A few weeks ago, four of our dear Amish friends came by train to visit our home. They stayed with us for five days, and we wished they could have stayed longer. In addition to their humor and pleasant attitudes, I couldn’t help but notice their humbly spirits. Instead of concentrating on themselves, they looked to the needs of others.

The Amish culture is embedded in the German word “Gellassenheit,” which means yielding to a higher authority and becoming a humble person. The Bible teaches us to be clothed with humility. That means we are to wear it all the time so that others may see Christ living in us. Humility isn’t just about not bragging; it’s about being willing to do the most menial tasks. It’s about serving others, and thereby serving the Lord, without needing any recognition. The humility and willingness to help I saw in my Amish friends encouraged me to wear the clothes of humility, too.

Do you have friends or family members who appear humble? How does it make you feel when you spend time with them? What are some ways we can practice “Gellassenheit?”


  1. Linda Klager says:

    I agree, Wanda. It is great to serve the Lord without a lot of fanfare. People who show humility are very inspiring to me.

  2. Gail Hollingsworth says:

    This day and age especially it seems humility is hard to come by. Even in church this morning our music/praise leader seemed to be “tooting his own horn” (no pun intended) while he was praying out loud during our church service.
    We all should try to be more like the Amish who try not to be prideful.

  3. Annette ElDridge says:

    Humility is very important! Unfortunately, in today’s society, it is not as common. My great-grandmother was a Godly woman who taught her entire family that God and helping your community and family with needs is the most valuable gift. She stressed to aid and not let others know. I wish her beliefs were still the forefront of our society.

  4. I know that it’s not always easy to find a place where you can pray quitely and not disturb anyone else but it’s something that we need to humble ourselves and do. We also need to be obedient to God and humble ourselves and do what you know that God’s calling you to do even if it’s something that is difficult for you to do.

  5. What a special opportunity to be able to have Amish friends that will visit you in your home,! I’d love to have that opportunity. I guess the closet opportunity I will get is visiting Williamsburg. It’s been several years, but I hope to visit again in my life time! After my visit, I wanted to become Amish. I just seen women sitting and doing stitch work their life’s seemed so relaxed, but I know that is not how it is, after reading books like yours, they work hard, it’s not just sitting and stitching. Thank you for helping us learn about the Amish lifestyle though your great books and newsletters!

  6. Claire LaBelle says:

    I sometimes get annoyed by the mundane tasks I do daily, and since I have been closely following the Amish and reading so many books related to the Amish, I have taken a much closer look at my responsibilities and see them through different eyes. I have a much greater love for these tasks and find them fulfilling and feel a new joy in what I do. It has also extended to how I feel about everyone and this has helped me to enjoy my relationships with co-workers, the community and family. God is good, and continues to work with me daily. What a friend we have in Jesus!

  7. Margaret Fraleigh says:

    Humility is to be practised every day. Then topped with gratitude to our Saviour.

  8. Mary Roelke says:

    Times have changed so much. The older generation I think on the most part does practise humility but the younger generation wants to know “what are you going to do for me”! Not all of them but a lot.

  9. Laurie Bowers says:

    I wish there were more humility in today’s society. It gives you a sense of being when you help others and serve God. I appreciate the Amish and their views. I would love to spend some time with the Amish and their ways of the world. They work very hard and don’t need all of the fancy possessions that most of the world have come to rely on.

  10. Jorga Schmaing says:

    I believe being raised on a farm and being part of generations of farm and ranch families here in Wyoming, we all learn humility in caring for the land, animals, and our families. We learn from our parents and elders, then pass it on to our children and theirs. It’s a blessed and wonderful life.

  11. Dianne Dudley says:

    My 94 year old Aunt recently passed away. She was the perfect example of being a servant of the Lord. She was definitely a part of a lost generation.

  12. Joe Arnold says:

    My wife’s grandmother was a humble lady. She did not have much as she always gave to others. She had a loving soul and is greatly missed.

  13. My grandmother always baked a birthday cake for Jesus at Christmas time. She even wrapped up gifts and put them under her tree for others in need that she didn’t know. She was the most humble person I have ever met.

  14. Rhonda Struthers says:

    I enjoy learning about the Amish culture through your writing.

  15. I know that we have a lot of modern things that work well for us. But sometimes I miss the
    other way of life when I was a child. Children these days do not have a idea of how to just
    go outside and make up a game. But God has been good to us and I thank him for it.
    Have a blessed day.

  16. Humility is a concept that is often forgotten in this world. It leads to sharing, cooperation, and joy. I’ve a friend who displays genuine humility and it’s wonderful to be with them. Thank you for the reminder that we could all use and exhibit more humility in our lives.

  17. dayna steger says:

    Growing up we had a fairly simple way of life way out in the country. Now we live within 30 miles of Minneapolis, MN, and I find it very difficult to slow down and retain the simple values and way of life. We strive for it on a daily basis and I am hoping in retirement we will be able to focus even more on returning to those days.
    Being humble is one of the values we have tried to teach our children and show through example. I know we have strayed from the true meaning of the word and hope to focus on this in particular in the days to come.
    Thank you for your books and insight into the Amish life. We try to visit their communities as often as possible to remind ourselves of the importance of the simple life and to enjoy their peaceful settings.

  18. Juanita Cook says:

    My Aunt Dorothy was a very humble lady. Always doing for others with no thought of what they could do for. She passed many years ago at a very young age and is deeply missed.

  19. Debra Terry says:

    It’s VERY hard to find humbleness in today’s world. Sometimes, to others, it comes across as weak. I find that very untrue! Those who are humble are strong in spirit, wise to the ways of people, and giving of themselves . They are a pleasure to be around because they aren’t always trying to show off worldly achievements or possessions. I write this with my friend in mind. She is a truly humble person that lets CHRIST shine through her daily.

  20. Tracie Nolan says:

    I try to put on Humility, as is fitting for someone who wants to serve our Lord, but I struggle mightily sometimes I confess! Being around someone with a humble Spirit is always so peaceful and calming!

  21. My prayer is that I may be a humble person. The world today needs more people who are humble and not boastful.

  22. It’s not always easy or convenient but things worth doing never are. A humble and simple life is freeing and healthy, trying to get there is well worth the effort. Don’t rush, take care with your words and do so with a joyful heart. I must say a winning smile never hurt either. You will be blessed.

  23. Humility seems hard for a lot of people but there are those who just do what needs doing and get embarrassed if thanked. You are seeing humility with groups like the Cajun Navy and The Waco navy and Operation BBQ as well as people just finding ways to help their follow citizens who got hit by Hurricane Harvey. The AMISH remind me to always try for the humility and not the pride. Enjoy your books.

  24. Deborah Smith says:

    Humility is something we all should practice in our daily lives.

  25. I think the word needs a little more Humility and God in there life today
    Thank you for giving us the gift of your writing .

  26. Carol Pasqua says:

    There is a friend of mine who visits every Summer and for many years she was the one who ushered in Summer. The peaceful conversations , the laughing over nothing and just relaxing together made us feel so refreshed. We were able to put aside any of the so-called problems of the year. Her kindness and humility stayed with us long after she went home.

  27. Mary Shaffer says:

    Thank you for your words. We most often serve others by listening. It is in that simple act that you humble yourself and uplift others.

  28. Judy Schweitzer says:

    I really enjoy all your books and learning about the amish culture. I try hard to be humble in everything I do.

  29. Joann Fritsche says:

    Being humble in our material world is very difficult, but we all have to try to remember that all the gifts we have received, whether they are material things or abilities, are from our dear Lord. We need to use our gifts to help others. Wanda, I just love your books and the message they convey!

  30. Ida Conley says:

    I love reading and learning about the Amish and Mennonites. I would love to be as self sufficient and self reliant as the Plain People.

  31. Katie Lind says:

    One of the most humble people I know went to be with the Lord this summer. She was always serving others, but if you praised her, she would say “Get me of the pedestal.” Too bad there aren’t’t more people like Terry.

  32. Karen Tackett says:

    I loved reading about your time spent with your Amish friends in your home. Yes, in my interactions with the Amish in our travels I know what you mean about the humility they show. They love helping people. I think so often about Galatians 5:22-23 talking about the Fruit of the Spirit. I want, desire, to walk in the Spirit and exhibit and live the Fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.To me humility is also a part of that. That is the life of Christ in action. Thank you for sharing your stories and your blog of every day life lived for Jesus.

  33. Mary Preston says:

    It’s not even just about putting others first, but doing so without any expectations or reward. Something to take to heart.

  34. Julie Dillon says:

    God was the greatest example of humility and being humble

  35. Chrissy Cobb says:

    People who are humble are very attractive to me. That’s one reason why I enjoy reading about the Amish so much. I want to be more like them in a lot of ways – humility is one of those ways. Proverbs tell us that God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

  36. Thank you Wanda for your journal entries. They remind me where my focus needs to be – on our Lord Jesus and what he wants for us. It is always good to ‘spend time’ with you.

  37. Humility is an important trait for every person. I try to be humble at all times,even though it is not easy. Thank you for the giveaway.

  38. It would be a better world if every one practiced humility. I try to be humble. Thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway.

  39. i always try to be humble and kind. It is a sad reality that many people now a days do not practice or even try to be filled with humility. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  40. My mother was one of the most humble people I know. She is now in heaven, bit I will always remember how humble she was and I pray to be more like her. Doing and just being for others with out expecting to be noticed.
    I strive not to brag and be more humble. Actually people that focus on themselves and want to be notice really turns me off. God is not pleased with this type of behavior.
    Do for others without being noticed. God knows our hearts.

  41. Thank you for sharing about your friends’ visit. Humble people inspire me to do better. Hiding God’s word in my heart teaches and inspires me to be better. My grandmother was a truly beautiful, humble soul, always serving and finding ways to build others up.

  42. Brenda Simmons says:

    God teaches us to be humble and to practice alms giving. Give to those whom need help and expect nothing in return. God loves the cheerful giver. Deny yourself and give to others.

  43. I like to read your books because I like to learn about the Amish and there life

  44. I wish it were possible for everyone to practice Humility even just by helping our senior neighbors and friends for no other reason than to be sure they are okay and not in need.

  45. I agree Wanda. I have a number of Amish friends in Ontario, and I do miss them. They are great examples of how God wishes us to live this life he has given us. We all need to step back and try to practice Humility in each of our lives. What a great world this would be if we all lived as the good Lord wants us to live.

  46. Connie McEldowney says:

    Love reading all your books. My great grandmother was Amish and I remember going to visit her

  47. Your word’s have always been so inspiring to me Mrs. Brunstetter. Through your books I have overcome many of my own spiritual problems. Keeping you in my prayers.

  48. Nancy L Christian says:

    I am so glad you enjoyed your Amish friends visit! We can learn so much from the Amish, especially Faith and Humility.

  49. JOY! Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last. We are nothing without Him, and blessings come by serving others.

  50. In today’s ME world with all the tweeting, etc., it is especially joyful to see Humility, and particularly when it is a young person.

    It was wonderful to see many everyday people help others during Hurricane Harvey in Texas with little thought of themselves or the danger they were in at the time.

    Thanks for the give-a-way opportunity.

  51. A humble person thinks of others and helps them rather than strives to have everything be about themselves. We can each think of ways in which we can demonstrate humility and help others.

  52. Shirley Cox says:

    I remember growing up with humility in our household. We may not have had much but if there was someone who needed something we gave. I remember this giving of whatever we have to give without thought of our needs and strive to be that kind of person. Giving of yourself without expecting something in return is humility. We need to teach our children about humility.

    • Darlene White says:

      Humble people never have to say a word for us to know that they are good people. They don’t have to shout it from the rooftop. It’s just that sweet sweet spirit!

  53. Marge Smith says:

    I so enjoyed this months email post. Yes, it seems that humility is not found in abundance any longer. It is a true blessing to meet someone with humility, and it is a nice reminder how we should all be to each other. Thank you for yet another fun give away opportunity Wanda :0)
    Be Blessed,
    ~ Marge Smith ~

  54. Gloria Martin says:

    Wanda, I recently bought the set of The Amish Millionaire series, and as with all your novels as I began each one I had to make myself lay it down in order to get any housework done!? For a very long while now you have been and continue to be my favorite author. So much so that now I have turned my sister, who lives in Ohio, a “Brunstetter Junkie” ??? I so look forward to each and every one of your newsletters, Wanda. Keep those juices flowing!

  55. Being humble is something you do not see a lot even in churches at times. Humility is something we should strive for and give glory to God that we are able to do things for Him and not priase ourselves for doing it. Thank you for this uplifting and thought provoking blog post.

  56. Mandy Bentley says:

    The moment I am in the presence of someone who lives a humble life without fail, I instantly feel like I need to do better in this life Jesus has given me. This feeling of wanting to do better, of guilt, does not come from the humble person I am spending time with. It comes from me, knowing myself, and also from knowing the Lord know we as well. Nothing can be hidden from He who created us. We have to pick up our cross daily, and follow after Him.

  57. Linda Weadon says:

    I love reading your books. When I read one of your books, I feel at peace and very grateful for the love God has for everyone.

  58. Karen Marie Hoth says:

    I agree that one should serve the Lord without fanfare. We need more of that today in our services. People need to take time for our Lord each week. So many no longer go to church on a regular basis. We all need to serve our Lord and if we all did, there would be less crime and violence in our world!

  59. Helene mcgee says:

    I agree with you whole hole heartedly Wanda. If more practiced humility at all times, our world would be a much better place.

  60. I agree with you wholeheartedly Wanda. If more people would practice humility our world would be a much better place.

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