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Blessing Others

Have you ever wondered why it’s easier to give a gift or help someone than it is to receive a gift or accept help from another person?

I think sometimes we believe that when someone gives us a gift or does something nice for us, we owe them something and must respond by giving in return. The truth is, we may not always be able to give something back to someone who has blessed us with a gift of some kind.

The things we do for other people will bring us a blessing too. We can look for opportunities to bless a friend, relative, or someone we don’t know personally. I believe that through giving, even during our greatest need, we will receive back in blessings whatever we have given.

Have you blessed someone recently? Has someone blessed you?

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  1. I hope that I’ve blessed someone with my prayers and concern, but I have been blessed many times over. Out of the blue, I received an email telling me that I had gone way beyond expectations in a project I was involved in. It was totally unexpected, from someone that I respect tremendously, and it came at just the right time, because was having one of those UGH days!

  2. That’s a great question. I had no idea most people were more uncomfortable with receiving than giving, but it’s really nice to know that we are a nation (or world) of givers. You’re right, though–it’s important to be a gracious receiver and not assume a gift requires something in return.

  3. It is hard to accept help, someone once said I was not letting him do his service but not accepting his help. Put it into perspective.

  4. If someone near me needs help, I always lend a hand..It is just automatic to me to do that..I do find it hard to ask for help, although there come times when I have to..But I do feel blessed when I am given another day to wake up..

  5. I just came back from a mission trip. Not only did we bless two families with a new “house”, God blessed us!!

  6. Our church made sandwiches & hot Mac & cheese & we served lunch to the homeless living in New Haven. One of the gentlemen we served was so filled with joy for God & gratitude, he made me smile…he made me see the daily blessings in my own life like hot food & a comfortable home that I take for granted. I felt blessed to see the Holy Spirit radiating from this gentleman, it just warmed my heart!

  7. I love to be able to help others. I like to try to bless them without knowing who because I don’t want recognition. I just want to help those in need.
    I also like missions and praying for missionaries

  8. My biggest blessing right now is my grandchild, Jess. When I lost my love almost 2 years ago, Jess was there to help with my dog as I finished up my teaching career. I developed some recent health issues and Jess moved into the spare room to help out around his work schedule. He is such a great encourager, too. I’m truly blessed.

  9. I truly enjoy giving gifts. I would rather give than to receive and that is something I’m trying to work on. When we don’t receive well then we are hurting the person who gave to us. We actually take away from them trying to bless us. I think God wants us to give and receive with glad hearts.

  10. I just got the letters of wisdom I can’t wait to read it after I finish the book I’m reading now. I love the cookbook one pan wonders

  11. I love doing things for other people, especially my grand children. To see their face light up is so worth it all. In a world of phones, it’s so special to send a card, kids love receiving mail.

  12. I try to bless others by sharing books I have read and enjoyed. I also love to help authors promote their works, which ends up blessing me when they express appreciation for my encouragement. Also if I see or hear of someone who needs a word of spoken encouragement, I try to follow through with that.

  13. Several days ago I gave a Bible to a non-believing friend that I have been reaching out to. She moved to US from another country last year and has very different spiritual beliefs. I am praying for her salvation along with her husband and two young boys. I prayed before hand that the Lord would give me the right words to say to her. I was so nervous about doing so! Later she texted me and said this was her very first Bible and she would read it when she got the chance. I pray she is reading it and that the Lord is drawing her unto Himself.

  14. Hello, yes I am helping a friend at church that is ill and in the hospital and they’re trying to figure out where her pain is coming from. I am involved in a women’s ministry at church and we get together for a Bible study and share prayer concerns. She’s a mother of 4 boy’s and also a school teacher. I have been praying for her and keeping in touch on updates. Her name is Brandy, would you lift her up in your prayers please?
    Thank You,
    Sheila Poston

  15. I broke my shoulder 4 weeks ago and I’m still recovering wearing a sling. It’s been a painful journey and I’ve had help from my Bible study class as well as from my sweet husband. He certainly has lived up to his wedding vows!

  16. I love to give!!!! My way of giving is through cards to encourage and to uplift.

    Thank you Wanda for writing books that are amazing. Written from experiences and living among the writings. You are a blessing!!!!!

  17. Many times I have been blessed to receive from other people. There are times it does make you feel as if you are indebted to them in some way, but I try and remember that the Lord is blessing me through the other person and I try to just be thankful to them instead of feeling I need to do something in return. I try and be generous to others in some way as well, not only in a material way but in kindness. Many times I seek out ways to be kind to another, there have been years that I could not donate money to anyone, but so often kindness costs nothing to give. I think it is measured in service to the Lord, and only He can truly count that kind of cost.

  18. I always Love Blessing others in everything I do Have a Blessed Weekend Wanda Please enter me in the newsletter book giveaway And Yes My Children have Blessed Me and I have Blessed Them!

  19. My BFF and I have been friends since in the 80’s. She and her husband do not attend church like we do each Sunday. I love giving her surprise gifts off and on. She loves gnomes so I saw a welcome mat with gnomes on it and as we drove by her house one day my husband ran it to her porch. Later that day she text me and just said “ I love it!” She knew who did that. I’ve done this often to show her I was thinking about her. Her favorite color is purple & I bought her a purple Bible. To my delight she loved it and said she didn’t have one. You never know what God has planned to bring others to Him. It brings my heart so much joy .

  20. A couple of years ago I was with my aunt and uncle in Sugarcreek or Walnut Creek (we love both) were there and signed one of your books for me. As busy as you were, you were so kind and patient. Thank you again for making my day .📖

  21. This is so true. I will help and give to others, but I never feel right asking for help.

  22. Yes I was able to bless someone. Sadly I lost my best friend in January. She loved to work jigsaw puzzles. Her husband gave me her collection. So I was able to find someone who loves to work puzzles and bless them with her collection.

  23. Recently I have started sending gifts to my friends for their birthdays and to cheer them up when facing a trial or hardship. It is such a blessing to give even when it is just a small gift and my friend seem to be so blessed.

  24. I love giving to people and making their day. Our church just started a group for women to get to know each other, secret sisters. We get to know/ pray for a different person every month. Last month was our first month and I am blessed to have a new friend. God has worked in our lives. Praying for each other is the most powerful gift. Looking forward to a new friendship this month❤🤗

  25. Hi Wanda. I was blessed long ago with a handmade bookmark. It was cross stitched and had a nice message on it that escapes me right now. But I remember being so pleased to receive this gift that I know had been crafted just for me. Everytime I used it I had a happy thought for my friend. It’s unfortunate, but my dog got a hold of it and chewed it up a bit. I continued to use it for the longest time. It still evoked pleasant memories of my friend but with a hint of unpleasant thoughts of my durn dog.

  26. So many times I have passed by reading my email. This morning I felt a calling to really take I. Your message it hit home for me. I am that person that always helps others. When they ask to help me I would decline. One day I was called to help a dear friend and she declined at first said she wanted to ask someone else. I didn’t understand. I was available and it would have been fun to spend time with her. She agreed I was right however she said this to me. You never allow me to help you when you’re in need. It really hit home when she described how it made her feel. I now have come to understand it is good to give as well as allowing your heart to receive.

  27. I have read all your books so far and I love them waiting for your new one’s. Thanks for the great books

  28. My birthday was on the 7th of February and two friends took me out to eat. One of those friends was staying with me and she gave me a box of Whitman’s Chocolates. Then on Valentines Day another box of Godiva chocolates. I too am a Giver and it used to be hard to accept but this time I just enjoyed it and shared my sweets with her.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your wonderful books!


  29. I enjoy cooking extra food and sharing with our neighbors especially a widow who lives next door. I don’t expect anything in return, but at Christmas and Thanksgiving they share their bunuelos and tamales. They are wonderful neighbors. I also have a prayer list that I pray for every day.

  30. Recently a friend passed away, with no insurance. Our community, along with my family made donations for a fundraiser to help pay for his funeral. With everyone’s help, the fundraiser was a success and his family was very appreciative of everyone’s involvement. That’s why living in a small town is a blessing, ones we get to give & receive.

  31. I really enjoy everything I read of yours. I am guilty too of finding it difficult to accept gifts from others. God bless you for all you do to inspire.

  32. Yes, a family member gifted us a more dependable vehicle and in turn we donated our old one to someone who had no transportation at all. He was really happy that we were able to help him in such a way. We were blessed to receive such a nice gift and even more blessed by the person who now has a reliable way to get to his work. God is good and so is family!

  33. I have been blessed so many times to count! God is so good and faithful!! I hope and pray that I have been a blessing to others as well. I’ve made dinner for a friend and her kids 🙂

  34. I am blessed and I struggle sometimes to recognize that. My older son helped me clean up his little brother for bed last night. I thanked him. I do try to help others.

  35. I love your books. They are very inspirational heartwarming and if I’m having a bad day, I go and read your book. It always brings me back to a good place. I also listen to them on audiobooks at night. It gives me a very peaceful sleep. I’ve had the honor of meeting you. Thank you for being a blessing to us all with your books your kind words God bless you and your loving family.

  36. Giving the gift of blessing others is much easier for me than receiving it. I always think of how I can repay them, instead of thanking God for the gift. The thing that helps me with this came from a friend when I was explaining how I felt about others helping me. She said that I was taking away their “gift” from God and therefore, they were not getting their own blessing from God. Maybe this will help others too.

  37. Dear Wanda,
    For almost 20 years (12 years ago) my husband & I traveled in an itinerant ministry. We know first hand about giving & receiving. We loved (and still do) to be a blessing to others by giving. However, we did find it harder to receive, but didn’t want to deprive others of being a blessing who wanted to give to us. YOU have been & continue to be a blessing to others. THANK YOU!

  38. In the past I was right there with the receiving of a gift or someone doing something kind for me. Then someone brought it to my attention that if we do not accept the gift or good deed then we are robbing that person of their joy. That is someone’s gift, the gift of giving. Even if you cannot pay it back to them right then, we can do something nice for someone else. even a simple smile and hello can make a person’s day or a simple compliment. The main thing is don’t rob someone of their joy if they want to do something nice for you. Not everyone does nice things to get something back in return. I have been blessed many times by people and in return I try to bless others whenever I get a chance. Wonderful topic.

  39. I love blessing people. Just little notes of encouragement may make someone’s heart a bit happier.

  40. I love this. I enjoy your books so very much! Keep writing! You have a wonderful talent. I hope your daughter is doing well.

  41. I love blessing people when I can. I feel so much better giving a small gift or maybe doing something to make their day better. I personally would rather give than receive.

  42. I recently had my car totaled when someone ran a red light. I was able to remove the floor liners and extra key fob that I had purchased and pass them on to a friend who had the same model car. Thankful that no one was injured!

  43. I am part if the Prayer Ministry at my church. Almost every day I receive an email requesting prayers for parishioners or friends and family of parishioners. To read of all the many needs people have breaks my heart. As I pray for each and every one, I am reminded of the fact that, although I have a number of health issues myself, there is always someone worse off than I am. I hope my prayers help a little.

  44. Good Morning,
    It’s raining here in Southeast North Carolina. In the community where I live when someone dies we all come together to support the family if it’s by prayers, cooking a meal, sitting with them so they are not alone, we are there. In life we find friends that we do the same for if it’s a shoulder to cry on, help them with a personal problem or maybe help them get food or whatever the problem may be we are blessing those folks. To me by just helping them is a blessing to me and I don’t ask for anything in return. But sometimes they do bless me with paying for my lunch at a “girls day out” or just being there when I need someone to talk about things. So we are all blessed beyond measured!!!

  45. I absolutely love your books, I have just about all them, that I can find, love the Amish lifestyle, we have a few families in our community and I have visited a few in Lancaster, it’s so beautiful

  46. I’ve been blessed by a friend helping me to take donations to a thrift store. Purging things I don’t need anymore and hoping someone will be blessed by finding some nice clothes.

  47. I have been blessed by many people in my life…..some are good true friends….some by listening to me…in time of need…and giving wise Chrisitan advice…by giving me a hug,
    at the “right time…as needed”….I’ve also try to BE a blessing to others….by the above
    things I mentioned … and as I go along in life….looking to show my faith and love for others…
    Life is hard, sometimes more than not….but people need help, friendship, love and God…

  48. I DID have a friend just recently give me a huge gift. I kind of felt like I shouldn’t take it but at the same time felt if I didn’t she would be really hurt. I knew she was giving it out of the kindness of her heart and not bc she thought I was a charity case. I have blessed others in the same way and never gave with the expectation of getting back. We are all blessed when we bless each other! Thank you for sharing this!

  49. I hope I have blessed someone with my prayers, concerns and treating everyone as I hope they would treat me. I try to help anyone in need whether it be prayers, food, money and anything else I see in need of. I have been blessed many times over from my God. I myself have needed help and a kind and generous soul helped me pay my bills when I was out of work and didn’t have money for my bills. I have no idea who it was but I thanked God for them.

  50. My husband is an extremely sensitive guy. When he hears about someone struggling, his immediate reaction is to give generously to them. We have experienced some amazing moments when recipients told us how the gift made a difference for them. An example is a gentleman who could not afford the supplies he needed to begin physical therapy, but our gift paid for all he needed. We are retired and comfortable now, and helping others not only feels like the right thing to do, but also gives us joy! Yet, we often encounter recipients who have difficulty accepting the gifts. I wish they understood that their acceptance and relief for whatever issue they face gives us joy without measure, and is, therefore, a gift to us.

  51. I am so use to helping out others and not needing help myself. In the past 3 years I have needed more help due to health issues and its been a real struggle for me to admit that I need help. I would rather give than receive its just how I am. But, God has shown me its okay to admit that I am in need of help and to appreciate it when I do get it. He has shown me that I am still able to give to others in a different way than before.

  52. Oh Wanda I love to give a gift of myself or a treasure I have. To share with someone is such a blessing.
    Enjoy Florida!

  53. I had spine surgery in late November. Then, 3 weeks later, I had a complex arm surgery to remove 3 dead bones from my left wrist. I also had a cyst removed at the same time. It will be 12 weeks tomorrow from this last surgery and I’m still in occupational therapy. Recovery has been brutal. A very busy friend of mine paid someone to make and deliver 3 very large freezer meals for my family during this time. What a huge blessing this has been!

    It’s hard for me to talk about times I’ve blessed others, but I do love to give of my time, energy, talents, and prayers.

  54. It is truly a blessing to give rather than receive. Just the feeling of gratitude you see in others makes me feel happy.

  55. This is very true. When we can, we send support a missionary in India we met at a mission’s conference many years ago. The Lord has blessed us over and over again in ways we never would have thought. Our needs were met. And we feel we have a part in his many ministries, which is wonderful!
    I am so glad you have this side ministry to ladies instructing them through your blog.
    I thought the last time you were scheduled for Sarasota, I might be able to see you at your book signing because I would be near there visiting my mother, but you had to cancel. I hope your daughter is doing well. My mother has eaten at the restaurant Der Dutchman.

  56. Shortly after I moved from Florida back home to Michigan my youngest sister lost her husband unexpectedly. Several months later I went to live with her. Having been widowed myself I was able to be a blessing to her to help her through the rough days. In turn she was a blessing to me as I had several medical issues that she helped me with. We are both blessed to be able to be together and continue to catch up on the years when we didn’t see one another very often.

  57. I love to bless a young family having their babies by praying over baby quilts I make for them. Things a not easy for some in this world. So just seeing there smiling faces are a blessing for me. Blessings to you and your family

  58. Baby blankets are a way I enjoy blessing a new family. It blesses me just to see them smile and a hug to!

  59. When you bless someone, you feel blessed. It is my joy to bless others right now by givibg away books at a little free library at my church in Yakima. A friend who attended church with you had to move suddenly and gave me two shelves of your signed books. I have been reading them, then placing them in my free library for others to enjoy! Sincerely, Jane Coward, Yakima. Crosspoint Church

  60. I feel I am blessed every time when I hear from my daughter, step children and grandchildren. I hear from one or two of them nearly everyday.

  61. I do my best to encourage friends or people I don’t know. A few years ago I had a serious health issue. At church we have a beautiful nativity. It was so faded. I asked the head if the church if I could paint it. I didn’t want anyone to know. My gift to the church and asking for healing from God. It took 3 months they turned out so nice. The one guy at church said to me he was in the shed turned saw them and thought they were real. What a compliment. I was asked to do the card ministry. I send cards for all situations. One day a lady I sent a encouragement card to, told the Pastor how much the card meant. Her friend had passed and she was feeling sad and lonely and it cheered her up. I hope in a small way the cards I send help people.
    I’m reading the Sisters by the Sea and it’s wonderful.

  62. I always try to bless people when I have an opportunity. It’s very hard to say but as hard it is to say I find it hard to ask for help. I know I’ve always been blessed. Sometimes things come up and there is always an angel blessing me. I find it more easy giving than receiving, not sure way but I rather give than have someone give me something.

  63. I just recently was talking about this with a friend. She told me she didn’t like to get gifts because she could give a gift. I told her how it was a blessing to me to give a gift to her that I didn’t need a gift. She had never thought of a gift being given as a blessing to the giver only the receiver.

  64. I love to give to family members or friends but I am
    very uncomfortable when someone blesses me with a gift. I am trying to learn to be grateful for every blessing I receive.

  65. In Acts20:35 it says,”In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”
    And I agree! I am always blessed when I give of myself, time or money to serve others!

  66. I’ve blessed a few ppl with things I no longer used or needed ! I have also been blessed by others with meals so I didn’t have to be hungry!!

  67. My husband’s boss blessed us with a meal last night. We had the privilege to go out with them and enjoy the evening together.

  68. I love the feeling to see the face of someone when you give them a gift for no reason I have a dear friend how has cancer we have been friends for over 40 years I recently sent her a hand crocheted lap blanket hats and I didn’t tell her the package was coming just the sound of her voice with gratitude I felt so happy that I could touch her in such a way I am making hats and scarfs to donate the lord blessed me with a special talent even though I’m visually impaired I can still bless others and in return be blessed

  69. I always try to be kind to everyone, holding open a door, saying good morning or even just a smile to someone during your travels could help someone. We never know what each other is going through and I believe even the simplest kind gestures can turn someones day around. I know it makes me feel just a little bit better!

  70. I just finished making a lovely knitted shawl that has a detailed lace pattern in it. It is deep purple that fades to lighter, then to blues. I made it for my Physical Therapist who has been a blessing to me as I continue to recover from rotator cuff surgery and bicep surgery. It feels good to give back.

  71. I have read every one of your books that my local library has. Plus, a few that I bought for myself. Reading about the Amish has given me inspiration to change some of my bad habits. Thank you for your books.

  72. One of the biggest blessings I receive is knowing I have blessed someone’s day by calling or visiting when they are confined to their home or a nursing facility.

  73. I am a member of my church’s knitting ministry. We knit , or crochet, prayer shawls for people in need of comfort. We also make hats and scarves for the homeless, and chemo caps for those who suffer from Cancer. It not only blesses the receiver, but it blesses the person that knits the item. We also give shawls to families that have their babies baptized.

  74. I have always been a giver all my life. It’s just my nature, personality, livelihood. However, like you stated above, I’m not much for receiving though. 😩 Mostly, I think it’s because I was always taught, through God’s Word, and my parents, that it’s better to give than to receive. I think too, it had alot to do with the way I was raised in general. We weren’t rich, nor middle class, however, my dad worked himself to death, literally, to make sure we had everything we needed. I, myself, thought we were rich in our family, love, the things we did have, and closeness, rather than with money.
    Sadly, the person that I fell in love with, married, had a child with, and ended up living 22 years of abusive hell with, was a taker, and took anything & everything, which always embarassed me. Example: Holidays I wasn’t allowed to ever buy gifts for his family or mine, but we definitely could accept all they gave us😡🥴😤.
    I felt it was just wrong, and he knew I was a very caring & giving person.
    Now, that I have been away from him for 14 yrs now, I do all the gifts, random kindness stuff that I want to do & the Lord has Blessed me beyond what I could even begin to imagine❤️

  75. I have learned over life I am a better giver than receiver. I enjoy helping others and going that extra step when they need it most. I have been blessed with the talent of making quilts. I LOVE making a quilt to send with family and friends as they fight medical illnesses “wrapped up in extra love from Iowa”.

  76. Blessings are wonderful.
    I try to bless someone whether I know them or not.
    Like in the grocery/or just any line if they are short on money when paying.
    It doesn’t matter whom it is.
    Paying for a coffee or lunch when someone doesn’t know it a blessing to both the giver and receiver.

  77. I believe that it is better to give, as when you give, you also receive. Gifts come in so many different ways, it isn’t about a beautifully wrapped present you spent money on….give your time, give your help, give a smile.

  78. a phone call from a loved one or a letter in the mail is a great blessing, since it was not expected. I pray that I have eyes to see and heart to feel when others need a blessing or encouragement.

  79. I recently blessed a neighbor with a set of drinking glasses. She had broken her last one and was using small paper cups. I never used this set anymore; they were like new and just taking up space. So I gave them to her. She was so grateful for them that it blessed my heart as well.

  80. I hope that I blessed my friend Laureen who is recently battling leukemia, she has been in the hospital more than out. I’ve started a prayer group to pray for her healing, been there when she texts for guidance & love! I am very blessed with my husband, adult son, pets & family. God blesses me everyday with good things that happen. All I need is God guiding me to do right by Him.

  81. Hope I am leaving this comment in the right spot.. I just read and saw the picture of your latest addition to the Family.. Prayers for this precious Baby to grow in God’s Time and for the continued better health of the Mom. what an ordeal to go through-emergency surgery.. Praise God for his Blessings. I will wait till our local Library gets your book so I can read it.. My youngest son was 9 lbs 13 0z, I was wore out when he was born May 23, 1989. so now Zach is grown up and out of College and married a wonderful gal with red hair in October 2022. and works for Erie County children’s Services in PA. My oldest son and husband have Red hair ( husband’s hair is more Gray now ! ! ). All the best to your family, Love seeing the photos of the Amish your husband takes. Lots of Amish here in Ashtabula County, Ohio north of Middlefield, Ohio.

  82. It’s always a pleasure to buy someone in line behind me a cup of coffee as you never know when they need an extra smile. I try and do it once a month and it makes me happy

  83. Every day I am blessed by God’s Word. I like to speak His Word over others. I enjoy making cards to encourage others.

  84. Giving and getting hugs are some of the greatest Blessings from God, ever! The loving, happy heart of a child (particularly, for me, a nephew or a niece), has been, and is, a Blessing from God I can’t always put into words.

    Thank You, God, for ALL of Your Blessings!
    In Jesus Name, Amen.

  85. I love this journal entry. I always feel the need to return the kindness, but sometimes can’t due to various reasons. I always try to do the “old fashioned” thing of sending a thank you note.

  86. My friend Lisa has stage 4 lung , throat, head, and neck cancer. I have been sending her messages and gifts of encouragement as well as promoting her fund raisers. She is being evicted from her home and has no money to move. Her insurance ran out so treatments have stopped. With no permanent address as of today, she can not apply for assistance. I pray for her continuously. It is a dire situation.

  87. I enjoy reading your books Wanda and have real a lot of them. Some I have purchased, other from the local library or online. Always look forward to the new ones!
    I work as a volunteer at our church’s Food Pantry distribution center here in Sarasota once a week. It is open 5 days a week, plus Friday evening. It is such a blessing that I am able to be part of such a large Food Pantry project locally. Many are the same people each week and we greet each other as friends should. They come for the food, and some for the bond that has formed among us.. The “Bless You” statement goes both ways. The door is open for everyone at our church. Blessings to you for the wonderful stories your write.

  88. You do get a blessing , blessing or helping others. It is good to look for someone who may need something done even something very simple to you that the other may not be able to do physically. Perhaps an older person in your church. Make friends with them first and show you you care. A simple example that came up with my husband was an elderly gentleman that is a Vet and 100% disabled needed some lightbulbs replaced in his house. My husband went to his house and changed them out for him.
    Another simple thing my mother does is to invite some lonely person to her house for our family get together for a Holiday meal. It does wonders for that person and you get blessed by including them and getting to know them better.
    This is my second time commenting on subject , but it is such a truth. There are a lot of lonely needful people out there, even in your church or neighborhood.

  89. There is a guy that works on my wheelchair and other equipment that I use. One day I texted him and asked if he was coming out to fix my lift chair. He replied “Not I”. I replied back with “Don’t cry you will see me again.” He responded with a row of laughing emoji’s. I found out the next day that he was having a bad day that day I texted him. Hopefully, I relieved him of some stress.

  90. Love your books and learning more about the Amish. Thanks so much for your delightful uplifting books. Praying for you and your family, especially the new mama and very tiny baby. Be blessed my friend.

  91. I gave gifts of food at Christmas to my vet, the police station, and the tire place(he was surprised). I like to gift my vet office often. And in Feb my husband had a stroke and I had asked for some things on a Pay It Forward site cause things to help are so expensive and a couple people were very kind.

  92. I have been blessed many, many times and hope I’ve also been a blessing to others. It’s not always material things that are needed. Sometimes it’s just a smile, a hug, or a listening ear that makes someone’s day better.

  93. I wake up everyday looking for a way to Bless someone everyday. When you lift others up you feel Blessed in return

  94. It is so nice to receive, but I receive a special blessing when I’m able to give to someone.
    I recently received the cookbook in the monthly drawing. THAT was a nice surprise. I’ve made two different recipes and they are so good. Thank you for being a blessing to me.

  95. I love to Give!!!! My husband is the grade school principal at a small school. We do not have a PTO so everyone laughs that I am the PTO, we try to do fun things for the students and teachers all year long! We have an ice cream social at back to school night, we have drawings for the teachers during their time back to school, fun things like school supplies. This year our students made wooden Christmas gifts for their parents or grandparents. During testing we have snacks for “brain power” and a Hot Cocoa celebration, when everyone is done! We are gearing up for Teacher appreciation right now… and I am trying to come up with some fun ideas!! <3 Help!!! No really… I really enjoy this!! I use your books to unwind and get some fun simple ideas! <3 <3 <3 I love your books. Prayers for your Grand daughter and new great grand daughter!

  96. I truly believe in the power of prayer. My husband was in the Navy when we married ( and we have been married for 53 years now) but we wanted a child and the doctors told me that I would never be able to have children. My husband and I were devastated, and we began to pray hard that God would give us a child. About 2 months later I found out I was pregnant. My husband left going to Vietnam on our first anniversary and I was three months pregnant. That was such a hard time for me not knowing if he would ever know his child or if I would ever see him again. I was living with my mom and dad while he was in Vietnam and my dad was a minister and one night when he was preaching, he stopped in the middle of his sermon and said we need to pray for Gary. We all prayed for his protection and safety. Gary came home and was able to bring his son and me home from the hospital. He was talking about something that had happened while he was on ship. He said they had been setting about 5 miles of shore shooting shells into land. Then out of the clear blue sky they received orders to move about 3 miles from where they were at. Then another ship moved into where they had been. He said that ship was hit and the only person killed was the man who had the same job my husband did on his ship. He said if they hadn’t received the orders to move, he would not have came home. My dad asked him if he remembered the date and time this happened. My husband told him and my dad went and got his Bible and he had written down the date and time that we all prayed for Gary and it was the exact same time. Our miracle son is now an associate pastor and both my grandchildren are baptized believers in Christ. After my son was born I had to have emergency surgery and they had to do a complete hysterectomy on me which meant I could not have any more children. But God gave us a son and He brought my husband safely home from Vietnam and I have seen other miracles God has done so I am a true believer in the power of prayer.

  97. I would love to be a winner. Inlive the books you put out. I hope that everyone is doing better and your daughter makes a good n healthy recovery. Hope mom and baby are doing well also. God Bless them and your whole family

  98. Thank you, I have your daughter, Lorine, granddaughter Jinell and her baby Kira on my pray list .
    My newest great grandbaby is name after my family linage Marilyn Liebe OzaMay —. German[my dad side] and Native American [my mother side].
    God’s Blessings to you and your family.
    Barb Shields

  99. Thank you for all your letters. You are such an inspiration to me. My husband and I blessed our amish friends in Bear lake Mich , we took our draft horses to there place to plow a garden area for them as they only have a buggy horse.

  100. My husband of over 57 years passed away in March of 2023. It happened very quickly and unexpectedly. He had advanced cancer which we did not know about until it was too late for treatment. He only lived three weeks after we got the diagnosis. It has been a very difficult time for me and my family. But, God has been so very good to me. He has given me a wonderful loving family and church friends too. I have grown much closer to God through my in depth Bible study and my prayer life. I will always miss my dear husband, my soul mate. But, I know that he is in a better place. He is in Heaven with Jesus and no more pain and suffering. God has answered my prayers, He is helping me through the hardest time of my life.

  101. Wanda, I am so glad that your daughter and others are doing better. My handicapped son went through a traumatic experience back in 2018, but he is doing better as well. God has made me that STRONG person to get through the many trials and tribulations. He is my everyday strength.

  102. I pray daily for God to make me a blessing to someone.
    About five years ago, a young lady , single mom, was trying so hard to purchase a reliable car. She was having trouble finding a dealership that would help. My husband & I felt God tug at our heart & cosign . Five years later she is doing wonderful. We supported her with schooling. As well. Due to us meeting her at the dealership, we encountered another single mom of three. She was employed at the dealership. She was trying to regain custody of her children. She needed someone to keep the children for a couple of weeks so she could get moved into a house, get a few more hours in the dealership. We took in the children. Hopefully we made a lasting impression on all involved.
    We have been greatly blessed by our Father. We feel like we have to share. And honestly we love sharing. It gives us a chance to share God’s love & greatness

    Thank You for allowing me to share a couple of our memories.

    God Bless


  103. I can only pray I can be as much a blessing to others as has been granted me. I am having my roof re shingled, which is a blessing but neighbors stopping by to help with the lawn clean up or help remove a tree stump.

  104. It has taken quite a few years for me to become a grandmother. This year my daughter and son-in-law has blessed me with my first and probably only grandchild. He is truly my world. We had a scare after he was two weeks old and came down with Covid and had to spend a week in the hospital. But with the power of prayers, he is a healthy little boy, and the love of my life.

  105. I have always been a giver. To me it doesn’t matter if a person doesn’t return the gesture. It makes me happy if I can make a person happy, even a small thing like a smile. You never know what a person is going through in their life.