In Secret

Shortly before Christmas last year, my husband and I wanted to do something special to help someone we knew of but didn’t know personally. However, we wanted to do it secretly, without that person knowing who had given them the gift.

Even though we will probably never know their response, or how much they may have appreciated the deed, it blessed us to be able to do something for someone in secret.

In Matthew 6, verse 3 (NIV), it speaks of giving in secret: “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret.”

Have you ever done something to help someone without them knowing it was you? How did it make you feel? Have you ever received help or a gift from someone secretly? How did you respond to it?


  1. Shirley Chapel says

    Last year at my church the women decided to have secret sisters. For an entire year I received gifts left at church and I slipped in gifts for my Secret Sister hoping I wouldn’t be seen or discovered. It felt good to give in secret and good to receive not knowing who my secret sister was. When it came time to identify ourselves to bout secret sisters I was surprised by who was giving me gifts and my secret sister hadn’t guessed my identity either.

  2. Andrea Nyers says

    I remember when we prepared a large food box with everything in it for a holiday dinner for an unknown family, including various cookies and desserts. The only information we initially knew about them was the number of family members so that we knew how much food was needed. When the food box was ready to be delivered, the address was given to us. We drove to the home and knocked on the door. No one answered, but the door was ajar. I remember that feeling of opening the door to an unfamiliar home and putting the food box on their table and leaving. The family was too proud and embarrassed to let anyone know they needed help that they didn’t come to the door. It didn’t matter to me that I didn’t get to meet them. It just pleased me to know that I was able to help out at least one family that wouldn’t go hungry that holiday season. Just think what a difference we could make if EVERYONE were to help out just one family.

  3. Crissy Yoder Shamion says

    Absolutely I have. I decided that instead of getting myself anything for the holidays that I would do something for another. I left the gift on the steps to the house hoping they wouldn’t know I was dropping it off in secret. To this day they still don’t know. Love doing for others.

  4. Zoe Horvat says

    This is such an amazing thing to do!! I have never personally done something like this, but I would love to sometime!!

  5. Kathy Marshall says

    I Love Giving Presents secretly ILike to recieve a gift now an then when i lived in ohio the church we attended we had secret sisters it was fun but where i live now they don’t do that but i give gifts to a couple of friends where i live but the greatest gift i can give is to tell people about the love of God

  6. Annette E says

    Young families have a hard time. We struggled more then and understand so our family tries to help those with new babies without them knowing. I think when you do something for someone who doesn’t know where it came you feel even more joy. It’s just fun to see others happy!

  7. Good morning Wanda,
    My family and I were the recipients of secret gifts ☺️ Christmas time was very tight financially for us My husband hadn’t an increase in wages for about 3 years, I was working part time to help make ends meet with 3 small children at the time. It was Christmas Eve with not much under our tree (I know it’s not about the gifts but about the birth of Jesus, but you want to have something for the children). It was about 8:00 that Christmas Eve that someone rang our door bell, when I answered the door there were 2 large garbage bags with big bows on them just sitting there with no one around. We took the bags inside and found that they were filled with gifts for our children, from toys to clothes. My husband and I sat there and cried. We had prayed for a Christmas miracle and it came on Christmas Eve. 😊. It wasn’t until years later that we found out that it was my 2 sisters who knew we were a bit of financial trouble. They were truly our earthly angels that year. Thanks for listening 😊 Karen

  8. Amy Wahl says

    I just love your journal and books! Giving makes me feel great, and I make sure they do not know who it is from. God bless, Amy

  9. Myrtle Thorn says

    I participate in a Secret Sister round through the group Amish & English. It’s fun sending little gifts and cards each month. We do not reveal who we are until the end of the round but it’s nice just knowing you’ve made someone’s day a little brighter.

  10. I love secret Sister programs. I am in one and the best part of all is getting to know someone you don’t know. Bringing a smile to her face. Always better to give then to receive. Love your books.

  11. Karie Beauchamp says

    My husband and I have also done some things to help others out in their time of need. We also wanted to do it anonymously. It truly blessed our hearts to be able to help during a difficult time for them. We have also been on the receiving end of being helped during a time when it seemed like there was no way out of the situation. We thanked The Lord for using those dear folks to help us even though we had no idea who they were.

  12. Roberta says

    I have started a secret pal to all the women at our church for one year I would send them cards leave gifts for them. And none of them knew who I was. It made me feel so good to see the faces of them when they found out who I was. And someone out of the blue sent me something and I had no idea who it was. It is a good feeling to know someone cares.

  13. Tari Jewett says

    We moved from Los Angeles to Wyoming in 2002. We didn’t know anyone there, and planned on renting a house for the first year until we were sure it was where we wanted to be. There were no rentals available, and we ended up spending every dime of our savings to buy a house. That Christmas was going to be a very lean Christmas. Our younger two boys were 11 & 13, old enough to understand and to appreciate the true meaning of Christmas, so it was probably harder on me not to be able to spoil them a little their first Christmas so far from home. On Christmas morning my husband went outside to shovel the front walk and there was a huge black bag on the porch. Inside were numerous beautifully wrapped gifts for our boys. It was like Christmas magic. By Christmas we only new a few people in Wyoming, and although the anonymous gift giver never confessed, we have suspicions of who it might have been. We’ve always been very grateful to that secret Santa for making us feel welcome, and for making our first Christmas in Wyoming very special.

  14. Deb Langston says

    I love in a senior complex but am one of the youngest there. I love to bake goodies and put it in Zip lock bags and put them in doors. Most older folks don’t eat well so it blesses me to bless them!

  15. Darlene says

    Many years ago after going through job loss, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. We had many extra expenses with his health needs along with two kids in college. We received several money orders to help us from unknown “angels”. We were so blessed and thankful to be recipients. That is why when we have opportunity we “pay it forward” and help others in the same way. God is so good!

  16. Suzanne Sellner says

    My husband and I knew a couple who were having financial difficulties, and we found ways to pay certain of their bills to help them during this difficult time. I think of other families out of work for whom we were able to deliver some groceries and leave them without the family knowing who left them. In more recent times, we’ve mailed grocery gift cards to people without indicating who sent them. It’s heart warming to minister to others without receiving any recognition for doing so.

  17. Carolyn Maslin says

    Your new book sounds delightful. I am looking forward to reading it.

  18. JAMIE L HUGHES says

    My husband and I decided that we wanted to bless someone and we ended up blessing 2 people with cars. God has been so good to us that we felt we should share his blessings.

  19. Kate Kleinert says

    When my husband was dying, I quit work to take care of him and spend as much time as possible together. that meant absolutely no income. He needed IV antibiotics to combat the overwhelming infection in his blood but Medicare would only pay for it if he was in a skilled nursing facility. We wanted to spend every single minute we had together and opted to have him at home with me administering the IV. It took thousands of dollars to pay for that to happen. We trusted God would bring us the relief we needed. Someone started sending gift cards for the local grocery store. I never found out who did it, but have prayed for that person since. And have taken on the duty to pay it forward since I can’t pay it back!

  20. Peggy J Moncus says

    Several years ago my husband was in the hospital, I didn’t have any money for food at the hospital and I was staying there with him every day and night, this went on for a month, he had his second open heart surgery at this time and wasn’t doing very well. One day I got some mail no return address , no name , folded up in a piece of paper was a hundred dollar bill, I didn’t know what to say or do, but I thanked God for whoever this person was, it was surly a blessing.

  21. Yes, I have. It is the most wonder and warm feeling! Your newsletter reminds me that it’s been a while, and time to find another person in need. I love your books, they are a blessing in my life. Last year in February, I lost my dear mother, and then last October, I suddenly lost my only 2 sisters within 3 days of each other. My father had already passed away several years back. It was a long, hard winter for me. I read dozens of Amish novels, and many of them were written by you. Your books helped me get through the loss of my family. Thank you!

  22. Terri Rinko says

    I try to give a little more money in the Sunday collection to help others. I like to help my best friend because she is behind on money and try to do little things in her favor to keep her ahead without anyone knowing.

  23. Every year our church sends Operation Christmas boxes to other countries. For many years we do one for a boy and girl. It makes me feel thankful for all the great things God gave to us and we can share with others. Our church has donate gifts to a family of 3 children…we gave them a toy and clothing. After having cancer myself and Lyme’s disease…my faith has become stronger with God and want to help any one near me who is having struggles. God Bless all who have read this and God Bless Mrs. Brunstetter for her encouraging books.

  24. Barbara Connor says

    In our Mobile home park we have 35 women in a Secret Pals group. We meet monthly for lunch, not knowing who is our Secret. Pal. We give gifts on Holidays, Birthdays, and Anniversarys. Amount not to exceed $10.00/holidays and $15.00 on Anniversarys and Birthdays. We reveal who we are at the Christmas party.
    I also give Beauty shop appointments to the residents at a Nursing Home that I notice cannot afford to have their hair taken care of. I am a Volunteer there for the past 14 years, helping out where I am needed. Two years ago I received Volunteer of the year award.
    Helping out after retirement has been my pleasure.

  25. Barbara Connor says

    I would love to receive your book. I hav read all but 3 series and am starting on the second Hawaii series.
    The Amish shows how to be grateful for what we have and to be giving of ourselves to others in need.

  26. That is such a nice thing to do! I think that’s a great model. Christmas is a wonderful time, but for some, they have a difficult time.

  27. Donna Hill says

    I just finished reading The Half-stitches Amish Quilting Cluvb. I loved the books and would recommend it to others. I would love to win more of your books.

  28. My husband and I were in a restaurant recently and noticed another couple sharing a meal. We felt compelled to pay for their dinner and secretly asked the waiter to bring us their bill. We may not be able to do that often, but it sure felt good.

  29. Brenda Simmons says

    Doing something secretly for someone makes ones heart feel good and
    God blesses you for this.

  30. Lucy Reynolds says

    I love helping others, as it is being the hands and feet of Jesus. I received a hundred dollar gift card for groceries when my hubby was out of work. What a blessing.

  31. Kristie says

    I have never done that but would like to. Sometimes I do Toys for Tots and the Angel Tree at Walmart during the holidays. Thanks for the reminder that I can do it year-round!

  32. Julie Schmitz Swick says

    Very often I do that for pry who are having a bad day or need encouragement or just to know they are cared about and appreciated. It blesses them so much and I love doing thT I listen to God’s stitall voice ?💜💜💜💜💜🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕🌺🌺🌷🌷🌸🌸

  33. My hubby and I go to lunch most Fridays and occasionally we buy lunch for someone without them knowing it. Always makes us feel good to be able to do something for others.

  34. Sondra Thatcher says

    Every year at Christmas the youth of our church put up an Angel Tree in the Narthex. They hang envelopes with a wish list from needy children in our county. I love getting one or two of the envelopes and filling the list. It just makes your heart feel good to help make a child’s Christmas a little brighter.

  35. Charlotte Marks says

    It is such a nice feeling to do for others secretly….it makes you feel good inside. Enjoyed your newsletter; we should all follow the ways of Amish Mother’s and the world would be a better place for all.

  36. SARAH TAYLOR says


  37. Frances Heizer says

    Helping others is such a blessing. The Scriptures say “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Such an awesome truth! I really enjoy helping with Angel Tree and Operation Christmas Child, as well as similar ministries. Several years ago, an anonymous individual gave a large amount of money to allow me to go on my first mission trip to El Salvador…and I am forever grateful.

  38. I love to do things for others, but I have never done anything in secret before. This sounds like a very good idea. I have often had people pay for my dinner and not know who done it. It is nice then to give back. Wanda, I just love your books and love sharing them with others. Always, recommend your books to other who has never heard of you. Just finished read the Hawaiian Quilt. I am going to try this doing something for someone in secret .

  39. Angie Ayotte says

    Helping someone with out them knowing brings such an awesome feeling. Hearing someone talk about how God provided just when they needed and knowing that God used you to help just gives you such a feeling of joy!

  40. I always try to be generous throughout the year with donations. It gives me a special feeling.

  41. Cindi Hoppes says

    Hi, Fortunately, I was brought up in a home;
    that believed and lived the idea, of being kind in
    secret… One lady told me that many years ago, my
    older sister and I, left an Easter basket in their family’
    porch, then we took off running! Our mother had asked
    us to do that for them. My older brother was a
    veterinarian, and more often; than not, took care
    if animals, even if their owner’s couldn’t pay him.
    There is now a park in his memory, and a rescue
    Thanks, Cindi

  42. When I worked I always would participate in the Christmas annual doll donations for a children’s charity. We had to make the outfits for the dolls. I looked forward to this each year.

  43. Betty E. says

    I haven’t had the opportunity to help annomously but we do food baskets at church. It always feels good to help when you can. I also like to give to the toy drives at Christmas.

  44. When I was a child my family would always go to “The Gingerbread Castle” in New Jersey. Once when we were there a bus load of orphans came. My late father being an orphan,too bought ice-cream for all the children. The Nun later in the month sent my father a thank You letter. I was so proud of my father.

  45. Mary tharp says

    One of the people I worked with her house caught on fire. I cleaned out my pantry of extra food and gave it to another employee who gave it to her with the understanding the person did not need a thank you or recognition in anyway.

  46. It is always better to give than to get.

  47. I belonged to a club that had a secret sister for several months.I loved getting special little gifts and cards to her and I enjoyed the items I received.I really believe it is better to give than receive.

  48. Mary Roelke says

    A few years ago I won $200 & donated the money to the “Giving Tree” for things kids had asked for at Christmas. At first I wanted it to go to a family in need but then was asked if it could be used to help more people which I agreed to.

  49. Connie Ruggles says

    I have tried to do simple things for others anonymously. One time I left $20 at a restaurant to be given by a waitress to someone whom she knew was a policeman or in some form of law enforcement.

  50. Vivian Furbay says

    When my husband and I were first married, our finances were tight. Someone left a box of food for our first Thanksgiving together. What an awesome surprise! We greatly appreciated it! That was about 32 years ago and God still takes care of us.

  51. Karin Andersen says

    A friend I had send children books to countries that’s need them and bibes

  52. Carrol Petroske says

    That sounds like an amazing way to help others. I will definately have to try giving this way also.

  53. Sandi Richards says

    Our church takes part in the Samaritan Purse Christmas boxes every year. It is such a blessing and though we are a small congregation, we pack and send at least 100 boxes every year. I also look for someone to help out whenever I go to town. And I always receive a blessing.

  54. Gail Hollingsworth says

    My mother had taken care of her mother in law better than any of her own children. When she passed my mother didn’t get a thing. My brother and I got my dad’s share since he had passed away. My mother had wanted to go to Honduras with our church on a mission trip but never had enough money. I secretly paid her way through the church office. She had a trip to talk about for years to come because her health went down after that to the point that she would not be allowed to go on any future mission trips. Though she never had much money she was always giving to others. She passed away this past Thanksgiving Day with me holding her hands.

  55. Every year we go to a nursing home and get a name of a resident with info on likes, dislikes, needs and sizes and then shop and get and wrap gifts for them then we deliver a big “CARE BOX” with a plate of assorted cookies and sign it “BECAUSE WE CARE”!

  56. Joan Murray says

    I like to send some one who does not have much a little something special at Christmas or on their birthday in secret too. It makes them feel good.

  57. I have done this a couple of times, the first one never found out the second one did because I received from them without knowing it. For the first one my cousin was having a hard time, discovered she had cancer and couldn’t work, it was taking a while for her disability check to come in. We had offered to help her but she wouldn’t take “charity”. So I got her a gift card to Wal-Mart and found a beautiful card to put it in, didn’t sign it, had someone I work with address it and mail it from there home out of town with my cousin’s return address. I never heard anything but I’m sure it came in handy. The next one was a friend from work who’s Mother was ill and she was taking time off with out pay to care for her, her husband had been laid off and her car broke down, so two of us took up a collection and raised 150.00 and bought a Visa gift card and mailed it to her unanimously. She guessed it because a few months before when my husband had surgery and I had to take time off with out pay they had sent me a grocery card unanimously to help me out. God is always good! I am also known as the card lady because I send 7-8 cards every other week to people I know that need cheering up.

  58. Carol Maldonado says

    Yes, my husband and I have helped many people without them knowing it and it’s a blessing to be able to do it. I have received gifts and it’s also a blessing. I love giving even if it’s just a prayer journal and chocolate. I little tea cup with a tea bag. Love one another ..

    Thank you for this give away!!!

  59. Mary Preston says

    Just before Christmas one year I found a box of groceries on the doorstep. The note just said “Enjoy”. Truly a blessing.

  60. Shay Keller says

    My children are involved in a local Head Start program and it’s been such a blessing! We have come to know so many families. Unfortunately, some of the families have a very desolate financial status. Last year, my husband and I decided to get as many gifts as we could for the kids in those families. We gave them to the family advocates to give to the families. We asked that the gifts be given anonymously. It felt so great to hear the families talking about their Christmases at our next socialization! They truly appreciated the gifts and we loved getting to see them so happy!

    My husband and I have also been on the receiving end. My husband had a very sudden lay off from his job. With a family of 6, we knew our savings would dwindle quickly. We hadn’t talked about it with anyone from our church, but requested prayer for a new employment avenue. The next service, an usher gave us an envelope and said someone had placed it in the offering plate and had signed it to us! What a gift!! We were so humbled and relieved. Our church is truly a family and we have made sure to pay it forward.

  61. What a sweet idea !

  62. Melinda M says

    We use to buy the Christmas Gifts for a family that our Church was helping get back on their feet. Mom and I had fun and GOD let us find amazing deals as we did the children’s list and added a couple of things for Mom and Dad. After we moved, a couple of the people on the committee wanted to know how we got so much, my answer was we prayed before we left to shop.

  63. Brianne Kennedy says

    As a family we have gifted families with a full turkey dinner for thanksgiving and also chose to help another family with gifts for Christmas. They knew it was us but didn’t personally know us. They were so appreciative but it I think it had more of an affect on me. It lit a spark that makes me desire to help others when I can.

  64. Deborah Davis says

    I have always tried to helped others. As for doing it anonymously….not really sure. I wasn’t looking for paybacks when helping. Of people would say that I would suggest if they can get to a place where they can help… someone else. Pay it forward.

  65. Patty fendall says

    When i was a young single mom in college, I came home one day during finals to discover someone had come over and mowed my lawn. When i became able to, I started giving gift cards to single moms, especially college bound ones, at Christmas time. I have either mailed them or sent them to my chur hand they have called the women in. Made me feel very loved to have had my yard mowed and I want others to be encouraged.

  66. Angie Slone-Estep says

    I think it’s so much more enjoyable to give in secret. Yes of course it’s nice to see someone reaction and to feel thanked or appreciated but I also enjoy think of happy and how much joy the person will feel knowing someone took the time on them. Recently I have been taking my mom to treatments for lymfodemia in her legs she has to go to a therapy center daily and have her legs wrapped. Anyways one day we walked out and a note and a bunch of pretty flowers were stuck under the wipers. The not read “You are special” the outside of the card said spreading love and kindness…we have no clue who did it but it was a great surprise 😀warmed my heart to know people care. God Bless!

  67. Pam Yeager says

    I lost my daughter on August 24 2017 on Christmas I bought some stuffed animals and some candy, I put them in a stocking and put them on my neighbors porch for their two little girls. they didn’t know who had done this and I want it that way. I am planing on doing it again this year. I love to see children happy and smileing

  68. Mary Mclain says

    I like to give anonymous gifts and I have given many miscellaneous anonymous gifts at Christmas. It gives me great pleasure to give anonymous gifts. My most recent anonymous gift was large print pew Bibles for the church I attend.

  69. alberta wells says

    When I give a gift I pick out something they really need, and something I would use myself..I have never given an anonymous gift, but I am going to do this, as I think it would be a fulfilling gesture..Love it..

  70. Diann Larry says

    We have been helped so many times for our oldest daughter…who has had 24 surgeries. Donations to help the costs of many hospital stays. I felt humbled and blessed that complete strangers who help us.

    And as to giving anonymous gifts….always blesses me more then the person receiving. God has been so good to us.

  71. years ago I was given a very timely gift of a scholarship from an anonymous donor. while it was wonderful to receive, it’s hard to accept when you can’t thank the person directly. so I put it in God’s hands. thanks

  72. Georgia Dahlke says

    The ladies in our church draw a name each year for Secret Pals, and it is always fun to pray for them and give gifts thruout the year until our Christmas party when we reveal our identities.

  73. Laura Niessen says

    I sell avon and when customers return products I pass them on to a friend or a women’s shelter. Last year a lady asked if I had any products that I could give to some of the families that lost their home to a fire. I love been able to help a friend or someone that I don’t even know. My daughter and I brought a bag of stuffed toys to a fire station. They give them to children that have lost their toys and things in fires. Giving to others gives my heart a hug.

  74. Sarah Arnold says

    I love to give to others and I am sad that I dont have the money I use to in order to continue these acts. A student I have needed a new pair of shoes badly. I ordered them and they came to the house. I brought them to school and got a prinicpal to call him to the office and give them to him. I did not want the kid to know they were from me. That was not the point. God is good and we should always try to share his love.

  75. Patricia Rydberg says

    I remember that a fully decorated Christmas tree was delivered to my small family. How joyful that was. Another time a study bible was delivered to me no return address. I know they can be expensive. I was grateful and I still am as I reach for it. I have tried to help young larger families. It seems a struggle to keep everyone in shoes and winter garments. Thank you for refreshing those memories.

  76. Andrea B. Brooks says

    It always makes me feel good when I can help other people out. I can tell you that when I pray for others and send them a note to let them know that I am thinking about them. They sure appreciate the prayers and notes of encouragement that I send their way.

  77. Christa says

    I have before, but would love to do it more often. It definitely is a blessing! Thank you for sharing and reminding us of this 🙂

  78. Pauline Wilemon says

    It gives me joy and contentment to help others in need. I will help someone any time I can, no matter how small the deed because I have been down lots of times in my adult life and God always provides a way for things to work out. I believe we should always help others if we can because we never know when we might need a hand ourselves.

  79. Adrienne Early says

    One of my gifts is words of encouragement, so I’ve often written little notes or cards for those who needed an encouraging word, and left it on their desk or in their mailbox. Most times, I didn’t put my name because I didn’t feel it was important. I just wanted to lift them up. People have also done the same for me, and I can’t even count the number of times that people have blessed my family financially without us knowing. This has been through gift cards in the mail, or my pastor calling me one day to say that someone from the church left us a gift anonymously. God is so good! 🙂

  80. Carrie L says

    My family really enjoys giving. We love to spread joy in any way we can. I love that you shared that verse. Sometimes we tend to forget that. I am very proud of my kids that they are able to give so willingly. I believe in this society we need to be reminded in out every day busy lives that we can surely have an impact on those less fortunate by simply doing a good deed, without recognition. Thank you again for sharing.

  81. peggy clayton says

    Bless your heart for all that you do Wanda we grow a huge garden and then when it starts to produce we make up bags for several people who are going thru bad times or just don’t have much etc..and early in the mornings my husband leaves the bags at their doorstep. He parks his work truck up the street and quietly leaves them. We have done this for many years and try to do it for as long as we can we planted 178 hills of potatoes and 310 onions and such so then we pray after each vegi is planted . We let God take care of the growing then we bag and deliver and to know that they have lots of vegis makes our hearts feel good . That is why we do it as we know they have something to put on the table. We do many other things also but this is one of them. We try to help and share when we can. I love your blog and somehow am not getting your newsletter so am going to resubscibe.

  82. Donna Forsythe says

    My son and daughter had a need of money they needed to pay a bill. Something left just the right amount of cash in their mail box. We have had two vans and one car given to us in the past 25 years. The last one I told my son that I was praying for a van because the one we had wasn’t running for us. my son told me God is not going to give us another van. The very nice day my sister (who did not know we needed didn’t have a running car) called me and said they felt lead to give me their van. The added I love you from God was that the van was white just what I wanted. God is so amazing in what he does for us

  83. Kim crane says

    My husband and I have done things in the past through our church. It wasn’t necessarily in secret but we didn’t want to be acknowledged for it either. It felt good to be able to do things to benefit others.

  84. Gloria M Martin says

    Wanda, first let me say how much I enjoy receiving your newsletter monthly. As soon as I see it in my posts I click on it at once & read every word in it from beginning to end! It’s so enlightening in so many ways! Your journal this month asked about ever having done any deed in secret for anyone, or being the recipient of such a deed.
    A few years ago I wanted an NIV bible so much, but I wouldn’t spend the money on myself. Then one day I received a call from our Christian bookstore telling me to come to the store, they had something for me. When I went to the store they brought out a box & in it was an NIV bible someone had anonymously bought me! I was so happy & prayed blessings on my secret friend!
    As my secret deed to others, I mail cards to whomever the Lord lays on my heart at the time – cards of encouragement, “happy notes” or simply “thinking of you” cards. Doing this gives me such joy & hopefully, brings a smile to the recipient’s face as they wonder who thought of them😁

  85. I have purchased Christmas gifts for children who may not receive anything. One young boy asked for a suit for graduation. Being a teacher this touched my heart. Not knowing how a suit would fit I did add dress pants and shirt to his gifts. When graduation came around he received a gift from a Christmas angel. I would love to know how the young man is doing and where his life has taken him. Our parents taught us it was better to give than receive whenever possible. God’s blessings.

  86. Gladys MP says

    We had a member of our church who drove a local city bus. He made a habit of inviting youngsters who rode his bus to visit our church. He offered to actually drive them to our church with their parents permission. One Sunday he brought four youngsters from a single family. They were dressed in terribly poor clothes, actually with holes in their sweaters. I decided to purchase at least one nice sweater for each of them, along with a suitable toy for each since Christmas season was near. Three of the four were girls and I bought them currently-fashionable dolls and made clothes by hand for the dolls. I got a train set for the boy. I wrapped the presents individually and then placed them in a huge box and had them placed on their front porch secretly. I had the pleasure of seeing each of the garments worn to our church on sequent Sundays. I had the most fun making clothes for those dolls…just as I had done for me own daughter.

  87. Tina Bauer says

    Oh yes I have or given an idea to make someone feel better, and God has blessed us many times thru folk in secret.

  88. Dawn Crawford says

    My husband and I decide that one year when he received a gift basket from work we would give it away to someone. We did not know who the person was but just gave them the gift basket.

  89. Mary Farley says

    At Christmas time I have taken names off of giving trees in our area and bought gifts for them.

  90. sylvia Gorton says

    We payed for voice lessons for a year for a young teen, she now sings in the worship team, but she doesn’t know, I love doing for others and not being found out 🙂

  91. Love being secret sister to a friend. But random acts are also very fun. Putting your change towards the next persons bill….can be change or dollars and change is always fun.

  92. Rhonda Riley says

    There was a year at the holiday season things where really tight. I found a note on our door with the words left you a gift in your car hope it helps wishing you & your family a wonderful christmas. There was a box of food with a nice ham, also a few gifts for our daughter. It was such a blessing that year. I thanked eve tu one I seen that year by sharing this story. This happened 30 year ago & to this day have no ideal who did it. I do however do return the giving by doing my our giving just as a way of keeping the love chain going. Thank You to all those who help others.

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