Some Things to Ponder

In my novel, The Crow’s Call, the King family suffered a great loss when three of their family members were killed in the same accident.

Have you ever suffered a catastrophic loss like the King family did? If you have read The Crow’s Call, how did each of the main characters in the story cope with their loss? Which character handled it the way you would?

Belinda, the mother of the family and owner of the Kings’ greenhouse, was unsure of who could be vandalizing them and wondered if it might be her own son, acting out his frustrations. If someone caused vandalism on your property, what would you do? Would you get a watch dog, an alarm system, or call the sheriff? Do you think Belinda did right by not notifying law officials, or even telling her eldest son about it?

According to God’s Word, it’s important to ask for His guidance when going through difficult times. “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye,” saith the Lord.. Psalm 32:8.


  1. Shirley Chapel says

    I think I most admired the mother because of the way she handled the situation. When the going gets tough the tough get going. Not only was someone out to get this grieving family but her daughter felt she had to end her relationship with her boyfriend and her youngest son had a chip on his shoulder because he had to take on too much responsibility in the farm and the greenhouse.
    In my own life we lost a great granddaughter before she turned three months old. She was born with severe handicaps and passed away one night in her sleep. It was a lot for my granddaughter to deal with and now nine years later she still grieves for her. All we could do was stand by her with support and love as she went through the different periods of grief.

  2. Debra Eddy says

    I have not read this book yet but I have now added it to my list. It is amazing how the Amish handle grief and wrongdoing – the Nickel Mines tragedy is a great example. They feel the same hurts as we do but because they are so close to God in everything they do, they are able to let go and let God. They don’t lash out and try to get revenge. I truly believe the Amish are living the way God intended for us to live – technology hasn’t made our lives easier. We are more rushed and stressed than ever with all of our modern conveniences.

    • Pamela McGarrigle says

      I have read several of Wanda’s writings and always enjoy them. I had the privilege of being taken to Pennsylvania by my son a number of years ago. I am a quilter and loved the quilts and also make a quilt with Amish influence. I often say, as the Amish say only God is perfect so there is a mistake in the quilt.

  3. Jo E Smith says

    When I start reading your books they hard to stop reading.

  4. nicole duncan says

    My popop was the greatest tower of faith and strength when things happened. Sadly he passed away many years ago and the one thing he always said was share your heart about Jesus and one day my sweet child you will find your soulmate through Jesus and he was so true in this, almost one year had passed and I met my soul mate: his love, godly wisdom and love od Jesus has led us down a wonderful path of many many years together he is always a pillar of strength through good and bad. My love for Jesus has increase greatly because of him and his helping me along in my walk with god. I always say with God my and my husband all things are possible.

  5. Kellie Otterstedt says

    I love your books and how they relate to real life situations. Most everyone can associate them with what has happened in their lives or someone close to them. God is great!

    May God continue to bless you with telling these great stories!

    Kellie Otterstedt

  6. Diane Gratcofsky says

    I have not read the book yet, but I am grieving the loss of my grown son. He was killed in a terrible accident. Your journal entry of Psalm 32:8 is calming to me. I am interested in how the Amish handle there grief as I am having a difficult time.

  7. Paula Brown says

    It is hard to deal with grief sometimes. I became a widow at the age of 30 with a 3 year old little girl to raise. I had my family that was more than ready to help me out, but one must grieve in one’s own way. It was hard to do when you had to be both mommy and daddy, and work 2 and 3 jobs just to keep a roof over your child’s head. I did it though, I did it with her big blue eyes looking up at me and telling me how she loved me, but mostly with the help of the Lord!! If I had not had the strength and courage that I did from the Lord I honestly do not know what I would have done or if I could have made it through. That was 23 years ago, and I now have a grown daughter and a beautiful grandson. My daughter has gone through some very traumatic thing in her life, but she has leaned on the Lord and he has brought her through.
    Ten years ago this month, again I lost someone very close, I lost my mom, and I thought for a while I would lose my mind. I have never felt so alone, so scared in all my life, If anything went wrong in my life, who was I to turn to? My mom was gone, but again, I gained strength and courage from the Lord and I am getting thru this. The periods of grief sometimes takes longer for different situations, It is different for each individual, and it is also different depending on the relationship to the person that you are grieving for.

  8. I have the book which I will start tonight. I have suffered a major loss of my daughter which took her life.I was bad at God for a bit but the love of my family and friends was able to keep going.

  9. Diann Larry says

    I have not read this book but it is on my list. So now I’m hoping to win it so I can read it. I love your books. Thank you for being such a great writer.

  10. Sonya Spoon says

    I have not read this book yet, but I am looking forward to it. I have suffered loss, the untimely death of my spouse at age 48 five years ago, but never more than one family member at a time. I just cannot fathom that. If I had my property vandalized I would call the Sheriffs office because I am alone and really have no protection. I would then more than likely invest in some type of alarm system or surveillance equipment. I just want to further say that I adore your books. Yes, I am old school, I have hardback and soft books. I do have Kindle books also but I love to feel that book in my hands! I am waiting for the day I am able to meet you. You are an amazing writer!

  11. Melissa Tharp says

    I have just started reading this book. I would definitely notified the police of the vandalism. I did not think she should have kept it from her eldest son, either. If my place was dealing with that I would probably try something like a guard dog, as well as notifying the authorities.
    I have never dealt with a triple tragedy like that in my life, but I have dealt with the unexpected death of my father and of an aunt. Losing a parent is very hard to deal with, it leaves a big hole in your heart that can never really be filled. You just learn to cope with life without them. I am thankful that I have God to help me through all of the things in life. My father passed away almost 9 years ago and there are still times where it feels as fresh as it did the day that I lost him. I cannot begin to imagine how hard it would be to cope with the death of a father, sibling, and spouse/brother-in-law/son-in-law all at the same time. I think Amy and I are similar in how we handle such things. Just keep on going on.

  12. Mary Roelke says

    Have not read the book yet but would like to. Between the month of June of 1978 & February 1979

    my family had 11 people die. Most of them close relatives. It was for us a true test of faith.

  13. Katelyn Elliott says

    I haven’t read this book yet, but I can’t wait to. I agree with Debra Eddy. It is amazing how the Amish handle wrongdoing. They put their trust solely in God. They know that He will help them in every situation. I hope to build my faith up to that level.

    We actually had someone steal from our home and invade it. My dogs were the ones that chased the person out of the house. We installed cameras to help out more. We did call law enforcement, but they were unable to find the person. It was scary, but we had to trust that God would take care of us.

  14. Sondra Thatcher says

    The hardest thing I’ve gone through up to now is the loss of my mother. We watched her strength going through cancer. I thought I had accepted it but when she lost the battle I was no where near ready for it. She was only 63. Trying to get through the fact that she would not get to see my children grow up was hard. I still wonder why God took her at such a young age but I also know it was his plan. Maybe to make me a stronger mother. His love for me has gotten me through the last 17 years. God Bless you and your family.

  15. Penny Sleeper says

    I have not started the book yet I’m currently reading the Healing Jar. I am very excited to read Crow’s Call as it being a new spin on amish books I have read on the past being a mystery. Thank you for your amazing stories. Penny Sleeper.

  16. Beverly McLean says

    Because of social isolation, I have not been
    out a lot, so I have not purchased this book. I will at some point
    purchase this book Dealing with grief is different for each person and each situation. I once read a book about someone who lost three people from his personal life. He shared how he dealt with his grief in three different ways, and times.

  17. Melissa Benson says

    My family lost 2 family members with in 11 days of each other. That was very hard on my family. It was my grandmother and her sister’s husband. Our family were heartbroken. It was very hard to deal with. We had to be in the same church and same cemetery.
    I haven’t read the book but I can’t imagine what they went through loss 3 at one time. They would have to draw closer to GOD.
    When I was watching my grandfather pass away my family got closer and all got closer to GOD.

  18. I love your style of writing, i haven’t read it yet. Hoping to win it!!
    I’m sure it’s going to be great!!

  19. shelly itkin says

    I was totally shocked to hear such a sad accident happening to one family. I did admire the daughter who was willing to forget about her personal life in order to help the struggling family and its members. The news of a new addition to the family was something wonderful to think about but every person deals with grief in a different way
    When I had to deal with the loss of each of my parents it was difficult as my family could not help me thru this time
    Looking forward to the next book in the series.

  20. Jaime Henry says

    I absolutely LOVE the Amish stories you create. I live in “Big Valley” and the atmosphere is just so serene amongst then. I have never felt more at ease between readingliving in this area and reading your books

  21. I am waiting for my local library to have this book. They are doing curbside book delivery. Looking forward to getting my hands on this one.

  22. Ceil Carey says

    Such a sad event, it is hard for most of us to even imagine. The Amish are really great role models when it comes to handling grief and sorrow. We can learn much from them.

    One of the saddest things to occur in my own life has been the recent death of my brother from the coronavirus. So very sad and shocking, too, but God has carried me through.

    Love your books!

  23. Yes I have suffered several big losses in my life.3 generations of my family died in one year(1980)My grandma,my dad and my sister.I didn’t think anything could be worse than that year but it happened again. My 21 year old son Aaron had a heart attack at work in 1998 and they couldn’t save him.That was so unexpected because he seemed so healthy!My Father In Law died right before him and my Mother In Law right after so there were 3 deaths in our family again.There have been several Amish families in this area that have had mutiple families members die in buggy/car accidents and while walking on the highway and being struck by cars.So sad!You need to enjoy every minute of your time with family and tell them how much you love them. Belinda should have called the law authorities and told them what happened.Thank you so much for all of the books you write.I am a 24/7 caregiver for my husband who has PD and your books are my relaxing time!

  24. I LOVE you books and have read several….Faith is strong and the scenes painted in my mind are BEAUTIFUL…Thankfully we live close enough to Holmes county Ohio and get to visit about once a year. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR TALENT FOR WORDS!!!!!

  25. Linda Landreth says

    I love your books and share them with my church library when I finish reading them! Keep on writing!

  26. Helene mcgee says

    I have not read this book yet, but would like to. I’ve lost both my parents to suicide and my sister to cancer. It hasn’t been easy to deal with, but I have to carry on. Have 3 great children and six grandchildren who I love very much.

  27. Pamela McGarrigle says

    I have read several of Wanda’s writings and always enjoy them. I had the privilege of being taken to Pennsylvania by my son a number of years ago. I am a quilter and loved the quilts and also make a quilt with Amish influence. I often say, as the Amish say only God is perfect so there is a mistake in the quilt.

  28. Darlene W says

    During a divorce, I relied on God to guide & lead me on handle the situation. After that
    situation was over, I prayed & received guidance for the future.

  29. Gayle Orazine says

    I have just received the book and have read the first 17 chapters. It’s a very sad but intriguing story. Can wait to read the outcome!

  30. Deb Dunham says

    I haven’t had the pleasure of reading this book yet, it is on my list to read. I have read other books that you have written and have enjoyed them. I have always been interested with the Amish way of life. We all have seasons of trials and for me reading one of your books keeps me grounded.

    Cannot wait to read this book.
    Thank you for writing some amazing books.

  31. I really enjoyed reading this book. The mother was trying to be so strong and also the daughter. I really felt bad for the younger son, as he was struggling but didn’t seem to have anyone to talk to or help him the loss.

  32. Martine Dunphy says

    Dealing with social isolation and grief is very hard. My godmother has suffered her whole life with epilepsy and her only living daughter has suffered from a spine deformation. She cannot eat or walk or talk and is in constant pain so the family decided to put her in a nursing home and her mother too. When corvid19 started my cousin died in the nursing home as did her mother from the virus. We had no bodies to mourn or faces to see. They put them in black body bags and threw them in a truck with thirty other bodies. We were told they all were burned. The nursing homes are fighting a terrible war with the corvid19 winning. Even as I write this I am crying and sad. We are living during a worldwide pandemic and nothing is as it was before. These are scary times and God is our refuge. He is our father and his son is our savior there is nothing he will not give if we ask in the name of Jesus our lord and savior. I really believe that but God’s time is not our time. God will help us when the time is right.

  33. Nancy Barr says

    I have not read this yet, but I’m sure I will enjoy it as much as all your other books I’ve read!!! I love reading Amish books & going to see them in Kalona, Iowa & Bloomfield, Iowa area!!! They lead such simple lives, no phones or social media!!!

  34. Barbara Kesselring says

    We certainly in terrible times. Reading helps to capon your mind. Enjoy your books

  35. Lorna Jappinga says

    I just found you a couple of weeks ago. I just started reading The Daughters of Lancaster County. I have not read any Amish books in the past. I am enjoying your writing. I can tell I will be one of your reading fans.

  36. Audrey Pratt says

    The most unsettling experience we have had in our family has left us wondering how and why such a thing could happen to one so young and full of life. My dear daughter in law has cancer, the worst kind which is very aggressive and as yet has no cure. She has 5 small children under the age of five and is not expected to live more than 18 months. She is only 38 year old.. The only hope we have is our faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. The doctors are doing all they can to help the family cope with this and are trying all known methods to ease the pain. We are all praying for her and my son and grand babies. Preparing and mourning. Expecting the worst but praying for the best outcome.

  37. Susan Bowersock says

    I did buy your new book, but haven’t read it yet. I also have the next one pre-ordered so I can read through when it comes.
    Several years ago our new truck was stolen right out of our driveway. We were devastated! We did call the sheriff and filed a report, but it was not found. We had a really hard time as the insurance wouldn’t give us enough to replace it and at one point the sheriffs office called us and asked us if we found our truck yet! It took a lot of prayer to forgive all involved , but I got there, finally.

  38. Linda Martin says

    I just absolutely love all of your books. I have read so many I can’t even begin to know how many. I love every single one. I especially love when you have a series and they continue on to the next book. I also own some of your gift sets. Thank you so much. I treasure your style and your writing captures me as if I am in the story. I have visited Shipsewanna area and a few other areas for over 40 years and planning a trip down again late summer or fall. Keep on writing and thank you!

  39. Eleanor Davis says

    Have not read this book yet, but I have had two hard times in my life that I know the only way I got through them was from the strength that God poured upon me. The first was the death of my three year old granddaughter in a car accident and the second was losing our home and everything we owned to a house fire. We made it through all of that, not without pain, but it is now in the past and the pain is much less.

  40. Shelly Hammond says

    I have not read this book yet, but it is next on my list!
    My worst tragedy was when my 9 year old nephew died caused by child abuse at the hands of his step father. It was very hard to deal with as he was like a son to me.

  41. Ella Cable says

    We don’t always see how God is leading, that’s where trust comes in!

  42. Lelia (Lucy) Reynolds says

    I enjoyed this book so much. This past year was tough as my 12 year old nephew committed suicide, my brother in law died of pancreatic cancer, and my daddy went to his heavenly home. It has been rough but a God is always with us. Yes I have helped a neighbor who robbed us blind. He had no utilities and his parents were dead so I cooked for him, gave him water, firewood, did his laundry etc and he would steal when we were gone. He burnt up in his trailer. So sad as I would tell him about Jesus.

  43. Beverly C Clites says

    I purchased the book but have not gotten to read it yet. Both by Dad’s parents died within 6 months of each other. I was very close to them and had a hard time once they were both gone. That has been almost 33 years ago. When I find letters or books from them, I relish all the good memories I have of them. They got to see both of our sons before their death, but didn’t get to see them grow up. We each handle grief in different ways, but only God can give us the true comfort we need.

    Thank you for all your wonderful books! Looking forward to reading more in the days, months and years to come.

  44. Kim Brookman says

    Praise the Lord, I have not endured a catastrophic even like depicted in the book, The Crow’s Call – but I several life altering events to happen over the last few years. One being, my father died 2 years ago at the age of 80. He had Alzheimer’s – a terrible disease! My Dad was a born-again Christian (came to know Christ as his Savior at the age of 36) who shared the Gospel message to everyone he encountered. He was faithful in church, served at our church for many years, he was hard-working, loved his wife of 60 years dearly, loved his 2 children and 7 grandchildren. He was LARGER THAN LIFE – oh, how I miss my precious Daddy. Praise the Lord, I will see him again!

    I really loved reading this book! It is definitely a must read. We can learn so much from the beautiful Amish people!

  45. SARAH TAYLOR says

    Loved this Book Wanda I cant wait to read the other book in this series Please enter me in your contest Thank you so much !

  46. toni r coleman says

    The Amish have a wonderful outlook as far as taking care of each other.
    May we learn from them in this world!

  47. I love reading your books, they are hard to put down after I start one. I am looking forward to reading the latest one!

  48. Keren Herrera says

    I so much enjoyed reading The Crow’s Call. I think I admire the mom. Because although she was hurting for the loss of her family members she stood in God’s love and Faith to give her strength and get up everyday and do what needed to be done. When my dad suffered a stroke and heart attack at the same time I felt my world come down. But seeing my mom’s strength and moving forward gave me the strength to move strong forward with her to help her and my family while my dad recovered.

  49. Debbie A Pene Lewandowski says

    I just wanted to comment on your June 1st newsletter.
    My dad & mom raised 11 kids. I was third to the
    youngest, number 9. He was a Nesbit Orange &
    Rootbeer delivery man. He was a very kind & gentle soul.
    How I miss him. He died one month shy of his 65th birthday.

  50. Joan Kurth says

    I have not read this book and I have not had such a catastropic thing like what happens in the book. Perhaps by reading it, I can get some wisdom of what to do if a similar thng should happen to me. I have read a great many of your books and you were one of the very first authors I read when I started reading Amish fiction.




  52. Peggy Knecht says

    I admired the mother the most. To lose so many family members, and still have the strength to carry on. I lost my maternal grandmother, and my paternal grandpa within 3 weeks of each other. I was a total mess. Then, 3 years to the day after losing my Pappy, I lost my dad to colon cancer that spread. I think that we can learn a lot from the Amish.

  53. Dealing with the loss of my mother first, and then my dad, has shown me a few things. One, is to treasure the time you do have with your parents, take pictures, send them birthday gifts, etc., call them on the phone often, regularly. Once they’re gone, they’re not coming back. You can’t talk to them any more. If you have any unforgiveness towards them, get over it, and be friends with your parents, before it’s too late. Pray for them, tell them about salvation, if they’re not born again. Love them.

  54. Dee Carter says

    I loved the book but at points it kept me on my toes. The mother did a great job keeping all of it together and encouraging her daughter with the children to keep on going and I think that is what I would do. But the one daughter was such a hard worker. The mother kept her feelings to herself and I also may do that. It helped her to get through their loss
    My father has been gone for almost 50 years. I miss him so much but just try to keep him in my memories. Mom has been gone for 24 years and she knew when Dad died she had to keep her family together. Now that my girls are older, 50-52, one is like my shadow. Always checking in on me and do I need something. Sending me little text messages. The other one, I have to almost beg her to come see us and bring the 2 young ones. I love them all so much and I do miss the youngest one so much. The 2 kids facetime me and I love that. Not sure what has happened to my daughter that she never calls, texts or contacts us. I miss her and pray that someday she will come around. It’s not that she doesn’t but just not very often. I love my girls as much as my husband who is a wonderful man. He puts up with me……after 55 years I guess we’ll make it.

  55. Kathleen Goddard says

    5 years ago this week our granddaughter Ella was born prematurely. I fell in love with her at first sight. My husband and I had dreams for that little girl. A piano since her fingers were long. Dance lessons because she was a feisty baby. We looked for cribs, strollers, and car seats. We bought cute outfits for her. Then 8 days later came a phone call. Ella had a fever and they wanted her mom Katie to return to the hospital. That was the longest car trip. When we arrived the staff met Katie just outside the NIC unit. Ella had lost her battle a few minutes before we got there. Katie collapsed on the floor. How do you comfort a daughter who lost her baby, I had no words for her. We hugged and cried. We took turns holding Ella before we said our last goodbye. A few days later we brought Ella’s remains home. The years have passed and there’s some good that came out of our tragedy. You see Katie is my stepdaughter but since then I am her mom. We have all grown closer since then. We found comfort through the love of each other and with our church. Ella visits us through little purple butterflies this time with of you. Our little bug is waiting for us. God doesn’t create the bad times but is there for us to lean on. As for vandalism, we have 5 dogs and live in a rural area. I don’t worry about material things. They can be replaced. I leave any problems with God.

  56. Patty J Gulley says

    I love your books about the Amish. I try to get a new one each month.

  57. Debbie Benzi says

    I did not read The Crow’s Call yet. When our house was burglarized, we called the sheriff. It is the Amish way to not report vandalism, so I’m sure she did the right thing. I would, however, think she would talk to all family members.

  58. Marybeth Trask says

    I haven’t read this book yet. I enjoy reading your books so much! They are very relaxing to me. The way you describe what is happening, it is like the reader is in the moment. Thank you so much for all of your writing efforts! PLEASE DON’T EVER STOP!!! lol

  59. I haven’t read the book yet. But I would put a security camera out and see if it happend again and then give the authorities and show them My video to see if it would help stop future occurrences and if there was maybe they can catch them.

  60. Karen Marie Hoth says

    I cant imagine what it would be like to lose the father, brother ans son-in-law all in one accident. The mother did the best job possible working through the death of the 3 men in her family. She did not want to bother her married son with problems they were having. She should have shared this information with him. She could also have talked to one of the ministers in the district. I am sure some things could be suggested on doing before she called the police. She was afraid her son would leave Clymer if she told him. The youngest daughter over did working to make sure that everything was done. She should have let up some. Her sister with the 2 young children had a deep depression going on and the minister in her district or his wife should have talked with her or maybe another young widow in the district. She did finally come around and did house chores and making meals. Her actions did not help her children.

    I lost my angel on earth, My Grandmother, when she died. My world fell apart and I have never completely recovered from it years later.

  61. Haven’t read this yet, but can’t wait. Sounds like I’ll need a box of tissues beside me? 🙂
    Love all your books, Wanda!

  62. Charlette McLean says

    I haven’t read the book yet.

    The greatest tragedy was the passing of my oldest brother when I was 14 years old in a devastating accident. It was encouraging to watch the way my parents handled this tragedy by their godly example.

    I love your books and find them deeply moving and encouraging.

    Thank you!

  63. Susan Mahaffey says

    My father taught me many things that were practical and helpful to this day. I will never forget the love and wisdom that he freely gave me.

  64. Denise Manges says

    It was very hard for me to read the book. I lost my husband to colon cancer Oct 12, 2018 and my dad 2 months and 1 day later Dec 13, 2018. Reading your book brought back a lot of emotions and I could diffidently put myself in their place.
    I know what its like to try to do things on your own you don’t want to bother other people with your problems and you don’t want to ask for help you feel like your a burden on others. These are real feeling that you talked about in your book. As time go by you feel that people have forgotten about your loved one. As for all the things that have been happening to the family she didn’t want to burden others but I’m sure she feels violated that someone would want to harm her family in that way. My daughter’s car was broke into and her wallet was stolen she was parked in her driveway she feels like she can’t trust anyone anymore and she feels invaded.
    Wanda you do a wonderful job writing your books.

  65. Sally Fester says

    The thing I’m enduring now is watching my husband who was diagnosed over a year ago, is watching him deteriorate day by day! Thank goodness for my family, friends and God.
    Your books are very moving and real in life Thank you for sharing with ya!!

  66. My father lost his parents within a month of each other. He was put in an orphanage.

  67. My mother lost her father when she was 12 years old. She was the oldest of 5 childen. She eventually had to leave school to help support the family.

  68. My father lost his three older siblings when he was young and his parents at age 7 and a half.

  69. Jeannette Miller says

    I haven’t read this book yet since our library is closed right now due to the virus.
    This virus is bringing tragedy to friends in our community. A whole family all got it and some passed. I am glad that I have been staying home and haven’t gotten sick.

  70. Lark Higginbotham says

    I think that the Amish family did the right thing for an Amish family. The neighbor where I live has several young men who are “druggies”. I have alarms on all my doors after someone broken in about 8 years ago. I am single and live alone. If I had know who it was I would have pressed charges. There have been many homes in my small town that have had breakins in the last several years. For a town of less then 3000 it is sad to see how much it has changed since I moved here in 1961. This pandemic has not been easy for me. Living alone there is not much you can do. I have read several books, watched a lot of TV and worked online with my students. I certainly hope that we can have “regular” school in the fall, but that remains to be seen. I love the books about the Amish. I lived about 40 miles from Berlin, Ohio for 31 years. I travel there several times a year.

  71. I have not read this book.

  72. I have not read this book an would like a chance to win it i am a huge fan of yours i have read most of your books. Sometimes i fall behind i just lost my mom this past august it was really hard for me. In the end we became close i miss her dearly. I just couldnt imagine losing alot of family members. But like my Mom would say put it in gods hands ….Cause he dosnt give you anymore then you can handle. Thanks for being an awesome book writer your my favorite author.

  73. Barb Meldrum says

    Have not read this book yet but would love too .. I read all your books and enjoy them so very much. Please keep up your good work. Thank you. Barb Meldrum

  74. Martha Shenk says

    I think I would install a security system and call the sheriff’s office both.

  75. Cindi Hoppes says

    In 2000, I lost my only brother on the day of my
    wedding anniversary. Four months later, my mother
    passed away, from what I believe was a broken
    heart. My dad, sister and I trudged through losing
    our two loved ones so close together… I grew up in
    a family that wasn’t perfect, but all of us knew love
    was the main ingredient. That is one way I accepted
    why it hurt so deeply, but blessed through a loving
    family. 💗
    Thanks, Cindi

  76. Melody Bassett says

    I love your books-the ones that are in series. I love getting to revisit a place and see how the characters that you first mentioned in the books are developing and how their stories play out. I haven’t read The Crows Call but hope to read it soon.

  77. IDA ELAM says

    I have not read this book, but will be looking for it as soon as we able to get out much. We had a
    tragedy in our family in September 1953. My brother was in the Air Force in Georgia and he
    married a girl there on September 5th and on September 20th, He, his Wife, her Mother, Her
    Father, her Sister and her Brother were going to visit her Grandmother. Her Father was driving
    and they had an auto accident. The five family members were killed and my Brother was not.
    That was hard to witness with the five at the funeral home at one time. Our family had not
    meet the wife. My brother had a hard time with that the rest of his life.

  78. Karen Berghof says

    I love your books. To just read anything about the Amish just calms me and puts me in the heart of Lancaster county!

  79. Susan Campbell says

    I just got this book and I can’t wait to read it.

  80. Amy Wahl says

    I have not read this book but it is on my list. So now I’m hoping to win it so I can read it. I love your books. Thank you.

  81. Linda Lee says

    Love all your books and would love this trilogy. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent.

  82. I am 64 Years old and I can honestly say I have not experienced much grief. My parents are still living and in good health. My husbands parents are also living and in good health. Our little two year old great granddaughter still has all four great grand parents on her momma’s side. Our family is blessed.

    I so enjoyed reading the Crow’s Call and I look forward to reading The Mockingbird. In the Crow’s Call I found myself identifying with Amy. I have alway been an Amy and I think I will always be an Amy. 😊

  83. Darlene Carroll says

    I had a devastating loss when my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor and passed away, I put my faith in God that he knows what he is doing.

  84. Linda Rasmussen says

    I haven’t read this book but am looking forward to it. I also have many Amish friends and love spending time with them. Life is so peaceful when i am around them. I tell my husband i know i could live like that. He just laughs at me..and i tell i’m serious, lol…still doesn’t believe me but oh well I have read so many of your books and looking forward to reading more…love them!1.

  85. Roxanna Strickland Livermore says

    In these times we need to not only keep our eyes on the Lord, but bring as many people to him as we can. If we keep his word in our heart and share his love. It will get use through these times. We need his peace and Love to get us through. If we read his words (like Palms 91). It will give us peace and understanding.
    Thank you
    My the peace of God be with you

  86. Vivian Furbay says

    At the age of 73 I have seen and gone through several tragedies and the Lord has been with me all the way and seen me through them all praise God for his faithfulness. In the past month they found 3 small sport in my husband’s right lung. He also suffers from COPD though he quit smoking 25 years ago. Praise God that the last cat scan showed that two of the spots had shrunk!

  87. Christina Thomas says

    I have read all your books to date and enjoyed them all. I am looking forward to reading The Mockingbird’s Song this fall.

  88. Julia staffne says

    I haven’t read these books yet but I think she did what was best for her family. A mom has to have great faith to let god handle something that others would have the law take care of

  89. I lost my dad 16 years ago. At the age of 80, he gave his heart to Jesus!!!! So I know I’ll see him and my mom again one day.
    What I remember of my dad was that on Saturdays, he’d take me to the park so mom could clean the house. We’d go to the park and it was a very happy time!. Also on Sunday’s he’d sometime take me roller skating. I found out later on that my mom and dad met at a skating rink! He always smoked a cigar. and I hated it! Hated the smell! But right now I’d give anything to have him hear and smoking one! And honestly, there have been times that I’ll be home alone and I SMELL cigar smoke. No one, even close neighbors smoke them. And it’s when the windows are closed anyway. I just smile.

  90. Sharon Korfmacher says

    Last summer, my son in law’s mother was struck down by a speeding car, almost in front of her house. She was a wonderful Christian Woman, who did a lot for her community. All but three of her grandchildren were in her house when it happened.Her daughter was on the front porch reading, both her and her mom were Librarians, and Bookworms. Her husband was across the street , at the Volunteer Fire Department, where he is a Volunteer EMS.getting ice for their cooler, as he was taking the boys fishing in their boat on the Chesapeake Bay. When the crash happened, Edie, the mom, and grandma was crossing the street to chair a meeting for the Women’s Auxiliary who raise money to support the Fire Department. Edie’s Husband was the first on the scene, then her daughter and son in law. Nothing could be done. That week, all the boy grandsons were there spending a week with their grandparents, along with Tris & Chris, the daughter and son in law. The entire town mourned the death of this remarkable woman. We attended the Memorial Service. Needless to say, this was a tragedy that affected the whole Family of my son in law.. and writing this brings it back as if it were yesterday. Edie said, from the time she was 19 years, she was ready to meet the Lord. The car who hit her was driven by a drug dealer, who was out on bail, from an offense committed in Ocean City.
    When I read the Crows Call it brought back so much of that July 3rd day last summer. The book was one I literally could OT put down. Thank you Wanda for your books that depict the beloved Amish community, which I have always loved so much. And also for filling them with beautiful scriptures that are encouraging to me.

  91. Mary Wheatley says

    Though I haven’t read this particular book, I’ve read many of your books and enjoy learning about the Amish community.

    As far as tragedy is concerned, three years ago I found my husband of over 40 years upstairs where he had had a massive heart attack and died. The most traumatic event that has ever happened to me! My faith in God’s grace and mercy guided me every step of the way through those initial months of grief and continues to do so today.

    I enjoy reading your books! Keep them coming!

  92. Kristy Davis says

    I enjoyed the Crow as I have all of your books. I have quite the collection. Your books calm me after a long day. Can’t wait for more!

  93. Suzanne Beringer says

    I have not read this series yet but I know I’ll enjoy it as I have all your other books I’ve read. They’re always inspirational. I so admire the Amish lifestyle and how they truly live by God’s laws. Our country has moved so far away from God, it breaks my heart. I believe we need to move back to God to save all that is good about our country.

  94. Susan Howard says

    I enjoyed the book and look forward to the next one!

  95. My brother died in a car accident at 33 which was tragic.

  96. I have read several of your books, but not this one, yet! My oldest son was found dead of a drug overdose, when he was 33… one phone call changed my life forever… his remains are buried nearby at a small cemetery in Wayne County, Ohio

  97. Patti Allen says

    I have not suffered such tragedy I my life. The Amish remind us that God is in control. Faith brings believers through tragedy. I read “Gott’s will” so often in Amish books. Would I be as strong in faith as the Amish in the face of such tragedy?

  98. Jeanette Fallon says

    I can not even imagine suffering such a loss. I believe that the only way to get through a tragedy is through faith and prayer. I have experienced my Father’s death at a young age (47). I prayed for guidance and took one day at a time.

  99. Sue Watson says

    My father in law died of a massive heart attack in Florida in March, 1981. My mother died of colon cancer in Indiana in October 1981 which was diagnosed a month after my father in law died. My husband was transferred to a new assignment with the Air Force that our family was unable to accompany. I was in charge of our home and two teenagers with little time to grieve and no one to share it with. I buried my pain and did what I had to do. Over time, God healed my heart. The poem Footsteps helped me see that God had sustained me through this sad time. I love the Amish books for their way of life. They remind me of how my grandparents, who were farmers lived. They were not Amish, but lived a simple life. I enjoy your books.

  100. Sarah Arnold says

    I have suffered loss. My little sister was killed in 2008
    and my daddy died in 2017. I would be like the daughter who kept working but trying to remind to rely on the Lord. Belinda should let the law know what is going on. I can’t wait to read more of these books.

  101. Deborah Davis says

    I haven’t lost multiple people at once. 2001 my sister committed suicide. That was hard. In 2007 I lost my mom to ovarian cancer after she fought for 14 years. A month after she passed we found out my youngest son who was 7 was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma tumor in his abdomen. Talk about being hit in the gut one after another in 2007. We are lucky he is with us and almost 21. He does have long term effects from the chemo. He was given adult chemo. He lives in pain 24/7. Digestive issues almost daily. They could only remove half the tumor. Thankfully there is no activity!!

  102. Love all your books and am enjoying adding to my bookshelves! Such good reading and the cookbooks are fabulous!

  103. I have not read this book. I have just discovered your books and recently purchased a few. I retire in 21 days so I am looking forward to having the time to read again. From all of the comments, it appears that I made a good choice of writers. Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts and being loved by your mother is another. I certainly miss my mom who passed away 14 years ago, but she will always be with me!

  104. Janna M Much says

    I have not read this book yet. I am waiting for the sequel to come out first.. so then I read them together…I dont h as very to wait so long inbetween….I am so fascinated with the Amish way of life… they are never in a rush.. they are always praying to God ffg or the right answers they take life one day at a time…enjoying family and surroundings.. sometimes I really thing God put this pandemic on us to make us stop, slow down, pay attention to our families, and loved ones… enjoy our beautiful nature he gave us…

  105. Teri L Dilts says

    I am an avid reader of Christian Fiction. I especially enjoy the Amish Fiction books. My favorite place to visit is Shipshewana, Indiana. I am a middle school teacher, so reading is my relaxation. I also play the piano, travel and spend time with my nieces and nephew. I discovered Wanda’s books about 3 years ago and love every single one of them. The cookbook was an amazing idea for people to be able to cook some authentic Amish food! Thank you, Wanda, for your insights and wonderful books.

  106. Donna Greenrose says

    I love your books. I’ve read all of them at least twice. I do think Belinda should have told her son and call the police. I am a 72 year old woman and the name of my church is Faith Baptist Church, Fredericksburg, VA.

  107. Denise Grayson says

    I have not read The Crow’s Call yet but am planning to. The church I attend here in Texas has a grief group meetings ministry and they have been very helpful to those that have experienced loss.
    I enjoy your books, fiction and cookbooks. I just ordered your latest cookbook Amish Friends Farmhouse Favorites.

  108. Denise Grayson says

    I enjoy your books both fiction and cookbooks. They give a lot of insight into the Amish way of life.

  109. Jean Goeking says

    The Heavenly Father loves us so much. Walk with Him at every moment every day!

  110. Vicki Bellah says

    Thank you so much, Wanda, for being such an inspiration to so many. I have 2 sisters, and the three of us have lived a blessed life, believing in the Lord and following His way. My middle sister, Judy, has been an avid reader of yours for many, many years. She passed away in 2017, and her many books went to me. My sister, Diana, and I, being book fanatics ourselves, have just gotten hooked on you recently. Being from Indiana and having Amish relatives, we are very interested in anything Amish! It’s in our blood. We would very much love to win a free copy of The Sisters From Holmes County Trilogy. It would be greatly appreciated by both of us.
    Sincerely from your new fan,
    Vicki Bellah

  111. Lois Heselwood says

    Sure am proud of my cousin. Love reading her books, thanks Wanda

  112. A verse that gives me comfort is Psalm 3:4 “ I cried unto the Lord with my voice, and he heard me out of his holy hill. Selah.” I live in the hills of KY and when I read this verse for the first time many years ago it made me think that God was listening to little ole me among His hill! In other words He knows where I’m coming from and I’m important to Him! Our Savior wants us to live a joyful life because He loves us and He delights in our happiness and love for Him!

  113. Carrie Reed says

    Wanda , I love your books I read them all the time . I get them on my Amazon. Kindle now Tobit the books that I don’t get on my Amazon. kindle. I love your new books too.I remember the good times I had with mom seeing you she has now passed away. The promise I have Is she In heaven . Thank Wanda for all you and family do!!

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