Happy Place

I have many happy places, and one of them is visiting my Amish friends homes. I also enjoy spending time at the beach whenever I can. Another happy place is our backyard, where I can observe the variety of birds and other critters who find their way in. The other day we had a rabbit running around the yard, and of course, there are usually ducks who enjoy swimming in our pond.

The stresses of life can become overwhelming at times, but finding a happy place can help a person feel more relaxed and alleviate the stress. And while enjoying time in my happy place, I am reminded of a verse found in Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God.”

Do you have a special place you can go that makes you feel happy and calm? How has visiting your happy place helped you deal with the stresses of life? Do you have a favorite verse from the Bible that helps you unwind and relax?


  1. Marilyn R says

    One of my favorite happy places, is sitting outside reading a book. I enjoy seeing and listening to nature while I’m there. Other happy places are being with my Mennonite friends, the country on other friends’ farm. Enjoying early morning walks before there’s a lot of traffic on the roads and seeing the beautiful sunrise. Blessings.

  2. Rachel Weinel says

    One of my favorite places is visiting my daughter. We enjoy spending time together.we read the same books and talk about the books we read. We love sitting at my daughter’s aunt and uncle camp site it is so peaceful watching nature and listening to the river. Being with my daughter and /or being at the camp site relaxes me and helps calm me. Having my daughter and being at the camp site it what relaxes and calms me the most.

  3. Jessica Phillips says

    I have two happy places one is just sitting in a quiet place and reading a good book and getting lost in the story and the other is when ever i sit down at the piano to play it helps me to relax and seem to put everything back in focus and I could just stay there forever

  4. Myra Few says

    I don’t necessarily have a place but my release is music . All types of music . I listen and go back to memories and a better place in time . I love your books and when i read them i go to another place and time . Have a Blessed and Wonderful weekend and Happy 4th of July .

  5. Margaret says

    My home is my favourite happy place. Time spent with my family – with the grandchildren. I love to read so anytime I can read – it is a apply place of rest and being transported to another time or place.
    My devotional time is also a happy place for me.

  6. My happy place is reading a good book while sitting on the beach listening to the waves crash on the beach.

  7. Tammi Babcock says

    My happy place is at home with my family & curled up with a good book.

  8. Attending service at church calms my soul. As a church organist/pianist I have the opportunity to express and share my praise to God through music. I get to fellowship with others and learn more about God ‘s word in Sunday School and in worship service. Attending church service brings happiness and joy to me.

  9. my favorite happy place is sitting outside on my front porch reading a book. or walking in my garden looking at butterflies and hummingbirds and other animals. reading the Bible helps me unwind and relax.

  10. Kris Ross says

    I love to sit outside and rock or swing on the porch….I sit and look at all God’s beauty, and I love watching the birds…..deer, when they come by…flowers….whatever is in my view…..and I love blowing bubbles…yes even at 65…always have….I say “how can you be mad or stressed when you are blowing bubbles and watching them float away”…just last weekend I went to Dollywood with my daughter and grandchildren….Jody was gone for some time and I wondered where she went…she went back into the park to get me this bubble machine that not only blows bubbles (with the flip of a switch) but it lights up too….very cool……

  11. nicole duncan says

    My happy time is camping with my husband,or hikes in the woods enoying nature, gods wonderful glory and just being with my husband.

  12. Mary Roelke says

    One of my happy places is my front deck either reading or visiting with my neighbors. Also going to church every week gives me a feeling of peace.

  13. Jenny-Lynn Fricke says

    My happy place is being at home with my husband. Just knowing I am there and don’t have to worry about how he is doing makes me happy and relaxed. I am also happy at home just reading a good book or listening to relaxing music.

  14. Robert Coleman says

    Have many of your books and always look forward for the new books .In the summer you can always see me under the shade tree reading one of your books.

  15. DEBBIE BAKER says

    Hi. A friend flew in from Florida last November. We went to Berlin, Ohio, stayed 3 nights. It was cold but not to cold that we couldn’t enjoy and have fun. We are flanking a visit hopefully oct this yr. maybe it won’t be as cold. We visited a lot of the bakeries, stores, candy shops, enjoyed way to many restaurants than we should have. So excited to return. We’ve also been talking it’s my turn to travel to Florida go visit her. Hopefully that’ll take place n maybe November. We are wanting to go to Sarasota to visit the Amish there. Kinda compare the way of life in 2 different regions. One bitterly cold and one with warn weather most of the yr. excited for both fun filled days with my BFF.

  16. Once I read your first book I was hooked and have read every book you have written. Can’t wait for more books to read. My hubby was from Cleveland, Ohio and I from Kansas so when I moved to Ohio to start our family I was so excited. My favorite place to visit was the Amish Country. There was one huge flea market we visited often and you could spend an entire day there and not see everything. Thru your books, I can go back in time and relax. Not only their crafts but their cooking is so amazing and their sewing of quilts, etc. Love everything about their life especially their slower pace to enjoy the good things of life.

  17. Wendy Glassford says

    A special place for me is sitting down with my granddaughters and telling them about Jesus. One is two and the other is 9 months their faces just light up when I read to them the stories about Jesus and His love. It calms my soul to see their little hands clap and smile and I can see them happy. I love to read and I want them to feel the same peace I feel when I read. They actually have more books than toys. Lol I strongly believe that they help make me a better person. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” This verse has shaped My life. My grandma is the reason I am a follower of Jesus. She instilled that love for Him in me. I pray I can do this for my granddaughters.

  18. Amber Anderson says

    My happy place that I go to often is my craft area. I can spend hours creating cards and scrapbook layouts. Crafting helps me to relax and recharge. I take comfort in the verse “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me “.

  19. Mary Ritchie says

    My grandson has a bubble lawnmower and he just loves it

  20. Janet Thatcher says

    I would have to say my happy place is reading and closing out the world around me.

  21. My happy place is just sitting or laying and listening to birds sing or ocean sounds on u tube .
    Just so calming .clears my mind.

  22. Val Pearson says

    I live in Las Vegas now, which is so fast paced it’s not even funny. When I used to live in Ninety Six, SC, Star Fort pond was my go to place to get rid of frustrations and just to relax. I haven’t found myrelaxing place in Las Vegas yet, but I’m sure I will. I love your books, and always look forward to new books that you have coming out. Have a great 4th of July!

  23. Beverly Mikell says

    The beach and reading are my favorite things to do and if I can do them together they are even better!

  24. Meredith Van Tamelen says

    My happy place is in a book, love reading and it is a place to go when when life seems overwhelming and you can loose yourself in a book.
    My Lord is my strength and on him I cast my cares. Thank you.

  25. Diane Castleberry says

    I don’t know if I have a happy place! I read in bed but these days it makes me sleepy. I mostly sit in front of my computer and play the Facebook game Cross Stitch World (I’m addicted.) It’s like color by number or counted cross stitch. It is so relaxing. Until my hand starts to cramp up, that is! I love all your books, Wanda. You are one of my very favorite authors of all time. Keep up the good work!

  26. My happy place isn’t really a real place… it’s being drawn into the world of characters in a story that holds my interest. It’s being able to go on their journeys/adventures with them that makes me happier.

    • Pat DeWitt says

      My happy place is my home enjoying the ,many years I have lived here. I live in a small city and to my right is downtown (very small) and to my left is country with farms and a covered bright over a little creek which becomes a big creek during spring rains.

  27. Bonnie Yenser-Colver says

    I love your books. My two happy places are my back yard reading your books and visiting Lancaster County weekly.

  28. Carol Lake says

    My happy place is Lancaster, Pa with my family. We have made it a tradition of going there at least 3 times a year. People wonder why since not much changes in that short period of time but the peacefulness is what we enjoy. It gives us the chance to get away from adult responsibilities and become the “grown up”kid. When unable to go your books take us there. Please keep writing.

  29. I love reading your books.I like when you add recipes at the end.you books takes me away from the everyday dramas.Always can’t want for the next book.Keep up the good work!

  30. I I like to sit bourbon my porch and read ! Listening to all the birds and squirrels in the shade tree!!!

  31. Linda Critcher says

    My happy place is my front porch in spring/summer. It’s the place and time of year I read the most as I can escape any noise within the house. I’ve reached that age where noises can easily distract me. So the quiet with only birds chirping or possibly a lawnmower running in the background is the perfect solution.
    I also really love reading at the beach when we have a chance to visit, usually early fall. The calmness of the waves crashing is such a peaceful sound. Stresses seem to disappear as the tides go in and out.
    My favorite verse is II Corinthians 12:9 “….My grace is sufficient…”. This verse has been painted on my heart and my family’s life. God has shown us over and over in so many situations, that his grace will indeed be sufficient.

  32. Monica Forkes says

    I have favorite places the beach where the waves crash and let me know there is much more stronger than I am but from them I gather strength. I love sitting by a river watching whatever may be there I gather piece from the Tranquility of the water. I also love a forest well you can camping hear nature all around you. During a battle with cancer I found many verses that helped me through the hard times but this is one of my favorite:
    Joshua 1:9 Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

  33. Marlene Snyder says

    I have a happy place that makes my heart sing right in my back yard. We have a pond in our back yard and although we do not have any fish in it right now, it invites birds of all kinds. The little finches love to play in the waterfall and I love to watch them splash at each other as they play. The bluebirds and robins like to land on the rocks and sit for a while as do the cardinals and orioles. I also love to watch the monarch butterflies flutter around the garden and land on the flowers looking for nectar. The sights are so serene that I feel like I have gone to another world outside of my own for a short while.

  34. I loved Hawaii when I visited. That was my happy place for 10 Days.

  35. Dianna Neal says

    My happy place is anywhere I can read a good book and be transported from the stresses of my daily life to another place and time.

  36. Gerri Hamm says

    Excellent Books. They make me happy keep them coming. Best writer of Amish setting books

  37. Reading my Bible, brings me peace and soothes my soul.

  38. tish applegate says

    My happy place is my garden and potting shed. I spend hours there. I usually have a autiobook with me so I can enjoy both my garden and a book.

  39. Andrea B. Brooks says

    My happy place(s) is/are both my home and church. I love to watch the birds fly and read and relax..coloring helps me relax and feel peaceful
    The next ‘happy’ place is my church, where I can feel free to worship the Lord with my church family and friends.

  40. Melissa Ellison says

    I love sitting in the back yard just watching natural and clearing my mind. One of my favorite verse is ” In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths”.

  41. Barbara Kesselring says

    I love the outside nature. Woods or sea. I think my happy place is we’re ever I am.

  42. Vivian Furbay says

    I like to go for walks to clear my head. My happy place is reading a good book or spending time with the Lord.

  43. Vivian Furbay says

    Hope my first message was received but I don’t see it on this page. I like to spend time in a good book or with the Lord. A happy place would be away from people up in the mountains.

  44. Dianne Roberts says

    My enjoyment in life is spending anytime I can with my family they are my greatest joy.My children,Grandchildren and great grandchildren…
    My next enjoyment and happy place is sitting out under a tree and reading,Wanda I have read most of your books right now I just bought Hawaiian ….Thank you so much for your writings

  45. I find the beach and any body of water relaxing. Proverbs 3:5-6 are Bible verses that bring calm and comfort.

  46. Joan Murray says

    II have just got the book “THE HAWIIAN DISCOVERY” I have all you books and look forward to getting more when they are released. My favourite place is in my easy chair by the window reading.
    I live next to a park and can hear the birds chirping. I have a pet seagull that likes to sit on the lamp post during the day. He is like a watch dog. He chases the crows and squireels off my yard, When I go into the garden, he follows me around. This is my most happy place, arond nature.

  47. Shari Stone says

    My happy place is with my family, my hubby, my three sons and their families, playing with my 4 grands. My other happy place is playing games or reading

  48. Karen Hendry says

    My happy place is sitting on my front/back porch with a good book. I love the Christian novels. I find they always have something uplifting to share. As I write this I am sitting on my front porch about to finish up a book. It’s Canada Day 🇨🇦 here today. So enjoying the sun and breeze. To those south of the border, have a Great Independance Day celebration this 4th of July 🇺🇸

  49. My happy place is in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Since I live in Texas, I don’t get to go there whenever I want. 🙂 But I feel so relaxed whenever we go there. My favorite Bible Verse is Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”

  50. Erika Luther says

    I enjoy reading a book or my Bible in my bedroom. I also enjoy going for a walk by the beach or at a park.

  51. Carole Armstrong says

    I don’t have a sincere happy place as I can be happy most places. My most relaxing place right now in my life is when I go home to visit my family and stay at my sister’s place. Just sitting there relaxing playing games on my kindle or reading a book or visiting is so relaxing. It gets me away to clear my mind and relax as I am always busy when at home. I have almost all of your books and still remember the book signing in Camp Hill, PA that you did as it was when I got to meet you. My mom and I both loved your books and she really enjoyed meeting you. That was the last year that she lived on this earth but praise God she is with Him and in a better place. I love sitting down reading a really good book and getting lost in it.

  52. Mary Preston says

    I love the beach too. It’s very restful by the ocean. We also have a lot of beautiful parks and walkways here in town .

  53. Linda Thomas says

    I am new to this, but love that God lead me to this month’s topic “happy places”.
    My happy place is in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee sitting on the porch reading and enjoying God’s beauty in the ever changing Smoky Mountains with a good book to read. This past week I was reading “A Cousin’s Prayer”, and have never felt any closer to God (except when reading the Bible) while reading this heartfelt story. I’ve read many many of your books, but this book spoke to me in so many ways. I suffer from panic attacks and the reinforcement that was provided through Katie’s experiences made me feel “not alone” and that others do understand. Not only the panic attacks, but I recently claimed Psalms 46:10 as my “go to” verse. Then today I was feeling concerned that I shared that verse with a fellow church member, thinking I may have overstepped my boundaries. Then this evening while reading “Happy Place” that verse comes up again (I feel this was God’s way of showing me I did right in sharing the verse this morning). God Bless you and keep the wonderful inspirational realistic books coming. You are so blessed.

  54. Nancy A Johnson says

    I don’t really have one special place that is my happy place. Always relaxing with a new book is one of my favorite things to do when I can. Playing the piano and singing the songs I wrote when I was much younger and always sewing! It is one of my passions.

  55. Barbara Price says

    Enjoy your time in Indiana!

  56. Reading your books and sewing puts me in my happy place. Both are very relaxing and soothing to me. I sit and I can feel the tension left my shoulders. Its like I’m not here in the real world I’m in my own little bubble where stress isnt allowed. Lol. Hot bathes come right after that with either a great book or some soft music.

  57. My happy place is sitting out on my deck with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning and just enjoying the cool air, the sun coming up and the quiet. It is a wonderful way to start my day.

  58. Margaret Mosher says

    I love reading your books. Have read the most of them. Enjoy reading at home with my little dog. Can’t wait to read the Hawaiian discovery. Thank you for letting me spend hours with you.

  59. BJ Maxwell says

    My happy place is looking out my window and seeing a quail family. Last year they had 13 chicks and used my flower bed for nightly dust baths for the chicks. This year their eight (of nine) surviving offspring have already grown to adulthood. I take joy in the rabbit family and even find the coyotes interesting. This year I have many hummingbirds feast on my rose bushes. When I need to think I look to nature and slow down watching God’s world.

  60. MARY MCCABE says

    a couple of my happy places are spending time reading my Bible and the other sitting on couch reading a good book like one of yours..also spending time in prayer is another happy place for me..

  61. Anne Afonin says

    I take a book with me everywhere! It is not a “wait” if I can immerse myself in a book, especially when it is faith based. I enjoy learning more about the Amish people & how they handle life in the Lord.

  62. Susan Fletcher says

    Thanks for reminding me of that Bible verse. I needed that today – and every day. Love your books!

  63. Iris Pujols says

    You asked a good question, for I never really thought about it. Let’s see, I guess my happy place is when ever I’m in the presence of my God. Now that could be while I sit on my front porch and blow bubbles with my granddaughter or looking out the kitchen window and watching the horses in the field walking by or grazing. I find that putting my trust in Jesus and trusting Him has put a smile on my face and a joy in my heart. Psalms 127:2 God gives rest to His loved ones is a pretty good reminder.

  64. I have a few happy places, the most relaxing being reading a good book in a quiet place. The stories become real to me and I am always excited to see what will happen with the characters next. Another happy place is playing with young children and enjoying their carefree laughter and giggles. One of my favorite Bible verses is Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.

  65. Terry A Fichthorn says

    My happy place is camping with my children and grandchildren. Even though it gets crazy at times with all the cooking, going for walks, swimming, just visiting with the other campers, its worth it. Just to get away from the hustle and bustle of home and work, we all get to relax

  66. My happy place is being in my yard and watching the birds I feed and the deer and other wildlife wondering thru our yard.

  67. I have a few happy places, the most relaxing being reading a book in a quiet place. I can really feel like I know the characters and can’t wait to see what will happen next with them. Another happy place is playing with young children and hearing their laughter and giggles. One of my favorite Bible verses is Jeremiah 29:11, ” For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

  68. Carolyn Maslin says

    My happy place is reading a new book. Then sharing it with others. I also enjoy walking in the woods with my family, observing nature. I enjoy listening to Christian music.

  69. Olga Stacey says

    My happy place is my back patio, where I like to sit and read as well as watch the birds.

  70. My special place is the beach. I like to watch the sunrise or sunset. It is so peaceful and relaxing to see God’s beauty. The sights, sounds and smells near the ocean always seem to help me be calmer and more relaxed.

  71. I love spending time with my family. My relaxing and happy place is anywhere reading a good book and having my fur-babies with me.

  72. Sharon Bosser says

    My happy place is the ocean. Listening to the waves is so serene and calming.


  74. Karen Tackett says

    Hi Wanda, when you mentioned going to your Amish friends homes, I was reminded that years ago on a trip to the Lancaster, PA area we stopped at the home of a Amish lady who had a shop upstairs. My sweet husband bought me an Amish quilt that day. It is registered in PA and was on my bed for many years but now displayed on a quilt rack. The home was such a peaceful special place and several years later we went back and we bought a couple of pillows to also go on our bed. Precious memories. I guess I would have to say that the mountains are my happy place. Love to drive thorugh the countryside in either the Smokies or Rockies and just enjoy the Lord’s creation. Thanks for all you share and for your books!

  75. Sherri Hines says

    My happy place is in the sun in a hammock reading a good book until a nap takes over.
    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart”

  76. Tina Muller says

    My happy place is my quilting garage. I get up early listen to the birds, squirrel, and sew or quilt and talk with God. And I love to read and get lost in you books. special the one with quilters.
    1 Corinthians 13:13 And now these three remain faith, hope and love. But the greatest is love.
    Thanks for being such a good author.

  77. Sandy Nobles says

    My happy place is sharing time with family and friends. I love going and staying near the beach. It’s such a peaceful sound listening to the waves. I enjoy quite time reading devotions and Christian Fiction. The first Amish book I read was by Wanda and I’ve loved them ever since! Thank you Wanda for helping me to learn to love reading and learning about the Amish!

  78. My happy place is the beach, but now also anywhere I spend time with my two beautiful granddaughters!

  79. Dawn Hedrick says

    My main happy place is at church and you can just fill the Holy Spirit come over you. Another is getting together with a group of lady friends for a night of food, games, and fun. Walking with my granddaughter around the yard looking for flowers is another one. Lastly is when I get to relax with a good book and do some reading.

  80. My favorite part of the day is driving to and from work.
    I have about a 45 minute drive each way and I always listen to one of my favorite books.
    I love Wanda’s books the most and I try to get them as soon as they are released.

  81. Amy Nelson says

    My happy place is reading one of Wanda’s books in my backyard on a nicr summer day.

  82. Debi Davis says

    Not sure I have a happy place exactly. But when stress takes over I
    1. Talk to someone
    2. Breathe
    3. Try to relax
    4. Read
    Sometimes these work and sometimes I just need time.

  83. Sunnymay says

    The Nature Center with trails and a boardwalk is my favorite happy place for going on a walks. There are benches under trees that I use for writing nature poems while surrounded by trees. I’ve seen deer, chipmunks and ducks. Audubon has registered it as a natural birding area with wild canaries, hawks and red-winged blackbirds. My five kids took classes there with creek walks and learned to appreciate nature. We shared picnics in the gazebo and ran our hands along the “muscle” tree. I go there once a week to hear the sounds of rushing water of the creek and see the quiet areas somebody set aside and stopped the freeway from going through the parks.

  84. Teresa Henson says

    I love to go outside and work in my yard and listen to the birds sing, watch them, the rabbits that come in my yard, the squirrels and whatever else decides to pass through. Once it was a mama raccoon and 3 babies. I love working in the flower beds and seeing all the butterflies they attract. Not only do I get to enjoy the sights and sounds of Gods beauty while working outside, it is such a stress relief and I feel more relaxed, both mentally and physically, when I finish. Then I may relax on my porch swing and watch nature and the stars or clouds depending on the time of day. I remind myself of the Bible verse that begins “For everything there is a season…” ECCLESIASTES 3:1

  85. donna weaver says

    my happy place is at camp reading a book and listening to birds singing beautiful sings.

  86. Tracy Smith says

    My happy place is at home, spending time with my hubby or just sitting and enjoying a good book. I live a calm and quiet life, which suits me just fine. The less drama, the better!! I also enjoy posting encouragement and beauty in nature on facebook for others to enjoy.

  87. Diana Taylor says

    My happy place is my garden and is where I feel the closest to our lord. Stopping to smell the roses has always calmed my stressed and sometimes sad heart. Knowing the. Lord is with me and has a plan for my life has always been close to my heart. The verse you have written is also one of my favorite.

  88. Andrea Hartzell says

    My happy place is at the local lakes fishing, reading or just enjoying nature. I can spend all day just relaxing with all the sights and smells (which I never leave the house without a camera so I can capture all the beautiful things I see). There are also wilderness trails where I can walk along and clear my mind. I also like to visit the Marinas which offer kayak rentals, there is just something about being on the water that relaxes me and helps me forget the stresses of everyday.

  89. Andrea Hartzell says

    My happy place is at the local lakes fishing, reading or just enjoying nature. I just love all the sights(I never leave the house without a camera so I can capture beautiful flowers, animals, etc) and smells. There are also trails I like to walk along and clear my mind. I like to go to the marinas where kayak rentals are offered, there is nothing like being on the open water to help forget my stresses of everyday.

  90. Sarah Arnold says

    I love to go to my Nannie and Poppa’s farm. To me this is the best place on earth and I have a lot of happy memories there. Here is my favorite bible verse “ The Lord said I will fight for you be patient and wait.” Exodus 14:14 Thank you Wanda for your wonderful writings.

  91. Elizabeth Myatt says

    Miss Wanda I have come to love reading your books I’m kind of a newbie I love the discovery books I love all the books I’ve already read and I’m looking forward to reading the rest my happy place is in a nice pool place with my nose in one of your books thank you for blessing me with these stories and the verses in the stories I really enjoy them maybe when you come to Western Kentucky I will be able to meet you we have an Amish community in our area and they seem very nice to the ones I’ve talked to and I’ve always been curious about them and if I could survive living there ways thank you again miss Wanda God bless you

  92. Gladys Paradowski says

    My happy place is on our back patio. We have seats there and a view of our large back yard, our many flower beds and the vast sky beyond them. I can listen to the birds and watch the squirrels who daily scamper across the yard carrying a pecan in the mouths from the many pecan trees in our community. Heavenly!

  93. Angie Arnold says

    I have a beautiful summerhouse in a shady part of my garden, away from the house. When I go there to read, with a special book, it feels as if I am on holiday, leaving the cares of the world behind me. My other happy place is wherever my family are. Spending time with my son, daughter=in-law and grandchildren invariably fills me with joy.

  94. Sandra M says

    I have two happy places. One is at the beach in South Carolina and the other is in the mountains at Blowing Rock, NC. I can feel my stress slowly melting away when I drive to either place. I try and leave worries, stress, and work behind and just enjoy the the time with my family at both of these beautiful places.

  95. Favorite happy place is my home. Doesn’t sound too exciting, but I know that my family is there and even when they aren’t, I know they will be soon. I love the peace it brings. My scripture would be “Be still and know that I am God”.

  96. Robin Caldon says

    I just read your newsletter. I can’t wait to pick up my copy of The Hawaiian Discovery. I also copied Rachel’s recipe for bubbles for my grandchildren. I also want to say that my happy place is either with my husband, or my Bible. I enjoy doing Bible studies. Also one of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.” That scripture has helped me through so many things. Whenever I’m worried or upset about something, I think of that scripture and I become calm again. Thank you for writing such wonderful books.

  97. My home is my happy place! I have a pretty yard, a spoiled dog, many books to read, a sewing room overflowing w/ fabric (for quilts & pillowcases), a piano, lots of craft supplies to make cards & scrapbook, and embroidery projects! I am blessed!

  98. Sondra Thatcher says

    My favorite temporary happy place was our state room balcony on our cruise. It was so peaceful and the sunsets were beautiful. What a great time to think about God. My favorite permanent happy place is sitting in my recliner when I’m home alone. It’s a great time to reflect on all of my blessings.

  99. Betty Ethridge says

    I don’t really have a certain Happy place. I enjoy reading about the Amish way of life. It always relaxes me to read.

  100. Hi Wanda! I hope this is where I go to enter your contest where you will be giving away autographed copies of all three books in your Amish Cooking Class Series to ten winners. Those books include The Seekers, The Blessing, and The Celebration. WOW – I would love to read this series – it looks just wonderful! Any books I have read by you have been wonderful and you are one of my favorite Amish authors. Thank you for the chance to win this lovely series!

  101. Mandy Bentley says

    My front porch is my happy place. I love to sit out there, watch the birds at my feeders and read. I could be having a terrible day and when I go to my porch with a good book all of the “terrible ” seems to melt away.

    When I need to calm down or refocus on what’s important I think of this verse. It is Psalm 3:4. Then I am reminded that no matter where I am or what is happening in my life God knows where I am. He hears my cries!
    Psalms 3:4 (KJV) I cried unto the LORD with my voice, and he heard me out of his holy hill. Selah.

  102. Rhonda Riley says

    My happy places are loosing myself in a good spiritual book on our back deck. Enjoying the great outdoor weather & sinking into other places. I also have Bible on CD I curl up in my room & listen & take in the lords words. One of the passages I think of is Psalms 37:3 Commit your way to the Lord trust in him and he will Act.

  103. Susan M Departhy says

    I have a memorial garden for my mother in my yard. It’s planted around a dogwood tree and has a swing to sit and reflect. When I am in need of a quiet place this is where I go and pray or just think. One of my favorite verses from the Bible is….Psalm 40 1-6. It reminds me to be patient and the Lord will provide. Please keep writing your books….they make me smile 🙂

  104. Maintaining our yard seems to become more difficult with each passing year.
    However, when the work is done, my yard is definitely my “Happy Place.”
    When relaxing in my yard, I reflect on Matthew 6:28.
    “Consider how the lilies of the field grow, they neither spin nor toil, but rest
    securing in the Lord.”
    A nice reminder to cut back on too much activity and clear away the clutter.

  105. patty Fendall says

    I love to work in my garden. I become more aware of the sounds, smells, and sights of nature – the buzzing bees, the damp soil, the beautiful clouds. I talk to God constantly while I am out there. With nothing to distract me, I pray for people I know and ponder my Bible study.

  106. Amanda Peters says

    I don’t really have a special place to go to to feel happy or relaxed! But my favourite verse is from psalm 37:5. “Commit your way to thy Lord, trust also in him and he shall bring it to pass”. This makes me feel safe and happy! I recite this verse every single day!

  107. My special place is in the air-conditioner.

  108. My favorite place is sitting in a quiet spot with a good book.

  109. My favorite place is anywhere that I can sit and watch the birds in the day and the stars , moon and the twinkling planets in the sky.

  110. Anna Hesser says

    My favorite place is in my recliner reading a good Amish book. I have already purchased and read “The Hawaiian Discovery” and loved it.

  111. Jennifer Klein says

    My happy place is being home with my husband and 2 young girls. Watching them learn and interact is just amazing. My ‘release’ is waking up before my kids to workout, it helps me start my day and have a little time to myself. I also love reading which I do every day! A favorite Bible verse of mine is Philippians 4:13- I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me’. I live in Hartville, OH and you are coming to the library in my town in September!! I cannot wait and I already requested off work that day.

  112. Lisa Roberts says

    I enjoy spending time in the yard, watching the squirrels and birds,as of now I haven’t seen deer in my yard but I no they are coming to my squirrel corn. Its so peaceful to see all Gods creatures.

  113. I have many happy places…the Milford cemetery and Silver Sands boardwalk (love to walk here in the evening with my son), Mondo Ponds and the pond behind my office complex (when I want to be alone), my living room or deck in the morning with a mug of coffee (grounds me for my day), my living room in the evening (after a long day curling up with a good book or just reflecting on my day is very relaxing and soothing), a long soak in my tub lit with candles is also very soothing and relaxing, my church (beautiful New England church with a lot of history, each service is a like a little Easter, always feel peaceful, happy and spiritually fed here being in fellowship with others), Bluff Point (wonderful beach with few people, great place to walk, think, have a picnic, collect shells). Being out in nature (anywhere on the planet) is so rejuvenating for the soul. We make time to get out in it several times a week.

  114. Lucinda Hoskins says

    My happy place to go is outside in the back yard and read. I live out in the country when sitting out on the patio you hear all sounds of nature.

  115. I have been caring for an extremely ill husband for the past seven years. I was looking for a way to cope with it all. Lucky for me I picked up one of your books because I was always interested in Amish lifestyles and their practice of faith.

    The first book I read was The Gift. I loved the story and was so happy their was two more books. I bought The Decision and the Restoration.

    My happy place: that would be sitting down and going into a world of Amish stories that ease my mind and put me in a happy place . God Bless you for making my life bearable.

  116. Sarah Hinshaw says

    Sarah Hinshaw

    I love learning about the Amish people!
    Your books help me understand them more.
    Thank you for writing your book!

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