Taste of the Valley

While visiting the town of Belleville, Pennsylvania this spring, I enjoyed eating at Taste of the Valley restaurant. This is the area where The Brides of the Big Valley novella collection is set, and there are some scenes in two of our stories that take place in the Taste of the Valley. We enjoyed eating there on two occasions, and my favorite selection was the Apple Roads salad.

We also had fun visiting with one of our Amish friends while we were in The Big Valley area, and we had the chance to stop by several Amish-owned shops.

If you have visited an Amish community, what is your favorite place to eat? If you have not had the opportunity to visit Amish country, where would you most like to go?


  1. Shirley Chapel says

    Dear Dutchman was very nice that time we all had lunch together during the fan filled weekend in 2014. I also enjoyed the Amish restaurant in the shopping center around the Sugar creek Carlisle Inn. We will be going back there in August to spend 5 days at the Carlisle Inn in Sugar Creek. We will be celebrating our 50h Anniversary.

    • Darlene w.m. says

      Shipsheawan, In. is one of my favorite
      Amish places to visit. The Bluegate Inn
      is always my favorite place to eat….sooo

      I would be thrilled to win any book in
      Your give away. Have never met a
      Wanda Brunstetterbook I haven’t LOVED!!

  2. Linda Martin says

    Wanda I just love all of your books! You are an awesome writer and I feel when I am reading your books that I am right there in the story! I love keeping in touch so I can always know your new releases. Please enter me in your next drawing!

    • Donna Dennett says

      I just finished the Daughters of Lancaster County. I literally could not stop reading it. This book meant a lot to me because I met you and you autograph my book, plus we saw the musical Stolen.

      My favorite places to eat in Lancaster are Shady Maple and Bird in Hand.

      the play/musical Stolen.

  3. Cindy Lea Bassett says

    Wanda, I just read “The Quilters Daughter” I love your books, I’m heading to my local library for another one of your great books. I visited an Amish community in Ohio, I could live that life. Please enter me in your drawing

  4. Sheri G. says

    My husband and I have visited Amish communities in PA,IN,OH,IL,MO, and MS. Each has its own unique personalities and pulse just as we all as individuals thankfully do(otherwise what a boring,narrow-minded world). Because of this, it would be impossible for me to name a favorite place to eat. Being from Louisiana with such a wonderful ‘gumbo’ of cultures and because I love to cook as well as speak to,in my opinion, “the real cooks”(no famous names other than to their families and friends)my favorite thing when we visit anywhere is to visit with these cooks and share recipes and tips known to their communities. I love trying different foods and sharing the stories that accompany them. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your books. I read all of your works and would love to meet you at a signing one day.

    • Where in Mo do you go to visit the Amish? I live in Mo and don’t know where there is any Amish at. I am intrigred by their simple way of life. I would love to visit them and get to know some of them.

      • My husband and I visited the Amish community just outside of Seymoure, MO. There’s one in Jamesport, MO too.

    • Mary Lou Pack says

      My husband and I love visiting the Amish communities around Ohio. It really gives you such a warm and welcome feeling. Thanks for sharing your talent on writing books. Love reading all of them

  5. Keren Lyles says

    I visited when I was younger an Amish community in Indiana. I recall seeing an Amish couple on their horse driven buggy and clothes hanging outside. My uncle took us to an Amish market and my family and I were surprises to see how nobody was attending the store but had a cash register and a sign by it saying please deposit your total. My parents turned to my uncle and said ” there’s nobody here how can they know who paid or who didn’t” My uncle said.. “They trust you and is basically up to the people’s heart of doing right” I told my uncle “you wouldn’t see something like this in California” The area felt peaceful and looked beautifully with all the gardens full of bright flowers. I can’t recall the name but now I would love to visit Shipshewana. My cousin lives in Goshen and I’m planning a visit soon. I would love to visit there because of all the mentions of it and descriptions from your stories that I have loved reading. Also pay a visit to the Bird In Hand. Thank you for writing books that touch my heart in one way or another.

  6. Kathy Triplett says

    Your books are so joyful to read and are such a blessing. I love to read and I often begin a book that a friend has given to me and find that it is not a good book due to language and violence.
    You have Christian stories that are well written. Thank you!!

  7. Janus Galante says

    thank you so much for your books. You’ll never know what a blessing they are to me. Especially as someone who has difficulty getting out in the winter months. (Which can be long in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!) Settling in with your books are just the thing!!

  8. Carla Finefrock says

    I just love reading your books and I am so blessed by them. I have just discovered the Kentucky Brothers series. I look forward to reading the Prayer Jar series next. My husband’s family are all from Lancaster, PA and we love going back and exploring the Amish culture and learning their ways. Thank you so much for using your gifts for all of us to enjoy. I hope I am one of your winners for one of your books.

  9. Betty J Monda says

    Wanda, I have never personally visited the Amish but after reading your books I would love to visit an Amish community. I love reading your stories about them and learning of their simple way of life. I don’t think I could live without electricity , but I do love to read about them and would love to get to know some of them. I have purchased jams and jellies & pies made by the Amish at a store in Branson, Mo and they were very good. You have ingrained in my heart a love for the Amish because of their simple ways and humble hearts by the things you write in your books. Thank you for sharing their ways and lives with us.

  10. When I get an opportunity to visit an Amish community I would love to visit any places available to the public from shops to restaurants and the community itself. The simple way of life of the Amish seems so relaxing, focused and meaningful. With today’s lowering of standards in most areas of life, it’s so refreshing to see people who value tradition, family and good work ethic.

  11. Sally Davison says

    We have visited our local Amish community in Clark, MO many times and even though there is no restaurant we buy from a delicious bakery and also a small store that sells fresh food to take home. Years ago we had a very short visit in western NY where I bought 2 Amish dolls that are gorgeous (in the Amish way). There is a delicious restaurant in Versailles, MO that has a great buffet. However I think it is Mennonite to have those heated containers. There is a huge adorable store that is irresistible!

  12. Brenda A. says

    The ladies from our church recently had the pleasure of dining in an Amish home. The food was delicious and the atmosphere so pleasant and relaxing. We also had a very gracious hostess who made us feel so welcome. It was a delightful experience!

  13. Dawn Koza says

    I love all your books and I love the Amish Country in Lancastle, PA.
    Have visited there many times and I find it so peaceful and so
    refreshing. God bless

    • Dawn Koza says

      Sorry for the incorrect spelling of Lancaster, PA.
      Couldn’t see a place to correct it.

  14. Marlene Thorne says

    I love all of your books…I have read almost all of them. Keep on doing what you’re doing. God has blessed your ability.

  15. Wanda Dunlap says

    I am so enjoying the big valley as I await my pre-order of the next book in August ! Thank you for making all the books so enjoyable to read and inspire us to be better in life !!

  16. Nancy watts says

    My kids love to go to Dutch Valley. I enjoy it but want to try Mrs yoders kitchen in mt. Hope.

  17. Stephanie says

    I visited the Lancaster, PA Amish community several years ago with my grandmother and again with my mother-in-law and hope to visit there again this fall with my husband who has never been. I have been reading your books for over 10 years and I haven’t came across one I haven’t loved! Thank you for sharing these beautiful stories!

  18. Jenny-Lynn Fricke says

    I have lived in different states and eaten in many Amish restaurants there are so many good ones but one of my favorites is Boyd and Wurthman in Berlin Ohio. The pies there are amazing.

  19. I live in New Jersey, just over the bridge from Amish country, Lancastser, PA. The thing I enjoy most about Wanda’s book is that I can envision the roads, homes, restaurants. I especially enjoy Shady Maple Restaurant in East Earl and shopping at the IGA grocery store.

  20. Rebecca Morgan says

    I hope to one day be able to visit Lancaster PA. Just to be able to take in the sights and sounds of the community. We have a small Menonite community not far from us and we love to shop there and purchase their homemade goods. I also have enjoyed reading the Prayer Jar series and cant wait for the final book to be available.

  21. Mary Roelke says

    Altho I have visited an Amish village I have never eaten at one of their restaurants. I have bought baked goods & all were very delicious.

  22. Susan Houser says

    I used to live in Wilmington, DE and frequently went to Lancaster and one of my favorite places to
    eat was Shady Maple. It was wonderful! I love near Bradenton and Sarasota Florida and there are several Amish style restaurants

  23. Hello Wanda and greetings,
    I recently received your new cookbook from your giveaway on Goodreads. Thank you so much. Just so you know my husband and I have also eaten at Taste of the Valley in Belleville Pa. The food we ordered was very good as was the service. We plan on going to Belleville again this Wednesday July 3rd. We Like to visit a lot of Amish communities in Pa, Ohio and Indiana or whatever state we may be traveling in. Again Thank You so much for the cookbook I only wish it would have come with the shopping tote and of course be autographed by you. None the less I am thrilled to add your new cookbook to my collection. 😎

  24. Susan Sorrells says

    When we visit Lancaster Pennsylvania we usually stop at Dienner’s Restaurant at Ronks PA. However, once we visited an Amish Mennonite church to worship on Sunday, and not understanding the services, we left after the first part. Before we could reach our car, at least 3 different ladies came running out of the church, explaining there was more service, but if we would wait, they would love to have us share dinner with them. My heart is still warm from their welcome, and I would love to go back and join them.

  25. Beverly McLean says

    I am so glad that you had a wonderful time visiting Belleville. The Apple Road Salad sounds like it would be delicious. I live in Northern Maine. We have many Amish families that have settled here in the last several years. I recently had an Amish Pie, made with Coconut cream and oatmeal. I can’t stop thinking about how good it tasted. I will be going out to one of the Amish Farms to buy some raw milk., I might just buy some pie.

  26. Jo E Smith says

    I visit Amish restaurants when I go to visit my family in West Virgina, Pennsylvania and Maryland. They have the best food. I live in Georgia and got to the Mennonite Restaurant in Montezuma. I really enjoy reading your books. My grandmother was Amish and they left and joined the Mennonites.

  27. Mary Buckner says

    I live in Illinois, Chicago suburbs. I enjoy reading your books so much that I have introduced 5 more readers to discuss them. I am still saving to purchase an Amish quilt and visit a location in Indiana.
    I had the pleasure of meeting you at RT New Orleans’ discussion session and received an autograph book. I never thought I would ever meet you. Thank you for bring so gracious and approachable. Forver Reader, Mary

  28. Jolanda Decol says

    I would love to check the Amish country if I get the chance one day. Not sure where i would go and eat. But Taste of the valley sounds great as the Apple Roads salad sounds interesting. Would love to find a recipe for that.

  29. Debra Winterrowd says

    My husband and I love to visit Holmes County and, while there, we often enjoy dinner with an Amish family which is offered through a local tour company. It is always a special time with delicious food!

  30. Cherie Ackermann says

    Wanda, I have never been one to read books ( ever ), then one day while visiting a book store with my husband I decided to buy one of your books ( I have always been fascinated with the Amish ). I had a hard time putting it down and now I am currently reading one to two books a week. Please keep them coming!

  31. Ms. Wanda, I have visited Lancaster County in Pennsylvania many times and Shipshewana, Indiana only once, but loved it. It’s impossible to name my favorite restaurant. We have eaten at the big Bird In the Hand family style restaurant to the small ones. Have visited many of the farms where they sell their good – even bought a quilt. I have only read a few of your books but have bought many for my 90 year old mother who loves them! I am looking forward to your new series..

  32. We love visiting the Crittenden County Amish farms in Kentucky. Unfortunately, there are no Amish restaurants nearby. We do enjoy going to Yoder’s Variety and Detweiler’s Greenhouse, as well as many other little stops along the way. There are wonderful Amish woodworking shops in the area with furniture available to purchase, as well as a variety of baked goods, rugs, children’s clothing, etc. at the local Amish farm market.

  33. Paula Hafner says

    We just visited the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania. We tried several local restaurants. My favorite ones were Good and Plenty in Smoketown, PA. Make sure to try their Brown Butter Noodles. They were the best that I’ve ever eaten! Kate’s Kitchen in Ronks, PA was our other favorite. Their Cheeseburger Wrap and Sweet Potato Fries were so good! We rode the train and visited the Train museum nearby.

  34. I would love to go to Lancaster PA to visit and go into some amish stores and maybe have a ride in a buggy. We do have a few amish farms in the area, and I have bought amish baked goods from road stands!

  35. When my husband and I go to Lancaster we really like to stay and eat at the Bird in Hand Rest. And
    I had met you there and you signed one of my books that I bought from you in which it was my honor
    to meet you. You are such a great writer and I really enjoy reading all your books. As I look forward to
    seeing you again at one of your book signing places,please take care and lots of love.

  36. I used to live in an Amish community. I liked to eat at Mary Yoder’s Restaurant. I would like to visit all of the Amish communities nationwide.

  37. Deborah Davis says

    The one time I was able to visit am Amish community…a friend suggested The Good and Plenty restaurant near Lancaster I was not disappointed!! So good and favorable! If you walked away from the table it was your own fault. All you can eat with many courses and servings. ❤

  38. Jackie L Orr says

    I enjoy your books a lot. Please keep writing them.

  39. Jennifer Short says

    Through your books I have enjoyed so many Amish communities! Keep up the amazing work that you do! God Bless you and your wonderful work.

  40. Thank you for the wonderful books that you share to inspire so many people.
    I love every book I read that you write. They always teach me a lesson and inspire me to be better!

  41. Shelly Hammond says


    I love all your books that I have read, and that is a lot of them. In the library, yours are the first books I go to, and I am always requesting for them to get more! I would be happy if they would carry every one of your books! Please enter me in your current drawing!! Thank you!

  42. The last time I visited an Amish community was when I was 12 or 13. It was with my Girl Scout troop. We went to Lancaster, PA. Not far from where we lived. We went to the Red Caboose Inn, went through an Amish museum and got to ride on a buggy of sorts. My memory is a little foggy but I do remember we had a young Amish man leading us on the tour and driving the buggy. We all thought he was very cute and there was a lot of giggling on our part. I also remember we thought he had just gotten married because he had the beginnings of a beard. But when we asked he had said no he had just forgotten to shave.

  43. Mary Mann says

    I enjoy reading all your books on the Amish life. My husband and I have spent several weekends in Lancaster at Bed and Breakfasts which we liked very much. This has made reading the books so much more enjoyable!

  44. Wanda Robeson says

    I have never been to Amish country before. But would love to go to any of them. I love reading your books. I have read other Amish books by different authors but I like yours the most. I haven’t tried any Amish food as well. But I plan to thou. Please enter me in your current drawing. Thank you!!!

  45. Becky Briddell says

    Wanda. Have read all your books so far. I love the story lines. And the information on Amish life.

  46. Margy. Brust says

    I enjoyed your notes on Lancaster County. We are in Florida now but lived in Lancaster for 40 years raising our kids, a great place to live. So enjoy the quilts, great food, and scenery
    Love your books. I’m a big fan

  47. Gail Bennett says

    I can see that in the Christmas Quilt, it’s going to be a tear jerker for me. I can’t wait to read it, but must admit that crying is not something I enjoy doing.

  48. IDA ELAM says

    I enjoy reading your books about the Amish, brings back memories when I was a child.
    No electric lights, no water inside, carried from a spring. I have visited several Amish towns
    and always enjoy them, Please enter me in your current drawing. Thanks

  49. SARAH TAYLOR says

    Hello Wanda, I Love reading your books I have never been to Amish Country but if I was ever to get to go My Son and his wife have been to Berlin, Ohio and they told me when they get to go back there someday they would take me with them I would love to read The Christmas book Thank you so much for being an amazing Author!

  50. Esther Wheeler says

    Hi Wanda: So much enjoyed the pictures of your visit with family. I am a transplanted Philadelphia girl, living in California. I have always wanted to visit Lancaster and surrounding area. Guess I must put it on my “bucket list”. In the meantime, I shall continue reading your wonderful novels. Sincerely, Esther

  51. Sandy Adams says

    Hello Wanda, I live at the other end of “Big Valley” and totally enjoyed reading the book written by you, Jean and Richelle. “The Brides of the Big Valley” was wonderful to read. I knew some about the Amish customs, but really learned a lot more from what I read in your book. One of the restaurants that you mentioned in the book was Michelle’s OIP. They make excellent beef, chicken or ham pot pie. There is nothing like it anywhere! Also their pizza is great too! The one picture of the green house in your newsletter, reminds me of the Riverside Greenhouse. This is the perfect place to go at anytime of the year. Thank you once again for the great books that you write.

  52. Cheryl Waye says

    Love your books..keep up the great work..

  53. Julie Brown says

    Hello Wanda! I have never been to an Amish community but would love to visit Lancaster! I have read about that community in so many books that I feel in some ways that I have been there. Thank you for the so many hours that I have spent with you and look forward to spending so many more! Sincerely Julie Brown.

  54. When I was a child I was with my parents and we visited an Amish community in Arthur, IL, I think it was. Only thing I can remember is seeing the horse drawn buggies, and no electric poles around. The people were so friendly. Always waving. I’d really love to visit one again. Anywhere! I live in Texas.

  55. Helene mcgee says

    I love reading your book’s Wanda! I just finished the hope jar. Haven’t visited any Amish communities but would love to. The Amish seem like such good and honest people. I’d probably like to visit the Lancaster area in Pennsylvania as I have family In shickshinny .

  56. Sally Davison says

    Clark, Missouri has a large community without any restaurant however we buy from an Amish bakery that has the best fried pies you ever ate! Also we buy fresh foods from a bulk store and have gotten to know Anna, the owner quite well.

  57. I just read The Brides if the Big Valley and really enjoyed it.

  58. Cindi Hoppes says

    Greetings! I have been to a lovely Amish Community
    in Napanee/Shipshewana, Indiana. As long as the
    restaurant was Amish owned; along with their delicious
    cooking , that is where I ate! The shopping; especially,
    the food items, are what I enjoyed!
    Thanks, bunches!

  59. Teresa Henson says

    Hi, Wanda! I discovered your books several years ago, now I can’t stop until I have read all of them. I look forward to your new books, also. I have stopped at 1 roadside Amish store in Oklahoma, the homemade candy was delicious. Someday, I hope to visit an Amish community not too far from me. Thank you for sharing your talent as an author. Sincerely, Teresa

  60. Jackie D Cockrell says

    I have visited several Amish Communities, and I always enjoy those visits so much! I plan to visit the Amish Community about an hour’s drive from Tupelo, MS next weekend, and I’m so looking forward to it. There are about 30 Amish families in this community. I always enjoy shopping at the individual homes.

  61. Rosemary Hefner says

    Wanda, I love how you intertwine numerous stories together. Am in the process of reading The Prairie State Friends Trilogy. Love it
    In August we are taking a bus trip to the Indiana Amish communities. Napanee/Shipshewana. I am so looking forward to it. I read a lot of Amish related fiction and find them so inspiring. Looking forward to reading more of your books.


  62. MARY Mclain says

    I have never visited an Amish Community and would have no idea where to start looking. I do like quilts and would love to see Amish quilts. I have made a few quilts, but none look as pretty as the ones I have seen on Amish sites. As for food items, I would like to dine at a restaurant that has fresh salads of local produce.

  63. Amanda Sweet says

    When I was younger Plott family lived in a city that had an Amish community, however I don’t remember any Amish restaurants. But since growing up I have not had an opportunity to visit an Amish community. We now live about 2 hours from Sarasota, FL. I would love to visit there and eat at any of the authentic Amish restaurants there. I would also love to visit some Amish stores and look at their quilts.

  64. Lindy Anastis says

    I’m excited about the NEW series and that some of the characters from The Prayers Jar will be in it!!!

    Dear Dutchman is a favorite of ours. I like to look at the Amish quilts . . . . they are so pretty and love the colors/patterns.

  65. Cheryl Shanor says

    Absolutely love your books. Just received Brides of the Big Valley. Can’t wait to read it. Will be visiting Lancaster and Amish sites later this month.

  66. Deborah Reed says

    I live in the Chicago, IL area , but I want to visit the community in Nappanee, IN. Maybe this summer I will get an opportunity. I was told the restaurant there at Amish Acres is really good.

  67. Margie Takala says

    I like that actual establishments are in your books. I haven’t read any of your books, but I think I would enjoy them.

  68. In Sarasota, FL there is a wonderful Amish restaurant which I have enjoyed several times. Sarasota is not in a traditional Amish area but apparently has an Amish population.

  69. Patti Bond says

    I love the Amish country in Lancaster PA We are lucky to live only about 30 minutes away and when visit each week I just love the beautiful country side The Amish in Lancaster are very friendly and locally in Southern York County PA we are able to buy fresh baked goods and produce from them

  70. Patti Bond says

    I am lucky enough to live only 30 minutes from Lancaster County PA. We travel over there every week to shop . It is nice to enjoy the beautiful farmland and the friendly people that live there.
    Locally in Southern York Country PA we have Amish that sell their bake goods, sewing and produce every week end. They are very friendly

  71. Clarice Good says

    Love your books Wanda! Especially, the Half-stitched Quilting club. Being from Indiana makes them close to the heart. You can visualize in your mind exactly where they are. Love to visit Amish. Country in northern Indiana.

  72. Vicki Hancock says

    I’ve never visited an Amish Community. Definitely on my bucket list. I want to visit the Pennsylvania Dutch. My parents were good friends with a family in Iowa, I believe, and went to dinner at their home many times. I do hope to visit an Amish community some day. I find The whole way of life fascinating.

  73. Olivia Petty says


  74. Linda Weatherbee says

    I like Shipshawana, Indiana. Love all the shops and shows that are playing there. Favorite place to eat is the Blue Gate Restaurant.

  75. I would love to visit the crafts that the Amish make.

  76. I love horses and would like to visit the barns and see the horses in person and up close.

    • I am so looking forward to reading your new books. They are so refreshing to read with their wholesome, strength of character and faith.
      I am a prolific reader, i love my family more than i can express, including my pup.

  77. I would enjoy visiting the kitchen and to learn some of their recipes.

  78. I would enjoy visiting the kitchen and to learn some of their recipes that interest me.

  79. Tami Kearney says

    I have gone to Lancaster, PA with my parents since I was young. Now that I am grown I go to Lancaster, PA almost every year, unfortunately my parents are both gone now but every time I go there it brings back so many wonderful memories. My favorite place to eat is in Blue Ball, PA at the Shady Maple Smorgasbord Restaurant

  80. Kim Kiesey says

    My sister’s and I go visit the Amish in Iowa in the Kalona area! We love to visit the General store in Amana and eat ate the resturant there! We love to to the bakery in the counrty and a furniture store as well ! Love our sisters trips!

  81. Mary Preston says

    I have not had the opportunity yet, I think I would just like to stroll and enjoy the tranquility.

  82. dorie emmerich says

    I live in Lancaster county, and love going to Green Dragon on Fridays. I love seeing the Kinner’s faces looking out of buggy windows. I also love reading your books.

  83. Cherie J. says

    I would love to visit an Amish Community in Lancaster, PA. A friend I have had since high school has visited there before and talked highly of her visit.

  84. Gladys Paradowski says

    I enjoy reading about the Amish, but I have never had an opportunity to visit an Amish community. Is there one near Houston?

  85. Teresa Maddox says

    I grew up in a small community called Merry Oaks, KY. When I first married I moved to a dairy farm and our closest neighbors were Amish. There were different families throughout the area but not a community. I enjoyed living by them and watching their daily way of life verses how I lived. There is a present family living right down the road from my parents now. They still live that simple life with no modern technology. At times I long to go back to my country girls roots. I wonder how difficult it is for Amish families now with all the changes in the last 30 years. I would enjoy going back to the area, since I live in TN now, and spend some time with any Amish family to see if their lifestyle has changed as mine has.

  86. Kathy F. says

    I enjoyed meeting you in Lancaster, PA. Love reading your books and am anxiously awaiting the release of The Healing Jar. Looking forward to receiving my signed copy of The Forgiving Jar. Thank you so much!

  87. Ronda Caldwell says

    First off, I would like to say I very much enjoy buying and reading your books. Being from northern Indiana, we are blessed to have several Amish restaurants worth driving to. We enjoy going to Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Middlebury, IN, Amish Acres Restaurant in Nappanee, IN, and Blue Gate Restaurant & Bakery in Shipshewana, IN. We also enjoy going to the flea market in Shipshewana, and shopping at the different Amish stores.

  88. Peggy Pugh says

    I have not yet had the opportunity to visit this area of the country, but each book I read makes me want to take a trip soon. I think I would just try a few restaurants while admiring the work shown in the Amish shops. I love learning more about the community and love that there are bits shared in each book.

  89. Janna Much says

    I live in a little town called Manawa, Wisconsin. We do have some amish families here, they do own a few greenhouses, and a bulk store not far from me.
    I would love to visit other places of amish someday. Shipshewana,In. Sounds like a great place to visit..
    I really enjoy reading your books. As soon as I get a book from the library I start reading, i cant put it down.
    I am also hoping to meet you in the near future.
    Thank you and keep writing wonderful stories.

  90. Cheryl P PIGATE says

    Lord willing my friend and I will be traveling to Lancaster in November with a Senior tour. I look forward to visiting the Amish. Wanda keep writing your wonderful books. I’m reading The Hope Jar now.

  91. Susan Campbell says

    I can’t wait to read this book. I have not been to an Amish restaurant yet but would love to go to one one day.

  92. toni r coleman says

    I would like to go to Sugarcreek Ohio and stay for days!!

  93. Phoebe Anskis says

    I lived in Belleville, Pa and very much enjoyed reading your book Big Valley. I was also at Friendship Book Store for you to autograph the book. I enjoy your books because they are so easy reading and no violence that we are hearing and seeing more of each day. A person is taken into another world by reading your books. Keep them coming please.

  94. Angela M. Nelan says

    I have not visited an Amish town/community. It is definitely one of the things listed on my bucket list. I would love to visit Lancaster County and all of the stores and food eateries. Since my oldest child is in the Military, and he and his family recently moved to Hummelstown, PA, I am hoping to visit soon and possibly make a few stops into Amish Country.
    I look so forward to reading The Brides of the Big Valley and would love and cherish a copy of The Beloved Christmas Quilt. Christmas has always been my most favorite time of year, and I sew therefore I know how special home made quilts can be.
    Thank you for sharing with us about your trip to Lancaster.

  95. Eleanor Davis says

    When we visit Shipsheawan, In. We like to eat at the Bluegate Inn.

    My friend and I enjoy your books very much. We trade them back and forth. Her husband drives for the Amish and these books give her more insight and give us a lot to discuss. Thanks.

  96. I always tease my husband for never taking me to an Amish community since Im obsessed with their lifestyle and we live in Ohio! He teases me back saying “You agreed to live our modern yet simple life that often boils down to no money!” Truth be told as much as I would love to go one day I enjoy our very simple life even if it includes no money for traveling!

  97. Bonnie Western says

    I find reading your books very intriguing. It brings life to a ‘slower’ pace and I think we need more of that! I don’t think there is a book that you have written that I didn’t like. I have read several more than once and I feel different every time I read them. I love the characters in the books and also that they ‘spill’ over to other books. I look forward to reading the next book coming out in September.

  98. Shirley Cox says

    My favorite Amish Food Restaurant is Yoder’s Kitchen in Arthur, Illinois. My favorites are their chicken and dumplings or fried chicken with mashed potatoes. I absolutely love their Strawberry pie and homemade peanut butter spread or apple butter on homemade bread. It is a delight and a pleasure to go Arthur to eat. I also like the Korner Cafe in Chesterville, Illinois. If you haven’t made it to these restaurants, next time you are in the area given them a try. I enjoy reading your books. I went to grade school in Arcola and enjoyed learning about the Amish culture from classmates, as well as the community.

  99. Darlene Carroll says

    I have never had the chance to visit Amish country. If I ever have the chance I would love to go to see the Amish that live in Pennsylvania.

  100. I love to read books about Amish people. I am at the library now to see if there are any new releases.

  101. Fannie Wiggins says

    I visited an Amish community near Chambersburg, PA back in the late 70’s. I don’t remember the name of the restaurants I ate in now. Too many years have passed. I know I really enjoyed the food. I also remember purchasing food to take home at the market before leaving. There is a produce stand that is selling Amish now but I haven’t stopped by yet. Please enter me in your contest.

  102. Michelle Steele says

    I live in Ohio, and our favorite place to eat in Berlin is the Farmstead Restaurant! It has so many wonderful homemade items to choose from. Best of all, the staff there is so nice . We have been going there for years and I have never had a bad experience. I hear their breakfast bar is great too!

  103. Jean Hall says

    Sugarcreek Ohio is not too far from us yet we have never been there except to drive by. There are several Amish restaurants we have been meaning to go to and hopefully we will make it there some day!

  104. Vivian Furbay says

    Since I live in Colorado, the nearest Amish community is at Westcliffe, CO. I have never been there but the Amish have a bakery and furniture store there. That would be a nice place to visit and I would love to get something at the bakery.

  105. Alberta Wells says

    Wanda, So love your books..Love reading about the Amish. I don’t part with any of them. I go back and read a second time..Thanks so much..

  106. Theresa A Babcock says

    I have been going to Lancaster, PA since I was ten years old. That’s where I started buying your books many years ago! I remember being fascinated as a young child with the Amish way of life. I learned a lot about the Amish from your newsletters and your books. My favorite restaurant is Bird In Hand! Some of my family went there last weekend and saw the play Stolen. Wonderful little theater there. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge about the Amish.

  107. Barbara OBrien says

    During the winter months, I enjoy visiting the Amish in the Pinecraft community of Sarasota Florida, eating at Yoders and shopping in the village

  108. Connie Ruggles says

    It’s been about 18 years since our last of 3 visits to the Lancaster, PA area and I loved all of our visits! Visiting all of the different buffet restaurants was fun, I can’t remember names in particular. We also went to a couple of family-style restaurants. I tried to sample local items that weren’t necessarily available in the Northeast. Those buffet restaurants are huge and amazing!!!!

  109. Gwynn Shelton says

    I love reading your journals. And I love trying your recipes. I been to Lancaster Pa many times. Gone to Good N Plenty. Love visiting. the farms and farmers Market. And I love ready Wanda Brunstetter Books. One of my favorite writers.

  110. Debbie Benzi says

    i visited Amish country with a friend. We went to a show at the Sight and Sound Theatre. We ate ate a restaurant directly in front of the theatre, but, unfortunately, I can’t recall the name of it. Anyway, the food was delicious. My friend and I were part of a bus trip, so the entire bus was served family style. It was a lot of fun, and the food was yummy. I mostly remember the ham balls. I had never had anything like them before. Fantastic!

  111. Several years ago, my husband’s parents took us to Green Dragon market. I think it was in Lancaster, PA. We had the most wonderful cinnamon rolls at an Amish bakery there!

  112. Teresa Cansler says

    I’d like to visit Bird in Hand, or Paradise. Both of thes sound so heavenly I love birds and I know I will love Paradise with our Lord!

  113. Linda Lee says

    Love all your books so would be awesome to win one. I am actually reading a Christmas book right now.

  114. Boyd & Wurthmann Restaurant in Berlin, OH! Reasonable prices, generous portions, and EXCELLENT food! 🙂

  115. Sondra Thatcher says

    I have eaten in several Amish restaurants over the past several years. The food is just wonderful in all of them. However, nothing compares to the Amish home I ate at in Shipshewana. We had the good fortune of eating there with you during one of your book signings in the community. The food was like nothing I’ve ever eaten before. If anyone ever gets the opportunity to dine in an Amish home they need to do it. There is no better experience.

  116. Cathy Genna says

    My mother’s family resides in Lancaster. I have purchased breads and pies from the Amish community around Bird-in-Hand. From afar I watch the Amish families and ponder how to live my life a little simpler.

  117. We have been to Yoder, Ks a few times. The baker there had so many wonderful items it’s hard to decide what to get. The restaurant there – Carriage Crossing – serves authentic Amish food which is always delicious. We like to go there for special occasions.

  118. Adrienne Davis says

    Wanda, I’ve loved your books for 3 years now, and I continue to be drawn into the simple life. I haven’t been able to visit an Amish area yet, but I’m hoping to visit Shipshewana this summer or fall with my husband and son. I’d love to meet Amish residents and spend time getting to know them, but I don’t have any connections to introduce me. Hopefully one day I’ll figure out a way to explore this culture more in depth.

  119. Sarah M. Arnold says

    I love going to Lancaster, PA. I love eating at Hershey’s Farm. All of the food is delicious. I also love eating at Shady Maple. All of the food is delicious. I would love to go back there soon.

  120. Pamela Pavkov says

    I have visited many Amish communities and have several places I love to eat Essenhaus in Middlebury. Blue Gate in Shipshewana, Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen inHolmes County and there is a big buffet in Lancaster county that I van’t remember the name. Really any of the Amish places in the small ones are excellent.

  121. Sherry Gross says

    I lived in Indiana all my life. I enjoyed visiting Shipshewana and Nappanee. My ex husband worked at Gulfstream Coach in Nappanee. I love the food at Amish Acres and the Amish restaurant in the strip mall in Nappanee. The simple life simply amazing to me. I love your books I have recently read all of your books at my local library here in Clay Center Kansas. I moved here in 2010. Keep up the good work.

  122. Joyce Wilson says

    As a child I grew up near Waterloo, Iowa. I recall seeing horse and buggies sometimes,. My dad had two brothers who lived at Hazelton near Oelwein. As a result I became interested in Amish communities. I have read nearly all your books and really enjoyed them. I have visited small communities in the Midwest. My most exciting experience was visiting Lancaster Pa. we stayed at Zook B&B in Lancaster. One evening we went for dinner at one home of a relative of Mrs. Zook. My husband and I had a wonderful experience. Another highlight was going to an Amish farm and ordering a quilt. I could hardly wait for the quilt to arrive. It made our bedroom so beautiful. Thanks for your wonderful books.

  123. karen smith says


  124. ciao, I’m marta, from italy-europe.
    I looove reading amish books, I read them in english, because there aren’t in italian.
    an idea for you… translate your books in italian!
    in the year 2001, my family and me went to Pennsilvania to meet our relatives. Joe drove us to an amish village near NewCastle, we walked around, ate ice cream, visited a wood firm (because my father is wood worker), nice!
    ciao, thanks for your good books, martaA

  125. My family has the unique pleasure of living within an hour drive of one of the largest Amish communities here in Ohio. Our family made yearly pilgrimages to “Amish country” (as we refer to it) when our children were young. We drove the winding roads during the fall and the spring taking in the sights and sounds of the community. I still have souvenirs my children created at Wendell August Forge. We even had our rice bed bedroom set crafted at a small furniture store in Holmes County. It’s still beautiful and has graced 3 homes. We enjoyed the flea market and ate at the Amish Door and the quaint Charm Family Restaurant. My husband and I are excitedly celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary at a cozy cottage in Berlin, Ohio in July. We love seeing the beautiful flower gardens and am looking forward to some broasted chicken and homemade pie. We’ll even bring back some freshly made cheese from one of the cheese shops in Millersburg. Looking forward to a great time there visiting the kind and warm people in the Amish community and appreciating the beautiful landscapes. We invite everyone to one of our favorite counties in Ohio, Holmes County. You will fall in love with the community just as we have. Come hungry!
    See you there!

  126. Penny Knowlton says

    I haven’t had a chance to visit any Amish area but I would love to. In the books I’ve read they always seem to be having big family meals and I would love to try some of those dishes. I’m going to make Sue’s chicken casserole from the bride’s of the big valley book. I would also love to get a quilt.

  127. Heather Lee Joseph says

    I have read all of your books and live hours your time different communities together. I’m currently waking up in Lancaster this morning for the first time. I’m anxious to check out the places mentioned in your books, and then some. I am from Ohio so we frequent Holmes county quite regularly. Matter of fact, we just missed you at The Carlisle a few years back! Or favorite place to eat there was the Charm family restaurant across from Keim lumber. Note I’m looking for a fave in Lancaster. Wish me luck!

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