Good Medicine

Every time my husband and I have been invited into an Amish home for supper we’ve enjoyed the light banter, joke-telling, and laughter that accompanies the meal. During such a recent occasion, I was asked to do a ventriloquist routine. Since I didn’t have my dummy with me, our Amish hostess brought out a large hand puppet she’d picked up at a yard sale sometime ago. I then put on a short routine that involved the audience in a song the puppet sang. Afterwards, one of the Amish children looked inside the puppet’s mouth and asked what happened to his voice, as it wasn’t there anymore. Everyone had a good laugh over that.
Having grown up in a house where laughter was scarce, I find it refreshing to be with people who like to laugh and have a good time. In fact, I often look for things to laugh about, knowing that laugher is not only good for me emotionally, but physically as well.
There are times when I might not feel like laughing, but if I remind myself to look around, there’s always something to smile about—a frisky pet, singing birds, flowers in bloom, children at play.
The Bible tells us in Proverbs 17:22 that a merry heart is good medicine. Just like the birds that sing in my yard, our Amish friends know how to share their joy with others. Make a list of some things that bring a smile to your face. A joyful heart is pleasing to the Lord, and it’s an added benefit to know that it’s good for you, too. What are some things you find to laugh about?


  1. My grandkids help me to laugh!

    • Karolyn Bunch says:

      What can I say…I have all your books and have read everyone of them…The last one was a series of 6 and I bought one every month…Then you came out with “The Hawaiian Quilt”… I loved it and couldn’t put it down…Every book you write just gets better and better…You are my favorite author and I can’t wait for your next book…Keep up the good work and may God hold you in His loving arms so you will be able to keep writing….Also I love the scriptures you put in all your books…Thank you for just being you….

    • I love to laugh! My family says that I CACKLE! I love to laught at my grandkids comments, my dog, who is a silly girl, silly animal videos, and just about everything! And, for sure, I have to laugh at myself!

  2. Shirley Chapel says:

    Being in the company of good friends and family.

  3. Hi Wanda: You are so right that laughter not only makes you feel good in side it also makes your heart smile and that Jesus smiles because he is in side my heart.In the winter time if you to a pond that is frozen over and you see the kids trying to ice skate and they slip and fall sometimes that is funny as long as they are not hurt.If we do not laugh we get all sad when we have so much to be thankful for and some people just don’t realize that.Thank-you for your great story on mediceie.

  4. Hi Wanda, I am looking forward to reading your book Hawaiian Quilt. And I agree on your comments about laughter. I too love the simple life of the plain people and enjoy visiting with my Amish friends in Pennsylvania. Keep on writing your books!

  5. Sandra Hatifeld says:

    Hi Wanda,

    Laughter certainly makes a world of difference. Everybody needs to have a good hearty chuckle to clear all the stresses of day to day life. Laughter is the best medicine for sure. There is always something that you can draw from and had a good laugh some times you have to dig deep but you find it. Thanks tor all your inspiration and wonderful story telling.

  6. Marsha Gallo says:

    I love reading your books because I feel
    I am right there with the Amish. I live in Maytown Lancaster Co Pa and some Amish people just built some beautiful homes near by. They may our town
    Look nice . I went up and got some Rootbeer fort husband and I told them
    How nice it looked. My grandfather’s sister, who is now gown, taught down at the Amish school. Back then Aunt Ruth did not have to go to college to teach. She had made an afghan for each of her great niece and nephews- which I still
    Have and right now it is in our bed.,they sure r wonderful people. Thanks again for writing about them. I also did get to meet u and u husband once when u were in York, Pa signing books at Christian Life books now Lifessy. God Bless. Marsha Gallo, Maytown

  7. I have some friends and relatives that are just naturally funny. They can describe everyday occurrences in a way that makes everyone laugh. I remember one friend describing the first time he and a friend killed and butchered hog. He had all of laughing so hard that we cried.

  8. Amber Anderson says:

    I find joy and laughter with my children. Even after a crummy day, they bring a giant smile to my face. Especially my twin 1 year old boys.

  9. My daughters for the past year have started reading your books and love them. I never was the type to read but now I have got hooked on reading them also. You are such a great writer and makes you feel like you are right there while reading. Really enjoy reading now. Have a blessed weekend!!

  10. Marilyn Horn says:

    I find joy in my grandchildren and our dogs and the silly antics they pull. One of our dogs is named Bandit; he certainly lives up to his name and ADHD personality when he steals from our older and calmer dog, Patches.

  11. Wanda I agree..the Amish really know how to laugh. Laughter is like medicine “it soothes the soul”. There is so much in our world to make us happy but Somedays we just need to sit down and realize we are blessed. Your books are a blessing to me…so comforting. I get so intrigued that I don’t want to put the book down.

  12. Brenda Anderson says:

    My husband and I have been married for 49 years, and our home has always been filled with laughter. It is definitely a great medicine! BTW our children tell us they are sending us to Hawaii for our 50th anniversary next year, so I’m really looking forward to reading the book! I enjoyed meeting you again in Indiana recently, along with your husband, son, and daughter-in-law. What a nice family!

  13. Charlotte says:

    That’s wonderful that you brought fun and laughter into their home with a simple hand puppet!!! You blessed them with the best gift, laughter.
    Smiles and hugs to you and yours, Wanda??

  14. Carrol Petroske says:

    I try to find cute little things I’ve done in the past that are silly to share with my fellow co-workers so we can laugh everyday. It makes us all in a better mood in a stressful job situation.

  15. Sondra Thatcher says:

    My Grandchildren make me smile the most. While children are a great gift from God, I think Grandchildren are the greatest gift of all. I also smile a lot when I get to spend time alone with my daughter like when we met you in Shipshewanna. I also love watching my son play soccer. Have a wonderful time in Pennsylvania.

  16. Mary Roelke says:

    Some of the things that come out of the mouths of grand & great grand kids. Am a crossing guard & have a preschooler who goes by a different name almost every day. Yesterday she was Peanut. For 3 days she used the name Pumpkin Patch & has also been Elsa & Anna. Her name is Taryn & she always says Taryn is her friend. The kids at school all know my name & it’s heartwarming in the a.m. when they come & tell you Good morning & many times I get a hug!

  17. Suzanne Sellner says:

    I love observing small children and enjoying their innocent antics. Just yesterday during my water aerobics class of older ladies and gentlemen, I spotted a young mother and her baby waiting on a nearby bench for the son taking a swimming lesson. When the baby popped his pacifier in his mouth, attached to it was a little black mustache. Since it was such an unexpected sight and so incongruous with a baby, I had to smile. Afterward I told several people about the mustache and smiled anew.

  18. Janet South says:

    I love your books. They give me such peace in my life I have read all your books

  19. Ida Lee Rice says:

    Every body needs to laugh, but sometimes you have to cry. Seek out the good in everything, and everyone. When things get bad go to your special place (everyone has one) and dream. God Bless and keep up the good work.

  20. Linda k Smith says:

    I just love your books they say a lot about how we all should live our lives. The Amish are fascinating people and through your books I can learn more about them without intruding on them. Thank you so much.

  21. Linda Critcher says:

    I truly love your books. Yes, a merry heart doeth good like a medicine. Sometimes when I’m down I sing good old gospel songs & hymns. That gives me joy & reminds me that God is still In Control & will work things out for the good of His children & for His glory. My job is to remain faithful & keep serving. He’s the potter & I am the clay. There’s nothing He can handle, and I must trust Him. Would love to win. Thanks & God bless.

    Love my children and grandchildren.

  22. So excited I just discovered your books and am looking forward to reading them!

  23. Paulette Pallante says:

    Enjoy reading about the Amish Facts in your newsletter which adds to the credibility of the stories written by you and Jean. Please continue for my pleasure and contentment.

  24. Ola Daniel says:

    I find joy in my Grandchildren, friends, and church family.

  25. GLORIA MARTIN says:

    I love your journal subject this month on having a joyful heart. The simplest things in my life bring such joy to my heart! Such as, a beautiful rainbow after the rain, seeing baby birds fly out of our birdhouse for the first time, watching my young granddaughters with their arms around each other comforting each other in the passing of their gràndfather. These are things that live on forever in my heart & bring me comfort when I need comforting.

  26. Yes, you are so right; it is the simple things in life that count so much. When I get together with my two adult daughters, we always end up laughing and laughing. It is such good medicine and very contagious to others too. I enjoy your books and newsletter. May God Bless you.

  27. esther price says:

    I so love reading your books. It is so easy to get lost and not realize you are not there. So interesting.

  28. I love watching the antics of my daughters younger dog. My husband makes me laugh with the stories he makes up and his terrible singing while he makes a parody of the song that is playing.I love your journals and your books and nature.

  29. Alyce Taylor says:

    Dear Wanda, I was so excited to see that I have won a copy of the Amish Friends Harvest Cookbook and potholder. Thank you so much. I love reading your journal with all its uplifting subjects.

  30. Jane Staiger says:

    That, indeed, was a funny story you gave us. The only thing I can think of right now is when my 7 year old granddaughter calls me in the evening. She likes to tell me what she did that day, which is usually entertaining. At the end she asks if she can give me a kiss. Of course I tell her yes. Along comes the very long and loud mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwah!! kiss. I get the biggest kick out of that. I hope it never gets old……precious indeed!!

  31. Linda Saeger says:

    A very dear friend who passed on over ten years ago told me that when everything seems to be going wrong for you, you can always think of someone who is much worse off then you. So I always stop and remember that when my life is giving me things I think I can’t handle. I always can find something that will make me laugh and try to remember what she told me. So when meeting people in passing I greet them with a Hello and a smile

  32. I didn’t grow up with a lot of ‘funny’ things going on. My parents divorced and in my youth that was not often seen so I was a ‘rarity’ you might say. My mother had to work and we lived with my grandpa, after my grandma died, to help take care of him. When I married we had more laughter in our family so I hope my kids look at their childhood as a good one. Now I think about waking up to enjoy another day and that is one of the best feelings a person can ask for.

    wfnren at aol dot com

  33. Sharon Lee says:

    I am a happy person by nature and am rarely sad. My grandchildren are the biggest joymakers in my life. And now great grandchildren. Love reading your books. God Bless.

  34. Mary Hamilton says:

    I love to smile and laugh. I find that smiling at strangers always makes them smile back at me. I guess children are the most wonderful smile makers for me. Our Hereford Momma’s and their babies always make me smile. God has Blessed me in so many ways that is very hard to really think one or two things that make me smile. I’m the oldest of seven children and from a very fun and laughter filled childhood. Love to spend a couple weeks every 2 or 3 years in Shipshewana, Indiana. I love to sit on the bench outside the Blue Gate Restaurant and people watch. I love your books. I feel like I’m right in the story with the characters. Thank You for your stories.

  35. Karen Tackett says:

    Wanda, I loved this journal message because I love finding things to laugh about. It truly is good medicine. That is one thing I love about your stories. You always show the Amish home, the family and the meal times as happy sharing times. We tried to always do that with our children until their schedules got so busy we couldn’t consistently share meals together. I love having laugh lines and not frown lines. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Karen Kaufmann says:

    I like to laugh at at all the silly things my almost 12 year old Welsh Corgi does. She jumps after flies & tries to attack the vacuum cleaner while I’m cleaning.

    I also enjoy my family, co-workers, church members. There are so many ways to share a smile with others!

  37. We laugh a lot at our house. Sometimes just about the silly things that we do my mistake.
    Sometimes a person has to laugh to keep from crying. I still remember some of the things
    my wonderful Mother to say to us kids and makes me laugh. Hope you have a great time
    in Hawaii. My husband and I went in 1986 for our 25th anniversary and then I went again
    in 1998. It was my dream to go to Hawaii and I sure did enjoy it both times. Would love
    to go again. Take care and God Bless

  38. Michele Harris says:

    Love your comments on laughter. I wake up each day and try to have a smile. I love to smile. I ask the Lord each day to let my smile change someone. It doesn’t matter if I know the person or not, I always try to smile at everyone. You would be surprised at how many people stop and talk, just because I smiled at them. Our world is so fast and full of stress. Just taking the time to smile and be friendly can make someones day. I have a lot to smile about. I have a wonderful husband, my 3 precious children and the Lord living g inside of me. I’m so very blessed.
    I have a lot to smile about. Smiles and blessings your way.

  39. Tonilynne Stirling says:

    I’ve been a nurse for years and have seen how much good a smile and laughter can do for a person. When a patient’s family comes and are hopeful and cheerful it really helps them recover.

  40. Donalene Poduska says:

    I just finished reading The Christmas Secret. I had trouble putting it down when I needed to stop and make supper. Then I finished it before having my dessert; my husband had his right away. I enjoy all your books, but this one seemed to be extra special. Maybe it was because I love Christmas so much.

  41. Susan Fletcher says:

    I also enjoy lots of laughter around me. Hugs and smiles! Thanks for sharing your books with others.

  42. Andrea B. Brooks says:

    A good joke, being with family and friends bring laughter to me. Also reading a good book that has funny lines in it.

  43. Catherine Meats says:

    My mother was one that could always make a person laugh. She is in heaven now, but I remember so well her wonderful, positive personality. She was the one that piqued my interest
    in read Grace Livingston Hill books. (She had quite a library) I read them all and then I ran across one of your books. Now I have a “library” of my own. They are such uplifting, Christ-centered books. Thank you so much for sharing with not only me, but the rest of the country. God bless you.

  44. Jackie Wisherd says:

    What brings a smile to my face is seeing my grandchildren once every month and also seeing how happy my little dog is to see me when I get home from a shopping trip or a daylong event. He seems to be smiling too.

  45. I love to watch the birds in my yard,reading a good book,watching a good movie,hearing from a friend. Those are just some of the things that bring joy into my life. Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. Roxanna Conner says:

    I am watching my 2 granddaughters this weekend. Our oldest granddaughter (she’s 3) was teaching me songs she has learned in Bible class, dancing to the music. She is such a joy, making us laugh and play like we are young again. Her favorite? The song, “Jesus Loves Me”.

  47. Annetta Bullard says:

    The Joy of the Lord is my strength! The Lord gives us so many things so we can be joyful and happy. I love children and their antics. They are so adorable and so sincere.

  48. I have also had the pleasure of having dinner with the Amish while I was in Shipshewanna. I enjoyed their company and great conversations.
    Just today I had made a comment to a friend at work and got her laughing so hard the tears flown from her eyes made me laugh also. It is always great to have laughter in our lives.

  49. Mary Curreri says:

    I live on the West Coast & can’t come see U @ your book signings.. But I really enjoying reading everybook of yours that I can get my hands on. God Bless You. Happy Autumn

  50. Mary Preston says:

    I grew up in a family that liked to play with words. Always good for a laugh. Even just listening to family stories from the past can be a time to enjoy & laugh.

  51. Debra LeBarron says:

    I like to read the books about the amish,it is very interesting and we have some nice friends and they are amish too. Debra sue LeBarron

  52. Jonna Marsh says:

    I’m a cancer survivor. God orchestrated my life to bring my 3 children, their spouses and 5 grand children to live on our 12 acre farm. I homeschool one child per year. They bring so much sunshine to my life and give me so many funny things to laugh about!

  53. More laughter can lighten the burdens we all face…

  54. Sharon Miller says:

    I laugh at my 2 year old granddaughter ‘s antics all day long. She repeats what I say and is so funny. She goes to line dancing with me and copies what we do. It”s entertaining. I laugh at myself at square dancing class as I learn all the patterns. I’d love to read your book

  55. Charlene Lovelace Fowler says:

    I love your books have read the other quilt books and most of your others as well.. I love reading about the Amish they are very interesting people , one day I hope to visit an Amish community

  56. Frances Hoyt says:

    I have read several of your books over the years. Now that my husband and I are retired we have traveled to alot of the amish communities. We live in California, so we have to go to the mid-west and eastern states. Thank you for making the stories so interesting so I want to visit these communities.

  57. My kids and our boxers. There different attitudes of 3 very active dogs and how they make me smile especially when it’s hard to smile when you have many health problems. Read also takes me away and gives me a lot to laugh and smile about. Thank you Wanda and Jean.

  58. Cherese Akhavein says:

    First I want to say Thanks for this wonderful subject, I think all to often we get wrapped up in everyday life and forget that it’s far more important to like a life closer to the plain lifestyle and in God’s mindset than we do. With that said laughter is the best medicine for most that stresses us. I believe the Amish people could teach us all a thing or two on peace within our self, to listen to the music of the birds, the laughter of a child, a joke from a family member at a renunion on the Lords Day. I enjoy watching how simple we could have our life be from the Amish people if we take that step of faith and trust in God’s plan instead of misreading our own ajenda.

  59. I agree, thank-you for this post. My siblings and friends make me laugh!!

  60. Darlene Holley says:

    I find joy and laughter when I am with my great nieces and nephews, it is always good to have fun with the little ones.

  61. Nancy Jo Horton says:

    We love to laugh…it make us feel great and enjoy each others company. sometimes something not so funny is really so funny.

  62. Sometimes we take life too seriously. Laughter is good for the soul! I try to stay positive even when things don’t seem to be what “I want”! Take time out of every day to smile, and make someone else smile! Just watching the innocence of our 4 year old grandson makes me laugh. His exploration of life and the world around him is such a joy to behold! We need to be more like children! Love all your books …. we can all relate to the trials and joys your characters you have created. They feel like part of our family!

  63. Sheila Hill says:

    Your new book sounds enchanting. I haven’t been able to read too much because I am back in school (I am a teacher.) God has been wonderful to our family. My 3rd son just got engaged yesterday to wonderful Christian girl. God has blessed us with 4 wonderful children who all serve Him.

  64. Ann Austin says:

    I purposely look for things to laugh about, once when going through troublesome times with my then teenage son, I realized it had been months since I’d really laughed. That was an eye opener! So I began to look for things to laugh about, not at people, but just silly things to laugh over and smile about. I may go a few days sometimes and realize I have not laughed recently, but then I look for something cute or funny and enjoy myself for a few minutes. I believe it to be good for my health and my mental well being. Scripture does bear this out.

  65. Lori Yoder McCleskey says:

    Good morning Wanda, I love to laugh with my grandbabies, the joy of my life. I’m interested to know who you visit on your trips to Indiana? I have a LOT of Amish family in Shipshewana, Middlebury and Nappanee, and just wondering if perhaps you might have been in someone’s home that I would be related to? Love your books – keep them real 🙂

  66. Becky haxton says:

    I look for God’s wonderful beauty in every way. I love to smile because you never now when that one person may need it. When I’m feeling sad I turn to my grandchildren. They put the quickest smile on my face. Especially when I here nana. Then I realize God blesses me in so many ways. That puts a smile and a thank you on my lips. Your books help me travel back home. That makes me smile. Thank you.


    I like to laugh at myself and silly things. Mostly, the greatest treasure that I have that causes me to smile and relook at life is my granddaughter. She’s a blessing that keeps me on my toes. Laughter is a happy state that must be appreciated, like love.

  68. Stephanie says:

    Thank you. I agree, laughter is such a gift. I enjoy laughing and miss having a full house with the hustle and bustle of getting dinner ready, sitting down together and talking and laughing. But I’m finding that I can be thankful for this quieter time too. Now, I am learning to push myself out and cherish moments with people–whether family, my precious adult kids, friends, and people in stores, libraries, neighbors. I also find myself laughing with my dog, cat, and many, many times at myself. It’s amazing. God has treasures everywhere.

  69. Terri Rinko says:

    I usually laugh at myself about silly things. I like to share laughs with co-workers and friends. I love your books and they bring a calming effect on my life problems. Thank you so much!

  70. Debra Howell says:

    I am fortunate enough to babysit 2 precious kids. One is 19 months old and I have been watching her since she was 4 weeks old. The other one will be 1 later this month and I have been watching him since he was about 6 months old. They are so innocent and anything makes them laugh. That in turn makes me laugh!

  71. Laurie Bergh says:

    The hand puppet story was cute. I agree, laughter is great. If more people would look for humor in situations they would be better off.

  72. Jennifer Klein says:

    I love hearing my 1 year old laugh and making her laugh. I also love seeing my newborn smile. It just melts me heart when my older girl kisses her little sister.

  73. My grandchildren always do things to make me laugh! They are always saying something funny or doing something funny! This is what keeps me going!

  74. Jill Copeland says:

    The joy of the Lord is my strength!

  75. I love to watch a good movie. Thanks for the giveaway.

  76. A good book brings joy to me. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book.

  77. Michelle Steele says:

    Thank you for the wonderful journal entry. There are times I need a good laugh or smile too to make me feel better. For instance it makes me smile when I see my son laughing/giggling at something he thinks it is funny. The laughter in children’s voices are so sweet.

  78. Debbie Copeland says:

    I think we’re all given many opportunities each day to laugh! Sometimes I laugh at myself when I forget where I put something and it is right in front of me. Sometimes I laugh with my coworkers about a crazy customer. My grandchildren provide many laughs! They are ages 6,4,3 and 1 so there is never a dull moment. My husband and I enjoy laughter everyday. My parents supplied much laughter when I was growing up…and they continue to do so. I love to laugh! 🙂

  79. I have 3 children who make me laugh all the time. My boys are 10 and 2/12 and my baby girl is almost 4 months old. My baby girl laughs when she is ticklish. My boys are silly and are always making me laugh.

    I love reading your books! Laughter is the best medicine.

  80. peggy clayton says:

    I have 2 pups that are my constant companions also I love to watch outside for the 3 turkey families that have walked by since one of them had babies. The deer are running so they are often outside or i look at the farm that is across the hills. Being disabled simple things are my laughter where to others they think it is boring or just plain weird.

  81. tammy tomez says:

    What a wonderful little story. Laughter is the best medicine ever! No matter what is going on in the world, when I spend time with my grandchildren and watch the world through their little eyes and share a million silly laughs with them, I always forget what might be troubling me. I look forward to reading The Hawaiian Quilt. I thank you for always sharing! God bless and be with you and yours always.

  82. Kathy Rowe says:

    Yes, laughter is the best medicine and grandchildren make us laugh the most with their sayings. Helps to keep us young. Love all your books and the two series with six books each were real good. Are you planning more like that? It is so relaxing to read your books. They truly are hard to put down. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks and Happy Holidays to you and yours. The holidays will be here before we know it!

  83. Joanne Leaman says:

    I enjoy your books so much, I lived in Myerstown, Pa. and many Amish families lived near me, I would hear their clip-clop in the morning when they went to their church services. I loved to go to Root’s to shop and saved so much money at their vegetable stands, I also liked to buy their baked goods there. I live in Florida now and I miss that peaceful life.

  84. The Bible encourages us to have a cheerful heart. Laughter is a joy and is good for our health. Nature, animals, and also word play can bring laughter.

  85. My husband and I made a trip from Kansas to Shipshewana last week. We tried to go the week you were there but couldn’t get a room at the Blue Gate Garden Inn and I really wanted to stay there. What a delightful place! I have made your Pumpkin Cheese Bread a couple of times and everyone who tastes it wants the recipe. It is so good.. Love your books.

  86. Loretta Moore says:

    Laughter is good medicine for everyone! I find that when I am laughing, it is contagious and brings more laughter. I like to laugh at myself because I have always been a “serious” person and this attitude helps me to “lighten up.” Watching little children play always brings a smile and sometimes laughter.

    Enjoy reading your books.

  87. Marge Smith says:

    Children have always provided me with such joy with their laughter.. and my Grandlittles are a constant source of laughter around here :0D

  88. Sarah Arnold says:

    What are some things I can laugh about? My disabled dad joining in on a conversation and randomly saying ” I like raisin bread.” I got him some 🙂 I can laugh at my 4 month old son smiling and giggling. He is a blessing. I laugh at my daughter having a good day and being like her old self. She can’t walk too good lately. Thank you Wanda for this reminder of happiness.

  89. Susan Campbell says:

    I love all of your books. I have been doing Family Childcare for over 39 years and it is the only job I can see myself doing.

  90. Bonnie Rowe says:

    Hi, I love to visit Lancaster and go to the stores and the roadside stands. When i am there i feel the peace. I would love to learn how they live without electricity. Their children are so respectful. I have been reading a couple of books from the Amish. I absolutely enjoy reading these books. they make me feel at peace. I am reading the Haiwain book at present. My daughter has many of Wanda’s books along with other authors., So, she is sharing her collection with me. I would like to meet with some Amish and just learn what they know. They have so much education to offer all of us. Thank you Bonnie

  91. Pat Foster says:

    I love to see the smiles on little ones faces. I enjoy talking to everyone. If I can make some one smile it makes my day and I hope it makes their day also. I live near Amish communities. I love talking with them and seeing all their smilea.

  92. Karen M. Hoth says:

    I have my cats Toby Weasel, Angel Angel, Callie Bear, Marley Red Stanley and Mr. Figaro that keep me smiling and laughing. It is always fun to see them racing through the house and never running into anything. I have been in and out of the hospital and they always are near me and make me feel better. My dog, Bella Bear, is a rescue and I am so happy I can make her last years happy. Makes me feel good. She was on the road to leaving us when I adopted her. Family was moving and just wanted to get rid of her. She also makes me smile and laugh. Animals certainly make you do better when you are ill. I love my kids. At times, they make me laugh and that makes me feel good inside.

  93. Jenny-Lynn Fricke says:

    I work in a nursing home and the residents their make me laugh everyday. What good is life if we can’t laugh. My grandchildren make me laugh when I talk with them on the phone with them.

  94. Julie Mills says:

    My grandbabies bring so much joy into my life. When I stop by their house and 2 year old Michael is at the door waiting for me with a huge grin upon his face, I feel I am truly blessed. The first time his younger sister cried when I left, I could not help but smile.

    My husband is battling terminal cancer. The other night he was up in the middle of the night, telling me about imaginary pigs he saw running around the house. True, it was sad but it was also somewhat funny. During this journey with him, we have to find humor in any small places we can to make it through. It would be impossible to make the journey without God at our side.

  95. Mary Roelke says:

    My grand & great grandchildren bring so much joy into my life.

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