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Keeping the Faith

My husband and I recently attended Half-Stitch the Musical, in Sarasota, Florida. This delightful musical play is based off my novel, The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club. There were six people who attended Emma Yoder’s quilting classes in the story. One of them was Ruby Lee Williams, the wife of a minister. Due to some problems they were having in the church where Ruby Lee’s husband pastored, Ruby Lee wanted him to leave the ministry. Is leaving the best answer when a preacher feels that the congregation is displeased with him? What are some other choices a minister might make instead of leaving a church he has felt called to shepherd?

Did Ruby Lee support her husband by suggesting that they leave? Could it be that she felt as if she was near the end of her rope and saw no possibilities of a positive outcome? What are some ways we can keep our faith strong when going through trying times?

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  1. I truly believer that prayers are the answer to everything. Prayers of thanksgiving, prayers for patience and guidance, and prayers for hope and relief. I

    I just now read The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club and I loved it. I also want to see this play!

  2. When one is faced with a difficult problem, turning to the Lord is the answer. Prayer is necessary to face the difficulties in life. Running away is not a solution.

    1. Everything is better with God in your life. I have to make sure I go to god in prayer when difficult times come to me

  3. I am a RN by profession and I can’t begin to tell how your books/journals/etc have helped me in this time of crisis. It allows me a moment of easement in this world of torment. I have always loved reading and often feel as I am actually in the story line with them.

  4. Saw this play last Saturday in Sarasota and my friends and I all loved it. Then I spoke with Wanda at the play and bought a copy of TheHalf Stitched Amish Quilting Club book which I just finished and throughly enjoyed. I if you have a chance go and enjoy…

  5. I love reading Wand’s books. In this stressful time they take me to a place of peace, a place where I can “get away from the stress of daily life..”

  6. After my sister’s husband had a heart attach and he passed away, all of us 9 siblings were their with my sister, Michelle, to let her know that she is not alone, and that if she ever , ever needs anything she can call on one of us , and we will be there. To lose someone who was on 59 years old, was very hard for my sister, Michelle, but she knows that Don is in heaven with the lord. We must all realize that those around us might be going thru something, and that it is okay to share our fears, and most importantly to be there for each other. I pray every day for my siblings, and am so thankful that we are their for each other. It is thru our faith that we get thru the hard times for sure!

    1. So thankful she had you. I became a widow almost 7 years ago, everyone came to the funeral and then disappeared.

  7. Wanda,
    May our Lord bless you as you continue to be a witness for Him, an encourager to others,and a blessing to many!

    In Calvary’s Bonds,
    Mrs. Judy Moravek

  8. Leave things in gods hands! Things will get better. Wandas books bring me peace sometimes and make me relax even if I’m having a rough day.

  9. No matter how hard we have to remember to turn to the Lord. Pray and try to see if this is a door closing or just a struggling time.

  10. In my life I have often felt near the end of it all. I suffer from Bipolar II with periods of severe depression. I have found comfort in praying for others, and quiet times if meditate with God. I started ba walking regime and while walking u listen to audible Christian books, music, pray and enjoy Gifs creation. God truly is wonderful. He has given me Christian counselors and friend who pray for me daily. Without God’s love, grace, and my Christian family I would be lost. I believe with prayer and meditation God’s will is revealed. Sometimes God’s will is to leave a situation that is toxic. Sometimes he wants us to trust his healing power. God grants you peace when you follow his will.

  11. In difficult times, I turn to the Lord. I duffer from depression and I know the Lord is always with me and hears me.

  12. Thank you for your books Wanda. I love all of them and then pass them on to my daughter. When I read your books I always feel better about my life. Struggling financially right now but in my heart I know The Lord will not give me more than I can handle. God Bless you and yours and thank you for sharing your love of the Lord and your Amazon writing ability

  13. I believe in the power of prayer. So I ask God to help me when I have a tough decision to make and am not sure what to do.

  14. Every situation is different. Depending on the situation at hand the pastor could call a meeting to figure out what he did wrong in the eyes of the church. Then from there come up with a plan to make things right Suggesting they leave could be the answer for some & also not for others. Everything is dependent on the situation. In times of hardship one can read the Bible more, focus on the power of positivity- seek guidance from others who have been in the same or similar situation.

  15. I believe that Ruby Lee’s husband should stay as pastor of their Church.
    He should have faith that he can help his congregation.

    1. I have read your book Half Stitched. It was a very enjoyable book. I have read your book Stolen. I have also seen the musical, both were excellent.

      To me prayer and having faith is what you need to get by. When you have a problem pray unceasingly. Prayers will be answered but maybe not the way you want them to be. Have faith and give thanks.

  16. Prayer is the answer to your problems. They will be answered but not always in the way we wanted them to be.

    1. All you need to do is ask God to help you overcome this great opprotunity and leave the rest up to him. Because Gods words always count. Even though we don’t want to hear him he’s still there.

  17. As human beings there will always be times when we want to give up and run away. Those are the times that we need to lean into the Lord with prayer and trust, and listen for His will in our lives.

    I think Ruby Lee could best support her husband with prayer, and work with her husband to understand what the congregation’s needs are. As difficult a struggle they are facing, all options should be explored before giving up on the congregation.

  18. One way to get through hard times is to remember that God Our Father did not spare his Son Jesus from suffering. Jesus left us with a path to follow. Like the Son, we need to turn to our Heavenly Father in our difficulties, for it is through our trials that God strengthens us. God in His goodness comforts us when we reach out to Him in prayers. No matter how bad things get, God’s love for us is always there.

  19. You are an amazing author. I love reading everything you write! It brings so much peace and joy to my heart.

  20. If we can’t talk to God and his Son Jesus Christ, who can we talk to that really listens and cares for each of us.. sometimes we have to endure the storm in order to solve our issue. God never told us life would be easy but He did promise to never leave us.

  21. My father pastored a congregation for over 40 years and I grew up as a Preacher’s Kid (PK) and unless you have been in that situation you really have no clue as to how hard a Pastor’s life is. There were a few times where I know my parents talked about resigning and moving. A congregation in a different state begged my dad to relocate and take over the work there. Lots of prayer (and fasting) went into whether to stay or leave. My dad had felt God wanted him to start that congregation where they were and he helped physically build the church. It has deep emotional ties but he also knew that if God wanted him to move he would do that. My dad often felt defeated but my mom was the prayer warrior. She was the wind beneath his wings and her prayers lifted him. In the end they felt like God wanted them to stay and they survived many storms together. God took my mom when she was just 54 and my dad went on pastoring for several more years but he wasn’t as effective alone as he was with her. He finally retired and God took him home on you and your husband’s anniversary – Valentine’s day, 5 years ago. He told the doctors that day to unhook him from everything because it was Valentine’s day and he wanted to go home to be with the only woman he had ever loved. And God peacefully granted him that wish and allowed us to hold his hand as he went to meet Jesus and my mom.

  22. Looking forward to reading all your books. The stories are comforting and spiritual. Keep them coming. Thank you for sharing your talents with ys

  23. So many scriptures comes to mind when I read your entry. Of course, prayer is the key to everything we question in life. Seek His guidance and He will lead us in the way we are to go. Galations 6:9— Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. James 1:2–Consider it pure joy whenevr you face trials of many kinds because you know that testing of your faith results in perseverance and that perserverance will allow you to finish the work to create in you maturity and completeness and not lacking. I’ve questioned what has been dealt to me the last few years (trying to gain custody of a grandchild), and Ive wanted to just give up so many times, but I continue to trust in the Lord that its all in HIS timing, not mine.

    Never give up on what is right.

  24. I believe in the power of prayer and just giving everything up to the Lord. It truly lessens the burden while going through tough times. My mother and aunt both recently passed away (a month apart) and I’m the executor of both estates. So I’ve been praying each day to give me strength to get through all of this. So take a moment and reflect on my favorite verse: “Be Still and Know that I Am God.” It is very powerful if you just sit back and reflect on this. Somehow it puts things into perspective and lessens the load.

  25. Wanda, We can just pour out our heart to our Heavenly Father. He sees and knows all. He is in each situation with us! Let Him know that you need His guidance to help you through it all. Thank Him in advance. Then speak to Him often and give Him praise for seeing you through.

  26. During trying times, I definitely read the Word more and pray more. Also, it is a major blessing to have trusted fellow Christians to talk with.

    How exciting to have a play based on your book!!! ❤️

  27. Prayer first, then meet with the church prayerfully also.

    I love your books and am trying to get them all
    Martha Leavell

  28. You have to do what you think is best. If you feel that you aren’t welcome at your church it is fine to move on to one you feel works better for you.

  29. I do not feel Ruby Lee supported her husband in suggesting he leave the ministry. Maybe she was just ready to retire and wanted her husband to do the same. I would suggest the minister call a meeting of the board (governing body of the church) and see exactly what the problem is. Maybe they could solve the problems there. If the minister did decide to retire, he could minister in other areas. He could volunteer as a chaplain in jails, nursing homes and substitue minister in other churches of the same denomination. Another thing to consider is how old was he, how was his health? Many things to consider before making a decision. The main thing is to pray, pray, pray.

  30. I work at a church and always turn to God in prayer first when I need peace and answers and I love the guidance. I find peace and guidance in Wanda’s books as well; I love the message I receive in the stories. I enjoy reading them so much.

  31. I believe supporting your husband didn’t always entail offering solutions. Sometimes offering to listen and then pray with them is the best course of action.

  32. I work at a church and often pray first to find answers and get guidance for my problems. I love reading Wanda’s books too to find answers and messages in the stories.

  33. I work at a church and I find answers and peace through prayer. I enjoy reading Wanda’s books for the messages I find in them.

    I so enjoy your books and hope to read them all!

    Thank you, Terri Rinko

  34. Turn to God . Prayer is the answer , believing in the most high God and praying . He will always be at your side!

  35. When we are going thru trying times, we need to turn to the Word of God to find what He has to say about it. We also need to pray and turn to someone we trust. I have three wonderful Christian women in my life that I can absolutely trust to help me pray whenever I need it.

  36. Wow.. that speaks of an almost identical situation to ours!!!! My husband’s take on it was that while I am ‘called’ to the ministry, I am married to you. He chose to leave that particular church due to the unrelenting stress & pressures. Sometimes I’ve considered writing some of our experiences. If you ever need real life pastoral experiences, hollar. 😉

  37. I truly enjoy your books. They put your mind in a peaceful place instead of thinking about all the crazy things that are going on in the world. Try to visit Lancaster,Pa as much as we can. It’s my favorite home away from home. Just to ride through the countryside and to see the beauty of the Amish farmland. Just wonderful!

  38. I think prayers are the answer to a lots of things.After my grandma passed away suddenly on March 24 2020 and my brother was getting surgery in California in 2020 prayers really helped.

  39. Love reading your books Wanda with your special messages and Bible quotes. Prayer does help guide me through the day and night. I have felt the awareness several times in my life that my “heavenly angel” has been beside me to care for me. God does answer many prayers, just love and believe in him.

  40. I love all Wanda’s books there is always a message in them or something to think about her books always give me hope thanks Wanda E Brunstetter

  41. Praying for wisdom is always the first and best beginning. I think in this situation, the pastor could meet with the congregation to find out the issues and clear up any misunderstanding. Sometimes it is just time to move on to what the Lord has waiting for you!

  42. Love your books! Some times when I have trouble sleeping I will read one of your books. They are so wonderful that I forget how long I have been reading and need to go back to bed. Continue to write please. God has given you such a great talent.

  43. your books are such are inspiration to me. They give me promise to when I felt there was none. My family has gone thru tough patches lately with family member She is 98 god bless her and has dementia Your books have given me peace.

    Thank you

  44. Prayer is definitely needed when you feel like you are not on the right path. Talking to the congregation and elders is a must, and define what the issue actually is. It may be helpful to seek council from other pastors. If you can rise above the issue and carry on the way the congregation would have you do, then you know how to fix things. If the congregation has problems that you believe are against Gods law, then you must change their mind or leave. As a wife you can pray with your husband and be as supportive as possible, but should be mindful that it is his decision to make.

  45. I believe we are given trials to learn and grow from
    them. It may require patience, communication and
    many prayers. Faith and a belief in God, can get us
    through anything. Also, helps us to make good
    Thanks, Cindi

  46. February 1, 2022 at 4:00 pm

    My words can not express how much I enjoy reading your books, Wanda. I just recently discovered them in our library and look forward to going back to the library to get another one of your books. I love reading about the experiences of the Amish people, reminds me of growing up on our farm. I have a difficult time setting your books aside, I just want to read and read on and on. Every chapter leaves me in suspense. I thank God for your talent and for helping me discover your books, just what I needed at this time in my life. Thank you again!

  47. Leaving should be the pastor’s last resort. Sometimes, it is necessary. But I think he should explore other avenues first. Communication is everything. It sounds like some serious discussions need to take place, and the pastor needs a chance to meet the needs of his congregation before deciding to find a church that might be a better fit.

  48. When a preacher feels that the congregation is displeased with him, sometimes the best answer is to leave, but I believe most of the time the problem can be worked out. Pastors are very talented in problem solving and conflict resolution, so hopefully they can find a solution to the issue. This would be a great lesson to the congregation. I felt Ruby Lee was near the end of her rope, but she was also being supportive of her husband because she didn’t like to see him hurt. We have got to pray to keep our faith strong while going through trying times. It can also be extremely helpful to talk with a Christian friend.

  49. Ruby’s husband should not give up, and neither should Ruby. Communication is important, and together they should bring together the congregation for a true heart to heart.

  50. Christa Dietz.
    I think Ruby Lee and her Husband need to pray about what is best for them. Why not get together with the congregation and see what can be changed that they are not displeased with her husband. All problems can be worked and God will be with them.
    I just love Wanda’s books and I sure could see myself living like an amish person.

  51. Christa Dietz.
    I think Ruby Lee and her Husband need to pray about what is best for them. Why not get together with the congregation and see what can be changed that they are not displeased with her husband. All problems can be worked and God will be with them.
    I just love Wanda’s books and I sure could see myself living like an amish person.

  52. Ruby’s husband should ask to meet with the Elders of the church to work out a solution.This way he could find out everything they are displeased about and work to correct the problem so he can stay there.

  53. Sometimes leaving a problem is no good, because you just end up with different problems. It’s not wrong, though, to consider the options. Sometimes when one door closes, another opens.

  54. If God has truly called your husband to his area of ministry, then a wife should stand beside him and encourage him to persevere through difficult times.

  55. Leaving the church is not the answer. Praying for what God wants the Pastor and his wife to do. And talking to the people of the church , to see what can be done , to make changes. God leads us I our daily lives. Ruby needs to be a source of strength for her husband. And when she does this, they can work , together, as a team. Keep praying , Ruby.

  56. If I remember right, the reason Ruby wanted to leave was that it was affecting her husband’s health. First and foremost before making any decision go to prayer and listen for the Holy Spirit’s guidence.

  57. I start my day with a cup of coffee and my bible. I open and wherever it lands, that’s the place I read. I’ve found myself sitting long after my coffee is cold as I get engrossed in scripture. Life is rough right now for our family but with my faith I move on each day. In the afternoon, I open read and find all of your books so calming. Thank you for your inspiration to stay strong

  58. I believe with all my heart that you should talk to the lord in prayer, read the bible, and talk with fellow believers in Christ about whats going on…. And definitely not running away from the problem until it’s solved. thank you Wanda for writing lovely books for others and myself to read; they are truly inspirational.

  59. I feel that God can handle our difficult emotions and we should pour that burden out to him. God’s Word will comfort us if we turn to it when we’re feeling broken, depleted or overwhelmed by life. it’s a challenge to keep your heart soft in times like these, but kindness despite difficulty is often how God shines through us, and if we can’t manage kindness prayer and silence to others is often the best prescription. You don’t have to “take back” words that aren’t said, God can handle those feelings.

  60. I start my day with coffee and my bible. When I open it , wherever it is at is where I read. It helps me start my day with more hope. Our family is going through hard times but I start the day focused. I’m the afternoon I read one of your books that take me away from my troubles. Thank you for all your comforting words

  61. Love all of your books. I have this saying on my business card: Faith makes things possible, not easy.
    Wishing you a blessed February!!!

  62. In my private and professional life I find the way to keep faith during trying times is prayer and a strong attachment to core beliefs. Personally I enjoy early morning readings as well as walks. These activities help root me to “breathe in the positives and blessings and breathe out the negatives”. As humans it is easy to get caught in the spirals of negativity but if we daily(and sometimes more often) remember our why of existence the path to the present and future becomes much clearer. Thank you for allowing me to share.

  63. I love your books! Praying is such an important part of our Christian walk! A church is a family and support is so important in the times we live in. Thank you for the love and grace you show others🙏

  64. Wanda, I think I have most of your books and couldn’t tell you that I have a favorite! I have even found some of your first books. Not home to tell you the names of them. Keep writing those wonderful books. I have finished the Walnut Creek book but wanted it to go on and on!! Waiting for the Apple Creek one. We live very close to AC!
    Thank you!

  65. I feel see forgot to stop and prayer with an open heart. We sometimes forget to listen when talking to God. Sometimes it easier to walk away.

  66. I have not seen the play yet. I don’t think leaving is the answer. There are other ways to address this like meetings, suggestion boxes, surveys etc. I try to focus on a specific scripture which is related to the difficulty I am having. I also like to pray for clarity, peace, and to do Gods will.

  67. While I do believe prayer is always the first resource, I do believe there are times that leaving is the only thing to do for a pastor. Being in the ministry is one of the few vocations that includes the whole family. My husband has been a pastor for 38 years. Most of them were wonderful, but some were really hard. When your 13 year old son tells you that the only people that had ever hurt him were Christians that were supposed to love him, it’s hard. God has blessed us and carried us through many wonderful years and some rough ones. He was always faithful, but He did lead us to leave a church rather than stay and try to work it out. There isn’t one right answer. Each decision has to be between you and God.

  68. God bless you for your incredible work. I find that we often let our feelings cloud our thoughts as to “God’s will”. If we seek him and hold steadfast to his word, he will direct our path. Moving on is sometimes necessary, but running away from things is not being faithful to God.

  69. She felt she was helping him the best she could at the time. During trying times; rely on God and the Bible and good Christian people to talk to .

  70. It is very difficult in this fast-moving world today to wait for answers or guidance. We all seem to want an immediate answer because we are living with cell phones, computers, etc., that seems to give us immediate action – sometimes good and sometimes not so good results. Stay where you are and do you work, etc., pray and wait. Whenever you have a moment — “thy will will be done” always helps me. Then you will know whether to stay or move on.

    My sister and I read all of your books. Thank you so much.

  71. I read The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club an enjoyed it immensely, as I do all your books. My family always knows what to get me for a gift, the latest Wanda Brunstetter book. Each book is always inspiring and renew my faith. Thank you. You are a blessing.

  72. To rush into anything is never the best answer. In this case, as in any other one, the best thing to do is to sit back (a matter of speaking), relax for a few days, and reflect on the problem. The best thing you can do is to ask God to steer you in the right direction. They say HE never gives you more than you can handle, and has given you this particular problem for a reason. With a little time, some reflection, and God’s hand steering you in the right direction, along with a little help from the feeling in the pit of your stomach, you’ll be doing the right thing. If nothing else, you’ll feel good about what you did, and can walk away, knowing you have no bad feelings on your end.

  73. If for some reason you cannot abide certain issues happening at your local congregation, ask yourself, “Am I part of the problem or part of the solution?”
    In my larger church body, we have districts that offer support to pastors, their wives, and to the congregation. An appointment with a pastor’s pastor may be helpful to the pastor and/or his wife. If you are having an issue with a pastor, ask yourself the first sentence above.
    Your pastor is only human. Have you tried encouraging him instead of having fried pastor for Sunday lunch?
    Have you tried being kind?

  74. When anyone is going through a hard time, I feel it’s best if you share with close friends and ask them to pray with and for you.

  75. I believe that all things work in Gods timing, got to pray and believe with God all things are possible. Got to keep the faith, I love reading all your books, I start one and dont want to put it down, i keep at least one book on hand at all times so Im not without a book of yours

  76. Turn everything over to the Lord. Study the Bible & pray for guidance & understanding. Also talk with the Elders. If it is the Lord’s will for him to stay with the church, then it will all work out in God’s timing.

  77. Give it to the Lord. Study your Bible & pray for wisdom & guidance. Also talk with the Elders. If it is the Lord’s will, it will all work out in God’s timing.

  78. Pray without ceasing. Seek God’s wisdom about the matter. Ask Him to direct your paths. This may include consulting with wise Pastors. Find books written by Godly people. There is nothing new under the son. Read the Bible, Pray, Seek Godly and wise counsel from people you know and perhaps organizations that help church leaders. It could be that you are being called elsewhere, but perhaps it is God’s will for you to work through the difficulties and come out much better on the other side of the problem.

  79. I was delighted when I received the book, “The Tattered Quilt” . I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and picked up “The Healing Quilt” at our church library Sunday and have now read both books. I like the way you weave the story together using real life problems and the possible solutions. Thank you for ” The Tattered Quilt” book and the many hours of reading entertainment.

  80. Sometimes it’s helpful to seek a good Christian friend’s advice or to ask them to pray. I have some wonderful prayer Warriors!

  81. I actually went to our public library in Crystal Lake, Illinois 2 days ago and brought home 4 Amish books. I cannot wait to start reading them. The one thing I do need to work on is to try and not judge others, and I have 9 siblings- and we are their for each other in any crisis. My sister, not too long ago lost her husband to a heart attack. We all went to the funeral- and it is amazing how you can heal from being hurt, or sad. We go to church every day- except on Sunday’s. I love my church, and the pastor gives really good sermons that make me want to become a much better, understanding person.

  82. I read the book and I think that Ruby could have fallen on her knees and asked the Lord to help her know what to do. She could have sat her husband down and talked to him about how she was feeling. Talking things out helps me sometime to see things from a different perspective. Then her and her husband could have prayed together. I am a big believer in the power of prayer to heal and restore. And I think that God put Ruby in the class for a very good reason. I know that when I am facing difficult times I go into my prayer closet and pray and stay until I at least feel better over the situation. God may not give me the answer right away but I know the answer will come in His time and in His way.

  83. Wanda, I’m a mother of a nine year old boy. We are a godly family. I love reading your books. My son loves to read as well. I feel so relaxed when I read your books. You are a wonderful author.

  84. Poor leadership may be the problem, however, with simple changes, they can turn things around in a positive way. Such as: Get insight on what’s preventing your church growth, prevent miscommunication, build a stronger spiritual staff, have a vision of what you want your church home to be like, and listen closely to your parishioners. It’s not always the leadership, however, they’re suppose to set an example. Leaving the church shouldn’t be an option, re-building it should.

  85. Praying and sharing with friends so they can pray also. The act of sharing often is healing in itself.

    I love baked oatmeal, I use brown sugar for part or all of the sugar sometimes to change the taste. And always add cinnamon as I love cinnamon and it’s good for you. Raisins,nuts apples etc are good add ins

  86. Walking in somebody’s shoes makes one truly understand, sadly nothing else will ever enable one to fully comprehend the overwhelming circumstances, struggles and agony that those who serve God in a church setting will face when serving Him and His children. I am a small church pastor’s wife, theological training and all, but nothing prepared me for what a pastor’s family has to face in ministry. Through God’s grace alone we have committed to be a family who walks in the fear of the Lord, with faults and flaws, but who will serve Him & share the undiluted message of the Gospel at any cost. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, only staying close to the Lord has given us strength to persevere day by day, but the valleys of our spiritual life are rough for those in ministry as we are expected to be happy and fresh, resourceful & be available 24/7 all the time. NOT Possible. I believe God allows us to go through various hardships to change us in the likeness of His Son, to teach us to love the sinner but not the sin, etc. Changes, moulding, shaping is painful as it means to deny oneself, take up a bothersome cross and follow Jesus.
    Lesson learned: When we don’t know what to do, do nothing (apart from bringing everything in fast & prayer before God), don’t act in spite or out of anger! Just pray and wait for the Lord to answer, He will not let us in the dark for long, though time is relative: one day, 40 years (Moses) 2000+ years (Jesus’s return). Keep trusting, keep praying & get help from other mature believers. 🙏❤️🙏

  87. In response to your journal entry. I believe that PRAYER is the most productive and powerful activity that we can engage in when going through difficult times. However, I also believe when we feel like our ship is sinking, we need to share our heart with one or more trusted friends and ask them to partner with us in prayer. Often we may find ourselves becoming very tunnel visioned if we are keeping our problems to ourselves. Ask for the Lord’s intervention, ask for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, ask for Truth to be revealed in and about the situation. In the OT book of Isaiah, King Hezekiah went immediately to the House of the Lord and spread the letter he had received before the Lord and read it to the Lord. While we may not have a letter, we need to spell out to God the situation and how we are depending on Him to help us day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute. There is not problem too big or too small for him. He is more than able and absolutely nothing is impossible for God – even the winds and waves obey Him!
    If we are praying for someone, we need to tell them so and perhaps write a prayer in a text, email or pray with them over the phone. That has often been a great encouragment to me, when I am in crisis. Prayer has a calming effect, because in that moment you are ushered directly into the God’s throne room. He hears with his ears and heart and always brings comfort. And this is my 2 cents on this subject.

  88. I love reading Wanda Brunstetters books. Right now I have 3 books going. They are easy to read. I love to volunteer at my local hospital and train station.

  89. Hello Wanda. I’m a mom of 6 and a grandma. I’m due to have my 2nd granddaughter in July. I love reading your books summer time we go to our camper in he’s county ohio. We spend a lot of time in Brlin ohio n Millersburg ohio. Since I was a child I have always been fascinated with the amish culture and now my kids loves to her bout their culture n learn nore bout it.

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