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Perfect Peace

There’s still time to enter my Lose Your Heart in the Amish Life Contest. You have a chance to win a beautiful, Amish-made, quilted wall-hanging if you submit your entry by midnight on Friday, April 22nd.

Whenever I’m in Amish Country I feel a sense of peace. There’s something about the Amish people’s simple way of life that makes me feel relaxed and content. When I hear the steady clip-clop of a horse’s hooves as it pulls an Amish buggy along, I find it to be soothing, just like the gentle tick-tock of a clock. Sitting on one of our Amish friend’s porch, enjoying a glass of iced tea, looking out across their pasture at the horse’s grazing, always makes me feel peaceful and closer to God.

In our busy world we often get so caught up in doing and going that we don’t take time to relax and allow ourselves an opportunity to experience peaceful feelings. For some, like me, it might be a walk on the beach, enjoying a tall glass of iced tea, or a friendly visit with friends on their porch. What makes you feel relaxed and peaceful? What makes you feel closer to God?

Make a list of the things that give you a sense of peace. This week, as you take a few minutes out to relax, keep your mind on God, and receive His promise of perfect peace. That’s what I plan to do.

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Small world

Dear friends, I’m overjoyed to launch my new website! Like me, I hope it takes you away to peaceful thoughts of the Amish countryside. To share my excitement, I’ve created the Lose Your Heart in the Amish Life Contest, where you can win a beautiful, Amish-made, quilted wall-hanging.

I’m looking forward to my book tour that will take place from April 9th through April 23rd, in Kentucky and a few places in Tennessee. Since my new Kentucky Brothers series is set near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, the tour will begin there. When my husband and I visited Kentucky for the first time, we were surprised to discover that many of the people in the Amish community near Hopkinsville originally came from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. In fact, we learned that one of the families we’d met in Kentucky knows some of our Amish friends who live in Pennsylvania.

Because my husband and I travel so much, we have discovered that our world isn’t as big as we thought it was. It seems like everywhere we go we meet someone who knows someone we know, and on almost every trip we take, we make new friends, and special bonds are formed. When we met a new Amish family in Ohio last year, we had an instant connection and felt as if we had known them for many years.

As Christians, we are all part of the body of believers, which means, when we meet other Christians for the first time, we are able to fellowship with them, and often feel as if we already know them. I’m thankful that God doesn’t care what denomination we belong to. If we have accepted His Son, Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we are all part of His church.

The Bible tells us in Matthew 18:20: “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

Mitt Leib (With Love),

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