Whatever We Do

I’ve had the privilege of helping some of our Amish friends do a few of their chores—washing dishes, bagging homemade bread, setting and clearing the table. Never once did I hear anyone complain about the work they had to do. In fact, it was done without question.
There’s something satisfying and rewarding about work, and it can actually become an enjoyable task if we have someone to visit with while we’re doing it. Even tasks done alone can be satisfying. The smell of laundry that’s been hung on the line to dry outdoors brings a sense of satisfaction. Cleaning windows, scrubbing floors, and doing the dishes should be looked upon with gratification, knowing you’ve done your best.
Among the Amish, work is viewed as helping others. They work cooperatively within the family, and even young children are included when they’re given simple chores to do. Maybe the reason my Amish friends don’t complain about the work they’re required to do is because they’ve learned that whatever they do, they’re doing it, as unto the Lord, and not unto men.
Have you done any chores this week with the help of a friend or relative? If you determined to do it for the Lord, did it seem a little easier?


  1. I recently spent a day in an Amish friend home. We canned peaches together along with other chores. It was peaceful and like you said everything was done with a complaint.

  2. Last year I had a family member working out of town for the summer months. So I went to the house and cleaned the bathroom and stove and refrigerator and even the basement laundry room. I check on it weekly to flush the toilets because they get that black ring when not in use.
    My reward was that reletive called me to thank me and noticed what a difference that it made.

  3. Margaret Domer says

    If it hasn’t been from my husband help me out lately I dont what I would do. I have been having trouble with my oxygen and he been help me aroud the house. I thank God for him.

  4. I find that doing some chores myself is calming. So I usually do the dishes and the sweeping. Of course wandering in the garden and pulling weeds and picking vegetables Is also a chore but a bountiful one!!!

  5. Katie Schantz says

    I work as a customer service rep, and I love knowing that I am taking care of the customer’s needs as I would want my family members taken care of. We are all God’s children, and we need to watch out for and care for one another! Thank you so much for using your God given talents to bless us all.

  6. Sheryl Walker says

    I have an aide that comes once a week. I do all I can and she helps with the rest. Such a blessing. I like Spring the best. Not too cold and not too hot, usually.

  7. Tina Myers says

    I help my parents with cooking their laundry shopping. I take them to their doctors appointment . I love doing it all..

  8. Sue Rickson says

    My two granddaughters, ages 4&5 came over and helped me dust and decorate my house for fall.

  9. I prefer doing my chores alone as I can then talk with God, listen to my music, etc. It is very peaceful.
    I know I am keeping a clean house for not only my husband, but also for God. Plus, a clean house makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something & makes me feel satisfied.

  10. Sharon Sexton says

    I really enjoy reading all of your books!

  11. Charla McFadden says

    I help out my mom with her chores dusting the furniture and cleaning the floors we work together to get the chores done I love fall for the changing of the leaves and the cooler temperatures

    • Terri Shortell says

      My daughter lives with me and helps with all the chores. If it wasn’t for her I don’t think completing everything that needs to be done would be. Somethings are relaxing to do by yourself but many chores seem easier when you have help and conversation.

  12. I look forward to all your journals! I try to share the info on my Facebook Amish page Shoo Fly Pie Friends.

  13. Virginia Moore says

    I do remember helping my mom with various tasks and enjoyed doing them with her. She now has dementia so we don’t get to do those things together anymore. Doing dishes with friends and family is always filled with laughter and also with more than a little water on the floor!😊

  14. Charla McFadden says

    I help my mom out with her chores I love the fall weather for the changing of the leaves and the cooler temperatures.

  15. KAREN A LESSARD says

    Growing up on a dairy farm included lots of chores! We had a big family so we were not often alone in chores. The older kids always tried to make chores a game for the younger! I made applesauce this weekend with the help of my niece! She was learning something valuable and was having fun doing it!

  16. Vickey Cordoba says

    I would love to visit an Amish family.
    I know many think they would like to walk away from the stress of English life, even I have thought about it. But really I am finding that we can make changes in our lives by the example that the Amish set. It’s a slow walk making changes but everyday I apply what I learn from their ways I feel more at ease.

  17. Your journal entry made me feel something which was very good because I have been very depressed. I have a lot of disappointment s in my life lately. So I called a friend who doesn’t get out much either and invited her for lunch and walk along the York River in Yorktown Virginia. I longed to visit the P a Dutch country which I escaped into your books . Thanks Janet South

  18. Janie Fater says

    I live alone so I have no one to help me. My niece is coming overinflated Friday to help me clean . I’m looking forward to visiting with her.

  19. Lisa Quinn says

    I am in the middle of packing to move, but a few weeks ago my Nephew and his family had to move out of their place quickly and I dropped everything to help them move out in 2 days. It was very stressful as there were only 4 of us and my nephew has a bad back and health issues, so it was mostly 3 women doing all the work, but it was very satisfying to know that I was able to be there for them in their time of need.

  20. Marti Ackland says

    I love working with others and being able to share as we do so. Tasks seem so much lighter when done together. My mom used the time of washing dishes with me as a time of “girl talk”. I think we drew closer because of it. Talk was much more personal during that 15 minutes or however long it took.

    “Doing as into the Lord” has always been a quick attitude changer for me. Usually I have good Christian music playing as I work. Singing along with it helps the spirit stay cheerier.

  21. Katie porter says

    At my home. We all work together to get things done in more of a timely matter like if we are working on things in the kitchen each person has a task. It’s very helpful and then so much of the responsibility is not put on one person . Amish are great people willling to help others at the drop of a hat

  22. Kari Scherer says

    Washing the floor multiple times trying to get it unslippery.. tough job

  23. Jackie Cockrell says

    I always enjoy your newsletters and your shared recipes. I have used several Amish recipes, and they’re always so good. I love reading and learning about the Amish, and I love visiting their communities.

  24. Amanda Gardner says

    I moved to where my oldest daughter lives to help her with my 3 grandbabies. She has been doing it by herself for way to long. It make my heart happy knowing i am there for her and my babies. God has truly Blessed us.

  25. I am teaching my grand daughter how to bake and we are enjoying the time spent together. Every Friday after school we bake a different kind of cookie. Her favorite, a simple old fashioned buttermilk sugar cookie. She is still no a fan of the clean-up, although as we ladies know, it is part of the process!

  26. I was raised on a farm. We all worked hard. Farm work. House work. I did it all.
    I love hard work. I do all our outside work and keep up with the house. I think it’s rewarding.
    I love helping other people as I saw my Parents help family and neighbors.

  27. Gayle Orazine says

    Thank you for your wonderful books. In a world where everything is upside down and controversial,your wonderful stories take me back to a time when things were much less complicated. I enjoy doing my “chores” around the house, and helping others as needed. My husband and I have recently moved to Florida and so we wait to see what seasons we will enjoy here.

  28. Keren Herrera says

    I don’t look at it has work but as something rewarding as the Bible says when doing something for your parents. My dad has had surgery twice already for a tumor he has in his head. My mom has both knees totally replaced due to her arthritis, osteoporosis rheumatoid. I spent a week cleaning their home, running errands and making them laugh since my dad had just been taken a few days later to the ER for some complications regarding the medicine they gave him after surgery. I see and hear children young and older like me complain about helping their parents out. I look at it has a blessing for when I was younger and now at this age of 45 my parents have been and are always there for me. Is such a joy to see them happy that things get done around their home. And I feel blessed for doing it.

  29. April Kirkland says

    I find it’s always easier for both of us when my daughter and I do our chores together. It not only goes by faster, but it’s nice to chat while working.

  30. Janice Fuller says

    I enjoy reading your books. I am recently new to your emails, which are very interesting. I live in IN not to far from Shipshewana, going to the Essen Haus, their food is the best.

  31. I had given a lot of thought to the idea of keeping busy and its ability to keep you from focusing on the negative. I have a son on the autism spectrum who is sometimes leaning toward a negative mindset. I get him outside doing yard work and he loosens up and gets into a better mood!

  32. I always enjoy reading your newsletters! I have had 8 back surgeries so am limited in what I can do. My husband and I do a lot of the chores around the house together! I thank God each day for blessing me with such a good husband and that I can get around and go to some of our grandchildren’s school events!

  33. Jamie Hughes says

    My husband and I always work together to get the job done. The reward for us is spending time together.

  34. Bernice Wagerman says

    Helping others is what it’s all about!! God loves for us to do this🙏 The world needs more love & less hate that it is filled with right now!! Have blessed day🙏

  35. Betty J Monda says

    I haven’t this week because I have been on vacation but I do a lot of volunteer work at my church, sometimes alone and sometimes with others. But I do it for the Lord. I also know that when I have others around to help me everything seems to go smoothly and faster and I think it is because we are working together, talking, laughing and enjoying time spent together even if we are working.
    My husband does the steam mopping of the floors in our home because I have a disability with my feet and can’t stand for long periods of time, and I give him a kiss before and after and tell him how much I appreciate his willingness to do the things I can’t do anymore and he always tells me,, I am doing it so you can get off your feet, to which it makes me feel so loved. My husband and I both love and serve the Lord in whatever way we can and I think when we help each other and those that can’t do anymore that we are doing it because of our love for the Lord and we feel we are doing what he has commanded in His Word.

  36. Emogene N Oliver says

    I enjoy your books so much. I always enjoyed visiting the Amish area. We have been many times to Lancaster County. Also, one visit to Berlin, Ohio. I have not read “The Brides of the Big Valley”. Don’t know how I missed this one but would love to read.

  37. NancyB from Many LA says

    It is a nice feeling when we can help others, and more fun when we have someone to do chores with!

  38. I would love to visit the Amish area one day. I would also love to have an Amish pen pal or two! It’s my heart’s desire to help other women but I’m not sure how, yet. I love the sense of community. I live 5 minutes from my parents yet don’t see them often enough.

  39. Wanda Grisham says

    Yes, working with family & others can be a real joy! Work shared brings closer relationships. We each had chores to do, growing up, & in my senior years, my husband is the one to help with some household tasks-without the least bit of complaint.

  40. Lory Thornton says

    My husband, son and I share the household chores and projects. Not only do we get things done quicker but we get to spend time together.

  41. Janna Much says

    I love learning about the Amish ways of life. Simple plain ways. I love ty o help others where I can … I recently volunteered myself to help with my nieces baby shower setting up preparing food, etc… that is my joy helping others… I work as a CNA, I love helping and caring for the elderly, disabled. They bring joy to my heart. Gives me a sense of happiness. Among taking care of my wonderful family I have…

  42. Kristen Romond says

    This past week one of our Sunday School teachers asked for help in covering the class as the second adult. I was apprehensive about committing and didn’t volunteer, but when I arrived at church I saw one of the other teachers and offered to help. I explained how I was nervous to commit to something and then might not being able to keep my promise. (I have health issues that often prevent me from making services sometimes). I was so happy to be a part of the community and help with the children.
    It feels so good to help others!

  43. Jennifer Durham says

    I had never thought about doing even household chores unto the Lord. I’ll going to go about my household chores from now on thinking on this 🙂

  44. Bobbi WRIGHT says

    I have been able to do alot with the help of my husband and our kids makes things so much easier when you do things as a team

  45. Dolores Byrd says

    Your books have been my reading for years. So inspiring and uplifting. I grew up in Pa. and lived not too far from Amish country. Love, love your books. Look forward to all the new ones. God bless you & keep writing.

  46. Sonja Nishimoto says

    My husband is my greatest help! He helps my 90 year old mother, as well. She always has plenty to do. Then he helps another elderly couple in our church group that has been incapcitated for several years now. He loves to help. And is a blessing to me.

  47. Donna Marie Cassieri says

    I have a sick husband and elderly parents who live two hours away from me. When I visit I usually take my Mom to run her errands and visit my Dad in Assisted Living. My husband used to share chores with me but he’s physically unable to do so. My days fly by with all the responsibility that I have but I truly try to be upbeat and cheerful about it all. God gives me the strength to accomplish everything in a timely manner.

    I still feel Blessed. My husband just had our landscaper install a fire pit that we will enjoy this fall.

  48. Holly Eckstein says

    Just came back from Camping for 5 days, its a big chore getting everything put back where it belongs. My husband helps a lot and couple of my children. But it doesn’t matter about the work, we enjoy going camping that just part of it.

  49. Robyn Curtis says

    I spend all my time 24/7 sharing my life as a caregiver to my 85 yr old mother with Lewy Body Dementia. This type of Dementia includes episodes of Hallucinations. They have become worse and more often in the last few months. As I am typing this she is in her room visiting with all her friends that are not here. Helping her with these imaginary friends keeps me busy also entertaining them, cooking for them. etc. even though they are not really here. Does this count? Kidding aside having the opportunity to care for her is a blessing that I count everyday.

  50. My wife and I love all the seasons, but we like the fall season the best because it reminds my wife of the times when she was little living on the farm in the Amish community, getting everything harvested and canned for the winter. The colors of the season in one of her quilts that she helped make with her grandmother for one of sibling’s wedding.

  51. Sylvia Espe says

    I believe every day God gives us is a gift – especially when we are able to fulfill our various duties – keeping up our homes and volunteering in our church and communities. Working with others isn’t work for me. Washing dishes at a family gathering is enjoyable! So many good memories of our family gatherings after Sunday church service included washing the dishes together. Working is therapy for me!

  52. Love your books planning a trip to Lancaster

  53. Cheryl Shanor says

    My husband and I have been doing some downsizing. We have been going through some of our “stuff” and taking it down to the Methodist Church where they sell their items really at a good price. After cleaning out my mother-in-laws house following her passing, I realized that I do not need everything and I definitely do not want to leave the mess to clean up for my children. there is someone out there that can use the “stuff” more than me.

  54. My husband and I and son really went through our clothes earlier this summer. It was work but felt SO good when we had several large garbage bags full of clothes that didn’t fit anymore or we just didn’t wear. Comforters, Oh my there was so much. We took it to a place that help out Veterans. If we hadn’t done it together and it was just me, it wouldn’t have gotten done! lol I agree that if you have help in any chore that has to be done and it’s not just “you” it can be fun and lots easier

    • I loved this journal entry. It’s an excellent reminder to do all things with joy. I lost my dearest friend 14 months ago who also just happened to be old order Amish. It’s been a rough year without her friendship and guidance. But oh my, the things I learned from her in the past 23 yrs echoes in my mind everyday. Reading each of your books is a blessing and reminder that we can live a slower paced life if we set our hearts to it!

  55. I recently helped a friend that doesn’t drive go shopping for things her daughter needs to move away to college. We went to several stores over the past 2 weeks and got everything she needs. Then I drove them to the college about 2 hours away. She is my friend and I know how difficult this would have been on her financially, I enjoy helping her out. I also drive her to her appointments and shopping on a weekly basis.

  56. Stephanie H. says

    My daughter and I have been trying to clean out our basement this past year. We still have a lot of work to do, but it has been gratifying knowing that we are accomplishing something together for the better.

  57. Nancy Watts says

    My son is getting married soon so my husband and I have been redoing his bedroom into a office for my husband.

  58. Megann Zeigler says

    Like so many of the Amish in the areas of Ohio and Indiana that we grew up in we learned that nothing is better in the winter than fresh fruits and veggies that have been canned. The fall is a time for us to put up apples and pears and to clean out what is left in the garden. All winter long our Autumn hard work is appreciated by family and friends.

  59. Vivian Northcutt says

    I have read a lot of your books, and I Just finished the Healing Jar. Thank you for keeping your readers entertained.

  60. This is so true, any job done with a friend/ relative
    doesn’t seem quite as hard when sharing
    the workload. 🙃

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with
    All of us Miss Wanda. ❤️

  61. Darlene M. says

    I love doing laundry & always hang it on the clothesline, year round. The fresh, clean, wind smell is fabulous. My friend & I go grocery shopping together, most of the time, as she doesn’t drive.

  62. Jean Thompson says

    Thank you for the Reminder.. sometimes we forget when we get busy and try to get too many things done at once.. working, home life, Church events, Family, Friends, shopping and we don’t realize that if we slow down and enjoy the “Chores” we can see and Feel God Working inside of us..

  63. Today I phoned someone and asked for their needed help. I pray they will return my call and assist me.

  64. Connie Ruggles says

    My husband and I help each other a lot with things around the house, and it is nice to do it together. I do think it would be great if more young people would see chores around the house as more than a way to get money….I think it’s a bond-maker for families if done in the right spirit, as you are talking about here.

  65. Emily Thalman says

    Hi Wanda! I love your books! They are amazing! Thank you for writing them! I’m eager to read more!

  66. Julia Kirkpatrick says

    I live close to an Amish community and I have learned so much from your books about why and how they live. Thank you for all the lovey books you have wrote and shared with us all.

  67. I love helping other people but can’t do that right now as I am a 24/7 caregiver for my husband.I am grateful for our son who comes and does a lot of chores and repairs for us!

  68. Michelle Willms says

    I have always been active, and my sister and I were expected to do chores from an early age. When I finally began my career, I worked long hours, with a lengthy commute each way, so chores at home were definitely unpleasant. I was forced to quit work due to MS and now my children and husband must all pitch in to make sure things get done. It’s just a given that we all help, as we can. I’ve found when my daughter and I are working together, it’s more just being together, and less “work.”

  69. ANN NOCCHI says

    I loved the Prayer Jars series. I can not wait to start the next series.

  70. Helping others is like helping Jesus.

  71. Linda Rasmussen says

    My husband and I moved my 88 yr old aunt in with us this passed July. She was living an hour away from us and we would take her shopping 2 or 3 times a month, but with the distance and her age we wanted her closer to us. Took us a long time to talk her into moving in with us…but once she did she eats better, remembers how to do things she was forgetting..and we get her out more doing things. My Mom died 2 yrs ago and since my aunt has been like a 2nd Mom to me. We love having her here with us and on Sunday mornings we take her to church with us.

  72. We go to the local cannery, which is MUCH easier than doing about 6 jars at a time at home….and so we have been very busy….yesterday I made about 3 BIG batches of spaghetti sauce…and we are going to also make some soup tomorrow and my husband does his own version of crock pot apple butter…he makes it all night and puts in the jars and seals the next day…between what he is doing and me….we work together…and geez we are still tired !!! oh my, but after its done, and while you wish it was done quick…you do find, afterwards, when you sit back and look at your haul and the rewards of your work and efforts….very gratified and will be glad come winter to just grab your jar….

  73. Lois J. Herbert says

    Working with the people in my son’s church, St Andrews Lutheran Church is always very rewarding. I also enjoyed being part of their Praise Team. Now I’m living with my daughter in Inion, MI and joining a new church, Trinity Lutheran, in Elkhart IN and look forward to working with them.

  74. Debbie Hazelton says

    I always find it more enjoyable to work together doing chores around the house when company comes. The chores get done much quicker, plus the chatter is enjoyable. When my mom was alive, I used to go to her house to help with Spring cleaning doing it together. Then she would come to my house and do the same. It made our more fun. We did the same for Fall cleaning.

  75. Debbie Benzi says

    I have not done any chores with anyone else this week, but I have done plenty by myself! During any change in seasons, there is always lots of work to do. In the past, I have reminded myself I am doing chores for the Lord, and it definitely made chores lighter and more enjoyable. I need to do that more often — thank you very much for the reminder!

  76. Barb Meldrum says

    Last fall my daughter and I went to Ohio to visit the Amish people and had dinner with them. Enjoyed this so very much. Such humble people. Love their simple life. ….. sorry we can’t go this year but hopefully next year.

  77. Susan Fletcher says

    Yes, I have some younger teacher friends who are always willing to lend a helping hand at school. Also, my 3rd graders are eager helpers and jump at a chance to help me.

  78. I agree that work doesn’t feel like work when it’s done together. This weekend, I have to do a job at my church, but I don’t mind at all because fellow church members are joining me!

  79. Deborah Davis says

    I wish I had more help with the cleaning. Especially when everyone wants to come to my house for the holidays. I guess we do what we are able to even if there is dust.

  80. Sandra Schultz says

    My comment is more about the past, contrastef with my present. Our last child moved out four months ago. Dallas helped with the heavy household chores since my husband is disabled. It was fun to see the male perspective on “women’s work” and to realize that, with the grace of God, we could enjoy our “newclear” family.

  81. Barb DeLong says

    I stop in an help an elderly friend a couple times a week, take out the trash, laundry, carrying things up & down the stairs for her. Always gives me so much joy.Her friendship is such a blessing.

  82. our house chores are done for the most part together. My husband is disabled so he does what he can, and i help with the rest. we both take turns mowing the yard, we both help with making dinner, and cleaning. if you work as a team it goes faster! I thank god everyday that he is still with us. I couldnt do it without him.

  83. I put up curtains for my elderly cousin. She lived down the block from my house.

  84. Vicky Lewis says

    My 2 Nieces are going to Jamesport Missouri to visit i really enjoy going there such a nice place an very friendly an helpful great food too i always shop there too

  85. I try to do the dusting for my sister, since she has asthma.

  86. Vicky Lewis says

    I didnt know if my other comment went thru …But i enjoy going to Jamesport Missouri There friendly an helpful an not to mention awesome food prepared by them i love shopping there too

  87. I am helping my sister with the housework since she hurt her left hand.

  88. Chaeli Meerman says

    I was blessed to have my dear mother in law help me pick my tomatoes. Struggling with allergies so the picking had gotten way ahead of me. Realizing in whatever we do, we should work as unto the Lord makes everyday chores so peaceful.

  89. Megan Parsons says

    My boyfriend helped with trash, sweeping and cooking this week. I had an amputation in May and lost my right leg below the knee. It’s hard doing chores in my wheelchair. I can’t wait to get my new leg!

  90. Toni Coleman says

    I grocery shopped for my mother was she was living. She was so appreciative of the little things !

  91. SARAH TAYLOR says

    My daughter and I made a big pot of vegetable soup together I told her we done great team work! Thank you so much I would love to win your book as I have not read The Brides of The Big Valley I Love all your books! Blessings Wanda and Thank you for the chance to win!

  92. Due to severe back and leg pain, I don’t do as many chores as I used to, but I do try to keep our grandson for my son and family whenever they need some free time and also to take or pick him up at school. It’s always good to help others if we can.

  93. Charlotte Marks says

    Helping others with chores is a wonderful thing and working together makes the time fly by while
    Enjoying each other’s company.

  94. Debbie Noska says

    I really enjoy your books, they take me to so many wonderful places. I have always enjoyed the Amish. I have had the pleasure to go to Holmes Co Ohio many times. The Amish musicals are fantastic. Also one year the beginning of December had the most amazing time going to Journey to Bethlehem .in Walnut Creek. Wanda God has given you an amazing talent. Love Love love your new cookbook

  95. Andrea B. Brooks says

    I would love to see and or visit an Amish community and be able to see how they live. I also love the scent of freshly dried laundry outdoors. Help others is wonderful, whether Amish or not. It is blessed to give than receive. I also love to help others.

  96. Andrea B. Brooks says

    I love to help others and it brings happiness to my heart. I would love to visit an Amish community and see what they do. I also love the scent of freshly baked cookies and laundry that has been dried outside.

  97. Heidi Story says

    The Lord guided me to raise my 4 children to help with tasks. As adults they continue to cooperate with one another, as well as my husband and I in everything. One daughter and her daughter helped me with livestock chores this past week. Then my other daughter helped me prepare dinner. We get together each Sunday for a big family dinner so we usually have a lot of cooking to do. Yesterday I returned the blessing by helping at a daughters house with a birthday party. God blessed me in so many ways!

  98. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the tasks and chores, as I’m sure everyone does at some point, but I always try to remind myself that the Lord has blessed me with these children, this home, and a husband. And that makes those chores a little less daunting.

  99. Pam yeager says

    I remember when I was growing up helping my mom clean the house and hanging the loundry on the line and then going later to get it off. I always love the smell of fresh dryed cloth. Now days it is hard to get children to help. God bless

  100. Mary Preston says

    Working alongside someone tends to make the chore less of a chore.

  101. Teresa Henson says

    I used to work in home health and I loved helping those who needed it, and usually went above and beyond what I was required to do, because it needed doing and I was able to do it. I liked the way working in home health made me feel. These days I have been dealing with health and emotional problems and haven’t done much but sleep. I wish I had someone to help! At least, someone physical to earth. I am looking forward to reading your new book. I always enjoy your work. Thank you and God bless you

    • Sally L Larrabee says

      I have found , in the past year, what a blessing it is to be able to work. I had a stroke in Jan 2019, and have no been able to work as an RN since then. Prior to that I had been nursing for over 40 years. I am able to do many things, praise God, and I am finding that there is a peace in being able to work at all, even if the work is not what I have done for all those years. His plans for us are testimony to how much he truly cares about each one of us!

  102. Susan Campbell says

    We are cleaning out our garage a big job. I love reading your books they are so relaxing after a busy day.

  103. Vivian Furbay says

    Growing up we always had chores. If we complained about being bored, Dad would always find something for us to do like bringing in wood for the fireplace or pulling weeds in the garden. We had our regular chores to do like cleaning our rooms and the basement.

  104. Michele Astle says

    Every day I wake up is a blessing. My kids are all grown and have left the nest so it’s just my husband and myself. I can’t say our lives have slowed down since we’re both working, it’s just different. I am thankful to God for my family. As a parent, we always question if we’re doing the right thing but with the wonderful way all of our children have turned out, we are truly blessed. Three out of four of our children have chosen a teaching career with the fourth working with special needs. I know they’re not the highest paying jobs but making a difference in a child’s life is a better gift than a lot of money.

  105. Michele Astle says

    So now that the kids are gone, we’re tackling the huge project of decluttering our house. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I do a little every time we have a free moment. It took a life time to create this clutter so it’s not going to be cleared in a hurry. I’m thankful that God has blessed us with this mess. Sorry this comment is in two parts. I didn’t realize the second part was not attached. Blessings to all.

  106. Luci Marie Comer says

    Recently my daughter and husband helped me to clean up some clutter from our home with shredding of old documents and gifting of items no longer used or needed. The three of us have also been cooking family meals together. These times are joyous, fill us with thankfulness and happiness from helping one another.

  107. Edythe Dowdell says

    After working a long week, my Daughter and Son in Law come up on Saturday or Sunday just to spend some time .. while they are here they work together cutting grass or clearing away snow.. to help me out, then dinner and my prayers for having them so close .

  108. Martha Leonard says

    I sent an email yesterday answering your questions about the seasons but may have used the wrong email address. I enjoy your books very much. I love learning about the Amish. I have great respect for them and their lifestyle. There is so much to be learned from them.

  109. Mary Roelke says

    I have done baking for friends who can no longer do this. Favorites are zucchini & banana bread &

    also make cho. chip & peanut butter cookies.

  110. Rose Kersher says

    I have done lots of chores recently and try not to complain such as the Amish. I recently volunteered at an event event at school and making new friends helped pass the time while cleaning up. You are so right that it is important to think of the true motivation behind our actions. I cannot wait to read more of your books! I hope everyone has a blessed week!

  111. Accomplishing chores can be very satisfying. Sometimes dreading them is far more burdensome than getting onto them right away. Lucky enough to have help truly does help.

  112. Diane Nesbitt says

    My daughter and I cleaned up our entryway in anticipation of fall and trick or treating later this month. I learned a long time ago that even in the simple daily tasks- laundry, dishes, cooking- that we can find peace and joy in ordinary tasks. Having someone to work with just makes it that much more enjoyable.

  113. I guess you could call remodeling a chore, a BIG chore. My husband and I have been remodeling a bathroom right now. We have ran into several difficulties along the way. I will take your advice when we restart this weekend and view it as doing it for the Lord. I mean we will reap a lot of benefits from it such as increasing the value of our home and bringing it out of 1986 haha. Got to keep focused on the long turn goals, this will better our lives for sure. Can’t wait to read your new book!

  114. Sarah Arnold says

    I feel overwhelmed with household chores. I am not out of the ordinary but I sometimes feel this way. When I do things like hang up my husband’s shirts, I remind myself I am doing this to represent God’s love. The task seems easier and I have a smile on my face.

  115. I always have chores to do. Some easy some hard. When I am doing them I ask God for help and they go rather quickly.

  116. Eleanor Davis says

    Our daughter is living with us until her house is built. It has been such a joy to have her to talk to while we clear the table and do the dishes after our supper.

  117. dana m sinclair says

    your books are awesome

  118. Thank you for the reminder to work without complaint. We have a family member who has needed a lot of help lately, and I find myself resenting being the one to help sometimes. Remembering that it’s done for God’s glory will really help keep my attitude in check.

  119. I am thankful for my home, and the strength to do the “chores” around my home! I am thankful for time to sew & create; time to read & relax; quiet time w/ The Lord & to read His Word

  120. Sandra Bensley says

    Being able to have quiet time to spend time on focusing on what God is telling me is the best parts of my day. Whether it’s in reading or listening to music or singing praises, it has all become routine for me to look forward to. In being apart of my churches atrium hospitality group, I find God using my skills to show His love to those whom I come into contact with.

  121. Autumn Greenwell says

    I love your books, I have read many, many of them! I help my Mom and Dad all I possibly can. They are 77 and 80 years old. They have helped me so much threw my life. I have a husband that is disabled, we do a lot of house choirs, the ones that he can handle. I also work as a Manager on a Memory Care Unit in a local nursing home. Been in this type of work for 37 years. There are so many patients that don’t have family that I can be their family. Or patients who do have family, but they don’t come to see their loved one. We find little chores for them to help do to help them pass the hours in the day. Maybe helping them to keep their minds off of being confused about why they are living in a place that is strange to them. And an 80 year old woman wondering why her Moma has left her here at school and hasn’t come to pick her up yet. 🙁 That’s my day everyday. And I love it. Thank you for writing these wonderful books, so at times I can get my mind off of things for just a little while!

  122. Nancy J Clark says

    Hello Wanda,
    I have helped people and people have helped me. I have been quite busy since the end of June. My husband was trying to fix a mower and ended up getting a pinched nerve in his back that effected his hip and right leg. Then shortly after that I fell out of bed and cracked my ribs, I took care of my husband for a month and a half, not knowing that I had cracked ribs. I was getting out evening meal and bent down to pick something up and my ribs broke, 9of them broke. You talk about pain, I had it every time I breathed. My dear friend Deb, took me to the ER to get examined, they did a CTScan and found I had 9 broken ribs. They do nothing for you they have to heal on their own. No pain medicine either. Very painful. I still continued to take care of my husband with broken ribs. They are healing and my husband is taking OR for his back and leg.
    Your books help me a lot, they help me relax just the way crocheting does. Please don’t stop writing. Thank you!

  123. I enjoy helping others. I also enjoy the peace and quiet of working alone.

  124. Linda Lawson says

    I love your books!! I was given one of your books in January, and read it right away. Since then, I have read 21 more books, and I’m on the 22 book now. I finish one, and immediately start another. I just can’t get enough! Some books I have bought, and some I have gotten from the library.
    I just got home on Tuesday, October 1st, after being away since September 6th, with my son who is fighting liver cancer. My husband had stayed home. The first thing I did was strip the bed, wash the sheets, and hang them on the clothes line. I love the smell of sheets and clothes hung outside.
    Thank you for writing all of these wonderful books! I sure am enjoying reading them!
    Happy Fall!

  125. I have to admit, I don’t always remember to do the tasks for the Lord (even though that very verse is on a wood block in my living room….). I was brought up, however, to do a job the right way the first time andI try to honor that. I recently have been doing some major yard cleanup and have found that seeing the neatness and cleanliness is a fine reward for sore muscles! I believe the good Lord enjoys seeing his Creation well-tended, as well.

  126. Nancy Johnson says

    Doing the chores, etc. reminds me of how much I have to be thankful for.
    Recently I had cataract surgery on both eyes and each time a friend so graciously drove me to and from hospital and doctor’s office. Doing things together and for each other is a wonderful time to visit and catch up with one another’s days.
    God is good!

  127. My Mom taught me that a clean and pleasant home was part of my service as a child of God. She was a wonderful housekeeper and even though I am not as neat and tidy as she was I do enjoy having a home where it is comfortable and pleasing to God and family.

  128. Darlene Carroll says

    I help my 81 year old mother in law out with her chores a few times a week. Tomorrow I will be helping her to rake the back yard.

  129. Amanda Peters says

    About two months ago my sister helped me wash all of the windows in my house! Inside and out! It was really satisfying having it all cleaned, and it took half the time it would have taken me to do it alone! So much more fun doing some boring chores with someone, it sure makes it less boring and feel more enjoyable knowing that the end is so rewarding!

  130. Kathy Rowe says

    I haven’t had the opportunity to do chores with a friend lately. I usually prefer to do my chores alone as I guess I am set in my ways. I don’t mind helping others at all.
    I enjoy all your books. Reading your stories makes me feel relaxed. I love your cookbooks also.’
    Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks!

  131. Without speaking to an Amish person you can know their work ethic. Once when my husband and I were staying in Ohio’s Amish Country a few days there was a couple of Amishmen working outside of our motel to build a gazebo. We saw them getting started as we left that morning. We came back late that evening and the gazebo was almost finished. It was a very elaborate design and the Amishmen were still working. The next morning they were back at it and that evening as we returned from our fun day we got to see the completed gazebo as the men were putting away their tools. You rarely see anyone in the English world working that hard. It’s a shame that the whole world can’t be more like the Amish in more ways than one.

  132. Sondra Thatcher says

    I haven’t had much time to do anything around my house the last 2 months. We have been helping my son and his girlfriend with the mobile home they were given. We had to completely redo the whole thing including changing all the plumbing and electrical wiring. Even though my house has been ignored for the most part it is very rewarding seeing it come together and know that I had a lot to do with getting it done.

  133. Debra Patton says

    Since my husband has retired, he has been helping out with the chores. The only problem is that I am a bit of a control freak and I want things done the way that I do them. It has been really hard adjusting to things not done the way that I would do them – i.e. thoroughly, lol. I am trying hard to not sweat the small stuff, but it is hard.

  134. I have done chores this past week without help. So.etimes I think the extra”help” would be nice to pass the time along.

  135. Jennifer Short says

    My mom and I canned jalapenos, and salsa last week, and yesterday I canned stew, and worked up butternut squash… Those tasks, are do much more fun, if you can laugh and visit while you work! My laundry is hanging on the line, as I hang it up I pray for my family and friends… Seems like God is there with me….keeping me company as I work!

  136. Betty Monda says

    My husband and I work together to keep our home in order. I am disabled due to severe nerve damage in my feet and also neuropathy in both feet. My husband will do all the floors for me because I can’t do it any longer. I do the other work such as dusting, washing clothes, dishes, etc. And when he knows that I am having one of the days where my feet are really hurting and swollen, he will do the dishes for me. I believe that in sharing these responsibilities it has brought us closer together as husband and wife. He is my hero here on earth. I thank God for bringing the two of us together. We will be married 48 years next month. I love reading your books. I just finished reading The Prayer Jars series and I have to say, I learned a lesson from each one of them. I have started my own prayer Jar now.

  137. Linda Waxler says

    I love the Amish culture. I don’t think I am strong enough to live without electricity but admire them. I love reading your books!

  138. Peggy Clayton says

    i used to do them with my grandma on Friday night and it was a complete joy. As prior to that I was in an abusive foster home and that was just chores chores i was cooking at age of9 for every one and it was terrible, Doing with my grandma she liked to come home from work go to get something to eat the we tackle what I had not done. Doing the laudry was so much fun as it was night and we had 3 floors to go down and you were by yourself. I did get a babysitting jobs down there so my grandma was ever so happy. but when we were done we watched her programs and she was so happy Dallas Dean Martin. All of her boys she called them she was a sweet lady who lived to be 100 and i got to spend many years with her and since she passed i talk to her everyday she was a love,

  139. Lisa Rossello says

    Love your wonderful, inspiring books! My husband and I regularly help my 87 year-old father with anything he needs around his home, errands, etc. ……..and he helps us, too! He takes care of our cats and our home when we are away, and he recently drove me every place I needed to go after an injury that prevented me from driving. We enjoy helping each other! Also, my best friend from high school and I now teach Hebrew School together at our synagogue. We often work on other projects before class – right now, we are working on preparing several mailings / gifts to our young adult congregants who are in college or newly graduated, to let them know that the Temple cares and to keep them connected! We have fun and it is also very rewarding, meaningful, and satisfying work!

  140. Terri Bristor says

    Love your books! I have read everything you have written! You are a blessing! 🙏🏼😊

  141. Terry Lee Ravish says

    In my younger days I enjoyed hanging my laundry on the line to dry in the fresh air. I love the smell of fresh clean bed linens and the first night of sleeping on fresh clean sheets is a pure joy. I miss those days, but am no longer able to do it. Now I like to try to find candle or waxes with a fresh cotton scent.
    I love the Amish novels you write and can,t till the next one is available. You Wanda Brunstetter are my favorite author

  142. Tiffany Straley says

    I love baking for other people! I love keeping my home and my husband loves doing the gardening. One of my favorite things about reading the Amish novels is reading about what hard workers they are and. how they are so fast to lend a hand to a friend or neighbor in need. I want to be like that and wish our communities would be more like that.

  143. Having a daughter in her 20s who is on the spectrum is a challenge at times, Seems she hit her teens developmentally And actions of teens have surfaced, She feels everything should be done for her instead of her helping. It’s a struggle to teach her not only chores at home need to be shared but the joy that is found in helping others,,lie it volunteering at food pantry, servicing foods to others or the simple act of holding the door for someone. God has a plan and I know he will give me what I need to help her be successful and hopefully at some time be able to move comfortably on in her life without me being there every minute,

  144. Sally Davison says

    In the past on 2 separate occasions I had help from a dear friend when I was canning vegetables. It was a powerful way to demonstrate true friendship.

  145. Carrie Reed says

    Wanda , I love your cookbooks and your novels , I read them all the time!!!

  146. Carrie Reed says

    Wanda,I love your cookbooks and novels, I read them all the time!!!

  147. I have read all of your books. They bring me peace and I feel closer to God. I have learned so much about the Amish from your books

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