Mistaken Identity

In my recent novel, The Hope Jar, Michelle Taylor takes on the identity of Sara Murray, an elderly Amish couple’s granddaughter. Willis and Mary Ruth Lapp have never met Sara before, and since Michelle resembles their daughter, Rhoda, whom they have not seen since she ran away from home many years ago, they believe the imposter is actually their long-lost granddaughter.

Has anyone you know ever hidden a truth from you or said something hurtful–something you never would have expected? If so, how did it make you feel? Were you able to forgive that person?

What does the Bible teach us about forgiveness?

One thing I admire about my Amish friends is their ability to forgive others who have hurt, or even harmed them. This kind of forgiveness does not come easy for anyone, but with God’s help we can find it in our hearts to forgive anyone who has hurt us physically or emotionally.

“Jesus said, ‘If ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.'” Matthew 6:14.


  1. Pauline Wilemon says

    I was hurt by someone very dear to me back in my teenage years and I cried for days, but then one day I decided to give it to God and he helped me realize that I had to forgive this person and move on. I thank God that I was able to do so.

  2. Sheila Samuelson says

    I loved this book, parts of it made me cry but as always I love all your books, Mrs Brunstetter!!

  3. I’ll read this book! I mystery of it all.

  4. rhonda Struthers says

    Yes, I have experienced this type of hurt . It took s long time to get over this experience. But I moved on and have no ill will to wards that person.

  5. Virginia Moore says

    I read the book and as usual, thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next book in the series. Thank you for writing these books.

  6. NancyB from Many LA says

    My dad always said to tell the truth but ended up living a lie in front of us kids; and later died after having told us another lie. He was manipulated by his wife, which really hurt. We forgave them, but how do you forget?

  7. Roberta McMahan says

    Luke 6:37
    “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” Love this book can’t wait for the next one.

  8. Roberta McMahan says

    Luke 6:37
    “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” Love this book can’t wait to read the next one.

  9. Seva Irvine says

    When I was young, there was a woman in our church who I thought was so kind and loving. Later in life, I became a member of a upstanding group and she was a member. Through the years, my admiration for her continued, as far as I was concerned, she was awesome. Many years later, after her passing, I was told the truth about her feelings towards me. It just took me back and the hurt went deep. Apparently she had voted against me when I was applying for membership to the group years ago. She was also afraid that I might have feelings for her son and said that I wasn’t good enough for him. On the outside she was fake and her inside was hurtful. This just broke my heart, how could I be so delusional and not see the true her. I have now forgiven her, but only through the help from God and giving this all to him. She had her own demons as we all do. But how we address them is the true pathway to inner peace.

  10. Kelly Coleman says

    Yes. I have experienced hurt. It is difficult to get through situations but with the Lord’s help we are able to forgive. Then in turn be forgiven for things also. We all fall short. I would like this book. I have not read it yet. I love all your books Wanda.

  11. Kellie Otterstedt says

    I love all of your books!! It’s hard to out them down when I begin reading. When I finish the last page, I can’t wait to start on the next book. God has truly blessed you with an awesome talent of writing!!

    • Laura Niessen says

      I understand that it is hard to pass on your books. I always pray for the person that I share with books with the they will be as blessed as I was. I was ask them to pass the book on to another person when it are finished.

  12. Mary Leibengood says

    Everyone has at one time or another had a very hurtful event. As a tell my students, you must turn the other cheek and move on. With the help of God, you will be able to forgive and if it is in God’s plan, your friendship will be restored.

  13. Shortly after my beloved husband died a church member asked me how I was doing. I said, “I miss my husband so much I can hardly stand it.” They shook their finger in my face and chastised me with words like, “You know you do not want him back hurting and suffering like he did.” “You know he is in a better place.” etc. As they continued shaking their finger in my face and lecturing me, I kept quiet. As soon as they paused and took a deep breath I said, “I have to go.” I forgave this person, but I avoided them for a while to keep from getting hurt again.

  14. Heidi Janine Kara says

    Hello Ms. Brunstetter,
    I have recently started reading your books on the recommendation of a dear friend. I am fascinated by the Amish way of life. I too have been hurt and abused (mentally by family). But with my faith in God I am slowly learning to trust again.
    May God Continue to Bless you and your family!
    Heidi Kara

  15. lisa Phillips says

    I was hurt by a close friend. My son had just passed away. Be was not my biological son but a young man who was friend of my children. We helped him get on his feet. Get his GED and gain confidence. When he passed we had to find funds to cremate him. She ask why I was doing all of it because he wasn’t my child. He called me Mom and I loved him very much. That was 2 years ago. Unfortunately I never got speak with her again. She passed away August 10th.

    • I am sorry that this happen to you, but I am glad that this young man got to know the love of a kind, compassionate lady like you.

  16. nicole duncan says

    I have been lied to and hurt many times by family and friends, but as the lord teaches you forgive and move on in his love and grace. My hardest thing was to walk away from and stay away from people who manipulate you and lie all the time’but the lord showed me what true love and grace is

  17. Marty James says

    I just recently finished reading Daughters of Lancaster County; I thoroughly enjoyed each of the ‘Daughters’ stories. They were all different but led to the same ending of being happily married. Kelly’s Chance was the next one I read and it too brought comfort to me while reading it. God has blessed you with a gift of writing and helping others.

  18. Darlene Carroll says

    It took me a lot of praying to be able to learn to forgive and let the anger of being hurt go. It was not easy to do but I believe that it has helped me to feel better not holding in all of the hurt and anger. Prayer does help.

  19. Casey Holland says

    I just love your books I own alot of them. I’m gonna have to get this one. It sounds like a good one.

  20. I find it hard to forgive and forget. I have to pray for help as once hurt I struggle to forgive.

  21. Rose Foster says

    I love Amish books and movies

  22. I always tried to forgive people who have hurt Me even though it still hurts. I try to move on but some days are harder. But I talk to God and He gives Me the will to move on.

  23. Carolyn Jefferson says

    It isn’t always easy to forgive when you have been hurt. God says to forgive.
    Praying helps and puts your mind at ease.
    I love reading your books Wanda.

  24. Wanda, I love that your books make me think about how the Lord wants me to live and love others. Years ago we were hurt by a couple. We had to see them in town and was always very difficult. I started praying for them which was hard at the time, but God changed my heart toward them and I forgave them. It was a few years later that he restored our relationship in an amazing way…He always does things in an amazing way!😊

  25. Karen Kaufmann says

    A co worker and a family member have said things that were hurtful. It took a long time to get over the hurt & forgive. I believe that God offers forgiveness to us. We must also extend forgiveness to others.

  26. Melody Jones says

    I am a new reader to your books. My avid reader best friend recommened your writings. I grew up in northeast Pennsylvania area but would drive through Lancaster, PA, often. Never knowing Amish history, I am excited to know my fellow “neighbors” better.

  27. Susanne Collins says

    I was friends with someone for over 13 years. We were like sisters! Then I had a terrible car accident when I was 17 that left me paralyzed in the right side. She went off to college and on with her life. She stopped by to visit me when she could, until she couldn’t deal with my situation any longer. She stopped visiting, calling/writing, every sort of contact whatsoever. After a while her mom told me that she just felt bad because she got to go to college and I didn’t. She felt bad for going on with her life and me not being able to go on with mine. Well if she really knew me, she would know that I WAS getting on with my life. I was meeting new people, living on my own, rehabbing, and getting engaged/married! It hurt for a long time, but one day I thought to myself that I’m only hurting myself. She wasn’t a true friend if she could leave me like that in my time of need. I asked God to help me forgive her and move on with my life, and He did just that. FORGIVE because, in the end, you’re the only one losing.

  28. Yes, my sister hurt me several years ago. It was very freeing when I forgave her and let go of the hurt and bitterness. Our relationship has since been restored, praise God!

  29. It’s not easy to forgive when I’ve been hurt so deeply or even just a tiny bit. So I ask Jesus to help me and He does. I sometimes have to tell myself I’ve forgiven so get over it. Thats when I say scripture I know and praise the Lord and sing a little song or two or more!

  30. Sometimes forgiveness to give is so hard. But Jesus has forgiven me SO much and so many times. I find the sooner I can forgive someone, whether in person or in my heart, the better I feel.

  31. Donna Riley says

    I only found your books recently, but have enjoyed them so much! While I’m reading, I actually live each character I’m reading about, experiencing what they do! I love the adventures they have, however simple, they are so real! I didn’t know The Half Stitched Club” was a series when I started reading them, so I read them out of order. Once read, I reread them all in order and got even more out of them the second time around! Thank you, Wanda, for a refreshing view of the Amish!

  32. jamie hughes says

    I have been hurt more times than i can count, but i learned years ago, forgiveness means giving up the right to hurt someone who hurt you..This has taught me no matter what just treat others the way inwant to be treated..

  33. Only with God’s help can we forgive. Very hard sometimes but something we must do.

  34. Karen Geick says

    This sounds like a book/series I would like to add to my collection. I love reading your books. I have only been reading Amish books for about 7 years but sporadically since I was a full-time teacher. Now that I have more time to read since I retired I buy the books I want to read and am starting to build a library of christian novels.

  35. Cindi Hoppes says

    Hi, I was born with a port wine birthmark,
    on the left side of my face… Children can be cruel,
    and so can adults! Forgiveness has been how I
    have coped, forgetting is a little more easily done.
    Thanks, Cindi

  36. Sondra Thatcher says

    When my mom was battling cancer she was visited by my brother’s minister and the other church in town’s minister more than our own minister. He was more concerned about getting a teaching job than doing the job he was supposed to do. It took several years after my mom passed away to be able to forgive him. But once I did I felt more at peace. It is hard but you can’t find peace in your heart without finding a way to forgive someone who hurt you.

  37. Patty Fendall says

    When that one Amish school was attacked and children were killed and others severely wounded, I was so amazed by the love that the Amish showed to the killer’s wife and children.
    They truly knew how to show Jesus to the world.

  38. Debra Nelson says

    It is amazing how hurt can make us so desperate that we will do almost anything to make it go away….as is shown in your recent book, “The Hope Jar”. For most of us, at some point or another, in our lives, we have been so hurt. I enjoyed this book and the very factual way you showed the ramifications of deceit. Thank you for a good read and great message!!

  39. Gail Michael says

    I was hurt my a supposely good friend years ago. Holding that hurt inside doesn’t help you, only hurts your walk with the Lord. You have to forgive.

  40. Lisa Dannels says

    Can’t wait to read this book!!! Love all of your books!!!

  41. I am excited to read The Hope Jar. My mother purchased the book for me last week. I am hoping to meet get to pick up the book this holiday weekend. Although I was raised in a very loving family and grew up in church, I could always learn more about the Bible. I have been trying to let go, forgive, move on and live a good, simple life more. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed The Healing Quilt so much, I could escape into the book, a part of life I desire so much.

  42. Marlene Snyder says

    I was hurt by a person who I thought was a good friend just recently. She caught me quite unaware when she spoke harshly to me, but I later found out that she had been speaking harshly about me to others for quite awhile. Being Jewish we learn to ‘Forgive & Forget’, so we can move on and make new friends. I still think of her as I do with other ‘friends’ that hurt me in the past, but I pray that G-d will help them find their way.

  43. Can’t wait to read this book.. I have read all your books in series and really enjoyed all of them. You are a fantastic writer.

  44. Gilda Weisskopf says

    Years ago when I was working and had to take time off for surgery, I was completely shocked and hurt when I came back. The group I had been working with had formed their own company and I was not included. It hurt a lot because these were my friends. I moved on to another job and soon lost contact with the group. It took a long time to get over it but I decided that life goes on and I must forgive. I’m not sure it is all over in my heart. Sometimes (like writing this) I still feel a little hurt. but only for a short time.

  45. I have not read this book yet, but am looking forward to it. God Bless!

  46. Marsha Numerich says

    I think learning the love of God for me and then working to love others through that love has enabled me to forgive others as He has forgiven me. When I ponder on how my actions affect Him yet Be still forgives me I check my attitude about loving others as He loves them, seeing them through His eyes, and forgiving them.

  47. Kristen Romond says

    I was very hurt by a family members cutting words and actions. I let it stew inside me and it only caused me worry and anger and sleepless nights with dreams replaying the incidents. A year or so later I chose to open my heart felt feelings to the Lord. I spoke outloud to him about my worries. And I still do to this day when I find my pain and anger starting to return. After I had done this I felt as if every bit of weight was taken off my shoulders. I spoke with the person and tried to make amends but to no avail. I now find I don’t have anger and hate in my heart towards them for what happened in the past. I know that one day things may or may not be reconciled. But I know in my heart that it’s what God wants and i know that I can give him my worries and pray to help me do the right things and have peace. It is a struggle and I am reminded time to time of the incident. But my faith helps me to leave the past in the past and forgive and be ready for whatever the future may bring.

  48. Gloria M Martin says

    As a young woman my best friend stole money from my wallet. I was devastated as it was all the money I had, altho it wasn’t much! Finding evidence proving she indeed was the thief, I faced herletting her know that I knew she had taken it, & that I forgave her & would remain her friend. She apologized, hugged me & returned my money to me.

  49. Donna Grammier says

    I was the one who hurt another. How do I forgive myself ? My mother and father were true forgivers. I really love your books. Waiting for the next one.

    • If you have sought forgiveness, then it’s important to forgive yourself. God forgives us and we should forgive ourselves.

  50. I just try to follow the rule of thinking before you speak. Thank you for the giveaway.

  51. Words that are spoken in the heat of the moment are always regretted.

  52. Words that are hurtful are hard to forget.

  53. Suzanne Sellner says

    I have been hurt by another’s hurtful comment, but in time with God’s help, I was able to forgive the individual. Other more positive interactions with that same individual helped mend the hurt. I’m sure that I’ve hurt others too without even realizing it, so a measure of grace needs to be meted out to all.

  54. KAREN TACKETT says

    Hi Wanda, many years ago while ministering in our church we were treated unfairly after planning an activity for a group. As we walked from the room, we knew we must forgive the people involved. We realized quickly that the Lord was removing us from this place of service because He had somewhere else for us to go. So we became very excited about the new area of ministry and of course, forgave the people who had been a part of our leaving. This happens to all of us at one time or another on our journey. We must trust the Lord with our hurt and forgive those who caused it. What the enemy means for evil our Father will turn to good. Thanks for bringing this out in the open! Healing will happen. Love and appreciate you Wanda.

  55. Mary Farley says

    I really liked this story. My Aunt who turns 97 this November doesn’t want me to visit her or bother with her anymore. She says I am too self centered and don’t care. It is very hurtful that she feels this way. We have always been close since my mom her sister died when I was young. I don’t know if her age has anything to do with how she feels. I will pray about it.

  56. LucyReynolds says

    Wonderful story. I forgave my ex husband for all the years of abuse through Christ giving me the strength to do so.

  57. Penny Huddleston says

    Reading this book took me through different emotions, I loved it and can’t wait to read the next. I love Miss Wanda

  58. Jackie Jones says

    Thank you for sharing your talent. My mother and I love your books. Do you ever come through Richmond, Va?

  59. I really enjoy each and every one of your books. All of them seem to touch a part of the human soul regardless of geography,culture,etc. Look forwars to reading more of your works. Thanks for opportunity to win a copy.

  60. Ellen Louise Titus says

    I love to read some of your books. They are very interesting. . We have lots of Amish families north of our town that moved here from over in Missouri. Thank you for writing all of your books and keep us informed about the Amish people. God bless you. Ellen Titus

  61. Mildred Mayo says

    In many cases the one who can’t forgive is the one who suffers the most. A fan of Wanda’s who not only enjoys the books but the message they bring.

  62. Elizabeth Butler says

    I have always loved reading about the Amish people and their way of life

  63. Elizabeth Butler says

    I have always loved reading about the Amish and there way of life

  64. I love reading your books! So refreshing and meaningful, wonderful messages of God’s love for us!

  65. LaSonya Adams says

    I have read this book it is great. Made me think of times i had been hurt. But as a Christian we learn to forgive. It better to forgive than to live a life with anger. If we can not forgive how can we expect God to forgive us.

  66. Love your books! Thank you for sharing!

  67. Sharon Bader says

    I have been collecting your books for years and absolutely love each and every one! I was raised Mennonite and can completely relate to all your books. You describe their way of life perfectly and I often reminisce about my childhood when I read. Keep up the great writing and may God bless you with many more wonderful books!

  68. Yes, I was hurt by someone close. I can forgive, but I won’t ever forget.Thanks for this opportunity.

  69. I have been hurt by several people and have tried to forgive each and every one of them I pray for those that have been hurt or are hurting inside

  70. Sandy beggs says

    Thank you for the wonderful books. God bless you and your family.❤️🙏🏻

  71. Forgiveness is freedom

  72. Sarah Mathison says

    Love reading your books! Thank you for writing and sharing. Message in all!

  73. Alberta Ridernour says

    I just love all your books. I really like your style of writting. When I read your books, I can’t put them down.

  74. Terri Rinko says

    Yes my best friend has said hurtful things to me and I felt so so bad when she did it. It was the last person I would expect that from. I know I am just a friend and not a blood relative, but I feel like I am always there for her. I try to be the bigger person and forgive as the Bible teaches us. I pray she will be more nice to me in the future. Her ways make me sad and depressed and I feel so alone in life.

  75. Sarah Abner says

    A close friend of mine told me that my belly was getting bigger and that we needed to go get s procedure done to loose weight. My weight was always a difficult thing for me but I dont need to surround myself with people you pit me down, I need to be around people who lift me up.

  76. Mary Roelke says

    I have been hurt by some that I trusted. It was a learning experience & now it takes awhile before i trust anyone new in my life. It’s easier to walk away & totally ignore those kind of people.

  77. I look forward to reading this book. One of the hardest things sometimes is to forgive but I feel so much better when I do.

  78. Jeanette Chunko says

    I find the inspirational spiritual thoughts conveyed by the characters in your stories have become part of my life. Thank you so much. You bring a smile to my heart. I have been to one of your book signings and found the question and answer session uplifting. The plain way of life seems like more work than most are use to doing today and well worth the attachment to God and God’s way.

  79. Barbara Price says

    Forgiveness can be hard but is essential.

  80. My father was a minister and he always taught us to tell the truth. I remember one time when my father get change from a purchase and realized that he was overpaid by 1 penny. He had to go back and return that. My father always taught us to forgive and forget and he lived that everyday in his life. What an awesome man and a great example for his family. He passed away several years ago, but his legacy continues today.

  81. Sally Fester says

    Just purchased the “Hope Jar” and looking forward to getting started reading! Forgiveness is very hard but we are commanded to do so! It truly sets us free!!

  82. Mary Haislet says

    I worked 11 years for the same lawfirm with a wonderful Office Manager. During my 10th year at the firm, the Office Manager retired. I felt the new Office Manager did not know much about being an Office Manager and proceeded to make my time left at the firm an absolute misery. It took quite a while for me to forgive her but eventually I had to turn it over to God and try to forget it but believe me it was hard. My feeling were terribly hurt. Today I can see why she acted like she did but believe me it was a long time in coming.

  83. Forgiveness is hard especially when the hurt comes from someone you love. Only God can help you forgive and maybe even to keep forgiving the hurt. Thankful that God is using your writing to bring others closer to Him. Was a joy to meet you in Indiana!

  84. Betty Blevins says

    Forgiveness is hard but the Bible tells us we are to forgive. I love all your books and looking forward to seeing the play “Stolen” in Sugarcreek, Ohio later this month with a group from our church. Keep up the wonderful work you, your daughter-in-law and granddaughter are doing on the books. Love every one of them.

  85. Valorie Henson says

    Forgiveness is very difficult when the individuals who wronged you never ask for it. It is also difficult to forgive oneself.

  86. Kathy D Triplett says

    I love your books. It is so wonderful to read Christian stories. Your books have good story lines and hold my interest. Thank you!!!

  87. Willa Wilson says

    God says to forgive. We have to follow what god says to be happy

  88. Wanda,
    Love, love, love all of your books! I found myself losing faith, the older I got, seeing family members suffer with medical problems. My nephew passed away when he was 5….. Several family members with Alzheimer’s ,….my mom suffering frustratingly with it now… But reading your books has begun to bring me back to the fold when you understand there is something greater waiting! Keep writing these wonderful books! And thank you!!!!!

  89. This book sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to read it.

  90. Gail Hollingsworth says

    Forgiveness is hard sometimes but it only drags us down if we hang onto the hurt. The times I’ve been hurt the most is when I accidentally heard conversations about me that were negative.

  91. Mary Preston says

    I have been hurt in the past, but have managed to move forward with grace and dignity.

  92. Carolyn Miller says

    I love reading your book and look forward to reading more of them. I love Amish stories. I have an Amish friend in Kidron, OH. I haven’t visited her for quite some time but we exchange letter now and then. I enjoyed your information about Amish Ministers. My dad was a United Methodist Minister for 31 years, until he passed away in 1987. Thank you for sharing the Amish information with us.

  93. Julie Mancil says

    I have been hurt over and over again by a person close to me in my life, but I have asked God to help me to forgive that person. He has always helped me to forgive. I can see God working in that person because of my forgiving heart. God is answering my prayer to heal that relationship. God’s timing isn’t our timing, so it’s always important to obey God. In order for God to forgive us of our many sins, we must be willing to forgive others from our hearts. Praise God that He’s faithful and true to His word!

  94. Janice Bell says

    I have the hardest time forgiving myself when I believe that I may have done something that I shouldn’t have. Something that may have hurt someone close to me. I know that they have forgiven me and that Christ has forgiven me, but I find it hard to forgive myself.

  95. I love your book! Thank you for all that you do! God bless!

  96. Kathleen Burnop says

    I love reading your books. The Hope Jar is the next book I will be reading. Can’t wait to start it, I know it will be good.

  97. Thank God for His forgiveness.

  98. Marcia Wilson says

    I love all your book. The lesions you put in the about life are wonderful.

  99. I loved reading The Hope Jar and I am anxious to find out how The Lapps forgive Michelle for lying to them about who she was and for taking the money from them to leave. I have been hurt in the past but have tried to move on to the future.

  100. chrissy morehouse says

    Jesus teaches us to forgive and try to do that everyday of my life. This book the hope Jar really touched on the act of forgiving. I believe that the mistake was made for aa reason. Michelle needed to get away from her life the way it was God works in strange ways. this book was wonderful can not wait for the next one thank u

  101. chrissy morehouse says

    I truly loved this book

  102. Vivian Furbay says

    My ex-husband was not a believer and lied to me sometimes. It is by God’s grace that i was able to forgive him years ago. I have been married to my Christian husband for 32 years, praise God!

  103. Looking foreward to the Christmas book!!

  104. Sarah Arnold says

    Yes, people have hidden a truth or said something hurtful to me many times in my life. I was shocked and my feelings were hurt. I now tell myself many times that the ways of the world will hurt you but the Lord will not. I forgave that person. It was hard. The Bible does say we need to forgive as Christ forgave us.

  105. Maxine Resler says

    Love your books and I am always anxious for the next one to be released. They teach so many great lessons.

  106. Lisa Roberts says

    Guess everyone has been lied to at some point in there life. It’s how you perceive it and ask God to help you over come your bitterness toward them. When someone lies to you the truth will always come out. Your books are fascinating and cant wait to finish one so I can start on the next.

  107. Patricia Rydberg says

    Recently I have been affected by a hurtful comment made to me 3 times. The individual did not explain. When I asked about it,they refused to comment. Yes, I am forgiving that person. I am praying for that person. I do admit that I do not trust them, nor do i understand them. I good name is more valuable than silver and gold as stated in proverbs.

  108. I can’t imagine assuming someone else’s identity…this is what interests me about this story!

  109. Forgiveness makes room in your heart, instead of the heaviness of grudges.

  110. Denise Smith says

    Another great book. You are my most favorite author and I LOVE all your books. There is always a message to be taken from them.

  111. Love to win your new book ,thank

  112. Elaine Shorb says

    Forgiveness is sometimes the hardest thing to do. But… it is the Christian thing to do. I admire the Amish way of forgiveness. I try to set an example in my life. Pray. Pray. Pray. God will get you through.

  113. Years ago, my former mother-in-law told all
    their family/extended family, that I’d had 2 children taken from me, as I was ” an unfit mother. ” At first I laughed, when I found out, as it was so ridiculous. Then, mortified, when It hit me what all their family thought.
    I have never given birth/had children.

    It took a long time, but I did forgive her.

  114. Linda McFarland says

    I try not to dwell on remembering past hurts. Forgiveness is difficult, forgetting is impossible without God’s help and amazing Grace. His mercies are new every day. The Hope Jar was difficult for me to read as I do not condone deception or lies.

  115. Teresa Henson says

    I have experienced those sort of hurts. It took me many years, but I finally learned that one has to forgive someone or it won’t let your soul be at peace.

  116. Linda Thomas says

    Just finished reading your Journal entry and it was meant to be for me. Matthew 6:14 is a verse I try to remember in my life’s journey. I just want to add that with that verse, we need to also remember Verse 15. As is God’s plan, this exact scripture was my Daily Bread scripture for Sunday, September 16. God Bless you and may we always show God’s forgiving love to others.

  117. Keep writing those awesome books

  118. dana m sinclair says

    love the book all your book are awesome

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