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The Farmers’ Market Mishap

ECPA Bestseller, CBA Bestseller

Return to Amish Country in Topeka, Indiana, and the Hochstetler twin sisters who are pulled apart by life’s changes. Elma is living alone for the first time in her life after Thelma married. Elma has dated some, but she wonders if she is just too picky to find love. Will she remain alone while Thelma moves on to build a family? Find out in this brand new romance from New York Times bestselling author Wanda E. Brunstetter, writing with her daughter-in-law Jean Brunstetter.

June 28, 2017


During one of our visits with Amish friends, I observed their children playing together. They weren’t bored and didn’t complain because there was nothing to do. They found enjoyment in simple things like reading, playing a game of ball, petting their dog, riding their bicycles, swinging, and swimming in the pond. They didn’t need a computer or some electronic game in order to have fun. They laughed and talked together and didn’t send text messages in order to communicate.
In our fast-paced electronic age many “English” people don’t take the time to enjoy the simple things life has to offer. We rush from place to place, hurry to complete our tasks, and find that our lives are full of stress and worry. We’ve become exhausted and discontent because we don’t spend enough quality time with our family and friends. Many people strive so hard to get ahead that they don’t see what’s right beside them. Material things don’t bring true happiness, nor do they bring lasting contentment. When we look around at the beauty God created, and find joy in being with those we love, our discontent fades and appreciation sets in.
What are some things you do that bring contentment? Are your children or grandchildren doing things that require electricity or batteries, or do they play simply, much like Amish children do? How can we help the youth of today find contentment in simple things?