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Amish Way of Life

My husband grew up in a Mennonite church in Pennsylvania, and getting to know my Mennonite relatives gave me a sense of yearning for the simpler life. Then, when one of our Mennonite friends introduced us to an Amish man he worked with, my desire went deeper. When I discovered that my great-great grandparents were part of the Anabaptist faith, I realized why I had such a deep yearning to know the Plain People. It wasn’t long after that we began making friends with many Amish families in several communities across the country. I decided to write Amish novels so that my readers would have a better understanding of the Amish people and their way of life.

Their simple lifestyle, and the fact that they put God first, and then family, is what makes the Amish people so special to me. I also appreciate their example of putting their emphasis on people and not things. When I’m with our Amish friends I see their family closeness, and my desire to be closer to my own family grows stronger. When I’m visiting our Amish friends I feel calm, relaxed, and closer to God.

What draws you to the Amish way of life?

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  1. Curiosity drove me to find out more about the Amish. That’s why I appreciate your books because I believe they are truthful stories about how the Amish live and why they live the way they do. We live about twenty miles from the Amish of Adams County. Nothing pleases me more than to see the Amish folks out grocery shopping g at the local Krogers or when we’re out in the country to see a horse and Amish buggy in the opposite lane as I pass by and they always give a friendly wave. I have a great deal of respect for them. Thanks for writing about them.

    1. My mother and father grew up much the way the Amish live. They traveled by horse and buggy and farmed. I find it fascinating to learn more about how my parents grew up.

    2. I grew up in a close knit family. My mom & dad made family the first priority as well as religion. As we are Jewish, services were always on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. Visiting with friends was an essential part of life and we were with extended family on all the holidays both secular and religious.
      Your writing of the Amish way of life remind me so much of my own up bring. I love the simple life the Amish live. I go to Lancaster, PA a lot to shop for fabric and other things and love to be around the Amish as they are so relaxed and calm.

  2. I am a genealogist and it became interesting to me as I did Mennonite research. I read my first Amish book on a trip to Poland by myself and felt I needed a good book to make the time pass quicker. After that I was hooked! And since then visited several Amish communities.

  3. Hi Wanda I love reading all of your books and I really enjoy them ,I find that I can start reading them and just forget about everything else that is going on around me.And when I get your emails every month I really enjoy reading them.I would love to win this book this month. And thank you so much .God bless Elizabeth

    1. I read my first Amish books 2 years ago. I have read all of your books wanda and end my day reading something heart warming. Your books are like none other.

  4. I’m excited to read this new series while I’m recovering from an extensive revisement surgery. Thank you for all your great readings!!!!

  5. Even though the Amish have to live without all the modern things we Englishers have, they have a peace about them, (from reading your books, I don’t know any firsthand). Their lives seem less hectic. They aren’t as rushed. And that they put God first no matter what really speaks to my heart.

  6. The Amish Lifestyle has always amazed me. In this day and age they are still able to survive and live a simple life. Their family ethical values are wonderful.

  7. I think what draws me to know more about them is there simple way of life and how much they spend time with there loved ones. I love your books so heart warming.

  8. I love reading your books. I go to Middlefield and Mesopotamia in Ohio and I love to see the buggies and the Amish. When we get behind an Amish buggy we stay behind until we know we can go around with no problems. They are very friendly. They are very helpful.

  9. I began reading Amish books about 20 years ago. After our daughters were born, I wanted good, clean books for them to read when they got older. We have visited Lancaster, PA many times and our favorite part is to stand in Strasburg on the side of the road and look at the beautiful Amish farms in the distance. So calming. As I had hoped both of our daughters love reading your books.

  10. LOVE, LOVE your books!! I was born Amish & remember going to church & remember in the horse & buggy to church. We went to being Mennonite when I was 6 or so & remain so today. I love reading your books & can relate to a lot of things & it helps me to relax & cherish those Amish way memories!! Loved going to my Grandparents place & help with canning, cleaning, & baking. Am SO looking forward for reading your newest book & to see who is responsible for the greenhouse break-ins! God Bless!!

    1. We have Amish friends near us and we live near both Mennonite and Amish in our area. I have always been drawn to the plain life as I grew up in the Pilgrim holiness church. It is not much different from the Brethren. I have always enjoyed reading about the Amish. Your stories take the reader into the life of the Amish and that’s is what I like most about them.

  11. I love visiting Holmes County, Ohio because of the nice people, their manicured lawns and gardens. I love seeing children playing outdoors. Playing games my siblings and I played together as children. I love the smell of home baked bread, seeing and tasting all the homemade jellies. I envy them their closeness and their family time. I love the open spaces of farmland. I love the peacefulness.

  12. I like the family closeness of the Amish. Also, they are ready to help anyone in need. Even the English. And they take “forgiveness” seriously.

    1. Love reading your books and learning new things about the Amish. My husband and I have been visiting Homes County every year for about 10 years now. I am a quilter and enjoy the quilt shops. And in the evening we enjoy just riding around looking at all the farm land and watching the children playing in their yards.

      Thank you for bringing all this to life in your books.

    1. What draws me to the Amish Lifestyle is that I grew up with the same values. I grew up in a close knit family that took care of our elders. ( I grew up with my paternal grandpa and maternal grandma icing on my house until I was 12.) We help others who are less fortunate than ourselves, just like the Amish. I love the peacefulness, and their readiness to forgive.

  13. I’m a big fan of your books. I’m very excited to share your books with my daughter when she older, right now she is 3yrs. She’s already loves books we read a lot together. I’m always looking for good and wholesome books to share. Thank You for the chance to win your books.May God’s Blessings be with you and your family.

    1. I love reading about Amish and their way of life just seems so peaceful even with having everyday problems they can still go on with their lives oh how I wish I could do just that but with reading about them I’m so relaxed and pray for everyone it’s just a joy reading your books thank you Wanda

  14. I love visiting Amish country in Lancaster, PA. I have fond childhood memories of visits, several per year, to that area with my parents and siblings. We enjoyed learning about the Amish way of life and meeting the friendly and happy Amish. To this day ( I am now a senior citizen), I still relish those memories and happy visits.
    I love Wanda’s books, as I can vicariously re-live the fond memories and feel the presence of the wonderful plain Amish people. I especially enjoy the Bible quotes and recipes in some of your novels. I write down many of the passages to remember in my own journey in life. I have also bought your Amish cookbook and enjoy the recipes.
    God bless you, Wanda, for years of happy readings!

  15. I’ve always been interested in the Amish.I love going to their grocery stores and shops.There are several Amish settlements near where I live and also in Centralia,Missouri when I visited my aunt.When I visited her there was a map we picked up of all the Amish businesses and drove around in the country to visit each one.It was very pretty and peaceful there and everyone was so nice.We went to a bakery and got the best strawberry cream cheese hand pies!The one thing that really surprises me is how easy they can forgive someone(usually someone English)who has caused an injury or death of a child..

  16. Ever since I read your fist book I have been hooked. When I pick up one of your books, I know that it will be like I was visiting a family in Amish country. A relaxing visit to be sure and certain!! You have a special gift Wanda…..and I for one, and so very happy you share it with us!!

  17. We have a large Amish and Mennonite population in NE Ohio. In fact, I heard you and your daughter speak at Alliance Ohio’s Rosman Library.

    For me , the disciplined focus of God and Family brings me comfort and calm. I find that reminder each time I visit the Amish/Mennonite communities.

  18. Good morning to everyone! I love reading Wandas books. I have visited the Amish community in Lancaster Pa. For me the trip was not long enough. We visited one of the homes that was set up for visitors.l admired the beautiful farmland and how they took such great care of the land. The closeness of the family’s is how it use to be amount we English and how we use to care for our neighbor’s. I would love to visit the Amish country with more time.

  19. I was raised church of Brethren. Our ways used to be simply but not anymore. I am still ch of Brethren. I think that’s why I enjoy so much.

  20. I started reading Amish books by accident, I was reading books about quilts and ran across a books about Amish quilts and I was hooked. I love the way these people live and your books remind us that even though they try really hard to do things the best way they are human and have trials just like we do.

  21. We’ve had Amish families in our area for several years so I’m always eager to read your books. I admire their faith and their choice to live as simply as possible.

  22. I can’t wait to read this series. I am on the last book of the BRIDES OF LANCASTER COUNTY and have loved every one of your books!

  23. Good morning Wanda. Reading your journal entry today reminds me that we should always put God first in all areas of our life. I guess that why I enjoy reading about the Amish and their simple lifestyle.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  24. We live in an area of Kentucky that has a large Amish population. We have Old Order, new and Mennonite. They have many businesses that we contribute to and love the foods offered also.

  25. I don’t live near the Amish, so have not been able to experience their way of life first hand. From reading your books, it is the close community of family and friends that draws me. Just to know that in a time of need, others would just come and that you would do the same for them, I love the way they go to visit and sit around sharing tea or coffee and something sweet. In my world, people are too busy, life full of schedules and they don’t appreciate and unplanned visitor stopping by.

  26. Hi Mrs Brunstetter,
    I have enjoyed reading your Amish book series “The Lancaster Brides.” The Amish have set an example of how we should live and how we should treat one another in the communities around us. The Amish help one another when they are in need, they take great joy in serving others instead of themselves.
    Thank you for sharing their lifestyle and their belief through your books.

  27. I so appreciate your books because there are times that I simply need to read a book that Help me feel more centred and calm. Their simple life the way they have such strong faith makes me feel more centred. Especially after this past year.

  28. We live about 1 1/2 hours from Lancaster PA. I love when we visit there. It is such a warm, pleasant and cozy place to visit and to experience. I love Amish markets . They are so much fun and always have good good.

    I am now reading the Sisters of Holmes County. Another excellent book. I have a hard time putting it down. I just ordered your new book, Robins Greeting. I am excited to finish the last book in that series.

    My husband and I were just talking last night about the Amish and their community. How they are there for each other and are willing to help . The community comes together. I also love how the men do the work and the women are there to makes meals and to make sure everyone has drinks. I think that is just so wonderful. It is surely a community effort!!!

  29. I was drawn to Amish books, due to some of my sister’s and I would read Amish books. I find it interesting how the Amish are so down to earth, and how life is simple. Due to our library being under construction, I do not have access to Amish books. I have gone out and brought Amish books to read.
    My mom/dad taught all of us 9 siblings to be there for one another, and if a neighbor needed help, we would help them- be it be taking someone to a doctor’s appointment, or picking up groceries for a neighbor who could not get out.
    I enjoy Amish books, and hope that I am lucky enough to maybe win an Amish book.

  30. I admire their simple way of life. It’s so interesting to read stories based on their way of life!

  31. I love reading about the Amish and their way of life. I just started your new book Robin’s Greeting. It is so good I may just forget my housework and read today.

  32. I enjoy reading your books. They are an easy read and as I’m reading them I can place myself right there in the story and it entices me to keep reading.

  33. I love their simple way of life. I also grew up and currently live about an hour from them. I love visiting their settlement and eating at their restaurant when we are in town. I love reading your books and thank you for the opportunity to win. Have a blessed day!

  34. We visit Shipshewana often and enjoy seeing the simple way of life. Their love of God and family is definitely to be respected and admired.

  35. I just started reading The Robin’s greeting, anytime i can get even 15 minutes, I’m picking it up to read, I loved the first two, It looks like this is a winner as well, I love your books, just wholesome reading!!!!

  36. The community always being there for one another to lend a helping hand or listening ear.
    I enjoy all of your books & met you several years ago at a book signing in Souderton,, PA

  37. Love reading your books. Currently listening to The Mokingbird’s Song on audible. Pre-ordered the Robin’s Greeting. Just love the simpler way of life and dedication to God the Amish and menonite believers have in your books. A true example for all believers. Their forgiveness if others is also something I need to do better with. Touches my heart and convicts. Praise God for the lessons in your books. Thank you.

  38. I am so hoping I can go to Lancaster this Spring to visit . I really want to take a real buggy ride and just want to look around at all the beautiful sights that are there. I love all of your books and they give me an escape I. My mind to what awaits me in Lancaster. Thank you for being you

  39. I like how the Amish value family. I also like how they come together as a community to work toward common goals, such as a barn raising, or even just a smaller group of women coming together to do quilting or canning, or men working together to get the harvest in. Rather than seeing the work as work, they see it as sharing and a chance to help others in the way God would want them to. Work is so much more pleasant when done with cheerful and positive outlook, and the Amish certainly are an wonderful example of that.

  40. Love your books. Find it interesting to learn more about the Amish. Order Robin’s Greeting,,can’t wait to see what happens, who causing the trouble.

  41. We lived by a Mennonite community and became close with the families. It’s a simple, uncluttered lifestyle that attracts me to it. We now live in another part of the state and are trying to live a more simple lifestyle here.

    Love reading your books – it’s as if I’m right back among our Mennonite friends.

    Blessings to you and yours.

  42. I have found the Amish quite fascinating since I started reading about them. I love that they live simply & put God & family above material possessions. We can learn a lot from them.

  43. I appreciate the work ethic and focus on God and people as most important – speak to each other from their convictions about what’s most important.

  44. I love the closeness of family and their strong Christian faith. Their hardworking values in this day and time are so reassuring!

  45. There are several things that draw me to the Amish way of life. I love how the community is there for one another. The men will help each other out new barns or buildings up while the women work together to feed the men and provide drinks. The community comes together when there is a medical expense that needs to be paid. I also love how close knit the families and friends are. They make time for family and don’t have the distractions that us English people have like phones and TVs. I also love their devotion to God and how they show Him and their faith in their everyday lives.

  46. I love visiting the Amish Country and I love their way of life. I really enjoy reading the books you have written. I feel like I am a part of their family. It is so hard to put your books down, they are so beautifully written. Thanks for sharing your talents with the world and introducing us to the way of life of the Amish.

  47. I love how they are so community and family focused! They take care of each other in good times & bad. I also love how they put God first in their lives and how important church is to them. Their simple way of life draws me in! They are hard-working, giving, kind, and trust worthy.

  48. I find the Amish lifestyle fascinating. I love their focus on God, family, and work. This seems like a good recipe for a contented life without all the distractions of materialism, politics, etc.

  49. Years ago, I don’t know how or whom introduced my mother to reading Amish Books. For years I would purchase her whole sets of your books for her to read. Oh, what I would not do to still have all those collections. At the time, I was too busy with career and caregiving to take the time to slow down and read them. Slowly, mom just could not read them any longer. It was so sad to see and witness. She wanted to so very bad, but her mind just would not let her. Speed forward several years. I have a good friend that was reading all the time. So, I picked up that first Amish book and started reading. Have not stopped since. I have found that I have a lot of in common with the Amish and my beliefs in a strong Christian faith and what that means and how Christ wants us to strive to live our lives. So much of that is missing today.

  50. I love your books. Some of the books that yousay will be released soon The Robins Call. I have already got them through a Christian Bookstore befor the release date. I am looking forward to all your new books.

  51. I enjoy reading your books and learning more about the amish way of life, I admire their deep faith in God and how close they are as a family and how they always help one anther in their community. We could really learn a lot from them.

  52. I’ve been reading Amish books since the first time my family took me to Lancaster County when I was 8 years old.. I’ve always been fascinated with their simple yet fulfilling lives. With the pandemic, I’ve come to realize it’s not all the materialistic, fast paced lifestyles we’ve been so used to living that’s important. With stores being closed and jobs lost, I’ve found that I have more time to read scripture, cook from scratch, spend quality time with my family (those that we’ve quarantining with). Maybe something wonderful has come out of this whole thing for me. I’m saddened with how many lives have been lost. I’m grateful that my family, although touched by covid, has come out stronger. I pray that all will stay healthy and will continue to appreciate the simple things in life that I think my family took for granted for many years. Maybe the Amish are onto something. Stay blessed and stay safe everyone.

  53. I love your Amish books. They are so hard working – doing things the “old fashioned” way. Thanks for writing!!

  54. The Amish lifestyle draws me in because of their deep family ties, both physical and spiritual. I also admire their “simple” lifestyle, which I put in quotes because simple certainly isn’t easy. They work hard for what they have, and their goals are closer to God’s heart I think, because it isn’t about societal status.

  55. I love how the Amish live a simpler lifestyle and are frugal. Their faith and hope in God that he will take care of all things. Also, I love how the Amish put their families and community first. They work hard everyday on their lands, so they can pass it on down to other family members.

  56. My parents used to tell me how they had enjoyed
    visiting Amish and Mennonite communities. My
    crafting friends and I go to a lake house twice a year,
    and came across a Mennonite woman, who had a
    stamping business in her barn… She is such a wonderful
    lady. We do business with her every time we go to the
    lake to craft!
    Thanks, Cindi

  57. Hi, I like the way of Amish living. When I was young my family and the neigbourhood were much closer and warmer then nowadays.
    I’m from Holland and like your books very much. I read them in Dutch, so I have to wait a little bit longer to read them! But my daughter would like to read the English version!
    Gods blessing for you and your family, Wanda

  58. I love reading your books. My travels take me to Shipshewanna, Indiana and Holmes County, Ohio. I enjoy the countryside beauty.

  59. I enjoy the books about the Amish because they walk the walk and talk the talk. Their faith is strong. This is a reminder to me to be strong in my faith.

  60. I enjoy reading this type of book because it gives me a good story with out all the sex talk other love storys have. I have found I enjoy they Amish mysteries too. I love series and you suppliy us with that Thank you so much.

  61. I became interested when I lived in WI and visited their greenhouses etc. I used to pick blackberries with an Amish lady.

  62. I also yearn for a simpler life in these troubled times. That is why I love reading these kinds of stories. When I was a little girl, we visited Amish communities in PA and I enjoyed seeing the lifestyle and eating lunch at an Amish restaurant. It warmed my heart and I felt good about the visit.

  63. I almost envy their simple lifestyle – free from the “conveniences” we have yet still too busy to enjoy the many beautiful scenes from nature around us each day. The enticement of many electronics often take away from being still before God.

  64. I love reading Wanda’s books. The recipes really connected with me, so much so, I went searching through my grandmother’s old recipe books. Pennsylvania Dutch notations. 🙂 Then I signed on with Ancestry.com and found Amish ancestors three generations back. Thanks Wanda! You set me off on this journey.
    Bev Haynes writing as Piper Forrest

  65. My introduction to the Amish way of life was the movie “Witness.” Since then I have enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about their community and lifestyle through books like yours.

  66. My husbands gg-grandparents were German Baptist that came to Virginia by way of Chester Co., PA
    They lived a simple farm life the same as the Amish. We have always been interested in the Amish and their religious beliefs and ability to be self sufficient.

  67. I look forward to each and every book as it comes out. I am drawn to reading these Amish books because their way of life is so beautiful and Christian. I am interested in everything that you write. You make the words on the page come alive to me. Keep up the great work and may God bless and hold you in His loving arms

    Deborah Fish

  68. Wow…I am so excited to get the Robin’s Greeting…I have read both of the others and have been waiting it seems like forever to get the last book in the series…I know it takes time to write but maybe if I read a little slower I would not have to wait so long for the next book…Seems once you get started you just have a hard time putting the book down…I have preordered the The Robin’s Greeting so now just waiting on the mail…that’s hard too…but guess it helps to teach us patience…Thank you Wanda for all your books….I enjoy them so much…and I love reading about the Amish…I have been to Pa. lots of time and its always a nice place to visit and get away to a quiet place to relax……have a blessed week-end….

  69. I love the fact that they believe God First and then family. I am drawn to them because of their strong belief in God. I like how calm living the simple life is. It reminds me of my life as a child. I come from a large family of 10 children. I grew up Catholic in a small town. Everyone knew each other and respected each other. We had a lot of potlucks and activities at the church. We lived close by so we could walk to church. Reading the Amish stories take me back in time when life was simpler and people showed they cared..

  70. I’ve always liked Christian fiction about the Amish, because the families have close ties, and they take care of each other, and help each other with cleaning, canning, house building, etc. You don’t find that a lot nowadays. I also like their devotion to God, and respect for the church. I am very much drawn to the Amish way of life because of their perseverence in abstaining from worldliness.
    Thank you for this opportunity to win a book from you. God bless you, too.

  71. I think partly because of the condition of our world today and all the busyness I long for a simpler way of life. I love how the Amish community takes care of its people. My dream vacation is to travel East and visit many of the Amish towns along the way. When I want to escape reality I read my Amish books. I love, love, love Amish books.

  72. I enjoyed reading all the comments on here and like most, I love everything about the Amish and one thing that amazes me is how they are very forgiven people! I know it says that in the Bible and they are very obedient in their religious beliefs! I love how they are a close knit family and give so much love and happiness and less stressful like, not like ours where we have to be at a certain place at a certain time, etc.!

  73. every since i read one of your many book i have over 50 of wanda’s book an also many of her author friends they are the only kind that i really relax readind an will continue to read,

  74. How they do without “stuff” but seem to have a full life. I’ve always enjoyed reading amish books.

  75. You are one of the first authors I found writing about the Amish. After that I was hooke on you and the Amish…. Thank you so much..!!

  76. Years ago, I read my first Amish book and I wanted to know more and more about the Amish way of life. I love all your books and can’t wait to read the next book you are putting out. You are one of my favorite authors. I learn alot from your books.

  77. When first seeing and experiencing the Amish way of living when going to visit my friend and her husband for the first time in Conestoga Lancaster PA, it took me off guard. Their simple, relaxed and beautiful life hit my heart and I was deeply touched. I bought my first Amish novel at a Mennonite café and it turned out to be one of your books Wanda. The farmers Market Mishap. ( I just adore the potato salad I found in that novel. The best ever! And I gladly share it with friends) Since then after returning home to Norway I have read numerous novels of the Amish. I have hotten to know more and more about them through yours and other author’s novel. Every tome returning to Conestoga I feel I know them a lilkte bit more.
    I have learned alot from their way of living, like appreciate the beauty of the simplest things and always live by what the Bible tells us.

  78. I like reading about the Amish as I have loved traveling to the Lancaster area. I was first taken there for a visit right before entering College and have loved traveling back to that area for over 40 years. That area seems like a less rushed area then the big city I live in.

  79. I grew up in Middlebury IN and around the Shipshewana area I have always been interested in the Amish way of life and how different their way of life is. My grandparents grew up old order Mennonite around the Shipshe area and my great aunt and uncle owned Yoder’s Dept store in Shipshewana. The would talk Dutch when they didn’t want us to know what they were saying when we were around.
    Your books have given my such a great insight to the way their way of life is and I find the ones that take place around my area really fascinating because I know where the places are.

  80. We have a lot of Amish friends that we try to visit regularly. Each year we have a ladies day and drive up and take them shopping. They take us to places they like to shop and we share a meal together. This year it has been so hard because we have missed our visits. I love their faith in god and how much family means to them. Every visit I try to bring home with me the peace and calm I feel after being with them.

  81. I grew up in Western New York state and there were many Amish in the same town I grew up in. I have always wanted to know more about the Amish. The Amish in my area were very strict order. I have gone to their many stores many times over the years. Your books help me to understand more of their ways. Thank you for increasing my knowledge of the Amish. I love learning more and more about them.

  82. I have always been fascinated with the Amish. When they moved in to my area I have been watching them more often. I became friends with one family.
    I guess what draws me to them is the plain simple life style they live. They are never in a hurried rush to get someplace. They are always willing to help out their neighbors and friends who need a hand.

  83. Not sure what draws me to the Amish. Suspecting it is my love for a quiet life, and the horses.

  84. I have always been interested in the Amish or any other culture for that matter. I find them fascinating. Their faith and sense of community, belonging is Intriguing to me. I definitely long for their way of life.

  85. I Love the Amish books and have read many of your books and now waiting the Robins Greeting.

  86. I discovered your books and fell in love with the stories/people. I go on girl trips with my sisters to our favorite places in Ohio, Berlin, Sugar Creek, Walnut Creek and Charm. We have our favorite places to go Walnut Creek Cheese is a great place to shop and have lunch and of course a stop at Hershbergers and dinner at Boyd & Wurthmann. Each year we discover more new things to do and see. We love to drive through the country side and see all the Amish homes, clothes on the lines, the men working with their horses in the fields. Such a beautiful area and nice people. I think the simple way the Amish live is very appealing. Thank you for your many Amish stories and all the insights I learned about the Amish community.

  87. We often went to Amish Country in Holmes County Ohio when 2 hours away when we lived in Ohio. We have moved back to Michigan and now live an hour from Shipshewana, Indiana and go there often. We love the food and shopping and quiet way of life of the Amish. When in Ohio they seldom spoke and kept to them self. After moving back to Michigan we had an Amish gentleman and his sons reroof our home. The sons were very talkative and funny. We so enjoyed talking to them. Wanda, you are my very favorite author. I love the way you depict the Amish families in your book and enjoy every book. I loose myself in your books and always feel peaceful when I read them.

  88. I didn’t use to read at all except my Bible and I had friend share one of your sets of 6 small books and being they were based on Lancaster County and I knew many of the places you were talking about; I got hooked. Since then I have read many Amish books and enjoy yours the most, in fact I just finished reading a 3 book series. I have friends that share them and then I pass them on to others or donate them to our local library.

  89. Wanda, I love reading your books about the Amish. I find them very interesting. Your books keep me reading and reading. You are a wonderful author. I only read your books. Since the panamdic I’ve been reading more.

  90. I have always wanted to find out more about the Amish. With each book I read I find lol I find out more r and more about them. You bring them to life for me so I want to say thank you. I ordered my 3 rd. Book of robing crossing can’t wait to get it. Love your book keep writing them.

  91. I love reading your books! I am reading The Brides of the Big Valley currently. I have visited Shipshewana several times and have also visited Lancaster County. The Amish and Mennonite people are fascinating to me. Love their simple way of life! Keep your books coming!

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    Putting God First is always been my rule. Not that I have always done it. But that is why there is grace. I live in Easton and did visit Lancaster once a year before Covid.. Sadly I haven’t been since. I so wonder how they see this whole thing.
    Thank you for using your gift of writing to inspire us and give a window into a peaceful world.

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    I had taken my husband to a medical clinic for an outpatient procedure. An Amish couple came in because the husband was having the same thing done. While in the waiting room, a group of Amish folks showed up to support the wife. It was a beautiful sight! One by one each family group represented handed the wife of the patient an envelope. It appeared that they were all chipping in for the cost of the procedure. I have since learned that this is something they do for each other. This was so touching to observe the interactions – you could tell that love and sincere concern for each other was present.
    May God Bless you as you enlighten the world about these beautiful people who love God and love each other. John 13:35 (NKJV) By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” The Amish do this well!
    I have just spoken my mind. Thank you, Wanda!

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    I glad to see that Herschel Firsher’s story is continuing. 🙂

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