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My husband and I recently returned from a trip to Indiana, where we saw the Half-Stitched musical, based on my novel, The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club. We attended the play five times, and during each performance I noticed something different that I hadn’t seen before. Sometimes, in our busyness we forget to notice the things going on around us. When we get so busy “doing” it’s easy to miss something special right in front of us.

The other night I stepped outside to get something when it was just getting dusk. Had I not taken the time to look up, I would have missed a gorgeous sunset. Today, as I was sitting at my computer, I glanced out my office window and caught sight of a bird taking a bath in the upper level of our small pond. It was fun and relaxing to take a few minutes out and watch the bird splash around in the water. And because I did, I felt renewed when I returned to work.

Today I’m reminded of a verse in Ecclesiastes 3:11: “God hath made every thing beautiful in his time.” I just need to remember to take time out to see it.


  1. linda rueb says:

    Hi wands. I have read most of your books and will say I didn’t enjoy this last one as much. Seems like I always new what was coming next before I read further. I love the Amish books. Kinds reminds. Me of my childhood growing up on a farm. I remember living off the land hard work. Yet life was simple. I’m 64 so remember the good old days.

  2. In the last year and a half, I have been filled with so much anger from losing my dad to cancer. I took my anger out on my sister because she wasn’t there to help. I’ve had to stop and just think of the extra time that I got to spend with him. I now notice the little things when sitting outside that gives me peace. The flowers, the leaves blowing, birds singing. And I can talk to my daddy while I’m doing it….I’m no longer angry

  3. Just visited Indiana to see the Half Stitched Quilt club. It was fantastic! Great cast, story and makes us think about what is really important in life. Love people, Love God and Love Surrendered.

  4. Wanda, so enjoyed meeting you in Indiana and seeing the musical, I liked the musical but I loved the book much more, it made me laugh out loud. We miss so many little things in life while we are doing such trival things (called living). I learned the same lesson at our church, every year we do an Easter Dram “The Messiah” and ever time I see it and I’ve seen it many, many times I see things I didn’t see or notice before since there is so much going on not only on stage but across the santuary, you can’t see everything at once…so you always have to keep your eyes open. Don’t want to miss one blessing the Lord puts in my way, every detail is important to Him.

  5. Even though seeing the play in Shipshewana could have been a disaster. (we were late – had the wrong time). and we missed your signing but i saw you for a minute and knew you were a delight. Look forward to seeing sometime in the future when you do another signing – maybe in Ohio? :O) Love the play and love all your books.

    • Just saw you ARE coming to Ohio – it’s a little far almost as far as Shipshewana fm my house but i might just have to get there.

  6. Enjoyed this entry. For me the things that have happend in my life over the past two years have made me take notice of the beauty that God created. Thanks again for this reminder we all need to take a moment and just look. Blessings.


  7. im reading “the struggle” right now.i feel sorry for hannah sometimes and other times i just want to shake her!!!i love the amish fiction books.how do you get the ideas for your books? when you finish a book do you know what your next book will be?

  8. I love listening to your books. I have not yet listened to “The Struggle” but I can’t wait.
    When I think about your post it reminds me of when I am reading my bible. No matter how many times I read a verse in the bible, I always get something different from it each time.
    It is so wonderful to take the time out to just enjoy God’s creations. Sometimes we are in such a rush that we often times miss out on what He is trying to show us.

  9. I just finished reading your Indiana Cousins book. Must take a minute to tell you that I am high partial legally blind (as of age 59 in 2003) and had to get HAs (hearing aids) in 2005. I don’t know ASL (American Sign Language) but AM a member of the HLAA (Hearing Loss Association of America – http://www.hearingloss.org). I am going to tell my friends on Facebook about your book: “A Cousin’s Challenge”. I know that some of us/them will be able to relate to some of your story. Also, as a paratransit bus rider, I know some who can relate to Wayne, who had to have a leg amputated. The Lakeshore Foundation (www.lakeshore.org) here in my home town is the only paralympic training site in the world. I have seen a lot of people there – many who play ball while sitting in wheelchairs, missing arms, legs, partly paralyzed, etc. The documentary movie “Murderball” is about some of those! Just because someone is “handicalled” doesn’t mean their life is over. I know from experience. I consider myself more inconvenienced than handicapped!

  10. I too find glimpses of GOD saying.. hello, it’s ok I am with you. Today, as I was reading The Healing and waiting for my daughter to come out from school, I was troubled by thoughts of unfortunate circumstances in my life. It drew me away from reading..I looked to the sky … and the beauty I saw there touched my heart. The cloud formations made pictures that I feel GOD placed there knowing I would see at that moment. ( the next moment of course they were changed). What I saw was just the nudge I needed to keep moving forward because, in my heart, I know HE loves me.

  11. In March 2011 I found out that I was going to have a baby. I was 12 weeks when I found out. I have been told by doctors since I was 17 I would be never be able to have a conceive. Well needless to say I was floored when my best friend came running out saying you need to change some things cause your going to be a baby. Went to the doctor and she confirmed that I was and she thought I needed to see the OBGN right away because of my age (39) so with in that first week I was put on bed rest would have to stay there until the baby was born. On April 16 my birthday it was around 5:00 a.m that I started to have trouble and at 10:00 p.m God called my baby was called home. The doctor that set by my side along with my husband and cried. That doctor was amazing he told me t take as long as I needed he did not want to give me anything to help me thru it he told me its best that I work through it with The Lord. The next few day’s I set around doing nothing but crying when my drive way filled up with cars. Friends and family poured out of their cars with balloons and a cake that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY SMITH IN HEAVEN at first I was so mad but once they told me what it was to celebrate the gift from God, I understood. Instead of mourning our child we could celebrate the gift. No it was not a grave site to visit but a memory I can hold on to each day. The comfort of others was mind blowing at the time I wanted to stay in the darkness.

  12. It’s so easy to overlook the wonders of God. Many times we are so “busy” we take so much for granted. My husband and I were having difficulties early on in our marriage so I was feeling particularly blue one morning after he’d left for work. As I closed the door I noticed two squirrles chasing each other in the trees in our back yard. They were making all sorts a squabbling noises and I noticed they were fighting over, of all things, a stick of butter! How silly! Yet that was basically what my husband and I were doing! Needless to say, I was so thankful to God for showing me how silly we both were and of course, we got things settled, again! Wanda, I’ve read most of your books and so enjoy each of them, sometimes more than once! In many ways, they make me see others in a new light! Thank you so much for being the Godly storyteller you are. God bless you!

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