In my upcoming novel, The Blessing, Heidi Troyer is faced with an unexpected disappointment. In order to cope, she chooses to teach another cooking class, which she hopes will help to take her mind off the situation.

Life is full of disappointments, but with God’s help we can navigate our way through them. Sometimes the things that disappoint us can turn out to be a blessing.

A favorite verse, found in Psalm 147:3 says: “God healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.”

What are some ways you deal with disappointments? How do you keep from letting them pull you down?


  1. I find myself getting upset because I don’t hear more from my son. I know he has a family but I am also his mother who has always been there for him.
    So the way I deal with it is tell myself how happy I am that he has a good family that loves him very much after the way his first family treated him. He deserves this so much, his first wife caused him years of knowing his daughter, she kept her away from him an myself for the last five years making his daughter believe that we didn’t love or want her an yet we were there all these years.

  2. Marilyn R says:

    When disappointments come I try to look at the glass being half full not half empty. God is in control and He wants to give His children good gifts. I claim to promises that God has provided in His Word that He is always with us, no matter the situation. Thank you for sharing this pos t.

  3. Sarah Arnold says:

    Life on earth can be hard and we will have eternal peace in heaven. I just lost my Dad. He was my right hand man. What sadness….. Disappointment: I tell myself that this is God’s will and I will see him again.

  4. Lory Mathieu says:

    My life seems to be filled with disappointments now a days. I just try to push forward and hope for better days. I submerge myself in work and reading. It helps somewhat.

  5. Debra Howell says:

    When something disappoints me, I try (and am getting better at it) and think of something positive. I know God is for me, so no matter what happens He is with me and will work good out of it. The more I do this, the easier it gets.

  6. Vicky Sluiter says:

    I always try to see the positive side of things. A bright outlook helps disappointment a lot. Plus there are many scripture verses that bring comfort in tough situations. It’s so sweet to know that God is always there.

  7. Roberta McMahan says:

    When disappointment hits me I try to focus on the good things that God has done for me. And still doing for me. He has my back all the time.

  8. Mary Roelke says:

    I try to work through disappointments. I want to share a story about a little guy (K) being dropped off at school & a teacher heard his mom screaming at him to get out of the car. The little boy walked into school & kept saying “I’m a good boy, I’m a good boy”. The teacher started crying & shared this with my daughter who also works at the same school. I still tear up when I think about this boy. I hope his mom was just having a bad morning & if not how she is going to damage him.

  9. Dianna Ammons says:

    When disappointment hits me I pray to God to please see me through whatever it is. I know that God is watching over us.

  10. MaryEtta says:

    In reading about going to church services with the Amish, I have often thought that would be something I would love to do. I was raised in a plain church and really enjoy being around the Amish. Not sure if this is where I am supposed to leave a comment.

  11. Shirley says:

    Your books are always an encouragement to me. I Love them!

  12. Brenda A. says:

    When I or someone I love is going through a difficult time, I pray that God will bring good out of it somehow. He has given us an incredible miracle, and I praise Him mightily! ???

  13. JAMIE L HUGHES says:

    I always try to remember that “All things work together for good.” It may not feel like it at the time and my heart may something different but God knows 🙂

  14. Leslie Moore says:

    I love your books. I have had a few disapointments in my life lately and God has always been there and helped me through it. Your books remind me that God’s love is always constant and he as our best interests at heart.

  15. Disappointments come and I always try to be the optimist and not the pessimist!

    God is in control and he certainly has a plan.

  16. Monica Forkes says:

    This past year I was diagnosed with cancer, the treatment included a permanent body changing surgery, disappointment is the least of what I felt. However I leaned full force into my daily bible verse reading and found my faith growing and helping me stay STRONG and beat this monster.

  17. Deanna Delia says:

    I have a few disappointments now and then. I just sit back and count my blessings and soon the disappointments have faded away!❤️

  18. I focus on the positive things that have happened and know that God will provide another opportunity for me with something better than I had hoped for…

  19. Nancy Bird says:

    I look at disappointments as just a speed bump of life. Many times we think the door closes on our happiness, but in reality, a new door opens up which is even better… We will all have disappointments, but it’s how we cope with them that counts.
    I wish I had a close relationship with my daughter-in-law like I had with my m-i-l, but alas, it’s not meant to be. She’s very nice to me, but no phone calls, birthday cards, etc…Disappointing, but I think younger people now are so different than we were; they’re so busy they don’t have time to give… Oh well,,,,,

  20. Vickie Raynor says:

    Prayer mostly. I assess what’s happening and see what I can do now and give the rest to the Lord.

  21. Paula Jeffers says:

    I have learned when disappointmen comes around. To leave it in God’s hands.

  22. When things are difficult, I try to remember that God is in control and He has a purpose and a plan for everything. We have to work through the difficulty and continue one, looking to Him for strength and guidance.

  23. It’s very easy to be disappointed when important family members aren’t doing things in the way you think are right, or best for them, etc. Sometimes I want to just tell them straight out but realize when dealing with adults, especially, they are free agents and we can do our best to lead by example, and then just keep praying that they will have a change of heart and God will see them through.

  24. kelly waugh says:

    I try to always remember “this too, shall pass.” Even when life disappoints me from time to time, there’s always something to be thankful for. Thinking back to past struggles & seeing how God brought me through helps too. God bless you & your family.

  25. Karen Tackett says:

    Hi Wanda, I have found that if I give my disappointments to the Lord and allow Him to bring peace into my heart and life then I learn what He has to teach me through the disappointments. Also if we give our expectations of people or circumstances to the Lord, then we allow the Lord to work in each situation for His honor and glory. Sometimes we have unrealistic expectations and it is so much better to let the Lord guide our steps. We pray Proverbs 3:5-6 daily and trust God.

  26. Tiffany says:

    While disappointments are a part of life, none of us like them for sure! I try my best to focus on my blessings more than my problems at the time. I have always heard your attitude determines your outcome, and so instead of wallowing in my disappointments, I try to focus on the Lord, his Word, and the many ways he has blessed me each and every day and throughout my life. There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for!

  27. IDA ELAM says:

    Hi Wanda

    I believe that at some time we all have some kind of disappointment, but we just have to do
    our best to correct it and then leave the rest to God. He will see us through

  28. JEAN MESS says:


  29. catherine says:

    I, too, have had my share of disappointments. However, I love the verse in II Corinthians 4:8-9
    “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.” And this: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” If a person would remember that Christ is always, always with them every problem that we think we have is of no consequence.

  30. shelly itkin says:

    Hi Wanda,
    Unfortunately my daughters condition is not getting better which is so upsetting to a mother when she cannot do anything to help her get better.
    I just try to take it one day at a time.

  31. Betty Lapp says:

    My biggest disappointment is my physical condition. I have worked out an eating schedule to accomodate that.

  32. dianna ross says:

    Always think positive and don’t dwell on the past. Tomorrow is a new day and God will guide you on what is right for you.Someone always is worst of than you.

  33. Lorri Graves says:

    For my disappointments, I love to go to my Amish friend Eric’s home. After talking and praying with him for hours, I always feel better. Something of the peace and simplicity of his home always makes me feel better. He always teaches me something new as well. He is 75 and his wife passed a few years beck when his buggy was hit. At every visit, he teaches me how to milk cows by hand, make strawberry honey, gives lessons on why the women’s dresses has so many parts in the Old Order and Swartzentruben community. When I go there, my worries and disappointments are put aside for a while.

  34. Linda Critcher says:

    I try to deal with disappointment in different ways. I guess sometimes in wrong ways by getting upset, taking it too personal! Once I’m able to really think it through, I rely on God’s grace to accept the challenge and get it a different perspective! It’s not always easy, but sometimes we just have to depend on our Lord for help! As humans we can make a mess of things by reacting wrong!

    • Charlotte Saltzman says:

      I am the same way, Linda! James 4:7,8, and 10 are verses to turn to. Sometimes I say aloud, “Get behind me, satan!!!!!!!” He fleees when I call on Jesus!!! We serve a wonderful Savior!!!!

  35. Irene Menge says:

    I deal with disappointments by trying to learn from my mistakes, if they were the cause of the disappointment, and by finding joy in small things like a perfect flower, young animals frolicking, children’s laughter, etc. These little joys make not take away the disappointment, but they do lighten the load a little bit.

  36. Cherese Akhavein says:

    I have always found the best way for me is to turn to family and friends, my community. Then a quiet place to think and reflect. I always try to remember there are people out there who have it so much worse than I do or could ever have it. I always remember life is not fair and was not meant to be fair, however God does have a plan and we have to have faith with that plan.

  37. I deal with my disappointments by sitting down and thinking the problem and try to work my disappointments out and letting the lord help me thro it.thank for letting me entry your contest and may god bless you in your travels

  38. Diann Larry says:

    I have had so many disappointments in my life…but God helps me through each one.

  39. I pray for help continuously, not only for me but all my children. They are so very busy that it consoles me to ask God to be with them at all times. I have to trust in God when things go wrong. My dad just turned 100 years old and my husband and I are his only caretakers since he lives with us. Everything we ever wanted to do after we retired has been put on permanent hold. Thank you for a chance to enter your contest. I love your books, they give hope to their readers. I’ve just added you to my prayer list.

  40. Hannah Muntean says:

    When I am faced with a disappointment that threatens to choke out my joy, I find it helpful to make a list of all the blessings God has given me. Usually, I begin with my loving, Christian parents and wonderful sisters. Quickly, I am overwhelmed with the sheer number of them! I bow my head and praise God for all that He has given me. By the time I have finished praying, my joy and peace is restored. Praise the Lord!

  41. Robin in NC says:

    Sometimes you’ve just got to drop to your knees & beg God to take it all from you.An absolute soul baring, heaving sobs kind of prayer session is so cleansing & enlightening. It might take away your disappointments, but they sure won’t seem as bad. Thanks for being so generous Wanda!

  42. Marla Erick says:

    I pull up my BIG GIRL pants and cowgirl up!!

  43. Linda Laws says:

    Disappointes always come to all of us! If they don’t I ask the Lord what aim I doing wrong? Aim I getting too comfort in how I’m living? I check myself out!!!
    Then I see where I made my wrong turn and turn myself around real quick! I never want to be too comfortable in my living!!!
    I thank my Jesus for keeping me on the right roads in life!!

  44. Linda Laws says:

    I’m sorry I meant to say disappointments!!!
    See they do come????? Ha!!!!

    Thank you Wanda

  45. Debra Terry says:

    I have recently had to deal with a HUGE disappointment. I wanted to move to a simpler life in the mountains of my state. The deal fell through on my beautiful dream home when we found out the owner had falsified the home disclosure. The basement was FLOODED after only a small shower. So, GOD was looking out for me. I try to remember when 1 door closes, another opens. HE is omnipotent and knows what’s best. HE has a beautiful home for me somewhere else. Along with other disappointments in my life, HE always works it to teach me something or to have something better waiting.

  46. Dianne Casey says:

    I try not to let things bother me. Although it’s easier said than done sometimes. I find holding onto disappointments and hard feelings only makes me feel bad inside and it’s better to let things go.

  47. Vivian Furbay says:

    I have ready many of your book and enjoyed them especially the series on the Amish quilting class.

  48. Vivian Furbay says:

    God has given me grace to accept disappointments by accepting them with his grace. I used to be more of a control freak and through a bout of bad depression, he showed me that hard lesson.

  49. When disappointments come my way I keep reminding myself “Not my way but the Lord’s Way” and he knows what’s best for me. This brings comfort.

  50. Karen M. Hoth says:

    I believe that God will not give us more than we can handle. You have to believe that God will help you through the ups and downs in life and that includes disappointments. By praying each day for God’s help, you will start to notice that He does help you and is there for you always. None of us likes disappointments but remember God is there and may be teaching us something when there are disappointments. He could also be making you a stronger person. Just remember to believe in God, pray daily and that he is always there for you – in good times and in bad times.

  51. Disappoints are a part of life. I do not like them, but try to deal with each one in a positive way. I often turn to playing hymns on the piano. Songs like, “It Is Well With My Soul” help me cope with disappointments. Knowing the story of the writer of that song reminds me to give thanks to God for the many ways He has blessed me.

  52. Lucy Reynolds says:

    I deal with disappointments by spending time in prayer, reminding God of His promises, and simply trusting God.

  53. Patricia Gallant says:

    I try not to have high expectations then I won’t be disappointed. My father was an excellent role model as a husband, father, business man and human being. My expectations for marriage I guess were high because of what my father made it look like I thought it should be. That has been my biggest disappointment, twice. So I try not to have high expectations.

  54. When life doesn’t go as planned I always think”this will pass”and I pray.

  55. Linda L. Rabe says:

    When disappointments come, I always go to God first of all, spouse next and then family. It is wonderful to have a strong faith in God and a Christian family.

  56. Andrea B. Brooks says:

    When disappointments come, I know that God will bring Joy and happiness. I always ask God to comfort me when this happens and also Trust that better things will happen. I always go to god fir and read my bible.

  57. When I look back on disappointments, I find that it is probably better the way it happen. So I now try to make the best of the situations. Some of it is not fun, like me having to give myself shots 3 times a week. However this medication for MS has fewer side effects. Just one example. And I know that there are those that pray for me so I try thank and praise God for all the little accomplishments. I know that he is there every day for me.

  58. I wish I was more like the people who have posted before me and sometimes I know I am, but a family history of depression, several ending in suicide, has left its genetic grip on my life. With the help of God, my constant and many, many times my only friend since the age of 8 and I am now 73, I am able to hang on and go to Him in prayer. Sadly, too often the thoughts for prayer and hope come after I have broken down and feel like giving up, but He helps me rise again, always praying for His help and praying for the person or situation that I have allowed to bring me down. Satan is happy when I am brought down and I don’t want that, so I am always thankful for the hope that comes only from God.

  59. I rely on my faith in God & look into His Word. Disappointments are a part of our lives and we have to learn how we are going to deal with them or learn from them. I, personally, try to look for the positive in everything, even if it’s disappointments, regrets, negative people, or bad situations. I stop and think how much I have been truly Blessed in all I have and where I am today. I havebeen through a violent marriage, barely surviving with my life, been through many health problems, but through God I have been able to stay positive and been able to smile. Wanda, your great books have been a great thing for me. The Amush Life has showed me so much in Faith, Family, Forgiveness, and so much more. I have not read one book that I haven’t enjoyed. They are inspiring and intriguing. Once I start reading a book, I can’t seem to put it down. The Amish, with their Faith in God, is how I handle my problems and life disappointments, and that is that all is in God’s Hands & by God’s Will. Thank you for what you do & continue doing.

  60. Mary Preston says:

    I have so much to be grateful for. So much so that it is quite easy to put the disappointments into perspective.

  61. Carolyn Thompson says:

    We all know that disappointments are a way of life. They sometimes get the best of me, but God says in His Word that in this life we would have trouble, but to be of good cheer because He had overcome the world. When we have trouble that means we must dig deep and realize He is right there with us. Thanks for all you do, Wanda. God bless…

  62. Hi Wanda, I so enjoy reading your newsletters and books. I have became disabled so I have a little more time to read at the moment. I praise God every day for all the blessings that he bestows upon me.

  63. Martha Grewell Stover says:

    It is just as you say that through God’s help we can navigate disappointments in life. I also find that it is helpful in any situation to ask God to help me find at least one positive opportunity in the situation that is possible only because of this seemingly negative situation. It is amazing how often God turns me around to see the positive opportunity!

  64. lanore lewis says:

    I prayer about what it might be, God always has the answers to anything. I will also talk to my Christians friends as well.

  65. I pray about it and also reach out to my prayer partners and remember that God is in control and he’s going to do what’s best for me even though I may not see it that way at times.

  66. Kris Ross says:

    Well sometimes I dont handle disappointment very well, but as I get older, “wiser”…more mature??? I have learned that I can dip down and be blue…hurt…whatever, but have to look at whatever it is that was disappointing….not getting to see someone…do something….and try and put it into persective…and as my daughter’s friend told her one day….”My Mom said we all can have a whoa is me day…..(and let yourself feel sorry for yourself) but then you have to pick your self up and go on” so I try and remember that….and prayer is always a big thing too….

  67. I pray about what it maybe. God directs us all in different ways. God is the only one who knows our beginning and our ending. He is the one I look up to in my time of need.

  68. I just try to stay positive and say it could be worse.

  69. I figure there is always a silver lining to most disappointments. If you search youwill find it.

  70. Marilyn says:

    Disappointments can turn in to new opportunities. I t was not meant to be and there is something better to come along.

  71. Susan Campbell says:

    I just give it to the Lord.

  72. Hi Wanda Love all your books! When I get disappointed then I pray and leave it in Gods hands he is the one I count on life sometimes can be so disappointing but with Gods help that’s what helps me get through the day! Thank you so much for these newsletter’s. And Thank you for these contest you have!

  73. Paula Hambrick says:

    I love to read your books and others books about the Amish and learning new things about them that I didn’t know. I find the Amish way of life and the way they live their lives, that more people in America should look to them and learn from them to make this country a better place to live. If they would put more of the Lord and the Bible back in the schools that would help also! The Amish are hard workers and they know how to work together and come together to follow the Lords way and that is what more people now days need to in their lives and also teach their children to have in their lives also!

  74. Sandra M says:

    I have had to change my way of thinking. I set very high academic standards for my son, and I have had to realize that he is someone with his own dreams and abilities. That if he fails at something, that will be a great learning experience. School was easy for me, but is difficult for him. I’ve realized that his gifts lie elsewhere and I love the great young man he is becoming. My favorite quote is “A setback is a setup for a come back.” Like Marilyn said above, disappointments turn into new opportunities.

  75. GladysMP says:

    When I am feeling blue, I determine myself to cheer up someone else’s day…with a joke, a greeting card, phone call, visit, whatever. I find that by the time I have concentrated on brightening someone else’s day I will have vastly improved my own day. It pleases friends, too.

  76. Darlene Holley says:

    I try to stay positive and to take my mind off of it I keep busy with reading, crocheting or working in my garden. It helps to speak to the lord while I am doing these things too. Life is full of many disappointments and I guess if we didn’t have some then we would not really appreciate the good things when they come to us.

  77. God knows everything while humans do not. Trust God to direct your path and keep a positive attitude despite disappointments. We can cry with those who weep and laugh with those who laugh.

  78. Angie MacFarland says:

    I actually look at my children. I realize no matter what life has in store for me, he blessed me with two beautiful children.

  79. I often remind myself of something I read in one of your devotionals several years ago.
    “Accept quickly what you can not change”
    I use this as a reminder to work toward letting go of the things that I have no control over.
    I also sing, and pray. I look for things to laugh at, not at other people though.
    I take drives down on rural back roads, and enjoy the scenery.
    I talk to my Father a lot.
    He gives me peace.

  80. I enjoy reading your books and have passed copies on to friends. The first book I read was The Decision “Prairie State Friends” and I have read the others in the series.

    In this life we are only passing through and when difficult days come as we know they will that is the phrase I say to myself. This world is not our home.

    May the Lord bless everyone

  81. Dee Carter says:

    I don’t have much disappointment in my life but when I do, at first I feel so alone then I think how lucky I am to have a husband who loves me (52 1/2 years) and hopefully 2 daughters and their family’s. I pray that all will be ok and it almost always works it’s way out! When I think the family loves me and someone may say or do something that makes me think they aren’t happy with me is the worst times.
    Thank you Wanda for your books that gives me encouragement through the story!

  82. Colleen Fernandes says:

    When our daughter told us she was getting divorced, I was disappointed and felt maybe I hadn’t done enough. I came to realize that we all make our own decisions. I tried to focus on the things I could do to be encouraging to her and looked at the blessings in my life.

  83. Linda McFarland says:

    In dealing with disappointments I may (usually) have my pity party then search for a scripture and pray. Also, start counting my blessings and realize how blessed I am. Disappointments are just part of life and the lessons learned are what help me grow.

  84. Allison Schalck says:

    Surrender it up and TRUST in the Lord, His love and mercies abound during these times!

    First, I really wanted to go to medical school and become a doctor but couldn’t get into medical school no matter how hard I tried over 5 years! I settled for a master’s degree in pathology. After accepting it and surrendering, my husband was diagnosed with a very rare illness, only about 100 people in the world in any given year have it. I was able to be his advocate and worked with the physicians to help explain my husband’s side of things/symptoms and in turn could explain to my husband what different tests and therapies meant for his recovery.

    Second, in constantly trusting in God during all of my husband’s flare-ups, my family has come closer together and are turning to God as well. There ARE good things that come from bad situations in the plans of our Lord. Sometimes it takes time to see the fruitful results.

  85. Pauline Wilemon says:

    I don’t usually handle disappointment very well at all. If I do get disappointed I will lock my door & most of the time I will have to go to bed until I feel better. It’s truly that bad.

  86. Connie Saunders says:

    Hi Wanda, I am looking forward to reading more of Heidi’s story in your upcoming book The Blessing. I turn to the Lord during times of disappointment and I go to His Word. David wrote so many amazing words in Psalms that deal with disappointment and failure.
    Reading your books also help! Blessings!!

  87. Gloria Martin says:

    At my age, 74, I have faced many disapointments. My favorite scripture is ” the joy of the Lord is my strength”. At my lowest point the Lord whispered in my ear, ” Gloria, you can lay there & give up or you can get up & go on. I chose to go on! He gave me that strength!

  88. I turn to the Lord and remember “I can do all things thru Christ who strenghitens me.” And that my Lord is in control and that there is a reason for everything, Th reason I may be facing challenges my not be for me but for someone else and I may n verb know the reason for my challenges. Then again it may be to get my attention or help me grow,

    One way I escape is to read ESP books by my favorite author Wanda Brunstetter.

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