Are you a trusting person by nature, or is it something you’ve had to learn? Do you have a sixth sense about when you can trust another person?
The Amish are some of the most trusting people I know. They trust their horses to pull their buggies. They trust their older children to care for the younger ones. They trust God to provide for all of their needs.
When my husband and I visited an Amish schoolhouse for the first time, even though the teachers had never met us, they trusted us to come in peace. In fact, we were welcomed into their classroom.
The truth is, there are some people we cannot trust. However, God wants us to trust Him in all things. He is our fortress, our shelter in the time of storm. Are you able to lay your worries and cares aside and trust that the Lord will see you through anything life throws at you?
In Numbers 6:25 we are told that the Lord makes His face shine upon us. Knowing that God is always with us, and that His face is actually shining on us, should give a sense of security and trust, even in the most frightening circumstances. A calm mind and a confident heart are available to every believer. Ask God to teach you to trust Him more and help you to relax in Him. How have you learned to trust God in your life?


  1. He has brought me through some very hard things the last 2 years and through it all since the day i got saved at 6 years old ( Now 55 ) He has never ever left me and he has always guided me back to him and what he wanted for my life. Learning to be content alone has been the very biggest one… because in being alone….He is enough and he has provided for my every need…
    Love you Wanda, I so needed this today!
    Linda Marie

    • Jean Grzebinski says

      I have always trusted God and He has always answered my prayers, sometime I had to wait. I trusted people people untill I got older, some are good others not so good, love the Amish stores always have me feeling happy.

  2. Elaine Shorb says

    God has been with me through some tough times.
    I really needed this hear message today. I, sometimes, do not think that my faith is strong. I, then, find that I should turn everything over to God. And, today, I will pray that I can turn my problems in the Lord’s hands.
    Thank you, again, for this wonderful reminder of God’s love for us.

    • Ethel Susan McCafferty says

      God has turned my world completely around. When my 4 kids they grew up with being practicqlly rqising themselves, my husbqnd wqs disqbled qnd i worked 2 jobs. Then when i turned 57 i started doing behavior foster girls, i now have 3 girls and guardianship on 2 boys. I am so blessed. We attend church every Sunday. But i cant stop reqding Wandas books in my spare time. Thank you

  3. nancy watts says

    I have been blessed with the love of God for so long. He always shows He knows best. I had a couple years that I lost a lot of loved ones He showed me how to get through it.

  4. Christi Kellogg says

    I really needed this today. Thanks. Please enter me in your latest drawing. Thanks so much.

  5. Pauline says

    I have been through hard times in my life but have always pulled through. I sometimes feel that someone is looking out for me a believes in me. God has been there for me.

  6. Lelia (Lucy) Reynolds says

    Yes, my trust in God has seen me through some harrowing times. If not for my trust in Him I would not be here. He was my protector in an abusive marriage. He was my provider when my ex destroyed everything I owned except the clothes on my back. He was my light in the darkness when I moved with my kids over 900 miles away. He was my redeemer when 20 years later I moved back to my home state. He was my restorer when He gave me an amazing husband almost six years ago. Praise His Holy Name.

  7. I have learned to put my trust in God. Even more so this past year. My husband lost his job of almost 20 years but within 2 weeks he had another job! THAT was God! I’m learning more and more to trust HIM for our finances. I am a trusting person but I do that that “sense” when I shouldn’t.

  8. I know that sometimes the trust we have in God can be tested greatly, especially when we or someone we know is praying for health improvement and it is slow in coming. Yes, it is a test of our faith. Yes even with that, I trust him with all my heart.

  9. Jackie Jones says

    For the last 12 weeks: lost one of my best friends; my daddy, lost my sweet sister in law to cancer, husband had stroke, lost his vision temporarily, had pacemaker inserted, heat pump crashed, main pipes backed up and messed up 3 rooms, and through it all I knew our God, my Jesus, and angels had my back!

  10. Lori Yoder McCleskey says

    God has brought me through many hard knocks in life, has never left my side & I know I can put my trust in Him & He will NEVER fail me. I really hope I win this series of books. I have read all of them through my Library app, but the last book was never offered! I want to be able to read the last one, so I hope I win the whole series so I will have them in my library! Thanks Wanda for the opportunity!

  11. I know that sometimes it is hard to have trust in God, especially when we or others we are praying for God to heal, and that healing comes slower than we want or hoped for. Yet I know that God has a plan for each of us and I trust him with all my heart.

  12. Debra Wassemiller says

    God is so faithful and loving. I’ve learned forgiveness, to forgive and to love. I’ve been hurt by some family members as they no longer speak to me. But I’ve learned to forgive them and love them. When I see them out and about, I say hello and smile. But God will soften their hearts in His time.

  13. I have prayed hard to God for important thingi i n my life. My husband has had cancer twice . One time it was 4th stage lung cancer and could not be operated on. They aid they could try radiation and chemo but did not know if it would work. he has been cancer free now for 10 years.

  14. Diann Larry says

    Trusting God in everything, that is the key. Through tough times as I do in good times.

  15. Amy Wahl says

    I have walked away from God before, trying to do my own thing. Which of course did not work. Once I put my faith and trust in HIM, he answered my prayers. I was alone, due to deaths in my family and divorce….. and I was miserable. God led me to my husband 5 years ago. I am so happy HE is a forgiving and graceful God.

  16. Theresa Rinko says

    I try very hard to trust people, but they always seem to let me down. I know if I trust in God, He will not let me down. He is the key to happiness! I pray and pray I will be strong enough to trust in His love for me.

  17. Sheri G. says

    God has been a part of my life for many years. I always know,regardless of circumstances, that I can turn to our Heavenly Father for comfort and guidance.. My favorite time and place to speak to God is early in the morning as I walk. The sense of peace during this time is wonderful.

  18. Teresa Maddox says

    I am very blessed and have struggled with trusting God by giving it all to him. As I have grown older I have become wiser and now look to him daily. I had a stroke in 2016 and by trusting in him totally I know understand that he is in control and by trusting in him miracles do happen. I am blessed to open every eyes daily, and an very grateful and trusting of God!

  19. Linda L Rabe says

    God is my Fortress and Shelter in the many storms of life that I have encountered. At the age of 14 my mother died due to cancer. I was the oldest child at home. I learned to cook and keep house at an early age. I quit school for one year, went back the next year and graduated from high school. I married at the age of 22 and at the age 51 I battled breast cancer. Thankfully as of today I am a 25 year breast cancer survivor. Without God and family I don’t know what I would have done when I battled all of my struggles.

  20. Kelly Byrd says

    I am SO thankful that we can always our Heavenly Father to be there for us. Sometimes friends and family can let us down, but is a comfort to know that God is with us no matter where we go or what we are going through. My favorite Bible verses are Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart, and lean not into thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” I always remember these verses in the times I need someone the most.

  21. Anna Hesser says

    I don’t know how people make through this life without God in it.. I depend on him every day to get me through many of life’s challenges.

  22. Gail Hollingsworth says

    My trust in fellow man has let me down many times but my trust in God never has.

  23. I trust in God. I had a tendency to trust others. However, I have learned that you cannot trust everyone. Sometimes it is the very people that you should be able trust that are not trustworthy. Now, I am a more private person.

  24. In case I’m not on here on May 12…I want to wish you and all the other mothers out there, a very Happy Mother’s Day. I have been very blessed with my daughters and my grandkids. So every day is Mothers day for me.

  25. LINDA GOAD says

    I don’t know how people survive this world without the peace of God in their life. My husband did not survive the cancer but through his illness all of our girls came back to the Lord. Praise God. My husband received total healing and is rejoicing in heaven with the Father. We all look forward to joining him one day. This was made possible only through Jesus dying on the cross and being raised again. None of us deserve it but he offers total forgiveness. Trust and grace only.

  26. Linda Bradley says

    God had been good to me. When I had cancer 6 years ago it was Him that I put my trust in through prayer, doctors and nurses to heal me. I am cancer free.

    It is difficult to trust people in today’s society as we have a me attitude. However if we help someone and they use it for the wrong reasons, I figure God will be the one they answer to in the end.

  27. Melissa Burton says

    We are need to hear this message. Currently I am having a hard time trusting people as I’ve been hurt so many times lately. But with prayers and believing I know God will give me the ability to trust people again with no questions being ask. I would like to be more like the Amish in this case. Trust, forgive and love like God does.

  28. Mary Roelke says

    Have always felt that the Lord has been by my side throughout my life.

  29. Keren Herrera says

    I have always trusted God. He has been my rock and fortress as we went through my mom’s paralysis at a young age due to arthritis/osteoporosis/rheumatoid. But my trust in him was knowing that my mom would get better and walk, run again. One day after school my sister, my mom and I went to the store and when we got out it was raining hard. Our excitement and surprise was that my mom told us run girls to the car and open the door so I can go in. I turned and told my mom you can do it mom…come on and as we reached the car we turned and my mom was Running. Me and my sister were frozen still looking at her running, after every doctor had said she would never run again. Praise God. Now my dad has a tumor in his head and we have our faith in God he will make a Miracle as well. Of course, it is hard to say to be able and freely trust people. And although I have been hurt many times by people that have been called themselves my “sister” and “friend” I think that I still trust to easy but with some reservation in how will you hurt me.

  30. IDA ELAM says

    It is still easy to trust in God, but getting harder all the time to trust people. Last week had a
    man ring our door bell at 5 am. but our light and camera came on and he left. I am sure he
    was up to no good

  31. Lois Fleming says

    God has gotten me through some pretty tough times the past 18 years … every time I ask for his guidance or sign he has always been there for me .. I love love your writing
    Lois Fleming

  32. shelly itkin says

    This is a crazy world and many people who frighten us when we see or hear the news. I trust in God but sometimes I question how he can let certain things happen.

  33. Gail Bennett says

    We are blessed are we not? Yet for me, trust of men has not come easily. My dad was a weekend alcoholic and not a pleasant one at that. It has taken me years to realize that he was a good man, except for the alcohol. The alcohol was not him, he was good without it. Stern and not overly compassionate or physically loving, but he worked hard to support his family and that was how he showed his love for us. Once in awhile he would even say it. Not often and not loud. That was my dad. But my FATHER has shouted his love in so many ways. Yes, we can trust the FATHER. I love to read Wanda’s books and am so delighted when the dad is engaging and loving to his family.

  34. Deborah D says

    I do trust in God. I was born 3 months early in a little town in Pennsylvania’s mining country in 1973. Everyone thought that I was going to die, My grandmother said that I wasn’t and proceeded to make diapers. Back then there were no premature diapers made so she made the ones I used as well as a bonnet, little dress and booties. In July 1973 I was released from that tiny hospital alive and well. My grandmother prayed everyday all day until I got home from the hospital. I ended up with Cerebral Palsy but I love my life. As for people in general I trust them.

  35. Linda Martin says

    I just love each and every book that you have written. I keep a list going so that I know which books to check out at my local library. I love all of your books and you describe the scene and I can imagine it in my head. You are an outstanding author Wanda. I would love to win your Saga series. Thank you for the opportunity!

  36. florence hemingway says

    love ALL the books you have written and eagerly await each new one !!!! had the chance to meet you when you did a book signing in Zanesville , Ohio…so wonderful !!!!! Flo Hemingway

  37. Carol Maldonado says

    God is our Hope ..I trust in him

  38. Hi Wanda,
    I tend to be a suspicious person by nature. I don’t like that about myself, but due to some circumstances in my life, being hurt by people I thought had my best interest at heart, I seem to think that new people I meet have an agenda. I admire the Amish for being so trusting, and I know they get taken advantage of. My family visits a small Amish community in southern Indiana, and they are the sweetest people I know. But occasionally a bus tour will come up their driveway with no regard for their feelings or personal space. Mary, the Amish mother there, sends her children right into the house when that happens, but she is graceful until the picture taking (ugh) bus pulls out. Thank you for sharing with us, and I love your books. I share them with my mother!

  39. Sarah Hinshaw says

    I love your books a lot Wanda!

  40. Stephanie H. says

    I trust God with all my heart. He has saved me many times over the years and he has also provided me with comfort when I have needed it the most!

  41. I do not look forward to Mother’s Day any more, or any holiday, for that matter. God blessed me with the births of six children. I was pregnant with the first one a month before I turned 17. Two of my children are daughters. When I talked with them about my being pregnant while still 16 they bawled me out and told me I wasn’t pregnant when I was 16 because I was only a month away from being 17. I loved their father, but God had to help me do that, as he raped me on my second and what I had told him and myself would be my last date with him and again early in the day we were to be married in the evening, even though I had told him he was not to see or be with me before our wedding. It has taken me all of these years to realize he did as he did on our wedding day because he hoped I would not marry him. Coming from a large, poverty stricken home with six siblings who had nothing to do with me, because they thought our parents favored me more than them (due to a broken shoulder at the age of 4 or 5 and surgery for a childhood melanoma I required more care than they were getting, but no one told me why they would not include me in their lives until a year or so ago and I am 75 now, but I am thankful for one sister finally telling me). I had told the father of my children I did not want to date him or anyone else for a long, long time, because I realized I was too young to be dating and I was still trying to get beyond the heartbreak of the boy I had grown to love leaving me for another girl. Because of having no one to tell what had happened and my immature mind, I told myself God meant for me to stay with him. That and believing him when he told me that he loved me. Life proved that he did not know the meaning of love, but God helped me to love him through nearly 35 years of marriage, but because of the serious problems he still had with desiring other women and the abusive way he treated our youngest son and me, God gave me the courage to finally walk away and with God’s help, to build a new life for myself and eventually a new husband, who is now 90. Sadly, the years since our divorce have brought division that has nearly destroyed me, as my oldest daughter, who is very close to her father, began three years and 8 months ago openly calling me a liar, and has shunned me and humiliated me in front of everyone I have known and trusted as family, including all of the rest of my kids. No one will tell me what lies she considers me to have told and even though I have done my best to apologize to her and to all of my kids for whatever it is, my apologies have not been acknowledged or accepted. Even though I know that it has been and is only with the help of God and Jesus Christ that I am alive, so many of my days are spent asking God to help me understand and to be able to stop grieving for what feels like the loss of all of my kids and grandkids, except in cursory ways and I am so tired that it is hard for me to want to rise and begin another day, but each day I do my best to try and I pray that if what has happened is my fault God will help me to see and know how to help things be as they need to be and if it is not, that God will open their eyes, that they might see before it is too late. I am no longer the young person I once was, even in my heart and I find myself so often looking toward the day I will be with my parents and other loved ones in heaven and that if things do not change before then, that one day my children and their families will one day be there too. I cling to Psalms 46:10 – Be still and know that I am God; and do my best to put my faith and trust in God completely, but many days I have to pray for God to help my faith to grow and to help my unbelief when I feel myself faltering in regard to hope. I pray for all of my children constantly, that God will keep them safe and guide their lives, but my constant prayer is also may God forgive them, for they know not what they do. I am so thankful I can know that I have always loved my mother, even when things were not as they needed to be between us. I never in my life would ever have dreamed the babies I asked God for in prayer would one day feel about me as they do. They were my gifts from God, my blessings in life from him. I will always be thankful for the years when I knew they loved me and things were as they should be, but the sadness of how things are and have been for too long permeates my life each day and night and my only hope in life is God and thankfulness for a husband who loves me.

    • It happens, our children grow up and are influenced by others, but have faith, the bible says 6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. So, perhaps our children need to get REALLY OLD before they follow Jesus, and see life the way He sees it, which is in purity and truth. God will grow your faith, He loves you. Hang on. Never let Him go.

      • Thank you so much, Nancy. I do my best to cling to the fact that I know I did my best to do as your reply says and train up my children in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it, and I am thankful I can know that, but some days are much harder than others. I don’t know if your reply was meant for me specifically or not, but I feel in my heart that no matter, it was filled with the words I have needed so much to hear. I do know I would not and could not have survived without the help of God and Christ. Thank you again, Carole

  42. toni coleman says

    When we leave this life trusting in Gods promises will take us to the end of our race!

  43. I have trust in God only. God has helped me much through so much.

  44. Ruth Haer says

    God has been with me through many joys and sorrows in my life. Without God, I would not be in such a great place in life. I’ve trusted Him with my life. Jesus is my Lord and Savior!

  45. Cindi Hoppes says

    I have always been a rather gullible person! Of
    course, I have gotten hurt, learnec, and grew from
    being this way… I do trust that God in an integral
    part of my trusting others, and the teaching that comes
    with it.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  46. Gladys Paradowski says

    I don’t understand how people survive who don’t trust God.

  47. God has always been with me and watched over me in good and bad times.

  48. Danielle says

    God can bring a person through all sorts of things. I know when I am depressed, lonely, or scared he will be there to help me.

  49. Fannie Goldsmith says

    Wanda, thank you for continuing to write about the Amish. I can truthfully say it is my Amish background that gives me strength day by day. I don’t always trust as they do but I remember how my parents used to trust people.. What an awesome example!

  50. I am going through some tough times now. I have some health issues and as a result it is causing m depression to go through the roof. I am on med now but so far it is t working which I have been on it long enough to start working. I put all my faith and trust in God that he will help me through this time. I love your books and would really like to win one. Thank you and God Bless

  51. Barbara Stringer says

    I trust the Lord implicitly. Next to Him, I trust my husband and my children. Sometimes I sense if I can trust someone and I believe it’s the Lord who gives me that “6th” sense.
    I love your books – you have a God given talent to bring the reader right into the story.

  52. Cheryl Shanor says

    I am thankful that God loves me so much. As we have just come through the Easter time, it is so unbelievable that God loves me enough to die for me. It is my goal in life to serve Him . I know I am not perfect, but He lo es me anyway. I love reading your books and enjoy reading about the Amish. Love Lancaster, Pa as well.

  53. I pray and trust God as the Bible directs.

  54. Linda Critcher says

    I try to be trustful of folk until they prove me wrong. Then the trust is broken. I always told my son when he was a teen, “I’ll trust you and believe you until you lie to me”. Hopefully he was always honest and truthful. At least I never discovered it and that’s been 32 years ago. I’ve had friends in the past I trusted so much, but unfortunately they proved to me wrong. That hurt so bad, that it’s taken me 10 years to overcome it.

  55. This is so hard for me and I’m working on it everyday but it’s a lot of just trusting that everything is for my best, even if I don’t understand it now and even if I may never understand it.

  56. Debbie Benzi says

    When I am going through a difficult period, it is so easy to panic. I used to get very nervous, and I would worry constantly. I have learned to pray to God about my difficulties and at the end of my prayer say, “God, I now leave this in your hands.” Every time I begin to get nervous, I remind myself I am not in control, God is, and he will handle it. My part is to act as God would want me to.

    • Do you ever have to struggle with yourself to LEAVE it in God’s hands? I do. I”m such a spiritual weakling.

  57. Barbara Price says

    There is one you can always trust!

  58. Sometimes it is hard to trust someone who has hurt you but then you have to remember how God has forgiven you and so you have forgive the person who hurt you.

  59. Mary Preston says

    I do struggle with trusting some people.

  60. Sandra Kordish says

    Many people cannot be trusted but we can have faith in God to lead us to still waters.

  61. I try to always trust God but at times I do fall short. It’s easy to het worried about simple things such as bills or needing to buy school clothes or something involving money. I try to constantly remind myself God will help me and somehow I always come through! Thank you for your amazing books.

  62. Mary Ritchie says

    I would love to win a signed book of yours
    Love all your books and can’t wait til the next comes out

  63. Susan Campbell says

    God has been with me since I was little. I have seen how he helps people everyday. I can always trust God even if it isn’t what I want.

  64. Maxine Resler says

    He has never failed me yet, even though I have failed Him many times. He is amazing God.

  65. Marcia Emig says

    With God all things are possible. I truly put all my trust in HIM. Like everyone, I have had some really tough times in my life, but knowing God is with me has made them tolerable. So many times things have happened (good and bad) that I know God is with me.

  66. Nancy Brown says

    I”m not a very trusting person, but sometimes I am gullible. Learning from God my Heavenly Father HOW to trust Him has been a huge, uphill, and ongoing battle and journey for me.
    When people sing that song, All to Jesus I surrender, all to Him I freely give, I wonder if they think about what all that could involve?
    Galatians 5:17 King James Version (KJV)

    17 For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.
    I wish I was a better Christian.

  67. Katherine Brooks says

    We are learning as a family to trust in Him. It has been hard but He has blessed us so much just by us putting out trust in Him to get us through different things.

  68. Sarah M. Arnold says

    I trust in God. God has helped me so much. I wish everyone in the world would be trustworthy but that isn’t so. People need to give it to God and that helps.

  69. Barbara Beltinck says

    I trust the Lord and even if he doesn’t answer our prayers in a timely fashion or the way we want him to, a door closes and another usually opens. Just went thru a period of illness and came out of it.

  70. Brittiny says

    God has never let me down. I remember when my parents divorced. It was so hard, but my Memaw (who introduced me to your books 😊) shared a scripture with me… “When my father and my mother forsake me, the Lord will take care of me.” Psalm 27:10. I was 12 when this took place. Memaw has gone to be with the Lord. The Lord has been true to His word! I am a pastor’s wife now. Almost 20 years have passed, but He remains faithful.

    Thank you for listening! I love your books!!

  71. SARAH TAYLOR says

    I trust The Lord completely in his word he tells us He never leaves us or forsakes us. Love your books Wanda please enter me in your contest! I have had some very hard times but I always trust in The Lord.

  72. Carolyn Thompson says

    If I am honest here, God has been my refuge time and time again. I’ve witnessed what He has done for me, but there are still times where I allow doubt to creep in. Why, when He told us I will be with you always, even until the end…

  73. Vivian Furbay says

    I have had to learn the hard way that I can control anything but my responses to things and that God is in control. One of the precious promises I love is that He will never leave me nor forsake me and nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

  74. Laurie Wolf says

    I love the scripture Proverbs3:5,6 The Lord has never let me down. In Him will I put my trust.
    Thanks for your journal entry. I love your books!!

  75. Natalie says

    I trust God but as far as people go not so much. I have seen so much in my life time from people I would have thought were trust worthy but really were not,. That includes family, friends and even people at church. I really wish I could trust people.

  76. Brenda Turner-Elwess says

    Interesting that you would post about trust, Miss Wanda. I began reading your books at a tumultuous time in my life,when God was carrying me, and teaching me total dependence on Him. My first husband, who was a youth pastor, cheated on me and abandoned me. Even though I was financially self-sufficient, I was very much dependent on him emotionally. A friend loaned the Daughters of Lancaster County series to me, and I couldn’t put it down. (I never read Amish fiction before.) I got such peace as God began to speak through the pages of your writing. Your writing is one of the tools in my life He used to teach me to trust Him completely with every situation. I think this is why your books, and a those of a few other special authors, have meant so much to me. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to use the gifts He has given you.

  77. Karen Kaufmann says

    I needed to hear your message today. I am a believer but struggle to let go of trying to control situations . The Lord encourages us to lean on Him & have patience. Thank you for the inspiration that is contained in each of your books.

  78. Helene. Mcgee says

    I am a very trusting person. In the past few hrs. Much has gone wrong, but I believe that all things will get better. I love your book’s Wanda! Please enter my name in your contest.

  79. Helen Ballard says

    I have had trouble falling asleep lately and since I know God has helped me in the past, I TRUST that he can help me relax from my busy day and help me get my rest. I just begin praying for family members and for people I may not actually know, but for people in situations I read about on Facebook and on the news and just throughout the world. I have prayed for travel mercies for you and your family as you attend book signings throughout the USA. I never run out of people I can pray for. I’ve never taken a sleeping pill, because I have trusted God to help me each night.

  80. Andrea Leonard says

    First of all, Wanda, I want to wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day. Since I have been receiving your
    beautiful newsletters and everything you have been sharing, I want you to know I appreciate your faithfulness in keeping up with so much to help me to grow in the Lord. I love each journal message you share with us and can never thank you enough. You deserve to be wished a Happy
    Mother’s Day as you have shared so many valuable thoughts with me. My Mom has been in Heaven for 8 years in July and I still miss her terribly as we were very close. Now that I hear from
    you I can’t thank you enough for sharing so much with me. Also I want to thank you for your
    journal entry of “Trust” in this newsletter from you. We do have to trust God for so much and just knowing He wants us to, is such a great comfort. He is our present help in time of trouble. Since
    my husband and I both have been diagnosed with life threatening diseases, we are learning to trust God much more than ever before. We could not make it without Him. Praise His Holy Name! I love your books so much. I am almost finished with all of the books in The Amish
    Millionaire. I love this continued story . Very interesting!!! A friend shared these with me.
    I love you and God bless you.
    Your friend,

  81. B.A. Shields says

    Thank you, you are Blessing to me.
    Love reading your stories and the Amish life and history. Thankyou.

  82. Susan Delorey says

    I have been hurt many times by trusting the wrong people. I will always trust God. He has never nor will ever betray me or hurt me in any way. He only wants what is best for me.

  83. Linda McFarland says

    Joy is found in trusting the Lord. As I am sure the Amish have found as we all have people will let you down. We just keep trying knowing God is always trust-worthy.

  84. Marti Combs says

    I love the Amish the simple life they live, their faith in God, the way they live day to day, U love reading about them , always loved going to Sheshewana, here in Indiana, love talking to them when get a chance, getting to know them, I respect their ways of living and the good Lord always come 1st to them, sincerely God Bless them, Marti C

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