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The other day I was thinking about the importance of friendship, and how so many of my friends have impacted my life. My first friend, Mark, was our neighbor’s son. He was four and I was five, and we did many things together, including having our first taste of sand from his sandbox. I quickly discovered that putting sand in my mouth was not a good thing. I don’t think my childhood friend liked it either. Mark and I went to school together, and by the time we entered high school we began dating. I remember thinking that he would be the man I would marry someday, but God had a different plan for my life.

I had other friends during my childhood and schooldays, too, and after I married my husband, Richard, we became close to some other married couples who lived in our neighborhood. We established close relationships with several people from our church. We’ve also become friends with several Amish couples and have developed a closeness, even though we live miles apart. We make trips to Amish country as often as we can, to spend quality time with our dear Amish friends. We also write letters, and make phone calls to keep in touch and share prayer requests. Some of our Amish friends have traveled to our home state of Washington to stay with us for several days. What a fun time we had while taking them to see several beautiful sights we have here, like Mt. Rainier, Puget Sound and the Columbia River.

Each time we get together with friends, our relationship becomes stronger. It’s comforting to know that we can share with them and ask for prayer when needed for specific things. I can’t imagine my life without friendships, and it doesn’t matter if we live a different lifestyle or come from different backgrounds. What counts in a true friendship is caring and sharing.

Do you have special friends who have been there when you’ve had a need? What is the best way to make a friendship grow stronger?

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  1. My best friend passed away 7 years ago but we were as close as close could be. Everyone thought we were sisters. Our families were always together. We were always talking to each other either on the phone or by text. We went to church together and even worked together. Our children were best friends as well. I love her and her family so much and miss her every day. Spending time together and showing love to one another is what friendship is to me. Or the beginning of it at least.

    1. Friendship is so special. My son had surgery today and my best friend and I who lives 2 hours away prayed at a certain time. That meant alot.

    1. Jane,
      I am so sorry you have become an outsider. I have been as well in my life. I’m praying you will find friendships among people you have things in common with, perhaps people you meet at a local library, church, etc…

    2. I agree with you. I use to have lots of good friends. Then we moved to Nebraska & it is so hard to find the friendship I had before we moved. I have tried & tried….

  2. I have some special friends, one, who her and her husband that I worked for in 1976, adopted me and my family…..talk about special…they loved me and my family like I had never known before (coming from a home where my father hated us and was abusive to my Mom and us)..Aaron died about 9 years ago and what a blow that was…Elzora just passed 11/11, day after my b/day….What is the way to make a friendship grow stronger? Spending time together and we dont always have to have the same “likes”….learn from another… LISTEN…one of the biggest things I learned…listen to their thoughts…wishes…dreams…hurts..concerns….be available to listen and talk….not only when “you” need it….I dont really have “anyone” now…certainly…no one that will be able to fill Elzora’s shoes….(other than my small family)…..but I will always remember and cherish her wisdom and love…..Happy New Year ya’ll….hug your friends….

  3. Friendships grow stronger in the Lord. I believe it is good to be equally yoked even in friendships. I love that my friends serve and worship The Lord, the same as I do. I have someone I can count on for prayer and Godly love.

  4. Friendships are very important to your emotional, physical, mentally. and spiritual wellbeing. Friends are more important than money , wealth, success and promotions. A friendship will grow strong over time by showing consideration, thoughtful, honesty, and most of all always let your friends know you are always there for them through god or bad times and always keep their confidence.

  5. I have dear friends that I don’t necessarily talk with often but yet know they are always there for me and me for them. The times we are together are so special and memorable. God has put all kinds of special people in my life.

  6. I remember my neighbor who was in her late 60’s when I was a little girl. She had a poodle and asked if I wanted to learn to knit and make her “doggie “ a sweater. I learned on double pointed needles and with Edna’s help, I made a lovely red turtleneck sweater as my first creation! I’m now in my 60’s and knit all the time. I hope Edna knows how her taking me under her wing made such a positive impact in my life!

  7. Forty five years after graduating high school one of my high school friends and I have reconnected. We picked up right where we left off after graduation. We now text and email almost daily. She truly is a blessing in my life.

  8. I have been blessed to have a friend since I was an infant/toddler that I am still friends with. We have shared times of blessing, challenges and sorrow! 60 years of friendship has stood the test of time!

  9. Friends are an important of my life. My best friend vegans as first child’s babysitter. We lived in a new town and I did not have any connection. This was 48 years ago. We all have experienced joys and sorrows. Our friendship has helped. Like you Wanda friends intersect our lives

  10. A friend sometimes knows you better than your family. They understand your dreams and pain, they listen and share, support and pray for you. Everyone needs a special friend. My friend went home to be with Our Lord 2 yrs ago, I miss her terribly

  11. I have been blessed with wonderful friends who will pray for me and will share their needs for prayer. It brings a beautiful closeness!

  12. Yes, I can always rely on my next door neighbor. Now that my husband passed this year, they have been so kind to me in every way. Shoveling snow and raking leaves. I am blessed to have them.

  13. My Hubby and I have been friends with a couple that we met in college before they were a couple.
    We see each other only once or twice each year because we live in different states.
    The lady and I stay in touch by social media.
    I believe this friendship has continued to thrive and grow because we share family updates and prayer requests often.

  14. I have 2 really great, close friends(plus my husband😁). They have really been there for me when I have needed them, especially these past 10 years, which have been the hardest for me. We are always making time to get together- like our days visiting shipshawana or just meeting for lunch. Its the little things, like cards, lunches, emails , just listening or just because gifts that strengthen a friendship. I always know they are there for me, even when we haven’t seen each other in awhile🤗 They ate the best friends anyone could ask for!

  15. I have 3 friends from my early high school years. We’ve not always kept in touch on a regular basis but as the years have gone by and our children grew up, it became easier to be in touch. Through 2 of my friends having cancer and beating it, all of our life changes like retirement and grandchildren, we can pick up where we left off no matter how long it’s been. I treasure these friendships and pray for them each day.

  16. Mine are a few online friends. The will send little gifts just because or listen. I would say to be a good listener or help in some way if you can. Just be there for them.

  17. I think the best way to have a friendship is to make sure you are always honest and supportive. I feel a friendship has to be nurtured to make it a lasting and true friendship. I love my best friend very much.

  18. I have lived many different places in my lifetime. I have friends across the country. I have learned that special friends can be gained at all ages, which is so precious to me. Just when you think you have the best friends ever, you gain more best friends. And they all hold a unique place in my heart. I am so grateful.

  19. I just celebrated my 50th high school reunion. I went with a girlfriend that I also went through elementary school together. Truly a special friend. Just one of a few I have long term friendships with. Even though we may not be in touch as often as I would like, I know at the drop of a hat we can easily get together and pick up where we left off.

  20. Your books spawned a desire to visit Ohio’s Amish country, and we are now actively searching for a home to move that direction! Thank you for bringing the simple life to life for us!

  21. I have some very awesome friends. My best friend and I have been friends since we was in kindergarten together. My best friend, has helped me immensely since losing my late husband. She has taken my boys and I under her wing and has been there for us through so much.
    We continue to grow our friendship by making time for each other and continuing to be there for one another as well.

  22. I am blessed with sisters in the LORD who encourage me, laugh and cry with me, challenge me and pray for me.

  23. Something I plan to do in the New Year is to read my daily devotion book and read the coresponding scripture in additin to daily Bible reading.

    Yes, I have special friends I can contact when I need to talk. The best way to make a friendship grow is to stay in constant contact and do special things with them, i.e. lunch and out of town road trips and camping trips.

  24. The best way to have a friend is to be a friend. My closest friends since childhood are still there for me, through the thick and the thin. We love on each other’s families as though they were our own. My friends are closer to me than family, who live so far away now. I am so very thankful for the friends God placed in my life.

  25. I share many friendships. From my family to my Church friends to friends that I graduated high school with.
    My sister is a close friend. We love to travel to Lancaster County. We have made friends there.that we will stop by for a visit.
    On December 2nd, I fell on the sidewalk outside my door. I knew that I hurt my leg/knee. I waited almost a week to see the doctor. (We even had a trip planned to Lancaster County during this time. I went and hobbled around…) The doctor sent me for x-rays. And, sure enough, the next day the results came back that I fractured my left knee cap. I am wearing a stabilizer. Now to the point of this long paragraph. My high school friend, Deb, is an absolute angel!! I do not know what I would do without her! She has taken me to a doctor appointment, the grocery store, the credit union, done wash for me, and out to breakfast. (I will never be able to buy her enough breakfasts to repay her!!) I have been so blessed by her friendship!!
    God bless each and everyone of you!

  26. I have a best friend from high school, we don’t always talk or get to see each other but we’re there for each other.

  27. God has sent many people my way that have become such a blessing to me! Our friendships have grown to a level that just gives me peace! I can talk to friends about most things, never feeling judged, but encouraged to pray, and change (if needed) and accept others as they are, children of God. Friends are definitely a gift from God! God has been so real to me and has worked miracles in my life, one of which is friends!

  28. Wanda,
    Such a blessing this post is about friendship! We have moved here and found some truly good friends most of whom are in our local church body. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway. You are such a blessing!

  29. I am blessed with sisters in the LORD who encourage me, laugh and cry with me, challenge me and pray for me.

  30. My college roommate has continued to be a great friend. It has been 55+ years since our college days. We still have the same values and can share with each other. What a great fiend God has provided me.

  31. Oh yes I sure do have a special friend we have been friends since I was 17 and her 16. We were married to brothers then both divorced them. We stayed together through think and thin. Today I’m 62 and she is 61. Thank god I have her. We have always been there for each other!

  32. My late friend was always surprising me with special little everyday things and actions; made me feel special. When I lost my husband unexpectantly she was always there. Now that she is gone I surely do miss her. The church family I have is a true blessing; they step up to do things I cannot do now that my husband is gone and that is something I will always appreciate. God is so good!!

  33. Thank you for the reminder about importance of friends. I have many friends that have made an impact on my life.

  34. My friend Val was there when I was doing Chemo. She would come by and do chores like vacuuming for me. Her help made it easier to deal with the tiredness the chemo gave me.

  35. my husband is my best friend…..but as is to be expected, there are simply things he fails to understand. you know, the venus versus mars thing. i have never really had a true girlfriend i could share with, and say has been there for me. i am saddened by that; but i do have the Lord, and am grateful. i think the best way to help a friendship grow stronger would be simply to be there. even if there is a distance; just to always be the listening and caring ear. we all need to know someone cares. ….. and listens.

  36. I have been blessed with lots of friends over my lifetime. Some are always closer than others. This seems to be the result of “going through things” together. Other friends just seem like family members immediately. I’m in a stage of my retirement where I’m having to form new friendships because my husband and I have moved to another state to live on our daughter & son-in-law’s farm. Thankfully, we’ve become part of a welcoming church community that’s given me opportunities to share life with them in Sunday school, knitting group, choir, and of course, worship. I’m very thankful. 🙏

  37. I have a group of ladies I worked with. We try to get together at least once a month, due to some that are still working we have to work around there schedules. I can ask them for prayers and they don’t disappoint. It’s a great bunch of ladies.

  38. My special best friend is my twin sister. We have been best friends all our lives even though we don’t live near each other. When we were in high school she had her bedt friends, I had my best friends and together we had best friends. We had lots of friends. I think ones life is enriched by having friends.

  39. This morning, I was reminded of a friend that I used to sit by in Church. She is now sitting at the feet of Jesus or standing and singing as we always enjoyed, “When we all get to Heaven.” That is what the church sang today and I remembered worshiping and singing with Jan. She was/is a true friend I will see again.

  40. I have a special friend who may not always agree with me, but she does help me put things into perspective when I need it. She is very encouraging. Sharing personal feelings makes our friendship grow stronger. It helps us to understand where each of us is coming from in certain situations.

  41. I have very special friends/prayer partners in my women’s Bible study. We do lunch together every week after our study. Don’t know what I’d do without them.

  42. I have friendships that date back 35 years. We live, mostly, in different states now and rarely see each other, but when we do it’s like time has stood still and it was only yesterday we were together. I’m so grateful for those forever friends.

  43. A lot of my friends are gone now but they will never be forgotten. I have many memories to hold me until we meet again in Heaven It is something that no one can ever take away from me

  44. Friendships are one of the many treasures of life. I tried to teach our children to value the friends they are making through life; to stay in touch and to be there for them. Our son still stays in touch with the friends he made in college and I think it is great. I still maintain a close friendship with two with whom I have been friends since we were 5 years old. In our 70s now, so lifelong friends, and wonderful ones. Sadly as I get older, I can look back and see how many dear friends of mine are no longer here. I think one of the most important things we can do to maintain friendships is to stay in touch.

  45. Your writings are such a blessing to me. It is so hard for us to make friends (several reasons) as we have moved from Washington state (born and raised) to Tennessee. We love our little town but so many here are with friends they have grown up with. We recently changed Sunday School classes and I believe this one will afford us more opportunities to meet couples. However, I long for my heart friends left in Washington. Thankfully, we still talk often and get together 1-2 times a year. I do miss having that type of friendship close.

  46. I have had many friends that have been there for me when I have had a need. I have a rare genetic disorder that affects my connective tissues. This has caused me to develop a panic disorder. I can count on my friends to be just a phone call or text away. But, I know that the best friend that a person can have is Jesus and we can talk to him when we have a need, too.
    The best way I know to make a friendship stronger is to just spend time with your friends. Show them that you care for them. Pray for them, and just listen to them.

  47. Laughter!! When I think of my friends I love the times we are having fun and just laugh. It’s wonderful to have friends that will pray when you have a request

  48. I think it is sometimes easier to be that friend to others. Spending time with them, looking for ways to meet needs that may never be shared out loud, praying, etc are all ways to strengthen a friendship.

  49. I have enjoyed your writings for several years now. I really enjoy the Amish stories and only occasionally read other Christian fiction… I don’t go for the modern day Christian, but will read some set in the older years like late 1800s or early 1900s.

  50. Our dear Lord God above has blessed me in my life so many times, it’s difficult to count them all. I daily pray for his blessings on my family and friends wherever they may be. I begin by thanking God for the blessings He has given me and I try to show in my being to help others to see His glory in me. I usually try to say something encouraging to everyone I come into contact with. My husband has also been blessed with his own friends in and around our neighborhood and he is a carpenter; he makes things for our landlord for his clients’ homes. I’m usually making things from plastic canvas needlepoint to give away to help others to feel happy.

  51. No I don’t have any close friends that I can talk with.
    I was a stay at home mother of 4. They are all grown and have children of their own now. Except for my youngest who is 21. Being a stay at home Mom made it hard to have friendships. But I’m glad I was able to stay home and care for them. Not very many Mom’s have that privilege now .
    Ready books is my way of escaping my every day life.

  52. I have a few friends who I can always rely on, and I think of them as family. To strengthen friendships it is important to spend time together or to at least call or text often. And pray for one another.

  53. I have lived in the same town for 50 years and have special friends who encourage me and love me. I am accepted for who I am and my one motive is to please the Lord. To make a friendship stronger, if you see a need,be ready to fulfill that need. If you want friends you must be a friend..

  54. My best friend ever is my niece, Karen. She’s only a few years younger than me and we live about 1000 miles apart. But she’s always been there for me. Especially when all my friends and family wanted nothing to do with me when I left my husband. And I’ve always been there for her. We always joke and say when we get to Heaven our houses better be next door to each other. 😂

  55. I have had a friend since we were elementary school age that I met at church. We lost touch for many years and then ran into each other at a high school reunion. We have chatted several times a month for the past 10 years and I would stop in to see her whenever I went back to my hometown. She has had a lot of disappointments in life, but if I ever had a problem, I KNEW she would be the person that would pray for you then and afterwards. Her word was her word.
    Her health has been failing and she has been hearing voices and recently been having visual hallucinations and was placed into a nursing home at the age of 65. She has times of high anxiety and is often paranoid and confused, then at times sounds normal, butshe is definitely not the person I used to know. As a friend, I try to call her daily and encourage her in the Lord. All day, I look for things I can tell her about – snowfall, my pets, a sermon,etc. to give her something else to think about and to cheer her up. If you think of it, say a prayer for Ellen.

  56. I had the best friend in the world until she passed away 5 years ago. We met 40 years ago at a bible study at my cousins who she was neighbors and friends with. When my cousin moved we became the best of friends. When we met she had 3 girls and I had 2 girls between 5 and younger. My cousin also introduced her to a young man who later became her husband and they had 2 more girls (which I was in the delivery room for ) and 2 years later I had another daughter which she was in the delivery room for. We would spend Friday and Sat. night playing Uno while the girls played together, take them to the park, zoos, have water fights. We had highs and lows, her husband passed away followed by her brother 2 days later. Her daughters married and I was the cake cutter for their weddings. I am godmother to her oldest daughters 2 children. Finally I held and comforted them as they had to make the decision to take her off life support and sat with them as we watched her take her last breath. I know have 8 daughters instead of 3 and I love them all so much. I have good friends but none will ever be the same as Deb was in my life.

  57. I so agree with your comment “I can’t imagine my life without friendships”! I am blessed to have wonderful supportive friends that I know would always be there for me. I believe the good Lord has put many wonderful people in my life, including my husband. Thank you for your inspirational and entertaining books!

  58. Wanda,
    I came across your books several years ago. I want you to know, that I really enjoy reading your books! I was always interested in Amish Life ever since I was little. Thank you!!

  59. I still have friends from my childhood thanks to social media. We live in different states. The friends who have stood by me when life is rough have become the closest friends. I know I can lean on them, just as they can lean on me when needed. Time and trial seems to bond true friends.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  60. I have special friends in my life and believe we are gifted with many acquaintances but only a few true friends. My most special friend is my husband. In my view, true friendship accepts one where they are-not necessarily agreeing all of the time but rather loving acceptance. True friends love and support each other through the trials and tribulations, laugh together and at times at each other, and truly seeks to elevate and help the other be their best self despite the “warts” we all possess. Your books are always so inspiring and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  61. Yes I have a special friend. We met when our sons were in kindergarten and became close friends. That was 38 years ago. We use to go shopping,dining out, ballgames and etc. We had so much fun.We went through good and bad times together. Now with both of our health going downhill and old age setting in we don’t do much anymore. But we both know we will always be there for one another. Nothing beats a great friendship. And having that one person who you know that will always be there for you.

  62. Special friends are indeed a blessing. When we lived in central Missouri we knew from our church a couple who were so helpful to us in many ways.
    We moved back to my home state of Arizona and now we have about three sets of special friends who have been a blessing to us. When one couple in particular comes over to help us, I am happy to make a nice dinner. Since neither of them cook much, they are happy to help!

  63. I cherish my friendship with my best friend Hazel! She is my ride or die, my sister from another mother. We have been friends most of our lives went to school together! She is more than a best friend she is my family, my sister! We have been through so much together and I can’t imagine my life without her!! If you find a friend like that hang on dearly cause now a days good friends are very far and in between!

  64. Yes. I have a few dear friends that I can always count on. They listen to me, give me opinions, and help me in times of need. We may not see each other often, but I know all it takes is a phone call, message, or letter. I think we all need to be more understanding of people and caring.

  65. I have a friend that I call every day to check on her. We have been friends for over thirty five years. I would give her the shirt off of my back if she needed it and she would do the same.

  66. I think respect is a good place to start. I would be wonderful to have a friend that you could share the Lord with.
    Roxanna Livermore
    Have a very Blessed new year

  67. I think respect is a good place to start. I would be wonderful to have a friend that you could share the Lord with.
    Roxanna Livermore
    Have a very Blessed new year

  68. Thank you for all your books and news letters. I love living and enjoying life in the Amish community in them all. This Quilt book sounds wonderful. It will go so nicely in my collection of your books. Thank you again. Yvonne Wilson.

  69. I have several people I consider close friends. One of whom I’ve been friends with since third grade! To stay connected with a friend, you must feel deeply enough in tune with them to care what’s happening in their life. To have a friend be a friend, stay in touch and be a good listener. If I need help they are always there, and if they need help I show up, one way or another.

  70. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing books and many special prayers. My dear friend lives miles away from me, but when we get together it’s just like we have never been apart!! I would love to see the book on Amish Quilts. I’m looking forward to your next book! God Bless you

  71. Happy New Year Wanda! No, I don’t have any close friends–acquaintances, but at this time, I have a hard time trusting people.

  72. I have a special friend in my daughter, Hannah. We pray, talk, craft, read and clean house together! An important part of our friendship is that we listen to each other. I thank God for her every day!

  73. I loved reading your journal entry on friendship! Yes, we have special friends that we try to get together with at least once a year. To make our friendship grow stronger we do text each other, share pictures of what is happening in our lives. We also call each other on the phone and talk and share prayer requests.

  74. I have many special friends who’ve been there when I needed them, and I try to be there for them when they need me. One of the best ways to make a friendship stronger is by spending time with each other and being able to have accountability with that close friend.

  75. My sister Deborah passed away in 2008. She had a childhood best friend and they had been best friends since they were both six years old. Carla is my adopted little sister and this has been going on for over forty years. She has been there for me: breakups, a bridesmaid in my wedding, and life’s ups and downs. She and I get together and laugh and laugh over the smallest and most trivial things. She is a part of my family and a true friend.

  76. I moved a lot most of my life, so while I have tons of acquaintances, and had close friendships for seasons of my life, I’ve had very few close, solid friendships where I am an still very close with those friends today. One of my “womb to tomb” best friends passed away last year. But one friendship I made my sophomore year of high school, even with some major bumps in the road at times when we disagreed with one another, has become quite close. I introduced her to her husband at my wedding and they were married less than a year later. We live in the same area (even though I moved away from her hometown) and our kids are best friends and attend the same school. Our family can go to them for anything and they feel the same about us. I might not have a large quantity of close friends and but I sure have quality and that’s what matters.

  77. Unfortunately, I have no lasting friendships. I am starting a new chapter and hope to rekindle old ones and forge new ones.

  78. I have a few precious friends who have helped me through difficult times through the many years have passed. They are definitely a blessing for me. I think spending time with your friends is the best way to keep your friendships strong.

  79. My friends vary from school days and also from my old neighborhood. Friends need love and support from each other.


  80. My dear friend Robert. He has always been there for me as a friend and the brother I never had. He listens to me when I have a problem. Helps me out without questioning. And brings a smile to my face when I’m down. I think in order to keep a friendship close even when you can live far from each other and maybe not see each other often, is always let the other person know you are there for them. A listening ear, a smile and prayer. Knowing that you keep them in prayer is a blessing.

  81. I have special friends who are my 4ever friends, always there when needed and I am here for them, it is important to keep in touch thru letters or phone calls, when i lost my son in 2005, and my daughter in April 2022, I would have been lost without my friends and family

  82. I always enjoy reading your books, newsletters & journals. We live close to Amish families and enjoy the little amount of time we spent with them. Thanks for all the enjoyment received from reading your books.

  83. Friends are so important in our lives.
    Often we outgrow a friendship, but the memories
    of that friendship.
    are so nice to have.
    Making new friends is not always easy in today’s
    busy world. Church activities seem to help the most.

  84. I also have several Amish friends that I enjoy visiting and enjoy them visiting me both in Tennessee and Florida.
    I enjoy reading your books and blogs, your interpretation of the Amish lifestyle is exactly how I have witnessed it to be.

  85. I’ve had friends from childhood into adulthood, and friends that I’ve made as an adult that I am still friends with. My church friends helped my husband and I move, 20 years ago! They were really there when we needed them! Many of them were also at our wedding. 🙂 Communication is one of the key ways to keep friendships alive and thriving. Stay in touch, pick up the phone, write a letter; there are so many ways.

  86. My best preschool friends were neighbors who moved away. My best friends in elementary school were my cousins, but that had to end when their parent’s divorced. My best friend in mIddle school passed away from cancer quite a few years ago. My VERY best friend in high school was my boyfriend, who was about 6 years older than me. We found it hard to still be close friends when I went off to college and he wanted to be married. We went our separate ways, marrying others and living in different states. He passed away before the pandemic. My best neighborhood friend, as an adult, passed away, but I got to hold her hand as she did. My best adult ANGELIC friend passed during the pandemic and since she was in assisted living we missed out being together for about a year before she passed. And my Patches, my real best friend, my rescue terrier, passed from cancer along with my cat within a 3 week period. Both died from cancer. I have a lot of memories of wonderful friendships and even though my heart is filled with grief, I am blessed to have shared all of their friendships in my lifetime.

  87. I moved from hometown and have lived in several places. I have reconnected with some thru FB. Some thru email. Looking fwd to reconnecting in person.

  88. I moved from hometown and have lived in several places. I have reconnected with some thru FB. Some thru email. Looking fwd to reconnecting in person.

  89. Hi! A very special friend of mine, we have grown even closer since she is taking care of her parents. That is a hard task and I know keeping in touch with her more really helps her.
    Love all of your books and blogs Wanda! Can’t wait to see you again sometime. God bless you.

  90. Yes I have had special friends in Ca and in Ia a real special one even though she now has dementia and is in a special home my hubby goes there weekly and give her the host and she remembers me also we take her out every month for dinner. When we take her back to the place she lives she doesn’t remember where we went and what she ate which makes me so sad. A special way is what I so to my 10 friends who I went to school with every month I send a note to 5 of them and let them know I am missing them and love them.

  91. I would have to say no, honestly & sadly. I have people that EXPECT & BELIEVE I should be there ALWAYS for them, but NEVER, in return for me! This, as well as some other past things, I have SEVERE TRUST issues.
    I think, for a true & real friendship to exist & thrive, both must stay in touch. Both must be willing to always be there for the other, good communication, doing things together, be honest with one another NO MATTER WHAT, be supportive, plus grow as the other grows

  92. I have a friend we’ve been friends since I was 7 years old. We both live in different states now. But we stay in touch and are there for each other.

  93. I am finding friendships more with the Amish. I never really had strong friendships with anyone in particular. I try to be there for them if they need help.

  94. As I have gotten older, friendships are more precious to me. I treasure friends that I have met during different phases of my life. Each have taken part of who I have become. Their support and love were crucial during my rough parches.

  95. I have friends that have been in my life for a long time and others who became a part of my life much later but I value each and every one. I believe that we need to remember that we may not always agree but we must always be willing to listen. Truly listen and love them through the problems and hurts!

  96. I have friends in that has been here for me in all kind of needs. I think praying for our friends and our friendship can bring us closer. I also feel like talking often and making time for each other is a great idea for growing closer in friendships. Always be there for each other.

  97. You always encourage me as do your books. Bring everything to the Lord and he will show us the way. Thank you for all your excellent books and newsletters.

  98. Friendship !!!
    I was connected with a girl I went to school with some 35 plus years ago through fb and the funny thing was we lived a few blocks from one another . We never hung out at school , so we connected on fb and she told me she always wanted to be my friend but never actually approached me with it . But now we are good friends and I live yet and her husband do much ,

  99. Congratulations on your 60th Anniversary ! You are a great source of Love that you share with your fans, and the commitment to God you share with us, inspire us too!

  100. I have always loved the Amish. My hubby came from Cleveland Ohio and my favorite plsce to visit when we’d go beck to visit family was to spend a day in an Amish community. There was a huge flea market followed by a delicious lunch and last stop at a quilt shop. Congratulations on ur 60th anniversary. You two have done something not msny couples have or ever will do. My first hubby died of a brain aneurism due to being in VietNam and exposed to agrnt orange at age 44. 7 years later my first date was a blind date and three months later we got married. That was 2002 and life is very good. Keep up your great work

  101. I have had a few very close friends that really stuck by me during the loss of my son in 2005 and now in March of 2022 for my daughter who passed from Breast Cancer, those friends are a blessing from God .I try to be a positive person for others too. Kind words , even a smile to a stranger, or a meal to the elderly makes their day.