The Importance of Family

In my novel, The Crow’s Call, the King family was faced with a serious trial they never expected would happen. It was a time when they had to work closely with each other in order to survive. The emotional and physical support they received from one another was what held the family together. In many ways the trials they faced brought the family closer, despite the discord that sometimes occurred.

Has you family ever been faced with a difficult challenge, and because of it, you were brought closer? Or did the traumatic event seem to pull you apart?

When a family experiences a tragedy, how can they come through it with a stronger bond and greater faith in God?


  1. Shirley Chapel says

    In 2011 our family suffered a terrible loss when we lost a great granddaughter to crib death. She was less than three months old. She was born with severe cleft lip and pallot. She would have had her first of many operations in twenty days. It was a shock to all of us. I was tempted to question God about why he took her away from us. I had faith that God knew best for her. She would have gone through many surgeries and a lot of pain. He wanted to spare her all of that.

  2. Sandra Kordish says

    Thank you for your novels that are Christ centered. So refreshing to read and learn.

    • Jane Fater says

      Tradgeys are bad .iwas involved in a car accident in 2002, I had a lot of stuff wrong my arm was broke in 3 place s my leg in 5. I really should of died I had bones sticking out of my leg . I was in sypurget like 8 hrs. But God wasn’t ready for me yet. I am alive and am walking blessings.

  3. Can’t Wait To Read This Book. Sounds So Very Interesting. I’ve Read Most Of Your Books So Like I Said I Can’t Wait To Read It. I Hope I Win. Thanks & God Bless!

  4. Cathy Owens says

    We recently had to move so far away from family. Thought our girls would hate us for the move but they embraced it for our sake. Youngest still has a hard time talking to us because she hates breaking down. Oldest calls to check up on us and even calls for things that seem stupid but we know it is because she just wants to talk and hear our voice. But through everything, it is a learning lesson for each and every family member. God surely blesses us in all that we do, even when we don’t see it.

  5. Sondra Thatcher says

    When my mom passed away my oldest sister thought she could take over everything. She started to tear the family apart until the rest of us just started to ignore her and her orders. That was the best way for us to handle it because now she realizes that she can’t run our lives. It has actually opened her eyes and now she is better to get along with.

  6. Teresa Maddox says

    My extended family encountered a tragedy in 2006. It brought some family members closer together but others chose to distance themselves. Sadly, one family member chose to go to her death holding onto the resentment towards another family member. It is truly sad and I have prayed that God will heal my extended family so they all love one another and let go of any resentment they feel. I look forward to reading this book. May God bless you and your writings.

  7. Each miscarriage had it’s trials, but btought me closer to God each time. The last one the dr wanted me to have a procedure done and everyone always said not to. I had peace about it and allowed it. We were blessed with twins and another child after the last miscarriage!

  8. Amy Pearson says

    Thank you for writing such amazing books ! I always feel so uplifted after reading your books! I always make sure my Library has a copy of your latest books!

  9. Gladys Holbrook says

    I am looking forward to reading your book The Crow’s Call. I have read most all your books and enjoy every one of them. Would love to have this book also! Thanks for all your great Amish stories!

    • Barbara Kesselring says

      I also enjoy your books No reading as much read on vacation. My husband died and I don’t go as much. Like Christian aspect. When I’m done others read. Then we put them in our Auxiliary gift shop. For Retirement facility

      • Peggy Knecht says

        I would love to win this book! I really enjoy reading all of your books. I read them, then donate them to the little free libraries around my town. For me, it is a way to share the Love of God.

  10. Lea Davis says

    Would love the win this book love all of your books Lea Davis

  11. Lea Davis says

    Just love all your book would love to win good luck everyone

  12. Helene mcgee says

    Thank you for writing such good books. It’s very important when someone has faith in you.

  13. Rosemary Hefner says

    I have been a fan for many years. I think I have read most all of your books. I cannot remember reading Lydia’s Charm, though. I am so thankful for your inspirational writing. I have The Crow’s Call ordered and cannot wait.

  14. Having had a special child I know that it can do both. We want to work together for this person to build them up, help them and bless their lives but at the same time our special boy also presented some very difficult situations, which cause upset and anger. It is with God’s help we get through things.

  15. Laura Tolzin says

    I look forward to reading this book. I’ve enjoyed your stories very much. I think I could fit right in with the Plain lifestyle.

  16. Lynn Vinegar says

    Like most families mine to has had its share of trials, myself personally have just give them to God I know he is in control. However my siblings on the other hand doesn’t have the faith that I do and try to handle them on their own which most of the time their lives get consumed by them. It’s so sad. I just pray for them to give it to God!

  17. Vickie Bartnicki says

    I do enjoy your novels. I actually met you in Sugarcreek Ohio several years ago.

  18. Michelle Koeser says

    I love all your books and always look forward to the next one to be published! They are all so heart warming and when I start reading them I can’t put them down! I am so looking forward to adding Crows Call to my collection. Thank You so much for all your great books and looking forward to many more in the future.

  19. Lindasue says

    Like your books. Walmart here in ukiah California has not carried then for awhile.

    • My dad died just after I turned 18. It didnt draw us closer at all. My younger sister closed off & , “went wild.” My older, married sister
      Withdrew further & my mom became more critical than usual & resented me for dads death. ( his heart attack happened at home & I had to attempt CPR. I thought it was my fault
      too, for a few years, as I was scared to death &
      Afraid I wasnt doing CPR right. This was in tHe early ’70’s.)

  20. Linda Lee says

    Love reading your books and have read some several times. Met you at a book signing at Fairbanks, Iowa many years ago. Would love you to come back to Iowa again.

  21. Since my parents have passed away, unfortunately my sister aren’t close. We speak occasionally! Your nee book looks like a good read, looking forward to reading this book!

  22. Lori Buchanan says

    I so love your books. You are by far my favorite Amish fiction author. My stepfather was amish and left and married my mom when I was.2. I would love a story about the amish here in Atlantic Pa! Can not wait to read your new book♡

    • Peggy Knecht says

      I lost my dad when I was about to turn 18, so I understand. My dad died of cancer on January 16, 1988.

  23. Susan Abbott says

    My husband passed away last April, from leukemia, and had it not been for my family’s support, I am not sure I would have done as well as I have. My older brother and his daughters reached out, as did other nieces I haven’t spoken to in years. Everyone went above and beyond to help me through this “year of firsts.” Family is everything.

  24. Mary Roelke says

    Enjoy your books. Have read many of them.

  25. Totally enjoy all your books, I try noit to miss any of them. When I finish them, I pass along to my daughter & daughter-in-law who in turn passes the to her mother.

  26. Family can be defined in many ways. We may find comfort through hard times from friends, co-workers, neighbors, church family, and more.

  27. I just ordered your Crow’s Call from you the other day. I am excited to get it..

    In times of tragedy it’s time for families to come together , to help and support one another. Also durning times of tragedy it’s time to put away any hard feelings. I recently found my self doing that, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought. It’s was time.

  28. Melissa Morris says

    My family has had a lot of troubled times a most of the time it has pulled us closer. Family should still together and be there for each other. Family is thicker than waters.( that is the old saying) if I didn’t have my dad or my family I really don’t know where I would be. In my family my 2 great Aunts are more like grandmother to me and my children than Aunts. When I was 10 my mother walked out on my father and I and my grandparents and my Aunts and Uncle and my great grandmother helped my daddy take care of me. That made us all very close. My daddy sister and her husband lived at the beach and they did all they could. This book sounds interesting and I am not very interested in mystery books. My daughter wants read it to.
    You for all your writing. When I was in a place and trying to find something to read I found your books and I love everyone of them.

  29. Becky Guthrie says

    I love reading your novels. I feel so much closer to the Lord sence I have started reading them. I have went through alot of heartache in my life. I even had to transport my dads Bobby in my car from one state to another. But reading your books have made me understand things better. Thank you so much. My goal is to read all your books.
    Becky Guthrie

  30. Stephanie H. says

    My parents split up after many years together and in ways it has caused a rift in our once close family. I’m no longer as close to my father as I used to be before their breakup. With God in my corner, I’m trying to let go of the mistrust that this situation has left me and the rest of my family in. Hopefully, time in the near future will heal all wounds.

  31. After my mom passed away, my oldest sister started going through the house taking back everything she had ever given to my mom and dad. My dad was still alive! She has always had a bitterness in her and still does. She’s 80 and I’m so worried about her soul.
    I love reading your books. I’ve read so many. I get to feeling like I KNOW these people and it’s sad when the book ends!

  32. Barbara Meldrum says

    Wanda, I so much enjoy your books. Have read almost all of them. I am sure this current book is every bit as good as all of the rest of yours. Your writing is awesome. Keep it up.

  33. Marilyn Meals says

    This is my first response, health issues have prevented me from doing a lot of things. My sisters and I are of the age with a lot of health issues, which we always get through with each other and friends. But the worst (other than my Dad Passing in 1992), it was our mothers death. But thanks to her faith We did both. And the night she passed my sister and I found her praying hands necklace from our father and buried in with it one. Not just a coincidence, a little help from above. I could go on, but I will stop now. I’m sure you get the idea, as we all go through this in life.

  34. When my 36 yr old son was 14 months old, he was diagnosed with Wilms ‘ Tumors(cancer of the kidneys). After numerous surgeries, radiation and chemo he made it through that battle only to have end stage renal failure that led to a kidney transplant. He is doing well now though. About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with oral cancer that resulted in me losing my lower right jaw. I’ve had metastasis in the lungs and upper arm. Lots of chemo and radiation. I believe I am a stronger person because of all the tragedies in my family. I am not a strong believer, but I do believe God and family got us through. Thank you for all the wonderful books that you have published.

  35. Kris Ross says

    Over the years have had many trials and troubles….alot to due with bad behavior of some in the family…..and that has left us (My husband and I) to watch our grandchildren and raise them….it has NOT been easy…infact not the childrens fault or from taking care of them….but the parent who has taken MANY years to straighten out….its brought alot of problems….hard feelings and more…Anger and forgiveness are something I have had to deal with alot…and still do….getting back into church and the Bible is the key and what we are doing….I havent read what others faced above but want to wish them finding the way to their happiness….Thanks for the offer to win the book, hope I do….

  36. Teri Paisley says

    When my daughter was born almost 40 years ago with Angelman’s syndrome ( she doesn’t talk and she is still in diapers, she is probably the age of a 2 year old.) which we didn’t know back then, but it definately tore our family apart. My husband at the time could not handle it and still doesn’t. She is my angel. It made me a stronger person, but it is very hard. Her stepdad is a blessing in our life, he came into our life almost 20 years ago and treats her like his very own. We are so blessed to have him. Thank you for all your writing. I enjoy reading all your books. I have already ordered this one and can’t wait to read it.

  37. Carol Winegardner says

    I had several relatives die from illness or accidents all within months of each other and with God’s help we got thru it. Love your books and reading of the Amish way of life.



  39. Mary Beth Day says

    Fourteen years ago we almost lost my oldest son to an unknown illness. Family and friends and the clergy helped us to stay focused on helping our son heal. I am thankful for my younger son having contacts in the medical field who were instrumental in getting my son transferred to University Hospital and in just a few days his health began to improve. It had to have happened because of our prayers the doctors were guided on how to treat my son. Our friends , family and clergy were there to support and encourage ud.

  40. Gladys P. says

    Tragic events are so much easier to bear if one has faith in God.

  41. Janna Much says

    My 18th birthday was a tragic time in my life. I lost my Uncle the night before due ty o a heart attack. The early morning of my birthday I lost a very close cousin due to a car accident. 10 years later I lost my brother to a car accident…. after my brother passed away my family had split and we didn’t talk to each other for bout 10 years… to this day we are a split family… it is a very hard thing th o deal with especially during the holidays….

  42. Keren Herrera says

    The loss of someone close can always leave hurtful emotions. When the father of a friend passed away it separated the family. They hardly see each other. You would think that they would of gotten closer since they don’t have anyone close. But it didn’t. It’s really sad to see that family that way. I enjoy reading your books. The messages that each story holds within the lines are very uplifting and reminders of how much God loves us and is always there. I wished my friend’s family would see that and get closer to one another.

  43. nicole duncan says

    Your books have been a blessing while recovwring from surgery and all that has taken place in my l8fe
    I find the amish and.mennonite stories very comforting.

  44. Dee Carter says

    When our second grandson was born he was a sweet little baby boy. At 3 months we found he has a rare disease, PMD for short. He spent many days in the hospital but always came home.. in February he celebrated his 22nd birthday. He seems to pull through his illnesses now but that can change instantly. He is tube fed, has NO control of his body, couldn’t touch his nose if he tried. Otherwise he can’t do anything for himself. Dad stays with him during the day until the nurse arrives about 1:00. Mom works to get insurance for the two of the . She loves her job but spends as much with him as possible.
    15 years ago our other daughter went into early labor with her twin daughters and they didn’t make it. She especially mourns their death. She was only 35. But today she has 2 beautiful children. Thanks for listening…..

  45. Rosario juarez says

    I read the crows call, and loved it..

  46. Debbie Benzi says

    My husband and I recently had a disagreement with our daughter and her husband. I prayed about it every day, asking God to heal the situation, if it was his will. After several months, things are almost back to normal. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember to stop, calm down, and ask God’s help when going through terrible situations. Praying about it gave me a greater faith in God.

  47. Roxanna Strickland Livermore says

    Love your books. We are still in Florida working for. MDS one more month.

  48. Deborah D says

    I live about an hour north of Johnstown,Pa. Back in the seventies and early eighties coal mining was a very profitable business. My dad was working in the coal mines and our family was doing well. My family consisted of my parents, me, my younger brother and two younger sisters. In the fall of 1982 my mom was pregnant with her fifth child and my oldest sister started exhibiting symptoms that we (including the doctor) at first thought was the flu. To make a long story short my dad got laid off from the coal mines and my sister was diagnosed as having a cancer out brain tumor. She was in the hospital for over two months. When they say the Lord works in mysterious ways boy are they right. My dad was able to be at home with us while my mom was in the hospital with my sister because he was laid off from his job. My sister eventually went on to recover from that cancer scare. Although, ever since then she has had cancer three more times. On December 26, 2019 she had a stroke but is doing well. One more thing when I was a year and a half old I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. In a little over two years my parents will be married 50 years. People (and doctors) that here our history are amazed that my parents are still married. My dad eventually got hired at another mine and retired from mining after a total of 28 years.

  49. Susan M Harper says

    My husband got a call from his mom asking us to come back home that his Dad is in hospice care Champaign IL so we drove back from Montana leaving our lives back in Montana.

  50. Linda K Robinson says

    I am looking forward to reading this book. I love that your books are about God and faithfulness.

  51. Karla Conn says

    We experienced a falling out in my husband’s family before the sudden death of my mother-in-law in 2018. It has been difficult accepting that she died before fences were mended. My sister-in-law still continues to this day to disown the family, but the rest of us have pulled together & become closer than ever. Can’t wait to read The Crow’s Call. Love all your books!!

  52. Donna Harrington says

    My sister passed away 1 year sgo. It was so hard because it was 6 days before she was found in her apartment. I talk to her daily and then I couldn’t reach her. I called my nephew who lived 70 miles from her and I live 290 miles from her , he finally had the police do a wellness check and they found her. She did did from a stroke, but I wonder daily now it happened and if she suffered. It did make me closer to her 2 sons, mostly the oldest. She was 76 years old. I miss her so, and wish I could have had her longer. She did have depression and anxiety and would not go to the doctor. We tried to help her but she really had a problem and couldn’t accept help.

  53. Sandra Vick says

    Wanda, I absolutely love your books. I have read many and always order another one immediately. I love they they are wholesome, Christian books, which have a moral with sweet endings. I look forward to reading many more of your beautiful books.

  54. Yes we recently experienced the loss of my uncle. My father goes to the cemetery everyday at first and even helped dig the grave. We have always had Sunday dinner at their place and I think it had helped having his grandkids therre

  55. Vivian Furbay says

    When we lost my Dad in 2003 and the my mother in 2006, it was hard. I’ve gotten coser with two of my sisters. Both of them are believers.

  56. Diann Larry says

    When I became caregiver for my mom, 2 of my brothers and became much closer through it. I look forward to reading this book. Love your stories.

  57. Margaret Schreiber says

    Yes my family was really put through the test when my husband had a stroke in 2008. Then he had to have open heart surgery and then after that he needed a defibulator. Its been a long hard journey for us but it has brought us all closer together as a family. My children and ggrandchildren have been so wonderful and helpful through it all. ❤

  58. Wanda, I hope you enjoy your time in Sarasota. It is good to take time to refresh every now and then. I enjoyed your Millionaire’s series. I read it this last month after some surgery.

  59. We have been put through some challenges within the past few years with sickness and deaths in the family. It definitely brings you closer together as a family. Your emotions are stripped down, and your family really gets to see the real you. It shows how caring, understanding, and supportive you really are. My husband once told me, while my dad was sick and dying, that he couldn’t believe how strong I was. My faith is really what helps me through a hard time. I give it up to God, and he strengthens me. I often look up scriptures that deal with sickness, hard times, death, and coping and get my strength through them as well. I know God understands what I am going through, and will help me get through whatever good or bad times that life has for me.

  60. Angie Ayotte says

    The death of my mother brought our close family even closer. We make sure my dad tAkes care of himself and we get together at least once a month as a family.

  61. Susan Campbell says

    The death of my Mother and Sister within three months of each other made me realize how close we were.

  62. A difficult family situation requires prayer as not all family members decide to work together unfortunately.

  63. Thank You for all the lovely books you have written. I would love to win this giveaway.

  64. I enjoy your many books. They are always a great read.

  65. Reading your books Wanda is always so refreshing and enjoyable. Thank You for the opportunity to win this giveaway.

  66. KaraAnn Akers says

    I love reading book where God is the center of their lives so thank you for always writing these books.

  67. We had a house fire August of 2018. We lost everything. Our dog died in the fire also.We has to stay in a hotel for a few days. I hurried and found us a cheap apartment so we were not homeless. My mother in-law would not let us stay with her for some reason to give us time to find a place. My kids school helped so much they collected items for us. The principle helped a lot she helped buy some stuff. She helped store stuff at the school, also helped us move our stuff to our apartment. I will be forever grateful to her. Our church helped get new beds, dressers, kitchen table and chairs. I think it made us closer as a family.

  68. pam walden says

    Your books are so personal! I feel as if I am visiting with the families! I really enjoy reading them!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  69. Garneda Skinnell says

    I’m looking forward to reading this book and seeing how it turns out. Your books draw the reader in and make them feel like a part of the story. When my family faced the sudden death of my dad it was extremely hard, and all these years later I still have not recovered, I still mourn his loss, even with my faith in God and knowing that I’ll see him again.

  70. Lupe Mora says

    In February of 2018 my dad suffered a massive heart attack. During this time he had coded 3 times, organs were shutting down, and lungs filled with fluid. A day into the hospital we were told he also had the flu and pneumonia. God performed a miracle and he is alive and doing well today.
    We’ve always been a close family but as everyone has gotten older and went on their way our bond wasn’t there anymore. During this time it brought our family closer not only to each other but to God. We couldn’t have made it through this situation without God’s help.

  71. Darlene Carroll says

    When my 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor and passed away it tore my family apart. Blame was placed on how, why this happened etc… very hard feelings because there was so much anger and hurt over the loss of her. It has taken many years to heal the hard feelings and let go of anger and try to become a strong family unit again.

  72. Linda Richardson says

    I love reading all your books. They are so inspiring and makes me feel like no matter what I am going through in life, God is there with me. God bless you, and thank you for this opportunity to win.

  73. Jenny-Lynn Fricke says

    I had an argument with a family member about my dad. He passed away two days later and I was not allowed at the funeral. I have not spoken to any of the family since this happened so yes it tore us all apart.

  74. Anna Hesser says

    I enjoy all your books; now I am just about finishing reading “The Seekers” and look forward to reading the other two in this series. Also enjoy the recipes. God Bless and have a blessed Easter.

  75. Beverly Clites says

    When any tragedy strikes, everyone adjusts in a different way. I felt fairly close to my mother-in-law, but one day we got a call she wasn’t feeling well. I dropped her and my husband off at the hospital and headed to church. That was the last time I saw her alive. She accepted the Lord while in the ER and died later that night. I have always regretted that I didn’t tell her “I love you” before I left. Knowing that I will see her in heaven has helped me continue. God is so good.

    Thank your for all your wonderful books!

  76. Joyce M Fahs says

    This morning I stepped outside to check my mailbox. I heard some bird call and looked up in the tree to see a black crow, the first I’ve seen this spring. Soon another crow joined in. As I opened my mailbox I retrieved a package containing your book The Crow’s Call!!

  77. I first became interested in your books when my daughter-in-law started to share those that she purchased with me. Together we have been reading your books and others similar and I can’t begin to tell you how much we both enjoy them. It’s a blessing to be able to read something pure that depicts life and those struggles along the way and do so with such a loving grace. Thank you Wanda for your talent and for sharing what you come by naturally.

  78. I would love to win a signed copy of The Crow’s Call. My beloved sister, Judy, was an avid fan for many years and owned many of your books. Being from Indiana and having distant relatives who are Amish, we were both intrigued by the Amish community and their way of life. Winning one of your books would be a wonderful remembrance of my sister and have a very special meaning to me. I am a new fan and am quite excited to learn more about you and your books. God Bless!

  79. I love reading about the Amish. I put myself in their place as if I living in their world. Thank you for all your wonderful books.

  80. Carol Stiegler says

    Dear Wanda:
    Tragedy struck our family in September 2010 when our 26 year old son took his life. It changed our family forever. I am so grateful that God covered us with his grace. One thing I learned during this time was how much being in His presence gave me strength. Psalm 16:7-11 In His presence is fullness of joy. Some family members pulled away and still are. It’s been 10 years since I have seen them and my grandchildren. Too much anger and unforgiveness. It’s difficult but I trust God in all things. My husband and I are closer than ever before for which I am so grateful. God has protected us from bitterness and anger. Our hope is in HIM and HIM alone. So for those that are going through tough times know that you can find whatever you need when you get in HIS presence by purposing in your heart to lay all the hurt, pain, disappointment at the foot of the cross and let HIM give you what you need strength, joy and peace to get through this day. The hurt and pain is NOT yours to carry it is HIS for he carried all our pain and took it to the cross. Be blessed and know that the Lord will carry you through the deepest pain. “I would have lost heart unless I believed that I would see the GOODNESS of the Lord in the Land of the living. Wait I say Wait on the Lord be of good courage and he will strengthen your heart. Wait I say on the LORD. Psalm 27:13-14

  81. Jackie Tessnair says

    Yes, when my father passed away it brought family tragedy. It took a long time but we finally got passed it. I still have times that my heart breaks over it.

  82. Sylvia Engen Espe says

    Thank you for your God-given gift to write the books you do… They are a blessing to me and many.
    I have lost family members but difficult as it has been, heaven seems closer to me. I look forward to meeting my loved ones someday. I look forward to reading your latest books. God bless you!

  83. I have family members pass and my family has gather together to show the love to one another. I have been so fortunate to have a family that I can count on when times are good or bad, they are there. Thank you again, for writing so many wonderful books. I have come to really enjoy them over the years.

  84. Linda Fridlund says

    I loved reading Crow Call. I didn’t want the book to end. Can’t wait to get the next book. Thanks for all your books. They are so exciting, I feel like I’m right there with your characters.

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