Five Ways to Live Like the Amish — Part 4

Embrace Entrepreneurialism:

Amish children only attend school through the eighth grade, but the formal education they receive is comparable to a 12th grade education in many public schools. After graduation, Amish young people learn a trade or master a high-quality craft like quilting or furniture making. Once a trade is learned, some young people work for a relative, or someone else in the area running a business they have been trailed in. As they progress, some may start their own business, or even work two jobs. In my six-book Amish Millionaire series, Eustace Byler became wealthy because he allowed oil wells on his property. Surprisingly enough, some Amish people do quite well financially.

The main reason the Amish succeed at what they do is because they are hard-working and reliable at their jobs. They aren’t caught up with TV, computers, or other modern things that would take away from an honest day’s work. They strive to do their best and it shows in the quality of their work.

Do you or someone you know own anything made by the Amish? Have you noticed the quality of the workmanship? How can we teach our English young people to have good work ethics?


  1. Shirley Chapel says:

    Yes Wanda we have an Amish made glider . Very well made . I think we can teach our children good working ethics by setting good examples for them by our habits we have. If we have a job then we should set the example by have a record of good attendance and actually working while on the job. Arriving at work on time is good too. Not complaining about the job while at home during family time. Being thankful for what we have is a positive example to set for our children , who learn by what they see their parents doing and the attitudes they have while around them.

  2. I bought a quilt three years ago when my husband and I were out in lancaster,PA. You can tell that the Amish put there heart into whatever they make and it is totally beautiful.I believe the only way the young english will work or learn is if the father or mother are working on there on that they can teach there child how to work.Other wise most children want to go out and play.

  3. Jean West says:

    We have many pieces of Amish made furniture – from bedroom to living room to my most prized piece is my dinning room table and chairs. We won’t buy any other type of furniture. The workmanship and time and attention to detail is what keeps us coming back. We also have quilts and Amish angel dolls from our quilt maker. We have given our family members these dolls for each Christmas as a special gift from us. We love the crafts that we purchase because they are made with such care and attention to detail. You can’t find things made with the quality and attention to detail any longer.

  4. Trudy Hodgins says:

    We have a quilt given to us by my mother-in-law. You can see the exceptional workmanship in every stitch! We also have an oak table and chairs, hutch and cabinet that my husband uses for his tractor collection. The dining set is 25 years old and looks like we just bought it!

  5. Wanda Hill says:

    I have a handsome clock made with a horse collar. My daughter still has the cute little wooden horse made by and given to her by a sweet Amish grossdawdi on a visit to Pennsylvania many years ago. I have a pretty and useful quillow I also purchased there.

  6. Heidi Clusta says:

    I have taught my kids to work along side of me. It makes for good memories and learning. We weed the small garden, mow Grass, even change the oil in our cars. We do “womens” work as well as “mens” work. My boys will be well rounded and hopefully make great husbands!

  7. Sarah Arnold says:

    I wish I had an Amish quilt. They are beautiful . I believe you can teach a person a good work ethic by leading by example. Kids need to be taught to work for what they want . A person will therefore appreciate things more.

  8. Diane Bingham says:

    My friend Faith has a beautiful stool made by the Amish here in Michigan. She has had it for many years and it is still a wonderful looking piece of workmanship. I do online classes for Creative Writing and the class I am in right now is Intro to Cultural Anthropology. It has been an interesting class. You learn how to open your eyes to other cultures. One of the posts we had to respond on was in regards to what would our life me like if we woke in the morning and no longer had all these electronics to live with. Well I think all we need to do is take a long hard look at the Amish as they pretty much live without any of it. I have often longed for that peaceful way of life. I look forward to reading the entire 6 book collection soon.

  9. Judy D. Kramer says:

    I love your books & I hope I can win the 6th one. I can’t sew that well,but I would love an Amish Quilt …

  10. Tammy Tomez says:

    I totally agree with the Amish beliefs in teaching their children a trade. I think it’s so important and really wish that our culture tried harder in instill those values into our children. They really need to learn to do things with their hands! I do have some things crafted by the Amish and they truly do put their heart and soul into their craftsmanship. I often look at their things and wonder about the story behind the person or people that made it. 🙂 I try to bring as many of their ways as possible into my life and really wish I could bring more.

  11. Cindy dennis says:

    I also love Amish made items. I do not own any right now. I think English children should spend a month or two living with the Amish to learn what life is really all about. That it does not need to consist of electronics . I find the Amish very interesting and love reading their stories.

  12. I love the quilts and have enjoyed many amish recipes. I love their beliefs and wish more of our young people had their work ethics. I did not know about their education process and am amazed at how well they strive for excellence

  13. Emma Stuck says:

    we can teach our English young people to have good work ethics by be taught to work for what they want . Instead of being given what they want . I have friends and family that own items made by the Amish.

  14. Kelly Mayotte says:

    I have an Amish handmade straw broom, and various pot holders. The workmanship is top notch! I always visit the Amish in Delano, TN when I get to visit my parents each year. The Amish in Tennessee are such sweet people. I always see the children in the fields and they are so respectful to their elders. I think we can teach our children work ethics by our own actions. My children know that we work hard to provide and they all have worked since they were old enough.

  15. Tiffany Vaughn says:

    Yes one of my friends bought something that was made from the Amish. The work the Amish people put into their creations, like their wood work or their quilts is amazing. We can teach young English people good work ethic is by trying to make them apply them self’s and in courage them to do the best. That working hard does pay off and get you somewhere in life. As long as there is someone in there life that could inspire them then maybe that would help and make them notice that you can have the same work ethics as someone else does.

  16. Diane Tjaden says:

    I have dolls, a quilt and an oak bench. I love the craftsmanship and time it took to make these items.

    Our children need to learn a trade since not everyone is cut out for college.

  17. Cherese Akhavein says:

    I have several Amish made products, including baskets, quilts, furniture, potholder, table runners, bird houses,. And I agree you can’t beat the quality. Not only that but the price, they sell it for a far price and treat you as they value your business.
    As far as our children it starts from the beginning we model what we want, treat them as we want them to be confident and know they can accomplish anything they want. As the Amish do start when they are young teaching chores even simple things, like cooking, cleaning outdoor work, turning off the tv and building a relationship with your chrildren. Life lessons as more valuable than any book can teach, your elders can teach our chrildren a wealth of information, spending time on a Amish farm can teach any English child so much.

  18. Kim Vizzini says:

    I have a few things made from the Amish , the quality of work is impeccable ! I believe its all about there traditions & family and that is truly how it should be with everyone Family First before anything else.

  19. Delilah England says:

    I have many thing’s made by the Amish as my Uncle was Amish

  20. Stef marjerrison says:

    I personally dont have anything made by the amish ,but wish i had My mom has a quilt and my mother in law has a hutch , both are beautiful and such high quality ? I think we can teach our young people by being an example ourselves , and taking away lotsa screen time ??

  21. Linda Goad says:

    I love Amish books. I like the dedication that they have to their beliefs. Last year on the “Longest Yardsale” we came across Amish selling turnovers and home made ice cream that was being churned by a horse on a treadmill. Loved it.
    I also wanted to mention that I just read in the preface of one of your books how much you loved having your husband as your pastor for 20 years. I also had that great experience. Unfortunately the Lord took him home too soon.
    He and I always had a great work ethic. We were in restaurant business for nearly 40 years and never asked our employees to do anything we would not do along side of them. Enjoying your series. Can’t wait for the next.

  22. Martha Weinandy says:

    Yes I have several pieces of furniture made in the Amish country

  23. Kristin Myers says:

    I have several Amish made products. I love to cook and make jellies from my Amish cookbooks. I teach my girls and my granddaughters to quilt and to can foods I feel that this is a important part of life and this is something that every child should know. I was babysitting a friend 4 yr old so this week when I was making pickles and he had a blast learning how they were made.

  24. Kristin Myers says:

    I have several Amish items. I feel that teaching children about quilting and canning is very important. I love to cook out of my Amish cookbooks.

  25. Ruth Weller says:

    In 2013 my husband, granddaughter, and I were fortunate enough to be able to spend three weeks in Christian County, KY with our grandson and his wife. Our grandson worked for an Amish man as a driver for his construction group. While we were there I was able to purchase an Amish quilt top and, with the help of my grandson’s wife and some of their Mennonite friends, was able to quilt it while we were there. We enjoyed listening to the clip-clop of the horses on Sunday morning as the people were going to church. We loved shopping at Dutch Country Store. It would be so much fun to go back. We also enjoyed the interaction of the auction. Jacob, Ella, and their children were neighbors to our kids and were so good to them (the ‘English’).

  26. Yvonne Korstange says:

    Don’t own anythibg Amish. Just love reading stories about their luves. Make you aware of what no to do when you see them in public… was a Mackinaw bridge, seen large group of Amush. Made sure not tp photograph any of them.

  27. Anne Putnam says:

    I love all your books I have read most of them. I live near Middlefield Ohio so I shop Amish stores geagulary

  28. Linda Ward says:

    I wish I had the energy/work ethic of the Amish. I have many items made by them and they are superior!

  29. I have had several Amish made household items and I need to order a new broom great price and the quality last a very long time not like those cheaply made superstore brooms.

  30. By learning them how to work like our parents learn us at a young age,a lot of kids don’t know what work brother owe some things that the amish made.

  31. Judy Turner says:

    I would love to live near an Amish community and have some Amish friends. They could teach me so much and I know I’d love what I learn. Just this morning went to elmsport pa about 20 minutes away and went to lots of yard sales and fruit & bag stands. Got some home made root beer and oatmeal whoopie pies and the best ever chicken cooked by the Amish. Go there every year and love what I see and get! I have not purchase and of this newest series was waiting for all of them to come out because once I start I don’t wanna stop reading them so maybe I’ll be fortunate enough to win them all. Wanda you are the best author I have read all your books. I also am taking care of my weak elderly mom and she reads your books also since I got her started on them
    . keep your books coming you are a fantastic author! God bless you!!

  32. I don’t have anything Amish except my books Will have a Amish quilt someday.

  33. My husband drives and works for an Amish construction crew. Their work is amazing . We also have Amish neighbors. Super food. Good friends. I also have read a lot of Amish books and they like those stories.

  34. susan greenoe says:

    Yes i have a clothes pin bag and i love it. I think if mothers and father or grandparents would show there kids how to make thing or fix them and how to take care of a house or cook and let them help it would help them in learning a trade.

  35. I love all your books and cookbooks you’re an exceptional writer

  36. Lisa Littleton says:

    I used to visit my grandparents and after we left we would drive by an Amish community to buy from their vegetable stands. I love to look at their quilts but never could afford to purchase one. They truly are a work of art. Now, as adult I plan to buy one and hope to pass it down to my daughter.

  37. Teresa Collett says:

    I have a beautiful, oak roll-top desk that was made by an Amish family business near Shipshewana, Indiana . The family helped load it into my cousin’s van. It just fit! It is signed and dated on the underside of the center drawer. When I moved to Arizona, it came with me and now sits here in my “office” about five feet from where I am sitting.
    Thank you for your writing ministry. I read every one of your books I can get my hands on!

  38. Karen Younger says:

    I love the Amish quilts, they are beautiful, and I agree with how they train their children and teach them to work

  39. Shirlee Fulmer says:

    I have a couple of quilts, amish bonnets, potholder. While in Lancaster, several years ago, we stopped at our Amish friends and bought their strawberry jam. Loved it!! I try to teach my children to give whatever they’re doing all of their efforts to honor God.

  40. Krystal tharp says:

    I have a few things made by the Amish. I love the quality of their work. My favorite are their quilts.
    I read a lot of your books and live near some Amish homes. I try to teach my children about hard work and the things they can accomplish with out the worldly ways and I truly believe my children love everything I teach them about the Amish and other cultures.
    Thank you for writing such wonderful stories.

  41. Tina Eastridge says:

    We saw some Amish youth playing in a softball tournament last weekend. They won each game by a large margin. Someone said, that’s all they do, work and do physical activity, they are strong! I love your stories and would really enjoy winning this series! I’ve only been able to find book 1 in my library!

  42. We live just north of Crittenden County in Kentucky where my husband was born, and
    spent most of his youth. With over seven hundred Amish families in Crittenden County, we’ve had ample opportunity to see first hand just how enterprising and self-sufficient the Amish really are. The furniture is the best quality I’ve ever seen, bar none. A small variety store there houses many amazing examples of their fine, detailed craftsmanship.
    We often drive down on weekends, winding our way along the backroads, where the countryside is dotted with the two, and sometimes three story distinctive white clapboard houses. There are almost always children outside playing, freshly washed laundry on the line, and sheep or cattle grazing in the nearby fields.
    Every weekend in the summer season, there are roadside stands where Amish women or sometimes teens man the booths selling the freshest and most delicious fruits and vegetables, along with candles, soap, and the occasional handcrafted item such as baby booties or quilted potholder.
    I always come away feeling de-stressed, as if I’ve just taken a relaxing trip back through time. It is the best possible way, in my opinion, to unwind and forget about the hustle and bustle of large city living.

  43. Karen VanAntwerpen says:

    I have some Amish made tables that I absolutely love. There is just no comparison to buying something from a box store and buying something Amish made. I know it’s difficult, but we need to de-clutter our lives is much as possible. People have forgotten how to be still and that it’s OK to enjoy the quiet. I have to continually choose not to let my cell phone, Facebook and emails control my time. We need to be examples to those around us of how good it feels inside when you work hard.

  44. Toni Coleman says:

    I have several Amish fiction books and a few Amish cookbooks. With all of the noise of todays news and hectic lives this way of life is exceptional.

  45. Jennifer says:

    My mother in law has an Amish women finish her quilts for her. When I was younger my grandparent’s knew an Amish family and we went to visit them. I would like to visit another Amish family and live their lifestyle for one day. I enjoy staying busy and really love horses. I think the Amish are very good and hard workers. I live their sugar cookies as well.

  46. Carol Carman says:

    To answer your questions, I have two small things actually made by the Amish. One is a gorgeous wall hanging that I was blessed to win in an internet drawing and the other is a tiny log cabin quilted square (tiny enough that it is on a key chain)! And both are flawless. The only way I know how to teach our “English” young people to have a good work ethic is to teach them by example and make positive comments about it when you see other people exhibiting good work ethics. By the way, I can “see” this series on a stage somewhere….or even in movie form! I ADORED the surprise ending. I only have them in digital form…and would love to be able to hold them in my hands and read them over and over.

  47. Debbie Hazelton says:

    I have a bench/toy box in my living room which we purchase 15 years ago. I just love it and you see it when you come in the front door. Todays youth/young adults have not been taught at home how to have a good work ethic and values. With both parents having to work, I think that is where the problem starts. Not enough quality family time at home. I just love your books. Thank you for a chance to win. Have a blessed weekend.

  48. ilove your books they areabout alot of things people need to learn good things from.such how you can help peole wit h out expecting in return. and how important familes are.

  49. Faye Miller says:

    Do not have anything made by the Amish, but I love quilts, but could never afford to buy one.
    Children learn by watching their parents, if more parents set good examples for their children , we learn by watching others.

  50. love your Books , & would really like to win a this complete set of your books , thank you for the chance to win

  51. Pam Lenharr says:

    I have some Amish made quillows, a painted gourd that the birds have made a nest in and babies hatch every year! I love the simple life that the Amish live and the values that are instilled into their families. Today’s society is so much into the electronic world that I think sometimes they forget to enjoy their families. Family time is very important to us. We try to have a family dinner each night even though with our schedules it is hard. Sundays are our best days to get together and catch up on all that has happened during the week and our plans for the next week. I love reading your books. These would make a great addition to my collection. Have a blessed weekend.

  52. Elizabeth Kramer says:

    We have been looking at hand made Amish furniture from Lancaster, Pa. for awhile now. Absolutely gorgeous! Saving my pennies! My husband and I go to Pa. every year to enjoy the Amish atmosphere. The countryside, their homes, flower beds, everything just amaze me. They are a very talented people. I do own some small items and will one day be buying that furniture I love. Children need to follow by example. My son learned a lot from my father who was a finished carpenter. They worked side by side from the time my son could walk. My son learned the love of working with his hands and learned patience and love from his Grandpa. My dad is gone to his Heavenly Father, but we have things around the house that he made with his hands. I enjoy reading your books, knowing some of the towns and words they use and fun to learn more.

  53. Kristina Kohler says:

    I do not own anything made from a Amish Business. Wish I did. From what I have seen of their work is very excellent..
    I think it should start from a young age teaching are children how to learn by doing, taking part of family chores, helping with the family Business.. Help with the animals, gardening. ETC.teaching THEM TO COOK AND SEW AND ALSO FARM ING AND GARDEN AND CANNING.
    Spending time with the family is very important it where you form a bond. and where you learn from one another. It helps prepare them for when they leave home.

    Thanks for a chance to win this amazing Series.

  54. Deborah Dingledy says:

    I grew up in a small community in Indiana. We have a large population of Amish in our area. Growing up, we had some Amish women who would help my mom out at times. My mother became close to several families and at age 88, she still visits some Amish family members. One of my favorites, made me an Amish doll which I still cherish.

  55. Jennifer Klein says:

    I do not have anything made by the Amish but I hope to someday. I had neighbors getting their roof done recently and it was done by mostly Amish and I plan to use them when my roof needs done. I use electronics but I’m not obsessed like many of the people in the world today- I read more 🙂 When I am at work I keep my phone in my locker unlike so many. I feel like when I’m at work I’m there to work (I’m 31). It is going to be hard to teach young ones the importance of work ethic because of how popular electronics and social media is. I try not to be on my phone a lot around my 1 year old because I don’t want her to learn any bad habits.

  56. Kay Bossard says:

    I don”t have any Amish made things and don’t know why I don’t. I have many Amish friends and drove taxi for Amish here in PA for several years. I have quite a few Amish books and love to read books written about them. I have always enjoyed your books and would love to win this time. Thanks and God bless.

  57. Ola Daniel says:

    I’m waiting for number 5 ! I so enjoy reading your books, your blogs, and seeing your photos on facebook! Thank you!

  58. Sherry Hill says:

    I enjoy reading about the Amish but do not have any item made by them. I’d love to go to a quilting group and have one of my quilts hand quilted by experienced Amish quilters. I would love to read your series. I also think that more options for trade school classes in high school and college age level would benefit many that are not suited or wealthy enough for college classes. Also colleges make you take many classes that have nothing to do with your field of study and lengthen the process of education unnecessarily.

  59. Paulette Pallante says:

    Personally, I presently only own two pieces of Amish furniture, but have looked at and tried their curved rocking chair which would look great with my Amish Oak platform rockers. The chair does not look comfortable at all, very deceiving, beautiful craftsmanship and durability. Well worth the price considering the love, time and comfort that is given to each piece. So sad that the the younger generation is too much in a hurry to devote the time and energy needed to make such wonderful items.

  60. Cheryl Patton says:

    My sister has a quilt she bought on a trip to PN. Beautiful and absolutely gorgeous.

  61. I knew the schooling to & include the grade 8 but I did not know that their 8th grade equals our grade 12 public school level. No I do not have anything Amish that was built by them in my home but I do have 1 of their Cookbooks, that my daughter bought me while she was visiting Texas.I do not have any friends with any either. I have seen their workmanship though. There is a small city 1 hour away that is a store that only sell Amish Furniture pieces. Yes, their workmanship is very well done. We can teach our children great work ethics From a very young age & up by giving them “Jobs” around the home, that are age appropriate, that is their own responsibility. Check that it is done & done appropriately, if not get them to fix it as proper & if it is, praise & thanks are offered for their great job performance. *** Thanks for giving us this chance to win your recent series. Books 1 – 6 of the Amish Millionaire Series. I love your writing style & thus, love your books. Keep writing please!

    • You posted about this contest on my group, on Facebook called, “Amish Books Readers” on July, 29, 2016. Thanks for the opportunity to win on August 1st, 2016 when you make your draw. I love your books. Keep writing.

  62. Teri Faulkner says:

    I spent my honeymoon in Middlebury IN @ That Pretty Place and then visited with an Amish Family who had us for dinner.
    Such an amazing experience with them digging up a patch of their tea leaves for us to grow at home and 4 years later still growing strong.
    Would love to win your books and continue the journey as I just started with your books.

  63. Jonna Marsh says:

    We own several pieces of Amish made furniture, a cutting board, a wooden spoon, a butter paddle, etc. Wonderful workmanship. It’s hard to teach our young people much of anything since that can go nowhere without a cell phone in hand!

  64. Martha Peace says:

    I love your books,Thanks for a chance to win

  65. Leah Froehlich says:

    I love reading all of your books. They are so interesting and I always learn from them. The only thing that I have that is Amish made is a beautiful purse. My son in law is a builder and he has an Amish friend that custom builds the cupboards for him. The workmanship is excellent.

  66. Hope Daniels says:

    I have read most of your books and have been to the area your write about I love all your books in fact I am going down the list so I can read ever one you have written

  67. I have friends who have had the amish come out and do their hardwood floors. Not only were they the best price but the craftsmanship is amazing. We also go to our not so local 🙂 amish grocery store (2 hours away) every month. When or if I need wood floors I know where I’m going 🙂 I love their simplistic way of life.

  68. Megan Parsons says:

    I don’t own anything Amish made. I’d love to one of these days. I think we should limit our children’s time on electronic items and to give them chores to do.

  69. Libby Price says:

    I have a quilt that was made by the Amish and I love it..I want to invest in many more pieces of Amish work, especially the woodwork..Young people nowadays are into cell phones and such and just don’t go nowhere without them in their hands..I wish that young people could learn the values of life and such like the Amish children..Thank you for all your books I love reading them and I am hoping on getting more of them..Have a beautiful weekend and week..Take care.

  70. Juanita Cook says:

    I love reading your Amish books. You are a very awesome Author. I have a couple dolls I purchased in Berlin a couple years ago on my way home from Lancaster, PA. Hoping to get a few things when we go to Berlin this October. Would love to be able to buy some furniture, but it wouldn’t fit into my car to be taken all the way back to Nebraska. Thanks for a chance to win.

    • Candace Aitkens says:

      Hi Wanda, I love reading your books! I have never encountered an Amish person or family so I only know what I read about them. They certainly do have a strong faith and love in God as well as a strong work ethic. We could all learn a great deal from them and maybe a less stressful and rushed life without all of the technology we have today.

  71. Cheryl Roberts-Stephens says:

    I own an Apron that my mom bought me when we visited the Amish area around Lancaster, Pa.

    I enjoy reading your books!

  72. Sharlon ROSE Moser says:

    I have had the pleasure to live in an Amish built home. The workmanship is truly amazing. I own almost all of your books and would love to win the autographed 6 book series An Amish Millionaire.
    Thank you for all of the beautiful heart warming stories. I really enjoy reading them.

  73. I love all of your books and always look forward to the next one. If only they continued without end. I feel you arw the Phyllis Whitney if 2010+ 🙂

  74. peggy clayton says:

    We do we have a lazy susan that we got on our first trip to Minn from Ia I just loved all of the little stores that we went thru and all the beautiful things that the Amish have made. Also on the way to Platteville I always have my husband stop and get me jam made by the Amish. It is so much better than jam that I have tried from store shelves also I get to see all of the 9 kids that come out. The oldest one reads so I go up and help her with a few things since I am a former teacher and I listen to her read she just loves it when I sit and listen as her parents do all the farming and gardening. Such wonderful chairs they sell also but too much money for us but love to stop and visit!

  75. Mildred G Bunten says:

    I love reading your Amish books makes me appreciate the hard work they do . I once visited Lancaster PA and enjoyed it so very much. I would love to have your books.

  76. Nellie Krahn says:

    I love the Amish stories, I know about the hard working people where I grew up in and proud of it too, I am a Mennonite and often get compliments on the great jobs we do in a facility I work in

  77. Mary Schurdell says:

    My husband and I bought a rocking chair made by an Amish man in Ohio. He was very friendly and asked if we would like to see how he made them. Spent a couple of hours as he showed us how he soaked the wood to make it flexable and bent it to fit a form he had made. He took us to another room where he had some finished chairs. He directed us to one chair that he said was better than some of the others which we bought. Talked with his Sons for awhile. In all it was a great experience. Still have the chair that he signed in our living room in Florida. Seems like we care more about giving our children things to make them happy or just to keep them busy so we won’t have to be bothered with them. We should care more about what they are learning and things that will last like good morals, honesty, loyality, caring for your neighbor and hard work. Love you books. Keep them coming.

  78. Shirleen Curtis says:

    Love all your books. Have been reading them for a long time. Especially like the one;s you break up into little one’s.

  79. We saw a sign in Amish area in Ohio that read “Chairs Made”. So we followed the signs to a farm. A very friendly older Amish man asked if we would like to see how he mad the chairs. Of course we said yes. He showed us how he soaked the branches to soften them and then put them on a form he had made. By the time he finished showin us the process het took us to a area where he had some finished rocking chairs. He directed us to one chair which he said was better than the others. We bought the chair and it is still in our living room in Florida. Seems people care more about giving their children things instead of what matters like morals, honesty, caring for others and hard work.

  80. Carol Edwards says:

    I don’t have anything that has been made by the Amish, but I think I would like a quilt to keep and then would love to have access to some of their good desserts.

  81. Debbie Fultz says:

    My mom and stepdad have rockers that were made by the Amish. They are very well made and heavy. You can tell that they took the time to make each rocker. We can set good examples to our young English children by making sure that we are going to work every day.

  82. Carol June Skidmore says:

    I have bought baskets and a few other small Amish made things. They are so beautiful. My cousin lives in Ohio and she had some beautiful Amish made furniture. I love all your books I have even gotten some of my family members into reading them.

  83. Mandy Bentley says:

    I own several Amish baskets and on the bottom of each one is the basket maker’s name and age. I have one that was made by a six year old! You would never be able to tell their basket from the adult made baskets if you didn’t read the bottoms. The quality is amazingly wonderful! Everyone knows if the Amish make something that item will be good quality. That is because they are taught at a very young age to do everything they do unto the Lord. Therefore, they do their very best. We could learn many lessons from these gentle people.

  84. Nancy Farley says:

    First off I must say I love every book you have written. You transport me right into the story. When I finish one of your books it’s hard to say good bye to the friends I’ve met along my journey.
    My husband and I built our own home in 1994. We ordered natural hickory cabinets fron Home Depot. I was pleasantly surprised and excited when they told us they were coming from Ohio and were being made by the Amish! I was never more excited when the cabinets arrived. They are absolutely beautiful and the craftsmanship is is amazing! They are as beautiful today as they were in 1994. I even found a face in one of the side panels. The way the wood grain is it looks like a man with a long mustache. I call him Ole Man Hickory.
    I love reading about the Amish and respect their family values. Thank you Wanda for all the books you’ve given to all of your readers and I look forward to your next release

  85. Mary Roelke says:

    I think our young people need to learn good work ethics by example. Have always admired the Amish people & their ways. Sadly I do not own anything that was made by the Amish.

  86. Kathleen Renno says:

    We have an Amish made bedroom set and several quilts made by the Amish that live in/near Shipshewana..our lake cottage is in the it..

  87. Karen Gervais says:

    I have a pair of dolls, potholders and a towel. Would love to have a quilt and rocker. Someday, I will be able to get those.

  88. Libby Price says:

    I forgot to tell about the Amish workers that had put up a great big garage over next to me. It was really amazing the work they do and how fast they do it. I want to go and visit their country not far from me so that I can experience some of their ways and works and food and hopefully be able to buy some of their items. I love collecting their recipes and trying them

  89. Joy Richard says:

    The Amish have the best work ethic of anyone around. A cabinet maker from Lancaster County, PA redid our farmhouse kitchen and we love it. A contractor also built an equipment storage building on our farm. They get more work done in a day, than most others do in several days. They really work with you and do the job exactly like you want. We have never been disappointed when the work for us.

  90. I am now the proud owner of an Amish-made potholder, courtesy of Wanda! 🙂 Although just a simple, utilitarian piece, I can see that a lot of love went into it. The stitching is impeccable! I’ll use proudly in my kitchen and think of the Amish whenever I cook!

    Whether building a cabinet or building a website, we can certainly take a lesson from the Amish and always strive to take pride in and put our all into everything we do! I think the Amish work to glorify God and not themselves, which makes all the difference.

    Another good lesson from the Amish is that no job is too small to be worthy of our effort. Young people can take as much pride bagging groceries at the local supermarket, or even mowing lawns for extra cash during the summer, as doing something much more glamorous. Building a work ethic starts with being timely, showing up to work neatly dressed, not slacking off on the job, being reliable and dependable, and putting in that extra effort. We can set a good example for our young people by leading productive lives ourselves professionally, and by helping our friends, family, and neighbors when we can.

  91. Amos smucker says:

    My name is Amos smucker I was born and raised in Lancaster County in an Amish family of 11 of the 11 of us two of the oldest brothers and two of the oldest sisters are old order Amish Three Brothers join the Amish church and excommunicated one sister join the Amish and was excommunicated and my older brother and my younger brother and me we never joined I would like to meet with you the next time you come to Lancaster I want to share my story with you for it is healing for me I just got this new phone and I only went to 8th grade and now I can write because you can speak into the phone and it spells it for you it’s such a nice tool please contact me when you get to Lancaster I want to meet with you

  92. I love everyone of your books.
    They should be made into movies.
    Now living in wyoming for over 35 years our birth place often had amish families move into Illinois.
    I love quilts. I have handmade quilts from my mom, grandma. Keep writing. Your books are a true blessing to all of us. God Bless you

  93. Peggy Probus says:

    I knew very little about the Amish until I started reading the Amish based novels. I am very impressed with their lifestyle and the quality of their work. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to visit an Amish community it is on my ‘bucket list.’

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