When I was a young girl, growing up in a dysfunctional home, I was shy and lacked confidence in myself. However, a very special second grade teacher left a positive imprint on my heart that stayed with me throughout childhood and into my adult life. Mrs. Rueger saw something in a shy second-grader, who thought she was not important, and planted a seed in the young girl’s heart. Based on a poem I had written, the intuitive, kind woman told me that I had a talent for writing. She called me up to her desk one day after class and whispered, “Wanda, someday I believe you will become an author.” Little did I know then that her encouraging words would eventually come true. The one thing I did know was that it felt good to realize that someone cared about me and saw a potential that my parents did not see.

I thank God often for the imprint Mrs. Rueger had on my life, and also for opening the doors many years later for me to take my first writing course. While I didn’t get published immediately after finishing those classes, it wasn’t long before my first fiction story was accepted. After writing and having several hundred stories, articles, devotionals, and puppet scripts published with various magazines and Sunday school take-home papers, I took another writing course that taught me how to write novels. In 1997 I had my first novel published with Barbour Publishing, and now, to date, I’ve had over 100 books published with that same publisher. Barbour Publishing took a chance on a new author over 20 years ago, and they, too, have left a huge positive imprint on my life.

Is there someone special who has left an important imprint on your life? Please share so that others will be encouraged.


  1. Beverly Clites says

    I remember a dear lady, Mrs Miller, who encouraged me when I told her that my future husband had been called to preach. I told her I didn’t feel qualified to be a preachers’ wife, but she encouraged me as I had had a special call to service previously. She was my church “grandma”. She was a great help to our family in various ways for most of my grade school days. She has been in heaven for many years.

  2. I grew up with elderly neighbors… always helping them with little chores.. which at the time I never knew I would be caring for the elderly. I have worked as a CNA for more than 20+ years. They are my reward for the day. Knowing I put a smile on someone’s face, or gave them a hug, or just giving them a little extra time….

  3. Priscilla Buck says

    Words spoken can be so powerful. After telling my nursing instructor that I needed to drop out of class because I found out I was pregnant . Her kind words encouraged me to pursue my education when I was able to . She saw my potential when I could not . I often thought of our conversation in the years that followed . Although I didn’t return to nursing , I did go to college and earned my bachelors degree in accounting . The journey was not easy but I always remembered these words that gave me the confidence to pursue my goals. To be able to encourage someone is a gift and I try to play that forward whenever I have the opportunity .

  4. When I was in high school I watched and day my classmates intermingling with one another and felt left out And as they started dating I never thought I would find anyone to But as time went by my wife say something in me and asked me to date her and now I have been married to her for over 37 years Thank you dear God for all you have given me

  5. I remember when I was in 5th grade there was a teacher who had patience with Me and took Her time to teach Me. (Other teachers didn’t do this for Me) I looked forward to going to school and enjoyed learning. She brought in books about people of History. Like Marie Curry, Harriet Tubman and so on. She believed in all My learning. You see She was a special Ed teacher.( I was in special ed since 1st grade) All the teachers since Her there was only 4 in My life that helped Me believe I could do better. And did I ever. I took some regular classes that were not Special ed. It was hard but the other teachers helped Me.
    I then vowed to help other special ed children. It brings Me such JOY to help them.
    Thanks for sharing your story with Us. God Bless You And Everyone!!com

  6. Elaine Shorb says

    I think my parents and grandparents were the most influence in my life.
    They made sure that we were brought up in a Christian home. Their faith in God still amazes me today, even years after the deaths.
    God bless you, Wanda.

  7. Donna K Hoilmon says

    My grandmother, moms mom, left a great impact on my life. She was such a sweet and loving woman. She never said a harsh word, never got angry at anyone, just so sweet. She tried showing me to cook, bake , sewing, and canning. Though I never learned the sewing and canning, unfortunately, I still see her in my mind in her kitchen and I’ll never forget the sweet memories. I want to be as kind and loving as her.

  8. nicole duncan says

    I recently had surgery and your books have been a comfort and joy for me. I love all our your book and eapecially love your cookbooks, cant wait to get back in the kitchen and start trying some more of your recipes. God Bless!

  9. Debbie Pena says

    I am a retired teacher. Over my span of 30 years teaching, I saw it as my job as a teacher to speak words of enlightenment and many words of praise to my kindergarten and older students. They need to hear positive words from their leaders. I always said .. everyone brings something to the table. Its our job as teachers to find that and encourage it.

  10. LARRY L SMITH says

    My wife loves your books. God bless you for your work.

  11. My Grandma was the one who gave me the most encouragement. I was born three months early almost 47 years ago. When I was born I weighed one pound fourteen ounces then went down to one pound eight ounces. My mom told me that when Grandma (my mom’s mother in law) saw me for the first time in the hospital she assured my mom that I was going to live. She immediately went home and started sewing diapers and clothes for me to wear. Back then no one made diapers or clothes for preemies. Some of the clothes my sisters and I used on our baby dolls. My mom kept a little pink dress, hat booties pants and a diaper for me. Grandma kept encouraging and telling me that I could do whatever it is that I want to do until she passed away almost 18 years ago. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 14 months old and she still encouraged me to do what I anted to do even if someone said that was impossible for me to do. I went to college with her encouragement and graduated when a school guidance counselor said that I never would. What a wise woman!

  12. Melissa Morris says

    There is always a very special teacher. My kids have a teacher I had when I in Elementary school. She is wonderful and has had special place in my heart and now has a special spot in my kids. My son is special needs and she is wonderful with him.

  13. Susan Barton says

    My grandma was a positive influence on my life. She worked hard and was a kind and gentle woman. She loved all us grandkids equally and unconditionally.

  14. My grandma was a positive influence on my life. She worked hard and was a kind and gentle woman. She loved all us grandkids equally and unconditionally.

  15. Linda Weatherbee says

    My parents were the most influential people in my life. There were six children in my family and I was the oldest. My father worded six and sometimes seven days a week to support our family and my mother stayed home and took are of the children. We did not have much money–but we sure had a lot of love. All of us children learned at a very young age to do our chores and help around the house. The three girls took turns being mother of the day and that entailed setting the table for dinner, dusting the house and helping cook dinner–boy did we feel important! My parents taught us many valuable lessons on how to become a capable and loving adult.

  16. Happy New Year! I am not one to make resolutions (because I always break them about the first week) Goal setting is definitely a much better approach. I am a list maker, so working towards a goal is something I can visually see my progress (does that make sense?) Another thought here: The first thing when I woke up this morning that popped into my head was: “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” As I googled (because I am not good at all memorizing and quoting the Bible) the reference (Psalm 118:24), ) I ran across the song – Just a closer walk with thee” – I think God was helping me start my list of goals! As I was contemplating the start of this new year 2020, once again God popped the song “Be Thou My Vision” into my head!!! He definitely has a sense of humor! Blessings to you in this new year and always!

  17. Jamie Arroya-Blackburn says

    I grew up in a family where my dad was drinking and my mom was preoccupied. I was lost and had little confidence. My grandfather believed in me and always loved me and let me know that I was good enough. I miss him everyday.

  18. Mary Roelke says

    My mom & step-dad, & my grandparents. They taught me what work was & helping others out. I host a dinner with four families every month in my neighborhood. Three of the families are senior citizens so we look out for each other. The other is a younger family & they take of most of our lawns during the summer & driveways during the winter. Very blessed to have such great neighbors.

  19. Patty Carr says

    I had a wonderful elderly lady who lived across the street from me, just sharing a few moments each day with her made me feel wonderful. She is gone now, but I can still see her waving from across the street…

  20. theresa norris says

    My grandparents had a lot of influence on my life. They were always there for me.

  21. Kim Shaner says

    My mom and dad were my encouragers when I was growing up. They always supported me and were there for me when I messed up. It was very comforting to know they were always there for me, no matter what.

  22. Vicki Dupree says

    I really enjoy reading all Amish books from biographies to fiction. Whether it is from a romance short stories, mysteries, & crime etc. Keep up the great work that you do. It really comforts me to have read your article about praying before starting a book. I just had a thought that I need to pray for you wonderful authors. You all are amazing @ writing books. Besides the Bible being the #1 book, I also enjoy while reading a book by author when scriptures are added in a story. Without God we would be nothing. With God we are everything. May His name be praised & we give Him all the glory.

  23. Sherry Matzko says

    I think of my daughter who was a slow learner in elementary school. When she got to high school she wanted to be involved in sports. She even tried to join the church softball team and they turned her down because she was a girl. She joined the high school cross country team and had a very patient and caring coach who mentored her and a few others. It was a source of great encouragement to her and created a lasting friendship. She is now married and a clinical supervisor at NIH. I will always be amazed at this little girl and her determination over the years.

  24. Judy Silvers says

    I love your books! You are a great author.

  25. Elaine Campbell says

    I am thankful for my family and friends I’ve been blessed to have in my life. My Mother is the most gentle person I have ever known. She is 94 now, and I don’t want to think about losing her. God is good all the time, and I thank Him for His love, mercy, and Grace.

  26. Lillian Bowman says

    Yes my Mom who raised three children after my dad died unexpectedly. She was the one who encouraged me to be independent and to be an achiever and that is what I became. I miss her terribly but have happy memories with me all my life and she meant the world to me. In my life I have met a lot of people and unfortunately they do not have the closeness that I had and it makes me sad so for those I pray that they could have the love and happiness I had..

  27. When I was young we lived next door to a wonderful family that really became my second family. I loved spending time there and the oldest daughter took me under her wing and kind of became my best friend. She took me places , I learned a lot about art, books, and other things from her and she just made my life more special. I still think of her and her family fondly , even though we have lost touch over the years.

  28. Phyllis Fater says

    I had a drama teacher that was an inspiration to me. I have her for others classes also.. Her name was Mrs. staffend. I’ll never forget her.

  29. Tricia Pendergrass says

    Thank God for teachers and others who care and encourage young people instead of putting them down. They need more good role models when so many around us are negative and non supportive. I brought my four sons up to help others without asking for anything for doing it, from the time they were small. The words “I can’t” was not in our vocabulary. My mother always said “Can’t never did anything, try is what did it.”
    They in turn have encouraged others who didn’t think they could do anything and helped them to see their potential. They now have families of their own and are still help others and teaching their children to do the same.

  30. Jean Yount says

    I was an adopted child and also was pretty shy. I stayed home a lot and happened to pick up one of your books and fell in Love reading them. I have a hard time waiting for the next one to come out. I have shared my them with my children and Grandchildren whom also Love them. I have tried most of the recipes in the back of each one. Keep your books coming. May God Bless you and your family.

  31. Autumn Greenwell says

    When I was in the 1st grade, I was having a hard time at home. Daddy was drinking, made our home life for me, my little brother and my Mom, miserable. I got into trouble everyday in 1st grade. But my teacher, even though she had to paddle me multiple times, ( this was in 1966) she did it with love and patience. I needed my daddy to be my daddy again. I didn’t feel like I was his little girl any more. My teacher-Miss Hemsley, helped me through that year. Showed me the love I was missing. Thank you for listening.

  32. Charla McFadden says

    My dad always encouraged me to my best he was a special person in my life he was always there for me happy new year

  33. Just like you, teachers have always impacted my life including Sunday School teachers. I was so shy, but many of them could see more in me than I could see in myself. I clung to the scripture verse Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I loved working with children, and pursued a teaching degree. Throughout my college experience, I leaned heavily on my favorite scripture verse and God! Even though I cannot name one teacher individually, collectively they made a huge impact on my life!!!!

  34. Elaine Jordan says

    My Grandma had a huge influence on my life mostly in the way she lived her life. She also taught me to sew, starting with my first doll quilt at age 5. I so miss all the times we spent together – she died of Ovarian cancer 3 months before my wedding.

  35. How blessed we all are that the special lady so kindly encouraged you. You never know what an impact a few positive words can have

  36. Bonnie Hauser says

    Your books always reconnect to the simpler way of life. I had a really good friend influence my life. She died last August and Will be missed. Thanks for your writings

  37. Bonnie Hauser says

    Your books always reconnect to the simpler way of life. I had a great grandma that had influenced me.

  38. Patricia Nowaski says

    I really like reading your books and can’t wait to get the mystery books.

    I hope you have a Blessed New Year and keep the good books coming. God bless you and your family.

    I have read so many books this year. I just don’t know which one I liked best. The prayer jars was a good idea and love when they would find one.

    Have a Bless day. Patricia Nowaski

  39. Karla Conn says

    I always shared a very close relationship with my grandparents, but I will never forget how my grandfather would sit in the kitchen every single day reading his Bible for everyone to hear & not only that, but he truly walked & lived the Christian life. If everyone could be a little more like him, including myself, this world would be a much better place.

  40. Pam Staples says

    The person who had the most positive influence on me was my grandmother. I was terribly shy growing up, and didn’t really have friends, but my grandmother was always there…she was my best friend. She passed away when I was 15. I’m now 58, and I still miss her so much. She loved Jesus, and I’m looking forward to seeing her again someday!
    Thank you, Wanda, for writing and sharing your beautiful stories with us.

  41. Audrey Stewart says

    I never really had anyone special that took an interest in me. I was a victim of child abuse. Sexual and physical, so my love was always focused on animals. Today, I shelter elderly rescue cats. I never had much of an education, so I clean houses for a living. They are my life and my happiness.

    • I, too, did not have anyone special. I know the good Lord took care of me. I also took an interest in animals.

  42. Ilena Porter says

    My grandmother moved in with us after my grandfather passed away. She taught me so much growing up and was always there for me. I was so blessed to have had her in my life.

    I just started reading your books a couple years ago and love reading them. Looking forward to reading more in the coming year.

  43. I want to have a joyful attitude like my mother. She had ten children and nine survived childhood. One year, our family (of four children at the time) had whooping cough at the same time. Yet, she felt sorry for her friend who had no children. In her last years, she was blind and a widow with congestive heart failure, but she never complained. When in the hospital she said the food was good because they always had something on the plate that she could eat. We enjoyed taking her out to eat and she always said, “It was the best she ever had.” I want to have that same joyful, thankful attitude for even the little things of life.

  44. Glynna Poff says

    I was so blessed to have godly parents and grandparents who nurtured me and guided me in the ways of the Lord. I will forever be grateful to them and the heritage and legacy they left for me and my family.

  45. Carolyn Hawkins says

    I grew up in a Christian home with two loving, caring parents. From the time my Daddy died when I was twelve, my Mama was the best influence a girl could have. She took me to every church service, taught me how to study, and encouraged me in every way.


    My parents were the greatest influences in my life. They instilled self-confidence and self-reliance in my at a young age. Too many children (and adults ) have no understanding of the importance of liking (and loving) yourself.

  47. Mrs. Bright was my 6th and then my 8th grade English teacher. Although I didn’t care for her and her teaching, lol, she had an extra class teaching embroidery and I loved it! Another teacher, Mrs. Brown was my gym teacher. One year I wasn’t able to do much like even summer saults. But the following year I was able to do them plus backwards ones and other things and she praised me in front of the whole class. That really helped me. And she also taught an extra class and taught me how to knit. Then a friend, Teresa, taught me counted cross stitch. Loved that even more than embroidery. Then as an adult (about 3-4 years ago, a group of women at my church had/has a weekly craft night. From them I learned how to do plastic canvas. I can’t imagine my life without knowing how to do these things.

  48. Carrie Reed says

    I am entering In this month drawing for the cookbook that is told In the February newsletter . I love all your books Wanda and the ones with your daughter -In-law and granddaughter . My address Is 308 North Canal Street ,LaGrange ,Indiana 46761 . Carrie Reed .

  49. Cinda Farris says

    Thanks to my Mom and grandmother I love to bake. From cookies, cakes and homemade bread. I bought a bread machine and used it a couple times. Sold it because nothing tastes better than your own that you knead and let rise. I have a couple of your cookbooks and other Amish/Mennonite cookbooks. Plus copies of some of your recipes from your books. Best recipes!

  50. Sondra Thatcher says

    There is a wonderful lady in our church who has been like a second mother to me since my mom passed away 16 years ago. She has been there for me and is always encouraging me even now. She is in her 90’s and is still the best person to go to if I need to talk.

  51. Tammy Clark says

    Special Teachers can touch a child’s heart. I had several that I will always remember. But my favorite teacher is my daughter. I saw She had a love of books at less than 2 years old. At 3 she was barley writing her Abcs she drew a picture that told a story. She is now in her 2nd year of teaching High School English. Her love of books is still with her. Thank you for your wonderful books, I look forward to reading more. My goal is to read a book a week this year.

  52. My Dad who passed away. He always told me to be kind and never judge anyone. His words was you never know what kind of life someone led till you walked a mile in their shoes. He was the most k generous and loved person. I always say if I could be half of what he was I would be great.

  53. J Cairn Marrale says

    I grew up in a small town and we had neighbors next door who were older and he was a retired mailman and she was a great gardener. They were known for not liking little kids but my brother and I would go over and watch them garden and Mr Nevinger became an antique buff and would refinish furniture in his barn. We grew on them and near the end of their life, my Mom cared for them in their home and they left $500. to my family which paid for my Nursing School education as my family could not afford it. God is so good and I went on to college and worked in Health Care as a Nurse Practitioner until recently. I now volunteer in the Rheumatology Practice where I worked for many years.

  54. Stephanie Halcomb says

    Growing up, I had a close relationship with a older couple who were also our neighbors. They both spent their extra time teaching and showing me how to be a better person. I learned from them to be patient, kind, and thankful for what I had. They introduced me to classical music, which to this day I love to hear. Sometimes, we went hiking in some of the historical parks nearby or had fun playing card/board games while eating popcorn and homemade treats. To this day, I appreciate and love them more then they’ll ever know!

  55. Patricia Sabin says

    My Dad and maternal Grandpa were huge influences in my life. They taught me responsibility and accountability. More important they taught me a personal relationship with God. I grew up knowing they loved me no matter what I did and showed me God loves me even more. I cannot pinpoint a specific day/time that I became a Christian because it was always a part of growing up. A special memory is going to work with my Grandpa, who was a self-employed painter. Grandma would pack us a lunch – we spent the morning talking about so many things but especially about faith, God, the Bible, and how that all fit into my life. After lunch Grandpa would say I talked enough and I could read my book I took along. But it wasn’t long and we were talking about the Bible again! He explained a lot of my questions – and my faith grew! I love and miss them both so much!

  56. Kelly Coleman says

    All of these comments have blessed my heart so much. I praise the Lord for people who encourage others and take the time to encourage children to see the potential within themselves that was placed there by our Heavenly Father who loves us so much. What a blessing. I had several people in my life that I could remember but my grandma always encouraged me in the Lord at a young age and helped me to learn the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus. She bought me a bible when I was 12 and after I was saved. I am now 46 and she’s been gone to Heaven since 2013 when she was 94. Such a wonderful lady of God. Thank you for letting me share and read others’ comments. So glad your teacher saw your talent when you were a child and encouraged you so you could bless all of us with your books Wanda. God bless you.

  57. Wanda you are truly a blessed and an amazing author. I look forward to reading your books. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us readers. Have a Blessed ew Year!

  58. Anna Hesser says

    I was never much of a reader until I read a series of small books by you that were based in Lancaster County and kept my interest because I knew a lot of the places you talked about. I have since enjoyed many of your books and I am now reading the other small book series “The Amish Millionaire”. Of course I have read other authors too, but they are always Amish books. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  59. Sylvia M Higgins says

    Someone who has made an impact on my life? WOW! Where do I begin?! I believe that every single person I’ve met in my life has made an impact on me and my life in one way or another. They’ve made an impact in a good way and made me want to maybe follow their example or impacted me in a bad way and made me realize that I don’t want to be like them. However, those are the ones who make me examine my own life and make realize I want to pursue a deeper relationship with God.

  60. Gisele Manceau says

    When I read your books, it gives great pleasure and gives me a peaceful feeling even if it only last the time it takes to read the books. During reading, I feel that I share their simpler life and feel connected to them. Since I feel very lonely ( as many senior citizen are) your books bring me a feeling of belonging and connection to the one family that I‘m reading about . I love your books and
    thank you so much for writing those beautiful and heartwarming Amish Stories.

  61. My twin sister, who is also a teacher, encouraged me to home school my children. I felt a calling from God to do this but felt overwhelmed. My sister helped me to choose curriculum and taught me how to set up lesson plans. Through the years she would share different methods she had used the years on her students to help me when I reached stumbling blocks in teaching my kids. I feel so blessed to have had her support through the years. My eldest is now in his junior year of high school and scored well on the state college’s entrance exam so he has been taking college courses to give him both high school credit for graduation as well as a head start for college. I am so blessed that God has surrounded me with supportive people like my sister who have helped me through the years.

  62. Bethany Bethany Deecken says

    Glad you were blessed with such a great inspirational person to care

  63. Dee Mahoski says

    I have loved reading since first grade. It has always let me go places I knew I would never get to see.
    I even tried my hand at writing, but I just keep the stories to myself. You have been a great encouragement to me for many years. I have everyone of your books and Please do not stop writing. I live in Lebanon Co. right outside of Lancaster and I know all to well about the Amish and I love them.
    I have a book club at church, and exchange your books with other readers. They’re all Amish books and some other authors as well (Beverly Lewis, Suzanne Woods Fisher) and a few others, But they all look forward to your new books. Keep up the good work and God bless you and have a great New Year.
    I love that you do not make resolutions only things to encourage you. I have met you several times at book signing in Schaefferstown. Hope you return.

  64. M. J. Adams says

    I also came from a dysfunctional family background, and all I ever wanted was to have a healthy, normal family life. It took me over 45 years to find my Mr. Right, but when I did, God truly blessed me. My boyfriend is the one who inspires me. He not only encourages me daily, he also works really hard to make a difference in the lives of the community in which he lives, implementing projects to make sure that the young people can have a future that is bright, all the while helping the elders also. I’m so proud of him, and so are others. He has been recognized by the international community as a man on a mission to make this world a better place.

  65. Jayne L. Homsher says

    Wanda, you are one of my favorite authors. I have been reading all of your books over the years and they make every trip to Holmes County here in Ohio fulfilling. I cannot wait for your upcoming books and hope to win a cookbook to add to my collection of your books! Thank you for all you do!

  66. Did your teacher ever get to know that you did indeed become a published author?

  67. Jenny-Lynn Fricke says

    My 9th grade english teacher she believed in me when no one else did. She told me I was great person and would do good in life. I have been a CNA for over 25 years now and I make a difference and make people happy every day.

    • Michelle Steele says

      My grandmother was very important in my life. My mother became a mom At age 17, so my grandmother was there helping out a lot. With my mom working a lot, my sister and I would spend a lot of time with my grandmother. She taught us how to life skills like cooking, and baking, entertaining guests, and even balancing checkbooks, haha. She is like a mom to me. She always told Nd showed us pictures about our ancestors who lives out west in the Washington/ Oregon area. I have learned a lot from her and continue to past down those traditions she taught me.

  68. Mauvelene McCoy says

    I, too, grew up in a home who’s parents didn’t take me to church, but my aunt and grandmother took me, and I am more than grateful to them for responding to God’s whispers to their hearts to root me and my sister into God’s word. Today I read the bible before I go to sleep as my Granny did. She was a woman that loves the Lord and applied his Word in every aspect of her life, as I do myself, and teach my kids to do themselves. I am thankful for the message you sent to my email address this morning. The words you spoke seemed like my own, since I pray for God’s wisdom for the right words to speak to others, since it is my desire for everyone to see Jesus in me, and to want an everlasting relationship with Him, as well. Blessed New Year to you and your family and friends!

  69. Emogene N Oliver says

    I had influence from my mother, grandparents, Sunday School teachers and so many Christian people in my life. I enjoy so much your books and many other Christian authors. Always looking forward to another of your books being released. I have visited Amish Country several times and always like to read about the Amish. Would love to have an Amish cookbook.

    May God bless your writing as you continue with your good books.

  70. MARY SMRCKA says

    I am thankful for my parents. They taught me how to love and care for others. When I went to parents treacher conferences , especially in high school, teachers mentioned my daughters were kind to other students, even ones that often did not get attention. I am glad.

  71. Erin Rivera says

    I am thankful for my parents who taught me and my sisters in the way of the Lord our whole lives. I am also thankful because my mom and dad bought me 2 books for my birthday when I was younger one of those books was written by you. I used to hate to read esp out loud in school and in Sunday school. I dreaded it because I would try to rush through it so I could get it over with and then I would get tongue tied and mess up. My one Sunday school teacher was so kind and patient and told me to read to Jesus and it will help you. So that is what I did and it did help. But it was my mom and dad’s gift of one of your books that made me fall inlove with reading. Thank you for letting God use your writings to help someone like me and to also make me fall inlove with reading. God bless you

  72. Erin Rivera says

    I am thankful for parents that raised me in the ways of the Lord all my life and thankful they bought me one of your books when I was younger. It made me fall inlove with reading

  73. Debbie Harold says

    I really can’t think of one individual person that was influential in my life. We moved a lot, so there were many teachers, neighbors, and friends that were influential! One person was a friend of my mothers and when we moved it seems she showed up not long afterward. She and her family were very uplifting all of my life. When I was 4 my mother laid my sister and me down for a nap and then she took a nap because she worked as a nurse at night. I got up with my sister one day and walked across town to her friend’s house. She knew my mom was asleep so she let us play there for a while before she woke my mom up to come and get us before my dad got home. We loved her until the day she passed!

  74. Cindi Hoppes says

    Happy New Year! I hope to join a Bible Study
    Group this year.
    Blessings and prayers!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  75. Susan Campbell says

    It would be my Aunt Joan. She always believed in me and I miss her and talking to her a lot.

  76. Nancy Barr says

    Happy New Year!!! My parents were my biggest influences in my life, I’m more thankful now, as they are no longer with us anymore!

  77. Both of my parents left positive imprints in my life, and if I’m ever half the person either of them are I know I did something right. There is also an odd person who left an imprint in my life. A young man who I knew briefly. He had several good values that I wish more people had. He was intelligent, he had a good sense of humor, he kept his word, and he hated lies. In some aspects, he even reminded me of myself, as these were values that I also worked towards. However, he became embittered by the way the world is going, and became a devout atheist, turning away from God and filling that gap in his life with evil things. Even though I no longer talk to him (he disliked my attempts to witness to him, and broke off the friendship), he left an imprint in my life as a cautionary tale, reminding me to never let the ways of the world turn me away from the Lord or set me down the wrong path.

  78. Sally Davison says

    My maternal grandmother spent a lot of time with our family since she was a widow. She not only was a baby sitter, cook, and seamstress but she was a dear friend to me. I can hear her laugh in my memory. I had Peter Pan marionettes that I got tangled every week and no one else would help me, but Grandma came through like a champion. When I was in 7th grade we had to give a book report and tell about the book like we were the author. Grandma allowed me to wear her own grandmother’s olive green dress with a cape as I was Louisa May Alcott writing Little Women. I have since inherited that dress!

  79. Darlene Carroll says

    My Grandma left a big imprint on my life, I sure miss her encouragement and words of wisdom.

  80. Jennifer Short says

    I have had some amazing people in my life, God has placed them there just at the right time! I grew up with a very strong mother, and althought I love her dearly, she is also my harshest critic! But, in turn, I always expect more from myself! 💞💗

  81. leona bradehoft says

    I would have to say the most important person in my life growing up was my grandmother my mom worked a lot when she was home it was sleeping but she did make time for us when she could but my grandmother lived with us until her death. She taught me her baking skills many of weekends were for baking.

  82. Marti Combs says

    Love reading your journals your books, receiving your newsletters a ling with the recipe’s thank you we had our daughter and 2 Grandchildren today New Years Day 2020 Happy New Year God Bless Missed my very dearest oldest sister and her husband day before Thanksgiving he had a stroke blood clot brain surgery slow recovery , apreciate prayers , they always came here she always brings meatballs every one loves especially our Grandson , we go to tbe Rehab Hospital once a week we have traveled together over the yeaes met for lunch, now my husband has Dementia, so times are not always good, pray for strength daily I go to a Missionary Church , and love reading about the AMISH and simple lives thank you

  83. Bevie McLean says

    I also grew up in a dysfunctional home. I had wonderful parents. They did the best that they could. When I was in the seventh grade, my home economics teacher(Mrs. Pine) came alongside me and help ed me to break out of my shell. She was a wonderful encourager. I have never forgotten her. I had a better life because she cared. Happy New Year Wanda!!

  84. CINDY COOK says

    Along with people, I believe we can learn from animals. My pets have influenced my life. My dog, Casey, was happy wherever he was. He was the epitome of bloom where you are planted. I learned from him that you should be happy in the moment. My dog, Jake, was a lesson in perseverance. He lost the use of his back legs and through hard work and taking meds, he regained his ability to walk. When I broke my ankle, I thought about Jake. All my animals have lessons to teach and I try to pay attention.

  85. Connie Hacker says

    I had a very influential lady that inspired me when my Mother no longer believed in my life choices. She is now 91 years old & very dear to my heart.

  86. Christy Kidwell says

    I love to read your books like many others. I would say my Grandparents imprint in my life. They have sadly passed away. My Mom worked a lot when I was a child and I was always with my father’s side of the grandparents. I had so much fun with them when I was smaller and they encouraged me and stood proudly by as I got older. I hope to teach some of their beliefs to my two daughters.

  87. In 1976 I went back to work at a local City Hall…there my boss became the father I WISHED I was given by God…but then again….in the end, God gave me Aaron Combs….he became all I ever wished for and never got from my father….We started as employee/employer and turned into family….he and his wife Elzora took me and my family in…all these years…they have cared for us…helped us…guided us…and LED US TO THE LORD…when their only child, Louie at age 27, passed away, yes they were devastated but they asked me to go to church, I started going in Jan and was saved in March…so for their desire to see others saved…even in their deep hardship, me and my family will be with them in Heaven one day..Aaron is already there…Aaron & Elzora Combs are MY most special people in the world…outside of blood family…I could go on but sure I’ll run out of space….

  88. Barbara O'Brien says

    I grew up on a farm with my mom ,dad, sister and twin brother. My mom left a lasting impression on me. she made sure us kids always got
    along with each other. She loved working in her flower garden, canning, baking and cooking good meals for us. She was a hard worker and a very strong woman.I never heard her raise her voice or speak bad of anyone. I try to live every day just like she did. I still miss her after 45 years.

  89. Sylvia Gorton says

    My piano teacher was so patient with me, I was 9, and really wanted to be outside(I was a tom boy),however she showed my the love of music, I still appreciate her and what she taught me ,that was 70 years ago!

  90. Cheryl Castner says

    After I met my husband, I was introduced to a friend of his family, a wonderful woman named Lois. Once I chose my new church, I realized that Lois was also a member. Lois was a beacon in our church…she was very involved, and everyone knew that if you needed information, Lois would either know the information, or know who to send you to. Since she was basically an extended family member of ours, she became my daughters’ “adopted” grandmother. She was a devoted Christian, and she helped me to mold my Christianity. She was an inspiration to me, and someone I knew I could always turn to, whether in good times, or bad. She had such a heart of gold, and a true devotion to God, her church, her family and friends. Unfortunately, she passed away several years ago, and she is missed to this day. I think a little part of all of us died the day Lois did. But, we all remember her with an affection that is contagious, and we all try to live just a little like Lois did….it makes the world a better place.

  91. I also remember some of my teachers who were such an encouragement to me, and I was very shy and reserved, too. I also remember the sweetness and faithfulness of my early childhood Sunday School teachers who taught Bible verse memorization, songs, who led by their loving example of how to live a Christian life.

  92. Nancy Gorton says

    Happiest and blessed wishes for the new year mrs brunstetter
    Growing up I had an aunt marion whom I loved dearly she was my biggest help with my walk with God she was so sweet and just had the most calming way about her you could just see the peace her life had with our lord she was an amazing lady and when I started reading as many of your books that I could grab I feel the same peace I love to read your books they take me to a much simpler world of escape thankyou so much may God bless and keep you and your family all the year long

  93. A trainer named Steve. I was changing careers and learning to drive tractor trailer. I could NOT back up to save my life and even considered quitting because of this. Mr. Steve went out of his way, on his own time, to take me out & show me some tips and tricks. It changed everything. Someone giving their time is a constant theme in these comments and we need to remember that – give our time to others. We won’t even know how much it is appreciated!

  94. Vicky Lewis says

    I remember as a child growing up i was always bullied. I was in Special Education. When i was in Jr High School I had a teacher who always believed in me. She helped me thru 5th to 8th grade. When no one else believed in me she did she really helped out alot. She went above an beyond to help me she would take us places she helped with Special Olympics was always there for me cheering me on making me feel like i was someone an not something. After i graduated from 8th grade she went above an beyond to make sure i was in regular classes she really helped me out alot an i really owe her alot.

  95. There are a lot of my Bible class teachers who had influence in seemingly small ways as well as the one big way of always being present to teach God’s word, even when it seemed we weren’t paying attention.

  96. Debbie Benzi says

    i had an ongoing problem with my father for years. One day I talked it over with my priest. He told me that I had done nothing wrong and that I needed to stop worrying and agonizing over it. I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I truly appreciated that kindness.

  97. Jo E Smith says

    I wash extremely shy growing up and I joined the Air Force , to many years to overcome. Still have some problems with meeting new people

  98. Megann Zeigler says

    The person most special in my life was my grandmother. She taught me how to cook, how to be extremely frugal and to enjoy living on a farm and working hard. No matter what she never complained but when she got angry with someone she would go into the bathroom, shut the door and say DAMN< DAMN< DAMN to the mirror and come out letting it go. She was such a great roll model. She lived through the depression taking care of her family as my grandfather was out of work and had a slight nervous breakdown. She walked to work and when my mother was in the hospital she walked 7 blocks to see her as she did not want to spend the .10 on the trolley. Later in life when my grandfather retired she still lived frugally and enjoyed her family. She was wonderful.

  99. Linda Waxler says

    My kindergarten teacher was my favorite teacher. Her son was in my class, she sure didn’t play favorites!!! He and I both got licks in front of the class. This was in 1956, teachers could spank and us with dresses. I am not scarred from this!!! Everyone have a great 2020

  100. I would say my father was an inspiration to me. At the age of seven he was orphaned. He and several of his siblings were put in orphanages. He had a tough life in the orphanage. He told me and my sisters how om Sunday he was allowed to go to the fence in the courtyard and visit his younger sister . They could only see each other through the fence. Later on in a few years he and his younger siblings were put under guardianship by his oldest sister to a neighbor. The neighbor was not very nice to them. When he was a teenager he was basically on his own. My father made a good life as an adult and was a great husband and father. If someone with his unfortunate childhood can become a success, he is an inspiration to me.

  101. My grandmother was a hero to me. She raised five children on her own when she became a widow. She did all kinds of odd jobs to feed the children. She always made everything special for me. She made all my costumes whenever I was in a school play. She made crocheted clothes for my dolls. At Christmas she would wrap all my presents in white paper with Santa Claus faces on the paper. She would pile up the presents and have them waiting for me when I came to her home.

  102. My mother was an inspiration to me. She was the oldest of five children. At the age of fourteen she had to drop out of school to help support the family. She never complained about having to leave school. She married and raised my sisters and me. My mother had a good marriage and read many books and learned a lot through the books. She influenced her three daughters to be be avid readers.

  103. I had a teacher her name was Mrs, MacDonald she was my math teacher and we didn”t have much money when I was coming up but she sure made me feel like the richest little girl around. she always made me feel special..

  104. Denise Smith says

    We all have people who influence our lives, whether in a positive or a negative way. I’ve experienced both but even more dear to me was a cat that influenced my life in a profound way. We had a stray that lived under our sun porch and was as wild as all get out. My husband tried so hard to take it and get very discouraged but I told him one day that if he ever got near it that I would make it a house cat. I had a very serious surgery and her gone out to do change sprinklers on his lunch hour and that cat came up to him. He brought her in and paid her in my lap and she slept there all afternoon. She was with me through that surgery, and many more. She kept my spirits up and never left my side while I was recovering.

    I have always been a reader but when I found your books, I instantly fell in love. Y oh are my favorite author. You introduced me to my absolute favorite genre. Thank you. I have all of your books except I don’t have your cookbooks – I would love to win one. Happy 2020!

  105. I, too, grew up in. A dysfunctional family, but I did have a wonderful Grandmother that always guided me in a positive direction. She was always my best friend since I was a little girl.
    She taught me how to cook, what it meant to have love and support and guided me spiritually!
    She was killed in a car accident about 4 years ago, but lived a very special life, to the ripe old age of 97 years.
    I miss her dearly and look forward to one day joining. Her again!!

    Working as a high school teacher, I pray that I will have that trust and guidance for many of my students, as she had on me!!
    Blessings to you Wanda!! I thoroughly love your books!

  106. Words last a lifetime. I am scarred by the things my parents said and did when I was a child. We should always encourage and speak uplifting words to children. We never know who needs to hear them.

  107. Patricia Barraclough says

    Sadly, there was no encouragement at home, just responsibility and discouraging my dreams and plans. It wasn’t until college (which I was not encouraged to attend or supported financially or otherwise) that I had several professors recognize my abilities and encourage me. The 4-H agent that worked with the teen program was also encouraging and even had a wonderful job offer for me when I graduated. Unfortunately I could not accept it because I was leaving for the Peace Corps in 2 weeks. Too bad, it was my ideal job.

  108. My parents were a great influence in my life ,We were raised on a farm ,three girls and a boy,we were taught how to raise our on vegetables and meat to eat and how to cook and we were taught love and respect for each other and how to share and help others.
    Love reading your books and photo you post.Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year..

  109. Kimberly Kiesey says

    My Grandma that passed away when I was 16 was my all time favorite person! Used to love going to grandma’s after school everyday! Was was a fabulous cook/baker! Sad I never thought of having her teach me how to bake! She worked at the restaurant in our little town of Alta, Iowa! She made the BEST rye bread and cinnamon rolls!❤️

  110. Brenda Murphree says

    It’s very real how teachers can leave such an impression on children. It’s so important that children have a person that has a good influence on them.

  111. Zenta Apinis says

    I feel that everyone whose life path crosses yours influences you in one way or another, both positive and being able to learn from past mistakes. God directs each of our paths and gives us parents, teachers and other influencial people to create the life that we are leading and to be able to share the wisdom with our families, children and those that we meet. It is a neverending circle of love, family, friends and wisdom.

  112. Both of my grandmothers were very special individuals in my life. Though different in personalities as well as philosophy, both always encouraged me to be my best self and daily told me how special I was to them,family,and mostly to Our Father. Their words and life lessons will forever be with me. Thanks for the opportunity to share.

  113. Deanne Miller says

    What a great journal entry!! I strive to imprint on someone’s life and hopefully I have. My first boss out of high school imprinted on me and she still is one of my best friend’s to this day. Linda Hudson was one of my first “bosses” in my professional career. She hated to be called “Boss” because she say everyone on her team as team members. She not only welcomed me into her work team she also welcomed me into her family life with her beautiful 4 children. She trusted me with her children and I would take them to local zoos and we would have the most fun!!! My parents didn’t teach me that I was of any importance as I don’t believe know just knows this. Linda made me feel like I was someone and worth something. If only she could see all the beautifulness in her that all the many people she imprinted on see!! Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion and share a wonderful person, Linda Hudson.

  114. Ernestine Kaye Haggard says

    My granny Kincaid was my granny my friend and my mintor you could talk to her about any thing I miss her a lot love your books

  115. Connie Ruggles says

    Thankfully, I’ve had some teachers who believed in me and encouraged me. As an adult I’ve had some bosses who encouraged me not to belittle my gifts. I’ve also been mentored in my faith by a wonderful woman who is a model of Christian grace and faith in adversity. I’ve really been blessed!

  116. Ihadgreat 6 thgrade teacher told me that I coulddoanything I put my mind to. She was right I always looked up to her . I was sad when I found out she had died because she gav3 me a lot tobelive in my self her name was MarshaGroomsi will always cherish what she thought of me

  117. Most people talk of ones who influence them from when they were younger. There are 2 people who have influenced me and they are in the past couple years. They have taught me so much. Both in different ways. One of them teaches at the congregation and the other is a friend down the road who is moving shortly. My teacher has given me the want to learn more about the Bible and learning Hebrew to be able to understand for myself what it really said in my own view. My other friends guides me and has shown me things to watch out for when I’m not sure about things. They are both a bit older than me, and I hope they will last forever. They are both very positive influences. And has given me insight into things to look for and look forward to.

  118. Colleen Fernandes says

    My parents encouraged my love of reading by buying me good books to read. I still love to read to this day.

  119. Jennifer Decker says

    My grandparents, on both sides of my family, were always so encouraging, uplifting, and full of knowledge as I was growing up. I miss them all dearly and look forward to the day when I’ll see them again.

  120. Pamela Pavkov says

    The Beef and Potato casserole sounds yummy. I think I will add some cheese to it. I always enjoy reading your latest journal entries.

  121. Mary Shaffer says

    Thank you for the continued blessing of your books. They are interesting and uplifting, which I’ve found is a hard combination for an author to obtain. Blessings to you and your family, 2020!

  122. My beloved Grandmother. She was one of the strongest women I know, always there for each of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. After losing her husband in a car accident, she was left to raise 8 children, having two more later. My Grandmother never remarried. I have fond memories of family butchering days at her house, her canning, cooking and always making homemade bread. Despite not having much herself, she always put others before herself! She rarely asked others for help, even though she probably needed help the most. Until her passing, I never realized how much one person held such a large family together!

  123. Charolette Marquart says

    My kindergarten and 3rd grade teacher was the same lady and she was such an important person to me as a child and a young lady. I had the opportunity to share with her what she means to me recently over lunch and for that I will be eternally thankful!
    Blessings to you and your family this year and always!

  124. Amanda Sweet says

    The moortant person who made a great impact in my life is my 1st grade teacher. She gave me confidence in myself and helped me to believe in myself. She planted a seed to want to be a teacher and now I am subbing at a Christian School where my children attend.

  125. Jeannette Miller says

    I love reading your books. I started about 10 years ago when my husband was deployed with the Air Force.
    Thank you for all of the blessing of your books and recipes.

  126. I had a few different teachers in high school and professors in college who have positively impacted on my life.

  127. My paternal grandmother was a pastor’s wife & Bible School instructor, AND, my Junior Sunday School Teacher; she taught us children about the power of Christian Habits: daily prayer, reading of the Bible, tithing (I tithed on a quarter allowance!) fasting, testifying… She also paid for my piano lessons for many years, and yes, it was worth all of the hours of practice b/c I’ve been a church musician for years… THANK YOU for your wonderful books!

  128. Wanda (too!!!!) says

    Thank you so much for your wonderful writings. I have two sisters (we are all three extreme senior citizens) who love to read. I also have three daughters and they all love to read, too. Your books are so relaxing to read while they are still so stimulating. I love Amish books and, except for the lack of modern conveniences, I would relish that life style. I am also so happy for your Christian point of view….so refreshing. Thank you again for your gift.

  129. Cindy Jines says

    I had a wonderful teacher in elementary school that left a very wonderful impression on my life, up until her passing. Her name was Mrs. Unrue. She was so loving, kind, caring, giving, selfless, and just much more. She told us we could be anything we set our minds to and to work towards that. She would get tickled with me because I was a very fast reader and I was blessed with being a great speller too. I remember one day her leaving the room for an errand and leaving me to read a long chapter, so she thought. Needless to say, she was puzzled when she returned and there was no reading going on and we all were sitting quietly waiting for her to know what was to be done next. She thought I just didn’t do what she asked, but everyone said yes dhe read it and she was fast. Lol. Such great memories!! I wasn’t asked to read much after that if she had an errand! 😂.She retired from teaching and volunteered at our local hospital up until her passing. She was an absolute blessing to anyone & everyone that ever got to run across her and met her.

  130. My mother and grandmother have been a great influence on my life.

  131. Primrose Unea Kamano Naukana Rego says

    I have many inspirational people who helped me along my JOURNEY OF LIFE! First and Foremost, God has been carrying my Heavy Heart since I lost my dad when I was 11 yrs. old, my mom passed away on Christmas Eve of 1993, and my baby brother left this earth at the age of 36.
    I have 2 older brothers, myself, two adult kids, and a BLESSED second husband in my life, a Beautiful grand daughter who is 12 yrs.old, and I’m 52 yrs. old.
    I am part Hawaiian, an entertainer, a HULA dancer, a Lomi Lomi artist, a KAHU, and a CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH! The IMPRINT on my LIFE is such a PATCH QUILT full of much LOVE & ALOHA! My PAST equals my PRESENT, and I BELIEVE that being able to SHINE light upon someone who is down, bring a SMILE to someone’s HEART, and shed some LIGHT in someone’s eyes…are my PURPOSE IN THIS WORLD! This special GIFT that GOD has placed inside of me, is a WONDERFUL way for me to let every person that I meet thru my HULA or even when I officiate a WEDDING…GODS LOVE SHINES upon them…
    WE know that GOD, YOUR OHANA, AND being KIND to EACHOTHER, really makes EVERYTHING so much BETTER! The flow is better, the day goes by SMOOTHER, and it just feels so good to DO GOOD for EVERYONE concerned! I’ve learned all of these QUALITIES from my PAST…My Dad, my Mom, My baby Brother, and GOD! They are my PRESENT & IMPRINT FOR LIFE!
    When I dance HULA on stage…I Dance for GOD & ENTERTAIN ANGELS…
    When I OFFICIATE Weddings…It’s only WITH GOD’S AUTHORITY that I Am Blessed to combine 2 BEAUTIFUL SOULS on a Wedding day filled with LOVE & LIGHT!
    So, Mahalo Nui Loa for letting me speak my MIND and HEART! Thank you for all your books and PRESENCE in my life, WANDA B.!!! ALOHA NO! A HUI HOU! MALAMA PONO, KE AKUA PU! HAUOLI MAKAHIKI HOU!

  132. Sarah Arnold says

    Wanda, I feel that you are an excellent writer and I thank God for your teacher’s individual encouragement. I have someone in my life who has always been an encouragement. I call this lady Aunt Bonnie. She is not my blood aunt but she has been there for me throughout life and I am am 47 years old. She is a devout Christian and shows love to others including me. Aunt Bonnie and her husband Uncle Bill are a important parts of my family’s life and it goes through my parents to my kids now. I pray I can be an Aunt Bonnie to someone one day.

  133. Joyce Robbins says

    I am thankful that I was born to a mother and father that took us to Sunday School & church; not dropped us off, but was in church with us. As the stumbling blocks of life came along, I was able to endure and the hard life has brought me to write my first book. Now to find an honest publisher.

  134. Sylvia Espe says

    I have been blessed – beyond measure – through your writing! Thank you for sharing your memories of your young years and how those years influenced your writing …. I am appreciative of devout Christian parents who prayed daily for us. But it was my Mother who told me at young age that I should become a nurse. She yearned for such an opportunity but it was never given her. My life as a nurse has been rewarding. Thank you, Mother, for your guidance and encouragement.!

  135. Sylvia Espe says

    Your books have been a blessing to me, Wanda! Thank you for sharing your early years experiences with us. I am thankful that my parents were devote Christian people who prayed daily for us. It was my Mother who told me that she wanted me to become a nurse. She had yearned for such training but the opportunity to do so was not given her. Nursing has proved to me to be a blessing – given me a sense of joy and fulfillment. Thank you, Mother!

  136. Rhonda Guilliams says

    I love to read. I will read almost anything. I thank my first grade teacher, Mrs. Buchanan for my love of reading. She allowed me to read every book she had in her reading closet and then found other teachers willing to let me read their books as well. I remember at the end of the school year she told me to choose any book out of her closet that I wanted. I chose a book called The Secret Three. She wrote in it “to my best reader”. I still have that book and I think of her every time I pick up a new book. Thank you, Mrs. Buchanan for instilling in me the love of a good book!

  137. Dee Dawson says

    This entry touched my heart. I grew up in an abusive home. I lacked self-esteem. I always felt in the way. I loved to read and to write short stories. My 6th grade teacher, encourage me to keep writing . She also gave me the courage that I needed to raise my head high and to open my heart to others. I will always be grateful to her.

  138. Jennifer D says

    My elementary school teacher was my role models and encouraged me to be a teacher. I ran into her a few years ago, and she remembered me, even though she had me in class in the early 90’s.

  139. Amanda Bentley says

    My sixth grade teacher always inspired me. I remember asking her one day if she’d we ever read the whole Bible. She said she had, a few times. Back then I thought that was pretty unbelievable and impossible.

  140. Marianne Drane says

    I love cook books. I would love to win your cookbook.

  141. My parents believed in their children and expected that we could do “hard” things.

  142. Krystal Wigal says

    My first grade teacher inspired me to read. I am so happy that she did as I love to read now!

  143. I am grateful to Mrs. Rueger For encouraging you, Wanda.
    Your books have given joy and inspiration to so many.
    Kind words of encouragements and sincere compliments
    give our day a lift and may even be life-changing.

  144. Carmen D Meyers says

    Dear Wanda,
    I just wanted to tell you that I am so very grateful for your 2nd grade teacher who encouraged you to become who you are today. You touch so many lives with your talents! I also wanted to thank you for the autographed copy of Amish Hawaiian Adventures that you and Jean sent to me just before Thanksgiving. I am thoroughly enjoying it! And I am so grateful!
    May God continue to richly bless you, as you serve to further His Kingdom.
    In His Love,
    Carmen Meyers

  145. Jackie Wisherd says

    Many people have left imprints on my life …too many to report on. I especially remember an art teacher who liked my word and honored it. Later in life I taught Art for a couple of years. Art is a part of my days.

  146. Wanda, Please help me… I’ve been trying to remember …the Musical Stolen, that is playing in Shipshewana, was that based on one of your books Thanks for your help…and your wonderful books.

  147. Vicki kent says


    I just wanted to tel lyou how much I enjoy all of you r books. I h ave read each one, some 2 or 3 times, as I really enjoy y u r writing,,You are my favorite author. God Bless you and I look forward to many more books,

  148. I think that my mother and mother in law were the biggest influences in my life. They taught me that to love someone sometimes you have to make sacrifices for them. And that marriage is not a 50\50 proposition, sometimes it is 20/80, sometimes it is 100/0, but they showed my what true love looked like and now I have lost both of these two women in my life, but their examples and their love for me still lives on. I have been married for 49 years this year in Nov. and it hasn’t always been an easy road, but because of their love, I have overcome. My husband and I only had one child, which was a miracle in itself, and we have two beautiful grandchildren. We are children of the most High God and we are active in our church and so is our son and his family. I have a loving daughter in law who was able to be a stay at home mom and has been their for her children. I am truly blessed by being a child of God and for the wonderful husband I have and for the godly women God has placed in my life. My dad died when I was younger and my mom was left to carry on and carry on she did. I thank God for my loving mother and mother in law who taught me so much by how they lived their lives.

  149. I had a grade 6 teacher who was always encouraging me to do better! I still write to her every Christmas!! I was her first class when she started teaching!!

  150. Dear Wanda,
    As the youngest of 7 we were not given a choice of attending church. My mother and father always said, “Church is a way of Life, not a choice.” Of course as a teenager I rebelled and skipped quite often. As a teen I was only seeing my oldest sister seeking out a church home after she left the house and settled on her own. Judy knew the importance of having Christ in the center of her life and lived by example. There are over 13 years between us, yet I never looked at her as too old, or not understanding of anything I did. We would often have chats about church and belonging to a fellowship of believers, praying daily, and getting into the Word. She always encouraged me by telling me to pray on situations and desires. My parents never scolded me for not attending church. I knew they were disappointed, but I would always have Sunday Dinner ready for them when they returned home. Regardless, I ALWAYS knew they were praying for me. After 6-9 months I felt what I was missing and surprised them one day by showing up after the service started. They rejoiced and so did my sister. Now I am a pastor of a little country church. I see me in the pews as a teen, and now cater to the teens in my small congregation. I thank God for the endless prayers my parents and sister lifted up for me. They made me see how important Christ is in my life.

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