A Birthday Thank You

Today is my birthday, and to start off the day I decided to reflect on some of the other birthdays I’ve had over the years. When I was a young girl, there were family parties, with cake, ice cream, cards, and presents. During my teenage years I had pajama parties, skating parties, and dinner parties with some of my friends. When I got married and had children of my own, it was back to family parties again. When our son was born, just 4 days after my 20th birthday, I realized I had received a most special birthday present. Since that time, Richard Jr. and I have celebrated many of our birthdays together.

Thinking back to a few of my birthdays, I am reminded of the birthday surprise I received a few years ago, that was secretly planned by my husband and I daughter–a limo ride to a fancy restaurant. On another occasion, some of the women from our church planned a surprise party in my honor. Then there have been numerous dinners out, bouquets of flowers, and phone calls from loved ones and close friends.

The special memories I have from all of the parties and surprises in the past are not about the good food we ate, or the cards and gifts I received. The memories that warm my heart are about the special times I’ve spent with family and friends. No gift can compare to the pleasure of being with the people I love, and no cake, ice cream, or other goodies, can equal the way my heart fills with love when I’m with those who mean so very much to me. Thank you, family and friends, for all the good times, and the many things you do to make my life complete. I love you all so very much!

Now it’s your turn. What special birthday memories would you like to share?


  1. Happy Birthday, Wanda. What special memories you have. The best birthday memories are about the people we are with, not the things we receive. May you be blessed with many more birthdays 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Wanda! May your day be filled with people you love.

  3. Happy Birthday Wanda..Many more to come. Wish you the best.

  4. Happy birthday! I agree that the best birthdays are spent with family and friends!

  5. Allison Morton says:

    Happy birthday to a very special lady. May you enjoy many more to come.

  6. Gloria Davis says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda. Those are really special Memories. Birthday are special with the People we love. Praying you have many more Birthdays to Come and to share with us. Hugs from one of your fans and readers. Love your writings.

  7. Roberta McMahan says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda. My great memories is sharing my birthday with one of my favorite uncles. And being with my family that I loved with all my heart.

  8. Carry k. Velazquez says:

    Happy birthday Wanda! Sure you will have many more and keep blessing everyone with your gift of writing.

  9. Happy Birthday Wanda. The best birthday memories for me are the ones with my family. Just having all of them around me is the best gift of all.

  10. Sherry Soltes says:

    Sounds like you had many wonderful birthdays celebrated with family and friends. May God grant you many more birthdays to come! Thank you for your books and being such and inspriration to me!! Happy Birthday!!

  11. Roxana Balau says:

    Dear Mrs. Brunstetter,

    Happy Happy Birthday! May you have an awesome day with the ones you love and who love you! Nothing compares to the love we share, we give and receive! On my 29th birthday I had a special day which I’ll treasure forever. My very close relatives came over; they had no object-gifts to bring along, but my aunt insisted on sharing a big frozen chicken she had in her fridge and my godmother surprised me with a home-made birthday cake made the same day. 🙂 Everybody had a wonderful day with jokes, laughter and fun! These are moments that matter!

  12. Kevin Zimmerly says:

    Happy Birthday. Love your books. They are the best!!!!!!!!

  13. Ann Kietzman says:

    Happy Birthday, Wanda. My best birthday memory is spending time with my family. When I was a kid, my grandmother would make chicken and dumplings on my birthday and my cousins would come over to play. Climbing trees with my cousins and eating grandma’s to die for chicken and dumplings is one of my favorite birthday memories.

  14. Brenda McBeath says:

    For my tenth birthday, my Mama bought me a cake from the bakery. It was beautiful, with yellow roses on it! Mama had always made our cakes at home, and as a child, I didn’t see how special that was. Now, more than 40 years later, I’m blessed to still have Mama! I surely treasure anything her sweet hands prepare for me. Happy birthday, Mrs. Wanda. Thank you for all the joy you bring through your writing.

  15. Teresa Campbell says:

    Happy Birthday, Wanda. The best birthday memories are spending the time with my family. I did not care about the gifts as long as my family was there.

  16. Marah Smith says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda! Hope your day is filled with blessings!

  17. My 2nd dau was my best birthday gift–born 3 days after my 23rd. she waited until her daddy’s vacation started so he wouldn’t miss work. : ) We’ve also shared many birthdays togethere. My 1st was my best Christmas gift–born on Dec. 24, almost a month early. The dr wasn’t sure she’d survive, but she did and is a lovely woman today. She celebrates hers with Jesus’.

  18. Michael Gonzales says:

    Wanda Happy Birthday to you. Your an amazing person and it’s been a pleasure to know there’s a great author out that. I agree with you though. I enjoy birthdays being with my family and friends more. It’s nice to all get together as a family and enjoy the company. I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for all you do.

  19. Eva Hargrave says:

    I think the most memorable party I had was when my son and daughter planned a motorcycle rally. I had just learned to ride a bike solo. The class I had to take to get my license was grueling, but it was worth it. And the party was so much fun. It was my 50th by the way.

  20. happy birthday! and thank you for all the books you have written.

  21. Happy Birthday Wanda!May your day be filled with Sonshine and many Blessings.

  22. Terri Uplinger says:

    Happy Birthday, Wanda, I have such great memories of my birthdays that I will always cherish, the gathering of family and friends to share in my special day. God has so richly blessed me

  23. Paula Jeffers says:

    Happy Birthday!! And many more. The best birthdays are spending the day with the family.

  24. Loretta Shumpert says:

    I feel about things the same way as you do, Wanda; I feel
    that my family is everything. The other things are icing
    on the cake 🙂 Happy birthday, thank you for being a
    wonderful christian example for us

  25. Hope Whitmore says:

    Happy Birthday Ms. Wanda! I truly pray your day is filled with multiple blessings and wonderful memory making moments.
    My most wonderful birthday memory happended on my 35th birthday. I received the most wonderful surprise ‘party’ that I could ever dream of. I had just given birth to my first and only son, who decided to come into this world 2 weeks early, and one day prior to my birthday. After breakfast was served, and the baby was taken away for regular testing, I was serenaded by two wonderful hospital holunteers. One held a single cupcake with a candle, the other held a happy birthday balloon. I have a picture somehwhere of these wonderful ladies, but I am sad to say their names were lost in the shuffle of discharge papers and information packets they sent home with me. Now, I am happy to report that my son and I share birthday cake’s, and over the years, I’ve enjoyed Ninja Turtles, Lego, Sponge Bob as well as Spider Man deorated cakes. I wondn’t change it for anything in the world!

  26. Debbie Hale says:

    Happy Birthday, Wanda. I love reading your books!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  27. I forgot to share my birthday memories.My special and favorite birthday memory was when my husband,son,and daughter gave me a trip to Pigeon Forge,Tenn.to meet you at your book signing there.I will never forget this birthday memory.You are such a nice and sweet person.I really enjoyed meeting you and your husband.Thanks

  28. Debbie Burham says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda!!! may God bless you with a wonderful day:) I really enjoy your books.

  29. Maria thomas says:

    Happy birthday. I hope its a great day!

  30. Lois Curran says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda. Thank you for all your books. I enjoy them so much. May you have many more books available to your fans.

  31. Was this past birthday .spent the day with my parents in sarasota amish .than came home to dinner out with parents ,my husband and my boys. so being sounded by love ones. may this be your best birthday yet wanda and many more.

  32. Happy Birthday Wanda! Thanks for sharing your special birthday memories with us! I agree, the special memories that we hold dear in our hearts are not of the gifts we received or cake we ate they are of who we spent the time with. The past few years, my husband and I have skipped gifts for special occassions and instead spend the day together. An outing together, experiencing or exploring a new place are more dear to us than a material gift. Enjoy your special day and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🙂

  33. Valarie McCoy says:

    Happy Birthday! My birthday is March 1st and my mom’s is the 2nd. We always had our “party” together, and when I was a kid I really HATED sharing my birthday with her. Now that I am older I love those memories!!!

  34. Happy Birthday Wanda!
    Like you said, I remember the family parties where family and friends would come over and celebrate my birthday.

  35. missy wesley says:

    Happy birthday wanda hope you have a good day .i have read all your books and cant wait till your next one comes out.

  36. Have a very special birthday. Thank you for all the wonderful stories you have written so far and yet to come. They take me into a wonderful world of enjoyment to get away from the bustle of everyday life. Special wishes for a wonderful day and special holiday with tour family and friends.

  37. Y. McDonald says:

    First, Happy Birthday to you!! Hope your day is blessed.
    My birthday is New Year’s Day, so most people combined my Christmas and birthday into one occassion. My parents were fabulous though and always made my day extra special. One fun memory is that all of us kids could pick what we wanted Momma to fix for our birthday dinner, but on my birthday no matter what I picked Momma always made black-eyed peas which I hated because my parents are true southerners. I would complain every year, and every year we had them regardless.

  38. I am hoping you have many more blessed and happy birthdays. I am commeting on your 21st of November journal entry.

    God Bless and Peace to you and your family.

  39. Hope you have a great birthday!! 🙂

  40. Judy Burgi says:

    “Happy Birthday” Wanda! Thank you for sharing your special birthday memories.

    Some of my special ones are the birth of my Daughter while not on my birthday a month before actually but just having that little one to love and cherish was something special. A gift from God. As the children grew I was surprised with home made cards and home made gifts. Those are really special and something to cherish forever.




  42. Happy Birthday Wanda!! One of my best birthday memories is when my youngest sister Leah surprised me on my 50th birthday to a trip to Disneyland. I’d never been even though we’ve lived in Florida for several years. That was 12 years ago. This past August, Leah passed away on her 51st birthday after a year and a half battle with cancer. She was always so full of life and loved planning parties and family gatherings. She will be greatly missed – yet we know we will see her again in Glory.

  43. April Mann says:

    Wishing you a very happy and blessed birthday. The special memories I have of my birthday are with family. I’m one of the lucky ones and not only do I get to spend birthdays with family and friends, but I get to spend it with my best friends as well….my twin sister.


  44. Elizabeth Gray says:

    Happy Birthday! May you have many more to come!

  45. Kari Scherer says:

    Happy Birthday, You share this day with 2 of my relitives:) Growing up and still today it is very small, we go to dinner and that is about it.

  46. Agnes Haney says:

    Happy Birthday! I love reading your posts and your books.

  47. Wanda, you’ve certainly had some wonderful birthday celebrations. Here’s to many more, filled with blessings. Happy birthday. And thank you for letting us celebrate with you.

    God bless,

  48. Carol MacKay says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday Wanda,
    My best memories of my birthday are of enjoying the day with my mom, my dad, my sisters and
    my grandparents – and now with my husband and my daughters – all of the memories are special.

  49. Leann Dales says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda! God Bless

  50. Tina Simmons says:

    Wanda, I’m so glad that God has blessed you with many happy memories. When I was growing up a very special neighbor and I celebrated our birthdays together. His birthday was on May 24th and mine is on May 23. We had many special parties. I always thought that when he died I wouldn’t have anyone to celebrate with. I was wrong! When I met my husband I asked him when his birthday was. His reply, “May 24th”. I am still blessed to have someone to share my birthday with! I tease him by saying I had it all planned. Since my birthday is first I can see if I get a good present and if I don’t then he won’t!! Lol Keep up the good work Wanda. I love your books! Have a great birthday!!

  51. Karen Clinton says:

    Happy birthday Wanda! Your books were the start of my love of Amish reading. Have a blessed, wonderful day and I hope to win your books giveaway.

  52. Happy birthday. I want to be entered in the November 21 contest.

  53. I remember my dad making little crowns out of cardboard and tin foil for my birthday party. My crown was the prettiest. Today is my 2nd anniversary to my wonderful husband and I thank God every day for him. Happy Birthday , Wanda !

  54. Mine is just this year … My husband put together a surprise birthday party . This is my first SURPRISE party EVER!! and I turned 55! Shows just how much he loves me and how many people care too. I had no idea he could find that many people to share my day with! Rochelle

  55. Happy Birthday dear Wanda! Hope you have a splendid day!

  56. Happy Birthday Wanda!
    May you have many more to come! Have a blessed day!

  57. Wanda, Happy Birthday, in my family we have 2 birthdays within days of yours, mine being one of them. Hope you have a great one. Thanks for all the books you have written. I’ve enjoyed each and everyone I’ve read.

  58. Just a couple of years ago, I had been in the hospital with congestive heart failure, but when I was released we went to our daughter’s house in NE and celebrate my birthday and hers. Have a blessed and happy day, Wanda.

  59. Natalie Vincent says:

    Happy Birthday! My favorite birthday memories all include being with the people I love the most!

  60. A couple of years ago my hubby held down the fort, while I spent my birthday with all the girls in my family in Myrtle Beach. We went to a show, ate out, shopping and sat talking until the wee hours of the morning. We had a wonderful girls weekend. More than the lovely gifts I was given, was the fun of just being together with sisters, Nieces and cousins. Such wonderful good memories!
    Have a wonderful Birthday Wanda!!!

  61. Brandon Gardner says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda! My favoriate birthday memories are of spending it with my family in The Smokies! One of the greatest gift is family!

  62. lori heinss says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda. How was it growing up for you so close to Thanksgiving.
    It must have been really fun. I have read alot of your books and truely am a big fan.
    You have been blessed with a special gift and hope you will continue to write for all
    of us. I hope you have a blessed Birthday.

  63. Happy Birthday, Wanda. One of my most special birthdays was a surprise card shower than my daughter planned for my 60th. I got so many lovely cards that I made a scrap book for all of them.
    Family time is usually what makes birthdays special. I have the fortune of sharing my birthday with one very special grandson.

  64. Happy Birthday Blessings Wanda from Ontario, Canada. After reading a few of your books I was thrilled to go on a 5 day bus trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania where we had meals in several of the restaurants named in these books. The trip was so amazing and the Amish experience so wonderful. Absolutely love your writings and always look for your name on bookshelves to add to my ‘lending library’. Many thanks. Favourite birthday memories from childhood are the homemade angel food cake, whipped cream icing and fresh strawberries and the waiting for aunt and grandparents to arrive for supper.

  65. Brenda Henry says:

    Ach, Wanda!! Happy Birthday Blessings sent your way! May your ‘Special Day’ be filled with as much joy and excitement as you give to me each time I read one of your books!!

  66. Elizabeth Dent says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda hope you have a great & Blessed day . I love to be with my family on my birthday . I remember one birthday that my husband & my daughter surprised me & would not tell me where we was going . They carried me to a restaurant for dinner . Did not know where we was going till we got there. Was very good .Hope you & your family have a great Thanksgiving. I so love reading your books & would love to be a winner in this contest . Thanks.

  67. Happy Birthday Mrs. Brunstetter!! I really enjoy reading your books! I have a whole collection! God bless!!

  68. Jeannie B. May says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda! Thanks for sharing your memories and especially thanks for being such a wonderful writer….love reading your books!! 🙂

  69. Alice Freer says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda and may you have many more. I am more fortunate than most familys. My daughter lives in N. Carolina but I am fortunate to have her home at Christmas. My birthday is Dec. 29. The best present is having her and her family and my family here with me. Enjoy your birthday.

  70. amy campbell says:

    Happy Birthday!
    My special birthday memory is not of my own birthday, but of my grandmother’s 99th birthday. We threw a surprise party for her and enjoyed watching how happy she was. That was her last birthday spent here on earth and just recently spent her first birthday in heaven.

  71. One of my most memorable birthdays was my 21st. My husband and I went to the local jewelry store to browse and we walked out with an engagement ring! He actually proposed to me in the car!

    Happy Birthday, Wanda!

  72. brandy ford says:

    My favorite birthday memory actually encompasses many birthdays. They were the ones that included my grandma and sister. Both of them have gone to be with the Lord but I will always hold dear the memories I have with them. Have a Happy Birthday!

  73. Jackie Chasse says:

    Hope you have a great Birthday..

  74. My best birthday memories also include family gatherings. Both my dad and brother have birthdays within two weeks of mine, so we often shared a family party. We would have cake and ice cream of course, but the real fun was playing board games together. It was rare that we found time for a competitive game of monopoly, but on birthday evenings we made the time.

    Happy Birthday, Wanda! And thank you for your creativity and imagination. You have been a blessing to me for many years. Many wonderful evenings have passed with a cuddly blanket, a cup of hot cider or cocoa and one of your books. Thank you!

  75. hope your birthday was a happy and great one

  76. Mara Mittelman says:

    We were living in New Port Richie, FL on my 21st birthday. I love to dance so my Mom took me to a local coountry western bar. I danced and my Mom watched as I learned how to 2 step and line dance. I asked her to join me but she said she was having to much fun watching me.

    Happy Birthday Miss Wanda

  77. Carol Holstein says:

    Again, I want to wish you a very Blessed Birthday. May God Bless you with many more to share with your family and loved ones.

    I think the birthdays that I remember the most were the ones when I was a child. There was a bakery in downtown Cleveland named Kassee’s Bakery. I am not sure of the correct spelling of the bakery, but did a search and someone had spelled it that way. My wonderful Daddy would pick up my cake from the bakery near the company he worked for, carry it with him on the Rapid Transit, get off and carry it to a bus he would take to his car and bring it home for my birthday. This was done each year and it was always the same kind of cake. It was a yellow cake with light colored chocolate frosting. The cake was either five or six layers. I so looked forward to it each year. I always favored baby dolls that I got each year for Christmas, which was just 17 days before my birthday. Though I am sure I was given presents for my birthday, I do not remember what they were as a child. Maybe I was still so enthralled with the doll I had received for Christmas. As I got older, I would get a card with money. I would be so excited and looked forward to all of the after Christmas sales.

    As I got older and had children, I was not so concerned with my birthday as I looked forward to doing for others. My husband over the years has usually taken me out to dinner and brought me home flowers. The kids are usually broke after buying gifts for us and the children after Christmas. But my best gift is having them spend time with me. That matters more than anything. I turned 65 last year and look forward to my 66th birthday coming up soon.

    God Bless you, Wanda. Again. Birthday Blessings.

    • Carol happy birthday. I’m a December baby also. My birthday is December 15th. I will be 66 this birthday coming up. My husband of 43 years is also a December baby. His is December 13th.
      Our Daughter’s is December the 3rd. So we all share a lot in common.
      We share our birthday with someone else very special don’t we. His is December 25.
      Happy Birthday and a merry Christmas

  78. Angelica H. says:

    Happy Birthday!! I have read all your books and can’t wait for the next ones to come out
    May God bless u on your special day.

  79. cathy zimmerman says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda, may you have many more special days with your family and friends.

  80. ~Happy Birthday Wanda~ One of my best birthday memories was when I turned 18,my mother and a very special aunt gave me a surprise party.It was the best birthday ever…we shared laughs and and had a very good time! My mother is gone now but I still have the memories 🙂 I hope the Lord blesses you on your special day. Happy Birthday!

  81. Happy birthday, Wanda! May the Lord bless you with many more happy memories!


  83. Rebecca Young says:

    Happy Birthday Sis Wanda. I hope the Lord gives you an especially wonderful day. Your talent with writing has blessed me so many times and helped me in many ways. God bless you Sis Wanda and keep doing the wonderful work has given you to do.

  84. My 16th birthday! My parents planned a surprise party, and it was a huge surprise, such a surprise that when I walked into the room and all my friends were there, all I could do was cry! So embarrassing, lol.


  85. Robin L Wyatt says:

    Happy Birthday.I hope you have a great Day and make great memories. Have a great Thanksgiving.
    God Bless
    Robin L Wyatt

  86. Many Happy Returns of your birthday Wanda… I agree wholeheatedly that the memories of the people we share our lives with and especially birthdays are the best memories. The saddness for me is that a lot of those ‘special’ people are no longer here on earth but have gone to that continuously birthday celebration in Heaven May they rest in peace while I remember them with love unending!

  87. Dianne Noland says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda! I hope this birthday bring you many more special memories with friends and loved ones! Such a “Thankful” season to have a birthday!

  88. Shelia Claring says:

    Happy Birthday, Mrs. B !! I love your books. A fav birthday memory was the year I turned 10 and my sister 11. (we are a week apart) and our mother threw a surprise double birthday party for the all the kids in the trailer park and our grandparents came up too. (I only got to be with my siblings, mother and grandparents for two or three weeks every summer.) We both got a wrist watch, which was a big deal back then. My next best memory was about three years ago, my hubby and kids were all working so I made a picnic lunch and took myself fishing!! (I did get some funny looks from the men who were bass fishing, here sat a woman, alone, enjoying a day of fishing and peace!!

  89. Cheryl Baranski says:

    I like to go some where for the day with my family.
    Somewhere to laugh, play and make new memories.

    Happy Birthday

    God Bless,
    Cheryl Baranski

  90. Cheryl Warfield says:

    I want to wish you a very happy Birthday. I like to reflect on birthday memories also.. Mine is Next month and my sisters just reminded me that I will turn 60 this year… I could NOT believe this.. I have totally lost count of the years. I pray that you have many more to come and may add I so enjoy your book. Regards, Cheryl

  91. When I turned 14, I was on a trip in another state with my grandparents. We went to the zoo and did a lot of fun things, and although I missed my own parents, I had several cakes and caring extended family and it was a special day.

  92. Happy birthday from Holland.
    I like to celebrate my birthday with my husband and children and the rest of our family.

  93. Betty Whyel says:

    You have a wonderful life. I also like celebrating with family.One thing that made mine special was that my birthday before my Dad’s. On my 80th birthday my family gave me a surprise party. I now have a daughter-in-law and great granddaughter who celebrate their birthdays one day before me. Happy Birthday Wanda

  94. Juanita Clark says:

    My family planned a reception for my 80th birthday this month. Although I did not have enough time, there’s never enough, to speak with friends and family, it will be the highlight of my life for a long time, maybe forever. Just looking out and seeing them and flashbacks goings through my mind of so many times spent together in so many endeavors made me realize what a fabulous life I have had because of people. I hope you have a happy birthday surrounded by many of the people you love.

  95. The year before my husband and I married — before we were even dating — he and several friends showed up at my house kind of late in the evening for a surprise party. For many years after that he always managed to come up with some kind of surprise for me — once even being a breakfast part on a Saturday, where he escorted about a dozen friends into our bedroom to surprise me there. He had forewarned me to be sure I was decent, since supposedly he and the kids were making breakfast and were bringing it to me in bed.

  96. Christina Milburn says:

    I don’t really have 1 certain birthday that stands out. They were all special to me because I got to spend them all with family and (or) friends. Happy Birthday Wanda I hope its a special day.

  97. Lisa A. Jones says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda! Enjoy the day with your family and friends! I love reading the books and can’t wait for a new one to appear. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  98. Happy Birthday Wanda. When I was younger and my grandparents were living they had us in for our birthdays which was always nice. I had a few partys with my friends. Then last year my friends from church give me a surprise party, the first one I have had.

  99. Have a wonderful birthday. How great to celebrate your birthday on Thanksgiving Eve. What a very special time. Your books are always inspiring to read and I look forward to each and every one of them. I really don’t celebrate my birthday too much but last birthday some of the students were having a graduation from Head Start and Prekindergarten party at the school where I work. They have very little and I always would give to them when I could. Two of the students gave me balloons that they had brought for their celebration and told me that my birthday would be with them along with the memories of Head Start and PreK. What a wonderful birthday to get something so huge from somebody who has so little. Happy Birthday Wanda and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  100. Linda McFarland says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda…Some of my best birthdays were as a small child…because my Dad and I shared the same day…and Mom would always bake two cakes..one for me and one for my Dad…mine had candles but Dad didn’t beacause it would have taken too many so we use to blow the candles out on my cake at the same time..oh it was so much fun,,,such wonderful memories

  101. Christine Moenke says:

    Have a Very Happy Birthday and many more. I enjoy reading your books featuring the Amish People and Community.

  102. Kathy Moser says:

    My most memorable birthday memory I have is when my dad had a sixteenth birthday party for me. It was special because I didn’t have a mother around from the time I was 8 years old and we didn’t have birthday parties. My dad did the best he could. I had a few of my friends at a party by the lake and we enjoyed playing volleyball and other games, food and a picnic.

  103. Jenny Propst says:

    Happy Birthday! Blessings to you on your special day.
    One of my favorite birthdays was my 40th. I was getting Home Health services and those who were taking care of me came with cake and gifts. I was touched that they would take time out on a work day for me. It was a real blessing.

  104. Lynn Brokaw says:

    Happy Birthday! My favorite birthday was as a child, when my mom purchased a barbie doll for me and she and my grandmother made an entire wardrobe for the doll. I treasured that doll and the clothes…..and years later passed it on to a younger cousin. The best gifts and memories often are made by loving hands.

  105. Happy Birthday Wanda, think one of my greatest Birthday yrs had to be when i turned 23 as my daughter was born 2 days after

  106. Donna Vernon says:

    Have a wonderful birthday and a Happy Thanksgiving. Your birthday is just a week before mine. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your books.

  107. Beverly Lytle says:

    Happy birthday Wanda and thank you for sharing your special memories with us. ?

  108. Wanda,

    Happy Birthday! I bet you shared your birthday with Thanksgiving many times. My sister’s birthday is Nov 25th and we laugh when her birthday is on Thanksgiving and call her the turkey for the day.


  109. Happy Birthday Wanda!

    The best Way of getting a birthday greeting
    Is to get a hug from someone who really
    loves you :). Have a wounderful day.

  110. I stopped having birthdays a while ago–not because of getting too old or anything but because my niece was born on my birth date. I gladly give it up to her. What better gift could one ask for? Happy birthday!

  111. Karen Smith says:

    I just want to let you know that you are a great writer an I started out spending so much time reading with one of your books. I read them as they come out to this day I look for your new ones. Have a very Happy Birthday an please keep the books coming. It be the best day if I was to have a signed book of yours. Please thank you for this chance to win. Karen at khsmith97217@yahoo.com

  112. Karen Smith says:

    I forgot to day what the best birthday was it was when I was working and my boss an the other empyoyees gave me one at work it was a surprise. until then it was just another day. I am seventy-two now an that day was when i turned fifty plus again thank you for this chance to own one of your books I own one of your books because my boss gave it to me but i have read all your books. thank you Karen khsmith97217@yahoo.com

  113. Trena Reck says:

    I love your journal entries. I read your books and feel like I am right there with those
    Wonderful people. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.

  114. Happy Birthday to you! My fondest birthday memories are of my mother cooking a my favorite meal and having extended family over to help celebrate.

  115. Wendy Stokely says:

    Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and please keep writing your awesome books. I love them!!!!!

  116. Shelly Rogness says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda, hope your day is a great as all of your books are!! Enjoy your day!

  117. Crystal G. says:

    Hi Ms. Brunstetter ,
    My favorite birthday memories is time spent with my family and friends. Especially the birthday’s that were spent with love ones that God has since called home. It is nice to hear you share how much you value your time spent with family as well. So many people today are caught up in material things and all money can buy them. They look more to what material object some one will give them on their birthday , instead of seeing the real gift and blessing that’s right in front of them. Family and Love. I pray that your day will be truly Blessed. May you have a wonderful birthday.

  118. Happy birthday
    The best time of having a birthday is to a room full of people that care and love you for you
    No fanciness would compare but just being a plain person and be cared by the love they showed is the best

  119. Melissa fox says:

    I have two special Birthday Memories (BTW- today is also my Birthday!)

    1) any with my mom. We grew up without a lot of money but she went without and worked hard to make our birthdays special

    2) Before I started to have children my husband took me to Amish Country to a Bed & Breakfast. It was really nice to get away!

  120. Yvonne McClellan says:

    Happy Birthday AND Happy Thanksgiving; hope you are blesses on both; Love reading Amish books…..

  121. Happy Birthday!! Just having my children give me a call to wish me a Happy Birthday always makes my birthday special! I pray you have a fantastic day!

  122. Linda Ortiz says:

    Happy Birthday, Wanda! Every birthday to me is a special one, especially because I have had the privilege of sharing my birthday with loved ones! I hope yours will be a special one, too! Enjoy 😀

  123. Suann Hewlett says:

    Happy Birthday. Rather than a special memory, I’d like to leave a Prayer Request.: My Daughter-in-Law is having heart problems and is in very poor physical condition. Please pray that she makes it to her oldest son’s 18th birthday on December 17. Thank you.

  124. Tracey Krieg says:

    Dear Wanda,
    I pray you’ve had a blessed birthday today! I agree with what you said about cherishing time with loved ones. That’s something that cannot be purchased at a store. Nor is it something that can be replaced. Now that my children are grown I don’t often see them on my birthday but they always take the time to pick out the perfect card which brings tears to my eyes. Just reading those words then seeing the “I love you, Mom” on the bottom is gift enough for me because my children are my greatest blessing and I love them so very much. A couple of years ago my granddaughter, then age 6, gave me a musical card for my birthday which had the song “You Are The Best”. but what made it even more special was a voice message in it from her saying “I love you”. Now, that’s a gift that keeps giving because everytime I open it I hear her sweet voice telling me she loves me.
    God Bless,

  125. Cornellia Miller says:

    I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and a Happy Thanksgiving. I love to spend my birthdays and holidays with my friends and family. I don’t care about gifts and things but treasure the company of friends and family most of all. I love to read your books and can’t seem to put them down. Keep up the great work in your writing and can’t wait for your next series.

  126. Nancy Droste says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! Your books are a joy to read. You really have a heart for the Amish. I grew up in Amish country so I can relate to some of what you write.

  127. Kathy Shepherd says:

    Dear Wanda—I have had many special birthdays. too. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving! Your books are awesome!

  128. Patti Gellner says:

    I hope your day has been wonderful. May God bless you with many more. I have never met you but feel I know you from all your books I have read and your emails to me.
    My fave Birthday memory is when my middle daughter held a surprise party for me for my 60th b’day in 96. She totally surprised me as she held it on the week before my day. Mainly because I lost my dear hubby the year before on day after my day. All the friends and family made it such a special day. We lived together so how she managed it I will never know. I just had my 76th last month and none have meant as much as my 60th. God bless you and family and may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will be with my daughter and fam. She lives across the street from me.

  129. Susan Fryman says:

    My favorite birthday memory is on Valentine’s Day. We had our first child on that day in 1980. Really special. Have a blessed and happy Birthday. I’m sure you’ll make some more wonderful memories. Blessings, Susan

  130. nancy burgos says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda!! My favorite birthday was so awesome for me. I adopted my son, he was born May3, 1967. He was my BD and mothers day gift that year. I had lost 2 babies and never dreamed we would be adopting. God blessed me again in 1969 we adopted our daughter. God is good all the time.

  131. Diane DeLaney says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Wanda, Happy Birthday to you. The Lord has truely Blessed you with so many friends and family. I know that I have been Blessed by you and your precious stories. Many Birthday Blessings to you.

  132. kelly crandall says:

    Happy Birthday!

  133. Happy Birthday I am a big fan of your books!

  134. Happy Birthday Wanda!!

    2 memories that stick out are last year when I turned the big 4-0 and my mom planned a surprise party. I was so shocked, totally unexpected since it was two weeks before my actual birthday!

    My last birthday, my parents, son and I traveled to the mountains of East Tennessee and rented a cabin. My birthday supper was at my favorite restaurant. 🙂

  135. Jill Olsen says:

    Happy Birthday! My birthday is also in November. My best memories are of growing up and my mom always making my favorite cake: angel food. She would have strawberries and whipped cream to put on it. Even ad an adult, if I happened to make it home for a birthday, she would make sure I had my favorite birthday cake. May God bless you on this special day! Jill Olsen

  136. Jane Underwood says:

    Hope your Birthday is a good one! Enjoyed eating dinner with you last April in Arthur, Illinois!

  137. Penny Betts says:

    Happy Birthday, Wanda!! I am sure that I had birthday parties when I was a young girl, but I do not remember them well. My family made sure that my fortieth birthday was very special. My husband found out that my favorite group, the Inspirations, were going to be going to be in concert in Byron, Georgia. Byron is about 2 hours away from my home. My husband and sons arranged for us to go to the concert and then to spend the weekend in Byron. After intermission, the Inspirations had me to stand up and they sang “Happy Birthday” to me. I had been dreading turning forty years old. Thanks to my wonderful family and the Inspirations, my fortieth birthday was a night to remember.

  138. i want to wish you a Happy Birthday. I love to read your books. I read the last book of yours called the Struggle. Can’t wait to read more of your books.
    I am writing about your book give away that you mention that you are giving away on Now. 21 wich is your birthday wat a way to celebrate with your friends

  139. Heather Cox says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda !! My special birthday memory, is two years ago I lost my Grandma in October, whom I was very close with.. My Grandpa paid for my Mom and I to take a trip to Disney World for my birthday!! We left Thanksgiving day, spent my Birthday day there Nov. 29th returned home on the 5th of December!! To sadly get a call on the 7th that my Grandpa had a massive stoke… We lost him on the 17th… It was a wonderful gift from the most important man in my life!!! I pray each and ever day to have the faith he did and showed me my whole life..

  140. Janice Green says:

    Happy Birthday!! I’m a January baby, so I only remember having one warm birthday. I remember having sleepovers with friends and my sisters, going roller blading, bowling, ice skating, birthday parties…getting lots of birthday cards and having my special birthday cake. I also remember my Grandma always giving each of us girls our birthday year in dollars inside our special card.

  141. Lorine VanCorbach says:

    Thanks for sharing your birthday memories! My childhood birthdays were also very special and memorable, thanks to my mom! One year, my mom hosted a party for my birthday on May 1st, a couple days after my birthday. I invited several of my close friends over that Saturday afternoon and my mom showed us how to make May Day baskets. She even let us pick flowers from her garden! Then, we went out and hung them on the door knobs of several of my elderly neighbors. We rang the doorbell, then ran and hid. It was a delight to watch the surprise on the faces of those neighbors! That day I learned something more than just how to make May Day baskets; I learned what neighborly love looks like, thanks to my mom and her wonderful birthday party idea.
    Another time, my mom planned a birthday party where my guests were invited to bring their favorite baby doll. We had a tea party and then my mom taught us girls how to sew a cute little baby bonnet for our doll! I remember my friends being so excited to take their baby doll home with a new bonnet and my birthday was one we all remembered for awhile!

    Over the years, my mom continues to make my birthday special, although we do not live close to each other. I can always expect a call from her. When I pick up the phone and say “Hello?” she, along with my dad, break into a cheery greeting of the “Happy Birthday” Song! Needless to say, I have been blessed to have a mom who worked so hard each year to make my birthday special! But, it really should come as no surprise, because my mom is a sweet and special lady and I am proud to call her mom! Thanks, Wanda E. Brunstetter, my mom, for being such a Godly example to me about being not only a mom, but a wife, of Godly character! I love you!

    • Thank you, Lorine, for such a special post about your birthdays and about being my daughter. You have always been a blessing to me, and I thank God for giving me a daughter like you. I pray that the Lord will bless you as a wife, mother, and talented music teacher, and may He give you the desires of your heart as you continue to follow and seek His will in your life. Love, MOM

  142. Birthdays are the best, and I always say mine should be a national holiday LOL

    On my birthday weekend I get all that I ask for, yep even if my hubby has just sat down he will get back up because I asked for something to drink, yep I am the birthday queen and I do try not to abuse the honor.

  143. we never had parties growing up in our family. But on my 60th…my husband surprised me with a party of some family and neighbor friends. That was really something out of character for him to do, and much appreciated. Happy Birthday to you and may God bless you with more writing talent.

  144. I grew up poor and had 7 siblings so we never celebrated birthdays. I had my first birthday party when i turned 60 and my children threw me a wonderful party with my son coming in from VA. I made sure my children had lots of birthday parties even though i was a single mom.

  145. All of my birthdays have been a milestone for me….loved the ones when I was a child, and my senior ones are a blessing….and Happy Birthday to you..

  146. Shay Damato says:

    Happy Birthday to a lady who makes every day a celebration with her books…

  147. Hope you have had a wonderful Birthday Wanda. Was interesting to read your journal entry. So many of your feeling are the same as mine. You are right that the happiness of the birthday get-togethers are found in the enjoyment of being with those we love. I really don’t remember birthday parties as a small girl, the I’m sure there was probably cake unless there was not enough available to make it. My folks had some rough times and a big family. I do remember a party when I was 13 tho, right after moving to OK. Then many small get togethers since moving to TX. near my kids. The best was a Surprise Party on my 75th birthday. It was at my granddaughter’s home. Everyone was there when my baby daughter and I arrived.I’ve never saw a place more beautifully decorated, and the kids and grands made some of everything that they knew were favorites of my food and desserts. It is a great memory And, watching my family was the best gift! I love your books so much! Maxie

  148. Jerryca Morrison says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda!! My fondest birthday memories is of my mother getting me a puppy on my tenth birthday”

  149. My parents, brother, and I go shopping, out to a restaurant of my choice where they treat, and to a movie. Such fun to be pampered!

  150. Marie Ferland says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda! You share your day with my mom, she turned 70! My best birthday memories are the cakes mom would make for our birthdays. She was so creative and we were always surprised by the neat cakes she made for us!

  151. Happy Birthday, Wanda! YOU deserve many happy blessings! You are such a special Christian lady and favorite author of mine!

  152. Happy Birthday! You are one of my favorite authors. May God bless you and keep you safe.

  153. Susan Ferrell says:

    On my 25th birthday, my mom took me out for a burger at Fuddruckers….she also told about twenty or so people to “drop by” when they could (unbeknownst to me.) So, after I got to my table a steady stream of people — including my pastor and his wife — showed up with cards, balloons, gifts. It was so much fun!

    Thank you for the opportunity of this contest!

  154. wanda

  155. Tammy Rock says:

    Happy belated birthday, Wanda! I hope you had a blessed day! 🙂

  156. happy birthday!! I hope you had a grat birthday:-) on of my best birthday gift is having my son 4 days befor my birthday. i love that mu husben allways gets me a dairy queen cake too:-) thanks for the give away.

  157. Mildredmayo says:

    Although I am late I hope your birthday was a VERY HAPPY one. My birthday becomes special because all my family call me. ( we are spread out around the USA) I enjoy talking to them but the best part is they cared enough to call.

  158. Brenda Blanchard says:

    Happy Birthday to a very talented lady. My special birthday was in October when my children and grand children, celebrated my birthday with a dinner and a surprise visit from my sister who flew in for this occasion, along with other close friends. I almost cried with joy.

    Luv your stories.

  159. When I was born in 1946 there wasn’t a lot of money to go around the family for birthday gifts. Since I was born in December, ten days before Christmas, my birthday was celebrated in a special way. I always got a special chocolate cake that Mother made from scratch. In those days cake mixes were unheard of. But the thing that I really looked forward to the most about my birthday celebrations was that Mom and Dad always waited until December the 15th, my birthday, to put our tree up. What a special day that was for me! No better gift could I ever have received than the Christmas tree being put up and decorated on my birthday. A very special memory for me. One that I’ll never forget!

  160. Thank you so much for your wonderful books, they have been a bond of communication between my daughter and myself. I appreciate the way you make characters come to life. My husband and I are making a journey to Missouri for the holidays, so I look forward to seeing and experiencing the Amish way of living. Thank you again.

  161. lydia wells says:

    My mother was my best friend, then and now. born on march 29 1924, and pass a way on dec. 21 1987 . we had our christmas with my mother on the24 of Dec, in1987. Christmas is now a brith and a rebrith for me, and i love christmas for both
    . .

  162. Dawn Carder says:

    Happy Birthday Wanda! I have some wnderful birthday memories. However, the one that sticks out the most was recently. The year before last I lost the diamond out of my engagement ring. I was devistated. Not because of money but because of what the ring meant to me. So last year my husband suprised me on bended knee with a new ring and he asked me to marry him again! It was a wonderful day. My kids were also in on it with decorating and caloberating with Daddy so Mommy wouldn’t find out. 🙂 My family makes my life awesome!! Which is one of the reasons I love your books – At the core of your writing is family and faith. It is a pure joy to sit don with one of your books! Thank you for all your hard work!

  163. Pretty great post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have truly
    enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I
    will be subscribing to your rss feed and I am hoping you
    write once more very soon!

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