Wanda’s Journal

Keeping True

One of the things I most admire about the Amish way of life is the dedication they have for keeping true to their faith. While the Amish and other Plain groups would be the first to admit they aren’t perfect, their modest way of life and deep faith in God provides us with a model of how we might simplify our own lives in order to live better, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
The Amish way of life offers us ideas on how to live a slower-paced, satisfying life, with less dependence on modern things, and more emphasis on God, family, and friends.
I’ve had many personal experiences with the Amish since I began writing. Our time spent together has not only drawn me closer to the people I’ve come to know and love, but it’s given me a deeper understanding and appreciation of God’s amazing love. My Amish friends have inspired me to live my life a little more simple, while keeping true to the things that have eternal value.

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  1. Your books give me peace I truly need in trying times. While I read, I feel I have friends and guidance. Thank you for writing these wonderful books that have amazingly coincided with my life and helped me through some struggles.

  2. Wanda thank you for your books and that you put so much research into them to make them as close as your can to Amish traditions, lifestyle, morals and of course yummy Recipes. An chance to escape to a simpler time, a simplier way of life, where people are there to support and life each other up, to help with projects.

    I grew up with Sunday family dinners, any big project family came together. All family both sides and the work was done in a timely manner and while it was work it didn’t always seem that way. We helped friends, neighbors, and others in need. Today’s world seems to move away from this and I’d love to help bring it all back.

    your books are a daily reminder to me not to get caught up in the hub rush of today’s world. Take time daily for others as well as myself. to be silent listen to nature and what it has to say instead of just taking it for granted, to be thankful for all the Lord sends (even th troubles) and to turn my troubles over to Him. I can not do it on my own

    Your books also give me an escape to a simpler time

    Thank you

  3. Sunndaag Oktower 1, 2017

    Dear Wanda,
    Denki for your books. They have brought me much comfort in reading. I have a brain tumor. The Dutch word for ” milk” is “Millich.” “The milk” is “die Millich.”

    JoAnne Scholes

  4. I purchased the complete set of “The Amish Millionaire” and was enthralled with each book! After reading them all I gave them to a friend of mine who also is an Amish/Wanda Brunstetter fan?When she completes reading them she will pass them to someone else, and so on. Thank you, Wanda for bringing a little bit of home to me thru your authorship.

  5. I just finished the newest set of books released as always they touched my heart, I love your books and love the way the Amish live so peaceful and forgiving and thoughtful.. look forward to your next series

  6. My favorite special place is my kitchen. Because I love to cook. I have several other happy places one is my porch swing, helping other people, and loving on my dog. All of my happy places helps me deal with my stress. My favorite happy pl;ace helps me deals with stress of life because it comforts me and I make good meals for my my family.

  7. Wanda i look so forward to every email i recieve an all about the amish .I love hearing about their way of life an love for God. In this life if you don’t have God we have nothing . Your my favorite Author Thank You for all your journaling an emails .

  8. dear wanda, would love to have your cookbooks grew up in norther ohio right next to michigan line and not far form ind.line where there you a lot of amish in both mi. and ind. was around them some their baked goods always were so tasty never ate much of their other foods. would love to be able to try cooking some of their receipes. love getting your newsletters. have readd all of your books that the local library has. i’m retired on social security disabilty and don’t go out much so cook and bake alot for my husband and i . sometimes the grandchildren come and stay that is when i really love to bake they love to help even my grandsons like to help.

  9. The Amish are very unique in their ways and beliefs. Growing up in Pa I learned a lot about the customs and everyday life of the different sects.