Wanda’s Journal

The Value of Reading

One thing I’ve noticed about most of my Amish friends is that they like to read. Many of them have said they enjoy reading because it takes them to places they’ve never been able to visit.

Reading is also a good way to relax, not to mention the opportunity to learn new things. So when you read one of my novels, I hope you will allow yourself to be drawn into the lives of my Amish characters and learn more about the Amish way of life. My husband and I have many good friends in several Amish communities, so I always try to portray them as accurately as possible.

Which of my books is your favorite and why? Is there anything new you would like me to write about?

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  1. I just finished “Twice Loved” loved it. I like all of your books, but I do not like it when you make one nice book into 4 little books. I will now always wait until the four become one..

  2. I am sorry but it is impossible to make a choice I love all your books an happy that I own some not as many as I would like but I have read over fifty of your books an even twice on some of them.

  3. I would have to say the book i love the most is always the one I would be currently reading! All I can say is continue doing what you are doing! And thank you for writing your books! Growing up and living in Montana – these are just a little taste of home.

  4. I can’t just pick on book or series. But I did like the Half-Stitched Quilters Club series a lot. It taught so much to such a variety of people. They all came or different reasons, learned different things and they were all better for it.
    I have no clue for a new topic. All the ones I come up with are things I want to know, and not sure how they would make good stories at all. And of course each district would have their own answers.

  5. I love ALL of your books! One of my favorite ones is The Hawaiian Quilt. I felt like I was there in Hawaii enjoying the sites and the delightful characters! Maybe we could visit more places in the US or abroad with your stories! Thank you SO much for providing godly, inspirational reading material for us, Wanda!

  6. I can’t pick a favorite book because I enjoy all of your
    Books. I enjoy reading very much and find it difficult
    To put down one of your Books. In fact for Christmas the
    Year I gave my Best friend a couple of your Books that
    I knew she hadn’t read and would enjoy. But if I had to
    Pick a favorite it Would be The Amish Christmas Quilt.

  7. I have enjoyed all of your books that I have read. It would be difficult for me to pick just one. I enjoy reading your books due to the fact that I am learning many things about the Amish way of life. I have also been surprised as to how very similar they are to us (Englischers) in their daily lives and struggles. I believe most of all that when I read one of your books I am reminded of how much I need to continue to place my faith in God and his choices for my life.

  8. I cannot pick one of you books as a favorite because they are all my favorite. They are truly inspiring and we can all take away a life lessons from each of your books. Kindness, love, and hope. My world has been SO stressful this past year. Issues with my grown son, my husband, work. I am constantly in prayer. Just being able to read one of your books helps me to temporarily forget my stressful worries. I look forward to your newest book.

  9. My favorite book of yours? The next one I read! lol I love all your books. And I do get into the story. When the book ends I can’t wait to get to the next in the series. When I get to the end of the series, I’m sad cause the characters are like friends. And I’m sad not to “see” them any more. I ALWAYS have one of your books that I’m reading. I read before I go to bed. It relaxes me. NEVER quit writing!!!

  10. OMG my FAVORITE books of yours are the 3 books about the sisters in Ohio…we had just come back from Lancaster PA….a friend took my husband and I there as she knew I wanted to go to “Amish Country” for years…..I came upon your set of books and at first thought, “3 books? why three books?” Well OMG I loved that….It was like when you HATE to see a movie end….well the story kept on going…for 3 books anyhow….and while it was based on Ohio sisters I kept thinking back to all I had just seen and learned about in PA…..and Im a big “lover of firsts” so that being my first Amish novels it will always remain as my favorite….oh and by the way….the past 2 summers my husband and I have vacationed in Ohio … Berlin, Charm etc Topic for a new book? Hmmmm not really sure but I do love cookbooks, cooking, baking AND sewing/ quilting etc. so maybe a book on a group of ladies that do either (cooking or sewing) and how they get together weekly or regularly and what they talk about…..what’s happening in their lives…. Happy Early Anniversary…..enjoy your trip!

  11. I loved the White Christmas Pie. I love how the mini stories are woven together and LOVE LOVE LOVE the happy ending. Thanks for including the recipe. Can’t wait to try it.

  12. Your books allow me to be able to give me a peek inside Amish life. Your latest series is my favorite as if I could actually choose. I enjoy all your books.
    I would like to know more about how the married Amish interact with their husbands. How the fathers interact with their children.

  13. I am sorry Wanda, but it is impossible for me to pick just one of your books to be my favorite. I absolutely love all of your books. Thank you for writing and sharing your talent with us your reader friends! Have a blessed day!

  14. This a hard choice. Each book becomes my favorite. I can hardly wait to read the next new one. As for what I would like you to write about…you are already doing it! I enjoy your books very much.

  15. Of all your books I would have to say that Lydia’s Charm is my favorite. This is because it was the first of your books that I read.

  16. I love all of your books! But if I had to pick one it would be “The Gift”. I love reading about the Amish community. There faith is so pure and special. I have had the pleasure of meeting a few Amish families and they do make you feel as if you are part of the family. You can see the closeness of the family and the community. You could tell there Faith in God without even asking. I wish the world would be more like them. It would be a lot better off. It wouldn’t be talking about wars all the time. Parents wouldn’t be afraid to send there Children to school. Drugs would not be everywhere. I know the world would not be perfect but it might be a little bit safer!

  17. I have so many your books, on and off my iPad. Like buying on line so they r on my iPad, running out of room for physical books.
    A friend come home from Florida, we went Holmes Co in Nov. we loved it. Didn’t have enough time to see and do all we wanted. My highlight of the trip, we visited a religious book store. I was n my glory, books every where. Was hard to choose but I came home home with a bag full. Have a trip planned in the summer, warmer weather. Can’t wait.
    Thank you for your emails, your info and all the good reads you offer. I’m making a list to take with us in July or August.

  18. I enjoy all your books as well. My recent favorite was The Lopsided Christmas Cake. I usually read a lot of mystery/suspense novels, but when I want to take a break and read a more inspiring, heartwarming story, I pick up one of your novels. They transport me to peaceful place with good people solving everyday problems.

  19. It is impossible to pick out a favorite book – I love all of them. True to life, my mom was raised Amish & she states that your books are the most true to life in the Amish world. That speaks volumes! Blessings.

  20. I love them all, but I really enjoyed your Half-Stitched series. I live close to Shipshewana , so I was privileged to see the play as well. Such fun! Thank you for keeping it true and clean!

  21. All your books are wonderful. I watched the trailer for the new book. Looks interesting. I think they should make movies out of all your books. A good lifetime marathon for a cold snowy day. Sounds good to me rite? As far as reading i just recently lost my 24 yr old son to a horrible accident and reading takes me out of my situations for thetime being which is good therapy. I read before his accident but read more now. Look my books. Thank you for your penmanship. God bless

  22. I have not read a book of yours I haven’t enjoyed. I really like book series and always look forward to the next one to see what they have been doing.

  23. I love reading your books. I agree with your Amish it takes me a place I will never be able to visit. Every book you write speaks to me. Before I open one of your books I ask God to show a spiritual truth in the story. I am never disappointed. For all these reasons how could I possibly choose a favorite.

  24. Wanda I love reading all your books They are so heart warming .Can’t pick out a specific on as I love them all I have a friend that lives close by ,she can’t wait till I’m finished reading ,knocking on my door ,she’s not capable of buying them herself so I share with her Needless to say I do have a shelf full Thanks so much for writing them

  25. Happy Anniversary for 8th Feb. Have a blessed time.

    My favourite book is The Decision – Prairie State Friends Series. It was the first book I read written by yourself. I can still recall the story in my mind. I enjoyed the other two books and it was good to find out about what happened to Elaine’s friends. It is good to include a spiritual side to each of your books.

    Just a suggestion – Amish helps and tips for the home/farm , practical ideas for cleaning, farming, gardening etc. as they do seem to be very industrious.

  26. All your books are amazing. But I’m especially enjoying the cooking series ones. Can’t wait for the next one!

  27. Oh I so agree with some of your commenters that it is hard to choose. I enjoy them all because I can become a part of the story as if I am living it with them. I did enjoy the Brides of Lancaster County series and hope to read it again soon. We have enjoyed traveling and staying in the Lancaster area and so enjoy visiting with the Amish either at their homes and stores or in restaurants. Thank you for writing about them and honoring their love for family and friends. I have no idea what else you could write about as you have covered Amish life from so many different directions. Just keep the precious stories coming. Love and appreciate you and Jean!

  28. Oh no, I have to pick my favorite book that you wrote! It is impossible as I love them all!! When I read your books, they take me to a place where the Amish live. I do imagine that I am there and living the story with the people in the book. Every book leaves you wanting to go to a slower and simpler life. They also make me realize that God is in our lives and to live a better life believing in God.

  29. I enjoy all your books but my favorite is still the Lehigh Canal Series. The characters are real and they grow in difficult situations. Thank you for writing decent interesting stories.

  30. I love all your books . The younger chapter books were great for my 5th grade students. It allowed them to experience a different life style. They seemed enjoy them. Thank you.
    Love the Amish some life style. We have serial Amish friend which come down to visit us in Florida.

  31. I am so sorry Wanda, but it is impossible for me to pick just one of you books as my favorite. I LOVE all of your books! While reading your books it’s as if I become one (or more) of your characters. I imagine I am living right there in the setting and with all the characters. A few years ago my cousin and I went to Lancaster County. We stayed in a wonderful Bed & Breakfast and we saw the Half-Stitched Quilters play. It was wonderful! I would love to receive a copy of your The Simple Life devotional book.

  32. I honestly don’t think I can pick just one favorite book of yours. I love them all and anxiously wait for the next book to be published. I have been reading your books for over 10 yrs. Please keep up the writing about the amish people. God Bless you.

  33. There is no way to choose my favorite. I enjoy them all. I just received The Amish Millionaire & The Discovery Series for Christmas and couldn’t put them down. Every book is filled with adventure, love and very educational. Please keep them coming. I live in Northern KY and would love an opportunity to attend a book signing and to meet you. Thank you for bringing much joy into my life through your books. Blessings!

  34. I love the Indiana Cousins series but I do have to say I truly love all your books. I look forward to every new book and they never sit long when I receive them. When I finish reading them I donate them to our local library. They always are so happy to receive them. Thank you for all the good reading.

  35. I love all of your books Wanda and it hard to pick a favorite one I have been reading you books for a long time now and it all started by checking out one of your books from the library.

  36. Love all your books. When I pick one up my family knows not to disturb until I put the book now. I have almost all of your books. Have a list of the ones I am missing and I look for them at flea markets, yard sales and book sales at the library. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. God has blessed you with a wonderful talent.

  37. I absolutely love all of your books!
    I look forward to reading one after the other one.
    You make me feel like I am right beside each character listening to their conversation.
    Thanks for giving that to me.
    I love the fact that you always include God in every one of your books.

  38. I have enjoyed reading all your books. Even the wonderful cookbooks. Your books soothe me at night and I have been in the hospital 4 times since March. I had a book with me every time. God Bless and have a wonderful time in Hawaii.

  39. I would have to say I love them all. But to pick one it would be The Hawaiian Quilt. It would be because had me on the edge of my seat. But I have to I like the cookbook one as well. It so interesting some the words. I also the the stories about Heidi and her husband collection. I would you to see if you write a book about Berlin, Ohio.

  40. Thank you Wanda for the amazing stories you share!! With every one of your books that I read, I feel like I am part of the story you are telling. That is the sign of a wonderful story teller. Please continue to do what you do best!! Thank you ❤️

  41. I have enjoyed all of your books that I’ve read. I’m not sure I can pick a favorite. The Amish Millaniare is the first set I read. That series got me hooked. Always waiting to turn to the next page. I would love reading an additional book the Millaniare series. Love all your work. A true fan, keep on writing.

  42. I’ve been following you for years now and all your books are excellent! I was able to relate somewhat to your books with Hawaii as the location. My granddaughter was born there while my son was in the Army. I’ve been blessed to visit there 6 times on 4 different islands and since it’s been 20 years since I visited Hawaii, I was brought back to the beautiful scenery, flowers and delicious food. I loved the luau!

  43. I love them all! I haven’t met a book of yours yet that I didn’t enjoy. The Hawaiian Quilt was one that comes to mind and how they learned to take care of themselves in unexpected situations. As far as what I’d like to read from you next? I know God inspires you and gives you ideas when you prayerfully consult him, so whatever you come up with next would be great.
    I know you follow the Amish pretty closely and your stories are as true to life as possible. I appreciate that. So many have terrible misconceptions of the Amish.
    Have you ever asked about the teenagers and thought about writing about a few of them off on Rumspringa? What they did, how the parents reacted, what brought them back to their upbringing? It’s all so interesting to me.

  44. I absolutely love your Half -Stitched Quilters Club books!!! I fell in love with the characters and felt like I was right there with them. But truthfully I love all your books and can’t wait for the new ones!

  45. I love all your books I read them over & over I really can’t pick just one Hope you have a wonderful time in Hi and a great anniversary Keep on writing and I sure everyone will keep reading I really like how your daughter -in-law and grand-daugther have taken to writing as well great books

  46. I read as many of your books. I can’t pick just one. When I get though reading your books I give them to my local library. Where they tell me they have a lot of women waiting for them.

  47. I am really enjoying your current Amish Cooking Class series. The characters that attend the classes are very different from each other. I really like the recipes too.

  48. The Amish are a very interesting group of people to read about. Even in today’s rush, rush world they seem to lead such peaceful lives. They are an inspiration to me. I wish I could afford to buy all of your books to donate them to a small church in Iola, TX where they are attempting to start a library for their congregation. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a wedding at their church and fell in love with same. The offering for the previous Sunday was posted on the wall and it was $45. I am helping them all I can. I can’t think of the name the church at the moment, but the name of the town is not in the name. They are located on a highway in an area that is just beginning to gain residents and I pray for their success.

  49. I love and respect the Amish. I love reading your stories about them. I feel I escape this world and get into theirs…when I read any of your books. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  50. I love all of your books and can’t put them down. Being on a small monthly amount of money, I can’t afford to buy your books. We have a wonderful library, so I will check out an entire series at one time, so I don’t have to wait for the next one. We have an Amish community a couple hours from my home. As a young child, my grandparents would take me with them when they went. I always enjoyed the kindness of the people. We would go to their stores and see the most beautiful quilts. Your books bring back so many memories. God bless you and your family!!

  51. I like all of your books that I have read and I do have quite a few and I enjoy reading about the
    Amish people. We sure need a lot more of love in our Country Read where you would be
    going to Kauai for your anniversary, I was there for my 25th anniversary and we have now
    started on our 57th

  52. I am an avid reader. I decided this year to keep track of all the books that I read. So far I’m at 7. Have read a lot of your books but cannot pick one over another.

  53. I have read all of your books and have everyone of them. I cannot pick a favorite as they are all so good. I would like to have you write all the time, but I know that is not possible as it is too big of a job. I also read Historical Love Inspired books and the regular Love Inspired books. They are all Christian based and always have a good message in each one of them. All the books I read have a real life message that could happen to anyone of us.

  54. I have read a few of your books, but do not have a favorite. I have enjoyed learning more about the Amish while reading your books.

  55. My fav I think is about the sisters in Ohio that stood out to me but then again all of your books are so amazing and I just just love the bible versus. I do my daily bible writing and read the bible morning and night and it just give me a peace that is like no other. I am struggling with a disease and have been for 23 years plus my family is in CA and I am in Ia so that really has my heart. They hardly call me although one of my grandsons is living with my daughters best friend and I call him every week so I struggle with a lot in my life. Nothing gives me more peace than reading the bible and reading books that contain bible versus clean romance I guess is what it is called. I thank you for writing like you do as there has not been one book that has not drawn me in! Bless you.

  56. I cannot choose a favorite, their are too many great ones. i would like to see some more stories on the Amish youth. Thank You for the giveaway.

  57. Wanda, I love all of your books. The Amish themes are one of my favorite reads. I would love to see some books on the elderly Amish. Thank You for the opportunity to win one of your books.

  58. Thank You for this great giveaway. I love all of your books. They are wonderful reads. I would like *o see some books on the young Amish children attending school.

  59. I love your books so much. I have always been fascinated with the Amish way of life. A few years ago my family and I went to Pennsylvanian and got to learn about the Amish and there way of life . We even got to meet some and talk to them . It was a trip I will never forget.

  60. It’s hard to pick a favorite but I really enjoyed the Half-stitched Amish Quilting Club series. I’m sure whatever you decide to write about next will be wonderful!

  61. The latest book I have read of yours was the Hawaiian Quilt. I enjoyed it very much and it resonated with me as I had just been on vacation to Hawaii. Very captivating. I first discovered you as an author by reading a few novellas you were featured in. ‘Love Finds a Home’ and ‘Log Cabin Christmas Collection’. Looking forward to reading more of your books. Would love a signed copy of your devotional.

  62. Sorry but I could never choose just one book. I have read almost everyone of your books. Love them all! Looking forwarding to more to come. Thank you!

  63. All the books I’ve read that you’ve written are wonderful. It’s impossible to choose a favourite – sort of like trying to choose a favourite child. They’re all different and wonderful in those diverse ways. Thanks.

  64. There is no way I could choose just one of your books–I love them all! I have read all of them up to date. Thank you, your daughter-in-law and granddaughter for all the enjoyment you give thru your books!

  65. Good morning Wanda, I love the Beloved Christmas Quilt because it was just peaceful. Actually, I love all of your books. My grandparents were not Amish but they were farmers and loved a peaceful way of life. They have been with Jesus a long time. I love to read your books because they take me to a peaceful place.

  66. I love reading these books. I can go through one book in a day or two not wanting to put it down, waiting to see what happens next. Also learning about the Amish is an amazing learning experience. I was blessed to go to Lancaster, PA for a few days and was able to observe the Amish culture. Thank you for writing these books.

  67. I love all of your books but to pick one I would have to say “Woman of Courage.” Most women would have given up and died especially back in those days. She not only fought and survived she was able to find love. I enjoyed that book so much.

  68. I enjoyed “The Lopsided Christmas Cake” and “The Farmers Market Mishap.”
    Reading about Elma and Thelma’s ambitious renovation of their late grandparent’s home recalled my own home renovation memories.
    As a parent, I understood the Hocksteller’s apprehension as their twin daughters struggled with their home and new independence.
    As always, reading about young love is heartwarming and enjoyable.
    I am especially looking forward to “The Celebration” and “The Amish Cooking Club Cookbook.”

  69. I enjoyed the 6 book discovery series. It dealt with the troubles common to man. Middlebury,Indiana was a destination in it and I have good Amish friends there. We seem to be in the silence of winter now. We have the hope of spring as one of the books are titled. I like the small purse size books as well. You are gifted. Thank you.

  70. I really liked the Tattered Quilt. The patience and kindness came around two-fold and more. People’s lives changed and I was surprised at the depths they changed. Uplifting Christian fiction fills my bookshelves and readers proving the power of God’s love.

  71. I love all of your books and I hope to someday own a copy of every one. My favourite one in my collection is and always will be A Sister’s Hope because it is personally autographed by you. It is one of my most prized possessions.

    I would love to see more stories involving the Amish children.

  72. I cant choose !! I love all your books that I have read so far and I am looking forward to reading more that you release 🙂

  73. I love all your books too. My favorites are where someone gets a second chance at love, particularly an older person. Those of us who are older like to dream too. : )

  74. I love all of the books you write about Lancaster County!
    That does not mean that I do not like all of your other books….Beacause I do!!

  75. I love all your books I have read. I can get lost in the story line and feel like l am there. I enjoy the books set in Geauga and Holmes County. Keep writing great books and I will keep reading.

  76. I have 55 of your book I cant choose what my favorite is. I do like the cooking class books. All of your books are really good. I cant wait to read more of your books. God Bless You

  77. Every book I read of yours I think is my new favorite. The Cooking Class is had to eat, but actually your first series will always be my favorite. I would like to see a series set in a more remote, rustic community. We have some around here in Southern Indiana and Kentucky. It is like stepping back in time going to their home shops.

  78. I love all your books Wanda, but the The Beloved Christmas Quilt is my favorite.I enjoy reading your post.

  79. I get transported in you books to a simplier way of living. Each of your books take the reader into the lives in the story. They become friends and I feel emotions for their joys, sorrows, indecision as if they are in the rom with me. Each book has growth of character, often second chances, just reminders how we all sh Hold be living and treating others.

  80. Gosh to pick one is hard because all of your books are my favorite. I love the Half Stitched Amish Quilting series the most I think. You’re amazing Wanda. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  81. The Celebration was my favorite. Though I love all your books. I just loved the message I got from this story.

  82. The Amish Cooking Classes are my favorite series because I like to cook and read about cooking. I like the recipes at the end of the book. Have you thought about continuing on the lives of your students from the cooking classes? Or, you could do a series on someone losing a beloved doll at some point and someone else finding it later on like you did for the Hawaiian Quilt series.

  83. reading is one way to relax for me. when I start it is hard to put down usually finish in one night. I read about 6 books a week. enjoy reading all books that are about amish.

  84. Reading is so important as you stated. For those of us who need to listen to audio books it s been wonderful to enjoy your books!!! The best part is the library does not have a lot of audiobooks and every seven days I get to order a new one and I am so pleased to be building up your library!! I have listened to all of your books and enjoyed every single one ! I am currently listening to The Hawaiian Discovery. I am up to the shark bite…..Your my favorite author. Thank you for all the jou you bring to us!!! God Bless you. Yvonne

  85. I just started reading your books series on the musical Stolen .It so good so far. My thanksgiving tradition is we pray for the meal and tell. what thankful for. Also Thanksgiving is special to me because It was on of the last time I had thanksgiving meal with my father because because He died 2 days after thanksgiving in. 2003 . Thank you Carrie Reed

  86. Thank you so much for books. I have read them with interest and enjoy learning about the Amish way of life. I am so glad to find clean fiction books I enjoy reading. Keep them coming.
    Norma Koons