Live Like the Amish Part 2

Last month I discussed one way we can live like the Amish without having to join the Amish faith. It involved prioritizing faith and family. Today, I’d like to share with you a second way I believe we can live like the Amish.

Make the needs of others a top priority. My Amish friends have a true heart for people. They’re just as busy as we are with life, but when they see a need, they drop everything to respond. I have seen this firsthand many times. The love the Amish show for others draws me back to their commitment of putting God first and then family and friends second. Their desire for people over things is a lesson we can emulate in our culture of excess.

Is there something special you have done for a friend or family member this week? Has someone done something to help you?


  1. I have been doing all of my mother’s errands, and grocery shopping as soon as I get home from work. It often takes a lot of time but I am happy to do it.

  2. Twila Wright says:

    I am a grandmother of a 10 year old granddaughter whom I am raising her and her brother. Every since 1st grade she has been reading your books, she is a bright young girl who wants to be Amish so bad. How does one not Amish become Amish. That’s all she has on her mind. She wanted me to write you and see if you could answer some of these questions. I will in no way discourage her in her dreams. Please help, thank you so much.

    • It’s a difficult process to become Amish and many who try don’t succeed. Perhaps when she grows up she can meet someone who is Amish who would help her learn what it would take to part of the Amish community.

      • In 2010 we had a house fire started by 2 lightening strikes. We have been living without electric since then. We heat with wood & kerosene we cook on a coleman camping stove & use alot of lanterns. We visit the amish store in centerville alot & dorothy & simon have helped imensly with tips on how to live “off the grid”. I really miss my sewing machine & baking in the summer. In the winter we make wonderful smelling things on the wood stove yum-m-m-m.. On the other front my father recently had his leg removed below the knee, my sisters & brothers & i made his house wheelchair accesable, my brother in law got a ramp & put it up so my very “active” father could get around. my brother sister & I take my father to his appts, shopping ect. He is 85 & used to have(before losing his leg) 3 gardens, beautiful lilac bushes & other flowers. My husband mows his lawns, We are a very supportive close family. mom passed in 2012 &is very badly missed, but we are taking care of him. It took a long time for him to accept help. He has the physical therapist come to the house & he is progressing nicely. I love seeing my dad up & around. She now has him walking with crutches or walker, whichever he chooses for the day.

  3. Steph J says:

    My husband is wonderful and cooks dinner for me. He also helps me take care of household chores like laundry and dishes.

  4. Mary Roelke says:

    I visited a neighbor & took him something to eat as he had recently been in the hospital & has lost his sight. Also took a dear friend some strawberry freezer jam when I visited with her yesterday. I recently had a knee injury & my kids & grandkids have been so helpful to me.

  5. Laurie Bergh says:

    I researched something on the computer for my mother because she doesn’t have a computer and wouldn’t know how to work it anyway LOL so she was glad she had somebody available to look things up for her.

  6. Sarah Hillstead says:

    I have a friend that is going thru a very tough spot in her life , so I made her a weeks worth of meals for her and her kids. I also helped paying her cell phone bill.

  7. Connie Saunders says:

    Circumstances have caused me to be the primary caregiver of my 2 year old granddaughter so I am limited to what I can do so I send cards and notes to cheer those who are ill, comfort those who are grieving or just offer encouragement to the diwn-hearted. Today I will be preparing food for a bereavement dinner at our church tomorrow.

  8. Melissa says:

    I have prayed for people that I don’t even know. People have prayed for me, too. I believe that prayer is powerful. 🙂

  9. Suzanne Sellner says:

    When my adopted daughter indicated that one of her natural relatives was without food, I gathered a couple of boxes of canned goods, fresh produce, and freshly baked bread for her to take to this relative. It does one’s heart good to be able to help others.

  10. Terri Rinko says:

    Yes, when my mother passed away, her last wish she asked of me was to take care of your father. I have been his caregiver ever since. I’m 50 years old and still single. My life comes second as his is primary and I second. Sometimes I resent this and feel when am I going to enjoy my life. I guess my day will come. Until then, I am limited, but at least I know I am doing what she asked of me.

  11. I spent my Birthday with our pastor friend Ray Bennett who was put in a nursing home after being in hospice. Praise the Lord he isn’t sick enough to die just yet… I was privileged to spend my day with him when I turned 52 that day !!! I went down almost 2 hours away to fix his computer issues and help him in getting out his newsletter to over 100 people ! He is now 81 years old !!! He was my pastor as a teen and he baptized me at the age of 14 years old, but I have known him for 40 years now !!! We are blessed to be a blessing to others !!!

  12. Roberta McMahan says:

    I take my 85 year old neighbor to the DR and shopping. And now it is just me and my husband now hard to cook for 2 so I take so I bring her food over.

  13. Susan Spiers says:

    My son is entering his last semester of college. He became engaged last year, and his fiance’s family have had some hard times. Things are tough for everyone, including me. I have been gathering blackberries for homemade jelly and always send some home with his fiance, my son always tells me that they cannot wait to make peanut butter & jelly sandwiches with the “this is some really good jelly!” The scuppernons are starting to put off grape bunches, so some more good jelly to send them soon.

  14. Mildred Butler says:

    I am a member of a ministry at our church, A Loving Touch Ministry. Every 2 weeks our pastor’s secretary gives us the names and address of people on our prayer list who are hurting and need a ‘loving touch’ so we can mail a card to them. Sometimes we get the names more often, depending on the circumstances.

  15. Sarah Wilson says:

    What a great subject to think on! Our grandpa had a heart attack and open heart surgery last week and we’ve all been running errands for our grandma and helping her out. Also, my birthday was last week, in the midst of this chaos, and my family still tried to make at as special as possible….which meant a lot to me!! Thank you for your journal entries, Mrs. Wanda, I really enjoy them!

  16. Debra Wetzel says:

    I’ve always tried to treat others as I would like them to treat my Mother. I am a born again believer thanks to the hard work my parents endured raising up in a Bible believing environment. Most of my daily activities are centered around my upbringing. However, this past Sunday, my pastor’s sermon was about how we allow Jesus to live in us and treat others as He would. Thinking along the idea of Jesus plus nothing. I’ve been praying for some time now that God would heal our home and family. Our son and his wife and four kids live with us and often we struggle with our relationships. Sunday’s sermon taught me to just be still, be quiet and let God work in our home, without my interference. It’s only Wednesday, yet I have been able to see it’s working. My pastor’s sermon has already been a huge blessing as my stress level is so much Lighter than before and our home life is improved.

  17. Sandy Sills says:

    We have been helping my friends son remodel his house. And I pray for the safe keeping of all military daily. I check on my neighbors who are elderly and in poor health.

  18. Sarah Arnold says:

    I am 43 and just gave birth to a 10 lb 14.8 ounce Boy on May 13th. His name is Sawyer and he is a blessing. People have been showing me kindness. I hold I get to return the favor soon.

  19. Mary Ellen Grafton says:

    My dear neighbor, Mr. Red, turned 90 on May 27th. I have had the privilege of taking care of him through his recent catarract surgeries and also some skin cancer removals. He is a Marine vet, wounded twice in the south Pacific but wants no recognition for his service. He was recently in the hospital with pneumonia and again I’ve been taking care of him. He, and I both thank the Lord for His sustaining grace and power. He is anxious to get stronger to once again take care of others as he has always done all his life. Pray for him and for me as I care for him. Mary Ellen Grafton

  20. Debbie Hazelton says:

    Spent a long time visiting my husband’s step-mom in the hospital yesterday. When she said she hadn’t had a fudgicle in a long time after I had mentioned that our grandkids had one after supper the other night. I asked her if she would like one and she did, so I went to all the food places in the food court to find her one. It was a special treat for her after all she has been through.

  21. Karen M. Hoth says:

    I have friends who have been good to me since my surgery. She recently lost her job abruptly. I am unable to do much as I am on disability from breast cancer. I attended Race for the Cure and got some free coupons for meals at McDonald’s. I split them between us. They like McDonald’s and I know money is tight for them too. They were very pleased. It wasn’t much but I shared what I had. Now we both have special treats.

  22. peggy clayton says:

    We always try to do something for others like the other night after we went out of a restaurant my husband saw a group of older people coming and he held the door till everyone was thru and then helped the one that needed an extra elbow. In church if the people leave before they grab a brochure from that week i grab one for them. My husband called my friend last night and told her how to get to our house with the way she normally drives is closed and the one she takes if that is closed is also closed so he gave her the alternate way even though she used to live here. We have made it our main idea that both of us try to do several things out of our way. Like i read my books then give them to a lady who can;t afford to buy books as I know how she feels then no book goes wasted it gets passed. Those are a few things that as christains and people we like to do and not cause we have to it’s due to we want to help anyone else who needs help as we know how they feel as I am disabled and love it when someone goes out of their way i always make sure I thank them .

  23. Sondra Thatcher says:

    I am a manager at a small bar. The other night a girl came in looking for work. She was homeless and had no place to go. I couldn’t give her a job, but I was able to tell her where to go for help. I also was able to give her some money so she could get something to eat.

  24. This weekend, I spent most of it working in my 87 year old Mother’s flower gardens …. which is one of her great loves! However, she has so many gardens, she is unable to keep up with them. Fortunately she is able to still live alone; however unable to maintain everything that needs done. I’ve tried to keep them as maintenance free as possible for her, however, still trying to keep some gardening available for her to do to help maintain her dignity and self-worthiness.

    My husband has been a great supporter when I try to maintain 2 households. Much appreciated!!

  25. Debra Terry says:

    Last Wednesday, I lost my refrigerator after buying my food for the month on Tuesday. I lost 4 garbage bag of food. Most were frozen foods because I live alone. I was devastated because I’m a disabled paramedic, living on my retirement. I never ask for help but several of my friends, family, and my church family sent money or encouragements. BOTH were greatly appreciated, especially the words of encouragement. I think if we all just remember the GOLDEN RULE, this world would be a much better place to live. I thank the LORD for HIS blessings of friends!

  26. Debra Howell says:

    I babysit and have to get up VERY early in the am. Which means I have to go to bed by 6:30. I make supper but my husband does the dishes up and makes sure things are picked up so I don’t have to get up to a messy house. I don’t know what I’d do without him!

  27. Libby Price says:

    I have been taking time to help a friend of mine when needed..She is having health problems and I help her as much as I can..I also help my neighbors when I can..Helping people makes you feel great about yourself..Love the Amish and their way of life..I also love reading your books, they are great and help me feel loving and great about the Amish..Thank you for all you do and your great books

  28. Jonna Marsh says:

    My 29 year old son has been picking green plums and selling them at work. The money goes to my husband and me to use for a trip to Indiana in September. We’re on a fixed income so we’re hoping this extra cash will give us a chance to buy something at the Amish auction.

  29. Beth Reimer says:

    A dear friend text me out of the blue because she said God had laid me on her heart and mind little did she know I have been having health problems and it meant a great deal to me that followed Gods prompting

  30. Marilyn says:

    I helped my sister hang up the dining room curtains. Thank you for the giveaway.

  31. I sent Memorial e-cards to a few family and friends. This way they know I am thinking of them.
    Thanks for the nice giveaway.

  32. My friend was 90 on Memorial Day so I sent a snail mail birthday card and an e-mail birthday card. I also sent her a newsie e-mail.

  33. My friend was 90 on Memorial Day so I sent her a snail mail birthday card and an e-mail birthday card. I also sent her a newsie e-mail.

  34. Carrol Petroske says:

    We did a hero WOD in Memorial day to honor Lt. Murphy & Nata ran with me the last mile, even though she had already finished the workout. True friendship!

  35. Linda D. McFarland says:

    I am spending a month with my mom to help her and just be with her. She in return is always an encourager and my biggest supporter. I live far from her and that makes me sad. That is one thing I admire about the Amish…they stay close to family.

  36. Mary Preston says:

    I live in a wonderful neighborhood where helping out is a part of our everyday lives.

  37. Darlene Holley says:

    I recently helped a friend move her son back home. It was a two hour drive one way to get him and all of his belongings and other friends were too busy to help her out. I didn’t mind taking the time to help her. I also have been mowing an elderly friends lawn once a week for her, her husband passed away and he was the one who did the yard work.

  38. I am very blessed to have a great husband . He does the cooking & I do the dishes.
    It works out great for both of us !

  39. nancy jo horton says:

    We help when we know there is a need. When my husband is having a dialysis treatment and I am waiting for him to finish (4 hrs). I try and help the other patients either by getting their coats or by just talking to them. Our neighbors call when then need help with something, we usually go to help them. And they do the same for us.

  40. Paula Sizemore says:

    Well I let my daughter use my car for 4 days to get around with all the kids. Her other car is not big enough so it takes 2 cars to get them around when going to the park or going to the lake. I try to help out as much as I can just like my mother always did when she was alive. So I guess I am just being like my mother being there for people when they need help.

  41. I have been helping my mother- in law every other day I drive 50 miles to help her with dishes, laundry, baking, and just general cleaning. She is now 83 and it is hard for her to get around with her walker. I love this woman so much I would do anything for her. I met her when I was 20 and will soon be turning 55.

  42. A neighbor volunteered to trim some low hanging tree limbs in my yard which I appreciated.

  43. This week I helped my Mom work on our landscaping in our front yard. You asked if I know anyone helped me do something, and the answer would be yes, my Mom. She is the most selfless person I know and I am so grateful for that, she shows me each and every day what it means to live for Christ and to honor and glorify Him in everything I say and do!!

  44. NancyB from Many LA says:

    My son came home for a couple months to save up to move to a different state. He HATES to be here, because we live in a small town, he’s tired of it, and there is nothing to do; but, he’s been very helpful and appreciative, so I really am thankful with this attitude. I don’t think it will last for the full 2 months, but I’ll take what I can get! LOL!

  45. Jackie Wisherd says:

    I have helped out my daughter by coming to visit for a week and being the grandma taxi to take grandkids to end of school activities while the parents are at work. It is great being with the kids and helping all at the same time.

  46. I have read book one! I loved it. But I had better catch up. Wanda, you are way ahead of me. I would love to win this wonderful book!

  47. Joyce Walden says:

    My best friend fell and broke her arm and I knew she only had one jar of strawberry freezer jam left and wasn’t able to make more. I made her 10 jars of freezer jam and she got so excited. My next door neighbor had an ablzon on his heart and came home from the hospital last week so this week I grilled them burgers and all the trimming for their lunch even with homemade pie. My neighbor and I are always helping each other out with meals.

  48. I had someone who needed something simple done for them, just to mail their bills out on time, because they had no stamps. I made sure they were mailed. Another friend is going through custody battles, and health issues, I took time to listen and then pray for her. I have an elderly lady from church, that I make sure to check up on and listen too regularly. Sometimes the little things mean a great deal to someone, Imdo my best to meet those needs as I become aware of them.

  49. My husband has had 9 heart caths. He was just found to have throid and sleep apnea issues and is diabetic. Now add prostrate problems. I keep the house going. Make sure he gets to all DR. appts. Pick up his meds. Cooking and cleaning. The only thing i would change if i could would be for him to be in better health. Its the least i can do caring for him these past 3 years. 34 yrs of marrage and still going strong.

  50. My daughter has been helping me with the garden this year and I help watch her 2 children which is my grandchildren while she is in the garden . So Thankful for my daughter for helping me like she does!

  51. GladysMP says:

    My daughter took time off from her full-time job to take me to the foot doctor because I had a serious toe problem.

  52. My autistic son’s family support mentor of three years is a true example of someone who lives Amish the way he is always ministering to others. Whether it’s a sick animal (he’s a regular Dr. Doolittle!), his elderly neighbors (he takes care of all their yards for free, shovels out all their driveways too) or us, he is always busy helping someone. Sometimes at the expense of not putting his own needs first. He sometimes gets behind with his own yard chores and occasionally gets reckless with his health not eating properly or getting enough rest and lets himself get run down. But try convincing him to slow down! We love him all the same, he’s been like a part of our family and we are blessed to have him in our lives. He views his job helping and working with our son not as a job but a calling. This is the philosophy he lives by, and he never turns his back when he feels called upon to help someone.

  53. Barbara Kesselring says:

    I loaned my car to The. Gibbs Family singers. They had no way to go get their food for the children. Because they had a very large camper and pull trailer. Thy weren’t sure that they wanted to take. I trusted them.

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