Love is the Key

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, as well as my husband’s and my wedding anniversary, I’ve been thinking a lot about love. I’m reminded of a little song that my ventriloquist figure, Randy Right, sometimes sings when we are performing. It’s entitled “Love is the Key.” The words to the song go like this: Love, Love, Love is the Key. . . Love, Love, Love is the Key, The key for you and the key for me. . . Love, Love, Love is the Key.

How great would our world be if everyone loved each other and we showed it through our words and deeds? Although we have no control of how others treat us, we can control the way we treat each other. Are there some special ways you can show love to your family, friends, or even strangers?

Showing love to others can certainly be the key to happiness and peace.


  1. Mary Anne Montgomery says

    First of all, I want to thank you for writing such wonderful Christian books. I came across one of your books; Lydia’s Charm and bought it. I started to read it and it was so good that I couldn’t put it down. I stayed up until 1:00 am to finish it. I am looking forward to buying more of your books and reading them as well. To let others know how we feel about them. I feel it is very important to send them or give them a card . People don’t send cards as much as they used to and they appreciate getting them very much. My daughter has a card ministry; she sends lots of cards and also gives them out to family and friends. They appreciate her doing so very much.

  2. Latina D Stroughter says

    Showing love is telling the truth, and at times, removing yourself from a person or relationship. Love is acknowledging the person, letting them know that you see them, letting them know that you care, and letting them know that they matter. This s done through a smile, an act of kindness, and genuinely listening to the person EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!

  3. Angela Nelan says

    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, Wanda! I always dreamed of having a Valentine’s Day marriage. God had other plans for our day of bliss. We have been happily married for 32 years (as of Nov. 22) and have three wonderful children, and three fabulous grandchildren. We have always made Valentine’s Day a special day with our children. We would share a special dinner with them and then they each received a small, heart shaped box of chocolates for dessert. Now our children are each in different places within the United States, and so far away from us. The oldest is a Staff Sergeant in the Military (x 10 yrs), the middle one is a fabulous potter and Mommy of 2 little ones, and the youngest is a private pilot/pilot instructor. There was lots of love shown in our little house. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. It would be nice if everyone did love all, however I don’t think that will happen. We just need to keep on praying and show love to those we do love.

  5. I have struggled with loving others, because of them, and the events of the past year, I no longer have a home, get to be with my family, or see them very often. I am harassed continually by these wicked people, and they have tried to destroy everything I own. My home was vandalized continually for months. I have been threatened on the road night and day for months. These are truly evil people, and no amount of trying to live peaceably with them has helped. You can’t show love to gangs of people whose desire is to harm you, and destroy your life.
    But what I continue to remind myself is that I am a Christian, and yes sometimes a prayer is all you can give someone who wants to destroy you. I can’t give love to someone like they are, but I pray for them for their immortal soul, that they will come out of the darkness they are in, and find the Lord and be saved by Him. I know all this was done for evil, but like with Joseph in Egypt, the Lord allowed it for righteousness sake. for good .
    I have yet to see the good, but it is there, and I know the. Lord has not forsaken me. I love Him.

  6. Rachel Gunter says

    The world would be such a better place if everyone loved each other and show it through words and deeds. I do my best to live by the golden rule do unto other as you would like them to do unto you.
    So I do my best treat everyone with kindness and respect no matter the way they treat me. I always try to help my family with whatever they need. I always say I love you before I hang up the phone with my family even if we disagree, Because if that is the last thing they may ever hear me say they will know that I love them. My family and I live far apart so I send cards just thinking of you and Holiday cards and if they do not call me I call them often. I do this with my friends as well. My birthday is Friday the 8th of this month and I am getting birthday cards coming from family and friends.My son called said he is taking me out to dinner one day that weekend so I think that is special. We have a lot of problems in my family with family members not talking to each other but I do my best to talk to every family member and let them know I love them even if they do not speak to me.

    • Teresa J Henson says

      I do my best to tell my loved ones, in some way or another, whether in person, by phone, or text everyday. Like you, if it’s the last thing they hear from me, I want it to be that they know I love them, and am thinking of them. It may also improve their mood if they are feeling lonely or down. Bless you


    We have just celebrated our 59th anniversary on Jan. 4th . The LORD has blessed us with 7 children and a large passel of Grand kids. We are so blessed that GOD has given us good health and lots of friends. We never miss the chance to go to Church every Sunday . I love the books you write and read them faithfully.

  8. SARAH TAYLOR says

    Happy Anniversary To You and Your Husband Hope you have a great day If everyone would love each other as Jesus Loves us it would be a better world to live in ! My Husband and I was married 35 years when he gained his wings if he would of lived this Dec. we would of been married 46 years I have my 5 grown children and their families and They show me so much Love Have a Blessed Day! And Happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. Sondra Thatcher says

    My son was in McDonald’s drive thru one day. When he got to the window to pay the employee said the car in front of him had paid his bill. What a wonderful way to show love to complete strangers. Maybe if this was done a little more often the world would be a better place. I try to help people as much as possible. When something good is done for me truly believe in paying it forward. There are so many small ways to show love to someone. More times than not it makes their day so much better. Happy Anniversary and God Bless.

  10. Always listen. It means a lot just to have someone to talk to.

  11. Happy Anniversary!! My husband and I will be married 20 years this September. Love has been the key to our marriage lasting, with Gods love being the biggest help. Love your books!

  12. Charla McFadden says

    Happy anniversary to you and your husband I hope you two have a great day! Should always listen to one another good communication is the key to any relationship love always respect is good too love i in a relationship will go far love is a good thing

  13. Happy anniversary to you and your husband !

  14. I always try to help my sisters with anything they are doing. When every one pitches in the work goes faster.

  15. I always try to be courteous when on the phone with callers trying to sell me something.

  16. When I have a large order at a store I will let the people in back of me that have only a few articles go ahead.

  17. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and your husband. God Bless.
    Joan Marion and Marilyn

  18. Wanda Maynard says

    Happy anniversary to you and your husband. My birthday falls on the 13 of Feb. My husband and I celebrated our 5oth wedding anniversary just this past Summer, and renewed our vows. Isn’t love grand?

  19. We can all begin in our homes to show genuine love. Then we can start showing love to others around us….making cookies for a neighbor, taking a plant to a shut in. If you cant do that, simply smile & say good morning or give your seat to someone….. share or give your lunch to
    Someone without. It doesnt start with “someone
    else,” but with each of us. 💕💗💞

  20. Jean Benson Thompson says

    I saw love in the tears that rolled down my husband’s uncle’s Cheeks during the Funeral Service for his wife back on Jan. 18.. They spent many Happy Years Together… I feel love when I remember my Dad and how much he helped me and my Husband on our house as we fixed up and Remodeled the 100 yr old house.. He passed back in November of 2002. I feel Love when my Grandkids give me Hugs. Saw Love when we celebrated my Mom’s 88th Birthday at my Uncle’s Home back on Jan. 22. He is my Dad’s Brother and he will be 97 this spring.. My Husband and I will have our 40th Anniversary in October… Congratulations for your Anniversary Too..

  21. Heidi Story says

    Happy Anniversary!
    I like to show love with acts of service. Helping someone with a task, delivering a meal, even sharing books. I raised my 4 children to volunteer often and seek ways to help others. I’ve been delighted when I see them reaching out to the people around them. I pray for our country to unite in peace and love.

  22. Alicia gumke says

    Love your books. I have read all the one my library has and they have even got some from a series that they don’t have for me from other libraries. Can’t wait to read the rest of the hope jar series.

  23. Gail Benoit says

    Happy Anniversary. My husband and I celebrated 55 years on Nov. 30th. Love keeps us together.

  24. Sending cards to folks means so much especially if they are in assisted living and not able to be in contact with others.
    Young children like to get their own cards in the mail – very special for them.

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  25. Happy Anniversary to you and Richard this month, as well as a Happy Valentines Day!

    Showing love, no matter to who it might be, could be a smile, showing kindness, giving a hug, sending a card, calling someone on the phone, checking in on someone or even visiting a stranger at a nursing home that doesn’t have anyone! There are many ways to show love everyday of the year, not just one. We should all spread love to one another!

  26. I agree that it would be great if everyone showed love towards everyone else. I too try to follow the golden rule and pray for those who don’t treat other people well. Being a Christian certainly helps as I am living my life.
    My daughter and I made valentines for old people at Pat Catan’s one year. She is quite artistic and for the past few years has made cards for children in the hospital around the holidays and has decided to donate some of the stuffed animals she has made to the Crisis Pregnancy Center.
    She and I always make a special dessert for the family for Valentine’s Day.
    Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  27. Mary Preston says

    I believe that all acts of kindness, big or small, are the key.

  28. Vivian Furbay says

    You can always do something special for someone you care about. Encourgement is another good thing to give.

  29. Debbie Benzi says

    Simple acts of kindness are so important. Paying for the coffee for the person behind us in line when we are buying our own coffee is one way to send love to a stranger. Telling a friend they are a good parent or spouse always makes someone feel good. Baking for someone, for no reason at all, is another. In your books, the Amish frequently bake for each other, and there is always something good to eat in the kitchen when they are visiting each other. Since I began reading your books, I have been baking more for my grandchildren, and I can tell it makes them feel even more loved. Thank you for giving me the inspiration.

  30. My husband and I have been married for almost 51 years this coming April. Sadly, that he’s in a care facility. It’s so hard on me. Your books cheer me up and think positive as I do my best to care of my beloved husband. I go see him practically everyday as it’s only 6 miles from my place.
    Valentine means a lot to show my love for my husband the best I can.

    Happy Valentine!


  31. Linda Teems says

    Love IS the key. Thank you for your encouraging words and the wonderful Amish stories so beautifully written. May you always be inspired to write these heart warming stories. Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentines to you and yours.

  32. Grace Summy says

    We have a February anniversary too! 11 years today actually! We have 3 little ones, and I spend much more time with them than my husband….I think it’s easy to take each other for granted, and just to see him as my tag team partner in helping with the kids. I want to be intentional in listening to him, serving him, notes etc….not just because of our anniversary and Valentines day, but those are good reminders to me and help me evaluate. Happy Anniversary to you too Wanda!

  33. apple blossom says

    Very good thoughts. Congrats on your anniversary.

  34. I show love easily for some and hard for others.

  35. my mother was a perfect example of love for she was born on valentines day and grew up not feeling loved and I don’t know of anyone outside of God that showed me love through all of my years of being physically and sexually abused. she made it possible for me to forgive those that did that and led me to Jesus. love covers a multitude of sins. your books have been a part of my healing and I love you for that. thank you Gods love that I share with others has always come back to bless me.

  36. Cindi Hoppes says

    Happy February! Thank you for the opportunity
    to win your special book! Love, in its’ many forms,
    is the key to this life…
    Thanks, Cindi

  37. Any act of kindness is never wasted when it is done with love. Be it a word of encouragement or a smile, both can brighten one’s day.

  38. Carolyn Thompson says

    Love is the greatest commandment. How can we say we love God who we’ve never seen, but hate our brother or neighbor who we see everyday? Love helps make this world a better place.

  39. Darlene Carroll says

    I believe showing love is as simple as being there for another person. A smile, a listening ear, any kind of help. Too many people in the world today think that showing love is having to buy material things. I think the greatest treasure is to share your time with another.

  40. Thalia Harris says

    I believe showing love has less to do with what money can buy and more to do with what we do daily for one another. Sometimes it can be a small gesture, a smile or a phone call to let someone know you’re thinking about them. What may seem small and insignificant to one often is life changing to another. Love means the giving of yourself unconditionally not expecting anything in return. If the world could learn to see with the eyes of the soul instead of merely with the naked eye … what a truly beautiful world it would be (just as God intended). Thank you for adding to the beauty of His creation with your books that bring joy, love and healing to so many. God bless you!!

  41. Diann Larry says

    What the world needs now is love sweet love couldn’t be more true then it is today. I feel just being kind and thoughtful to all those around you, those you meet and those sharing the road with you, and especially your family.

  42. Carmen Preddy says

    I try to approach others with the same kindness and warmth that I wish to have shown to me. Giving others a warm greeting and smile is usually welcomed, but with others, it may catch them unaware and unsure of how to respond. Some days it is easier to be friendly than others, but trying to stay positive, even when you don’t feel it can sometimes help to get things going in a better direction not only for yourself, but for others around you as well.

  43. Teresa J Henson says

    The World is going crazy! Everyone needs to learn empathy and how to be a Christian, some in more than just the declaration of being one. If people would follow “Do Unto Others” and set good examples on how to be a true loving family member, friend, or neighbor. Whether the neighbor is the house next door, or the countries next door. About the first thing I thought of after reading about The Hope Jar, was oooo…interesting! Sounds good! And a song by Vince Gill popped in my head called “It’s What You Give Away” a very good Christian song by him. Keep up the good work entertaining others, and Thank You! I’ll stop talking now LOL

  44. Margaret Domer says

    I would like to thank you. Some of your books here lately has help me through the rough times. I have a lung disease and my oxygen has been dropping really low and sometimes I just feel like give up but i pick up one of your books and seem it’s speaking to and some of the bible verses help as well. Thank You and God Bless you. The answer to your journal is tell some who has been through a lot with you how much you appreciate and love them so much. My husband has been there through the rough times and is still there with me. When I in the hospital is right by my side. I thank that is real love.

  45. Andrea Leonard says

    May God bless you and your husband for a Very Happy Anniversary, Wanda! I think that Valentines Day is a wonderful time or near that date, for a Special Anniversary. I will be thinking of you. We celebrated our 55th Anniversary on Sept.14th, 2018. Time has gone by so quickly! The older we get, the faster it goes by! We are happy in spite of some serious health issues. I do want to thank you for your wonderful books that I love with all my heart. They do help me a lot and I
    really get inspired whenever I read them. A friend of mine shares Amish books with me and she knows how much I love yours and when she brings me some to read, I always look first to see if
    there is one of yours. I love them all and can’ thank you enough for writing them. I look forward to entering your contest for The Hope Jar. It sounds like a wonderful book as yours always are.
    I want to wish you and your husband a Wonderful Valentine’s Day, too. God bless you both with
    His love each day of your dear lives. With love and prayers, Andrea Leonard

  46. patty fendall says

    everyone will show love to one another – in heaven, but not before. We are too imperfect, even when we try our best.

  47. One thing to remember is to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Treat them as you would wish to be treated even if you are frustrated or having a bad day.

  48. Brenda McManus says

    We have so much hate in our country today,If more love was shown in our White House today we would not be facing what we are today.. My prayer is that God be put back in our White House today and people learn to love each other as God loves all of us!!

  49. Barbara A. Shields says

    Thank you for sharing the Amish way of life through your writings. It has been a long while since I have read one of your books. When I am able to get one I read it non stop till my eyes drop. They are so captivating good. Thanks you again.

  50. Helene mcgee says

    If more people would love and help each other, every thing would be so much better.

  51. Jean Goeking says

    Thank you for your thoughts on love. It’s amazing to reflect on the perfect love of Christ that He demonstrated on the cross. We need to share His sacrificial love with others.
    Happy Anniversary!

  52. Ashley Goeking says

    Happy Anniversary!
    God’s love is our perfect example.

  53. Connie Porter Saunders says

    As we lead our busy, hectic lives we think that we are too busy to show love but a simple smile. a phone call to check on someone, or even sharing food that we are ourselves are enjoying are a few simple ways to share our love of our fellow man. There have been many times when it was very obvious that my smile and thank you lifted someone’s spirits.
    Thanks you for a lovely journal article.

  54. I tell my family & friends how much they mean to me and how much I love them.I make cookies and candy to give to people to cheer them up.I always try to listen and help people when they need it.

  55. Debi Davis says

    Happy anniversary!!! Love is always a good for us to show. I appreciate all you do for us here❤

  56. Melody Bassett says

    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! May God continue to bless you both with many years of martial bliss. After my divorce, I was a single Mom to absolutely wonderful blessings from God. It was often a struggle but God always provided. Any occasion to celebrate-I grabbed it. Often Valentine’s Day would start with kisses (mine and chocolate) as I woke them up. Pink and Red Pancakes with strawberries and anything heart shaped we could do. They are grown now and I have four wonderful grandsons to spoil with a fifth grandson due in May. I tell them they are my heart and they are. This year we are dumping the parent’s and going on a date to Chick-fil-a, followed by games and a goodie bag. They are already looking forward to it and so am I. I show love to my friends and co-workers by smiling, being encouraging and letting them know I am available for agreement with them in prayer or just to pray for them. Many needs I see, I pray for without the person knowing because that is how the one who loved us first instructs us to be.

  57. We can show love to others by listening to them and by showing kindness in our words and actions.

  58. We can show love to others by listening to them and by kindness in our words and actions.

  59. Hello
    Thank you for sharing this particular journal entry. At times I do not feel that people love me. I know that God does though. I show people I love them by contacting them frequently. I send cards and gifts to people. I also send people random text and also random phone calls

  60. Dorothy Porter says

    Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy Anniversary Day to You and Your Husband. What a special time of the year for you and your husband to be married. May God Bless You both this year and give you a Anniversary & Valentine’s Day to remember. I also want to say how blessed I feel to have been able to read several of your wonderful books. They always leave a warm and loving feeling in my heart. God Bless You.

  61. Hesper Fry says

    I hope you have a Happy Valentines and Anniversay Day! I try to show my love to others by taking the time to care and help others need. I try to make it a point to call/email/text all my family members to show them how much I care for them. And I also pray for them as well.

  62. Susan Fletcher says

    Love all the books I’ve read by you. Excited about The Hope Jar.

  63. My husband has been ill this week. I’m not a good caregiver and sometimes I get frustrated with all the things there are to do around the house and for the family in addition to the caregiving, but I keep telling myself that helping him means I’m showing love.

  64. Love can be as simple as smiling at a person, whether they are a friend or a stranger, opening a door for someone, carrying groceries to a car, any small act of kindness. What a better world if everyone did one kind thing each day.
    Wanda thankyou for devoting your talent to God, and giving the world Christian novels to read. You have made this a better world.

  65. Happy Anniversary!!! It’s my anniversary too!! 43 years! When we married, and for a few years after, Valentine’s Day was not so commercial and crowded at restaurants, so we could have a nice meal out, but we no longer go out to eat on Valentine’s Day. We have a special meal at home and eat out on another day. This year is really special – my sister-in-law died and we had her Celebration of Life Memorial last weekend. There were tears for missing her, but there was so much love at the service for her, her Christian life, and the many family and friends that were there. I’ve been reading your books for years and love them. Thank you for writing them.

  66. Sarah Arnold says

    How do I show love? I speak to strangers in passing. I tell students I love them. I teach high school and I might be the only person that tells them that. I transferred my son’s clothes to the dryer because he asked for help. I don’t respond when my husband is being ugly because my response wont help the situation. God is love and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  67. Sarah Hinshaw says

    You can show somebody love by helping them. Maybe helping friends, family, and strangers.
    Jesus showned love for us by dying on the cross. To pay for our sins. To me that’s what love is all about.

  68. Sarah Hinshaw says

    Showing love to somebody is helping friends, family, and neighbors . Like Jesus showned us on the cross. By paying for our sins. To me that is what love is about.

  69. Sarah Hinshaw says

    My name is Sarah, I’m 13 years old. I show love by cleaning the house for my mom and dad. I get my example of showing love from Jesus, who showed the ultimate love by dying for us.

  70. Sandy Klocinski says

    Sometimes it feels impossible to be kind and loving, don’t you think? Sometimes we just don’t know what to do. When this happens, I always like to sit down and take a moment to reflect. I might make someone a cup of tea, say “I’m sorry” or offer to carry their bag. These are at times very small efforts but they share my being. Small acts create powerful impact. For me, doing them regularly keeps me happy with a sense of purpose so that I rarely get angry and stressed. They possess magical power. It is so much easier to share love then discontent.

  71. Laurie Emerson says

    Being kind and loving goes hand in hand and is the best way to honor God. It can be difficult at times, especially when someone you love hurts you so terribly. I admit I have to pray to be able to still show love and kindness toward this person. When I do though a great burden is lifted from my shoulders and heart.

  72. Sandra Bensley says

    Love is a magical and powerful thing. Once you’ve found it never ever let it go. Some find it in the most unusual places, other find it quite easily. My favorite….sharing love, I’ve found the more you share love, the more you receive back. Your books make me feel that way also, so when I finish one, I love to share it with my friends and my Mom.

  73. Our pastor is challenging all of us to send a care card to someone in the church, whether a friend or a stranger. We all have opportunities to be ministers every day!

  74. Janna Much says

    Thank you for writing such wonderful books. I have learned alot from reading them. Love your neighbors no matter what the reason. Forgive all. Be kind and respectful of others… I have noticed the change in myself, I’m more calm, relaxed, accepting life as it may be….. if only this world could be more like the Amish way of life, we all need to slow down, breath the fresh air, enjoy life as it is….

  75. Janna Much says

    Thank you for writing such wonderful books. I have learned alot from reading them. Love your neighbors no matter what the reason. Forgive all. Be kind and respectful of others… I have noticed the change in myself, I’m more calm, relaxed, accepting life as it may be….. if only this world could be more like the Amish way of life, we all need to slow down, breath the fresh air, enjoy life as it is….
    We have Amish families living near our community. I have gotten to know a few of them. They are such wonderful people..

  76. Nancy Parker says

    Your books are fantastic. The stories are awesome. I also like the idea of he recipes. Can not wait to see your new battery old next year. I am a big fan.

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