Twelve Remedies to Counteract Stress

During difficult times like our world is facing now, it’s important for us to find some ways to relax and de-stress. Here is a list I have compiled that helps me when I’m dealing with worry or stress.

1. Pray (listed as number 1 because it’s the most important.) “The eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers.” (I Peter 3:12). “Be careful for nothing, but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)
2. Read the Bible and meditate on God’s Word. “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” (Colossians 3:16) “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)
3. Read a good book that includes inspirational thoughts, and it will take your mind someplace else.
4. Take a walk, run, or ride a bike. Exercise is good for us physically and mentally.
5. Listen to uplifting/relaxing music.
6. Talk with a friend or relative on the phone or in person if possible.
7. Go outside or sit near an open window while you watch and listen to the birds’ uplifting melodies.
8. Pick a flower—smell it—enjoy the fragrance.
9. Feast your eyes on a sunrise or sunset and remember that God is the creator of all things.
10. Take a warm shower or bath.
11. Watch an uplifting or humorous movie on your TV or some other electronic device.
12. Eat your favorite comfort food. Indulging in chocolate is comforting for some people. I personally find that drinking certain kinds of herbal tea can help me relax.

Above all else, don’t give in to fear or extreme worry. Those emotions will make you feel more stressed. I am reminding myself daily to replace “Fear” with “FAITH.” One of my favorite verses is Psalm 34:4: “I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.”

How are you coping with our situation right now? Have you found some ways to relax and de-stress?


  1. Shirley Chapel says

    Thanks Wanda for these helpful suggestions. I love to read and it helps me to relax . I love your Bible verse and leaving your worries and concerns with God does definitely help conquer fear and stress.

    • Cathy Foskett says

      Thank you so much Wanda for your lovely newsletter,
      I look forward to reading your new book, “The Crow’s Call”!
      I will pray for Zoie!

      • Your newsletter is something I look forward to! God bless everyone through this difficult time.

        • Karen Farestveit says

          I just joined your newsletter and am so happy I did. Thank you so much for the de-stressing tips . many of them I’ve been doing for quite some time, ( I’m 78 ) As for reading I find Amish
          novels dependably uplifting. Yours are among my favorites.Thank you so much.

          • Darlene McDougal says

            What helps me de-stress is prayer, my
            favorite Bible verses, being in nature or reading.

    • Mieke Sledsens says

      I try to live in faith and believe that God is with us and helps us go through dificulte times. He’s always with us but we usly realise it when we’re in difficult times.

    • Nancy Dawson says

      This is my first visit to your website although I have enjoyed your books for years. I am excited to find your recipes and look forward to trying some. Thank you for sharing your God given talent. I do so enjoy reading your books

    • Leona. Dewalt says

      Wanda, Love your newsletters &the books you write I love the Amish books and we have some Amish in our area God Bless you and stay safe,

  2. Spending more time in God’s Word and in prayer these days. None of this took God by surprise. I have to trust he will get us through. Thank you for all the suggestions.

  3. Karen Sheeley says

    Thank you Wanda! Reading God’s word, praying, going outside, talking on the phone and reading your books are just some of the things that help me cope with this current situation we are in. Thoughts and prayers for everyone!

  4. Virginia Moore says

    Any time I need to be reminded of God’s faithfulness, I run across your emails at the right time. Each of your books that I have read have always left me with hope and knowledge that God is in control. Thank you.

  5. Jackie Cockrell says

    Thank you, Wanda, for your comments and suggestions regarding the Coronavirus. I’ve wondered how the Amish were dealing with all of this, since they don’t have media options. I am praying for sweet Zoie. During this stressful time, I have been doing a lot of reading, and I’m staying at home!!

  6. Thank you so much for your comments/suggestions regarding dealing with stressful times.
    I have been reading more lately, I find it relaxing in this stressful time. Stay safe my friends!

  7. Melissa w. says

    I am dealing with it the same as you suggest above…I pray. Then, I pray some more. Finally, I pray. I give my worry to the Lord and everytime I find myself picking it back up, I stop and give it to Him. I am so thankful He’s a forgiving God! My go-to scripture is the 121st Psalm. I will lift mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help…

  8. Annette Eldridge says

    Thank you for your uplifting comments on the virus. Please give Zoie a hug from our family! I am working from home. It’s the things like today’s my daughter’s birthday and we can’t be with her to celebrate that is the hardest thing to deal with emotionally.

  9. Jeannette Szabadka says

    Just wanted to let you know how much I love reading your books. They relax me and I always uncover sayings that helps me out. For that I thank you. I’m praying for Zoie and I know God will answer all of our prayers.
    thank you and stay safe.

  10. I refuse to get scared or worried about the Corona Virus. Yes, it’s there. But I claim Jeremiah 29:11. shelter at home isn’t easy at least on the weekends. I babysit during the week and never go anywhere during the week so nothing new there. But it is hard not to go shopping (just going to a store to look around) but in order to get a handle on this we must do this! We are blessed that my husband works at an “essential” business and is still working. What a joyous celebration it will be when this is all over and we can attend and be with our church family again!!

  11. Kathryn V. says

    Thank you for the wonderful information on the above.there are a few I do when I am stress. I hope everyone is well at this time

  12. Lynn Vinegar says

    Thank you for your uplifting words! During these unsettling days I find myself letting fear overcome me. Some days are worse than others. When I start to feel overwhelmed the very first thing I do is turn off the TV… I grab a book and a cup of coffee and let my mind wonder away to far away places and to new adventures… reading has always been my coping mechanism! Prayers for us all..we will get through this!

  13. Mary Roelke says

    Thank you for the helpful suggestions. My adult kids check in with me several times a day as I live alone. Praying, reading, & going on a walk have helped with the boredom.

  14. Gladys Holbrook says

    Thank you Wanda for your comments on the Cororna virus. Praying everyone stays in and stays safe! Prayers for precious Zoie. Praying that God lays his healing hand upon this child. I am staying in and reading The Crows Call now and praying more

  15. Cheryl Shanor says

    My husband and I have been retired now for almost a year. Our plans were to do some traveling but thisvirus has put a stop to that. However, we are staying in and I am reading sone excellent books and we are working jigsaw puzzles. We are having a grear deal of alone time and enjoying being together.

  16. Kimberly Furgerson says

    Thank you for the suggestions. I try not to stress over things in this world. I put my faith in God and know that this world is not my home. However to bide time I like to craft – all crafts. This weekend my mom and I made tulip crosses together. I also like to cross stitch, diamond art, and coloring when all else fails. I also love to read – I look forward to reading your new books and cant wait for more to be released!!

  17. You were the first Amish author I read and was immediately hooked. I love reading about their peaceful lives and how they handle various situations

  18. Debra Eddy says

    Thanks Wanda! We all need daily reminders of how to stay positive and connected to God. These are some challenging times and having my Dad pass away on March 20th has made it even more challenging for me. I love reading about the Amish and I truly believe they live as God intended us to live.

  19. nancy watts says

    We are just praying and trusting in God to get us through this.

  20. I love your books. They are some of my most favorite Amish works. Thank you for writing.

  21. Natalie Carwile says

    Thank you for for always being so positive. I find myself praying more and I call and check9n a few of my older family and friends. I love to read and I am have way through The Seekers.
    I have wondered what the Amish were doing during this time. Thank you for letting us know. Do you know if they have the virus in their community?

  22. Nancy Bird says

    We’re retired, so we don’t have as much to have to cope with. We watch movies, do pretty much the same thing we’ve done, just don’t go out any more….

  23. Bobbie Beldon says

    I would like to pray for Zoie today.
    God, please lay your healing hand on Zoie today and heal her from this heart and lung condition.
    We ask that you watch over her and her family as I know that it has to be so difficult for them to see her in pain and watch her go through surgery after surgery. God, we ask that you protect them from this corona virus as we know how devastating that it would be for her if she were to come in contact with it. In Jesus Name we Pray.

  24. Kathy Rowe says

    Thanks for the tips, Wanda. I agree that prayer is the single most important thing to do. Set aside certain times of the day or night to pray or just do it spontaneously throughout the day or night. These are very trying times like we have never seen before and probably thought we never would see. After praying, I usually settle down with a good book and have been reading much more than normal. I enjoy the Amish stories best. Praying you and yours stay well.

  25. Jane Keagy says

    Wanda, thank you for all you do, and all you bring to your readers. God shines through you in a beautiful way.
    I’ve been in love with the Amish for a long time, and you have a way of taking me into their lives.
    And thank you for letting us know about Zoie. My prayers are going up for her and her family.

  26. Michele Astle says

    This has surely been a stressful time for all. I have four children but only one that is home from college is with us now. Because we are trying to follow the stay at home order, we are unable to visit with our children. We have a snapchat group that our family members can communicate and leave their thoughts. We are also able to attend daily mass live streaming from Saint Francis University. Feeling God’s presence at this time is now more important than ever. If anyone would like to watch the friars, you can download the Instagram app then search for sfu ministry. Every day hearing the friars tell us how to handle our struggles with this virus makes me feel that God truly is in mine and my children’s life.

  27. Anna Hesser says

    Prayers or little Zoie and for all of us to get through this pandemic; and we will with God’s help. I also live alone, but in a senior apartment building where I can still have contact with my friends & neighbors. I spend a lot of time communicating with friends on social media and by phone I have connected with some that I haven’t talked too for a very long time. Miss being with other friends.
    You take care and God Bless.

  28. milinda morris says

    Thank you for this journal. In this time of stress and uncertainty everyone needs to be reminded that God is still there and in control.

  29. Jean S. Kessler says

    Thank you, Wanda, for your helpful ideas! I keep saying, “God’s got this!” That was put to the test this week as my home health aides have become ill with COVID-19 and otherwise. We’ve been home anyway, but here on Day 11 I have no COVID-19 symptoms (and neither has my spouse). When you’re looking at such a disease nose-to-nose, it tests your faith. I can still say, “God’s got this!” So, now I’m going to follow some of Wanda’s ideas and relax some more! May the Lord break the back of this coronavirus, and may all hide under His Wings as this plague passes over the country! Jean

    • Phyllis Barnes says

      Wanda you are a great writer! I can’t thank you enough for all your words of encouragement. Vern and I will be praying for this virus to be gone in the name of Jesus Christ. Praying for those who don’t know the Lord . Praying for healing of the world. Praying for zoel also. Praying always and cleaning out cabinets and getting rid of unneeded items. Praying !!

  30. Sandra Kordish says

    Prayers for Zoie! We have to go out as we have a cleaning service. Thankful to God our area has few if any cases at this time. Prayers for safety to all!

  31. Betty Monda says

    I loved reading the Bible Scriptures that you posted as we are going through a rough time right now all around the world. I have been doing extensive research and digging into the Bible concerning the Women that are in the Bible. When we get to go back to church I will finish teaching my ladies Sunday school class on Psalms 119 (as we are over 1/2 way through it ) and then will start teaching on Women of the Bible. I am learning a lot More on some women than others. But it has helped me to cope and stay in the Word. When I am not studying, I am on Chapter 12 in reading Your book entitled The Big Valley. I love reading your books because they tell me about a way of life that I don’t know much about but helps me to understand a little more their ways. Through your books I have discovered that they love God just as we do. Sometimes I think the world would be better off if we could go back to a simpler time. I know that when I was younger and we made a big garden and raised our own beef and hogs that these times seemed to draw not only our immediate family together but Aunts and Uncles and cousins would come from the city to help out and it was such a simpler way of life. Life today has a way of tossing us about and being on the go so much, we can’t seem to slow down and appreciate all the blessings that God has given to us. I can’t walk much due to severe nerve damage in my feet. But on days when they are not hurting really bad, I like to get out, notice all the vibrant colors of the flowers and trees and hear the birds singing and just do a pray walk with God. Those are some of the things that help me during this time of so much uncertainty. God is good and as a nation we have been blessed more than any other and we need to cherish those blessings and turn out hearts back to God. The hardest part of all this has not being able to see my grandchildren or to have fellowship with my church family. I am trusting God to see us through this and really I have a peace about all this that I just can’t explain.

  32. Enjoy your books so much. They are all uplifting and increase my faith.

  33. Sheri G. says

    Thanks for your wonderful and important suggestions. As a health care worker, I fully understand the gravity of this situation, but I also approach each day knowing and believing that our God is in control of this pandemic. God gave us the gift of knowledge to practice safe and unselfish acts to help us proceed through this situation. I try to call individuals who may not have family accesible. They welcome these calls as sometimes we all just need someone to listen. As I have always done, I bring meals to those I know are shutins,just knocking and leaving plates on the porch. We live in a very rural area, so at times a good meal is difficult to come by in the best of times. I love to cook and find it to be a stress reliever, so it is in my mind a win-win! Let us lift up a prayer collectively for a quick and healthy recovery.

  34. Casey Bankston says

    Wanda thank you so very much for the reminder and encouragement for what we should not only do in hard times but also in every day life! Praying for God to heal our world and keep us safe.

  35. Thank you so much for your encouragement! It’s important that we all encourage each other at this difficult time and keep our trust in God.

  36. Linda Critcher says

    I’m coping pretty good. I guess my biggest stresses are church attendance and eating out with my husband. Although we have a small church (10 or under as ordered by our state) I am still able for now to attend. Our church is mostly elderly so they don’t use online. I miss eating out and seeing friends we’ve made in these businesses. The fellowship is missed. We’re not made to be alone! Thankful God knows no distance!

  37. Carole Armstrong says

    Thanks Wanda for your suggestions. I have been catching up on a lot of my reading since having to stay in. Before the virus I was on the go alot taking friends to appointments and eating out with them.
    At the end of February I took in a 12 yr old boy who is homeless right now and that has changed my life considerably as I never married or had children. Planning meals and cooking has been a challenge. I find when reading a good christian book I can loose track of all time and concerns around me. I try to check on my friends and family by phone quite often. Just chatting with them can pass the time too. I am also trying to catch up on things around the house and plan on putting some puzzles together as that is another of my favorite passtimes. I am very thankful I have my trust in God and know he is seeing me through this time.

  38. Janalyn Bollow says

    Thank you for your insights, Wanda! Prayer and Bible reading are at the top of my list too! I have also been reading, listening to music, and drawing.
    I do knit, but have always wanted to learn to crochet. This might be the perfect time to begin!
    Many blessings to you and your family!

  39. THANK YOU for the words of encouragement. Prayers for precious Zoie and all entrusted with her care. I try to stay positive in these troubling times by remembering “I am too blessed to be stressed,” I had been a CNA for over 30 years and knowing what the front line warriors are dealing with seems overwhelming at times. We will all get through this by the grace of God and may everyone remember to always just BE KIND! I appreciate your writings and feel doubly blessed to call you a friend. Take care, stay safe and God bless.

  40. Dear Wanda, I am and will be praying for Joie.

  41. DIANE MATTICK says

    These are great suggestions. At a time such as this, it gives us time to reflect who and what is important in our lives. Keep in touch with family and friends and let them know how much they mean to you. Call people who are elderly or live alone. Many have no one to talk to and may be lonely or scared about the situation we are experiencing. Pray for your family, friends, and neighbors of course but also pray for the entire medical community, the emergency teams, the police and security people, the people still working in stores and restaurants that are helping to keep us fed and to suppy our needs, and the the truckers that keep them supplied.They are working and taking considerable risks to their own lives and those of their families The list goes on and on. And please pray for our country and it’s leaders to make good decisions as they try to keep us all safe.

  42. Dear Wanda, thank you for your suggestions for dealing with the stress of our circumstances. I have found that I now have time to sit down and play a little used piano, which gives me peace. My prayers and thoughts are with you and Zoie.

  43. Wanda Robeson says

    Good Morning, What a beautiful day the Lord has made. I really enjoy reading your books, newsletters, journals. Please be safe as well. This virus has everyone on pins and needles.

  44. Barbara Moose Sharpe says

    Thank you for telling about Zoie. Praying for others is a wonderful opportunity. Most of the time I am sort of enjoying the slower speed of these days. God is faithful and it will be interesting to see what He has on the other side of this.

  45. Margie Takala says

    Sounds like an emotional read. Also, good list of de-stressers!

  46. Susan F. Fletcher says

    Very good suggestions. I’m spending much more time in prayer and thinking of others. God Bless you! Praying for Zoie.

  47. Monica Forkes says

    Thank you for so many ways to help mentally deal with the stresses we world wide are dealing with. Some says the fear of “what if” can be over whelming. Prayer is important to me and helps, but a reminder to find solace in smaller everyday beauty such as sunrise, sunset or the or the newly blooming flowers can bring a small simple joy even in difficult times.

  48. KaraAnn Akers says

    Thankyou so much in this stressful time it is easy to lose focus on God. I know every one is scared but with God’s help we can all make this time better. I go out side every day to play with my dog and chickens so keep on trying.
    I am so sorry to hear about Zoie I have a friend who went through that and it is not an easy task. We will keep her in our prayers.

  49. Faye Reeves says

    Thank for your thoughts during this time! I know God’s in control! I also love to color in one of my adult coloring books especially my Psalms one helps me focus on pictures plus God’s word as well! I agree with in prayer for so Zoie for her healing

  50. Paula Sizemore says

    Hello, I have my way to relax and help with stress. #1 I pray every morning and every night to God to help everyone in this times of need, and also anything else on my mind makes me feel better. #2 I contact my 2 daughters family one in Mich the other one lives in Georgia. #3. I love to read and that helps a lot. #4 I love working making quilts, quilt mug rugs and etc, so This is how I do it. Keep safe and healthy to you and your family. God Bless

  51. maurita garber says

    Was reading about ways to cope, like ideas 4 7 8 9 we need to get in outdoors more need to see our savior’s handiwork in nature so many miss that. I am totally permeanently disabled & just getting on my porch to sit see hear the birds does so much for me also on the porch & see the sun rise no prescription med can do what the above will do for us.

  52. Carolyn Owen Beers says

    Good Morning,
    We are doing great…we are in our 70″s and my Loving Husband is taking care of me as I have a compromised immune system. We are and have been 100% quarantined.
    We read our Bible and listen to many Ministers daily online.
    I am reading your books…THE CELEBRATION right now and wanting your newest but haven’t ordered it yet.
    I crochet for charity so have been using up my stash of which is huge so can crochet for a long time.
    Trusting in God’s Word daily…know that He is and will continue taking care of us.

  53. Donna Forsythe says

    thank you for the encouraging advice from you and what is found in God’s Word. I pray that everyone stays safe and that we all get closer to God than ever before but also that we don’t forget it when life turns back to normal. God can use this time to draw us closer to Him

  54. Diana Ross says

    Praise the Lord for your loving words. Faith is what will see us through.

  55. Kelly Preciado says

    Thank you so much for your suggestions. All of them are great. I love reading my bible and praying. I will add little Zole to my prayer list. It is so important to keep in contact wit family and friends. Not just through this trying time but in all times. As my parents get older I find that they need more contact with family and friends to keep their minds active and healthy. My favorite thing to do is talk to my mom.

  56. Debbie Wilks says

    Your books are an inspiration to me. Thank you!

  57. Jan Johnson says

    Thanks for the wonderful suggestions, reading and praying always take my mind off the problems of the world. Your books help so much. I will include Zoie in my prayers too. Now that the weather is getting nicer we can get outside and walk or garden that always makes us feel better too!

  58. Toni Coleman says

    God help Zoie and her family…….
    I wish The Crow’s Call was out now! I was looking for your books at our local store and nothing was left.

  59. Melissa Andres says

    What great suggestions! So many of these are working for me!

  60. Dorie Callaway says

    We will be praying for Zoie God hears our prayers and our pleadings and He has said He hears and will answer them. In these trying times He is in control and we just have to put our trust in Him and know that He always is in control and we will come out of this stronger than ever before. Thanks for your comments and recipes. It is fun trying them

  61. Joyce Fahs says

    Thank you for your helpful suggestions. We’re praying for sweet Zoie today.

  62. Angie Ayotte says

    During this trying time our family is getting back to the basics. We are spending dinners together at the table with no devices and playing lots of games!
    Thank you for all you books!

  63. Vicki Hancock says

    I was at peace with it. Then we’ve been having earthquakes all around us. Am feeling a bit concerned at this point. I prayed for peace and truly had found it until another earthquake hit in Idaho last night. I need to pray again and find the inner peace I was feeling before. Thank you for posting these Bible verses as they are very comforting! Prayers for everyone as we are all at such a scary time in our world! 🙏🙏🙏

  64. Sherrie Gil says

    I am reading more and crocheting. I have my disabled sister and stroke survivor mom living with me now and its been very hard during this stay at home. I usually went to the library to just GET away. But the Lord knows best. Love and blessings to all.

  65. Jeanne Markle says

    Thank you for these stress steps to walk in God’s way. My favorite is to take a walk.

  66. Christal Dueck says

    So much on the news everyday about the Corona virus. It is so refreshing to take a break from that all and read the Bible and read your books! God has truly gifted you with writing! Thanks again for your wonderful books!

  67. Janie Fater says

    I’ve been sending cards to proper just to let them know that are loved and not forgotten . Inch’s trying time. It helps me and helps them I hope.

  68. Donna Bethea says

    Thanks, Wanda, for your suggestions on relieving stress. What certain kinds of teas do you recommend?
    I trust in the Lord with all my heart, and know He will protect us.
    Take care & God bless!

  69. Marcia Wilson says

    I know God has a plan to make the world a better place and to make us realize how important He is in our live. Pray helps me get through these tuff days. Thanks for your wonderful words. God Bless

  70. Anita Smith says

    Prayer is a mighty weapon against threats of all kinds. Praying for little Zoie for answers and healing. Keep all safe in this time of crisis.

  71. Thanks for the tips Wanda. I am praying for little Zoe. I love reading your Books. I pray that you and your will be spared this epidemic. It’s a hard time for us all. Phyllis{P

  72. I think I posted in the wrong place. Thank you for the tips. I am praying for Little Zoie. I love your books so I thought I would throw my hat in. Thank you, Phyllis

  73. BettyGifford says

    Hi, Wanda
    Thank you for the encouraging words. I will keep Zoie in my prayers.

  74. Jackie Goss says

    I love your not a big reader but the Bible and your books I love. Stay healthy and safe.

  75. Thanks for the suggestions. Taking one day at a time and enjoying the little things in life.

  76. Barbara K says

    I am enjoying this time off have worked steady for many long yrs. have retired partially. Right now reading good buy toFather Tim Have several of yours to read.

  77. Kaye Heseltine says

    Prayers being uplifted for little Zoie.
    Psalms 121:1-2
    Where does my help come from….the Lord.

  78. Debbie Noska says

    Hi Wanda,
    This will be short and sweet, that you for sharing your wonderful gift of writing to all of us. God has truly blessed you. Without your books not sure how I would get through some of my days. THANK YOU! Sending all my prayers and love to Zoie.🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️
    God Bless ❤️

  79. Rayetta K Tate says

    Thanks for your words of encouragement during this time of fear and confusion. I truly believe God is still in control and loves us with a never ending love. Finding a quiet place to read one of your books helps to take you away from the stresses of the day. Wishing everyone peace and joy.

  80. Loretta Shumpert says

    The Lord will take care of me no matter where I am. No matter what happens, whether I am spared, etc. I believe the promises from His Word.

  81. Teresa Maddox says

    Thank you for leaving the suggestions (inspirations) for us all. In my opinion I think we all at one time or another give into the fear due to all the hype from technology. It is so hard not to. I have to remind myself often what I am doing and find that peace within again. I find the peace from inspirational suggestions such as yours or listening to a positive testimony from something else. This virus is very scary to many but I feel it’s partially our lesson to find the faith and trust in our heavenly father to lead us out of this pandemic. I think after this is over there will be many good changes. We will see more people having faith, living a simpler life, and people helping each other in the good and bad times. May God Bless all and Stay Healthy!

  82. Patti L Askren says

    I love your books!! Thank you so much for the recipes and tips! My address is 4004 Bakerfield Rd. Va. Beach, Va. 23453

  83. lena watson says

    My mother and I absolutely love your books!

  84. Wendy M Looker says

    I love your books! Your books were the first Amish books I ever read. Thank you for these tips. I will be sharing them with my staff. Stay save!

  85. Roberta McMahan says

    I can’t wait to read this book it loos so good. I will be praying for little Zoie.

  86. Its just my husband and my self so it’s pretty easy. I am an “at risk” person so I stay inside. I do go for small walks and when the weather is really nice I like going out to my favorite bench in our yard and read. Right before this virus thing started I got your Crow’s Call book which I’m really enjoying.

    We do church online, I send Cards to friends and we talk on the phone/FaceTime with family and friend a lot..

  87. SANDRA KING says

    Thank you so much! Looking forward to reading your new book. You are truly a blessing. Praying for little Zoie.

  88. Deborah Dumm says

    I have been trying to read more

  89. patty fendall says

    This time has really showed me how much my Christian brothers and sisters mean to me. I miss going to services and to womens’ Bible study.

  90. Sandra Baker says

    Dear Mrs Wanda, I love reading all your books! I was so hoping and waiting for you to give away “The Crow’s Call” book this month. I’m so excited. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. Sincerely, Sandi Baker

  91. Thank you very much for your post. I am trying to spend more time reading and off of technology during this time.

  92. Margaret STONE says

    Your newsletter is something I look forward to. God Bless everyone at this difficult time.

  93. Judy Tulloch says

    I never read as an adult. I got bored one day of watching tv and doing crafts. I had seen an interview of a young woman on tv. She was talking about her book she wrote about her being kidnapped. It was sold out. I looked at the other books on the shelves at Kmart and saw quite a few by you. I went home with Brides of Lancaster County, all four books in one volume. I continued buying one at a time at Walmart. I have become an avid reader now. Reading is my stress reliever and my favorite thing to do. I thank you for that fantastic volume of those four books. That had me wanting to read more and more! The Crow’s Call sounds like another fantastic read! My heart, hugs and prayer goes out to little Zoie.

  94. dorie emmerich says

    I look forward to reading your news letter and your books. Will look forward to reading “The Crow’s Call”. All your books are wonderful reading. Stay safe in this time of turmoil.

  95. Carolyn Parsons says

    Dear Wanda, Thank you for all of your scriptures and encouragement. Please know that sweet Zoie will be in my prayers. God bless her and her family.
    I am anxious to read “The Crow’s Call.” The title is very unique for an Amish novel!!!

  96. The other day I went outside to bring in the dog. When I looked around the corner of the house I saw 3 big, beautiful daffodil blooms. Not so strange for this time of year, except that these particular daffodil bulbs have only been green stems for the past 10-15 years! This is the first time there have been blooms for such a long time and it reminded me that God is still in control and life will go on in spite of and after this virus!

  97. Alberta Wells says

    Wanda, Love reading your newsletter..Always such kind and enlightening words..I appreciate your listed remedies for these trying times..And will keep them in mind…
    I do find reading your Amish stories and all Amish stories takes me away from the turmoil of this world right now..Which I believe we all need to relax our minds with sitting and reading..I do keep all my Amish books and will read them a second time. They are just so real and refreshing.
    Thank you for the new book coming out..God Bless you Wanda!

  98. Linda Seeley says

    Thank you for writing such wonderful books

  99. Joan Stirewalt says

    I always look forward to reading your newsletter! I enjoy reading your books and have read most of them over the years.
    I am praying for Zoie.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  100. I am relaxing by reading your books and get my update on this Coronavirus as I am a bad risk as have server cold , and diabetic, emthesema so I stay home which I do any ways I have no way going any place but that is ok as your books keep me happy. Thank you and keep writing your awesome books.

  101. Jeanne McCarthy says

    Thank you for these. I have thought of you and planned to ask if the Amish are practicing social distancing? Are they closing their businesses? No one is immune so this is scary for everyone. Keep writing, Wanda.
    I def want to read The Crows Call .

  102. Cindi Hoppes says

    Hi, I hope this finds you and yours doing well!
    I am sheltered alone with my Beagle; Daisy. I have
    been doing some of your suggestions, and learned some
    new ones! I pray for that precious little Amish girl…
    Thank you for the chance to win one of your books!
    Be well,

  103. Patti Allen says

    Thank you, Wanda for your inspirational newsletter. I will bear in mind to replace fear with faith.

  104. Jo E Smith says

    I really enjoy reading about the Amish.

  105. Sheila Hill says

    I have been doing a lot of reading during these times. Thank you for your newsletter. I will be praying for your little Amish friend that Jesus will completely heal her little body.

  106. Dee Mahoski says

    I have been doing a LOT of reading. My shelves are filled with your books and another great author Beverly Lewis. I have every book you both have written. My heart goes out to Zoie and I will be praying for her as well and you and your family. Thank you for all your kind words and suggestions. I will certainly take them to heart

  107. Deborah Davis says

    I like to be informed on what’s going on in the world, but lately I have had to change the channel not to hear the news all the time. Playing games or even going outside in my back yard to soak up the sun helps.

  108. Carol Chaplin says

    I am working on downsizing more. We had a place become available to us but had not started downsizing yet. Our 4 sons moved us in three weekends. I still work 40 hour week and of course we are closed now. So I have plenty to do. When evening gets here I am ready to read your books. I have bought your books ever since you started writing I think. Absolutley love them.

  109. Glenda Gentry says

    I am hoping I get entered here for book offer. Thank you Wanda for helping me find the right area. I love your monthly newsletter. Prayers for Zoie.

  110. Sarah M. Arnold says

    How am I coping with this time? I am praying. I am praying for the world and for people to get to their knees and call out to God. I am spending time with my kids. I am also reading. Thank you Wanda for your good work!

  111. Emogene N Oliver says

    This is a very trying time in our country as well as the rest of the world. Staying at home and watching church services online. Many prayers for the sick and for the families who have lost loved ones. Thanks Wanda for all you do for others and for the very special books you write. Bless you and your family and may you stay safe.

  112. Melissa Jones says

    I have been praying, reading, doing a lot of cleaning, and organizing my craft room. My husband is one of the essential workers and I can’t help but be worried, so I am keeping myself occupied. When I am feeling very anxious, that is when I pray more.

  113. Debbie Benzi says

    I am coping with our situation now by praying, listening to a Christian radio station, and by spring cleaning. It feels great to see, each day, how clean and organized my house is getting. Right now, I have found two ways to relax. The first is reading the entire Little House on the Prairie series. It is a beautiful, funny, and very educational series of books. The second is by working on an “At The Cross” wall hanging that I hope to have finished by Easter. Happy Easter everyone!

  114. Phyllis Kemp says

    The Crows Call is just what I need to follow #3 in your journal today. A real stress reliever! I hope to win a copy to help me. Thank you.

  115. Helene mcgee says

    Hello Wanda
    I’m trying to keep busy now between reading a Christian book, and staying busy outside with my dogs.

  116. I am not fearful because I know God is in control….and as the chorus goes “I just keep trusting my LORD”. also wanted to say I have your little amish friend on my prayer list.

  117. Shelley Shollack says

    Thank you for your words of inspiration, Wanda. It is very easy to give into fear these days. I have done some of the things you have suggested in your journal entry. I look forward to reading your new book soon!

  118. I am staying in and ordering online.

  119. I am keeping busy and tending to the house chores.

  120. Michelle Koeser says

    Dealing with this horrible virus is something I don’t think any of us would ever expected to happen in any of our lives. Really makes me realize how much I took for granted and all the freedom I had. Being cautious when going to grocery stores and not being able to purchase everything, which before we had no problem getting. Not being able to just walk into any of your local businesses. Also, I work in a cheese industry, so being an essential worker, all the guidelines we have to follow now and never had to worry about before. I have come to realize that I see life in a whole different perspective. I pray every day for my whole family and for the world that this soon ends and we can all carry on with our lives. But I will no longer take things for granted and will now be even more willing to help everybody that I encounter in my life. ❤️ I love reading all your books when I am not packaging cheese. My comfort time! 🥰 Stay safe and healthy! God Bless! 🙏

  121. Krista DeLauter says

    Hi Wanda! We’re doing our part by staying home as much as possible. My mom is front lines at our local ER and my dad started chemo yesterday for the 7th bout of bladder cancer. My girls and I help manage a senior garden near us and that gets us outside and moving. I homeschool and always have so that’s helpful. We’re praying together a lot, taking communion as a family and joining our church for online services and other ministries. Plus, our home school co op has weekly contests for art, Lego building, poetry, etc. Plus weekly asset lessons from a local art studio. We’ve kept busy! Thank you for your books! I’m currently reading book 2 of your “Daughters of the Promise Novel and my 14 year old daughter is reading the first one.

  122. I am reading a lot and doing the Rosary,Novenas and praying. I will add Zoie to my prayer list.

  123. Penny Knowlton says

    I’m using several of these ideas to combat stress.

  124. Thank you for the encouraging words. Will be praying for sweet little Zoie and her family. God is the great physician. Looking forward to reading The Crow’s Call soon. Love yours books!

  125. Kathleen Goddard says

    Thank you for sharing some encouraging words. My anxiety has been hard to keep under control. My therapist is wonderful and helps me keep calm. Last night we found out our grandson has the virus. His younger sisters and brother also tested positive but not as serious as Evan. I will add Zoie to my prayers. God keep you and your family safe.


  126. Melissa E. says

    Enjoy your newsletter and your suggestions on dealing with stress. Sometimes I feel fearful and have to pray. I’ve been reading, just finding things around the house to do, spending time with my husband and daughter. My daughter turns 18 Saturday and we dont get to have the big party with her friends we had planned that makes me sad for her! Looking forward when this is behind us. Stay safe!

  127. Karen Willoughby says

    I absolutely love your books. With all this going on in the world, I have a few of your books to keep my mind off things.

  128. Janice Byrd says

    Wonderful suggestions Wanda. Every day I pray for those on my prayer list, my neighbors, and ladies from Bible Study. I read from my Bible daily as well. My dog and I take 3 to 4 walks a day – the birds and squirrels relieve a lot of stress and remind me these are God’s creations and meant for our enjoyment, laughter, and to remember to give Our Lord thanks for loving us so much. For the past four days I’ve been giving encouragement to one of my niece’s and helping her through some stress with the online schooling for her two girls. Doing all this has really been helpful to me as well with dealing with stress.

  129. Rose Foster says

    Doing alot of reading and watching TV

  130. Ann Barton says

    We all need to be praying more in these days and especially with the situation with the coronavirus. We should pray for our friends, our enemies, those in authority, our families, church members and everyone we know. Hopefully some will turn to God during this extreme time.

  131. Megann Zeigler says

    This is the perfect time for me to super clean our home and remove everything that we don’t need and donate it to those who need it. I am amazed at so much stuff that has been accumulated over the years but due to busy life schedules we tend to stick stuff in closets, garage, attic and anywhere else we can find but then never go back to use the things. I know my big downfall is my books and yarn but I still have stuff left from many other times that I went with social needs. So we get up in the morning, spend time together for breakfast then work on the house and then come together for yard work and dinner. We have been on stay at home in our town and are going on week 5 but I have more desire to clean more and really become a minimalist.

  132. Julia Van Buren says

    Thanks for the the suggestions everyone. My daughter is a RN at two different hospital ER’s. She was exposed and us in quarantine right now and waiting up to a week for her testing to come back. She doesn’t feel sick, but she can’t see her 4 children and it is hard on them and me. I’ve been relying on this quote I heard the other day. “You have a better chance of a good outcome tomorrow if you pray for something today instead of worrying about it.”

  133. Joy Gauvreau says

    Thank you Wanda for your uplifting suggestions on keeping one at peace. Ido beadworkdo thatkeeps me usy and the mind and hands occupied, i enjoyed reading your newsletter.

  134. Joy Gauvreau says

    Thank you Wanda for your uplifting suggestions on keeping one at peace. I do beadwork so that keeps me busy and the mind and hands occupied, i enjoyed reading your newsletter.

  135. Karen Hendry says

    Thank you for your suggestions. I was having a tough time the other day with everything that is going on. My daughter reminded me to ‘get off your phone and pick up one of your books you like to read’. She knows me so well!!💕. A good book and a cup of Earl Grey Tea. A nice way to relax and destress. Thank you again. Gods Blessings.

  136. Darlene Carroll says

    I have been doing a lot of reading and spending time working in the yard on the nice days, it really does help me to relax and de stress

  137. Fannie Goldsmith says

    Thank you for your words of encouragement, Wanda. I am waiting to see what God has in store for us at the end of all this. I am praying for a great revival but in the meantime I am thankful for His peace that passes all understanding. We do have an awesome God.

  138. Jennifer Durham says

    Ways I overcome fear is to limit my social media,m; the tv, Facebook, and Instagram. When I come home from work, I put my phone up for the evening. I play with our son, help my husband cook, go on walks with our 3 German shepherds, and my son and I usually pick flowers that we find on our walks. I read my Brunstetter books on my lunch break at work, instead of being on Facebook.

  139. Ann Raney says

    Wanda your books give me a feeling of hope. I have come to a time in my life where God is very present in my life.This pandemic could not have come at a word time ,my husband was diagnosed with cancer and this has been a very hard times. I can sink into one of your book and see their is hope and God in tough times. I love all you books and have read all your books at are library,and know we can’t use the library .I am so lost I am not good with ebooks and just love to have the feel of a book in my hands.I feel a certain comfort when I hold a book and settle in to read.I am praying for everyone at this hard time.

  140. Gloria Getz says

    Taking one day at a time and reading and watching a lot of television. Praying for adorable little zoie. Take care and God Bless you, Wanda.

  141. Cindy Gorfido says

    Thank you so much for your encouragement Wanda. I find great comfort in the verses shared. I lead a team at our church and have been passing on words of encouragement. I will be sharing this with them..
    May we not be anxious as we are reminded in Phillipians.

  142. Tammy Clark says

    Thank you Wanda! I have been having a hard time with Social Distancing. I miss seeing my parents and 2 of my children. I have 1 Daughter who lives here right now and her Boyfriend, my husband and I. So there is 4 of us in the house. And my daughter is a school teacher so she is working from home. The boyfriend works for rail road and was laid off this week. My husband was laid of starting Monday. And I was laid off 3 weeks ago. Stress is something I hold in until I can’t handle and I let go of tears. So far I have been able to have a few long Cries and then feel better. Your books and other books similar to yours help. I can get lost for hours. Thank you for the ideas to help during this unusual time we are going through. Prayers for you and your family and all your fans. Tammy Clark

  143. Phyllis LaHue says

    I have truly enjoyed your books. I have read all that our library has. In these times it takes my mind away from all the stress and worry. At the same time I realize everything is in God’s hands.

  144. Connie Ruggles says

    Like so many others, I am relying on God to be my Rock during this time. I am trying to understand that He is before and behind all of these happenings. Prayers up for Zoie!

  145. Janice Clark says

    We are just staying in and watching movies,reading and just trying to not worry. TRYING at least.. I haven’t seen my 87 year old Dad for a month 😔😔😔 but I do call and check on him every day or two.. Thank you for a chance to win one of your new books.

  146. Adrienne Davis says

    These are all great suggestions! As someone who deals with a panic/anxiety disorder, I deal with anxiety frequently. These last few weeks have heightened that and I’m now leaning a lot more on the word and using various techniques to keep me calm. One thing I’ve done is immerse myself in nature. You mentioned going on a walk, but I’d encourage readers to take it a step further. Go to a state park or forest and walk through the trees, inhaling the scent of leaves, dirt, and air. We just went this morning at 7:30ish to our local state park and watched the sun coming up through the trees. Birds were singing, the water in the creeks and streams was flowing, and it was so peaceful and calming. Take time to just stand there or sit and gaze at God’s beautiful creation. It does wonders for the spirit! 🙂

  147. Lela White says

    I have been still working 2 days a week from the office but the remaining 3 at home. However, when I have to go to the office, I worry about bringing home this virus to my family. I will have to try some items from your list. Thanks for sharing!

  148. Hi Wanda,
    You have given us a wonderful list of ways to help deal with the unusual circumstances that we are experiencing at this time. Having a scripture reference attached to some of your suggestions was very encouraging, as well. I have read your Lehigh Valley Bride series over the past 2 weeks that I found at a thrift shop last summer. It was wonderful to read them all together! It did transform me into another place and time. And, like all of your books, it spurred on my faith walk too. Thank you!
    My husband and I have been playing various card games in the evenings. Card games that we played with our children, years ago! We seem to be especially enjoying UNO. Last week it was Crazy Eights and Hearts. It transports me back to when our adult children were young. Crazy Eights is a game that I played when I was a child and it was a rainy day on a camping trip!

  149. Susan Bowersock says

    Thank you for your list of comforting things to do. I have been doing some of them and intend to try the ones I hadn’t thought of. My husband and I like to camp in the state parks, but now they are closed. I belong to a RV group on facebook and a lot of us are doing an Ohio camp in your driveway this weekend. It has been good for us to get our camper ready for the season, although we don’t know when that will be this year. I feel like we are moving forward at least. Praying for Zoe and peace to us all in this Easter season. We must remember what a wonderful message it is to see that “He is not here, He has arisen”!

  150. Bernice Wagerman says

    Hello Wanda,

    Thank you for the great list.

    This is stressful time & I pray each & every day several time a day to ask God to please have this crisis end soon! I know God will bring this to a end & help everyone get thru any losses that occurred during this time. God bless & have good day.

  151. Anita G Mormann says

    When I read my emails from you…am always inspired by your words. Each day waking up to another day of sunshine am thanking God. Both my husband and I are in our 60’s….he is 65 and I am 62.
    My underlying health issues being a Type 2 Diabetic for many years and hospitalized last year ’19 in March for pneumonia and sepsis. This may be too much info to share here but with those being very scary issues I’m staying put and not jeopardizing my health with Corona virus in our country. God will continue to watch over his children and we feel blessed in our family. Thank you again for your words of wisdom and suggestions to make each and every day bearable. God Bless to you and your family.

  152. Stephanie H. says

    I have been de-stressing my mind and body with lots of prayers to our loving father in heaven. I pray that he heals the sick; comforts those who are scared, sad, lonely, afraid, dying, or anxious; and that he blesses everyone going through the situation we are dealt with. Also, I have been reading some books and enjoying playing games to help relax in the evenings.

  153. Michelle Brown says

    Hi Wanda,
    I am an educator that is adjusting to life at home. I work with special needs kids that I worry about on a daily basis because I had them for specific reasons. They counted on me to provide some of the comforts that are not given at home. I am saddened by this.
    During this time I am working from home,focusing on my marriage which has been struggling, reading and generally trying to be simple. I am also going to be joining a zoom (Skype) bible study with my old church!!
    But the focus is mostly on strengthening my marriage in a Biblical way.

  154. Donna E H Durnell says

    Thank you for your ideas on managing stress. They are all good ones, though I don’t do them all.
    I am a stay at home person so being home all the time isn’t much different — altho I do wish I could go to a favorite restaurant and have a sit-down meal. I don’t find myself very fearful in this time, but I do feel for all those who have lost jobs and income because things are closed down.. And I miss going to church. I am doing some reading, and in general, just ‘being.’
    Blessing to you and your family.

  155. Debbie Pena says

    Tonite, we had Comfort Food, Shepherd’s Pie….delicious

  156. Darlene Mcr says

    I relax with a good book & a hot cup of tea!

  157. Gail Benoit says

    I like your suggestions and will try them. Also, I will pray for Zoie.

  158. Darlene McDougal says

    Relaxing to me, is sitting outside, propped up in bed, or in a comfy chair, with a good book & a hot cup of tea!

  159. Thank you for the tips on how to cope during this difficult time. I pray alot. Seems to comfort me I do find myself praying more now than ever before which is a good thing. I’m pretty much 9 months pregnant I’m due april 10th. Thinking of going to a hospital right now terrifys me but I’ve got to trust God with everything. I’ve got so much going on seems like my mind never stops. My dad has stage 4 colon cancer which has spread to liver and lympnoids his birthday is also April 10th. He’s not doing well hoping he makes it to see his grandson. I’ve got 3 boys already this baby is a boy also he’s the last one for me I’m done trying for that girl. I just pray the world returns to normal soon scary place without the virus. A pray for all the family’s being touched by coronavirus. And I pray for my strength to make it through times ahead. Thank you wanda for your amazing books I enjoy every one of them. Can’t wait to be able to see you again.

  160. Deanie Steward says

    I am sitting and listening now to the songbirds’ morning call. And yes, what uplifting melodies they are! This is a wonderful reminder God’s creation is to us, that in a time of worldwide unrest, our Sovereign Lord cares for each little bird that sings. How much more will He answer our call? Thank you, Wanda, for the verses you shared, for the helpful suggestions, and for your heartwarming and encouraging stories. May the Lord bring healing to little Zoie, and may He bless you and your family.

  161. Vivian Furbay says

    Remembering that God will never leave me, he will always love me, and no one can take me out of the palm of his hand bring me a lot of comfort. Isaiah 41:10 is one of my favorite verses.

  162. Sondra Thatcher says

    Believe it or not helping my granddaughters with their schoolwork is helping me. They come over every morning and we set up like it’s school. We have recess, snack time and lunch at certain intervals. Keeping them in as normal a routine as possible also helps me to stay relaxed.
    My daughter and I are also working on puzzles and I do my counted cross stitch.
    Have a blessed month and stay safe.

  163. Jane Benham says

    Hi Wanda
    Prayers for Zoie, and you and your family.Love reading your newsletter they are so up lifting in these tried times.I am doing alot of reading ,sewing,and crochet.and alot of praying for the people of this world they have took God out of there life ,out of schools,I just pray everyone will put God back in there life and keep him there….love reading you books ,Take care.

  164. Betty Blevins says

    Each month I look forward to your wonderful newsletter. Its like getting a letter from a dear friend. Also I always look forward to your latest book. As long as you put them out be sure that I will be buying the latest book and sharing it with my daughter and daughter-in-law. Hope your family stays safe and may God continue to bless you all.

  165. I love sun rises and sun sets they are God’s handiwork and masterpiece

  166. Rhonda Smith says

    Thank you for your journal entries. I pray every day, listen to my Christian radio, and write in my own journal. I’ve been writing a special Lenten journal. These are trying times and to have uplifting messages are heartwarming. I love your books. Thank you!!

  167. I’m trying to deal with stress by avoiding many of the more sensationalist news sources and social media, where rumors and misinformation abound. Instead, I work on wholesome meals or try new recipes (going to bake some decadent chocolate cookies this week!), to nourish both body and spirit! I also greatly enjoy cross-stitching, which helps me to focus on creating something beautiful.

  168. Janet Clonce says

    Thank you for all you do for us your readers

  169. Pat Hebden says

    Thank you for your words of encouragement. I am doing a lot of sewing. I make masks to give to the nursing homes and friends and family that want them. I have been given money for them, and I in turn give the money to a local food bank that is feeding the school children in these troubled times. This gives me “warm fuzzies” that I am helping in some small way.

  170. nicole duncan says

    During this time I draw my strength as always thru gods guidance and love. I also get lost in your novels I have been reading some older ones again. I cant wait to get and read a crows call. God Bless and stay safe.

  171. Sue Biggs says

    During this time I look to my Faith in our Lord to bring peace of mind and to take away the stress. Daily prayer and talks with our Lord help to bind my faith. Now that spring is here, I am enjoying the outdoors and getting my flower beds ready for planting. Working in the soil and with plants and flowers bring a peace to the soul. Enjoy your books tremendously!

  172. Judy Thompson says

    Thank you Wanda for words of wisdom. I shall be praying for the little Amish girl. With your wonderful books I can get lost in them and forget about the events of what is happening today, even if it’s just a little while. God bless you and family, stay safe and healthy.

  173. Amanda Sweet says

    To destress I go to God first. I pray, read and meditate on his word, and I also listen to up-lifting music. I also turn to my husband to talk to, we all need to have someone to talk to.

  174. Debra Patton says

    My biggest stress release is cooking. In the kitchen, I can thank God for His provisions and do something productive with my time.

  175. Devra Chatman says

    I love reading your books, they are very interesting and takes me to a time when things were simpler.

  176. I love reading your books, thank you so much. I work everyday in a hospital, but I am not a nurse or Doctor. I am a secretary for the admitting Physicians and Nurses. Someone has to notify the insurance companies of the admissions, and that is my job. I do have faith that we will get through this, and I pray everyday. Please pray for the Doctors and Nurses, as well as the other health care workers that are forgotten……Housekeeping, Registered Clerks, Transport, etc. And I will definitely keep Zoie and her family in my prayers, God bless!

  177. Gladys P. says

    Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions.

  178. Denise Manges says

    Thanks Wanda for ur newsletter. I got behind on reading when my husband got sick and passed I still purchased it books I just couldn’t bring myself to read them. So even tho I work 1 day a wk the rest of the time I have been reading got Got 3 of it books done in 2.5 wks .Keep writing.
    While reading the lasst book the Crow it was hard to read it did bring up alot of feelings.

  179. Leona Bradehoft says

    First off Thank you so much I enjoy reading your books I get so involved it’s almost like i’m there with each of the family’s How do I cope I take our dog out for a walk I listen to the birds and look for them in the trees.

  180. Linda and Ken Fridlund says

    We are spending more time in God’s word, praying, working on puzzles and taking evening walks.

  181. Charla McFadden says

    I enjoy reading a good book when relaxing love your books

  182. We love reading all your Amish books ! We think you are the best. Now with this virus, and staying at home, we have time to catch up on reading. Stay Healthy & God Bless

  183. Peggy Epperly says

    reading your books are uplifting and calming. Since this stay at home began, I remind myself that God is in control and He already knows the outcome of all this.

  184. nancy watts says

    Trying to let go and let God is probably one of the hardest things I struggle with. I just stay in prayer. I have found praying as I go to sleep helps me clear my mind. It is one of my private prayers daily. After my husband and I get in bed I roll over to my back to him and just start quietly praying. Giving all my concerns from the day to the Lord.

  185. Penny Knowlton says

    Such good ideas. I need to be reminded to practice the things I want in my life.

  186. Abi Buening says

    Good ideas. I love listening to christian music. But I do find myself doing a number of the things you have listed. Thanks for sharing

  187. Jeanna Gregory says

    Thank you for giving us some positive instructions to making our lives a little more peaceful especially during these stressful times. You are truly an inspiration.

  188. Michelle Steele says

    There have been many times I can not continue with something I had planned on doing. Yes, I get upset and then I stop and think, well that isn’t what God had in store for me! As humans we fail, daily, but one thing that never fails is God’s love for us. He loves us even if we don’t finish this job, or that job, or that resolution. The main thing is keeping Him first through to all. Good times and bad.

  189. Doris Benson says

    I Love all of your books. I have never learned to quilt, but would like to someday.

  190. Joan Stirewalt says

    Happy New Year! I pray this new year will be a better one than last year. I enjoy reading and it is one way I can relax. Have a blessed new year!

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