What would happen if you found out someone has been impersonating you?

In my novel, The Forgiving Jar, which releases next month, Sara Murray had never met her mother’s parents and was surprised to learn after Mama’s death that her grandparents were living in Pennsylvania. When she is finally able to make the trip to meet them, and discovers they are Amish, Sara is shocked to learn someone else has been living with them and pretending to be her. Sara can’t understand how quickly her grandparents are willing to forgive the imposter.

Secrets and deceit seem to follow Sara, and she is so tired of it. Though soon, she meets Brad Fuller who is visiting her grandparents during Christmas. She likes him a lot, but when she is not totally honest with him, he pulls away from her.

Struggling, Sara finds an old canning jar hidden in the basement of her grandparents’ home that is full of encouraging prayers. Can Sara find a way to forgive the past and move on to building new relationships?

Has someone you know refused to forgive you for something you may have said or done to hurt them? Or is there someone who has hurt you in the past that you need to forgive? What better way to begin the New Year than to start it with a forgiving heart?


  1. Latina Steoughter says:

    Forgiveness is powerful, but not necessarily easy! With God’s help, we can begin to forgive step by step, day by day. I have learned, and am still learning, that forgiveness is a process that gets easier with God and time. When we forgive orhers, then God will FREELY forgive us. Forgiveness allows us to MOVE FORWARD, unfirgiveness keeps us stuck in the awful revolving door of prepetual hurt that turns into bitterness, anger, and stagnicity. I CHOOSE forgiveness and the FREEDOM that come with it. Forgiveness is a gift for YOU, the opportunity to receive and move in the BLESSINGS that Almighty God has for just for you! Noone, no person, or no circumstance is worth losing yourself in or keeping you from Heaven! #FORGIVE#

  2. Charla McFadden says:

    Forgiveness is not always easy forgiveness is a gift that help the one person doing the forgiving or the person being forgiven God asks us to forgive because He has forgiven us He does this out of love and so we must love those around us and treat them the way we would want to be treated as the new year comes we should start out with a forgiving heart and be kind to one another
    #be kind# #forgive#

  3. Nancy watts says:

    I have forgiven people who haven’t ask but for my own piece of mind I have to forgive them.

  4. Carole Armstrong says:

    When I have forgiven people I have felt so much better and peaceful. Total forgiveness can be so rewarding to yourself along with the other person.

  5. Grace Summy says:

    I need to remember to forgive quickly and not hang on to grudges and negative feelings when I feel wronged or slighted. He has forgiven me much, so I can forgive others.

  6. Tammy Joyce says:

    I have hurt many through the years. And I have always prayed and ask God to forgive me and show me the hurts I may have caused so that I can ask that persons forgiveness also. You can’t say I am sorry if you don’t know anything about what you may have said or done in ignorance. So praying and asking God to show you is one way for sure to know you have said or done something wrong. And the best thing is always asking God to forgive you for the things you say, do or think that is wrong.

  7. Kellie Otterstedt says:

    Love reading your books!! Thank you for writing such great reads!! God bless

  8. Linda Seeley says:

    Thank you
    Love your books

  9. Vivian Furbay says:

    God’s word says that we must forgive if we want him to forgive us. When i remember what he has forgiven me for there is no reason not to forgive others.

  10. With God’s help I have been able to forgive someone. I choose to forgive and have to remember that God forgives us!

  11. Betty Blevins says:

    Wishing you and your family a very Healthy and Happy New Year. Looking forward to another year full of reading your wonderful books which so far I have read all of them but the last one. Will get it to have to read when my 93 year old father has his cataract surgery on the 10th of Jan. Forgiveness is hard some times but with prayer and God’s help it is easier to do than on your own.

  12. Charla McFadden says:

    Forgiveness is not always easy forgiveness is a gift we should always be ready to forgive each other we forgive each other out of love and we should love each other and be kind to each other we are all still learning about forgiveness and forgiving each other God forgives us He does this in love because He loves us He is willing to forgive us we should be willing to do the same

  13. Charla McFadden says:

    Happy New year i hope your year will be a good one full of blessings and good wishes for you and your family wishing you and yours a happy new year

  14. Emogene N Oliver says:

    I enjoy all your books. Happy New Year and hope you have a blessed New Year!

  15. Chris Buob says:

    Someone once said something very hurtful to me and it sent me in a tailspin for almost 10 years. It wasn’t until I asked the Lord back into my life and forgave her did I get my life back. I learned that the saying sticks and stones is not true as words can hurt and break you but forgiveness can heal you.

  16. Connie Ruggles says:

    I have troubled relationships aplenty in my life. I feel I have forgiven them, but decline to open full communication with these people. I feel open to allowing the Lord to lead me this year if He desires me to do more.

  17. Melissa Andres says:

    I’ve never experienced lack of forgiveness personally. Thankfully! Forgiveness is such an important thing. Thankfully Jesus helps us accomplish it!

  18. Deb Hoffman says:

    I personally have to forgive. I have had close members of my family betray me in some of the worst ways. I forgive them all. My friends don’t understand how I could be so forgiving. Grudges are not something I am willing to carry around. I have God to help me thru all of this. My hardest thing is giving it to the Lord. I am learning I don’t have control over anything but my personal space.

  19. Forgiveness is not always easy especially when it hasn’t been asked for. However, by not forgiving we open the door for bitterness to take root. Forgiveness is often a choice and with God’s help we can forgive and then God can begin to heal our hearts.

  20. becky Haxton says:

    I have had trouble forgiveness. I really had to pray for God’s help. And he has directed her heart and work with his guidance.

  21. Forgiveness is hard. I try to do this as not forgiving makes it harder for us to live happy

  22. My husband & I were hurt 10 years ago by leaders in our church (mynus and was pastor). He had made a simple remark but didn’t mean it on malice. One person took it wrong! But my husband did ask forgiveness and apologized anyway a few weeks later. The leaders said “it was too late to ask for forgiveness”. I questioned them as to when is it ever to late with Christ? We would never be saved if that were the case! Long story short, my husband and I went into deep depression due to continuing harassment, which caused my husband to resign the church and we eventually left our home of 35+ years.
    It has taken me personally a long time to forgive fully as this changed our entire life and emotional state. We had to move but I can now see it was God’s hand moving us. I still have anxiety problems whenever I encounter these people, but I have to forgive them. I don’t have to like what they did, but I have to forgive to continue to to do my best for the Lord. One of these people was my very best friend, so that has been very painful. We do send mail or comment online on occasion, but the friendship will never be the same! Forgiveness lets us go forward, but the pain of the hurt still remains although it losses over time.

    • Dear Linda: Have you read my novel, The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club? There might be something in the book that would speak to your heart, as one of the characters is dealing with something similar to what you and your husband have gone through.

  23. Jenny-Lynn Fricke says:

    I have forgiven many people that have hurt me. I may not have done it to their face but I asked god for forgiveness. These people do not talk to me so I can’t forgive face to face. I still love every one of them! Jesus says forgive and love everyone so I do!

  24. Susan gose says:

    I have two family members that don’t talk to me at all. I have cried and don’t understand. My sister passed on almost two years ago I have prayed and told godoI’m sorry for what ever I said or did and please forgive me I also prayed to God that I forgive them for any wrong doing on there part. They still don’t talk to me I feel that.i need to move on.

  25. TAMMY HUDSON says:

    Forgiveness is a hard thing to do sometimes. I have to do it to have a healthier heart it causes more problems for you when you don’t forgive.
    Tighefan42atgmail dotcom

  26. It’s even harder to forgive someone when they are saying untrue things about you. And to tell that person I FORGIVE you when they think they have not done anything to be forgiven for. And harder when it’s family. But I have. We HAVE to. Just think about all that God has forgiven us.

  27. Alberta Wells says:

    It is very hard to forgive someone that has hurt you over and over again..But through my own experience I have found, you have to forgive if you want complete peace with yourself. I just wish everyone could be forgiving, as it would make for a better world we live in.

  28. Donna Williams says:

    Forgive those who trespass against us. I am learning to forgive and still need God’s help with so many things in my life. This past year has taught me many things and I will learn more in 2019. I am feeling less stress than I was a year ago and feel better health wise. Thank you for bringing your wonderful books to your readers. I love reading them all and can’t wait for The Forgiving Jar next month. Many blessings to you, your family, friends and readers in 2019.

  29. Cindi Hoppes says:

    Happy New Year! What an interesting subject
    for your book. I am trying to put myself in her
    position… It would only in the end, hurt Sara, not
    to forgive her impersonator! Sometimes, I have
    forgiven, but find it difficult to forget.
    Thank you, Cindi

  30. Luci Marie Comer says:

    Sadly, I have struggled with forgiveness in the past but have recently felt a sense of release and great weight released from my heart. Maybe it’s the new year, maybe it’s the messages at church, maybe it’s God. I know it’s all of the above. Though truly have to find forgiveness in your heart, have peace and pray. It may take time, you will feel it happen and will feel so much better.

  31. I love reading your books. I read the bible every day. My goal each year is to read the bible from Genesis through Revelation . I start reading 3 chapters each day from Monday to Friday. Then on Sunday I read 5 chapters. That gives me all 929 chapters from the old testament and 260 chapters of the new testaments. Your books helps me to forgive others. I know no one is perfect in Gods standards.

  32. Forgiveness isn’t always easy but we can forgive someone who has hurt us if we ask God to Help us. We also need to be willing to talk with the person about what they have done because the person might not realize that they did something to hurt you.

  33. I have learned to forgive My dead dad for all the hurt He caused Me. On His death bed I told Him I forgave Him and He didn’t say in alot of words an apology. I am now choosing to remember the good times not the bad. I know God is helping Me everyday to forgive Everyone!

  34. Forgiveness is one that seems the hardest to do, especially if it is yourself. Reading the Lord’s work is where I start, but it is a difficult road.

  35. JoAnne L. says:

    Forgiveness is not always easy especially when it is not asked for. However, if we don’t forgive we open the door to bitterness. We need to ask God for His help to forgive and then He can begin to heal our hearts.

  36. Ann Austin says:

    After almost a year of dealing with wicked evil neighbors, and losing almost everything I own including my mortgage free home,, my privacy, and my safety, I have struggled with forgiveness. I know it is my choice and decision to obey and forgive them, esp. one person. But it is not easy.
    I think on Jesus, and what was done to Him.. I remember what I have been taught about Him.
    I still need to let go, I have not achieved yet, but am working toward that freedom.

  37. Forgiveness is a hard subject. Most people know they should forgive and many even want to, but the process sometimes feels to hard to actually forgive. I have been guilty of this and am trying to work on it!

  38. Tina Myers says:

    A forgiving heart. It’s hard to forgive someone that really hurt me but I’ve been working real hard to do it..

  39. Patricia Fluke says:

    Forgiveness may be the easiest part, forgetting is another
    Story, only through God can we do both, Not in our powe but in His

    Can’t wait foe this second book, so loved the first one

    GOD bless you in this New Year

  40. Jan Fullen says:

    I am a firm believer that you must forgive. You need to keep your hands from holding on to grudges so that your hands are free to hold on to blessings. Have a very blessed new year. I always look forward to your new books. They are full of wisdom and inspiration. May God bless you.

  41. Cherie J. says:

    Forgiveness is difficult but necessary for my own spiritual growth. I have learned that through the years.. The greater the pain it has caused me though , the harder it is to do. Many has been the time that I have had to ask God for strength to do this.

  42. Mary Deweese says:

    It is hard to forgive someone who is unwilling to even admit that they did wrong, but it is definitely necessary! It brings a peace of mind to you!! Afterwards, pray that their heart is changed, so that they may experience God’s peace of mind as well!!

  43. Deborah D says:

    Forgiveness is a hard thing to do but I’ve found out (the hard way) that it has to be done to have a peaceful life.

  44. Darlene McDougal says:

    This book was wonderful! Your books are like family/friends. Its hard to forgive sometimes….
    like a cheating spouse, or discovering a sister
    messing with a spouse. You must forgive, cause
    It only hurts your body/soul, and they dont always care.

  45. Happy New Year to you and your family! Many blessings from the Lord in 2019! Forgiveness is an essential part to living a happy and a healthy life. Personally and from observation, I find that forgiveness is not possible without the Lord being our strength and wisdom as many times our solo attempts are usually fruitless and only superficial.

  46. Deborah Davis says:

    Not sure how well I would handle someone impersonating me. Especially in today’s day and age of identity theft. If it was done not to destroy someones reputation, persona or credit then it might be easier. Still a struggle though.

  47. Linda L Rabe says:

    I did have someone who lied about me. I had a hard time forgiving her. I finally decided it was not worth my while for her to have control over my life. I forgave her and we are good friends now. It is very hard to forgive someone who has hurt you.

  48. Linda L Rabe says:

    I will post this again since I cannot see it.
    I had someone who lied about me. I had a very hard time forgiving her. It consumed my life. I finally decided it was not worth my while to let it take over my life. I forgave her and we are now friends.
    It is very hard to forgive someone who has hurt you.

  49. Amanda Bentley says:

    I don’t know what I’d do. But I know what the Amish will do in the next book. I can’t wait to read it. Great fictional role models.

  50. I have lived my whole life with depression and not being able to tell which people in my life I should trust. I love most of my family but, I have hated some more then the ones I love. I was physically, emotionally abused, and more by some of them. I dwelt on the abuse for years and did not know how to move on. I thought I had forgiven them years ago, but sometimes I find myself still mad about what they did to me. I have been consumed practically my whole life with guilt, fear, and many more issues, but I can now talk to one of the offenders and not feel bad when I do. We actually talk now too. All of this was by the will of God and his answered prayers.

    It took me years to get to this point in my life and forgiving this person was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life.

  51. Shirley Cobb says:

    Forgiveness, can be very difficult at times but also very rewarding. When we ask God to help us forgive someone then we are free to ask him to forgive us of the hard feelings we harbored towards the other individual. Forgiveness can be a daily process at times that we have to be aware of. There are also those that are easier to forgive than others. I chose to forgive those that I feel have done me wrong so that I can ask for forgiveness from God and know that he will forgive me.

  52. Natalie Caewile says:

    I loved your journal entry on forgiveness. It is hard for other people to accept how you can forgive people that have hurt you but I know it is the right thing to do. My daughter has a hard time understanding how I do it and I keep telling her that is what God wants us to do and it makes me feel better. I pray she will learn how to do the same thing.

  53. patty fendall says:

    I find it hard to forgive, especially when someone I love has been hurt by them. It is easier to forgive someone that hurt me. With God, all things are possible.

  54. Pam Staples says:

    Thank you! Forgiveness is a huge part in bringing peace to your life! Accepting God’s forgiveness and forgiving others too. ❤

  55. With God’s help he teaches you how to forgive. Never easy but if you listen and let God guide you , you can forgive.Better to forgive than carry all that bitterness for years

  56. Sondra Thatcher says:

    Years ago when my mom was battling cancer and could not leave the house she was visited by my brother’s minister and the minister of the other church in town. (Our town is less than 1000 people). Our own minister was “too busy” to call on her. It was very upsetting since she had been a member of the church her whole life. It took me 10 years after her death to forgive that minister. I finally new I had to or it would continue to upset me. After I forgave him in my heart I finally felt at peace. Many Blessings to you and your family.

  57. Jeanne McCarthy says:

    Love your books Wanda. Forgiveness s a timely topic and you handle it so well. Looking forward to the story.

  58. There are just some people who make no effort to forgive and will let it continue to stir their souls. While not easy, we are better off to let it go into the lord’s hand.

  59. I have forgiven people a lot of times even if I thought they were in the wrong.It just feels better to me to let it go and move forward.

  60. I enjoyed both of these books.

  61. I would have to have Gods help as Some things would be hard to forgive.

  62. Jo E Smith says:

    I won your book the Forgiving Jar. It was really hard to put down. I enjoy reading about the Amish. My grandparents was originally Amish and left to become Mennonites. I just read the Christmas Jar, and was very interesting. Thanks

  63. Elizabeth Karen Mink says:

    Someone in my family has hurt me many times but I’ve been unable to forgive or forget the last thing she did to me.

  64. I have had problems with forgiveness,but we have to, if our Heavenly Father forgives us then we have to do it too,so he will forgive us! We are sinful and have to ask him to forgive every day…

  65. Sheila J Blakesley says:

    While forgiveness is not easy it is a very important way to get your lives back on track. It is not healthy to care troubles with you through life.

  66. kathy lancaster says:

    i have forgiven many people in my life for things they did to me, its done and over with, so why not forgive them

  67. Gladys Paradowski says:

    I have spent this very week seeking to forgive someone who did harm to me and I am now doing so. What is done is done and fretting over it will gain me nothing. I have already sent the person a Happy New Year email.

  68. A brand new year is the time for letting go of old hurts and looking forward to new blessings and a time for renewed faith. Thank you, Jesus !

  69. My oldest son died of a drug overdose a few years ago, at the age of 33–the drugs were from his dad…I became so bitter & angry against my ex-husband…I ended up having an ugly, itchy rash on both legs & upper arms, b/c I had a root of bitterness in my heart. Thankfully, I had some friends from church who recognized my need to forgive and to let go, and the lovingly confronted me, AND, prayed over me–GOD delivered me from that anger & bitterness! And, the rashes disappeared! Another reason to forgive and turn people/situations over to GOD!

  70. Kathleen Goddard says:

    I am estranged from my sister. She is a drug addict and has abused our family for many years. I’ve tried to reach out to her but she has refused my help. Several times a day I pray for her. I’ve offered her forgiveness and apologized for any thing she thinks I did to her. One of the last things my mom asked of me was to try to mend the relationship with my sister. I pray for patience and understanding. I miss my sister so much. I have placed in in God’s hands. I started my own prayer jar so I can place the prayers I say for my family. I am going to try to place my concerns at the foot of the cross like my pastor recommended. Thank you for this opportunity to put my feelings down. I tend to keep them bottled up. God bless all of you here.


  71. I try to forgive and think of the good in the person.

  72. I like to forgive because I would want someone to forgive me.

  73. I like to forgive because I would want someone to forgive me,too.

  74. Cathy Savant says:

    I always enjoy reading your thoughts each month. Also enjoy reading your books. God bless you
    in 2019.

  75. Erika Luther says:

    Through Jesus true forgiveness and freedom are found.

  76. Dianna Neal says:

    I made a comment as a joke to a co-worker, and she was very angry with me. I did not intend to hurt her feelings, and after a sleepless night, I tried to apologize for what I had said. She refused to forgive me. Her lack of forgiveness to me made it hard for me to forgive myself. Forgiveness is hard to do, but we must forgive in order to be forgiven.

  77. Debora L Aguiar says:

    Wanda I look forward to read every book that you write, I just finished reading the Hawaiian Discovery 1 & 2 I don’t a favorite book I enjoy everyone of them, thanks for being a great & talented Author, blessings. <3 Debora from Peabody, MA

  78. Sally Roehr says:

    I just read your new Newsletter, and yes, it does seem to me that 2018 went by quick. At 75 years of age, I find the days and weeks go by fast.
    Good Spiritual advice in that newsletter also.

  79. Kesselring Barbara Landers says:

    Forgiveness is a hard think to do and I try.

  80. Thank you for writing such great books! Forgiveness
    is hard, but I want to be forgiven even when it’s hard.

  81. Patti Tyler says:

    I love your books! Sometimes forgiveness is hard, but I want to be forgiven.

  82. Christine Burke says:

    I love your books. I have had a lot of hurt over the years. It used to be hard for me to forgive and sometimes still is but I have learned that if you don’t forgive you are only hurting yourself and will never be able to have peace of mind.

  83. Sarah Arnold says:

    The bible does say to forgive. It is hard but if Jesus can forgive us for our sins; we need to forgive others. I continue to pray for people who have not forgiven me. Thank you for your good books.

  84. Forgiveness is something I have tried to do for a long time. My daughter hasn’t forgiven me for not taking more assertive steps when I knew her father was abusing her. I did what I thought was best and thought I was protecting her, but later found out I wasn’t. I can’t forgive myself, so can’t blame her for not forgiving me. As far as my ex not sure there is a way to forgive him.

  85. Bethany Carrillon says:

    It would be horrifying to find out that someone had been impersonating me. Even though what they did was terrible I would forgive them just as Jesus Christ forgave me. I don’t want to hold grudges against people forever and if I think that I don’t forgive them then I’m lowering myself to their level and when I forgive people when it can be hard I am showing them God’s love. As one of my pastors said one time you may be the only Bible some people even read.

  86. Sharon Talbert says:

    Forgiveness is not always easy . Especially if it is related to a loved ones death . I have forgiven him for not getting my daughter the care and at a place that offered the care she needed . But sometimes I wonder if I have really forgiven him . Only God knows for sure .

  87. Nancy J Reynolds says:

    Forgiveness is hard. I know I need to forgive someone but have not been able to as yet. If I forgive them I am afraid they will hurt me again.

  88. Mary Dupre says:

    There’s a old song that starts out “He looked beyond my faults and saw my needs” I am so thankful that I have been forgiven and I forgive others who have wronged me. At this time of year it is good to get rid of the old hurts and sorrows , and go on living and forgiving everyone whoever they maybe.
    Even if tomorrow your mind would bring up a incident that happened, you must remember you are not going to hold this hurt but realize you forgave them, and as Jesus has forgiven you, you have forgiven them also. Lord Jesus bless 2019

  89. Dorothy Porter says:

    To forget & forgive. I have heard that saying a lot in my lifetime and I thought could do that. I do not have any trouble in forgiving most things but when it has something to do with my two girls and my two grandbabies, I have to ask God to help me. If someone hurts any Children it is hard to forgive them. But God will help us. I hope everyone has had a Happy New Year!

  90. Forgiveness is essential in our lives. First of all, because God tells us to. The only way we can have peace is by forgiving. God bless us all. May this year be our best.

  91. Kris Ross says:

    OMG I have had several times in my life when I have been TERRIBLY wronged….NOT that I am wonderful but ….just have and BY FAMILY….once again….my husband and I are faced with “that”…
    a problem has been going on for over 15 years and finally we had to put a STOP to it….I know that I have to forgive, I have the other two people who have wronged us horribly…and know I will again…but now, this is so “new”…. and since the person is an even closer family member….!!! my husband is easier to “get there” if you will….though sometimes I think he acts that way….but inside…Me I am so full of hate and rage right….my husband is a critical care heart paient…another reason we dont “need this”…and I have heart issues too….which I can feel affecting my body….We took our trip to Florida to see our boys and 2 “grands” there and I reached out to a few special people in my life that I can confide it….good Chrisitans….one sent me two dfferent books, one on Joy and one on Peace….I know I must get it under control and have been working on myself TOO for the new year and goals….my grandson, who has been living with us….asked about Resolutions and if I will do them…I said no….I am going to make some Changes….Will Dos….and REALLY work on them to do…….changing my …working on my attitude if that’s the right term…getting more into the Bible and Bible study again….going back to SS after a bad year with a church comment made from the pulpit…..reading more, getting back to sewing, card making and “finding ME” again….sorry to be so long but maybe someone has a tip for me for the new year too…I AM a Christian but sometimes that devil reallys picks on “us” really personally and the attack is like none other….Thank you and Happy Healthy Blessed New Year to any who may read this…..

  92. Rosemary Hefner says:

    We are estranged from my husband’s sister and brother-in-law. She is ill and I pray that we can resolve the issues before she gets worse. For some reason my brother-in-law suddenly has issues with me and will not be forthcoming as to the problem. I pray to God that I can forgive him and hopefully see them again.

  93. Kathi Gentry says:

    I believe in forgiveness although NOT always easy….I am normally willing to forgive but for some reason have had a hard time this past year…one of my best friends hurt me deeply and I walked away…make me angry and I can forgive…hurt me and not so easy..
    Thank you for sharing this…I am going to pray more and ask GOD to help me….none of us are perfect and I think we sometimes forget that we have no idea what someone else is dealing with and take things personally….Happy New Year to all….May GOD fill it with blessings and lessons….

  94. KAREN TACKETT says:

    What a precious story about Forgiveness! An awesome way to begin the New Year by walking in forgiveness. We have found that unforgiveness stifles the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. There are several things that can hamper a free flow of the Spirit and they are anger, bitterness and unforgiveness. So do a inner study asking Father if there is anyone you have not forgiven or that you have not asked to forgive you plus give your anger and bitterness to the Lord and be free of those things that hamper your relationship with the Lord and stop the free flow of the Holy Spirit in your life to minister to others and to be ministered to. Love your books Wanda!! Happy New Year to you and your family!!

  95. Linda Greig says:

    I love your books and have found many things in your books that speak right into my own life.

  96. Brandy Peden says:

    Forgiveness is hard to do because when we forgive we need to also forget. And that is where it is hard for me. I can forgive but the hurt is still there and until I forget it will always be there.

  97. Patricia Rydberg says:

    Thank you for your books. In my case, with tenants above me, it is not a case of one time forgiveness, it is daily. It is hard work of prayer with some fear. I just moved here but will probably have to move again. I know that I am not alone.

  98. Edith Denise Underwood says:

    Forgiveness isn’t easy and forgetting is even harder. We may tend to forgive but not always forget. Have we truly forgiven a peson if we are always remembering every so often.

  99. Gail Bennett says:

    Forgive as I have forgiven, and you shall be forgiven. Not so easy to do, but the reward it worth it.

  100. Mary Preston says:

    It can be very hard to forgive, but we must try.

    Your book sounds marvellous.

  101. Teresa Wilson says:

    Forgiving is hard to do. I hand it all over to Jesus, along with the person. I do not want that poison inside of me. The anger and bitterness only hurts you, it doesn’t hurt the other person. Jesus said to forgive, it does not mean you forget. The Lord can help heal you so the sting is gone. It is not worth it. Unforgiveness leaves a doorway open that the enemy can use to come in. Call Jesus into it, and let him heal you!

  102. Amber Benner says:

    Forgivness is hard,but I would like to be forgiven so I will try to forgive.

  103. Nancy Hart says:

    My daughter and son-in-law gave me the Daughters of Lancaster County series for Christmas. For some reason, I had never read them before. I have to tell you that I read all three is less than four days. I couldn’t wait to see what happened especially with Zach. I always enjoy your books and look forward to The Forgiving Jar next month. Thank you for using your God-given talent to bring pleasure and inspiration to others. God bless you.

  104. Michele Reed says:

    Forgiveness is a hard thing but it is necessary to have peace within your life. When you have been done wrong I mean really wrong it is so easy to lash out or to ignore that person until the end of time but you will never truly have peace in your life until you forgive within.

  105. Jean Hall says:

    Forgiveness is definitely not always easy but as I have always heard if you hold onto a grudge and don’t forgive someone, you are only hurting yourself. I know often the person who has wronged you doesn’t even realize that they have hurt you. It is hard because even when you forgive, you remember what happened. I have been trying harder to not forget that the other person is only human as well and may have problems in their own life that are behind their words/actions.

  106. Debbie Benzi says:

    Forgiveness is very necessary in life, but for me at times it has been very difficult when I am hurt deeply. In the past, I have fallen into the “but” syndrome. Forgiveness is the correct thing to do, “but” in this case they don’t deserve it…”but” this is too personal to forgive…”but” this hurts too much to forgive. Reading your books and seeing what trials others go through and can still forgive helps me to remember that if God forgave us for our sins and for nailing his son to a cross, what could someone possibly do to us that is too much to forgive? Nothing! It is then that I find the strength to forgive. The world tells us there are things that are unforgivable. Your books give me inspiration to do the right thing. Thank you for writing them.

  107. I’d like to clear up something between me and a close friend. I forgave her a long time ago for something she did to me, but she still keeps me at a distance. I’m puzzled and hurt by her actions, since I was the one wronged. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of it so we can both move on, I’m very close with her family too but when she is there it is very uncomfortable and awkward. I miss how things were.

  108. Amanda Peters says:

    I guess I have a hard time with someone that might not know they have hurt me and me wanting them to come and say they are sorry before I forgive him/her. Before I can have peace about it I should really confront them and tell that someone that they hurt me and then tell him/her that I forgive them.

  109. Sometimes it’s hard to forgive…but the longer you put it off the harder it is. Thanks for writing great books, where we can get away to a simpler life for just a bit.

  110. I always try to forgive.

  111. Angela Nelan says:

    This sounds like such a great book! I have struggled for years with forgiveness, and worse…those not forgiving me. Seems that I have always been the peacemaker and giving in to make others happy. At 50 years old this month, I am struggling with the years of doing so. It has just built up. This year I plan to do more for me, yet have a more loving, forgiving heart.
    Thanks for such great books, a fabulous website, and wonderful insight on life and God.

  112. SARAH TAYLOR says:

    The Lord teaches us to forgive man as he has forgiven us Thank you so much Love all your books! Happy New Year To You and Your Family!

  113. Susan Campbell says:

    I try to forgive and ask for forgiveness at the end everyday.

  114. Debra Patton says:

    If we are unwilling to forgive, why should we expect forgiveness from God? Forgiveness benefits us more than those that we forgive.

  115. Linda Rasmussen says:

    I have a sister that over the years has spread so many lies about some of her own family members. She makes it worse by putting it on facebook where everyone can read the lies. The comments are very hurtful….nothing about me, but i still find it hard to forgive everything she has done and said. I enjoy reading your books as I have amish friends around Berne, Indiana..

  116. Linda Lee says:

    Reading the Hawaiin Discovery now and enjoying it very much.

  117. Michelle Brown says:

    I live next door to someone that had an accusation against my child and my husband. We were very close to each other during a time when she felt no on was there for her. When her old friends began coming around again I feel that the accusation and comments she made broke our friendship. I was not perfect in responding to this behavior but I feel I was left with no choice but to defend myself, my child and my husband.
    I do forgive her for the accusations but I am not sure she wants to continue a friendship with me. I do not feel like I should have to reach out to her at this time so I quietly wait until she decides, if she decides to be friends again. I do miss her though.

  118. C. Blocher says:

    I know from personal experience how tough forgiving someone or several people can be. I was bullied in in high school. I am not just talking about ill words being thrown my way, but hair-pulling and slapping on the back bullying. At that time, girls did not get physical and fight back as they may do today, So I bore the evil acts the best as I could. Oh, I did try to get help, but none materialized. Those girls ruined my entire freshman year and beyond. I loathed that gang of girls For years I carried that hatred around. Then, I took a memoirs writing class where I very bluntly described my experience, shared it with the class, and finally forgave the girls. What a cleansing experience!!

    A great way to start the new year would be to stop holding grudges and forgive. You will be much better for it!

  119. Choosing to forgive can lift a weight or burden from you.

  120. I needed this right now. I had a heavy heart until I prayed and God helped me to forgive a family member. It was a great weight that was lifted from my heart.

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