The Gift

In my novel, The Gift, which is book 2 in my Prairie State Friends series, the main character, Leah, does reflexology. She feels that God has given her this gift to help others. However, there are some in her Amish community who believe that Leah’s foot doctoring is not from God, and that massaging and pressure-pointing people’s feet does no good for anyone.

I personally feel that everyone has been given some sort of gift (or talent). I also believe that if we use our gifts to serve the Lord, we will not only be blessed, but others will be too.

Do you know what your special gift is? How have you used it to serve God and bless others? Has anyone ever made light of your gift? If so, how did you respond? Leah continued to serve others through her reflexology, despite any negative comments or avoidance.

Since I was a child I have felt that God gave me the gift to write stories. I faced ridicule by some family members when I was a young girl, but I kept focused on my goal to become an author. It is my hope that the words God gives me to write each of my books will bless my readers in some special way.


  1. Gail Hollingsworth says

    I like to send cards of encouragement to others and try to remember birthdays. I also enjoy crocheting afghans and giving them to family, friends and neighbors.

  2. Sarah M. Arnold says

    Wanda, God did give you a gift. I love reading stories. I have worked with disabled people for along time. In fact,I am a special education teacher now. I would say that working with the less fortunate is my gift that God has blessed me with.

  3. Barbara Croley says

    I have read nearly all of your books! You are a gifted writer for sure and I have enjoyed everyone of them. God bless you as you offer your readers encouragement and enjoyment through your writings.

  4. Lately I have felt that my gift is making things with plastic canvas and yarn. It’s very relaxing for me and I enjoy it. After all the holidays this year I’m going to start the year out by starting to make things to sell. I’ve been praying to God about this. I want to make things that HE wants me to make. I’m excited about starting out on this new adventure. anyone readying this is welcome to pray for me about this. Thanks and HAPPY THANSGIVING!

  5. I LOVE your books! I am still working on my special gift, and praying for God to show me the way of my special gift. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Betty Monda says

      I believe that my gift is Hospitality and Encouragement. I love to have people into my home for food and fellowship. I also love to send cards for birthdays and Anniversary, get-well, and cards to encourage others. Also send thank you notes to those who I see being kind or helping someone else. I am in charge of the hospitality committee at our church too. I love being around people. I love to read and I have almost all your books.

  6. I LOVE your books! I am praying God shows me the way for my special Gift. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Crystal Zacharias says

    Many say Im gifted, and I know I am, but Im not sure that Im using it to further the kingdom. I’d like to think I am and hope that one day I will know it has helped someone

  8. Marsha Rich says

    Yes, I believe in gifts. My gift is organization, being a leader. So many times I have used this in the Lord’s church. It is good to be open to the Lord’s calling. He will take care of you.
    Thank you to all your wonderful writings. You have definitely have been given a gift.

  9. Kellie Otterstedt says

    I really enjoy reading your books. Whenever I start one, it is so hard to out it down. I get lost in your stories & seem to devour your books. God has truly blessed you with a great talent for writing! Thank you for your wonderful stories!

  10. Laurel Archey says

    I have been blessed with the gift of helping and caring for others. I knew as a child that I wanted to be a nurse, and I have been fortunate enough to see God’s intervention in many peoples’ lives while caring for them and their families. It continues to amaze me how God’s plan is played out, and I personally feel blessed by being a piece of the puzzle for people.

  11. Tammy Bogardus says

    Wanda, I’m so thankful that you persevered in using your gift to write stories! God truly gave you a gift and your stories have certainly blessed me. I always feel like God is speaking His truths to me when I read them. As for my gifts, I’ve always loved to draw. The Lord has allowed me to use this love for our children’s ministry at church by making sign-ups and flyers. O also have always wanted to write children’s stories but haven’t been brave enough to do it yet. I hope this journal entry will inspire me to start!

  12. Jackie Cockrell says

    I love your books! You are one of my favorite Amish authors, and I’ve read all of your books. I’m always excited to hear that you have another one coming out. I sew, crochet, and bake items to share with others. I also try to encourage others with texts, phone calls, and cards. You have a special gift of writing. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Vicki Hancock says

    I feel like my gift is listening and I also believe I’m an empath. I always have an ear open to actually listen when people talk to me. A lot of people use me as a sounding board. That’s fine. I think people tend to overtalk these days and don’t listen when someone is reaching out. I will always be that someone to listen. Then comes the empath part. Don’t know if that’s a gift or not. I feel people’s pain as my own. If someone is hurting in their life, I tend to hurt almost as deeply. It is not always a good thing when I feel pain so deeply for others. I would not change it because it makes me more empathetic to their situation and I don’t judge. I believe we are all entitled to our beliefs and who am I to judge someone for their choices? May not always approve but will fight to the end their right to believe or do what they wish.

  14. Debra Patton says

    Thank you for sharing your special gift with us. I think that my gift is being a good listener to others. Sometimes, just letting others confide in you is very helpful.

  15. Thank you for writing all these books that I so enjoy!
    We celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada a few weeks ago, and on the table we had some of the vegetables that our neighbouring Amish farmers grew.
    Today we got our first snow fall here in Ontario…. Keep your books coming, they are the best to read (or to listen to!!) now that the cold weather has arrived.

  16. I love reading your books. I believe everyone was given their own talent . Massage is one. Not everyone would be able to take that on.

  17. Sally Fester says

    Hyoid morning Wanda. Thank you so much for all your books. Each one is a blessing to me and I’m sure to all your readers! I look forward to each of your new books. May God continue to bless you snd your family

  18. Your books are an inspiration..they give me strength and they make me feel good. Once I start reading a new novel I don’t want to put it down, but thats a good thing. 🙂 God has blessed you..
    As for my gift I believe God encourages me to be the best I can.. to be a caregiver..a shoulder when needed. I am a miss fix it around the house and on the farm.. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed because people see my smile, not realizing some days I’m broken.. I am strong for them but crumbling inside.. That’s when I get a book.. I calm myself and before I know it I realize GOD does not give me more than I can handle..
    Keep your novels coming!!!

  19. I feel we all have gifts that God gave us for the purpose of helping one another. It’s great to see the differnces and strengths just my own family members have. It’s pretty amazing, really!

    Love your books and wish you a happy Thanksgiving month!

  20. Charlotte Marks says

    I try to help out by taking charge of emailing our churches prayer chain and posting an inspirational quote to go along with the situation….I enjoy your books and love to read.

  21. Sondra Thatcher says

    I totally enjoy all of you books. As far as a special gift I love to help people. I am a good listener and sometimes that’s all someone needs. I am looking forward to the holidays and the chance to see family that lives out of state. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  22. Wanda, I love your books and I love sharing them with friends. In fact I am giving my granddaughter one of your children’s books call What a Pair for Christmas. I hope to continue the series for her.

    My gift is I try to be a good friend. I try to listen and not judge, I try to help those less fortunate than
    Myself. I also try to put others first.

  23. Anna Hesser says

    I love your books. I love to crochet and knit for others, but I have some friends that call me the “dessert” lady because of all the different desserts I have made for our Church functions.


  24. Wanda, I love your books and I love sharing them with friends. In fact, I am giving my granddaughter for Christmas one of your Children’s books called What a Pair. I am plan to continue the whole series for her. I

    I think one of my gifts is I try to be a good friend to all. I try not to judge and I am a good listener.
    I try to treat all as I would like to be treated.

  25. Paulette Northern says

    I enjoy reading your books and can’t wait until the next one come out! I enjoy sharing my chocolate covered peanuts that I make. I also crochet blankets for my family & friends.
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  26. Judy Wagner says

    Good morning Wanda and Happy Thanksgiving. I am a Canadian and we had our Thanksgiving last month. I always celebrate with my family. I am so lucky to have such a caring family. I have been a widow for twenty four years but have lots of friends and a very caring family.
    i love to help others and am always volunteering to do things which keeps me very busy . I belong to a Sr. Club and a Probus Club and am always busy doing things with both clubs. My passion is florial design. Ever since I was a child I would pick flowers from my mother’s garden and arrange them in the house. my mother wasn’t always happy that I picked them as she said they should stay out side for everyone to enjoy however whenever I had a chance I would arrange some for our home. I did become a florial designer later in my life and enjoyed every moment of designing flower arrangements. I do all the table arrangements in my clubs that I belong to as everyone loves what I do. I love to make people happy and see them smile . I belong to a very small church in our community with approximately thirty people that attend this tiny church. I so enjoy going each Sunday and being involved with things going on there. All the people are retired farmers and oh so friendly. I do enjoy my life I am 80 yrs young and have many friends. But I do miss my wonderful husband that had to leave me because God had something for him to do. Thank you for writing such wonderful books. Every time I finish your book I feel oh so good. These people are such wonderful people . I hope one day I will be able to visit one of the towns . it is in my bucket list. Do keep the great books coming you are a wonderful author. I met you once at a signing in the Wal Mart store in Port Charlotte , Florida. you made my day and I will always keep your books. I also take care of our library at my Sr. Club. I love to read. Thanks you and Bless you. Kindest regards Judy Wagner, Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canad.

  27. Alma Gentry says

    This is such an enjoyable network to be able to share and read about the Plain people. I am encouraged when reading your books and realizing there are still good values and people in this morally deteriorating world today. Danke Wanda for your unselfish acts and spirit. And thanks to Richard for his contributions to this lifestyle. Lieb!

  28. Jackie Jones says

    Oh my, yes I enjoy your books so much and so does my mother. I love to make things too. I am now in the process of making 60 pine cone ornaments. The will look like little Christmas tress. Sharing with shut ins, family and friends. Also making Hymnal Song Book Angels! I love giving and have always felt a closeness to the elderly and to children. Thanks for your testimony in sharing your talent with the world.

  29. This year will be VERY HARD for me. My mother went home to Jesus. I was born 12 minutes to 12 noon on Dec. 12th. The Lord told me He was taking her home on my birthday only an hour earlier.

    I called the family and her friends and told them that if they wanted to see or talk to her, to come before my birthday Dec. 12th. Some told me, you’re wrong, DoraLee, she’s not leaving then, but God is NEVER wrong. She left 12 minutes to 11 am on Dec. 12th.

    Thanksgiving and Christmas will be very difficult for me. My favor is to please pray for us. Thank you and I love y’all.

  30. Good morning Wanda, thank you so much for books. I love to read them and look forward to the next one. My gifts, I love working with the people that have delopmental delays and disabilities. I have been doing this for about four years now, and I love to watch them grow and be able to do things on their own that they couldn’t do before.

  31. Becky Bledsoe says

    I am reading your book the healing jar. cannot hardly put the book down. I love all your books. thanks for sharing all your wonderful stories.

  32. Allison Schalck says

    I’ve struggled for years to find what my real unique gift is. I’m not very good at recognizing what is right in front of me. I enjoy singing, and cantor at my church. I’ve never thought I’m very good, but I do it in church for the glory of God.

    I am very good in the sciences and pursued health sciences and medical school in my college years. Though I was never able to make it into medical school, I received a masters degree in Human Pathology (the study of diseases/conditions). I ended up becoming an advocate for my husband who has an extremely rare form of an autoimmune condition. It took us two years to find the right doctors and the diagnosis to pursue proper treatments, which have helped my husband to lead a more normal and fruitful life. Now I help my family and friends decipher medical terminology, test results and offer advice on becoming their own patient advocate. It may not be what I wanted to do with my life, but I believe it is where God led me: to help others help themselves in getting the answers they need regarding their health. It isn’t a job, more of a personal mission.

  33. My mother loves your books and would so love this contest

  34. Roxanna Strickland Livermore says

    This season hard for me. I lost my husband and daughter 9 1/2 years ago. I am thankful for all my blessings that God has given me. I am so greatful for my new Christian Husband and his family. I try to reflect on the good things.
    May God bless you this thanks giving

  35. Cheryl Shanor says

    My husband is a pastor and in our one church, several years ago, people there said I had the gift of hospitality. We had each member and family in our home numerous times and also provided dinners for our board members and their spouses. We enjoyed getting to know them as people and they became very dear to us.

  36. SARAH TAYLOR says

    Wanda I Love your books I feel my gift is being a listener to all my friends and being their for my family and friends when they need someone to talk too! Thank you for your wonderful books! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Your Family God Bless You in everything you do!

  37. Sally L Larrabee says

    I have been a psychiatric nurse for over 40 years. I have always felt that was exactly what God wanted me to do and I was very grateful he gave me the gift of being able to help others. However, I had a stroke last year and can no longer work. I am asking God what He would have me do now – I miss helping others in that way!

  38. Well first of all, my husband and I have been very close to our children and grand children, since they were all born I have watched our grands daily from the time they were born and now we have moved but the first two grands, live with us, (and always, we have had them with us in our house, or across the street or nearby) so that we can go and help (without getting into too much) they are almost 17 and 12…our other two grands live in So Fla but we visit often (even though a 10 – 12 hour drive) and go to help with Christmas and Spring Breaks….so alot of times my husband will say he would like for it to “be just me and him” I have often thought, that yes we can get to those times … soon hopefully, I do believe maybe it was our “mission” to care for all the grands while they were young…
    I also have a few friends that I sent out weekly cards to …they are older and I know how I LOVE mail…imagine them….so I send a card or two each week and they enjoy that….getting the card and knowing they are remembered and as I say…for the price of a card (when I cant get down to my craft one to make one) and a stamp…I can make someone happy each week…..
    I hope to get to read more this winter…I can use the quiet ME time….

  39. Ilena Porter says

    My family and friends tell me all the time that I am gifted. Making quilts for family and friends, cooking and baking. My husband passed away 3 weeks ago and I lost my biggest support person who always encouraged me and told me I was being to hard on myself when things didn’t always turn out the way I intended them to. I love reading your books, but haven’t felt like doing much reading lately. A couple nights ago I started reading the Brides of Lancaster County series. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to do the things I love to do (read, quilt, cook and bake). Right now I am taking it one day at a time.

  40. Michele Astle says

    As I get older, I realize that I have so much to be thankful for. We had 4 kids in 4 years so there were so many hectic/busy days, sometimes it seemed I was just on automatic pilot. Getting though the day was a challenge with so many things to do for the kids. Now that the kids are 21 to 25, I’ve gotten a chance to step back and appreciate all of the things God has blessed our family with. We all have our health. M<y kids are teaching special needs children and making a difference in this world. I have time to volunteer at our church. I don't always get a chance to get all of the kids together since they don't live near myself and my husband anymore so when we do get together it's an amazing time. I thank God for putting my husband and children in my life. I'm still working but I feel that is also God's plan and I actually enjoy my job much more now than I did 15 or so years ago. My wish is for everyone to find something to be thankful for in their lives. We all have blessings. Sometimes, we just have to step back to appreciate them.

  41. Jean S. Kessler says

    Wanda, I am so grateful you did not allow the naysayers to influence you. I have enjoyed many of your books, and I look forward to enjoying many more. It has given me a glimpse into the Amish lifestyle, which helps me understand my late father, as he was Pennsylvania Dutch. Thank you for writing!

  42. Eleanor Davis says

    We have a large blended family that has resulted in 78 Grand, Great Grand and Great-Great Grand children. I keep a spread sheet with all the family birthdates and anniversaries. I send cards to all in family which makes over 100 cards sent each year. I feel my calling is to make everyone feel special on their special day and know that they are remembered.

  43. Mauvelene McCoy says

    As someone who has an interest in the Amish and the Plain life, your stories bring much joy to my days. Thank you for writing books for children, as this is something I would like to introduce to my son to appreciate the simpler ways of living.

  44. Anita Smith says

    Wanda I love your books, I look forward to reading each one and then sharing them with others. Blessings to you and your family.

  45. I have been made fun of due to my size. I’m only 4’7”. I’ve always been small
    And so are my children. I told our son when he began school that folk may tease him. If so just to tell them That’s the way Jesus made him. That’s the best answer I know. We’re all different in size, appearance as well as talents. Use whatever you possess to God’s glory.

  46. Sherri Hines says

    That sounds like an interesting book – can’t wait to check it out. Glad you are using your gift in a positive way. I’m not sure what my gift is, but do feel God moves me to share something I have with someone that makes a difference in the moment – sometimes I see it, sometimes I don’t. God is always providing.

  47. Robyn J Curtis says

    I too believe that we are all given talents by God that we all need to reconize and act upon. Ten years ago, I was given the opportunity to be a caregiver for my parents. First it was my Father until he passed in 2012. Then almost immediately my Mothers health started declining. After many years of not knowing what was going on, she was finally diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. She is now on hospice and we are just taking one day at a time. It has been such a blessing and privilage to care for her. I know that Gods hands are over me to comfort, lead, and give me the wisdom everyday to continue giving her the care she needs. Hardest job I have ever had but the most rewarding job I have ever had.

  48. Bonnie Lunsford says

    I love reading your books. I love helping my coworkers out when I can with little “pick me ups” once in awhile .

  49. Julie Brown says

    I love all your books! My gift that I use I that I can Cross-stitch very well and I make gifts for the residents at local nursing home. Some don’t have Christmas gifts to open so this way they get to open a gift and they smile. I feel this gift of mine brings joy to others.

  50. Lisa Redecop says

    I love all of your books,I haven’t read all of your newer ones but the ones I have read I really enjoy. I haven’t read The Gift yet but now I would love too.

  51. Melissa Ellison says

    Excited for your new book Crows Call sounds like another great one!! My mom always told me I had a gift of talking to people and helping them and being a leader, in my younger days I was always real involved in church, with the young people, I taught class, lead a choir, youth leader etc. I always enjoyed it so much.

  52. I don’t know what my gift is. Have a blessed weekend.

  53. I think that God gave me the gift to take care of others. By that I mean children, my elderly father, and my brother, especially as he has gone through many things in his life. He broke his femur bone at work, he is a brittle Type 1 Diabetic and he has had his ups and downs, with irregular blood sugars, dialysis, and a diabetic ulcer, which luckily he did not loose his foot. Through it all I have been there to care for him

  54. Debbie Benzi says

    I believe my gift from God is that I’m a good listener. When someone has a problem or just needs to talk (an older person reminiscing), I am happy to sit and listen, paying close attention. It makes people feel important when they are listened to. People have said that I am too quiet because I prefer to listen. While it does hurt my feelings, I choose to ignore their criticism and just be me.

  55. Karen Maust says

    I believe one of my gifts is the gift of hospitality. I had been part owner/operator of a bed and breakfast for 25 years and hosted numerous persons from not only the U.S. but some other countries as well. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience of serving others with a bed and a meal. We prayed for numerous guests, not only for their meal time but for personal concerns. It was a real blessing to receive a return call from one of our guests whose brother was fighting cancer and hear the good report of cancer free and thankfulness for our prayers. Blessings to you as you continue to write. I have enjoyed all the books that I have read to date. Thanks.

  56. Anita G Mormann says

    Good afternoon Wanda from here in California. I enjoy getting your emails in my inbox and hoping this holiday to pick up a few books to read. We have such a huge collection of so many books from many authors. In the past I have read books about the Amish and their stories. There was a time back in 2013 had so much free time on my hands and tried to keep current. Here it is 2019 and being retired am finding myself falling asleep in our recliner…funny right?

    Thank you again for sharing what’s happening and look forward to reading your next email/newsletter. Happy Thanksgiving…..can’t believe it’s already Nov 1st.

    Crossing my fingers I might win your book in this contest.

  57. Lynn Vinegar says

    Not found my gift yet, but I’m still looking and waiting for God to reveal it to me!

  58. My gift from God is the ability to make me see (tag tie) fleece blankets and then I give them to cancer patients or people I know that could use a warm hug, like someone who may be fighting other medical issues or someone I hear going through a rough time.

  59. I love to bake and take cookies,cakes and brownies to family and friends.I love your books and all Amish books.When I’m done reading them I always give them away to family members or friends who love reading as much as I do.

  60. dorie emmerich says

    My gift is to be a good listener and friend to anyone I come in contact with. Have a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  61. Jo E Smith says

    I love to read the Amish books. My grandmother was orginally Amish – broke off and becam Mennonites.

    • Eva Alcala says

      My gift would have to be a great listener, happy to help others and hospitality. Is in my families blood. Blessings.

  62. Mary Preston says

    The best thing about having any kind of gift is sharing it. I am patient and organised.

  63. I so enjoy your stories and look forward to reading the book of short stories. I have volunteered for one teacher for many years. She has me correct papers as I know what she is looking for in the student’s work. Sometimes I help the students with their work. I also teach preschool and kindergartners at our Tuesday Children’s Church.

  64. Janna Much says

    I really enjoy reading all of your stories….I just ordered 8 books from my local library….I’m excited to get them and start reading more…. please keep writing… Thank you

  65. Gladys Paradowski says

    I have taught Sunday School, but I think the very way one lives one’s life and how you treat people speak volumes about one’s Christianity.

    Without Christ a life is missing so much.

    I would like to remind all Christians to add the firemen in California to one’s prayers. Thousands of them are fighting terribly dangerous fires.

  66. Jeanne McCartht says

    Yes God gave me the gift of writing too. I have written a few articles for magazines and thought about a book but not yet. I love your stories of the Amish. Didn’t t know they are allowed to do reflexology and take Hawaiian trips. Will have to read these books!

  67. Erika Luther says

    You have been giving the wonderful gift of writing. I have enjoyed your books for many years. I have been told I am a good listener and encouraging.

  68. Deborah Dumm says

    I think my gift is advocating for myself and others. I use a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy and I have found that places that should be accessible to everyone are not necessarily accessible to those with physical disabilities. I try and point out these areas and make a difference.

  69. Terri Shortell says

    I agree that everyone has a special gift and talent. I’ve always believed mine is the love of knowledge and learning new things, ideas, and skills. If I can help others by sharing with them, I am willing to do that. I enjoy helping people accomplish their goals and dreams.

  70. Brenda B Books says

    I’ve always been told I am a good reader. I share that gift by being a reader at my church. I’m also an encourager who has found other good readers who were hesitant to step up in public.

  71. Connie Ruggles says

    I have felt that my special talent was encouragement; whether by sending little notes, or trying to bring a smile to the customers’ faces at my job.

  72. theresa norris says

    So happy with your gift of writing, I enjoy your books so much.

  73. Karen Mccoy says

    I feel I have two gifts that God gave me. One is being a prayer warrior. I also was blessed with a career working with special needs students. I am so thankful that God led me to this rewarding career.

  74. I also believe we are each gifted with a special talent ,and we need to allow God to reveal it to us and be welcoming of it. For the last 36 years I have been blessed to have the opportunity to care for others as a nurse. Patients continuously tell nurses how we have blessed them,but truthfully, patients leave nurses with gifts that are unimaginable and beautiful. Every nurse can share a story or two of a patient that “will never be forgotten”. I have cherished my years of nursing and thank God daily for this opportunity. I love your writings. Please keep it up! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your books.

  75. Pat rydberg says

    My father did not encourage my art ability. Unlike you, I allowed that to deter me from pursuing art. My parents made sure I played their big band music. I am using the piano songs in n a nursing home to bring joy there. My art, I am using often in the form of birthday cards and posters. Many residents want to hear Christian hymns.

  76. Betty Jo Blevins says

    A couple of us women at church have starting making cards and we send them to members of our church on their birthdays, anniversaries, when there is a death or birth in their family and recently started making some to pass out at a local nursing home when we visit once a month to sing and visit with the residents. Our minister will share a short message with them also. They look forward to the cards and our visits as some do not get any visitors at all. I enjoy your books and have given some to the nursing home for the residents to enjoy also.

  77. Mary Roelke says

    I work at a grade school & make sure for all of the staff to send them birthday wishes on their special day. Also have 6 neighbors in for a meal & get together once a month.

  78. I too believe we all have gifts from God that we should share with others. I am comfortable speaking in front of God so I have used that ability in numerous ways. One of those ways is as a Sunday School teacher. I taught for many years. I also have used it as a teacher for my own children as a homeschooling mom. I have used to help other Christian groups through the years. I think it is good that you have pushed forward and used your gifts despite the negativity of others. That allows the rest of us to be blessed to be able to enjoy reading your writings.

  79. I really enjoy reading your books..I get lost in time and read 3 or 4 hours before I know it….I have shared my books with a other ladies that cant get out to get books to read…They also have enjoyed your books…Here is hoping and praying that you have a Blessed holiday season wherever you may be…

  80. I am totally enthralled by your writing. I have truly enjoyed reading everything you have written. I look forward to reading your future works.

  81. I find great comfort in reading your books. I believe that we a God’s greatest gift and you share your gifts with us in your writing. I greatly thank you for all of the hours of peace and contentment I have been able to find while reading your books.

  82. I believe we all have gifts that are God-given. I am thankful for your gift of writing. I have enjoyed your books and been blessed by your writing many times over. I feel like my gift is working with children. I am a middle school teacher, but I also teach Sunday school. I have loved being a mom with our three children who are grown with their own children. So now I am enjoying our 5 grandchildren. I have also used my “love of children” gift as a Youth group leader and camp counselor and daycare teacher. I am always eager to see what opportunities come my way to share God’s love with children.

  83. Megann Zeigler says

    I feel my gift from GOD is listening and teaching. I retired from a Marketing degree and went back to college at 47 to get my degree in teaching Special Education. I then choose to teach in an area I felt called to and taught 9-12th grade with all different children and all different problems. Many of my students were Gang members and needed someone to listen to their needs, give them choices and teach them how to make good judgements and to accept consequences when they did not. I have been retired 19 years and am still in touch with many of my students and even tutor some of their children.

  84. I feel I have the gift to be kind to others.

  85. I have the gift to be creative.

  86. I have the gift to be a loving sister.

  87. I have the gift to be a loving sister and confidant.



  89. yvonne korstange says

    My special gift is helping family and friends. Family is legally blind. You just do the things you do for other out of Love. My favorite saying. The Things you do for Love. Enjoying time with the grandchildren is a great rewards.
    Thank you and your family for all the writing you do. God has blessed each and everyone one of us daily.
    Happy Holidays to one and all.

  90. Geraldine A Bates says

    I think God gave me the gift to be able to let others know that i had a heart attack. He spared me so i could let them know that He was with me right through it all. That He is God and to believe in Him all things are possible. I like trying to let them know what i went through and that they can do it also. God has let me live through a heart attack and a bypass and 17 stents i feel He did this so i can let others know He is with them also. I am so blessed to know my God…Amen

  91. connie hand says

    Thank you, Wanda, for sharing your amazing talent. Love reading your books. I have always had an interest in the Amish way of life. If my granddaughter finds one of your books on a give-a-way table, she will get it for me. God bless you in the upcoming holiday season and always! Love, Connie

  92. Melissa Andres says

    I love to sing and God has given me the ability to do so. I usually just sing in church and it’s a blessing to our congregation which in turn blesses me! Love that God works it out that way!

  93. Kristy Davis says

    God blessed me with my voice. He also brought me to my husband where he and I wrote songs. One special song we wrote for my mother who passed away in 1991 of cancer. We recorded a CD with that song being the cover. Many people have commented to me how they related to the songs. We wrote it to honor my Mother not knowing th at it would connect with so many others. I feel blessed we were able to touch others with my story.

  94. Sharon Brown says

    God blessed me with the gifts of encouragement and compassion and a joyful heart and a smiling face ! I am so thankful for these beautiful gifts . I am a cancer survivor and I reach out to many others to encourage them and I lift them up in prayers. I am truly blessed ! Thank you Wanda for sharing your gift of writing and for your books. ! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family with a heart full of love !

  95. God gifted me with the ability to teach and to continue to learn for which I am thankful.

  96. Debbie Wilks says

    Thank you for sharing your heart through your stories. They always touch and inspire me.

  97. Beverly Clites says

    Thank you for your thoughts in this journal entry. Your words are always inspiring and thought provoking. I love to tat ornaments and receive great joy sharing an old craft with others.

  98. Vivian Furbay says

    God has given me some abilities that I enjoy; some more than others. I like to make things and give them away. I make baby quilts for charity and for friends and family. I also like to make greeting cards of all kinds. Some have been critical about them.

  99. Brianne Kennedy says

    I agree completely! It is such a beautiful thing that we all have such different gifts and talents. I love how God works in that all different parts come together to make up the complete body of Christ. I want to say thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Reading your books, your blogs, and enjoying the recipes you share speaks volumes to my heart.

  100. Darlene Carroll says

    I love to help others whenever I can and I am a good listener when someone needs to talk about their problems.

  101. I love reading your books. I like reading about the Amish they are interesting people. I have often thought I would of like spending time with an Amish family. We go over to Illinois to a place called Beaches and shop, they have a little bit of everything.

  102. Carmen D Meyers says

    I am so glad that God gives us special gifts! Thank you Wanda for using your gift of writing to bless so many people! I was recently given a copy of the God’s Gifts test that I have yet to take. But I have done a couple in the past and I believe that God has blessed me with the gift of Compassion. My husband and I are currently teaching Bible Study to a group of widows. And we are planning a special Thanksgiving meal to include any that would like to join us for dinner. Sorry this is so long.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Love, Carmen Meyers

  103. Mary Lou Gooding says

    I have enjoyed many of your books Wanda. They have provided both an escape from struggles in my life and the world and courage to face them.
    I have a cousin whose children have had to move him from his home surroundings to an adult foster home near me. I feel God has placed my cousin near me so we can help each other. I am a widow and was praying for a friend to visit and share with.
    I think my gift is to spend time with him thus helping me with my loneliness.

  104. Hi Wanda, I love your books and I do share them with others but I am particular about who because I keep your books to reread later. I have almost all of your books and will keep finding and reading them. I send cards to help encourage and uplift my friends and family. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  105. Shelley Ferrell says

    I have always felt my gift is one of helps. I love to help others and give my time in helping serve in my church. I also have a gift of teaching. I work with the preschoolers and kindergarten children in my church. I love teaching these children and helping others with whatever need they have. I love reading your Amish novels and in fact I think I have read them all.
    Shelley Ferrell

  106. Linda McFarland says

    God has given me the gift of serving others and being an encourager. Because of health issues I have not been as active as in years past but have been so blessed by others’ encouragement and service.

  107. Cinda Farris says

    Love your books and sharing them with others. Thanks to my Mom I love to bake and enjoy sharing my baked goods with others.

  108. Good morning praying you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. I love reading all of your books and when I am done with them I give them to my Pastors wife. She loves them. My gift from God is to be a caretaker of my family. I to care of my wonderful husband for 19 years until he phe went home to be with the lord. My husband had MD and was pailized from the wast down. My Daughter April was a very sick girl and was. All was in pain. She got really bad when she turned 16 years and past away at the age of 28 years old. Now I am taking care of my l of my 31year old son who has mental problem. I don’t get much time to myself, but when I do I read your book and the Bible. God bless

  109. Bethany Carrillon says

    Hi Wanda, my gift from God would have to be the artistic talents that he has given me. I like to paint, sew, make crafts out of bandannas or old blue jeans, wreaths of any kind, embroider, color, sketch, design, and anything else that is artistic.
    How I have used this for God is that I take it and run with it to my fullest potential. And how I use this to bless others is that I make a painting for someone during the Holidays and other special occasions and it seems to bring them cheer. And sometimes if someone sees a painting that they like they ask me to do it for them and I do it free of charge.

  110. I love reading your books. I get so engrossed in them and cannot put them down. I am sad when I finish them but I always learn so much from them that I can apply to my life and my own faith journey. I feel my special gift and talent is the ability to listen to others with an open

  111. I’ve been told that my gift from God has been my strength & my positive attitude. I’ve been through so much and survived it. I beat breast cancer, going through numerous illnesses, and survived a very horrible domestic violence situation of 22 years & I’m still going strong with God by my side along with a huge smile on my face.

    • Tammy Hudson says

      I really enjoyed your journal entry you do have the gift of writing I love all of your books. I guess my gift would be I have a big tender heart for people I hate to see people hurting I want to help if I can.


  112. Susan Fletcher says

    I always enjoy your books. Keep writing.

  113. Ruthann Dulaney says

    I love reading your books. I agree with you that God has given each of us a special gift and we need to use it to glorify him. I don’t know as I have just one gift to mention. It depends on the circumstances and what I am called to do at that moment.

  114. Definitely delightful!

  115. Janna Much says

    I have enjoyed every one of your books that I have read so far.
    I feel my gift from God is caring for the elderly people. I have worked as a CNA for almost 25 years. It is a great feeling knowing i put a smile on someone’s face because i could help them….

  116. yvonne korstange says

    My gift is helping others. I’m the driver for mom (90 yrs old)and hubby. Both are visually impaired. Take mom to stores, dr appts. Everywhere she needs to go. Wouldn’t have it any other way.
    I help friends taking them to appointments also.
    Many take driving for granted. I think its a honor to be able to take people where they need to go.

  117. yvonne korstange says

    I enjoy helping the family and friends by driving them to appointments.

  118. Bethany Ester says

    Wanda, I firmly believes God gives us each gifts to honor Him and bless others! Thank you for sharing your heart on this matter!

  119. I think My special gift is to let others know I care about them. Like a text or call out of the blue. I have had friends tell Me “how did You know I was thinking about You and I needed to talk”. I say “God told Me to call or text You”. I listen toy friends and family. I offer thanks to people and tell them thank-you for everything they have and did for Me. If that isn’t a talent then I have nothing. I think Your talent is AWESOME! I love Your books. You even go out of Your way to make sure Your readers are happy. Thank-You for that. God Bless You and Everyone Here.

  120. I enjoy all of your books I’ve read. God has gifted you with writing and also your spiritual insights that are included in the stories
    I like the fact that the stories always end in a positive way and love is included.

    Good luck in future writings and give God all the glory.

  121. Emogene N Oliver says

    I have read more than 50 of your books, but I do not have the one you are giving away from these posts. I have the Hawaiian series that you recently gave away. I enjoy reading. I also prepare and mail birthday cards, praying for you cards, sympathy cards and any appropriate cards to our “Joy Club” – Just Older Youth – our seniors group at my church. We have more than 100 in our group and takes some time to prepare and mail all these cards. I have been doing this 20+ years and enjoy preparing the cards. May God Bless You as you continue to write!

  122. Charla McFadden says

    I love your books! God has really blessed you by being an author. Your books are a delight to read!

  123. God has blessed me with the gift of writing poetry, for which I am so thankful. I try to honor Him with most of it, but I also have some fun with some of it . I really don’t think He minds!

  124. Wilma Blevins says

    Love your books

  125. Wilma Blevins says

    Love your books

  126. I look forward to your emails and learning about your new books. I have a whole shelf dedicated to just your books. I enjoy your talented gift God has given you. I took the spiritual gifts assessment and found it to be quit accurate in describing me. I have the gift of serving. I love helping people behind the scenes. Praying God continues to bless you in your amazing gift.

  127. Kathleen Goddard says

    Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. I’ve found comfort in your novels especially the Healing Jar. My family has told me I have the gift of listening and comforting. I’m also called the memory for my husband and I am a great organizer. I also have been doing some jar painting and can’t wait for spring to plant my garden.
    I want to spend my time thanking God for my many blessings. We bought our first home this summer. My husband has been cancer free for 6 years. I have a new great granddaughter. The list can go on.
    I wish you and your family a blessed year. I will continue praying for all of you.

  128. Janet South says

    The gift that comes from the heart is more precious than any monetary gift. For instance, today our Moose Lodge is filling stockings and wrapping presents for the homeless in our area. It makes me feel good that I will be a part of the event. Like the Amish, God wants everyone to help and remember what Christmas is all about. Reading your Amish books gives me an inner peace because there no violence , just love, warmth and forgiving.

  129. Debra Winterrowd says

    You are a true blessing to so many! God has blessed me to be there to help provide comfort at the end of life as a hospice nurse. Thank you for all you do!

  130. I sew quilts for the needy

  131. Use your gift from god to bless others

  132. Stacy Holwager says

    I work with intellectually disabled adults. I believe God gave me the gift of patience to do my job. Some days are harder than others. I’ve been attacked by a few of my clients but God gave me the courage to continue my job.

  133. Kelly Basselman says

    I believe my gift is the elderly. When sitting and listening they love to share their stories and I point out where God has brought them through or walked with them. I also find many elderly that enjoy amish books and it gives me the opportunity to reach them I. Our same likenesses. I am blessed by your books.

  134. Martha Franks says

    My gift is encouraging, listening, praying. I use these gifts with friends and family. I am part of a visition and welcoming committee at my church.

  135. Robyn J Curtis says

    For years I have always taken care of my elderly family and friends in different capacities. I would always say more as a joke at the time “I love old people” when something funny or unusual would happen as it often does. But who would have thought that I believe that my calling just may be caring for the older generation. I am in the process of taking care of my mom who is currently on Hospice. After being in the corporate world and believing that it was the hardest job I ever had, doesn’t even light a candle to the difficult job I have now. But would not trade it for the world.

  136. Roxanna Strickland Livermore says

    I love your books they help heal my broken heart. I lost my husband and daughter at the same time. Your stories help me heal. And know that God is with me. I love the Christmas stories. They make me feel like my family is with me. God bless you. Have a very merry Christmas.

  137. Sheila Cleverly says

    I love reading your books.

  138. Kari Scherer says

    I like to make cards and send them to people.. it is a therapy for my medical conditions ..

  139. Deirdre Metcalf says

    Thank you for telling us about some of the ways the Amish celebrate Christmas. I have read several of your books, including the Prairie State Friends series. Arthur is about 2 1/2 hours to the south of me, and Nappanee is about 2 1/2 hours East of me. I love the Amish culture! I’d also love to read Amish Front Porch Stories!

  140. Kitty Potts says

    I recently made the Amish Pumpkin Bread for a local bake sale and have to say that I will be making it alot inn the future. It was amazing and so easy to make. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  141. Kitty Potts says

    I feel my special gift is crocheting and knitting. I love seeing the look on the faces of the people I give my home made gifts too..

  142. Rosario juarez says

    I love you books. I just read the hope jar about a couple of months ago it has inspired me to start my own hope jar. I will definitely read more of your books.

  143. Roberta McMahan says

    Wanda your Amish books were the first i read and I fell in love with reading. You are a wonderful amazing writer that keeps me wanting more. Thank you for your gift. I guess my gift is working with children. And I have to neighbor’s that I always make sure I send over food for when I make big pots of stuff.

  144. Lindsey Kessinger says

    I believe that God has given me the gift of just being nice and helping other’s. I work at a college and have a lot of contact with the student. I feel like the mother of a ton of kids. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I find peace in knowing that these kids , whom are so far away from their parents and familiar things can come to me with anyt! Sometimes they just need a little hug or words of encouragement. I like be all of your book and the Amish life has always fascinated me. I visit anywhere I can and read anything I can on and about the Amish. Thank you for your beautiful books!!!

  145. Mary Roelke says

    I enjoy baking & giving the “goodies” to relatives & friends. Thank you for your gift of writing.

  146. I believe that everyone had a gift to share. God is good!

  147. Tammy Sears says

    My gift was that the Lord allowed my heart to open up to adopting a 6 year old boy 13 years ago. It was very challenging and rewarding at the same time. He is now 21 and has a full time job. Thank you for writing your books because they encourage me everyday!

  148. I know.that I have many gifts, but right now, I’m still discovering what my current gifts are. I used to remember family and friends ‘ special occasions and sent them cards. I also, made sure that if a child was celebrating a birthday, I would include a small gift for any of his/her younger siblings.

  149. Cheryl Shanor says

    I absolutley love your books. I am so glad that God gave you the talent of writing. You have blessed so many lives with your stories. Trusting God gives you many more stories to warm our hearts.

  150. Robin Caldon says

    I enjoy helping others. I help the elderly at our church and other places. I work in children’s ministry at church. I enjoy your books. You have a wonderful gift!

  151. Joan Murray says

    I have just finished you new book Amish Front Porch Stories. I look forward to your next book The Crow Call. When I am finsihed with your books,I donate them to the local library, so others can enjoy them too

  152. Jean Thompson says

    I have Volunteered for Hospice here in Ashtabula County, Ohio.. To give Comfort to the patients by Singing Hymns and other older tunes, Reading aloud- scripture, Christian Poems and Stories, showing them photos in magazines like Birds and Blooms etc helps them feel less lonely when Family can’t be there or if they have no Family. I take my CD/Tape player with me to share music of different kinds as well as Tapes of Nature Sounds that will cheer them up or bring back memories of years past.
    I love Reading about the Amish Families..

  153. Linda Critcher says

    I enjoy singing in church with my husband. We began singing tougher before we got married, 50 years ago. Although I don’t consider myself professional, I feel God gave me the talent. As His child, I feel I need to serve Him in anyway I can and music is my way. Although I’m a pastors wife, I don’t do public speaking. My comfort zone is singing. We’ve been able to sing for many families at the funerals of their loved ones. So it’s my way of serving and helping others as well.
    Love your books WANDA, looking forward to this one. God bless,

  154. Katie porter says

    I like to leave people little notes. Rather it be handwritten or just a small message online. I also like to help people whenever I get the chance. Even just giving people a small comment can help a persons day along.

  155. Seva Irvine says

    Thank you for your gift and for sharing your writings with us. I like to sit and listen to people when they want to talk about what their problems are. Not sure if it is my gift but I think they feel better after me listening. My one neighbor is struggling with so many things in her life and her family treats her poorly. Sometimes I leave little things on her porch that she might like, a container of soup, some cookies or some new slippers or a scarf. She also has an old dog buddy and so I leave him some treats also. My furry friend past away 3 years ago because he was full of cancer but he was my true companion for 18 years, I miss him dearly. I think little things are more important than the grandiose ones. I can’t give anything lavish but I can give some of my time and some of my caring. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a beautiful Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season. I wish more people would remember what the true meaning is. Bless you and yours.

  156. F Paulette Dorland says

    I don’t know I would say I have a gift really. I just like to help people in what ever way that I can. I like to help the elderly across the street with whatever she needs, getting her mail, picking things up for her, etc. One time I knew of a friend that needed a new tire and I gave him money for that, my daughter has 6 kids and needs various types of help and times and I love being able to do what I can for her. I have helped various other people, too. I just love to help people.

  157. Betty Ethridge says

    I have always enjoyed your books. You truly have the gift of story telling. Books about Amish are a favorite. Keep writing!

  158. Alyce Taylor says

    While my mother was living I borrowed Books on Tape from the Library for the Blind. While I no longer do this, I look forward to reading your new books. I am anxious for my local library to put them on their shelves.

  159. Teresa Maddox says

    You definitely have a gift for writing. Your writings provide an escape and relaxation with each one. I feel my God given gift is helping others, even if it’s just making their day with a simple smile. Empowering and seeing someone feel they have succeeded anything provides me so much happiness. I love making others happy, especially when gift giving. That is more important to me than receiving anything in return. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all! You are a true inspiration!

  160. Denise Willis says

    First of all Merry Christmas ldo enjoy reading your books over the years. They encouraged my heart and lift my spirits.

  161. Natalie Carwile says

    People tell me my gift if helping older people and tending to children. However I think my calling is when I am shopping and someone comes up to me and just starts telling me their problems and I stand there and listen to them. I feel like they just need someone to talk to. I don’t give advise I just listen.

  162. Before I lost my pastor husband to cancer, we had our small church to our house multiple times. We were both blessed with the gift of hospitality.
    It has taken a while but I am now hosting a monthly fellowship and bible study again.
    Would love opportunity to win one of your books.
    Turning 80 next month and I have plenty of time to read now.
    Blessings, Linda

  163. You are my favorite author. I enjoy reading your books so very much. There are only three of your books that I have not read, but have and will be reading them this month . I have two other girls that I have turned onto your books and they are enjoying them also. H ave a wonderful Christmas with your family and a Happy New Year. With Love.

  164. My gift or talent would be what I have done in the last 45 years. That would be genealogical research in many languages, German, Polish and Swiss being my specialties. I consider it such because I have been able to trace many people’s genealogy so that they can have happiness in knowing who their ancestors were and how many of them contributed their talents to others over the years. In the past years I have extended that to helping reunite living families by using DNA testing and paper research to bring adopted or other family members together. That has also blessed my own mother when I found her biological father and my first cousins I knew nothing about!

  165. Betty Jo Blevins says

    I have read all of your books and have even shared with others those I have bought. I have been told my gift is helping others whether working on their family trees, babysitting while they visit love ones in the hospital, or go to a funeral as well as food to those who are sick. I also make cards for a card ministry that sends them to area nursing homes. I pray over every card I make that it brings a blessing to the receiver.

  166. Fannie Goldsmith says

    God has given me the gift of encouraging others. There have been times when others thought I was wrong but by the grace of God I have continued to try to be positive and make others feel better. I do enjoy your books and especially the recipes. Thank you for continuing to write.

  167. Jackie Cockrell says

    God has given me the gift of hospitality. I bake breads, cookies, etc. to give to others who seem to need a “pick me up”. I encourage others via texts, phone calls, and cards. I have read all of your books, and you are my favorite Amish author. I am always excited to hear of a new book written by you. I have several of the Amish cookbooks, and I have tried several of the recipes. They have all been good. I really do enjoy reading about the Amish.

  168. Luann Brown says

    I believe God gives everyone a special gift. He also allows us to use it at different times. Depending on how it is received can be tough and that is also a learning experience for us. God always knows the outcomes and we should never question.

  169. Paula Stotts says

    My God given gift is loving on people.
    I have greatly enjoyed the Jar books you have written ..They were my introduction to your wring.And I look forward to reading orhers.

  170. Emily Thalman says

    Wanda, your books are so wonderful! I hope to read all of them!!!

  171. Thank you for your wonderful books they provide peace and encouragement at the end of a busy day. I am a Chaplain at a residental home for adults with disabilities and also co-pastor of care and visitiation at our church. Sometimes I need peace and quiet and I find that in your writings. May you and your family have a blessed Christmas and New Year.

  172. Dear Wanda, I am grateful to God for giving you the courage to persist in your writing despite all opposition. I have listened to quite a lot of audio cds, and I find myself enjoying your books more than most of the others. I listen to the stories at bedtime when I can just close my eyes and also rest my eyes. At first, I chose the audio books at random because I was not familiar with any special author. However, as time passed and I listened to more books, I found myself choosing your stories over the others. The main reason is I could relax knowing that I would not be shocked or offended by anything in the stories. No, they are not “baby” stories, they are for anyone who likes to hear a tale well told. My favorite series is The Cousin Series. The Promise, The Prayer, and The Challenge. Another fact that is important to me is the person who is reading the stories.

  173. Michelle Brown says

    To be completely honest I am in my early 40s and am at the point that I am questioning what my gift is.
    I am a teacher by nature so I have always taught and wonder ifnthatbisnthe gift I’ve been given. I feel like there is something more that I am not seeing.
    I am trying to pray and am seeking an answer in my prayers. There is a lot of distraction and Mumbai jumbo going on that is clouding me.

    I do believe you are an amazing writer and bring the simplicity of a way of living to so many when we read your books.

  174. I agree with you that everyone has some kind of gift! I can think of plenty of things I have NOT been gifted with, but I’ve always been good at the English language. I love editing, proofreading, and writing. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  175. Zenta Apinis says

    I believe everyone is given a gift from God. I have been blessed to have touched thousands of kindergarten children’s lives teaching in the Cleveland Public Schools for 30 years.I have received alot of love, hugs in return. I have enjoyed each of your books that I have read Wanda and God has truly given you the gift of story telling and sharing the Amish way of life with all of your readers. Thank-you!!!

  176. Ingrid B Whigham says

    I’m thankful for your gift–your writing is a gift that just keeps on giving. I try to be a good listener.

  177. Sherri Roman says

    The gift that God has given me is encouragement. I really feel as though I can see good in every situation. One part of this gift is also listening and empathizing…I never want to make light of a bad situation by “looking on the bright side”, but helping to guide a person to seek God’s purpose for all of our experiences, good and bad.

  178. Mandy Bentley says

    I love your writing!! It is definitely a gift to us all. I’m not sure what my gift is honestly.

  179. I love to make candy & cookie trays for family & friends.I love to read any books about the Amish and yours are the best.Merry Christmas to you & your family!

  180. Turrena Moore says

    I love reading your books. I really enjoyed reading The Gift.
    I believe my gift is taking care of others.

  181. God gave me a special gift, after I was born again, and it is the gift of teaching others about the bible. I’m not a Sunday School teacher, but I do love reading the bible, researching it, and telling others about bible scriptures and what they mean. Sometimes I include the Greek word for some key word in Scripture, too, which helps explain the meanings better.

  182. Sondra Thatcher says

    I am a school bus driver. I think it is a job that takes a lot of patience and understanding. I love working with the kids on my bus and teaching them about being kind to others. I am also the youth leader for the Jr High Youth in my church. I guess God thought I would be good at working with kids of all ages. Have a Blessed and very Merry Christmas.

  183. I enjoy making candy with my kids during the Christmas season. This year I’ve been collecting new recipes to make with them. Pintrest and blogs are extremely helpful. Lol.

    We also decorate earlier than many because we enjoy looking at the decorations as long as possible. The decorations just give us a warm feeling and makes us happy. November 1st, or as close as we can get, is our target date.

    Happy Holidays everyone!!!

  184. Ann Nocchi says

    I love reading your books and Newsletter. A Christmas tradition ,that my boyfriend and I do is spend. Christmas Eve over at his daughter’s and the rest of the family comes over to share a meal and exchange gifts,than on Christmas Day we have dinner with one of his granddaugther’s house .

  185. Amanda Sweet says

    My gift is to help teach. I always wanted to be a teacher but I got married and had children and never finished my degree. I homeschooled my children for 8 years, then the Lord allowed me to use my talents to help sub at a local Christian school. So now I can encourage the student a there.

  186. Wanda: I enjoy your monthly newsletters with all the interesting information and recipes.
    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and I wish you a Merry Christmas.

  187. Connie Hacker says

    I am thankful you followed your heart with writing stories. I love all your books!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

  188. Patricia Nowaski says

    My gift is to help teach people to quilt with the help of God. I love to show people how to sew pretty quilts.

    Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have a Merry Christmas.

    I am reading The Brides of Big Valley and loving it. Keep up the good writing and I will do my part to read all of them.

    Thanks, Patricia Nowaski

  189. I believe my gift is for helping children know Jesus. No matter where I am you can show them God’s love. I love to read your books. I’ve read so many that if they weren’t in my Kindle, I wouldn’t know if I had read them yet it not!

  190. Rennie Dotson says

    Wanda, it sounds like you have written some wonderful new books that I need to get caught up on! I can’t wait to read this new series!!

  191. Brenda Murphree says

    I feel like my gift is listening to people that are hurting and just needs a sympathetic ear. Sometimes people just need to get it off their chest. Thanks for the giveaway!

  192. Karen Wyant says

    I feel my gift is getting along with everyone! Some people are hard to get along with, so I pray that someday it will get easier. I am always ready to listen, when someone needs to talk. If the person is having a hard time with something, I will pray for them to get through the difficult time.

  193. Wanda (too!!!!) says

    I am almost 84, so my story is long. When I was in high school, I took the stenographers classes. Because I had extra credits, I was able to do an extra class, so I worked in the Nurses Office. This was my Senior year. I fell in love with nursing. After graduation, I went to nursing school….it was not a college thing back then, but was given by hospitals. When my mother became unable to live alone, I moved her into our home and cared for her. Then my mother-in-law also needed help and we moved her into our home also. My mother was with us 20 years as she lived to be 103 years old. My mother-in-law was with us 5 years at the same time. She lived to be 96. Then I had a two year break until our elderly neighbor, a widower, needed help and had no family close by. Even when he went to a nursing home, I was his advocate. SO….I have decided “service” is my God given gift. Now I am caring for my husband but he is caring for me, too. God has been so good to me.

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