Amish Photography

Richard has a full-color gift book coming out Aug. 2016, entitled, The Amish Quilt, which contains numerous Amish quilt designs and inspirational sayings. Also available is Richard’s gift book entitled A Portrait of Amish Life, containing several of his photographs, as well as his perpetual calendar, The Simple Life, filled with sayings, Scriptures and quotes, and includes numerous Amish Country photos. Find out more about these items here.

Click on a photograph to see a larger version and to purchase prints or greeting cards. All photographs are available in the following sizes: 4×6 print matted to 5×7; 5×7 print matted to 8×10; and 8×10 print matted to 11×14. Greeting cards are 5×7 with a 4×6 photo on the front and blank inside. Greeting cards are available in a package of six. Shipping is $6 for the first item and $1 per item beyond that. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, click here to download a printable order form.

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Amish Buggies & Wagons

A Load of Apples
Shaded Parking Spot
Visiting Across the Fence
Outside the Barn
Driving the Team
Buggies for Sale
Line of buggies
Waiting at the market
Hitched to the rail
Rearing to go
Meet Wanda beside a buggy
Dual Buggies
Patiently Waiting
Visiting Neighbors
Amish barn with buggies
Buggies in Ethridge, TN
Buggies at the auction
Market buggy
Horse Conversation
Ready for a ride
Open buggy
Leaving McDonalds
Out shopping
Indiana Amish Buggy
Amish Gathering
Parked in the buggy shed
Heading down the lane
Tennessee Buggy
Big buggy, Little Buggy
Pony cart
Horse and buggy at hitching rail

Amish Barns & Bridges

Indiana Barn with Silo
Red Barn and Silo
Ohio Amish Barn 2
Ohio Amish Barn 1
Twin Silos
Illinois Barn 2
Illinois Barn 1
Kentucky Barn
Covered bridge in the fall
Foggy morning
Amish Barn 5
Covered bridge near Strasburg, PA
Heading for the barn
Amish Barn 4
Amish Barn 3
Amish Barn 2
Amish Barn 1

Amish Children

Fun at the Park
Playing in the Wagon
Playing Ball
Amish girl in Illinois
Amish boy in Illinois
Mennonite Girl
Heading Home From School
A boy and his toy
Searching for Chickens
Mennonite Brothers
Playground fun
Waiting for a balloon
Amish boys and a bed
Amish boy on a scooter
Saying Hello

Amish Clothes & Quilts

Dresses and Shirts
Trousers on the Line
Flapping in the Breeze
Arthur, Illinois 021
Arthur, Illinois 014
Arthur, Illinois 013
Arthur, Illinois 004
Laundry Day in Kentucky
Dresses drying
Kentucky Clothes on the line
High flying clothes
Amish clothes on the line

Amish Country Sunsets

Illinois Sunset
Harvest Moon
Amish Country Sunset 4
Amish Country Sunset 3
Amish Country Sunset 2
Amish Country Sunset 1
Amish Memories
Windmill in the Sunset

Amish Farms & Fields

Bring the Corn
Farm Equipment
Hard at Work in the Fields
Working Together
Planting Seeds
Amish farm 1
The corn is high
Harvesting the beans
Kentucky field
Silo 3
Break Time
Silo 2
Silo 1
Kentucky Corn Picker
Load of hay
Turning the Hay
working in the fields

Amish Folks

Picnic on the Grass
Out for a Ride 2
Amish girls on the beach
Amish couple walking on the beach
Amish woman in her pony cart
Heading down the road
Shopping at the flea market
Taking time for a chat
Done for the day
Cooling Off
Amish father and sons
A man and his dog
Waiting with the dog
Working in the garden
Amish work frolic
Shopping Day
Walking home from the wedding
Heading for Home

Amish Gardens

Water Wheel
Amish flower garden 8
Amish flower garden 7
Amish flower garden 6
Amish flower garden 5
Amish flower garden 4
Amish flower garden 3
Amish flower garden 2
Amish flower garden 1
Kentucky Mums
Amish Vegetable Garden
Butterfly in the garden

Amish Homes

Amish home 12
Amish home 11
Time to Relax
Amish Home 9
Amish home 8
Amish home 7
Amish Home 6
Amish home 5
Amish home 4
Amish home 3
Amish home 2
Amish home 10
Amish home 1

Amish Schoolhouses

Old Ohio Amish Schoolhouse
Amish Schoolhouse in Sullivan, IL
Amish Schoolhouse in Arthur, IL
Kentucky Schoolhouse
Indiana Amish Schoolhouse 2
Indiana Amish Schoolhouse 1
Ohio Amish School

Farm Animals

Resting at the Rail
Peeking Down From the Hayloft
Doves on the bridge
On Duty
Guarding the cows
The Gathering
Feeding Time
Family Together
Mama and her baby
Hen and her chick
Taking a dip
Kentucky goat
New born colt and its mother
Mother goose and goslings
Taking a nap
Baby chick
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