Five Ways to Live Like the Amish Part 5

Build Community: The old saying, “Many hands make light work,” is certainly true among the Amish. At quilting parties, work frolics and barn raisings there’s always more than enough help to get the job done. Even for things like preparing meals, cleaning the house, and doing outside chores, everyone chips in.

If you are trying to incorporate some Amish ways into your life, why not get together with some of your friends or family members to do yard or household chores? It will get done much faster, and you will enjoy the sweet fellowship that comes with working together.

What are some things you have done with the help of family or friends? Did it turn into a time of fun and fellowship, as well as getting a job done?


  1. Shirley Chapel says:

    We downsized from a large lakefront home to a two bedroom apartment in a senior citizens community. A lot of work which I couldn’t have done without the help of my family. We gave hand me downs to the family and had a garage sale to get ride of things I’d rather not part with. Again the family helped. We moved two trailers full of things before the moving truck came. Lots of time to visit with family. After we moved they were here to help hang pictures and unpack boxes. We worked together to make this new chapter in our lives a possibility.

    • I am about to do the same thing. I cannot to the yard work I used to do but in order for me to move I have to downsize stuff that I do not use and have not used since I moved into this house 10 years ago.

      • Shirley Chapel says:

        I started about two years before the actual move. We gave away and sold a lot of antiques that had been in the family for years. We got rid of a boat we no longer used. Do you have someone to help you so you don’t become overwhelmed by your downsizing . I thought of it as a kind of household cleansing. We had a big 5 bedroom house and lots of closet space. I never got rid of anything so you can imagine what it was like after 33 years. While downsizing I found stuff from two houses back still packed in boxes.
        Like you I had to do most of the outside work myself. That was fine till I got older and lost my energy and got overwhelmed. My husband couldn’t help me as he is disabled. I found a reliable man in the community to help me with the outside work and shovelling snow in the winter.
        I had put this downsizing off for years. Then a man wanted to come through my house and made an offer. I moved into high gear and gave stuff to charities and sold stuff a bit at a time. This contract fell through so I listed it with the realtor. The first showing had it sold. I had to find a place to live. I had a huge garage sale and got ride of a lot of stuff. Family stepped up and I was lucky because my granddaughter had just bought her first home. I told her don’t buy anything and her home filled up.
        We got moved and settled in and I’m glad that its all behind me. Someone else has taken over the house now and remodeling it to their need. I wish you all the best and hope the downsizing goes well for you.

    • Joyce Garcia says:

      Aug 30th 2015, my son died from a herion fentanyl overdose, My daughter next to the youngest daughter, her and her husband and their daughter ,did one of the hardest thing that had to be done for me. I have 5 daughters , but she and her family helped me move out of my home, because my home is in need of bad repairs that caused me and my son to move in with my oldest daughter. my home needs demolished and I can’y afford that either, one day the city will step in and make me do something to it or they will fine me because of it being an eyesore, I have so many memories with living in that house with my son, he was my only son, plus his five sisters. This has been one of my worst years to go through, I believe, I know who suppled my son with the herion , but I can’t prove it was , it was between 2 people he hung around with, I want to hate them,but if I want to go toHeaven, I have to forgive them , because Jesus forgave me of my sins.. My son was in a rehab, but he had to come home, because of a surgury he had done on his hand The rehab in was in, you had to be able to work out your room and board. When he came home, he left his clothes at the rehab, becuse he was going back as soon as his hand was well, but 2 days of being home ,he went to visit these friends, then he returned home, I ask my daughter to go check on him , to see why he was in the bathroom so long, she opened the door and screamed call 911, the medics triedd there best to revive him, as they were taking him out the door doing cpr on him all the way out to the ambulance, I knew it was bad, they tried to still revive him at the hospital, but then phone rang, and they said he was gone, One of the worse days of my life, The one daughter did step up and has tried her best for me to save what I can out of my home, before it comes tumbling down on our heads, I have to get around in a wheelchair, so I know I can’t do what I want to do to save some memories of my home, my son , just got to let go , mold is taking over the house, thanks for listening, Aug 30th,2016, this is been a year he has been gone, hurts each day that goes bye, Thanks for listening,

  2. Alyce Taylor says:

    After reading many of your books and listening to them with my 97 year old mother on Books of Tape from the commission for the blind and visually impaired, I was encouraged to de-clutter my own home. Gradually I am getting there. Currently I am reading the Stubborn Father and have bought all 6 books in the series.

  3. Fawn Wehry says:

    I totally agree with Amish life…they help each other in all times…happy & sad. The Englishers don’t seem have time to help each other…there always on the go. It seems so sad.
    Again, I LOVE YOUR BOOKS and your daughter-in-laws too.

  4. Sarah Arnold says:

    The birth of my son on May 13th became a family event. I am 44 years old and I need all the help I can get. My mom and niece stayed at the hospital and changed diapers when I could not move. My thirteen year old niece did. He has brought a lot of happiness and family unity

  5. Carole C. O'Brien says:

    I will be 73 in November. My first child was born when I was 17 and at the age of 34 I had my 6th baby. We lived on a farm as the kids grew up and we had our own meat saw and butchered hogs and cattle for ourselves and for our family members. It was hard work, but work that we enjoyed, especially the years my parents were able to come and help. They were in their late 70s and early 80s, but they enjoyed being with us, our married siblings and their kids, as we each worked at our designated “stations” in the garage that we cut and packaged the meat in after it had hung for at least two weeks out in the corncrib in the cold, but not freezing weather.

    My father cut meat into chunks to go into the grinder for hamburger, the kids took turns sitting on a pony saddle behind the grinder and dropping the met into the grinder and tomping it down with a wooden tomper. My mother helped my sisters and I scrape and wrap the meat, but the happiest moments of those times were when my mother would take the time to go across to the other side of the garage where we had an old upright piano and play the piano. She didn’t have a piano at her home any more, so the only time she got to play one was when she came in butchering season and she had grown up with the dream of one day becoming a concert pianist – instead, she married and had 7 kids.

    Mama is gone now. She went to her heavenly home in November of 2005, two days after my 62nd birthday. She was 98. Daddy had passed on in July of 1997 at the age of 90. I miss both of them terribly but I am so thankful for the many times we shared with butchering and the many times they came to my home as I was raising my kids and helped me with the hundreds of quarts of vegetables I canned each year.

    The tables have turned now and for the past 3 years I have been going 20 miles from here to help my youngest son and his wife on their produce farm. My daughter-in-law’s mother, my youngest daughter, who is 47 and gets 8 – 10 weeks off from her office job each summer, and a friend of my daughter-in law and I all go on Tuesdays and Fridays to help the kids get their produce ready for their Wednesday and Saturday Markets.

    The two older ladies and I wash vegetables. The younger three and one day a week a grandson, go to the fields throughout the week and weed and harvest what they see needs harvested before Tuesdays and Fridays. It is wonderful to be able to feel of use to them and to enjoy being with them and it is a tremendous blessing to me.

    This year, besides the joy of being able to feel helpful to them, and each year, they have sent not only all kinds of fresh produce home with each of us, but this year the other ladies and my son have canned produce for all of us, running two pressure cookers at a time when they aren’t in the field and they have sent 140 pints of different kinds of canned vegetables home with me, so even though I can’t do that kind of work any more, I am blessed with the shelves in my basement being full of canned produce that they have given me.

    They have done the same for each person who has worked with and for them. We don’t work for pay – we work for the joy of being with each other and knowing we are of help. What a bounty of blessings we have each received in return for the joy of being able to be of help. They will still be harvesting until about the first week of Oct. and I look forward to every Tuesday and Friday, knowing we are all both giving and receiving such blessings in our lives.

    My husband will be 88 this month, so he is home alone on those days that I go to help, but he is so happy when I bring him fresh tomatoes, which he dearly loves, and other vegetables we both enjoy and know they are fresh, no chemicals, no GMOs, etc. We are truly blessed. There is no greater joy than knowing you are able to help someone who really needs the help. The kids only started their produce farm 3 or 4 years ago, so it isn’t affordable to pay help and besides if they did, we would all be sad, as we love our “jobs” just as they are – a way to be with each other and help each other. What a blessing in all of our lives!

  6. Suzanne Sellner says:

    My husband and I deliver food to senior shut-ins in a nearby community under the “umbrella” of a mission . Several times a year our grown daughter goes as well. Over the years we’ve developed great relationships with these shut-ins, enjoy visiting them, sending them birthday and Christmas cards and gifts as well as praying for and with them. They often call on us to help them meet specific needs. We’re blessed and, hopefully, they are too.

  7. I participate in church activities and that seems to be my main focus. However, I am trying to downsize with the help of my family by giving items to family, donating items to local charities, and selling equipment.

  8. Loretta Shumpert says:

    With most of my family living in other states I try to help people individually. Last month I drove 90 miles to take a friend to the doctor. I stayed for three days as there was 2 dr.s appts and a vet visit for the cat. Thats just what friends do. I’ve gone and stayed three weeks with an ill and struggling friend when I really needed to be at home…but that’s just what friends do. “Things” and “work” will always be here….friends may not. So this is the way that I choose to help.

  9. tish applegate says:

    Two neighbors and I did some canning together which is always great. Many hands do help in the kitchen. I got to read your Hawaiian Quilt for a honest review and again I enjoyed your writing so much. Nice to have help from your daughter-in law. You’s join to write a fantastic book. Thanks again!

  10. Linda Golubski says:

    The year we were married, we bought a house, and my entire family spent one weekend painting it. It was a weekend I still remember 46 years later. Some are gone now, but the memories live on!

  11. I help friends everytime I can by bringing them to a dr appt. or other errands. I make cards , as well as many other crafts, and send cards to friends weekly. I know how much I love mail…and I know espically as you get older you appreciate a card in the mail..and something in the mail box other than junk mail or bills.

  12. Melissa Ellison says:

    My daughter and I are always helping each other. She likes the way I clean and arrange things, and she takes care of the lifting. I’ve recently been cleaning out my and my husband’s closets. Getting rid of unnecessary things.

  13. I help my daughter by watching my grandkids, as it helps so she does not have to pay so much for daycare.

  14. Jane I Staiger says:

    With my family fully grown and my husband and I in our late 70’s…..we take it easy. He does the yard work and I do the house work and the cooking. We just celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary with our entire family. What a treasure it is to have us all in one place at one time!! That is a feat in itself!! We live simply in an older home which belonged to my husband’s grandparents. It is a waterfront and the kids and grandkids do come down time to time to fish or crab. We live simply and make it work for us. I am devoted to my Church and my church family. Sunday’s are very special for me. Thank you for letting me take this trip down memory lane with you Wanda…..

  15. Angie Estep says:

    We don’t have a big family and some of the family we do have just don’t want to be family involved. Its sad. I’d love to have all the family get togethers Im very envious of this! I try my best to help my mom and dad out. They are older dad is almost 70 and mom is 59. I mow grass for them they have like 6 acres. Of course its hard for them to keep it all up so i try to help as much as i can.

  16. Teresa Miller says:

    As a disabled grandma the most I can do is to strawboss the cooking & help my hubby babysit my grandkids but it is usually a wonderful time we all have together.

  17. I have lived in a 55 year or better gated community for 11 years. For 9 of those years my husband & I enjoyed activities & dinners with many of the neighbors. When my husband died 2 years ago, I knew
    I would be staying in this community. There are so many other wonderful women who either became widows like me or moved here single. We have such a active lifestyle with yoga, swimming, Mah Jongg, various card games, dinners, classes, and many activities. I love my ‘Village’ and it takes a

  18. Debbie Copeland says:

    Whenever we have moved we’ve enjoyed fellowshipping with our friends and family who help. We always have a take-out meal and enjoy laughter and fun times.

  19. Shirleen Curtis says:

    My family is always wanting me to downsize. They often offer to help me to do this. I don’t want to give up on my “stuff” but I know I need to do this. I feel that I should ask them to come to help on a Saturday and make a “party” of it. This might be a good time to get to enjoy my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

  20. I grew up on a farm, and there was always lots to do. We had a very large garden so we always worked together as a team on an “assembly line” while canning or freezing the produce. The days were long and hard, but they went well because we worked together!!!!!! Just like the Amish?

  21. Tammy Tomez says:

    I long for the community mindset that the Amish have. I would love to have a large enough group of family and friends to incorporate work frolics into my life. I have tried to incorporate as many of their ways into my life as possible. I had a clothesline put up in my back yard and have been hanging all of my laundry! Not only am I seeing a very noticeable decrease in my electric bill but I am so enjoying the peace it brings spending that extra time outside. I have also started making my own laundry detergent. And am trying to be as frugal as possible and make as many things from scratch as I can. I have always loved to sew and quilt so that’s not a new thing for me but it is one that I enjoy so much! I can’t wait to see your new cookbook!

  22. Hi Wanda ,

    I agree with you , its always easier & more fun when you have help with household chores ! Especially laundry & cooking ! Love your books & reading about the Amish way of life .

    Thank you
    Susan Duke

  23. Mary Roelke says:

    Enjoy your books. Enjoy different cook books, have banana bread in oven now & will take some to school tomorrow fro staff. Love to bake. I do a lot of volunteering work. Really enjoy being with people. Am a crossing guard & I always say this is the best job ever for a retiree!

  24. Donna Grammier says:

    A very close friend of mine passed away. She had a very over-stuffed “craft” room. Three of us got in there and cleaned the room. It seemed like everything we picked up had a “memory” to it. It was a very sweet time to spend this time with family and remembering our friend. Lots of tears and lots of laughter. A wonderful way to remember her. Doing it alone would have been very sad, but working together we made it a very good day.

  25. My younger sister recently bought her first home and my husband and I helped her paint all the rooms in her home, clean up the garden and plant all new beautiful flowers and we also helped her move in. We love to help anytime we can whether its family, friends or our community. We often donate food and clothing items and books to our local food shelters and thrift stores to help all those in need in our community. It brings me such great joy to help others. God bless you Wanda and your family

  26. Jamie Hughes says:

    I love the Amish way of life! I love their closeness and the way they go out of their way to help others!

  27. Paula Jeffers says:

    We get together and cut our winter wood. If we didn’t the one that have health problems would be able to use wood. We have a good time when we are together.

  28. Allison Schalck says:

    We recently moved out of a lake front home to a 6 acre farmette to live more off the land. We did not have much help, and it would have been nice. Now on the farm, our neighbors are all busy corporate farmers who seem busy and too distant in the way of friendliness. It would be nice to have neighbors not so busy to call on if help is needed or to share in. I see in the nearby towns that we have many Mennonite people. Perhaps I could find their communities to patronize and befriend them ? Life has become far too busy in modern society. I would SO love the camaraderie of good people living life the way God intended.

  29. Sarah Wilson says:

    I have always admired the way Amish families work together in unison. My family and I have always tried to work together to get jobs done on our farm, and it works out muvh better than doing it alone. In fact, tonight we’ll be working together to prepare a seafood dinner for my sister before she leaves for college on Saturday. Thank you for sharing this, Mrs. Wanda! 🙂

  30. Last summer I came back home from TN by the grace of God ! My mom and daughter came and we cleaned up , packed up and drove home 951 miles ! We had fun doing so ,but it was a sad time for me and the children as Mark is ill and had abandoned us there and so when we got home to NY we found him homeless . We took him him in to the home but his illness has only gotten worse and Now he is gone again. Mental illness is not easy for families, but we press on in the Lord and try to find Joy
    Prayers Appreciated
    Linda Marie Finn

  31. Debra Howell says:

    I agree. When many people join to do something it goes so much quicker. We did this at church a couple years ago. We were having our bathroom remodeled and also having a community 56+”Glow in the dark” (something we have every year on Halloween) For 1 person to get it all cleaned and ready would have been impossible. But with many hands it was done in no time. I’ve never had such fun cleaning bathrooms! lol

  32. Cherese Akhavein says:

    I wish we all did as the Amish more often, if so I feel our society would be in a mich better place than it is! In our family we try to always do together as much as we can, we have taught our children that it’s the foundation that makes for a strong base, and it’s never a bad thing to reach out and ask for help and with that if the benefit of the friends you make along the way. Not only do more hands make light work but more hands make more friends and a bigger circle of prayer to celebrate God’s grace.

  33. Carole Smith says:

    I love the way the Amish live, but I must say the places we have lived don’t do community much. I Alaska, around Thanksgiving and Christmas, families would get together because so many were separated from their families at that time.

  34. Marsha Pray says:

    My girls, my sister and I love to have a Christmas cookie and candy baking day. We get together at my house, put on Christmas music or a movie and bake and make candy all day. Then we share the many goodies!!!! We have a fun time, not only sharing the job of making the goodies, but in making fun memories for not only us but for my 2 granddaughters that also come and help.

  35. Judy Thompson says:

    I enjoy cooking and baking. When we had new neighbors move in across the street I made homemade brownies and took them over to the neighbors just to say welcome to the neighborhood. I was brought up this way to welcome new neighbors. It’s a shame that more people don’t even know who their neighbors are. Seems like the Amish know all of their neighbors for miles around. Love you books and can’y wait for The Hawaiian Quilt to come out!!

  36. Laurie Bergh says:

    It is easier and more fun to do chores along with others. Then help them with theirs. Everything gets done but probably quicker than if each person did it separately.

  37. Terri Rinko says:

    I like to share the chores and I like to do the cleaning and my father does the cooking. I also like to do laundry. I think it makes things go smoother when you do things you like! I love how simple the Amish lifestyle is and their chores, even though harder because of how they live their lifestyle and without the conveniences the English have, I’m sure they like the togetherness of doing chores like cooking and baking.

  38. Sherry Lochner says:

    It definitely is a lot more enjoyable when I have help or help others with making the load lighter. Our church had a 5th SONday friends and family fellowship in July, and many pitched in to help set up but then also to clean up afterwards.

  39. Sharon Bosser says:

    We have been working with our son and daughter-in-law on some bank owned property they were able to purchase earlier this year. Lots to be done but enjoying the small farm and old farm house. Also have had help from my husband’s best friend Bill D.

  40. Julia Thoel says:

    Reminds of the days when my mom & aunts got together to can for the winter. Everything smelled so good. The something we just dod not hear about anymore.

  41. every year we get together to bake all the Christmas goodies. a wonderful way to share time, fun, and those all-important family recipes along with some new ones. thanks

  42. Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to share the load with friends and family. Our family is far away so friends see to it that we are taken care of – not only on Thanksgiving Day (several invitations to dinner) but all year ’round.

  43. When my son developed a critical illness, family and friends just took over the house – some cleaned regularly, some provided meals (along with some to take to the hospital), some did yard work, some asked to be called if there was something specific; and all provided prayers and thoughts throughout.

  44. karen marie hoth says:

    I grew up in the country in Western New York. Growing up, I remember my relatives helping each other when something was needed. There were many Amish where I lived and I was amazed as we drove by that there were so many Amish men putting up a barn. There were also long tables or make shift ones and there was all kinds of food being put on it. That has not changed in the Amish community but has in our community. People do not live close to their relatives as they once did. They are all over the country. People are not as close as they used to be. They are always too busy to help family or their adopted family. Oh, how I wish it was like as it used to be. Where families lived close to each other and helped each other out when it was needed. We have lost way too much over the years. We need to go back and live more like the Amish do!!

  45. Lisa Garcia says:

    Working together as friends and family does draw people closer to each other, and also accomplishes the task at hand with a lighter heart. I’m on the Fellowship board at my church, so we plan for the activities of our congregation. It’s a nice way to get to know God’s people better. Also through bible study, where we truly get to know God’s heart for us, and each other’s hearts too!

  46. Cathy Case says:

    I can’t say my family comes to the aid for more than a death in the family. Which is very sad for us. I try to do as much as I can with my church, joining with the members. What I have done, is I started a charity group in 2012, and it is now a mission of my church to use their non-profit, 501 3(c) status. We make quilts, Christmas stockings, and pillowcases for seriously ill and underprivileged children. All done with donations and volunteers. As of April this year we have donated over 3000 quilts. This makes me feel wonderful to bring a smile on a child’s face. I would like to have the union the Amish have with their community as a family. I believe I would love to have that feeling and know there would be so many that would care for you.

  47. Hi, Wanda

    The Amish do help each other out no matter what the task may be. If some of the Englishers were more like the Amish it would me great. I have been caring for my brother who had foot surgery earlier this year

  48. GLORIA MARTIN says:

    I really appreciate this month’s journal subject as it is true – many hands really do make light the work. I admire the Amish too for including the whole family, including the children. What great role models they are for all of us!

  49. Maria Proctor says:

    Last year, my husband went into the hospital for heart problems. He was in for 10 days, & I would go back & forth every day, sometimes staying overnight. I wouldn’t have made it through without the love, support, & prayers from my wonderful Church family, & neither would my husband have!

  50. My husband and I both volunteer at a thrift store where all the profits go to relief work, globally and locally. This has been such a blessing as we have become friends with a lot of the 300+ volunteers, and each one has enriched our lives in their individual way. If it were not for this team of volunteers working together, the mission of this project would be impossible to carry out.

  51. My sister and I do all the outdoor cleaning,trimming and mowing. It is a big job in the backyard,we are waiting for a cooler day. We hate bugs and the heat. Cooler weather will get rid of the bugs. Thank you for the giveaway.

  52. My sister and I always make our dinners together. Thanks for the giveaway.

  53. My sister and I always change the beds and turn around the mattresses together. Thank you for the giveaway.

  54. Connie Saunders says:

    The members of our church often work together to offer bereavement dinners and they are often for families that aren’t part of our congregation. Working as a group makes these efforts much easier.

  55. Sondra Thatcher says:

    My daughter and I have been making homemade noodles together. It’s been a lot of fun doing it together and we get to visit while waiting for them to dry. It’s time we wouldn’t get to spend together otherwise. It’s more fun doing it together than doing it by myself.

  56. Hi Wanda ?
    We have a homeless ministry in our church and one of the highlights is
    At Christmas time we gather as a group and wrap gifts of warm clothing
    and hygiene kits… It is a grwat time of fellowship. ??
    By the way, I can’t wait to read your new Hawaii based novel! ?
    We just had our first trip to Kauai to celebrate (by re-exchanging
    Our wedding vows on the beach) and as I watched the trailer for
    the book I got so excited seeing the places they filmed. Stay blessed!

  57. apple blossom says:

    I love getting together and having baking times.

  58. In the spirit of traditional Amish quilting bees, my friend Janis organizes a monthly stitching group at her home, where women can enjoy fellowship (and refreshments! Janis loves to share her baking skills!) while working on a craft project, whether it’s knitting, cross-stitching, etc. Many of us work outside the home full-time and have a hard job finding the time to complete our projects, and the group provides much-needed support and motivation to get them done. I’ve met some amazing and talented women at this group, and have made a lot of progress on the cross-stitch sampler I started a couple of years ago!

  59. Jackie Tessnair says:

    I am in the process of getting rid of things.I have reached the point where I feel overwhelmed with a lot of things.I have health problems and I think it will help me a lot to purge all these things.I get so discouraged and depressed when I can’t clean all the dust off of hings,so if I don’t have it,won’t have to worry about it.It is going take a lot of help from my family,so we will see how it goes.My husband,daughter and I are taking care of my mom and doing as much for her as we can to make her life easily.We are in the process of screening her front porch in,we are having to go in a slow pace but with God’s help we will get it done before cold weather.I think any time we make time to do something for others we receive the blessing.Happy Fall!

  60. I find the Amish culture very interesting. True, many hands will get the job done faster and can be a fun time. Thanks for your posts.

  61. Mary Preston says:

    I know for myself that when we all pitch in the work gets done a lot faster. By sharing the load too it’s not left to one or a few. Cleaning out the big shed comes to mind.

  62. Sue Brandes says:

    We do the yardwork together. Goes much faster.

  63. Vickie Bartosh says:

    My oldest granddaughter was married this past weekend and was unable to financially afford a so called wedding planner. My daughter, her sister-in-law and I along with some other friends set up the hall the night before the wedding as well as prepared food to serve at the reception..We all chipped in to make sure my granddaughter’s wedding day was as special as she is…..It was a beautiful day for everyone….

  64. Lyndsey Bolton says:

    A few months ago we helped an elderly couple from our Church clean up their yard. Being 25 and having responsibilities it was a struggle to make myself go and help the young adult group with this task, but I did and had a great time hauling stray limbs, trimming back bushes and everything else that they needed done. The sad part is that recently the older gentleman passed away. I’m so glad that I went and spent some quality time with them. They are very special people who have touched my heart. Even if you’re completely overwhelmed never say no to helping someone.

  65. Libby Price says:

    Hi Wanda, We help each other here where I live..We had the Amish build or garage for our maintenance man and a beautiful gazebo, the gazebo is in the center of our parking lot so we can set out there and enjoy the day or eat out there or have parties. I loved watching them work, they are great.
    I love reading all of your adventures, your books and cookbooks..I collect cookbooks and love the Amish food and their recipes.
    Thank you for sharing with us all you do and your books.

  66. Brenda Anderson says:

    Working together is the best way to accomplish anything! Thank you for reminding us of that!

  67. Connie Hacker says:

    As my daughter was ill this past summer, we shopped for flowers & then I planted them for her. We enjoyed our time together..

  68. Lisa Parrish says:

    Working together at home or the workplace is always easier. It helps get the job done.

  69. Yes, many hands make light work… I live alone, and hung out clothes today–a beautiful day, w/ a gentle breeze! I mowed the lawn a couple of days ago, and plan on making homemade corn bread on Labor Day! I love fall–all the beautiful colors…and our county fair (Wayne County, OH) is next week!

  70. Susan DuBois says:


    I was so surprised that the wedding cake in the picture behind you was so ornate considering it was at an Amish wedding. I thought it would just be a very plain cake. It was a beautiful cake. Wish I could first meet you, and second attend an Amish wdding

  71. Diane McMahon says:

    Hi Wanda,

    I tried to watch the video of the Hawaiian cruise, but the lettering was too small to read. I loved Hawaii every time I have visited in the past. I have not been to Kauai, but I understand it is very beautiful

  72. Debra Terry says:

    My husband decided he didn’t want to be married after 12 years. This left me, a partially paralyzed paramedic, with a house to care for on my own. A large storm came through our state leaving debris & broken trees, with a lot of yard work to clean up. The men in my neighborhood, got together & helped me clean my yard from a large tree that had split in half. They worked together to get that cleared so that I wouldn’t have to try to do it on my own. I pulled limbs to the roadside with 1 arm. It took a bit, but we got that job done. Laughter and friendship made an impossible task for 1, turn into the greatest commandment being fulfilled; “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

  73. Jackie Wisherd says:

    I have worked on putting together a quilt in a sewing group to which I belong. It was fun working with the ladies to fet this done.

  74. Kristin Jäger says:

    Neighborhood clean ups. We have easements so everyone picks up a rake and mower and helps clean the area. It us also a time to chat and have some fun with the neighbors. We will also get together to share a meal . Everyone pitches in to make something and helps to clean up afterwards. Many hands do make light work.

  75. Robin Harrold says:

    We have days where the house is in real need of attention, but we want to go do something fun, so we either set a time or a timer and work together to get it done. it beings the family together.

    I have been to Kauai and it is beautiful. Look forward to reading about the Hawaiian quilt.

  76. Susan Departhy says:

    My community has a lot of fund raisers for people in need. I have seen the same cake auctioned 3 times and the bids as high as $100. These fund raisers are usually to help someone with medical bills, house fire, or lack of income.
    We have a pot-luck dinner and have blue grass music for the community on Friday evenings during the summer. Everyone has a great time and shares a meal, brings can goods for the food kitchen, or clean clothing for the clothing bank.
    It’s part of what I love about Tennessee.

  77. peggy clayton says:

    Wanda- I so agree with you when growing up in my foster home we would of never been able to do all of the chores if everyone didn’t pitch in and then we would of been late to the bus that took 2 hrs to take us to school. So needless to say we all got up and did them i made so sure of that if not when we got home our foster parents would beat the heck out of us or yell at us then it was no dinner and several times we went to bed without dinner in the same week. So having my own family i wanted them to realize that if we all pitched in we could go to event such as the zoo and many other places when all the chores were done. It worked although i am not sure they have carried that on as they have yet to have family.

  78. The need for some instructional materials was partially met through various individuals contributing the materials they had which was appreciated.

  79. Linda L. Rabe says:

    We had a first ever family reunion on my father’s side. I was instrumental in involving everyone to submit their family information. The genealogy was compiled into a never before printed book with the help of family members and the Genealogical Society in Yakima, WA. The family reunion involved everyone to donate money, food, and organize games for all ages. It was a great success. Now family members submit the changes in their families yearly and it is distributed to all who are interested.

  80. Diana Stolcals says:

    My sister and I would spend the weekend spring cleaning my parents home. My dad passed away and mom was living alone and getting up in years. So the two of us rolled our sleeves up and went to work. We had more fun working together and even my mom had fun and loved her two girls back home. I will always remember those golden memories of helping my mom and yet found it rewarding.

  81. I’ve downsized and moved with the help of my adult aged kids. Moving on is a transistion whereby you make choices of everything in your immediate surroundings. For many years and recently in the midst of a move, I’ve helped my mom put on a Victorian Tea to benefit the historical society. All the volunteers take part in serving tea, homemade little sandwiches, tea breads and brownie desserts. We wear long aprons over long skirts and mobcaps.

  82. Belle Schultz says:

    Through a friend of mine, who is an avid knitter, I joined her church group entitled Yarn Over Mission. One Saturday a month, we all get together to knit or crochet projects for many of the needy charities in the USA. It gives us the opportunity to share patterns and to see what others have completed for the month. Yarn is donated to our group by many generous people or we are on the “lookout” for great sales! We also get monetary donations so that we can purchase yarn as well. I love the togetherness this group has for knitting and crocheting, but for one another as well. Many a woman has been blessed by the comfort these women provide toward one another in times of stress.

  83. Jonna Marsh says:

    My children and grandchildren all live on our 12 acre farm. I had to retire from teaching due to health reasons. I offered to teach each of my grandchildren Kindergarten and First Grade. So far, I’ve taught Brysen both years. His mother is now homeschooling him. I’m currently teaching Lilyanna First grade. It’s a blessing to be able to do this. I still have 3 grandchildren to go if God allows my health to be OK.

  84. I enjoyed reading your comments. I feel that those people who work together share a very enlightening experience.
    I volunteer a lot of my time teaching young women to cook. Surprisingly, a lot of young women really want too learn to cook healthy and nutritious meals.

  85. Patricia Handlos says:

    At our church we are collecting bug replant and clothes pins to help fill baskeys to send to the flood victims in Louisiana. With many churches working together getting spacific items the baskets will contain everything that is needed to help the family’s recover from a tragity.

  86. Darlene Holley says:

    We work together to get the yard work done and it makes it go so much faster and we have fun doing it. It really doesn’t seem like a chore when you have others help you and have fun and laughter.

  87. Janet Williams says:

    I’ve never been fortune enough to live around family. Only short visits once in a while. I’ve always wished it had been different…I hardly know my extended family. So all of you who do live close to family members, take advantage of it and enjoy your times together.
    Love your books, Wanda. They make me realize what I missed all these years, but also make me feel a part of the Amish family. I feel so much at peace just reading your stories. Thank you.

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