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Amish Millionaire

All Six Books Now in One!

Return to Holmes County, Ohio, along with a prodigal son in the complete Amish Millionaire serial drama from New York Times bestselling author Wanda E. Brunstetter and her daughter-in-law, Jean. Asking his wealthy and eccentric Amish father for money—again—will strain the already weak bond between Joel Byler, his father, and his sisters. Will the worldly young man ever learn he must pay for his own mistakes—and at what cost to his business, his fiancée, and his Amish family?

October 25, 2017

Thanksgiving in Amish Country

Thanksgiving is a time when Amish people celebrate with their family, and sometimes friends and neighbors.
While there are many different Amish communities, most celebrate Thanksgiving in a similar way.
After sharing a big meal with all the traditional trimmings, Amish families may play games and engage in conversation. There is no TV to sit and watch, like many English people do, and no one communicates with others via text or social media.

Some of my readers have asked if the Amish do devotions on Thanksgiving Day. I can’t say whether all Amish people do, but those I know personally do their devotions daily. They want to express their gratitude to God for all He has given them, and by reading their Bible and praying, they draw closer to Him.

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving at your house? What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving Day foods?