggled with depression and anxiety. I inherited both and have struggled with them the majority of my life, but especially since two months after I was 15 and I was raped by the person I eventually married and who fathered my kids, but who I finally found the courage to divorce after nearly 34 years. The babies God allowed me to have helped keep me on an even keel, because I loved them so much and I knew they loved me in return and I felt like no one else did. However, as they grew up and moved away, some of them cast me out of their lives and have convinced their children that I am not a good person and it frightens me for them and their children and grandchildren, but I know of nothing I can do other than to continue to pray and ask God for guidance and to fill all of us with His Holy Spirit, that we might love each other as He commands us to do. Suicides have been prevalent down through my mother’s line, with her uncle shooting himself, her brother hanging himself, her grandson, my nephew, who I loved like one of my own children, hanging himself at the age of 23, my cousin’s 18 year old son shot himself and all of my years of growing up my siblings and I lived with my mother’s depression and her wishing she had never been born, that we had never been born, our father had never been born and they had never met, that he and we and she would die. At one point, at the age of 51, as I realized what a sinner I had become I thought I wanted to leave this world and I took double of my medications, but a person I worked part time for called me before I took more and knew from how I sounded that I needed to get help, which I did, because that person told me if I didn’t he was going to send the ambulance and fire trucks to my home with all of their lights and sirens going and I didn’t want that to happen, so I did as he told me to. I thank God for that person’s call and that God helped me from what He allowed me to live through as I was growing up to know that I never wanted to think or say such horrible things to any of my kids or anyone in this world, because I knew how much those words of anger and/or anguish hurt and I have never wanted to be the cause of that kind of pain in anyone’s life and yet I continue to struggle with the pain of being an outcast to some of my own grown kids and their families because of my struggles with anxiety and depression. I’ve tried anti-depressants – they made me either want to sleep all of the time or do the opposite and lose all of my inhibitions and in the latter I became a person I never thought I would ever be and was involved with a married doctor while still married to the father of my kids. When I walked away from that wrong relationship was when I thought I no longer wanted to live. My sins that can’t be forgiven by some of my kids are something I will always be sorry for and have asked for forgiveness for from God and them and everyone my behavior hurt. In the end, my hope and my help comes from God. I am thankful anti-depressants help others and wish they had helped me, but I know I don’t want to try them again. I’m 77 years old and at times I still feel like that little 15 year old child who needed a mother and father and siblings to help me with life, but they weren’t there for me, as one siblings purposely said the same horrible things to me that our mother said to all of us and she constantly broke my heart, as well as two siblings who stood by her and separated themselves from me. I like to think they stood by her and not me because they were afraid if they didn’t she would do the same to them, but I don’t know that for sure. Thankfully, before my mother passed from this world at the age of 98, she was able to overcome the battles she struggled with and I am thankful that I had reached the point where I could tell her how much I loved her and she could finally tell me that she loved me, words I never heard from her or any of my family until the latter years of her life. Somehow, even as a child, I knew my mother was in pain – not physical, but pain from the life of poverty we lived in. I thank God for helping me learn the lessons I learned, but each day is still a struggle and I know I would not make it through this life, especially since the stress of Covid, if I did not have God in my life and if I did not know that He will help me make it through each day. My heart goes out to everyone who struggles with depression. At times I describe it to my husband of 20 years as feeling like I am living in a hell on earth. God and knowing His love and the love of my husband and most of my kids and their families are my saving Grace and I am thankful.

  81. Betty J Monda says

    Depression can hit anyone at any time. I have been there and it is not an easy thing to crawl out of. I was told at 18 years of age that I would not be able to have children. I went into a dark place that I never want to go to again. It was so scary. Only by the grace of God and a loving husband was I able to crawl out and begin life again. Mu husband and I agreed in prayer that God would bless us with a child, and He did. I was able to have one child. After my son was born I had to have a complete hysterectomy and because of that I was later diagnosed with a blood disorder that I will have the rest of my life. I thank God that it is manageable and it is not life threatening as long as I stay on the treatments and medications and I can’t eat certain foods that are high in iron or Vitamin K. But I am so thankful that God has brought me through so much. He has walked with me every step of the way. I can’t begin to give God enough thanks for how he has worked in my life. I now have a granddaughter, Hope who is 21 and engaged to be married and a grandson, Isaac who will be 15 years old in Jan. I am just so blessed sometimes I want to shout. God is good.

  82. Beverly C Clites says

    I have had a brief time of depression, but did not have to take medication for it. When I was at my lowest, a friend called me and let me know I had been on her mind and she had been praying for me. She has also sent cards of encouragement periodically. My husband went thru a period of depression several years ago. He managed to work but otherwise was withdrawn from everybody. Thankfully the Lord brought him out of it. I received my copy of The Blended Quilt this week. It has been added to me stack of books to be read. I don’t get to spend a lot of time reading, but get totally immersed in the story when I read the books you have written. They are always so encouraging reinforcing that God is in control and He will see us through even the toughest of circumstances.

  83. I forgot to add this – reading your books and other books about the Amish and Mennonites that are filled with the stories of families who love each other have been a tremendous part of me getting to where I am in life and surviving. Oh how I wish I could have grown up with that kind of family, but then again, if I had, I would not have had the ability to have empathy for others like the life I lived taught me to do. Even more I wish I could have provided that kind of life for my kids as they grew up. I did the best I knew to do and I am thankful for each of them and their families and that my kids knew from before they were ever born how much I loved them and wanted them in my life. I know now that was selfish of me, but I am still thankful God allowed me to have each one of them. I just keep praying the situation with those who have cast me out will change and God will help me know what He would have me do to help that happen. Your books truly are lifesavers to many of us. I need you to know that!

  84. Misty Foster says

    My Mom and I Love your books my mom is one of your biggest fans, I think she has almost every book you have written. You are so talented and your books make you feel like your right there with the Amish family your writing about.
    Keep up the good work.
    Thanks Misty Foster

  85. Cindi Hoppes says

    Happy December! Prayers and blessings for Zoie.
    Depression has plagued me for many years of my
    life. I have a chemical imbalance for which I take
    prescription medicine for, and see a psychiatrist!
    There are still days that are such a struggle for me,
    but I have asked God to take the weight off of my
    Many thanks, Cindi

  86. Debra Howell says

    I must say I have been blessed to never be depressed. Oh, I’ve been sad but not to the point of not being able to function. I can’t explain why except that God has been there for me no matter what. And GOOD friends.

  87. Susan Bowersock says

    I have suffered depression at times and do take a mild medicine to help me. I usually go to my bible, and just open it and start reading. Most times there is a message for me in that page or following pages.
    It helps to help others also, bake a cake for them or just try to do something nice. Reading an Amish story of yours, and others, helps me get lost in a story and often there is scripture or prayer included that helps me a lot. Thank you for your inspirational hidden messages.

  88. I love your books! Am looking forward to reading this new one.

  89. Suzanne Sellner says

    I find that exercise helps make me feel better about anything that concerns me. Also I turn off the television news and read or listen to an inspiring book. Singing God’s praises refocuses me and brings me joy.

  90. Krista Leisure says

    I, personally, suffered from depression and was on medication several years ago. With the help of my husband, I was able to get off the medicine and learn how to overcome the condition. What stood out most was him telling me that medicine wouldn’t fix my problems – I had to find happiness within my own heart. It took a lot of work and prayers, but I learned how to find this happiness and feel grateful each day. Reading Wanda’s Amish books helped me during this time as well as spending a little time each day reading some Bible verses . You too can overcome your depression if you put it in His hands.

  91. I suffer from depression and I am a caregiver 24/7 for my husband with Parkinson’s Disease.It is very hard to take care of someone when you don’t feel good yourself.Prayers and lots of reading help me get thru each day.

  92. Wanda, I love the way you weave a big picture in your newsletters and books. I have read a number of your books now and love the way you bring everyday problems to life and interject God honoring solutions. Now, you have brought up the “common cold,” of emotional disorders – depression. So many suffer and often go without help. I echo your thoughts that sometimes, when there is a chemical imbalance medication or supplements may be needed. However, reading scripture that is 100% truth can help us look above to the Lord and beyond our problems. It is amazing how prayer does not always change our circumstances, but sincere prayer will change us! I love this verse that you posted in your Journal: John 16:33, Jesus said, “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.’” We need to remember God’s truth in these uncertain days & times.

  93. Nancy Johnson says

    God is SO GOOD! Even in these chaotic times when it seems nothing will ever be the same again, that people’s lives may not be the normal they once knew, or this virus will never end, the one true fact is that God will ALWAYS be there and He promised through every trial He would guide us even when we think no one cares. At my age, I am reminded to look back and see all the times God was there no matter the situation and He always walked me through those valleys.
    I, too, love the way you bring every day experiences into your stories and allow God to be the one who works in those lives. Thank you!

  94. Judy S Crook says

    I have never suffered from depression but can only imagine what a terrible thing it must be. I had a friend who suffered from depression. She lost her job, had her credit ruined and went through two divorces before she reached out for help. With the help of medication she now lives a happy and healthy life.

  95. My husband suffered from a Chemical imbalance and became very violent. I was so sad that I had to put him into care at the age of 40. The Lord gave me a dream one night and I saw words coming out of the clouds that said “Be of good courage and HE will renew your strength.”
    He died many years later and now I am looking after my 2nd husband with Alzheimers.
    God is so good an HIS mercy endures forever.
    HE has given me strength to go on the journey as well.

  96. Depression still has stigma attached which is so sad.. Reading your books helps me be depression free

  97. Lila. Dunham says

    I think it has to be a conscious effort to keep a joyful heart and
    attitude with all the changes in our lifestyle since COVID 19
    My husband make this effort by listening to online sermons
    and Bible based pastors on TV
    More devotional time in Word of God and remembering
    that Jesus said there will be trials on earth- he will always
    be with us thru these dark hours.
    Jesus also commanded us to be Joyful and look up
    when tribulations come!
    To be thankful for all that he had blessed us with.
    We have more in the United States than any other country
    where children don’t have clean water to drink, go bed
    Music is another way lift up praise to God!

  98. Becky Guthrie says

    I know what depression feels like. But with prayer I deal with it. I am reading The Blended Quilt now.

  99. Debbie Benzi says

    I have never known anyone who has been so depressed they can barely function. Prayer would undoubtedly help a person who is depressed. Talking with a close friend should also help.

  100. I had bad stuff happen to Me growing up. I battled depression till I was 21. I asked God to help Me, and He did 2 weeks after My 21st Birthday. You see I was diagnosed with diabetes and the doctor told Me I have a choice to live or die. The choice was up to Me. It was like God was talking to Me. So thanks to that day, 23 years ago I have found everyday Blessings and Greatful to be alive. And now I tell People it is a Blessing in disguise. I cherish every moment I am alive. I still feel sorry for others that are battling depression. I would love to pray for all of them and let them know I care and I understand.

  101. Being disappointed and sad is a normal part of life. “Baby steps” is what my mom always says to get through anything. Giving a bit of time to the feelings helps along with being gentle to yourself. Doing things that refuel yourself is key and it can be something as easy as taking a walk or being around nature. Forest Bathing is when you’re around trees, you breathe in natural aromatherapy of phytoncides, which has a calm relaxed benefit.

  102. It is so hard not to focus on all that’s happening in the world right now. So you must think of the things that make you Happy , listening to happy music walking and reading!
    Block all negativity and negative 👎 people out of you lives!

  103. Penny Knowlton says

    Exercise has been a Godsend for me. I work so much sadness and anger out while walking in the fresh air.

  104. Linda Teems says

    My grown and married daughter has had depression for well over 25 years s and sometimes especially in the winter months it keeps her in bed a lot. During those times I try to get her out and let her know she is loved. During the summer, working in her yard is her passion So thankful for those days and so thankful for God’s love and protection. Keep writing those heart warming and beautiful stories

  105. Karla Conn says

    I found that it helps to do something you enjoy. When I was growing up, I developed a love for needlework thanks to my grandmother. After she passed away, I lost interest. Many years passed & I really missed it. I joined some facebook groups that shared my interest. They inspired me to pick it back up & I felt like I had a support system. Now that I’m back into it, I have found that it helps relax me & lifts my spirits to see the joy my creations bring to family & friends. Not only that but I have met a very special friend through one of my groups & we share with each other our days & worries & lift each other up in prayer. It really helps.

  106. Becky Canfield says

    I suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of my second child. That was some of the worst days of my life. I was so far down that I wanted to take myself out of the picture. It took me about 2 months to convince my doctor that is was more than just the baby blues and was finally put on meds to help me. The one thing that I did was make sure I stuck to a schedule as best as I could to keep me grounded. Everything is going good now, although she is 16 years old now.

  107. I don’t have depression but I do have anxiety. I also have OCD which I think goes with the anxiety. I do feel for those that are battling depression, my heart goes out to them, prayers for all.

  108. linda l schible says

    i have read all your books and love them all. looking forward to all new books from you

  109. Beatrice Black says

    I don’t suffer from depression, but have friends that do. I know that medication and faith in the Lord helps them to deal with it. I at times deal with anxiety. I remind myself of God’s love for all to see us through the tough times.

  110. Joanna Clark says

    Depression is a very hard thing to deal with. My 13 year old daughter is suffering from depression due to the loss of her grandmother whom was her very best friend. I alway love reading your books and I pray that one day I will own all of them. I have a great start with that. Thank you for sharing all your books with us.

  111. Kimberley Hargrove says

    I have suffered from depression for many years, Praying keeps me sane & the love of my Family & Dear friends. If it weren’t for God & His Healing Loving Touch , I dunno where I would be today! The Lord is my Saving Grace! He never leaves me & is always there! 🙌🙌

  112. Wanda,
    I cannot wait to read this book! This has been a hard year, not seeing my grand children and children.
    Not going anywhere.
    Your books always brighten my days!

    Happy Holidays, from Illinois!

  113. In 2003 my son Aaron committed suicide due to martial issues! He left 3 young children along with his sister and of course myself. I it was the hardest time in my life including the time my late husband passed away in 1992. I was so distressed that I could only think about suicide being a sin and he didn’t go to heaven, my awesome older church couple took me to there house and talked with me! Praise the Lord that Dixie had a vision seeing Aaron with his dad walking the golden road! She also told me that to a believer- suicide isn’t a sin because Jesus know his mind and heart! It wasn’t easy but by God’s Grace he was with me each step of the way! I can now talk about Aaron with crying and with love! I know I will see ALL of my family when the good Lord takes me home!❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏

  114. Sue Brandes says

    I deal with depression daily, I just take one day at a time and try to look for something positive.

  115. Sondra Thatcher says

    I have been going through a rough time the last couple of months. My dad who was never sick a day in his life ended up with covid. After a few weeks in and out of the hospital he got over it only to pass away from a blood clot that went to his lung. My husband has been off work for 8 weeks and facing surgery next week on his neck. But I am lucky because I have a lot of friends praying for us which is helping me to get through this rough patch. God doesn’t give us any more than we can handle so I’m determined to get through these times and am looking forward to a better 2021.

  116. Cindy Phillips says

    I also have suffered from depression. God is my everything. My husband has been sick for 3 years and he gave up and passed away. Trying to work and raise 3 children was really hard. I had to take family leave from work. I got help and was giving a mild pill to help me out. I finally got back on track and went back to work. Depression is serious.

  117. MELINDA BAILEY says

    I deal with depression every day. I lean on our Good Lord get us through it. I am praying for little Zoie I have great children her age. I enjoying reading your book. That are uplifting. And your mind just go where the store is telling about. I think in mine reading your books and mine Bible and also quilts that I made as alot to do in helping in mine depression .May God bless you…

  118. Most definitely my husband and I both suffered Great Depression at the hands of disgruntled church leaders. I won’t go into detail but because of harassment due to a misunderstanding (instead of them just forgiving), my husband who was pastor of the church for 35 years resigned. It was the only way innocent people could be protected as well. We lost our income and home because of it. We did take medication for months and I myself did off and on for years. Still do at times. It’s been 12 years and it still hurts. We loved our people.
    But our Lord gave us grace to face each day. In prayer to Him and just staying faithful, He upheld us win His mighty hand.
    He moved us to care for my Mom who was in need of help, moreso than we realized. and we did so until her death 2.5 yrs later. She graciously opened her home to us and my husband became pastor again of a nearby church.
    It’s not shameful to take meds she you need them. God uses doctors and meds also for our good. But He’s always there too.

  119. Keren Herrera says

    I became a little despressed when my thyroid became out of control and they couldn’t get medication right. The only thing you could here was …”she won’t make it” …. “her heart, kidneys are working double they will give out soon” but I know that God was with me. I kept praying and just being as close to God as possible, loving my family and coming or trying to come to peace. It’s scary to think you will die young and soon. Depression is a tricky thing, especially when evil tries to help it and put you down. But God always keeps you going and just praying and for me thinking of all the wonderful things in my life especially my family got me through it. It was a deep hole for awhile but getting God’s hand and keeping praying pulled me out of it. Thank you Lord.

  120. SARAH M ARNOLD says

    Dear Wanda, Thank you for this journal entry. I went through a period of time six years ago that my world was crashing in. I was beyond depressed. I saw and lived why people become so down that they commit suicide. The Lord, my family, and my faith brought me through this time in my life.

    The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. Exodus 14:14
    In this you rejoice, though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials, so that the tested genuineness of your faith, more precious than gold that perishes though it is tested by fire, may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 1: 6-7

  121. I thoroughly enjoy reading your books. They allow me to experience new lifestyles.

  122. Ann Marie Kelly says

    Waiting to get some new books of yours I have been running out bc of not working and at home recovering from a broken hip God Bless you and your family

    Merry Christmas

  123. Andrea Packard says

    Just finished this book! Having two painful autoimmune diseases it can get quite depressing at times!
    The great news is since I’ve been reading your books I’ve found spiritual strength that has helped me emotionally, mentally and physically. As a bonus your stories help me to relax and wish me away to Amish Country and I forget the pain these diseases cause me. My very favorite verse which is Philippians 4:11 is such a perfect scripture to leave us with during these trying Covid times!
    Thank you!

  124. Vivian Furbay says

    Depression is not something you can snap out of. It’s very serious and debilitating. I suffered a serious bout about 25 years ago. Thanks to the prayers and support of my family and friends and a kind counselor God brought me through it.

  125. Lynda S Beaver says

    I have heard that depression can be debilitating and that one thing that can often help (in addition to prayer, of course) is to find someone who you can help with whatever their need and that will help you feel better.

    I enjoy all of your books and look forward to new ones as they come out.

  126. Jenny-Lynn Fricke says

    I have depression and praying gets me through the rough times.

  127. Charlene Foreman says

    I have been reading your books for some time now I share them with my daughter and friends they like them too ..Your stories blees so much ,Ithank you for writting for all of us to enjoy and get to know about the AMISH ..

  128. Sheryl Renfrow says

    There are 2 kinds of depression. Clinical and situational. We all experience situational depression during our lifetime, but we move on. If someone experiences clinical depression, intervention by a professional is usually necessary. There is no shame in this need. The shame comes if help is not requested.

  129. Remembering that depression can be helped in so many ways, I would encourage inspirational reading, exercise, and seeking professional help. Depression is not something to trifle with and not everyone can “pull themselves out of it” without help.
    In complete honesty, your books have helped me in the past have a bit more faith and feel encouraged.

  130. Gwynn Shelton says

    I have depression. I pray to God and feel so much better, I’ve asked for The Blended Quilt for Christmas. Love reading your books. Make me feel good all over. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • Melissa Morris says

      If you feel down and depressed turn to the lord and read his word. His word will set us free of satin and all that makes us feel down in the dumps. I have been dealing with some type of down feeling lately like most people Bc of this pandemic. Having 2 kids and 1 of them being special needs it has been a struggle with him to get him to understand what is going on and why he can’t do things he normally does. It made me feel bad Bc I feel as if I am letting him down and not a good mom.

  131. Marlene Thorne says

    I love your books…I have read many of them. Thanks for your giveaways. When I feel depressed I remember the words Jesus said…I am with you always. I also love Psalm 46.

  132. linda l schible says

    i love reading your books. i have read all of them! i believe no matter how you feel about someone, you Must forgive them. it is very important. i know sometimes it is hard but, in the long run, it will be worth it. be good and good will be good to you. PRAY often!!

  133. Patti Bond says


  134. Tina M Johnson Bradburn says

    My husband just ordered me The Blended Quilt. I can not wait to start reading it. Your books have helped me a lot through COVID19 because they were a way for me to have an adult conversations; even if it was through a book. You see, I run an in home daycare for frontline workers and talking with children 12 hours a day where the oldest is 6 and the youngest 1s 1 is not very stimulating at times. So I get lost in the conversations in the book. The sad part is that I get so involved that in about 3 days I am finished with the book. Thank you for bringing comfort during this “stay at home” time.

  135. Darlene Carroll says

    Talking long walks, reading and crafting seem to help lift me out of depression when I find myself sinking into it.

  136. Debra Patton says

    I have endured 2 major depressive episodes in my life following traumatic incidents. The most important thing is to share with a prayer partner what you are going through. We tend to pretend everything is fine when inside we are hopeless. Keeping focused on the great healer and listening to praise music helps.

  137. Karen Clinton says

    Thank you so much for the encouragement! Yes, there are many opportunities these days to be filled with anxiety and depression. Praise God He loves us, hears our prayers and lifts us up!!!

  138. a joy to read your works. they bring me much joy

  139. In the world of today it is easy to be depressed and anxious. Being grateful for what God has given us and serving others is a way I get the focus off of myself and my worries/stressor. I need to start a gratitude journal to make gratitude a habit. I pray for those I know who are struggling in this area and some are on medications to help including family members. Praying for those in isolation and those having to work so many more hours due to vivid as these are triggers for depression and anxiety. Thank you for the encouragement!

  140. Lois Smith says

    JOY is opposite of depression. The Bible says, “The joy of the Lord is my strength”. One way I have helped myself to overcome depression is by giving to others. Giving brings joy.

  141. I have been depressed different times. Just all due to all the stress and sad things that have happened in my life… and now this pandemic everything is different now.. this just all depressing, I lost my job in September.
    I try to keep positive on life adventures. I like to help others when and where I can….
    I have realized that when I start going into a slum, I go to the kitchen and start baking…. I share my baked goods with family & friends….
    Keep your chin up and let the sunshine kiss your skin….
    I’m getting married in Augustvof 2021… EXCITEMENT IN MY FUTURE….

  142. Remember to thank God for all He has done. Read Bible promises. Doing kind things for others will help you feel better.

  143. Remember what God has done for you. Read Bible promises. Doing kind acts for others will help you feel better.

  144. Tracy Trenkamp says

    I experienced depression during menopause which happened quite early for me. I have found that when I wasn’t on natural hormone replacement that depression set in. When I went back on natural HRP my depression went away and I became a go getter once again. I don’t think that this is addressed enough and want to encourage those experiencing depression to have your hormone levels checked. Just maybe, you don’t need an antidepressant.

  145. My son is bipolar so I know what families cam go thru. But, for the grace if God he is very active in his church and has a great relationship with the Lord

  146. SARAH TAYLOR says

    I Love your books Wanda Can’t wait to read the 3rd book in The Amish Greenhouse Mystery series they are such great books Merry Christmas and Blessings To You and Your Family!

  147. My heart goes out to all those suffering from depression especially the children and teens.
    There has been a great increase among 10 year olds and teens reported since pandemic.
    Prayers for them and their families.
    I love your writings maybe dice I grew up in Amish community in Pennsylvania!
    Always eager for your next book.
    God Bless your ministry and stay healthy!
    Merry Christmas


    when I get depressed I pray and I also have a great support system in family and friends that I can talk about my depression.

  149. After my first husband death, I want sure if I could go on without him. Or if I would lose my home because of lost income on top of all the pain. I just know that I prayed continually, I’m not sure what I said or who else I spoke with for months. But I knew it dear Lord would get me through. Phil 4:19


    God bless everyone at this time

  151. Karen M. Hoth says

    It sure has been a difficult year for so many for so many reasons. Who would have ever thought that something that started in China would spread all over the world. Too many people have died. I have never experienced depression. I do feel all of us have had a touch of it this year in just dealing with day to day living. We have needed better leadership to help us deal in day to day living. No jobs, no food, no insurance and the list goes on. Now that there is a vaccine, I hope and pray that 2021 will be a much better year. We need to find a new normal and go on.

  152. Marlene Snyder says

    I have suffered from depression but only for a few hours at a time when I was diagnosed with cancer or other medical issue that I had to digest. I never needed medication for that depression as I knew how to dig myself out of it by doing something that I enjoy such as reading one of your books or doing my needlework or sewing. I would imagine that depression can be a debilitating disease for those who suffer from it on a regular basis. I had a brother who suffered from depression and tried to take his life several times as a young boy and was finally successful at the age of 62 to commit suicide.
    It was quite tough living with him in our family all my childhood years.

  153. Liz purcell says

    You are doing amazing thing by Gods Grace. Your books are bringing so much joy and peace during the times we are living in. And I love to be able to share a piece of the Amish lifestyle. Our Lord is amazing. Thank you for sharing your special gift of writing. Blessings to you and your family 🙏❤️

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